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---- May 18, 24 [3205] From Draak: Fire bomb and frost bomb renamed to firebomb and frostbomb to be consistent with other bombs, and to remove redundancy in insult strings. (Sov) Some tweaks to try make ability scores effects more stable with high quality crafted items. Tweaks to how daze/stun work. It should be mostly unnoticeable, but there may be some hiccups. Lightning damage is slightly more effective at dazing and stunning. Sustained fire damage can start people on fire sometimes. It is not as powerful as a fireweb or flamestrike, but still fun! ---- May 12, 24 [3204] From Draak: Fixed a bug with certain tattoos, primarily those of crossed weapons, not turning out right due to keyword issues. Spectators should now be excluded form dying breath. (Monolis) Tweaks to various abilities that cause bleeding. This generally involves changing them from having a certain percent chance to start bleeding each hit to giving them a culmulative chance to start bleeding over multiple hits. Some abilties, like bloodletting stab, still start bleeding each time. New debuff: crippled. Primarily inflicted by blunt damage attacks, and, to a lesser degree, edged damage types. Crippled characters will experience a persistant drain on movement. Certain skills, such as crippling strike, can instantly cripple opponents. Unlike bleeding, almost any creature can be crippled. Only monsters with largely homogeneous anatomies, such as blobs, pure elementals and ethereal beings, are immune to crippling. ---- May 05, 24 [3201] From Shadowfax: Prompts to level up should only occur if you have enough fame. (Bruce) From Draak: Fixed a bug where nonorm weapons were getting dented on login if they had been poisoned due to being overcomposite. (Sov) Bleeding is being modified in prepartion for the future warpaints effects. Living creatures can spontaneously start bleeding if they they take enough damage in short amount of time from pointed or edged attacks. Bleeding can still be started like normal from skills like bloodletting stab or moulinet. ---- Apr 27, 24 [3199] From Draak: Fixed a bug that prevented spangles from being added to leathercrafted collars. Added a help page for daily gifts. (Morpheus) ---- Apr 21, 24 [3197] From Draak: Guild discounts scale more steeply at high ranks. You should no longer be assigned a priest job daily task if you do not worship a god. Petitioning an angel to groupcast ward breaker should now cost more favor. ---- Apr 13, 24 [3195] From Draak: Fixed issue with not being able to add soulstones or spangles to objects. Also fixed an issue with sawing/splitting wood. Along the way found and fixed up some misc string issues with inlaying! Draak added some of his favorite native wildflowers to the mainland. Can you guess where he lives by what he chose? ---- Apr 08, 24 [3193] From Shadowfax: Rooms with roads don't have minerals to mine. From Draak: Removed debug check that was preventing clobber from working. Added a couple new animals for hunting along beaches. Fixed bug where you could not mount gemstones to jewelry. (Granola) Removed weekday events from daily tasks. It created too many conflicts when turning special system events on and off. Fixed issues with a couple Thirsty Thursday tasks. ---- Mar 29, 24 [3191] From Draak: Shellcrafters, you should be able to craft with horn and antlers again. Thirsty Thursday has been integrated into daily tasks. Use the task list command to start. You must be drunk in order to start and complete Thirsty Thursday tasks. Mage crystal elementals now have higher damage and fairly strong damage reflection, but very slow attacks. A mob that can't do a lot of damage to one might hurt themselves rather badly in the process. New level 40 druid skill: call legendary raptor. This skill allows you to call rocs, phoenixes and thunderbirds to your side in battle. Be aware that rocs and thunderbirds are enormous, and will not be able to follow you inside of buildings, caves or other confined spaces. If you knew the bloodquench skill, you will now have a new warrior skill in its place: clobber. The functionality of the 'bloodquench' skill has been folded into berserking. You can attempt to quench even if you have not killed an enemy, though it is much more likely to succeed after a kill. Clobber is a unique warrior attacks kill that can only be used while berserking. It slows opponents, lessening their ability to counterattack. Against stunned or unbalanced opponents, it can unleash large amounts of damage, knocking them into walls, trees, furniture or anything else nearby. Changes to moderation: durations can no longer be manually set. The length of noyell, nosocial and silence is dependent on how frequently they have been used on you. The penalties taper off if you go for longer periods without being moderated. This will hardly affect anyone, since