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Date:    2017 Sep 27 15:50
From:    shadowfax
Subject: ranged weapons faq - equipment
Q: Which stats matter when using a ranged weapon?

A: The only stats on a ranged weapon that ranged attacks rely on is wield
strength and hitroll.  Wieldstr represents the strength of the weapon
itself, such as the draw weight of a bow or crossbow, or the caliber of a
firearm.  Two-handed weapons receive a huge bonus to their wield strength
and are thus more accurate and do more damage than single-handed weapons. 
Therefore, it behooves you to obtain the heaviest two-handed ranged weapons
you can wield, since these will have the highest damage bonuses.  H itroll
represents the steadiness and reliability of the weapon, improving
accuracy, or your ability to hit a target.

A ranged weapon's other stats only affect its melee ability.  For example,
if you are wielding a bow, you can stab with the end of it or slap with the
limbs in between loading and firing the weapon.  These stats will be
usually be pretty poor compared to non-ranged weapons of the same level.

Q: Which stats matter when using ammunition?

A: Hitroll determines the ammuntion's ability to penetrate armor.  A better
dieroll and higher damroll increase damage.  An ammuntion's overall speed
determines how quickly it can be loaded.

Q: What is the best equipment to wear for making ranged attacks?

A: The best would be equipment that maximizes your strength (to wield the
weapons with the highest wieldstr), dexterity (to overcome enemy shield
blocks) and luck, which helps a little bit in a lot of things.  The attack
rolls are based on the weapon's hitroll, your THAC0 and your skill levels,
and, as mentioned above, the damage depends on the weapon's wieldstr and
the ammuntion's dieroll and damroll.

Q: What is the best equipment for mitigating ranged attacks?

A: There are only a few mobs that use ranged attacks right now, but expect
that number to increase as areas are updated.  A high AC is your best
defense against ranged attacks.  Use a shield so you can shield block.  A
high dexterity, wisdom, and dodge also help, and a smaller size presents
less of a target.

Q: My ranged attacks aren't doing a lot of damage.  Is that right?

A: The current crop of equipment isn't quite optimized for ranged combat
yet.  Expect better and more varied ranged weapons and ammunition to appear
as new areas are released and old ones are updated.  It's a new combat
system and will time to fully implement.

That having been said, if anything ranged attacks are intentionally on the
conservative side damage-wise right now.  It's less stressful on the
playerbase to gradually increase their powerful than discover that they're
way too powerful and have to scale back.

Q: I loaded my ranged weapon and now I can't wield it anymore because it's
too heavy.  What's wrong?

A: Loading a ranged weapon physically puts the ammunition inside of the
weapon.  Since all legal ammunition is 1 pound, it makes your weapon one
pound heavier.  The new weight might make the wieldstr higher than you can
wield.  Alert a builder so the weapon can have its weight pushed away from
the higher wieldstr threshold and so that doesn't happen again. 

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