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Date:    2020 Dec 23 21:55
To:      all dentin
From:    demon
Subject: New itemflag, max_count
Thinking to the past on how we avoided hoarding, we used to have max_load.
I think that system was a pretty good idea, but as the mud grew bigger it wasn't
reasonable, and allowed people to hoard and corner the market. I was a big offender
of that.
I am recommending a new flag, which is called max_count, of which a builder can set
on an item.
This would set the max carryable amount of that item on your character.
I.E. if a large, dark green pod had a max_count of 20, you could never
carry more than 20 of them on you. This kind of system prevents hoarding, and overloading
the system by farming thousands of the same item. Each item could have its max_count
set by
each builder upon item creation, so it may not apply to existing items, but may be
by any builder who wishes to add it, and added to all future eq if a builder wishes.
Let me know what you think

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