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Prev Msg   - 2019 Oct 21 10:57 (ravenna) Recast stuff
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Date:    2019 Oct 21 12:01
To:      all
From:    colonel
Subject: recasting in recall
Asclepius has pretty much nailed it. As a player who regularly leads large
groups, between the lag and the chore of making sure people have spelled up
before a big event area, especially those who english is not their first
language and so are a bit slower to comply - it has turned an annoyance
into seriously affecting game play. As to Ravenna's point, Dentin has made
it clear that this does not affect hallowed waypoints  however, there are
quite a few waypoints where the recall is the only safe room, so a player
actually has to spell up unsafely. Yes, i understand spells can still
manually be recast, but the whole point of recast is that i can place some
spells in the recast list and forget them. i can remember that i have
displace and shield in my recast list but if i wanted to remember that mana
shield is being recast then i would manually recast it. I like the
solution asclepius mentioned about a server side gag on recast, or perhaps
remove hand spells from the available recast spells, but the thing that
gets me most frustrated with this whole thing is that there is already a
very simple solution that was put in years ago for just this type of thing,
and thats the spam cast filter. I am super annoyed that myself and my
groups have to jump through these hoops because people want to hang out in
unholy but simply refuse to turn spam cast on. If it really bugs you that
much, why not turn your filter on  instead of making things more difficult
for everyone else?

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