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Date:    2020 Aug 14 11:40
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Dentin's Workshop is now open!
Some facts about Dentin's Workshop you may find interesting:

- Level 1 of Dentin's Workshop was originally called the Mob Factory and
was finished in 1998.  It took about five months to make.

- The Mob Factory was originally connected to the game world via a portal
entering the big tree in what is now called Zephyr Forest. This is
previously where the clan unforgiven area (the actual player -run area) had
been connected, and later when the modern clan unforgiven zone was built it
was connected under the factory as an acknowledgement of its original
connect point.  When the Mob Factory was taken offline, the clan unforgiven
area was connected back to the original clan area's connect point.

- Dentin's Workshop is the result of the combined efforts of seven
builders: Alessandra, Devnull, Gandor, Gorlak, Kagome, Schlyne and myself

	Level 1 was built by Schlyne and me.  I built most of it, and she
added the lunchlady, vending machines and a few other mobs and all of the
bump strings.  The Mob Factory was Schlyne's first area, and her efforts
therein earned her a spot in the Alter Aeon pantheon.  Later, Gandor
rewrote and updated many of the area's descriptions.

	The rooms on level 2 were primarily built by Gandor, who also wrote
most of the descriptions and built the lion's share of the mobs.  I added
many more mobs and quests, and Kagome added most of the usable equipment.

	Level 3 was originally built by Devnull, also known as Gamlin, the
same Gamlin for whom the social is named.  It was his only area and he
never finished it.  Later it was rescued from bport and offered to Gorlak,
known better as Ritchhart, who added a few mobs but otherwise did very
little.  The area was finished properly by Alessandra, who fixed and added
mobs and quests.  Most of the usable equipment was added by Kagome.

	Level 4, Dentin's banquet table, was built entirely by Kagome.

- The Mob Factory began its transformation into Dentin's Workshop in 2015,
when Gandor started converting it from a less mechanical to a more magical
setting.  Wanting room to expand upon the concept, he added a second rack,
which was recently completed alongside the banquet table zone.  The third
level was finished by Alessandra at the end of 2017, so she has been
patiently waiting to see the fruits of her labor for over two years!

- The Dentinspawn, billed as the illegitimate offspring of Dentin and thus
having a spark of divinity, were very, very difficult to kill in the
original Mob Factory.  Despite all of them being level 0, they had 10k hp,
1000 hitroll and 10d99 damage dierolls.  If you did manage to kill one, you
were awarded with negative 100k experience!

- Level 1 of Dentin's Workshop is one of the few zones on the game to use
every single available mob vnum, all one hundred of them.

- Since the original area's release preceded the development of mob
interactives, the Dentinspawn that appear to be conversing with one another
in the break room are not.  It's actually just one Dentinspawn monologuing
using a parse special procedure.  This nonetheless started a trend found
throughout many Shadowdraak areas of mobs casually talking to one another.

- The Great Maxx of the Outback lifts its descriptions from Talos' original
character, when he was formerly known as Maxx.

- You'll find a lot of references to Antidentin in the older parts.  We
originally had some grand scheme of putting together a world-spanning quest
that would involve him that never came to fruition.

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