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Date:    2018 Jun  2 15:10
To:      all
From:    gog
Subject: elemental storm spell set
ok so I had a small discussion with dentin about the sunstorm spells.  it
is commonly known least to me while in groups those pslels aren't really
used much. so i thought why not replace them with somehting we can use.
elemental storm, summons an acidic storm that rains down upon the enemy
useful in swampy, marchy areas.  I also figured that mooncatcher could be
used to store up moonlight to release it to increase the storm's fury. i'd
call this elemental fury.  while elemental storm, and elemental fury were
both in same room  being used, fury would increase the lethal firepower of
elemental storm. it won't work against mobs that are highly poison, or
immune to poosonn naturally, but I thought it would make a better set of
spells than the current level of duridic spells. I'd rather not waste a lot
of pracs in spells nobody uses that much anyway. also, overcast conditions
which these 2 spells would operate under would be part of how the storm
works. the druid spells mostly call for overcast conditions, thus
eliminating the effectiveness of sunstorm, and solar lance anyway. thanks

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