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Date:    2019 May 29 05:07
To:      all
From:    ax
Subject: concerns regarding recent spell/skill level changes
I am writing this message in regards to some things that have been on my mind now
that certain spell/skill levels have been changed.
I want to start this out by saying that I am aware that you are trying to make classes
as balanced to each other as possible when it comes to the level at which you need
to learn critical spells and skills to survive.
However, I feel that this is simply not possible given that each class has its own
unique playing style.
It was noted in the change log yesterday that there will no longer be any critical
spells or skills passed level 30 that you should have to learn By that time, you
should have everything you need to survive.
GIven this logic, people could simply say, "what's the point of leveling passed level
30 anymore? I already have what I need, so why should I level anymore?"
Given this logic, you might as well pack all the existing spells into 30 levels and
do away with all the levels passed level 30.
I'm sorry, but this is how I feel. I feel that this may drive away players from learning
anything passed level 30, because given what was said yesterday, it is simply not
needed anymore. 
Perhaps you are trying to make it so that extremely high level players do not have
a big advantage over low level players because they don't have any critical spells
they need to learn.
But my suggestin for this is to have critical spells up to level 30 that relatively
low to mid level players should consider getting, and then those spells which are
critical for higher level players.
SO I again ask myself, "why should I level passed level 30? I have what I need to
survive already, what's the pont?

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