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Date:    2017 Nov 20 14:13
From:    dentin
Subject: Level cap
I've been looking at the "time to reach max level" problem, and wrote
some code to dump out statistics.  With the current system, here are
the times to various levels:

total 146, single 37 -  10 weeks
total 171, double 37 -  36 weeks
total 191, triple 37 -   2 years
total 206, quad 37   -   7 years
total 216, quint 37  -  22 years
total 221, hex 37    -  59 years

This is assuming 60 exp caps per hour, 2000 hours per year (eg the
equivalent of a full time job.)  Yes, I realize that this is unreasonable
for pretty much any player to run.  Ignore that part for now.

The most important thing to notice here is the huge ramping up and
compression at the high end.  The first 206 levels take 7 years.
The last 15 take 52 years.

I can tweak exp, I can rearrange things, but without actually damaging
the design curves, there's no way I can make those last 15 levels follow
the same curves as lower levels.  I didn't realize just how much
compression there was.

With that in mind, by far the easiest solution to this is simply to
turn off those levels.  If we restrict max level to quad 37 / 32 / 27,
it cuts the maximum leveling time by factor of 8.

So that's the official proposal.  Barring solid reasons not to, I'll
be putting this restriction in place in the next week or so.

Anyone got any reasons?


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