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Date:    2017 Oct 31 07:32
From:    rhorae
Subject: High level stuff
I'm not sure how doable this would be to code, but something that could be
interesting is group oriented jobs. They could select a target from mobs or
objects in group areas, whereas solo jobs would stick to solo areas. The
leader would accept the job, which would automatically be passed along to
all present group members. Similarly when the job is completed, it would
complete for everyone in the group who is present. They would by nature be
harder, but come with more substantial exp and gold rewards, or  possibly a
new type of reward (a good way to implement Teros' enchant point idea

There would have to be some sanity checks to this, for example the bit
about only present group members getting it. Leaving a group with a job in
progress would remove it from your list, and joining a group that is
already on a job would not grant it to you.

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