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Date:    2018 Sep 16 21:58
From:    onunku
Subject: Level 32 thief Skill Shadow Spider
Keywords are:  'thief skill shadow spider'
Skill: Shadow Spider        Move:   20  Shadow Cost:   40  Lvl 32 Thie  (21%)
shadow spider [poison]
This skill utilizes the thief's cunning with a low level necromancer spell to create
shadow spiders.
By first creating the spideculus, combination between homunculus and spider, with
 the use of a dragon tooth,
the thief is able to harness their mastery of the shadows to bind living darkness
to it.
A brewed poison must also be supplied for the full affects of the skill to be accessed.
The skill is not unlike attaching a shadow decoy to a host, in this case, the spider.
Advantages the skill grants over normal spiders
A.	The spiders will each have a number of decoys, the number of which  will be equal
to their levels divided by ten times their proficiency.
They can regen one decoy per tic.
B.	When a poison is supplied, the spider's bite will inflict that level and type
of poison into the target.
    This would especially be notable for magic poison, advance poisons, less so for
choking cloud, and poison cloud.
    The spiders will be able to inject as much poison as they can before their tiny
lives are destroyed.
That is to say they don't have to be reloaded.
A.	Each spider takes up two additional control points, 1 necro, and one thief.
B.	The skills required are cloak of darkness, shadow mastery, and skeletal spider,
which requires harvest teeth.
C.	To get the full benefit of the skill, a poison must be supplied. If no poison
is supplied, they will simply shadow bind instead of attacking.
D.	The shadow cost should be around 40 or so per spider, not adjusted by shadow mastery.
E.	The spider requires a dragon tooth instead of a normal tooth.

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