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---- Dec 02, 23 [3156] From Draak: The dclient quest window should no longer show held quests. (Uicli) Thief advance poisons now send a message when they wear off or are removed. (Naul) Bottling is now level 11. New compositions: lime, soda, magnesia, kalium, phosphur, aluminum, uranium. Lime, soda, magnesia, kalium and phosphur will mostly come from acidic reductions, aluminum a bit, too. No, you cannot forge with uranium. Brew acid is no longer obscure and has been moved to the decantation skillgroup as a general skill at level 22. It is dependent on bottling and cooking. Acids can be used on various materials to render them down into different raw spellcomps, such as sulfur or resin. Not all materials can be dissolved in acid. Acids can also be used to enrich small batches, of ore, decreasing their weight while increasing their purity, making for more cost effective yields. Acids cannot be too much lower level than the item they are used on, or they will not work. Refiniments to the recipes for cartridges and acids. Acids now only require four ingredients instead of five, and some of the categories are less strict. Cartridges now accept some additional compositions, and fire affinity has been eliminated from the SALT/KALIUM ingredient. See the help pages for more details. ---- Nov 18, 23 [3155] From Draak: Cleaned up and activated 'oset overall'. This command will set up stats on most objects that have a type set. Additional stats, such as composition or wear locations, may also be required for certain object types. You can specify spells for scrolls, potions, staffs, wands and grenades, dtypes for weapons, taste for food and herbs, and more. Note that this does not set strings, and objects must have an inventory string set. ---- Nov 18, 23 [3154] From Draak: Draak worked on some building tools this week, so there's not a lot to see here. Grafted spikes, studs and scales should given somewhat higher bonuses to undead creatures the higher quality they are. Squashed a weight/count bug in flower jobs. (Dizzy) Added "show eq", its just the eq command. ---- Nov 12, 23 [3153] From Draak: Fixed infinite loop bug with certain help page lookups. Spell/skill groups should display in the help pages again. Fixed bug with lapidary check giving a goofy string. Summoned prismatic crystal elementals will now use prismatic breath attack sinstead of the prism spell. ---- Nov 11, 23 [3150] From Draak: New composition and mined item: marble. I am honestly surprised we didn't have it before. ---- Nov 08, 23 [3148] From Draak: Spell/skillgroup added to spell and skill help pages. (Eggweard) Fuses of different sizes now have different physical lenghts. (Dex) The mage 'shards' spell has a small chance to start bleeding on lightly armored targets. Fix bug with newbies not regenning. Potch opals should have stats again. (Ivey) A bunch of minion changes: The AC for all ice and crystal elementals is now slightly higher. AC for Incarnates lowered slightly. The intrisnic spells cast by mage summoned elementals have been changed up a bit: - lesser fire elementals cast scorch and shower of sparks - fire elementals cast fireball - greater fire elementals cast fireweb - lesser lightning elementals cast static blast - ice elementals cast frost flower - greater ice elementals cast icebolt and cone of cold - crystal elementals cast prism The control points for lesser and regular mage summoned elementals have been lowered slightly. This will allow for more creative and flexible pairing between elementals when mages reach high levels, such as summoning a lesser lightning elemental and an ice elemental together to trigger the reaction between the former's static blast and the latter's frost flower. ---- Nov 04, 23 [3146] From Draak: Raised ghoul bonus damage to nauseated foes raised a bit. Cleanup to lapidary setting stats and prices. The potency of sharpness has been increased, and campfires reduce the amount of time it takes to become sharp even more. The lighteater and silence enchants are now obscure. The necromancer skill 'graft undead' has been lowered to level 34. Creatures that are on fire, such as from flameweb or firebombs, are more easily blinded. They also get no bonus from wisdom against stunning. Chalcopyrite should change back into copper ore when you try to smelt with it. (Chokola) Grafting scales to undead now gives them a modest bonus to hitpoints. ---- Oct 29, 23 [3145] From Draak: Moved shuck further down the parser so it doesn't interfere with show. ---- Oct 28, 23 [3143] From Draak: Lag from forging, woodcraft and lapidary has been reduced a little. Tailoring jobs now require objects to be made from a specific fabric. The payout will scale with the fabric's cost. Knapping should be fixed. New command 'shuck', for shucking foraged bivalves without having to know the cooking skill. Mercury ores should be smeltable and crushable again. The beryls on the griffin mountain are going to be replaced with specific varieties: goshenite, maxixe and green beryl (its pale green vs. emerald which is dark green). The mining table has been refined a bit, with many minerals being confined to fewer terrain types. This should help make populations of minerals more distinct, and make individual ones easier to find. If you know 'saw lumber', you can break down wooden containers that are the right size and mass into useable lumber. This only works on containers you can pick up, made from specific types of wood. Numerous objects have been updated with slots for gemstones, inlays or rivets. Draak is open to reasonable suggestions, as there are over 29 thousand distinct objects in the game and he's bound to overlook some obvious canidates. ---- Oct 