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Date:    2017 Oct 19 19:59
From:    lokar
Subject: The huge level table shaped elephant in the room
So now that I got up on my soap box lets talk about the elephant in the

Pretty much every high level player (except the non-converted max level
people who have no reason to care) hates the current level costs. Keeping
in mind that Dentins goal is to make it take ages to attain super high
levels (and that he's currently ok with it being impossible to hit max
level) How would you compromise to attain his goal, and still try to keep
people happy?

There's the obvious idea of cuting costs down again, but keep in mind that
it will never, ever, ever be like it used to be.

What about alternative things to spend exp on to work twoards for character
power level once you get to a point where you hit a brick wall of leveling
feeling ridiculous? I don't have any super amazing ideas, but a lot of high
level people are pretty unhappy, and it shows with people ether not playing
their high level characters, or only loging on them to chat. I'm sure
there's some kind of solution here that keeps Dentin happy, preserves the
longevity of the game, and keeps players happy too.

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