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Date:    2019 Jul 11 19:10
To:      shadowfax all
From:    ivey
Subject: re: event followup
I think the reason for the lack of interest after people had finished the pw is because
of there being no real benefit to doing it once it was over.
There was no extra xp, and the groups were usually so large that the risk and effort
involved to get a cap was too much to be worth it, as you had to be at wave 15 or
more to hope for good kill xp.
There were also little chance to get the staff/wand expenndables because group leaders
insisted they be used to help the group, which is quite valid.
The risk of death only got higher, and the reward did not get much better as you
advanced. No one but the most altruistic people would risk their lives like this.
I suggest just bringing back the constant xp after each mob death, that would keep
people interested, helping others, also making it easier for everyone else who didn't
manage to get it during the early rush.

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