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Prev Msg   - 2017 Sep 27 15:50 (shadowfax) ranged weapons faq - equipment
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Date:    2017 Sep 27 15:51
From:    shadowfax
Subject: ranged weapons faq - future
Q: Why isn't there a teacher for firearms proficiency yet?

A: When the time comes, Don Milano or his gunsmith will be the teacher. 
Milano's zone will be the only location with firearms available, and the
firearms already loading in the zone need an update.  This is a high
priority and will be done soon.  The skill will be quest locked, but there
will not be an additional quest exclusively for the skill.  Two of the
early quests in Milano's quest chains will be the skill quests, since their
completion will cause him to entrust you with his colony's closely guarde d

Q: Can you fire a ranged weapon at a target in another room?

A: Not currently.  The most recent changes represent the implementation of
Phase 1 of ranged weapons.  Phase 2 will introduce the ability to make
inter-room attacks using ranged weapons, which is planned for fall of 2018.
 In the meantime, we'll be keeping an eye on ranged weapon damage to make
sure that it's well-balanced by the time we get around to Phase 2.

Q: How will Phase 2 work?

A: The current plan is that when you fire a ranged weapon at a mob in
another room, it will take damage and then react.  Mobs that have ranged
weapons of their own will attempt to fight back and exchange fire with
their aggressors.  Mobs that take too much damage or that have no means of
retaliation will take cover and hide.  Because most enemies will hide long
before they die, it's unlikely that you'll be able to fight to the death
via inter-room attacks, but you will be able to soften up a target before 
closing the distance to meet your foes in the same room.

Q: What will you be working on next?

A: Hunting and cooking.

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