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Date:    2017 Feb  5 15:45
From:    dentin
Subject: Thief skill proposal
TL/DR - we're considering changing three thief skills to only allow
one handed weapons.  We'll be automatically converting some weapons
from two handed to one handed, and may issue tokens to affected
players to convert other weapons to one handed if it makes sense to
do so.

Why are we doing this?
There are three major reasons for this set of changes.  The first
is that there's a pretty clear balance/power problem with a handful
of thief skills, largely as a result of using overpowered warrior
class weapons.  The second major reason is that the code for handling
backstabbing weapons is a horror show and really needs to die.  The
third major reason is that this differentiates thief a bit more from

Which skills would be affected?
We're currently looking at backstab, bloodletting stab, and shadow
strike.  All three of these would require one handed weapons.

What about my two handed backstabber?
We'll be automatically converting two handed backstabbing weapons
into one handed weapons.  In most cases this will simply be the
removal of the two handed wield flag.  In some cases, we'll probably
have to bind the weapon, or may have to knock a hitroll off it or
something similar.

What about my two handed shadow striker?
We don't know yet.  I'm considering allowing thieves with the
shadow strike skill to similarly downconvert shadow striking
weapons, but this is complicated by the fact that the weapon
will have to be seriously downgraded in the process.

How does this help the game?
From the average player standpoint, this looks like needless churn.
From a game design standpoint, the restrictions force more tradeoff
between warrior melee and thief melee, and helps differentiate the
two classes.  From a building standpoint, it makes building weapons
simpler and more consistent.  From a code standpoint, it allows the
removal of several hundred lines of custom code for handling
backstabbing weapons and frees up limited flag space on objects.

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