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Date:    2017 Nov 27 18:13
From:    orion
Subject: Engrave metal
I agree with Mertag's idea about engraving metal, but if I may add another
suggestion, I think a rune focus skill would be nice. what I had in mind
was some kind of meditation on certain jewels such as ruby for carving
firesave, garnet for coldsave etc. It would, of course, be added with
lag/cooldown so that peopel can't just change their inclination to carve
certain runes into an object. Maybe the meditation can only be done once
every 30 ticks or so. Maybe even have a cost added to the skill. The rune
carving will still have to follow composite. For instance, if there isn't
enough composit to carve firesave into a certain eq it will tell you
something like, "you cannot figure out how to carve the rune gesu-firu into
a wooden cane", and stop there, unless there is enough composite for other
runes in which case the other runes will be carved instead I know that this
suggestion has been put on bovine many times, but I don't think there is an
official response from the GOds yet, not as far as I have seen anyway. If
the GOds have already officially responded to the idea of rune focus/rune
lore that has been suggested by many players including myself, then I am
sorry for posting it again here


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