21, 23 [3140] From Draak: List switches should now look up compositions correctly. (Morpheus) Object file update for base metal treasures should fix up the composition error from earlier this week. Updated a few forged items so they can be inlaid properly. Building grenades now updates the dclient inventory screen. (Uicli) Woodcrafted spoon can now be inlaid, if you want a fancy spoon. Appraise will indicate if an object can have certain upgrades added. If you know beadmaking, you can now inlay with gathered wood. You should be able to assemble weapons of power again. (Uicli) Fixed a number of minor bugs that were hiding in woodcrafting. From Shadowfax: Add DISCORD value to Alter Aeon's MSSP status. From Brak: New 'credit buy agereset' option. ---- Oct 16, 23 [3139] From Draak: Various fixes for jobs, mining strings and alloys. You can add grips to bows again. Morpheus is adding a few florist jobs to the game, so you can pick flowers for fun and profit. Draak has been updating some objects so they can inlaid, have gems mounted or be studded, spiked or spangled. ---- Oct 15, 23 [3137] From Brak: Make eternal youth a bit less damaging to skills. From Draak: Fixed the wording with bragging thoughts. Be careful who you share them with. Fixed a bug with demon idenfity that made it think things were gemstones that were not. (Sport) Tailoring is now aliased to 'sew', similar to how metallurgy is aliased to 'forge', i.e. the terms can be used interchangeably. Massive rework allowing craft additions to work on certain objects, as well as mass integration of crafting with regular object compositions. You will start seeing object compositions such as 'TEXTILE, WOOL' 'PLANT, FUNGUS' or 'TIMBER, OAK' cropping up when identifying objects. FYI: Craft additions have to be manually set on an object-by-object basis. Expect it to be slowly set on a smattering of select objects over the next month or so. It is not intened to be widespread. Gods' preferred elements are being switched to composition groups, so a god may prefer anything labeled as BASE METAL, TIMBER, TEXTILE, FLESH, SKELETON, PLANT, etc. rather than narrow, specific types. The game will do its best to update equipment to the new object compositions. If you notice anything that appears to be incorrect, please send Draak a mudmail. Ores will now show their own composition and what they yield separately when identified. Many ores are just rocks or crystals, but some are unique types that can be used in lapidary work. Pitch black metal and blood red metal are now officially their own metal types, void metal and hematium, respectively. A new metal, arsenic, has also been added. New cooking recipe: catsup, a mushroom and egg-based sauce to highlight new object compositions. New gather option: flowers. This will exclusively gather herbs that are composition FLOWER. Because flowers are colorful and obvious, they can be gathered without knowledge of plant lore, though plant lore will increase the odds of success. You now can mount forged medallions to unadorned necklaces using 'forge enhance mount <medallion> <necklace>'. Scrap metal will now yield scraps of whatever metal or alloy is scrapped in a form that can be directly used instead having to be refined further. ---- Sep 23, 23 [3135] From Draak: You can now brag the last thing you thought about. You can also show the last thing you thought about with the new 'remember' command. Fixed MSP sounds for scribing so the play for the scribing, too! (Gent) Scribing scrolls and brewing can now get a very small level bonus from being sharp. Added 'where services', to show shopkeepers with services. Durham's guiding spirit is now obscure, due to its niche nature. Acidic and antidote bottled bloods now have unique names. (Naul) Bundles of skins now have minimum sizes based on their weight. (Morpheus) Fixed a typo in set agereset parser. If you are having difficulty getting this to work, let Draak know so he stat you and make sure everything is working. Changes to crystal prison and ice imprison. Ice imprison now only work on living creatures, while crystal prison only works on unliving creatures. Prior to this, crystal prison did not work on unliving creatures, and ice imprison didn't work elementals of any type. This puts the spells more in line others in the spellgroups, specifically crystal prison and crystal coat working on inanimate matter. ---- Sep 12, 23 [3134] From Brak: Clay man recast now stops when it fails terrain check. Increase speed of minion recasting. Convert leaderboard level filtering over from primary level to effective level. (Ivey) Fix 'leaderboard show' displaying the wrong position. ---- Sep 09, 23 [3132] From Shadowfax: New music tracks for the dimensional forest and the mirror plane. From Draak: New options for mobs to load mined materials and precut wood, coming to a shopkeeper near you. (Morpheus) Fixed targeting for group summon. Again. Fingers crossed, knock on wood. From Brak: You can now add clay men to the recast list which will allow them to be automatically reconstructed when they die. This is intended to eventually replace the buggy reclay option in Mush-Z. Currently other necro tank minions such as wood woads and metal constructs are not included however this is planned for a future release. Note: if you do use this feature and also use Mush-Z, disable the 'reclay' feature in Mush-Z or you will likely get multiple castings. improve the leaderboard command and make level filtering more user friendly: 1. You can now select a leaderboard by name with 'leaderboard show'. 2. There is now a 'leaderboard help' subcommand. 3. 