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Date:    2018 Dec  4 08:22
From:    moridin
Subject: Unrecoverable quest failures
Hi guys,

Maybe this is not appropriate channel for such questions, sorry then )

Currently almost all quests in the game can be resumed from any point: there is always
some method to get back a lost quest item etc.

But for some quests there is no possibility to resume. For example:
1) Dead postman quest near West Naginag (in room 808:-344:2:0): get the letter from
corpse, lose it, there is no way to get it again after area reset.
2) 'Revived the Staff of Seasons' quest in Anchorhead: when you receive back 'fixed'
staff from Peter and lose it, there is no way to get it again.
3) 'Broke up an illegal slavery ring operating in Rogonia and West Naginag': slaves
are loaded if you kill the bandit leader, but loaded only once. If you fail rescuing
them, they will not be loaded after area reset.

Now the question is: was this behavior intentional? )

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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