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---- Feb 19, 18 [2470] From Draak: Improvements to smelling cooked meat. Fixed bug in knapping that prevented objects from finishing. New leathercrafted item: sandals. Misc typo fixes and additions to the help pages. Experimental enchant updates: New level 24 skill 'enchant essence', which allows you to attempt to add cast or skill level to certain items. It is currently restricted to rings and weapons, but will be expanded to a few other slots on a class-by-class basis. New level 24 obscure mage skill 'enchant fire'. New level 27 obscure mage skill 'enchant lightning'. New level 30 obscure mage skill 'enchant ice'. ---- Feb 18, 18 [2467] From Draak: Minor crafting tweaks and fixes. ---- Feb 17, 18 [2465] From Shadowfax: Fixes to crusaders. From Draak: Cleanup of cooking strings. Tweaks to crafting prices for more consistent selling of crafted objects. Butchered birds will yield tenders and fillets instead of steaks. A small number of new fish have been added. Rebalanced speed for some forged weapons so there are more fast options of different damage types. Fishing for players has been gamified, with a small number of fishing-only commands for attracting and catching fish. ---- Feb 13, 18 [2464] Allow list search on unlearnable spells. ---- Feb 11, 18 [2463] Fix bug that was making broken fishing poles. (Lexie) From Draak: Fixed minor omission that was interfering with cooking. New leathercrafted armor: skirts, bustiers (Lexie) ---- Feb 10, 18 [2461] The maximum cost per practice has been raised from 60 exp caps to 80. This is necessary to offset the large increase in exp over the last few months. From Draak: When looking at a character, you will now see certain actions they are doing, such as fishing or turning undead. Show which skill improves when improving combat tactics. (Lokar) Cleaned up sunder strings and tactics better-ats. (Lokar) Added the 'appraise' command, to get a general idea of how much composite margin a given item might have. (Jonathon) Butchered meat, caught fish and a few forageable edibles can now be cooked over fires. This will be the untrained portion of cooking. Infrastructure for cooking skill, including hooks for smell and taste. Mastercraft forged and leathercrafted armor can end up with a higher AC now. 'Forge list metal' will show what metals can be used to make, based on your knowledge of metallurgy skills. (Lexie) 'Forge list weapons' will show a weapon's base speed, because Runner doesn't like looking them up one by one. ---- Feb 09, 18 [2458] Make it easier to retrain fountained grandfathered spells and skills. Exclude unlearnable spells and skills from most mortal lookup commands. From Draak: Gathered wood no longer has the keyword 'firewood', as it makes it very difficult to look at and tend to a fire. Fwood remains the universal keyword for gathered wood. Fixed elusive leathercraft finish bug. (Sirand) Shored up crafting events so Lexie doesn't drop things, leave the room and end up with finished items, among other loopholes. Made sure every single stinking fishable fish now has a long description, and added a few more for good measure. The game should handle pricing for crafted objects better now. Please report any weirdness to Draak. From Shadowfax: Ban immortals from using clan advertise. Fix cosmetic error that displayed 'nonexistent god' as the god of a pantheist priest. Make the auto command accept spaces between 'auto' and the option, such as 'auto sac' working as well as 'autosac'. You can use the list and help options for 'gather' and 'gather lightcatcher' while resting. (Boa) You cannot attempt to legendary enchant if you are below max level. (Sirand) Allow consecration of equipment with a float flag since there is no real way of removing it. (Jonathon/Rhorae) Make account ignore cover channel replay when target is logged off. Changes to 'cloak of fear': 'Cloak of fear' now only affects living creatures. 'Cloak of fear' should be vastly more effective against lower level enemies. (Lokar) Morale is now taken into account in the defense against 'cloak of fear'. Changes to 'ward evil' and 'ward good': 'Ward good' has been replaced with 'ward alignment' and allows you to cast either good or evil wards. 'Ward evil' has been replaced with the obscure 'petition crusader' skill. 'Ward alignment' can used to create unguents of 'ward good' or 'ward evil'. 'Bind alignment' is no longer obscure and is now dependent on 'ward alignment'. ---- Jan 30, 18 [2456] Tweaks to make high end armor more effective, and reduce the odds of mobs getting freak high damage hits on players. From Shadowfax: Artificer is now max level, instead of level 30. Tithes are no longer recorded in a clan's backlog. Clan elders can use the 'clan stat' command on members to see recent dues and tithes activity. A timestamp is now recorded when you join a clan. If you turn on 'clan advertise', it will remain toggled on upon logout. You must use the command again or join a clan to turn it off. ---- Jan 28, 18 [2454] Try to fix some weird search bugs in the help system. Things like 'help fikh' should now work again. Attempt to fix noleave bug with stunned/bashed players. Display god alignment on the 'pantheon' command. ---- Jan 27, 18 [2452] Favor from sacced eq is now the same whether it's sacced in a corpse or not. Two handed parry and shield block have been changed, and two handed shield is no longer the most powerful combination - shield plus weapon is. This is to offset the additional armor that two handed shields can bring to the table, and make it more feasible for tanks to use combo attacks. Combo bonuses that you get when defensive fighting no longer include attack powerups. From Shadowfax: Add 'storage get all' command. Fixed bug so you actually pay the extra mana and favor for a permanent enchant instead of just checking for it. The various celestial petitions will ensure