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Date:    2017 Jun 24 04:53
To:      all
From:    rodrigo
Subject: About other classes
I would like to suggest new classes for the game. I know the current ones are very
well balanced, but some different approaches in other classes could be interesting.
So, here goes the basic idea for each one:
Hunter - A between on warriors and thieves, specialized on ranged weapons and, perhaps,
able to tame animals, mobs or others as small supprters, almost like the necro small
Paladin/Death knight - melee characters, but with with a better approach to magic.
could have some bonuses after setting an alignment.
Monk - a kind of thief, but most specialized in magic than in melee. could have auras
as group buffs and cast more combat spells when unarmed.
As another suggestion, i would love to improve the call animal list with some flying
animals. Do not know how that number of points for each is calculated, but here goes:
a cloud of bees - weak attacks, effective against low armor.
a woodpecker - pierce attacks, good against wood.
a small eagle - claw attacks, effective against animals and leather.
a cloud of butterflies - poison and blindness.
a giant hawk - resistant to breath, could be even enchanted with elemental power,
fire hawk, ice hawk and lightning hawk.
a gryphon - magic attacks, elemental resistance.
Thanks a lot for the excellent game you have here. Sorry for bad english. and take

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