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Date:    2020 Jan 27 06:11
From:    shadowfax
Subject: 25th anniversary quest item
We are awarding a special prize, a commemorative keychain, to players who
completed all three paths of the 25th anniversary event.  Talk to Xena in
the upstairs event office, up and north from the Central Bulletin Board Hub
waypoint, to receive the reward if you qualify.

The 25th anniversary keychain has a special function.  You can use it on
any key to prevent it from timing out or being erased on logout.  The key
can be stored this way indefinitely.  Use the keychain again to retrieve
the key.  You can only keep one key, and this ability can only be used
once.  Use it wisely.

Even after the special ability has been used up, you can keep the keychain
as a souvenir.

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