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Date:    2017 Sep 27 15:49
From:    shadowfax
Subject: ranged weapons faq - combat
Q: How does autoreload work?

A: Autoreload attempts to load your weapon with compatible ammunition on
your person.  It is by default turned off, so you will need to turn it on
if you want to use the feature.  The default option is to look in your
inventory.  Next reboot, there will be code booted in to allow you to link
autoreload to a container so you can keep your ammo in a quiver, pouch or
whatever you like.  If your container is empty or isn't in your inventory,
autoreload will look in your inventory regardless.

Q: Can I use ranged attacks while melee fighting?

A: While staying out of melee combat is optimal, you can use them while
melee fighting.  Without the 'point-blank combat' skill, however, expect to
get interrupted often.

Q: Can I load a bunch of weapons ahead of combat?

A: Yes, except for bows.

Q: What happens when I'm disarmed while wielding a loaded ranged weapon?

A: There is a chance the ammunition will be knocked loose.  Bows always
drop their arrows.

Q: Can I fire a ranged weapon while hidden?

A: Yes, but the noise from firearms will always give away your position. 
If you hit your target with any ranged weapon, the target will reveal your
position.  There is a chance you may remain hidden if you miss with any
other type of weapon besides firearms.  If you miss with a blowgun, you
always remain hidden, because they are completely silent.

Q: Which is better, ranged weapons or knife throwing?

A: Ranged weapons were designed to supplement the knife throwing skill, not
replace it.  If you are a high level thief with a decent strength score,
odds are that knife throwing will do more damage.  Ranged weapons are
typically the better option for characters with no or low thief levels.

Q: I want to build a character with a focus on ranged combat.  Which class
should I choose?

A: Your primary class should be warrior.  They have the highest THAC0.

Q: Can I craft ranged weapons and ammunition?

A: Yes, except for firearms.  You will be able to build cartridges but not
the weapons themselves.

Q: Can I reuse ammunition?

A: Yes, you can recover and reuse fired ammunition.  There is a small
chance of any ammunition being lost or destroyed after having been fired,
with the exception of cartridges, which are always spent and cannot be
reused.  Fired ammunition times out after about an hour. 

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