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Date:    2020 Apr 26 03:02
To:      all
From:    asclepius
Subject: necro minions
An interesting discussion and a subject that I know can be difficult in
terms of maintaining class balance etc. That being said I do have to
question the logic of suggesting that only raised minions (zombies, ghouls,
vampires etc) should have their power fixed at time of raising.

Following the logical argument, constructs like claymen, woads and metal
constructs surely have their power determined by the caster's level at time
of creation. Once created they are a physical entity and as such only
require a minimal amount of mana to maintain control. changing the level of
the caster after creation surely should have no effect on the constructs
level, it is already a physical entity at that point. 

There is a very close comparison to the druid shambling bone man here. The
level of the shambler is dependant on the druid cast level at time of
creation, but after that it is independant of the caster's level and
remains static. I tend to think that necro constructs should also operate
like this as the principle seems the same.

If some kind of balance is sought then perhaps a system whereby the level
of the construct is fixed at time of creation but higher level constructs
would require a higher level of mana per tick to maintain. Then even if the
necro switches out of clev the construct will still be as powerful but it
will require the same level of mana. So a metal construct created at caster
level 38 might take 5 mana per tick but one created by a caster at level 55
might take 20. Obviously these numbers are just pulled out o f thin air for
the purpose of demonstrating my point.

I know its a tricky issue of class balance and don't get me wrong, I tend
to think that if there is a chance that changing anything might cause
problems then the best route would be to change nothing, as for me the
current situation is certainly a perfectly workable one. But I guess my
point here is that excluding necro constructs from the conversation here is
an oversight as I think most necros who solo are always keen to have the
most powerful tank they can and this is often the main reason for staying 
in full necro clev the whole time, because if you don't the chance of you
keeping your tank alive is pretty slim.

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