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Alter Aeon Boards and Forums

These bulletin boards and forums are available public use in-game for
players and admin.  You must have an account to post or leave messages.

The general communications board (Room 7)

    Board 7 is the primary public board for mortals.  Everything from personal
    insults to area hints and equipment sales can be found here.  Note that
    admins do not regularly use this board, so don't expect a god to read
    anything you post here.

    Last: 2018 Jan 31 14:39 (mercenary) giving this character to who ever wants it.

Dentin's Board (Room 8)

    Last: 2018 Feb 18 04:35 (xera) waypoints

[Obsolete] The Contest Board

    Last: 2015 Jan  1 23:38 (scrooge) Carol recordings

[Obsolete] The Story Board

    The story board has for the most part been replaced by other boards
    throughout the game, and is kept primarily for historical archives.

    Last: 2016 Apr 26 14:46 (moose) new elder policy changes in progress

[Obsolete] The Humor Board Room

    This board contains old and new pieces of humor collected over the years. 
    Note that some of the jokes or humor on this board may be NSFW or may be
    considered offensive.  Browse at your own risk.

    Last: 2016 Aug  5 09:28 (shryth) The Alterbet

Hall of trophies

    The hall of trophies lists unusual or impressive feats in the words of
    the players.  Less than spectacular feats are cleaned off the board
    from time to time to make room for new events.

    Last: 2018 Feb  5 06:51 (martin) brutal

The Silly Quote board room

    This board contains quotes from various players as heard in the game.  Most
    of these are real, but some are bound to be made up, so be skeptical.  Keep
    in mind that some of the most ridiculous sounding ones are in fact real.

    Last: 2017 Oct 18 16:53 (talina) Lexie, on metallurgy bugs

The Event Room (Room 1388)

    Last: 2017 Dec 20 05:23 (morpheus) The EPDS cannons will be set up in the follow...

The Case Law Board Room (Room 1392)

    Last: 2017 Nov 28 15:04 (dentin) Vixy password stealing

[Obsolete] The Room of Impending Doom

    This board is preserved for historical reasons only.  In times long
    past, it contained notification and discussion of major game changes
    or game change proposals.

    Last: 2009 Apr 13 07:34 (stewie) gathering

[Obsolete] The Idea Board Room

    The idea board is now obsolete, with new ideas being posted to board 8 or
    through the 'idea' command.  This board is kept for historical reference
    only, and should be considered an archive.

    Last: 2017 Oct  8 08:06 (oiox) surviving a level38area as a druid

[Obsolete] The Area Board

    The area board contains occasional postings from builders who wish to
    open an area in an unusual fashion or have initial quests to bring an
    area on-line.  It is not often used, but gives an idea of some of the
    area-opening events that occur from time to time.

    Last: 2016 Mar 15 12:17 (misterstorm) Test

[Obsolete] The Historical Archives

    This board is for historical purposes only and may be deleted in the
    future due to lack of traffic.

    Last: 2013 Dec  2 12:52 (dentin) tyrant

The local MAGE lodge

    Created by the PAC "Murlocks for the Assassination of Gamlin's Ego",
    the MAGE board records the activities of the player Gamlin and his
    multis for all to see.

    Last: 2015 Nov 28 12:31 (dingo) rofl


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