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Date:    2020 Jun 27 23:31
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Mowami Island volcano scenario strategy guide
The Mowami Island volcano scenario involves some unusual gameplay, so I
wrote the strategy guide to help you out if you're getting stuck. 
Basically, you have to put out all of the wildfires, redirect all lava
flows into the ocean, and disperse any ash clouds that form while ensuring
that all of the villagers and their huts survive the ordeal.  You'll need
magic to complete the scenario.  If you don't know the 'create water', 'wall
of ice' and 'windbreaker' spells, you can level up the Firefighter class to
 gain equivalent spells.

The first thing to do is go to the chieftain's hut and put out the fire
there.  Use 'extinguish' or 'create water' to put it out quickly.

For the first ten minutes flames will erupt from the volcano and land all
over the island, starting wildfires.  One is generated every tick for
players over level 30 and every other tick for lower level players.  You
will notified approximately where on the island the fire starts.  Pay close
attention to wildfires that start in the village!  Find them quickly and
put them out like the first one.  A wildfire inside of a hut can burn it
down, thus failing the scenario.  Wildfires that burn down part of the 
village that is outside of a hut won't cause the scenario to fail, but if
any villagers are nearby they may begin to take fire damage.

Wildfires do slowly move around, burning down the terrain and leaving hot
embers behind that can damage you.  The damage scales up with your level. 
Use of 'ice shield' or coldsave equipment can protect you.  You can use the
'berm' or 'wall of ice' spells to contain wildfires.  Wildfires that reach
the ocean will put themselves out.  When you have a spare moment, begin
gathering villagers in one place such as the beach or chieftain's hut.  You
talk to a villagers to get them to follow you, and you can dit ch them in
the location of your choosing.

For the next ten minutes, lava flows will start forming at the same rate of
wildfires.  These move faster than wildfires and should they linger too
long in a location they turn it to lava and begin doing even more fire
damage than wildfires.  Fortunately, lava flows only originate from the
mountainous terrain around the volcano's vent (or the vent itself).  There
is no way to destroy the lava directly with magic.  You can use the 'berm'
or 'wall of ice' spells to block lava flows from entering the village , and
they should eventually fall into the ocean, where they cool and are
destroyed.  If you are especially ambitious, you can cordon off the whole
mountain or build chutes to quickly guide the lava flows into the ocean.

As one might expect, lava flows will destroy huts!  Above level 30,
wildfires may still occur at a reduced rate.  If you haven't already, you
will want to gather up any remaining villagers into one place in
preparation for the next stage.

For the third stage, clouds of ashes will begin popping up all over the
island, at a rate of one per tick.  These appear without warning, and the
poisonous gases they emit can quickly kill villagers, which is why you want
them all in one place.  The clouds are stationary and do not damage huts. 
You can disperse them using the 'ventilate' or 'windbreaker' spells.  Above
level 30, lava flows may still occasionally pop up, so watch out for those.

At the end of the final stage, you will see a message that the volcano has
gone inert.  Now that the danger of more ash clouds forming is over, you
can begin mopping up any remaining wildfires, lava flows or ash clouds.  By
looking at the totem in front of the chieftain's hut, you can see how many
of each are left.  You can find remaining wildfires and lava flows by
moving around the island and using the 'scan' command.  Ash clouds can also
be spotted using scan but may be hard to see at night.  If there  doesn't
appear to be any threats remaining and you still haven't gotten the quest,
try looking at the totem one last time.

I hope you enjoy this little scenario.  Thank you for your patience and
understanding while this event area has been developed.  Its unusual nature
made it difficult to test.  As sometimes happens when experimenting with
gameplay mechanics, there were a number of unforeseen issues to iron out! 
Please don't hesitate to mudmail me with any comments or suggestions on how
to improve it.

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