'Leaderboard list' and 'show' now accept an optional level. For example if you are level 35 type 'leaderboard list 35' to compare to other players of your level, and 'leaderboard show fame 10 35' to display the top 10 players on the fame leaderboard who match your level. ---- Sep 02, 23 [3131] From Draak: Double exp events can now be seen with 'event show' and 'news experience'. Refined definitions for de-aging, so it should work in more cases. Pulled a bug out of group summon that was checking for the wrong room. (Gent) Bloodcasting now has a MSP sound, which overlaps normal casting sounds. Added MSP sound for Tensor's floating discs timing out. (Eggweard) New forged jewelry: anklet. You can no longer crystal coat fires, to avoid weird weight bugs. New Purnima job: antiquarian, a demon sends you out to survey ancient ruins in the Field of Fonts. Fixed group summon logic bug. Cleric divine transportation spellgroup grafted onto divine tranquility, with word of recall now dependent on peace. This is the final spellgroup merger - all classes now have 8 non-obscure spell/skill groups. ---- Aug 27, 23 [3129] From Brak: Allow display of some leaderboards by level, using the 'level' option. From Draak: Fished out a rare bug in consider where certain mob types canceled each other's damage resistance, resulting in (null) displays. (Allison) More crafting composite cleanup, primarily for woodcraft. Hopefully mastercrafts will again be more frequent when woodcrafting. Several crafts are now more forgiving with thier start checks if you know the skill 100%. The help page and menu for guilds is now more clear that guild advance is also used to join guilds. New where option: buyer. This will give you a list of what shopkeepers will buy items. The armored skin help page now tells what the skill actually does. Sense life is now dependent on soothe wounds. The cleric cursebreaker spellgroup has been folded into the inquisition spellgroup. Sacred touch is now level 7 and reveal curse is now level 8 and dependent on sacred touch. Clean-up with metallurgy check. It will now tell you what skill you need to learn to forge with a given metal, if you don't already know the skill. Some metals have had their skills adjusted, in particular, forging pitch black metal now requires shadow mastery and forging blood red metal requires bloodcasting. (Mink) Group summon will now restrict bringing higher level players to the islands, since people have been using this as end-around to circumvent the island portals being blocked during events. You can now bloodcast wood woad, metal construct and crystal skull. Wood woads and metal constructs gain small amount of normsave and breathsave, while crystal skulls gain increased odds of absorbing magic and a higher mana capacity. The introduciton of blood renders all three somewhat vulnerable to toxic damage. New option for returning players: age reset. If you have a character that hasn't logged in for over a year and is at least 200 years old, you will be able to reset their age to 50 using 'set agereset -force'. This is intended to help people revitalize old or forgotten characters, and to make gameplay more enticing for returning players that we have not seen for a while. ---- Aug 12, 23 [3128] From Draak: You can no longer gather, mine or fish in arenas. (Martin) Fixed a bug where forged ammo was not giving lycanthrope bane to lots of forged silver alloy ammunition. (Asclepius) You can now bloodcast straw man. Vulnerability is (slightly) more potent at very high levels. (Asclepius) Cleave and whirlwind now send extended damage types. (Shadowfax) New credit buy option: credit buy cleanse. This removes all poison, acid, curses and diseases. (Morpheus) You can now credit buy deathcards, spellups, purges and loot crates on behalf of other players. This uses the same cooldowns and restrictions as newbie gifts. This is experimental, let Draak know if there are any problems. (Morpheus) ---- Aug 05, 23 [3126] From Draak: Smith jobs pay a little better now. Added 'tattoos' to the where command, for finding tattoo artists in cities. Attempt to fix 'set nolootcrate' bug where people were still getting lootcrates. Cleanup to crafting mastercraft calculations. Help pages for boons merged into one entry. You can now bloodcast clay man. The resulting bloody clay man has several vampire-like traits: 1. It can be healed by blood sacrifice and bloodbond heal. 2. It heals small amounts of damage when attacking bleeding enemies that are not badly poisoned. From Brak: Make progression of famine less agressive when cast on players. Lower cost of lift curse when brought from shopkeepers since it will likely require multiple castings. ---- Jul 22, 23 [3124] From Draak: New option added to the where command: milk Note: this will only show dairy animals that you can milk, so if mobs are too low level to milk they will not show up. Some fixes to the unarmed combat changes so things are bit less goofy with certain mobs. All of the strikes are a now single word, to interface better with Mush-Z, i.e. hammer fist is now hammerfist and soforth. The cleric spell 'armor' is now 'armor aegis' so it doesn't conflict with consecrate armor. It will remain aliased to 'armor' when casting for the indefinite future, much like force shield with 'shield'. The warrior dragon lore skill group has been dissolved, since the dragon lore skill was already dependent on defensive fighting and was technically part of the fighting style skillgroup already. The necromancer cadaver skill tree has been merged with the undead skill tree, with undead lore now dependent on corpsecutter. The druid salve brew tree has been combined with druid tonics, with brew salve being dependent on brew infusion. Cleric is now the only class with more than 8 non-obscure spellgroups. 20 entries displayed.

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