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Date:    2019 Dec 22 07:05
To:      all
From:    gresko
Subject: XP during events
afk Hello, just to let you know that if I am really happy with the events
in general, I mean loads of diverse activities and the entertainment we can
get out there, the social side has to be mentionned too, I am really
disappointed about the restriction regarding experience we can grab with
teleporting mobs. I am talking as a somewhat high level player, and thus I
think this kind of event should be a kind of oxygen bottle for exping, as
high levels area are not so many, we have to re-do them all in a certain 
order to avoid them being dented, I find it quite painful. So gaining not
even a third of cap for killing that pleasant pixies is something I hardly
enjoy. It costs billions of exp to gain levels at this stage so that
wouldn't hurt a lot to let us grow during party times. Just sharing my

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