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Date:    2020 Apr 26 05:48
From:    almaric
Subject: asclepius> necro minions
I understand the minions coming from the animation spellgroup to be
physical entities because the given amount of mana is continually poured
into them: For logic reasons, flesh beasts, bone guardians and claymen do
totally depend on mana, as they'd fall apart without as they're magically
hold together. Metal constructs and woads could be argued about, but then
necromancers are probably neither metalsmiths nor woodworkers being able to
construct in a pinch something which would hold largely without mana. T he
higher necroclev you are wearing, the stronger you can actually hold these
minions together: I understand a lower castlevel clayman to be maybe less
compact in a sense: At least easier to destroy. Also, you can tank with
raised undeads sometimes quite good: Especially mummies can be raised with
tons of saves, have high ac and hp, and come with some curses weakening
your enemy. They havn't been used much due to their high control point cost
in comparison to cheaper tanks such as woads, but then if they wouldnt
scale how they do today their usage would most likely rise. Vampires could
also see their usage rising as their handy ability to return makes them
formidable tanks in areas lacking resources.

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