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---- Feb 17, 19 [2622] Freak soulsteal display and achievements have been changed from a factor of 4 (1, 4, 16, 64, 256) to a factor of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8, 16). We've also added freak 32 and freak 64 achievements, so you can now soulsteal one freak level higher than previously. Note that this changes only the display, and not the soulsteal levels or exp. From Draak: Shopkeepers that buy gems or ingots should be less stingy. Fixed a bug with quest-restricted doors. Crafted weapons can now have better dierolls based on their quality level. ---- Feb 16, 19 [2620] From Draak: New MSP/DClient sounds for coffin, infernal visage and firefield. Added special "humpday" code... Command 'event quest' split off from 'event show'. (Morpheus) Fixed metal inlay strings with certain pieces of dragonscale armor. Successful warrior combos can now daze and stun opponents. Fixed bug that could strip quality bonuses from equipment with consecrate. (Sirand) You can now add gemstones to crafted masks. Cleanup and sounds added to various summon demon abilities. From Shadowfax: Nudge skirmish damage up a bit. (Martin) Tie experience yielded by the skirmish skill more closely to performance. This should result in a small overall increase. ---- Feb 09, 19 [2618] From Shadowfax: Ammunition with the two_wield wear slot are no longer considered legal. Fix bug in infernal visage that made the DEMON mtype persist if one died while under its effect. (Rowroad) Prevent infernal visage from working in the unlikely event that you are affected by 'censure demon'. Prevent crystal coat from affecting mining deposits. (Victorious) ---- Feb 03, 19 [2615] From Shadowfax: Allow an unnatural spring to be used as a water source for the flood spell if no other source is available. (Druidia) Never time out waypoints that require a quest to obtain. (Soth) Fix bugs in 'conceal alignment' that made good aligned characters appear to be neutral when adjudicating mob behavior with respect to assist alignment and spare alignment flags. Necromancer class update: Add 'temptations' option for consult demon. Demonic lorekeepers will now mention if an object or door is trapped when analyzing a lock. Add level 38 'coffin' spell. Add level 38 'infernal visage' skill. From Draak: Lots of minor quality of life improvements. Objects can be split by weight now, 'split <object> <value>'. It should now be possible to scribe rejuvenate. It should now be clear when crippling strike misses or is dodged by an enemy. (Lokar) Fixed minor size calculation bug in woodcraft. Certain kinds of forged jewelery will have reduced stats, so there is more play in the composite when adding gems, enchants and soforth. (Victorious) Field of the grasping dead is now more effective against ethereal cratures. Tweaks to consult demon, in particular it should indicate what sector gathered herbs and mined materials are native to. Added 'job' option to consult demon. The consulted demon can tell you what it knows about objects you need for retrieval jobs. Hiding players will no longer be exposed by searching players. A searching player may, however, notice the presence of a hiding player. Do note that pkok players can still unhide other pkok players, so hide doesn't become a super pk unspoofable cloaking device. (Lokar) ---- Jan 28, 19 [2614] Fix player shop theft bug with new characters. (Demon) Prevent enchant artificer from going beyond the reforge level limit. ---- Jan 27, 19 [2613] Fix crash bug in arena spectator mode. (Kehlani) Remote mud channel communication to Stellar Aeon is now working. From Xera: Lots of updates to the Alter Aeon Wiki, including a page on this year's anniversary event. ---- Jan 21, 19 [2612] From Draak: Try to make flourish play a bit better in combos. New level 38 druid skill 'wicker effigy'. New level 26 druid skill 'wickercraft'. New level 38 warrior skill 'indomitable will'. ---- Jan 20, 19 [2610] From Draak: The preservation spell now works on skins and harvested bones. Crafting bonus composite strings will now take 'blank' composite bonuses into consideration. (Victorious) Added 'rune' command, to look up runewords. (Dentin) ---- Jan 20, 19 [2609] Mana shield should now have a slightly better damage to mana tradeoff. There have been a bunch of reworks to the friend replay and friend log commands. This is still a work in progress and probably won't work right, largely because the display code was awful and basically needed a bunch of rewrites. There has similarly been a bunch of reworks to the replay commands, and things like the default line count may have changed. Please report bugs. From Shadowfax: Correct capitalization of The High Pantheon in priest jobs. (Lilmike) ---- Jan 12, 19 [2605] From Draak: Auction now has MSP sounds. You can now empty a container in your inventory into another container in your inventory. You can now empty a container in your inventory onto a table on the ground. (Morpheus) Crafting 'better than you expected' strings are now handled in a way that hopefully won't make Lokar sad. New leathercraft items: wallets, purses Druid weather strings are now filtered by spam extreme. Taunt strings are now filtered by spam extreme. You should now gain profession points from the brewing skills and several other resource/crafting class skills. Hone weapon lowered to level 16 warrior. Customize weapon made dependent on hone weapon. Balance weapon raised to level 34 warrior and made dependent on hone weapon. You can specify a direction when scanning. ---- Jan 02, 19 [2603] Allow up to 500 items over capacity when entering storage lockers, unless the locker is already full. ---- Dec 31, 18 [2602] Raise daily gift limit to three per account. Get mob use of channels working again, mostly. Add kxwt_rshort. Management of clans and god followers for channels has changed. You'll now have to use the 'channel addspecial' and 'channel delspecial' commands. On the plus side, you can now add multiple clans. Storage locker overcapacity limits have been made more strict. You may never enter or bring other players into your locker if it would put the locker over its limit. However, you can enter over-capacity lockers if you bring in no additional items. This should allow players to sort large over-capacity lockers more easily, and shrink their sizes. Shrinking over-capacity locker sizes