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Prev Msg   - 2019 Oct 21 17:44 (quint) Re: recasting in recalls/waypoints
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Date:    2019 Oct 22 06:47
From:    lexie
Subject: re: recasting in waypoints
Taurus hit the nail on the head: If you don't like idiots idling and
recasting at waypoints, don't idle at waypoints.

I have two problems with this change.

First it incentivizes idling at waypoints.  In the past, almost all game 
behavior was aimed at discouraging botting, idling, not being present at
the keyboard, but this change actively encourages it, by taking away social
pressure from idlers to stop.  That social pressure, I grant you, didn't
stop many, but it is there.

Second, it also takes a line the administration generally has held to, and
has crossed it.  I.e.  Generally speaking player regulation is on us.  If
we don't like someone, we're encouraged to ignore them.  If we dislike
friends posts and stupid accounted based leveling practices that spam
friends post, we were encouraged at first to turn off friends.  This change
reverses that policy by encouraging people to idle, and discouraging
proactive measures on the part of the players annoyed by recast.  


Players annoyed by recast could ignore recasters.  Extreme, yes, but

Corollary to 1, you could go DND.

Second, you could use spam filters.

Third, you could move off the wp, if the recasting idiot isn't going to

Fourth, you can politely by tell, beep, email, mudmail, barrage of tensor
disc bombings, encourage recasters not to do so.

The above suggests that the trend in administration is drifting into more
hard coded solutions and some more radical departures from previous
practice.  Some of this has been done before and welcomed: shutting down
asshole players, getting rid of chronic players who disrupt the game just
for the joy of disruption, putting in code to stop certain forms of
annoyance like seeing you friend who insists on restarting their character
for the 20th time spamming you with 80 quests in 3 hours.  Those are good

However, this change is taking steps that I feel is setting a bad
precedent.  Waypoints were always meant to be group staging areas, that's
why we have them.  Disabling server side spell casting does present issues
for grouping.  Second, waypoints were always transfer points.  People
idling at them for years has been an issue, but recasting is the problem,
not  idling, I guess.  However, it's the idle players that can't be
reasoned with.  If we want to punished people for idling at waypoints, lag
isn't the way to go.  My feeling is boot any player who has been at a
waypoint for  1 hour or more, hasn't moved, hasn't spoken, hasn't reacted
to anything, and be done.  Encouraging idling this way just makes the trend
toward idle, botting, and leeching players all the more likely to continue
imo.  If I log in, most of the time, i"m here to play.  If you're here to
socialize, and can't be bothered to type recast off, then you're being
rude, and I don't think we should tolerate rudeness.  However, punishing
the people who are  here to play, and encouraging rudeness by saying it's
alright, we'll just turn off your casting with code to me sends the wrong

My two cents,


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