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Date:    2023 Feb 13 11:14
To:      all
From:    wu
Subject: Selling Wu's account. 
Characters on account.  Wu. Wolfi. Katye. 
Multiple characters from level 1 to 32. Some with job items for storage, some with
nice drops. Some kitted  out for low-level runs. Some that can hide suncatchers!
15000 pounds   For 750 dollars' worth of weightless bags split between 4 bags. 
wu. Max stats.  757 pracs for   future stat cost.  36 of 40 eqsets.  240 aliases.
 1.2billion xp ready to be spent. 
Wolfi. Close to max stats  and at prime prac grinding level.. 17 of 17 eqsets. 150
Katye. Primed to be your scroll scribing alt! has over 200 aliases. With some work,
could be kitted out for high level runs again!
Mudmail me for more information!

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