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Date:    2016 Dec 18 09:23
From:    dentin
Subject: Releveling FAQ part 2
Unflagging equipment
 - All equipment saved to pfiles or storage has been checked to see 
   if it's eligible to be unflagged.  The unflagging criteria are:
     - The item must be bound
     - It must be higher than level 30
     - It must have at least one class flag

   If the item is bound to a player, the game checks the player
   database as well.  If the player is not level 37, or if the
   player is 130 total levels or lower, the item isn't eligible.
 - Only a player that has level converted, and used all of their
   refunded experience to relevel, can unflag an item.
 - A player can only unflag an item that they own, that they can't
   use because of a class flag.
 - Only class flags can be removed.
 - When the player is able to use the item, the eligible flag is

Why did this come out of nowhere?
 - It didn't really come out of nowhere.  We had a half dozen
   high level players look over the proposal and recommend
   improvements, as well as provide commentary.  I probably
   spent an extra two days working on those suggestions to
   make the conversion less painful for high levels.

   That said, I intentionally decided not to warn the mud in
   advance.  I wanted to make the conversion process as smooth
   as possible, not debate why it might be necessary.

Why is this necessary?
 - Player exp has increased dramatically over the last year.  This
   was primarily driven by new areas, new spells and skills, and
   mob releveling.

 - We're looking at and beyond level 40.  This was one of the things
   that was causing problems code-wise to get there.

 - Every minute we wait, it would have been harder to do.

 - The old 1.8 billion cap required a lot of hacky special case code
   that didn't work very well.  You guys probably have no idea how
   hacky and how hard to maintain this shit is.

Now what?
 - We can start removing and updating hacky mob exp code.
 - We can start looking at raising exp caps.
 - We'll probably be able to unlimit parts of the object composite.
 - Look into switching fame from raw levels to microlevels.
 - A lot more, it'll just take time to dig up.
 - We might be able to remove microlevel timers.

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