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---- Jun 17, 22 [3023] From Shadowfax: Fix deva of magic's departure strings. Standardize gods' colors and color names. Shadow gods will yield darker colored spells/effects. ---- Jun 12, 22 [3020] From Draak: Metallurgy inlay should now work with dragonscale rings again. New woodcrafted weapon: lance (Hawana) It should now be a bit easier to create mastercrafted woodcraft objects when using rare types. Tweaks to mob hitpoints settings, so that aggro mobs should be slightly stronger at very high levels. This should help some with solo exp. The composition HIDE is now called SKIN, to avoid conflicts with the HIDE effect. Silver, gold, platinum and various jewelry alloys are higher difficulty, however if you know forge jewelry, your odds of failing with them are lower. In other words, you are more likely to create mastercrafts using them without the corresponding increase in failure rates. ---- Jun 05, 22 [3019] From Draak: The dclient now only has one general combat track, but certain areas can have unique combat tracks. You cannot smell while underwater unless you have waterbreathing up. Related - changes to smell string. When failing to buy object service due to lack of funds, it will now tell you how much it will cost. (Ripclaw) The syntax for designating crafting level is now slightly more forgiving. Metallurgy list items now shows which items are cast in molds and which are hammered. Items from molds are very unlikely to produce mastercrafts. Updated the consider command and the dispel magic help page to give to accurately reflect the relationship between MAGICAL creatures, dispel magic and magical damage. Some updates and additions to consider, including some missing dragonbreath types. ---- May 28, 22 [3016] From Brak: Display total to next level percentage with show/brag cheapest. Reduce the explorer point requirement for each rank of the Cartographers Guild. Adjust the level of Cartographer Guild skills to more realistically line up with how many explorer points are available at each area level range. From Draak: Add better ats for preparing corpses to be raised. Changes to how mastercrafts are handled with metallurgy to make it easier to progress in the Smiths Guild. Buffed the hitroll, damroll and armor bonuses from graft undead. New credit buy option: credit buy clantailor (Morpheus), for adding a tailor shop to your clan area. ---- May 23, 22 [3015] From Draak: Fixed an issue with lapidary gems not transferring stats when mounted. Added a 'grind' option to lapidary grind stone skill, seperate from crushing ore. Grinding lapidary stones reduces their mass by one pound and their size by several inches. Adjustments to slist and guilds to hopefully make it work better. Guild list skills now properly displays skills from a guild when one is specified. ---- May 22, 22 [3014] From Brak: Learning guild skills up to 85% is free of practices. Anything above that will cost a practice. You can now lookup skills for a chosen guild by typing 'skill guild <name>' (Morpheus) Improve 'skill find <guild skill>' to list the names of the mobs who teach the skill. New 'show/brag guildrank <name>' command (Morpheus) You can now gain guild skills when ranking up. If this doesn't happen automatically for whatever reason don't worry you will still have the opportunity to learn the skill later on so no-one should ever miss out. ---- May 21, 22 [3012] From Brak: Fix bug in split which was causing uuids with numbers to be misidentified as spliting gold. (Asclepius) Casting the hue spell on tensors and crystal lights now permanently shifts their color and restrings them. From Draak: The frequency of archery contests and fishing derbies has been bumped up a little. Fixed a bug that let unscribeable spells to chained onto scrolls. (Ezechar) Reducing tonics that are much lower level than you should now fail less often. (Mink) Fixed a bug with lapidary that was interacting weirdly with metallurgy inlays, heraldry and adding lapidary stones to lapidary jewelry. Weapons of power must be of at least mastercraft quality for the sympathetic magic to work. Lore sources have been updated to reflect this. Adding fullers to crafted blades now increases the damroll with no speed increases. Whois now functions the same as profile. Use 'alts' to see people's alternate characters. (Saeed) ---- May 15, 22 [3011] From Shadowfax: New dclient music tracks for Caer Bre'en, Port Crimsonia, Ubar, Avalon, underwater ruins, Malitad Island, Vemarken and bone fortress. From Draak: Improvements to slist at guildmasters when you cannot learn from them. Attempted fix to the guilds dropping players for no good reason. Please let Draak know if there are further issues and under what circumstances. Special thanks to Morpheus for helping sort out and set a ton of guildmasters! Misc small crafting fixes and updates. Woodcraft should now be less prone to breaking. Let Draak know if it still seems out of line so he can check your stats. Costs for tailoring refactored. They should generally be cheaper, especially at high levels. Fixed a bug with that prevented binding items with tailoring. Tailored kilts should now be significantly cheaper to make. Tailor list fabric should now show fabric effects. Added 'guild list skills' to list guild skills. You can list all guild skills, or the