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---- Oct 17, 18 [2396] From Draak: Fixes to tasting/eating poisoned food. Minor cleanup to lapidary skills. Fixes to metallurgy, mining, and forging. ---- Oct 15, 18 [2394] From Draak: Add a 'burnt' flavor. Various minor fixes to lapidary, and hopefully clubs will work correctly. Add a new level 20 crafting skill, 'gemcutting'. Add a new level 10 crafting skill, 'metallurgy'. Add a new level 12 crafting skill, 'jewelrysmithing' ---- Oct 14, 18 [2392] From Draak: Improve success rate of 'point blank' ranged combat skill. Add infrastructure for food taste. Add default tastes for various foods, foraged things, and some unusual stuff like wood. Don't get splinters in your tongue. Add a new level 12 crafting skill, 'lapidary'. Various leatherworking updates. Various fixes to woodcrafting. Increase demoralization on feint. Add improves and a small amount of exp to necromancer infuse. ---- Oct 10, 18 [2390] Rework the 'mend bones' algorithm to spread healing out more. Take one more incremental step towards sanitizing the mob exp system. This fix improves accuracy in a couple of places, resulting in slightly higher minion experience. From Shadowfax: Base oblate goals on players' total levels instead of primary level. ---- Oct 08, 18 [2387] Make it a bit easier to dispel crystal coat on high level items. Fix the nearby command so it only shows nearby areas in the same planar realm. Infrastructure: add debug code for testing possible future tweaks to the mob exp system. From Shadowfax: Fix send_to_room typo when ammunitions falls out of a weapon. (Lilmike) From Draak: Add 'knocked prone' ground strings. Improvements to knapping, lapidary, metallurgy, mining, woodcrafting, leathercrafting, and mend bones. Increase duration of silhouette spell. Lower level of necromancer bonecraft obscure skill from level 20 to level 17. Better spam filtering on ranged weapons. Minor fix to noleave code and sitting players. ---- Oct 02, 18 [2386] Fix crystal coat bugs in brewing and scroll scribing. ---- Oct 01, 18 [2383] There has been a lot of internal rework to the object binding code. There should be no visible impact at this time, but bugs may have slipped through. If you find a weird change to how binding works (or doesn't), please notify Dentin. From Draak: Make ammo cheaper. Lots of string typo fixes. Don't display weapon traits when identifying ammo. Leathercrafting effects updates. Miscellaneous small woodcrafting fixes and improvements. Improve mend bones. Lower thief lockpicking from level 6 to level 4. Raise thief pickpocket from level 4 to level 6. ---- Sep 29, 17 [2381] Fix broken reboot automailer. Fix account ban/allow for channels. From Shadowfax: Fix bug that didn't allow crafted ammunition to be used with ranged weapons. Fragile flagged ammunition will always be destroyed when fired. ---- Sep 28, 17 [2379] Filter out paired letter spam from most channel sends. From Draak: Add a few sounds for the new ranged weapon skills. Add a 'blood' object composition type. Add a 'peach' wood type. Various heraldry improvements. Improve fishing! Feint skill improvements. Improve 'mend bones'. Make prospecting, tailoring, monster lore, and sea navigation cost fewer practices. Allow soulbind to target worn shields and wielded bone blades. Leathercrafting improvements. Add new level 10 necromancer skill 'bone arrow'. Add new level 20 necromancer skill 'bonecrafting'. Add new level 25 necromancer spell 'spectral claw'. Add new level 2 skill 'fletching', for making arrows. Add new level 9 skill 'bowyer', for making bows. From Shadowfax: Show level on ammunition when identified. (Kuranes) Fix wieldstr comparison bug when loading ranged weapons in your inventory. (Jezrien) Fix typo in string sent when you try to shoot yourself. (Westie) ---- Sep 27, 17 [2377] There has been a massive internal rework to how account handling and lookup is done. There should be no player visible changes unless it's broken. From Shadowfax: Grant ranged weapons full functionality. They can be loaded, unloaded and fired. See board 8 for the ranged weapon FAQ. Add ranged weapon freaks and achievements. Add 'marksmanship', 'point blank combat', 'quickloading' and obscure 'firearms proficiency' ranged weapon skills. Improve autoreload command to be able to set container for ammunition. Add initial 'areas dented' command. This is still a work in progress, so don't expect it to be super accurate. Fix string send bug in 'ground' spell. Add temperature adjustments for lava and ice rooms not otherwise exposed to weather. ---- Sep 17, 17 [2373] Reduce shadow strike damage in pk, and add a small amount of lag when the target isn't present to limit the usefulness of shadow strike command spamming. Sunlight no longer strips darkening from group members. Make entangling roots and bloodmist demons minions, so they're more compatible with groups. From Draak: Lots of minor fixes, cleanup, and improvements to various commands. Make silhouette more powerful and based on level. Increase the power of 