most of you guys are really awesome and we've become known for having a friendly and open community. Keep up the good work! ---- Mar 23, 24 [3189] From Draak: The punch dtype is no longer has the impact trait. ---- Mar 16, 24 [3187] From Draak: More tweaking for combat points. It should behave more like it is described in the help page. Fixed a display bug with the gift command. Milkable animals will no longer be eligible for hunting. Added a handful of daily tasks. Thirsty Thursday tasks are being integrated into the task system. Nothing should be different yet, but it should be complete by the end of the month. If you experience anything strange with daily tasks, please mudmail Draak. ---- Mar 09, 24 [3184] From Shadowfax: Only increase hunted game counter and check for achievements when game is killed. (Rhorae) Check for ammunition to be lost or destroyed when both missing and hitting game, including cartridges. (Ax) Limit weight of objects that magpies can filch. Increase rate that bald eagles fish when idle. From Draak: Tweaked combat points to hopefully make them a little easier to get. Added a few more tasks. Fixed a few bugs with kiltmaking. (Rhorae) ---- Mar 03, 24 [3182] From Shadowfax: Add 'alias rename' command. (Granola/Laeg) Nonstandard game no longer triggers the 'rare beast' achievement. Add day-night activity cycle for hunted animals. Players must be able to see any room that they hunt in. Prevent fish type and staywater mobs from being hunted game. Fix typos when a different game approaches while you're ambushing something else. (Juggernaut) Fix game mobs' level to match area level and group size to match area group size where they load (instead of the reverse). (Lokar) Fix game panthers to yield corpses when killed. (Rhorae) Eliminate ability to multikill the same game and get easy xp caps. (Runner) Give game 100% health when spawned instead of 0%. Now game should put up more of a fight, and players can actually get the 'first blood' achievement. (Rhorae/Runner) From Draak: New level 23 druid skill: bird call. This skill allows you to call birds to your side. This replaces the animal magnetism skill. Newbie channel level connection raised to 35. Attempt to fix a bug with objects loading inside of a container when a mob is killed so players can pick them up. (Eggweard) Attempt to fix level bug with high level players and manually designated levels for bonecraft and dragonscale armor. Minimum size threshold for gathered branches and boughs increased. (Lokar) Cleaned up some hunting code with regards to certain terrains not having any animals. Fixed a display bug with certain jobs. Fished out a bug with call list that was displaying certain animals twice. (Blazacon) ---- Feb 25, 24 [3179] From Draak: Various small fixes with tasks, including an exp bug. Campfires will raise the temperature of small indoor rooms. You can no longer prepare corpses of plural mobs to be raised as undead, because that's more than a bit weird. (Rhorae) The Fathomless Bathysphere is now level 45 autogroup, and attached via a reinforced Font in a new room to the City of Fonts. From Shadowfax and Draak: Hunting command should now be unlocked. Like fishing, it can be used untrained. The functionality of the druid animal magnetism skill has been folded into calm animal. Animal magnetism will be replaced with a new skill in the next week or two. ---- Feb 18, 24 [3177] From Draak: Fixed a few issues with certain tasks. Thank you to everyone that turned in bug reports. Daily rewards/tasks should now give a bit more exp, but a bit less gold. Fixed issue with agates and similar minerals not giving random effects like they should. The terrains for called animals have shifted somewhat. This was the result of some code optimization in prepartion for the level 40 druid skill... Another tweak to cartridge building ingredients. Scrapped metals will now have the 'pure' metal name in the insult string. They also now have names based on size: 'sliver', 'shard' and 'lump'. (Lokar) ---- Feb 11, 24 [3175] From Valront: Highlighted unbalanced string, and other misc string fixes. From Shadowfax: The 'ashow dented' list should now take personal denting into account, so your results may be different from someone else's depending your recent killing habits. From Draak: Fixed a bug with lapidary materials and inlaying not giving stats. (Rhorae) Tweaks to cartridge spellcomp requirements to hopefully make them inclusive. (Rhorae) Cleanup to the summon demon subparser menu, see 'summon demon help'. New level 40 necromancer skill: bind demon. For the price of a purple or higher soulstone, zombies, ghouls and mummies can have a demon bound to them. This gives them increased strength, dexterity and constitution, resistance to fire (or decreased vulnerability to it) and increased attack speed. They gain the DEMON type, making them resistant to good-aligned