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Date:    2020 Aug  1 08:45
To:      all
From:    aziz
Subject: Rules for the raffle of this year's event.
Hello and welcome to this year's raffle.
Here are some rules you should follow to enter the draw to win 1000 credits.
1, This year we're having 10 winners, each winner will get 1000 credits. Good luck
to everyone!
2, The tickets can be obtained starting on satturday, August first when the event
starts till the evening of Wendsday, August 5th.
You can get your ticket by talking to Dana, she will be located 1 up and 1 north
from the waypoint of the board area.
The tickets should be kept on the character who got it. don't give it to Aziz, sac
it or throw it away.
3, The drawing will take place on the evening of Thirsday, August 6th. if you're
not logged in at the time, your name will still be drawn and if you win, I will hold
the  credits for you. you contact me via mudmail on Aziz or Fighter.
4, I temporarily cleared my ignore list till the end of the event, to give everyone
a chance to win and have fun.
5: please, participate with only 1 ticket.
You should not obtain a ticket on each character you have, obtaining more than 1
ticket will result in disqualification.
lets all enjoy and make this drawing fair and smooth for everyone :).
Have a good week everyone!

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