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Date:    2017 Jun 10 17:01
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Puzzlewood details
 The Puzzlewood Survival Challenge is a series of quests intended for
high-level gameplay.  Even if you have participated in the challenge
previously, please read carefully, as the rules have changed.

The Puzzlewood is a group 15 area.  Each Puzzlewood instance begins with a
fixed set of 10 mobs.  As each mob is defeated, it is replaced with another
mob selected randomly from a list.  After ten mobs are defeated, a boss mob
will spawn.  This boss mob needs to be defeated in order to advance to the
next wave.  You can continue to fight and kill other mobs, but doing so
will not advance the area to the next wave.  A newly created Puzzlewood
Forest instance begins at Wave 0 with level 30 mobs.

Once the boss is defeated, all remaining mobs on the board will level up to
the next wave.  There should always be ten mobs in the area at any given
time.  Please notify staff of any deviation.  

Begin the challenge by entering the Puzzlewood and killing a monster.  You
will then begin Wave 0.  Once you have defeated 11 mobs, such as 10 normal
mobs and a boss, you can begin working on Wave 1.  Complete Wave 1 in order
to start Wave 2, and so on.  You must kill mobs of the same wave number or
higher in order to advance.  For example, if your goal is currently Wave 5,
you must kill Wave 5 mobs or higher in order to advance.  If you join a
group that is fighting Wave 7 mobs and you're only on Wave 3,  you will
progress through the Wave 3 quest.  Boss mobs are considered two levels
higher than regular mobs.  Completing a wave quest will automatically begin
the next wave quest.

To remind you which Wave quest you are working, use the 'quests' command. 
Use the 'where' command while in the Puzzlewood to see which wave the area
is currently set to.

There are no safe rooms, but since there are no restrictions about entering
or leaving the Puzzlewood, you can safely rest in your recall.

So, the point of this challenge to complete as many waves as you can. 
Players who complete the highest numbered wave quest will receive a basket
of goodies after the event has concluded, including a ring of limitless
possibilties, and their own legacy quest.  There also will be prizes for
runners-up and other participants.  Please observe Rules 12 and have fun! 

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