attackers, but vulernable to certain abilities that affect demons. See the help page for more information. Daily tasks have been altered. You only have to complete 3, but they are predetermined for you each day. You will generally get 2 easier tasks and 1 more difficult one. Several new tasks have been added, many based on class abilities. The game will not assign you tasks if you do not know the skills or spells to complete. These range from stealing a soul to shoplifting to completing a warrior combo to carving a totem. Please report any issues with tasks directly to Draak. ---- Feb 04, 24 [3174] From Shadowfax: Aspects won't melee unless directly threatened. ---- Feb 03, 24 [3172] From Shadowfax: Make sure supernals are in the same room as their target and that their owner is also in combat before using their special condemnation attack. (Lokar) ---- Jan 28, 24 [3170] From Draak: The compliment command has been expanded to work with players. It riffs off of stats or certain elements of long descriptions. Level 40 is unlocked, along with some new abilities: New level 40 mage spell: greater crystal elemental New level 40 warrior skill: spinning kick New level 40 cleric spell: chaos hammer We will add level 40 skills for druid, necromancer and thief over the coming months. These are intended as capstone abilities. Future level expansions will most likely involve spacing out and reordering existing abilities rather than adding more. This is not to say there will not be any new class abilities, but future ones will likely be obscure. From Valront: Various druid lightcatchers should show up in shops with default listing, similar to potions and scrolls. From Shadowfax: Add highlight to successful ice and normal dtype ground strike strings. Make skill improvements more consistent when building grenades. (Sirand) Allow supernals to use their special condemnation attack while no_melee. (Sirand) Vampires inherit the alignment of their creator, and good-aligned vampires are sparkly. ---- Jan 21, 24 [3167] From Shadowfax: Lower cooldown for petitions. You can now select 'random' as a target for newbie gift giving. Aspects should now be flagged as nomelee. Play sound and do room sends when leveling up bonus classes. From Valront: Crystal Skulls are now excluded from minion aoe damage reduction. Having cloak of darkness active makes shadow walking and using shadow asylumn slightly easier. (Morpheus) Other assorted string fixes. Added hint strings to remaining cleric spells that didn't have them. If you see typos in them please report them via the typo command or a mudmail to valront, and NOT in the bovine channel. Expect other classes to follow soon. From Draak: New lapidary composition: thunderstone (Morpheus) Tweaks to mineral deposits for glacial geology. Look up 'glacial' in the Great Library to learn more. Potion throwing is now somewhat better. Condemnation does reduced damage, but now lingers as a curse. Cleric healing, refreshing and poison removal spells are less effective on condemned creatures. Note this only affects cleric spells, and is far more effective against mobs than players. Tweaks to warrior skills: Hand-to-hand skills (kick, stomp, jab) do somewhat less damage, but will stun enemies faster than other warrior attacks. Higher damage stomps remove a recently unbalanced target's immunity to being unbalanced. Pommel strike is somewhat less effective at stunning opponents. Strengthened warrior power attacks effectiveness against dazed or stunned opponents. Creatures that are immune to stunning take no modifiers, good or ill, to the extra hitroll from power attacks, to avoid nerfing power attacks against golems, undead, etc. The lunge skill now can drive back unbalanced opponents, similar to (but not as powerful) as knockback, lagging their attacks for a brief time. ---- Jan 07, 24 [3166] From Draak: Unguent priest jobs should no longer select spells that require favor. (Morpheus) Hematium and void metal can now be forged into armor, in advance of Morpheus's reworking of the shops on Ramanek. (Morpheus) Added a few more words to the insult generator. Initial movement cost for forging lowered a bit. Know alignment can detect ward good and ward evil when cast on a room. Previously, it could be cast on a room but simply did nothing. Lowered mana cost of clasp of corruption a little more. From Valront: Added brag/show exprate. This will send the same string as the 'exp rate' command. Added chance for an alert when gaining exp while being at the experience point maximum of two billion exp. Adjusted low favor message to show up whenever favor is spent in any way while you are under a certain threshhold. Previously this only worked while casting spells directly. The threshold it appears at can be adjusted if it's too spammy or not showing up often enough. 20 entries displayed.

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