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Date:    2017 Jun 29 20:36
From:    lokar
Subject: puzzlewood 2017
Super great event. I'll admit I was a little stressed out at first by the
sheer amount of time and effort it takes to get to wave 50, and at first I
thought this was bad. I even said at one point that I thought maybe we
should consider not having events that require multiple days of maintaining
instances because I was a bit stressed, but in the end I think this years
puzzlewood actually did something really cool. It took the muds community
and drew it together, getting us all to work as a team and help as  many
people as we could earn a reward when many of us could have just as easily
been selfish and cut half the participants out and won it just for
ourselves.  There's something pretty cool about an event that can do that.

I want to thank Shadowfax for providing us with this super cool event. I
also want to thank everyone who participated in my runs for helping us
achieve what we did, especially people who participated in the catch up day
when they absolutely didn't have to. 

Of special note is Xera who donated 296 starcatchers on the second day.
Rashid who donated 200 starcatchers. Ronaldo who is  almost singlehandedly 
 responsible for my group doing as well as it did. Estuan, Rain and  Weyoun
for their group contributions. Haven for being a hell of a trooper and
making it all the way to wave 50 as  I'm pretty sure the lowest level
player in the mud while still contributing a lot including passing his
scrolls he earned from quests to people to help us keep going. And Jonathon
for working very had to make the catch up day go as smoothly as it did. And
lastly the other large group in its entirety for agreeing to tie at wave 50
so we could all be rewarded.

You guys all rock. I hope we can see the community come together like this
again in the future.

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