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Date:    2020 Aug 13 05:08
To:      all
From:    slej
Subject: Setting the Record Straight Regarding the Loss of Consumables
As some of you may know, I recently logged in to find that nearly 20000 potions,
scrolls, wands,
and other items had less than 4 days left before expiring and becoming nosave. I
(understandably I hope) not very happy about this, as I spent millions of gold and
countless hours
creating them. I haven't been active since mid-2019, and was told about the change
to consumables a
few months ago, but was also told it wouldn't take effect until I logged in. When
I spoke up about
the impending destruction of my things, I was asked whether I had logged in, which--to
knowledge--I had not. I looked at my friend log and saw a logout from 6 months ago
with no
accompanying login. I thought this was strange. Everyone thought this was strange.
Some people
theorized Dentin logged into my character to get the timers moving, which I would
have completely
understood if I'd gotten a notice about it. I carried on selling the consumables
at rock bottom
prices (not even close to the production costs) and was moderately successful. On
the last day
(today), I finally remembered I'd been logging Alter Aeon and decided to look. What
I found was a
very brief login from February 13th, which would have coincided with the timers ticking
down. So,
this post is here to let people know that Dentin is not an evil item destroyer. I
would have
appreciated an explicit warning that my items were due to be destroyed--at the time
I logged in,
there had been 7 reboots since the addition of item timers, and I most certainly
didn't see the
change then. However, the actual login was most certainly no one's fault but mine.
I think if there
are people who have an unusually high number of items and have inadvertently started
the timers on
them, it wouldn't be a bad idea to send out warnings to them. This took me by surprise,
but more
importantly, I would have gladly come back and opened the same player shop months
ago, just with
slightly more reasonable prices for things that would last months and not days. I
understand why this needed to happen, and I'm glad this unbelievably high number
of objects is
about to disappear. I'm just not glad that I've probably made less than 200k gold
from the whole
Thanks all for reading, supporting my gigantic player shop (which is also my first
self-owned player shop), and reminding me of why I like socializing on here.

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