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Date:    2019 Oct 21 09:21
To:      all
From:    asclepius
Subject: recasting in waypoints
I would like to request a reconsideration of the recent change to recasting
in waypoints. Aside from the issue of spam being quite easily solved with
spam filters I see that there are two main problems that come to mind.
First there is a distinct amount of lag when leaving a waypoint as your
spells are recast. This is most notable in large groups where the lag the
leader experiences is quite frustrating. The second point concerns event
areas which are always accessed via waypoints. In aggro event areas such as
puzzlewood the problem with group member entering the area when not
properly spelled up could result in deaths and also the lag then introduced
by group members recasting could cause the leader problems in keeping the
group safe. Whilst I appreciate some people do find the extra spam
annoying, it seems unfortunate that a cosmetically annoying issue has
result in a code change that can affect gameplay. Therefore I would like to
request that recasting be re-enabled in waypoints or an alternative
solution be found. Perhaps the spell sends can be gagged out at the server
if a player is in a waypoint, so even though the spells would be being
cast, the server does not send the strings. I encourage other's views on
this matter. Thanks

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