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Date:    2020 Jan 26 19:40
To:      all
From:    mertag
Subject: Re: Blasting
I agree with Ivey on this point, it really seems that the hitters are able to do
more damage the majority of the time. I look at the damage I'm doing with my spells
in full clev, then when a melee character lands a hit I see a much larger drop in
the mob's percentage. That makes me feel inadequate and even useless as a blaster.
As suggested, a spell for group restoration would be a good counter. Make it so it
has to be groupcast, thus preventing a player from being able to just spam it and
having infinite mana.
Ivey's other suggestions also hold water, and in particular more spell combos would
bring greater variety to blasters' ability to potentially keep up with the damage
that the hitters can dish out.

Also, since we're discussing blasters. I've pointed this out before, blaster xp needs
to be looked at. I'm consistently getting 2 or even 3x less exp than hitters and
clerics. The discrepancy is making me want to blast a lot less in groups and heal
more so I can get enough xp to be able to keep up with others. If I'm getting 600k
exp per minute as a group leader, others are getting over a million, and it stays
relatively the same throughout the run, there is clearly an issue. Even the extra
xp from being 
the group leader doesn't allow me to keep up with the xp generation that they have.
I enjoy blasting much more than healing, but if I'm not getting much exp from it
I'm going to want to start healing more in order to actually gain levels at a more
decent speed.

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