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Date:    2021 Jan 23 18:04
From:    darke
Subject: Enhanced Shadow Throwing Alias
I have recently turned my throw shadow aliases into something amazing, and I wanted
to share it. 
With the use of a single alias while in combat, I can throw a shadow blade, and if
I have none left or the target is dead 
that alias will invoke a secondary alias that collects all of the shadow blades.

For both of these aliases, an escape character \ will need to be put in before the
socketfilter pipe | and variable sign $lastline when entering in the alias.

Alias: ts (for "throwing shadowblades")
throw crescent $1 | lastline | grep -v "anyone"
if "$lastline" == "You do not seem to have that item." gas thrown | grep "blank"
if "$lastline" == "You aren't fighting anyone." gas thrown | grep "blank

Alias: gas (for "get all shadows")
if "$1" == "thrown" get all.shadow
if "$1" == "" get all.shadow | grep "blank"
get all.shadow corpse | grep "blank"
if "$lastline" == "You aren't fighting anyone." abort

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