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Date:    2018 Apr 14 22:35
From:    shadowfax
Subject: Tower of Power update
When the Tower of Power was first introduced, it had the first staged quest
in the game.  The game's code has come a long way since then, and players
have become a lot more powerful.  The Tower has been upgraded with better
tools for doing what it does, and also the mobs have been levelled up.

The bulletin board recording player victories has been moved outside of the
tower.  I regret that previous data was lost when the area was turned into
an instance.  The board has been moved outside of the instance to prevent
that from happening again.  I apologize to all of the old battlemasters.

Since the tower staff are now completely invincible, it is impossible to be
dishonorably disqualified by killing them.  As such, all outstanding
disqualifications have been rescinded.  If you were previously
disqualified, you now have another shot at becoming battlemaster.

Due to the no-magic rules of the tower, it's a bit trickier to the balance
the mob's abilities.  If you encounter any egregious errors, please mudmail
me right away.

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