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Date:    2018 Sep 29 05:12
From:    onunku
Subject: Delivery Service
    A service that receives a recipient's name and item, and delivers a notice to
the recipient alerting them to this fact and how they can obtain the item.
   Package send onunku bag of holding
The service would then take the item from the sending player's inventory, store it
and send a
message to the recipient's mail, alerting them that they can go to the nearest delivery
to retrieve it. Alternatively, just have them receive it with package accept number,
where number
is the identification number of the package in the list that they would check with
package list.
   Some things that might be considered for this service is a gold cost to send or
receive an item. Another would be to provide an alternative verb to send gold, since
players cannot put gold in containers and send those.

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