is also highly recommended. If you have more than five thousand items above your locker capacity (or more than five thousand items if your locker is expired), your locker will be subject to automatic cleaning in the next few months. ---- Dec 26, 18 [2601] Limit gifts to two per account. Thanks guys. ---- Dec 24, 18 [2599] From Shadowfax: You can no longer start a fire within player storage. (Trevon) Prevent scrying on objects within containers in clan areas unless it's your clan. Fix logic error that was truncating the cast level of the unburden spell. (Lilmike) From Draak: Record-breaking daily userloads will show up in the news! Tweaked control weather power level up a small amount. New leathercraft item: rings (shell and dragonscale only) New leathercraft item: claw gauntlets (dragonscale only) You can now clear your recast list with the 'recast reset' command. (Lokar) Mobs with memory afflicted with the forgetfulness curse will not remember attackers and robbers for as long. This only applies if they were attacked or robbed while under the influence of the curse. ---- Dec 08, 18 [2596] Rework of cleric cure poison experience. This will probably require a bunch more tweaks. From Draak: Cleanup to appraise checks. Fixed herb gathering backwards logic bug. Reinforce armor has been made into a forge skill dependent on forge armor. It uses profession points. The point cost is purposely high. It will, in general, cost less gold. Customize, hone and balance weapon, as well as reinforce armor, will only take a portion of gold on failure, up to half, with a small chance to lose a profession point. Added 'craft label' command, which allows you to add keywords to the insults of crafted equipment for the cost of one profession point. This is primarily geared towards labeling containers. Suggestions are welcome. ---- Dec 02, 18 [2594] From Draak: More daze/stun refinements. Mobs should become more prone to daze and stun if hit quickly and consistently. You can use the 'craft unname' command to permanently remove your name from the insult strings of equipment you craft. Appraise strings should now show up on identify, store listings and auction for characters above level 8 or so. Balance, customize and hone are slightly cheaper, but take profession points. They also will not use gold if they fail. From Shadowfax: Add 'describe/description' list switch. (Brak) Fix logic error preventing the use of 'petition crusader' if 'celestial audience' isn't known. (Rashid) ---- Nov 25, 18 [2592] Add 'account email primary' to change your primary email address. From Draak: Removed restriction for cooking low weight food on very high weight fires, because it was really just kind of annoying. Cooked foods can no longer be split or merged due to... complications. Just eat it. (Lilmike) Add a few new heraldry and lapidary types. Angelic crusaders should now slaughter mob minions without any issues. Added a 'shadow check' command, for checking if local shadows can be used for various shadow skills. (Lusy) Druid carved weapons will now (usually) gain stats depending on the type of wood they are made from. Changes to ac calculations with crafted armors. Shields in particular should have more ac. Dragonscale armor may lose secondary saves in favor of more armor, and leathercrafted armor will sometimes have movement or hp. Found and corrected a bogus check that was (hopefully) preventing daze from fading from players under certain conditions. If you find your character acting as if it is still dazed after a lengthy amount of time, please let Draak know. ---- Nov 18, 18 [2590] Clan dues calculations have been changed. The base/default clan cost has been changed from 10 to 1, and the web page discount now only applies to member counts. This should help make it easier for new clans to get established. We'll probably be tweaking this further over the next few months so don't get married to the lower costs. From Shadowfax: Add 'mining' keyword for groups. Deposits prospected by groups are owned by the group leader, so a group member can't go rogue and hoard a deposit for himself. This should fix current ownership issues with mining in groups. If you leave your group, you lose ownership of the group's deposits, even if you were the original prospector. If you don't trust your group leader, don't mine with him. (Rhorae) Deposits of non-achievement materials will lose their anti-loot timer in about 10 minutes, so scavengers can excavate any deposits left behind that the original owner skipped over. (Lexie) Add 'describe' command that displays an object or mob's insult, inv/fight, ground and long desc strings all at once. 'Bid show' also now displays in the same format. (Brak) From Draak: List switches should now work with tables. Improvements to heraldry mask names. Campfires give a bonus to movement regeneration under ideal conditions (not too hot out, not fighting). Firestarting now checks the size/weight of an object used to start a fire, to avoid some odd bugs that could crop up. You can no longer put NO_SAC objects into campfires. Fires not made by players can no longer have objects put into them, since they don't burn which is weird. ---- Nov 14, 18 [2589] From Draak: Fixed exp bug with profession-based skills. New wood type, 'tupelo' for swamps on Ramanek. Shadow bind can now be used when hiding, but it will unhide you. (Peroroncino) Bone arrow will produce more ammo per tooth to compensate. Bone arrow ammo should have more robust dierolls. Minor clean-ups with stun/daze. One side effect is that you can no longer be dazed for a short while after recovering from a stun. Shovels, picks and main-gauches will have more accurate descriptions when listed with 'metallurgy list <weapon name>'. (Adara) Shryth should exercise more caution when licking objects composed from certain materials... Fixed light bug with extinguishable objects. (Rhorae) Tables can now be added to clan rooms. See 'credit buy clantable' for more information. The ammo produced by bone arrow and blue dart is now fragile. Blue dart is now obscure, and when cast on yourself, will produce a fiery blue dart that can be loaded into and fired from a blowgun. ---- Nov 12, 18 [2588] We've been working a lot on the account system and account commands. Recent changes have introduced some bugs, and this boot fixes those. 20 entries displayed.

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