skills from a specific guild. There has also been a few tweaks to the guild menu. Lapidary gems should no longer be created with stats that can't possibly transfer to objects. Related, the process for moving stats from lapidary gems to lapidary spangles and from spangles to crafted objects should now be more forgiving. A third option has been added for tanner: suede. By spending a profession point, hides and skin can be made into suede. Suede is more supple than untreated leather, but just as tough. Equipment made from suede tends to be higher quality than normal leather. ---- May 08, 22 [3010] From Brak: New 'set accountsync' command. Type 'help accountsync' for more details. ---- May 07, 22 [3008] From Draak: Weapons created with the 'carve weapon' skill now have the magic extended damage type. Mage enchant fire, enchant ice and enchant lighting skills now have a secondary prerequisite of forge simple weapon. Cleaned up a few strings and typos related to guild commands and skills. Added 'show guild' option to show. A new joinable Lapidarists Guild added, for lapidary skills. This includes mining, lapidary and gemcutter. It also includes four new skills: grind stone, polish gem, spangler and diamantaire. Grind stone encompasses the split stone and grind ore abilities from lapidary into its own skill, with a few tweaks. Polish gem allows you to spend gold to improve the stats of a finished gemstone, with a chance of breaking it. Spangler allows you to split a finished gemstone into numerous small beads a.k.a. spangles. These can be added to leathercrafted armor and tailored clothing. They generally are not as powerful as gemstones, and there is a risk of destroying the gemstone when attmepting to split it. Diamantaire lowers the chances of breaking very hard gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds when splitting, spangling, polishing or working with them as raw materials. A new joinable Haberdashery Guild added, for tailoring skills. This includes tailoring, hatmaker, kiltmaker and livery. It also includes three new skills: haute couture, shabby chic and orphrey. Haute couture adds two new tailoring options: fringe for moveregen and lace for manaregen. Shabby chic gives a chance of increased quality for clothing crafted from lower end fabrics such as burlap, help and wool. Orphrey adds a new tailoring option that enhances the stats of crafted clothing. Making tailored hats, kilts and livery must now be done in a tailor shop instead of just anywhere in a city. These must be placed by builders and may take a few days to be added to the game. ---- May 04, 22 [3007] Add a 'null' socket filter. ---- Apr 23, 22 [3006] From Draak: New metallurgy items: handles, hafts Steel has been changed to a statless metal like zinc and adamantium. Craft label remove can be used to take labels off of objects. (Thaelis) Metallurgy, leathercraft, lapidary and woodcraft now use a unified handler for calculating the amount of effects are placed on crafted objects. Updates to how strings are handled by the leathercraft skill. This should all be behind-the-scenes, but if you encounter any weirdness with leathercrafting, let Draak know. A new joinable Rangers Guild has been added, for leathercrafting skills. It includes butchering, skinning, leathercraft, furrier and shellcraft, as well as two new skills: tanner and cobbler. A new joinable Woodwrights Guild has been added, for woodcrafting skills. This includes woodcraft, bowcraft and fletching, as well as four new skills: saw lumber, beadmaking, season wood and planar woodworking. Tanner splits off the ability to preserve and scrape hides into its own skill, while cobbler introduces a slate of new footwear for crafters to produce. Most pieces of footwear will have their own stat, visible on 'leathercraft list'. Saw wood allows you to quarter and halve wood, but also makes the wood lose its timer, and adds a new ability: - Whittling lets you gradually reduce the size and mass of a piece of wood. Beadmaking allows you to make wooden bead jewelry. Seasoning wood slightly increases its composite and increases the ac or protective stats of a woodcrafted item by drying it over a fire. Planar finish gives a chance for an object crafted from extraplanar woods to gain an ANTI_GOOD or ANTI_EVIL flag, depending on whether the wood is demonic or angelic. There will be some additional changes to crafting skills as we convert them to work with guilds. Abilities granted by some skills may be split into seperate skills, and a few brand new skills will be added. To accomodate changes to guild skills and crafting, the balance weapon and hone weapon warrior skills have been folded into forge simple weapon and forge blade, respectively. In their place, two new warrior skills have been added: - moulinet - a broad shallow cut with a bladed weapon that does low damage, but may cause bleeding. - center - a warrior can attempt to regain their footing when unbalanced. If you knew hone weapon, you will automatically gain moulinet. If you knew balance weapon, you will automatically gain center. You can still hone weapons if you know forge blade. You can still balance weapons if you know forge simple weapon. ---- Apr 17, 22 [3005] Achievements now reset on character reset. From Brak: Can now learn guild skills through the regular practice parser instead of 'guild