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Date:    2016 Jun 27 18:14
From:    shadowfax
Subject: The Summer Solstice Celebration - Conclusion
While adventurers were gallivanting about on Drakdrol, Gisco the
Necromancer and Blanagan the Scientist created huge metal racks covered in
scrolls of the 'unburden' spell.  Using Blanagan's calculations, Princess
Anzu Firewalker cast the gate spells that allowed them to push the racks
onto Drakdrol's surface moments after the adventurers had fully activated
the Ultimate Preservation Program.  Gisco then remotely recited the scrolls
through the open gates using demonic thralls.

The church of Dentin has put forth an official declaration that while the
efforts of Blanagan and Gisco were exemplary, the spells alone were not
enough to span the distance required to push Drakdrol away from Alter Aeon,
and that Dentin himself intervened at the last moment to bridge the
remaining gap.  Dentin will soon be creating a permanent portal to the
surface of Drakdrol.

Drakdrol is now in a stable location celestially near Alter Aeon, occupying
its lagrangian 2 point, and is thus being towed around the sun using Alter
Aeon's gravity.  Because Alter Aeon is between Drakdrol and the sun, it is
usually in Alter Aeon's shadow, with only occasional slivers of it visible
now and again due to libration.  Because it remains in the dark, its
surface temperature remains low, meaning the native life is no longer in
danger of extinction.  Druids are now studying Drakdrol's animals and how
to harvest moonlight reflected from Drakdrol for magic spells.

Blanagan has resumed his duties of maintaining the Behr'zok Orrery and has
been bestowed with the title of 'Astronomer' in lieu of 'Scientist' in
light of recent events.  Gisco the Necromancer taught a few spells to
Blanagan before returning the wilderness and remains at large.


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