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Date:    2017 Nov 10 07:46
To:      all
From:    somebody
Subject: Regarding High Level Changes

It seems there has been some debate over changes to the game regarding
experience tables and this has lead to some arguments and people getting
discouraged with their characters etc. Some have left the game, threatened
to leave and/or kind of passively aggressively offered to sell their
weightless bags or characters for real cash.

While you are entitled to your opinion, and free to sell your things and/or
quit the game, I highly advise you to be patient and wait and see what
changes are on the horizon. It is an extremely sophisticated system with
many facets, and after learning a bit more about it, I have come to find
out that no dramatic, widesweeping change is going to achieve the desired
results. It isn't a matter of debating or coming up with ideas at this
point, it is a matter of waiting patiently for Dentin to work on the pro
blems, which he knows about.

When something is this intricately designed, it is unfortunately not going
to be fixed overnight. Tiny steps need to be taken here and there to
gradually make things better - otherwise there are more extreme risks of
potentially inbalancing the game. All I am really asking here is that you
please be patient and respectful, and helpful to one another rather than
trying to divide up the game.

I have heard of people also coming under fire for defending Dentin or
defending the game against those who are either trolling or in some cases
legitimately disgruntled. Either way, this behavior is not appropriate, and
there should be no 'us versus them' mentality here. If you enjoy this game
then you should play it and support it and it's owner.

Two mice fall into a bucket of cream, they both struggle to swim, but the
first mouse gives up and drowns in the milk. That second mouse though, that
second mouse kicks so hard that he churns that cream into butter and climbs
up out of that bucket. Don't be that first mouse.

Your Friend, Somebody

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