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Date:    2017 Jul  5 18:45
From:    shadowfax
Subject: how to claim your Puzzlewood contest prizes
Xena has reappeared in the event room one west of board 8.  Talk to her to
receive your contest prizes.  A single prize is awarded each time you talk
to her.  Keeping talking to her until you receive all of your prizes.

If you completed wave 0, you receive a golden bottle commemorative award, a
scroll of convalescence, a half cap and some gold.

If you completed wave 20, you receive all of the wave 0 prizes plus a salve
of revival, a potion of revitalization, a wand of vivification, a wand of
resuscitation, a staff of inspiration, an exp cap and some gold.  (The
nosave flags have been removed from these items.)

If you completed wave 40, you receive all of the wave 0 and wave 20 prizes
plus another scroll of convalescence, salve of revival, wands of
vivification and resuscitation, a ring of limitless possibilities, a double
cap, and some more gold.

If you completed wave 50, you receive all of the wave 0, 20 and 40 prizes
plus a quadruple cap, even more gold, and 4 held/wielded rods, each with a
different classed cast level and as much mana as composite allowed.  To
receive the good-aligned versions, talk to High Priestess Goldmoon.  To
receive the neutral-aligned versions, talk to Alya of the Order of the
Silver Flame.  To receive the evil-aligned versions, talk to Orcen the
funeral director.  All of these can be found in Ralnoth.  Once you have
chosen a set, all remaining prizes must be of that alignment type.  You
cannot mix and match.

Prizes are distributed in the order stated above.  All prize-givers will be
available and unkillable until the end of July.  None of the prizes bind
except for the ring, and only because it's ridiculously powerful.  You can
sell, trade, store or dispose the items at your pleasure.  There will no
substitutions or take-backsies.

TL/DR  Keep talking to Xena until she runs out of stuff to give you and
follow her instructions to get the rest.

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