learn' (Dentin) Guild skills now appear on slist and are teachable by guildmasters who meet the rank requirement instead of just grandmasters. From Draak: Stealthy minions like vipers, vampires and panthers should now be sneakier. You can no longer hide while you are on fire. (Alki) Improvements in the music engine and handling of combat tracks. Combat tracks should drop faster when combat ends and should continue playing if groupmates in the same room are in melee. (Shadowfax) ---- Apr 10, 22 [3003] From Shadowfax: Dclient music tracks for Arcadia and Darcadia. From Draak: Fixed a bug in spacing with relabeling potions. (Ezechar) ---- Apr 02, 22 [3001] From Draak: If you are kicked out of a clan, you will go to a recall close to your level, instead defaulting to the Unholy Temple of Dentin. (Jimmit) You can now empty one liquid container into another liquid container, if it is right of you to do so. (Mink) You can prevent bleeding with high saving normal, flaming with high saving fire, hypothermia with high saving cold, and nausea with high saving poison. From Brak: New 'skills guild' command to list all skills with a guild requirement. Skills listed here can be learnt free of practices by typing 'guild learn' at an appropriate grandmaster. New 'skills class <class> [level]' command. This provides a convenient way to list all skills and spells for a class highlighting which ones you do and don't know. ---- Mar 28, 22 [3000] Remove the '-achievement' option from the 'profile' command. This is needed to help with an internal cleanup to achievements. ---- Mar 27, 22 [2998] From Brak: Exclude throw dirt from some terrains that don't make sense such as swamps. The 'level cheapest' command will no longer level when classes are tied in cost. (valront) Change the syntax of 'guild findgm' to 'guild list masters' so it's less confusing. (draak) From Draak: The cleric skill healing touch is now considered critical to bring cleric critical practice totals in line with other skills. New forged metal: wind steel, an iron-mithril alloy Wetlands terrain (mire, marsh, swamp) now has a dclient track, courtesy of the toads and other wildlife at the Mazonia-Braidwood SFWA. Knowledge of the swimming skill has a more pronounced delay on drowning, but it is still not a substitute for waterbreathing. Enchant essence necromancer slots updated to hands and onbody, and help page updated. (Ragtime) Landslide now knocks over unbalanced opponents instead of stunned ones. Called electric eels now have mild damage reflection and chance to stun opponents, and the damage reflection for porcupines has been made more aggressive. The practice costs of a few thief skills were lowered so the class has fewer critical practices. A handful of non-critical thief skill practice costs were raised to balance this. Fixed a bug that was keeping perfected crafting from producing expertly crafted items. Knapping and tailoring were switched over to the universal quality calculations from thier own boutique systems, though they still respect stone diffculty and cloth quality, respectively. (Ragtime) ---- Mar 20, 22 [2996] There has been a massive rework to how pfiles are saved. In an ideal world, none of you would ever know the difference. Let us hope for that ideal world. From Draak: The message given by campfires is now slightly different if you are not resting or sleeping. (Morpheus) You can no longer doubly mutilate the remains of creatures with fleshbeast and boneguardian. They'll just be regular mutilated. (Deadinator) New wickercraft item: cornucopia From Lokar: Druidic salves have been changed. Instead of learning the individual salves as skills to increase the chances of brewing them, there are now three new skills that increase the odds of brewing groups of salves: olfactory salves, protective salves and biological salves. From Draak: The final change for brewing infusions/tinctures is now in place. You no longer learn the individual infusions as skills. New druid skills: reduce decoction, reduce tincture These skills modify existing brewed infusions, increasing their potency or adding additional benefits by heating over a fire or the addition of alcohol. NOTE: you will be automatically refunded practices at login from any salve or tincture skill you learned prior to the changes. ---- Mar 12, 22 [2994] From Draak: You can now call animals while resting, as nature intended! Reagent lore info should now show up on shortid. Added 'event answer' command for upcoming trivia contests. It doesn't do anything... yet. ---- Mar 06, 22 [2991] From Shadowfax: More music tracks for the dclient! From Draak: If nothing else, adding an arrowhead adds +1 hitroll and adding fletching adds +1 damroll to ammo, even if nothing else transfers. (Meyaa) The ground cleaner now targets food, ores, spellcomps and herbs outside of clan areas, because litterbugs won't clean up after gathering and mining. Skirmish now allocates targets properly. (Sov) Some shopkeepers may now be able to cut gemstones from raw materials... for a price. Improvements to buy services features. You can add gemstones to crafted jewelry as long as you know lapidary. The opals in the mines beneath Ubar have been divided into several different types and added to the mining and lapidary tables where appropriate. 20 entries displayed.

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