'mend bones', but require a dragon tooth. Use a generic lag function that takes into account attack speed for various thief and warrior combat skills. A bunch of woodcrafting updates, and new items including seasonal things. Minor mining fixes. Add new obscure level 3 crafting skill 'heraldry'. Add new level 2 crafting skill 'hatmaking'. From Shadowfax: Add color tags to some 'consider' sends. Add more hidden achievements. Mobs won't remember memory against another mob of the same affiliation. Players' affiliation will be saved as 'none', and new players now start with affiliation 'none'. Wands and staves with the fragile flag self-destruct after their last charge is expended. Display string when failing to accio an object due to its weight. (Rhorae) Reduce mana cost of 'mystic projectile'. Add healing, illusions and domination spheres for god powers. Allow 'flame blade' to be cast on ammunition such as arrows. Allow poisoning of ammunition with the 'poison weapon' skill. Add damage string for thrown weapons and make thrown weapon attack rolls based on thief skill level and hitroll instead of dex. Thrown weapon defense roll now takes dodge into account. ---- Sep 02, 17 [2370] Add initial support for a 'toxic' player flag, and do some spamflag cleanup to make spamflag integrate with toxic. From Draak: Minor audio and MSP sound updates. Fix a bunch of typos. Updates to leathercrafting. Mining updates. Add a bunch of new gatherable wood types. Add 'set combatmode' to show percentage damage on attacks, instead of raw. Expect this to be buggy for now. From Shadowfax: Fixed bug allowing corpses without meat of any weight to be instantly eaten by corpse eaters. Apply oblate maximum cost cutoff to each individual piece of equipment in a corpse when sacrficing it instead of lumping the cost of all of them together. (Lilmike) Add 'spheres' line to god entries. Different spheres affect the abilities of a god's supernals differently. ---- Aug 13, 17 [2366] Dnd ignore mode no longer prevents groups from displaying on the global groups list. Try to fix parsing clobber with shopkeepers named the same thing as items they sell. The tensor time restriction on auction has been lowered from an hour to 20 minutes, since few players can cast hour long tensors. ---- Aug 12, 17 [2364] From Draak: Change strings and fix a few action start/stop bugs. Change some poison damage strings from poison to 'toxic'. (Lokar) Limit merging of different grades of metal ores. Prevent mycomancy in waypoints. Lower the necromancer skill 'corpsecutter' from level 12 to level 7. Raise the obscure necromancer skill 'scent of death' from level 7 to level 12. Make 'corpsecutter' the root of a new necromancer skill group. Start splitting out skill groups for stoneworking and haberdashery. Fix a bunch of minor woodcrafting bugs, and add infrastructure for fletching and future wood/bone skills. Slightly reduce the hp cost of bloodbond. Disallow milking of animals that are in combat. Improvements and updates to leathercrafting, and add support for future leather studding skills. From Shadowfax: Tensors discs with less than a hour left on their timer can no longer be auctioned. (Jonathon) 'Defoliate' prevents 'fecundity' from working now. ---- Jul 31, 17 [2363] Added a bunch of minor fixes that have been laying around for a while. ---- Jul 23, 17 [2361] Fix some file descriptor leaks and infrastructure bugs. Bot detector updates. Consecrate now only creates permanent enchants if you give the 'permanent' keyword. ---- Jul 16, 17 [2360] Prevent multi-summoning of demonic tutor in a way that could lose soulstones. From Draak: Undead dragon mob type fixes. Add MSP/DClient sounds for recast failures. Miscellaneous audio updates. Mining and other skill fixes. ---- Jul 14, 17 [2358] Send kxwt_expcap when leveling. ---- Jul 08, 17 [2357] More mob exp reworks. This primarily lowers the level 5 to 20 range and greatly smooths out things. If it breaks low level players too badly, we may need to revert it. ---- Jul 04, 17 [2356] Add on/off to recast commands. Other minor improvements to spell recasting. Add strength, dexterity, presence, curse ward, detect undead, and sanctuary to automatic spell recasting. Mob death exp code update: We've got a bunch of new statistics on exp calculations, and it's become a lot more apparent where we've got problems in the current algorithms. This boot contains a bunch of cleanup and code separation changes, most of which shouldn't affect anything. On the plus side, one high level exp reducer was removed, which should hopefully flatten things out a bit. That said, there's at least one change to the grouping code which could go either way - instead of adjusting pkdam prior to saving it for a given vnum, we're now just saving the raw pkdam value and applying a multiplier afterward. This pretty much trades one no-so-great setup for another not-so-great setup, but it's still worth doing because the new version makes it a lot easier to reason about the system.

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