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Date:    2018 Jan 23 23:31
From:    draak
Subject: Griffin Mountain Emeralds
The griffin mountain emeralds have been cleaned up and integrated with the
mining system.

Changes include the following:

Rough emerald loads on the deaths of the tougher griffins, and can also be
mined in a few places on and within the mountain. Rough emerald is a
lapidary gem and can be carved into gemstones.

The various beryls and grades of emeralds will no longer load. Any place
where you needed a high quality emerald before should have been replaced
with rough emerald. If you find an omission, please notify Draak.

The black giant will still open portals if you bring him rough emerald. His
other tradeable items now load elsewhere on the mountain, except the
anti-time distortion which still needs a home.

The emerald broker in Khal-Uktar will still exchange beryls and graded
emeralds for gold. He and the dwarven explorer will also accept rough
emerald, and will pay different amounts for it (if one isn't paying well,
try the other, as they draw on separate gold sources from each other now).

If you have a graded emerald, Ioun in West Naginag will trade it for rough

If you have any questions, please contact Draak.

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