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Date:    2018 Jun 21 21:20
To:      all
From:    gog
Subject: acid rain
i can see how an acid rain would be useful. I only called it elemental
storm simply because it was dealing directly with the weather but yeah
morpheus acid rain does sound more sensible. oh Rhorae the sunstorm spell
is mostly nurfed. only useable during the daytime. the druid spells are
mostly used in overcast conditions. Take call lightning, blizzard or
hailstorm. the seemingly more powerful of the druid spells all call for
overcast skies, and rain.  having an acid rain would make more sense than
having solar spells that don't really get used often.  While writing this
post I came up with an idea. Since mooncatcher seemingly has no use
currently why not make it corrosive as a magic, and make acid rain the
spell it gets attached to. similar to solar lance, but pure energy turned
into a deadlier force. 

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