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Date:    2020 Dec 11 12:15
From:    ragtime
Subject: Mana regen ideas
Since it seems like the general consensus is that pods were essential for
group runs and we need more mana regen, I have a few ideas to share that
would tweak existing class skills in a way that hopefully wouldn't be
game-breaking but would give a little boost. Mage: Expand store power to
include a "store mana" option. Store power pales in comparison to scribing
these days. Druid: Allow the sundrinker tincture to restore some mana as
well as HP. Necro: Remove the drink limit from bottled blood. Cleric: Give
haven a mana regen boost. Ideally it would be balanced in such a way that
it encourages groupcasting but doesn't do a whole lot for a single cleric.
P.S. Level 39 Druid spell: Squirrelstorm. You KNOW you want it...

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