that you have a valid target before costing you mana. (Runner) ---- Jan 24, 18 [2450] Change the new autofavor code so it's got less of an impact. Give more favor for jobs and slightly less for sacrifice. From Shadowfax: Change the new insult command so it doesn't leak builder information. From Draak: Necromancer spell mend bones uses 1 dragon tooth again, but it can also use 2 regular teeth if the caster is out of dragon teeth. If you fish in lightless underground/indoor bodies of water, you should now catch various species of cave fish. Improve strings for leadfoot curse to take legless creatures into account. (Kehlani) Make accio obscure, since it doesn't have a lot of purpose. Tweaks to lapidary stats, and several additional minerals: datolite, prehnite and epidote. Tweaks to level of various crafting skills. You can now list a single alloy and its base metals with 'forge list alloys <alloy name>'. ---- Jan 23, 18 [2447] From Shadowfax: Add chance of adding a saving effect according to your god's preferred element to consecrations. Fix bug that displayed ticks incorrectly of instances belonging to your account and weren't your current character. You cannot use certain attacks at all while entangled or shadow bound like leap and charge. ---- Jan 22, 18 [2446] From Shadowfax: Add 'insult -ground' option for seeing the insults of everything in the room with you. Add ability to build cartridges for firearms. Fix bug in camouflage enchant shadow cost. (Rhorae) Permanent consecrations cost 20 times more mana and favor than temporary ones. (Wyrm) The 'show room' command now shows if a room is big or small. Allow consecration of armor with glow or light flag attached to better synergize with 'illumination'. However, you can no longer consecrate armor with a float or hum flag. (Serkanal) 'Dispel magic' will now reduce the level of any spell that it fails to dispel outright by a few levels, making it easier to dispel later. You can now dispel objects with spells like 'fly' and 'darken' cast on them. You can also use 'remove curse' on objects affected by temporary curses like 'faerie fire'. 'Mana shield' will now protect against 'dispel magic', reducing its power or completely negating it if you have enough mana available. ---- Jan 21, 18 [2445] From Draak and Dentin: Weapon speed/attack speed now factors into the amount of movement used by many warrior and thief skills - faster speed equals less movement used. From Draak: You can longer skin plural mobs. Add 'eqcheck tank' option. Add larimar ore type. Speed up milking refresh time. Various wood gathering cleanup. Mend bones now uses 3 regular teeth instead of 1 dragon tooth. Updates to mycomancy so it makes more sense when cast via potion or staff. Minor changes to poses. New bonecrafted item: ring. New woodcrafted/bonecrafted item: bead bracelet. New heraldry names. Fixed a bug in metal inlaying. (Warsaw) Minor improvements to the leg/feet checks for mobs. Customize weapon is no longer an enchant. It is dependent on double attack and forge simple weapon. Enchant weapon speed is now balance weapon, a warrior skill. Enchant weapon accuracy is now hone weapon, a warrior skill. Enchant camouflage now has other resource requirements than gold. Changes to how inlaid metals are determined. You can now inlay with mithril and its alloys, nickel silver and a few others. Set lower limit to forged weapon speed and a few other tweaks. ---- Jan 20, 18 [2443] Max player level has been raised from level 37 to level 38! We'll be adding skills and adjusting skill levels over time as we get a better feel for how this affects the classes. ---- Jan 19, 18 [2441] Fix probable crash bug in disarm skill. ---- Jan 17, 18 [2440] Cleanups to the mob exp system: we're gradually switching out the last of the 'top4' code which was used for most mob experience calculations. From Shadowfax: You can no longer split mineable items that are affected by spells. Pantheon gods now have alignment preferences. The rate that favor is gained automatically is increased if you remain within your god's preferred alignment(s). If you do not, you will have to work harder to gain favor and can be excommunicated if your favor gets too low. ---- Jan 15, 18 [2438] Adjust various enchanting costs based on last years gold/usage data. Give high level players a low percent chance of being rescued from death. Convert a bunch of minor stuff from top4/equipment level to all levels. This is prep work to make getting rid of equipment level easier. This affects a lot of different places, some of which were difficult to untangle from other parts of the codebase. If you notice significant weirdness or breakage, please let us know. ---- Jan 14, 18 [2437] The autodenter for relic equipment now has a tighter limit, and starts taking effect at approximately double the 'epic' level instead of 3x. It can also autodent AC on things instead of just effects or charges. Fix some really old telnet bugs. From Draak: More minor newbie look string improvements. ---- Jan 13, 18 [2435] From Shadowfax: 'Defoliate' prevents players from casting 'thistles' without seeds. Defoliate prevents all casting of 'entangling roots', 'poison ivy', and 'vampiric vines'. 'Fecundity' can be cast on plant creatures to heal them. From Draak: Improve some bottling strings. Remove resource indications off the 'gather' command. You can get the same information with 'gather check' now. Super low level newbie help text fixes. Add new lapidary stones. Shield slam can longer show up in the same combo as ground strike. (Lokar) Fixed bug in woodcrafted ammo damroll. (Nermthegerm) Obscure cleric enchant 'bind alignment' lowered from level 36 to level 28, to make it more accessible to non-primary clerics. You can no longer improve movement skills in clan areas. Thanks for the tip, Runner. The 'camouflage object' enchant is now a shadow skill.

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