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---- Jun 12, 21 [2898] From Brak: New 'alias removeall' and 'alias removeall fkeys' commands. ---- Jun 06, 21 [2895] From Draak: New forged weapon: halfspear Improvements to stats transferring to shields from high quality rims. (Ivey) Poison mushroom can no longer be put on spellstaffs, to prevent MASS MUSHROOM MADNESS! Cleanup of weather/wind/terrain ambient playback for dclient. ---- May 31, 21 [2893] From Draak: Create water strings on characters added to spam extreme. New heraldic beast: hippopotamus. Searching will no longer show minion creatures. (Wu) A few tweaks to what spells can be groupcast. If a spell can be groupcast, it will show up on its help page. Help pages will now show if a spell can be maintained. A few minor changes to the levels of some spells and skills, to flatten a few pain points in the practice curve: 'remise' lowered from 23 to 22 thief. 'contortionism' raised from 22 to 23 thief. 'berserk' lowered from 22 to 21 warrior. 'prepare ghoul' raised from 19 to 20 necromancer. 'earthquake' lowered from 22 to 21 druid. 'release sunlight' lowered from 24 to 23 druid. Blue dart mana cost raised slightly, magic missile, thistles and coldfire mana cost lowered slightly, lag for inflict wounds lowered. Adjustments to woodcrafted shields: Kite shields are now two-handed shields. Kite shields and round shields will have about half the armor of tower shields and heater shields, respectively, to give more room for carving, enchantments, etc. (Ivey) ---- May 20, 21 [2892] From Draak: Added MSP sounds for wickercraft. Fixed string irregularity with accio and up/down direction. (Malificent) ---- May 16, 21 [2889] From Draak: You can now set composition on clan doors. (Morpheus) You tell if a Font if unstable by looking at now, instead of having to cast identify on it. Chill touch now lowers saving normal. Multiple castings are required to get the full effect. This synergizes well with icebolt and frostbite. Scorch and chill touch no longer stick to FIRE type creatures. Static blast no longer sticks to ELETRICITY type creatures. Weather/sunset mode will no longer show the moon if it is overcast. Unstable Fonts are now be somewhat easier to dispel. (Stormwing) More work on dclient map icons, specifically to accomodate wandering mobs and when shopkeepers/teachers/priests are killed. Event announcements and the accompanying sounds should no longer show if you have the event channel off. If you can't see announcements with the event channel on, try to flipping it off and on, as this involved some flagging widgetry. (Laurence) ---- May 15, 21 [2887] Pull back the effectiveness of some no-norm weapon types. Add lag to object splitting. From Shadowfax and Brak: New 'credit buy favor' and 'credit buy godconvert' options. From Brak: Fix misleading strings for character's buying fire shield from spellkeepers. (Asclepius) Adjust builder checks for mobs to encourage builders to give them at least one weakness, especially when it comes to elemental saves. (Ivey) From Shadowfax: Scribe jobgivers will no longer ask for spells with a very high mana cost. Add new job type: lapidarist. ---- May 13, 21 [2886] Bug fix in '-force' flag checker. ---- May 08, 21 [2884] From Brak: Minor string updates to double exp. Mush-Z sounds will now play for all three modes. Display who bought the current double experience event. (Asclepius) From Draak: Fixed a bug with Thirsty Thursday burning tasks. (Morpheus) Cooking check will now recognize culinary salts. ---- May 01, 21 [2882] From Brak: New 'credit buy doubleexp' option, with random monster types. From Shadowfax: Improvements to various weather strings, and 'look room' will now show if it is actively snowing or raining. From Draak: Dclient MSP sounds removed from room weather strings. Infrastructure for playing longer weather tracks using the music system added. Help pages now show if a skill can be used while resting, berserking, tanking, defending, entangled, etc. The spell 'cure blindness' is now 'vision', to remove conflicts with cure poison. Cure/cause aliases for cleric heal and harm spells have been removed to elminate parser clutter. In Memoriam: cure light wounds cure serious wounds cure critical wounds cause light wounds cause serious wounds cause critical wounds 1995 - 2021 R.I.P. ---- Apr 17, 21 [2878] From Draak: Added entries to the varset command for saving spell, fire, cold, zap, breath, poison and normal. Additional support for dclient map updates. Added 'news archery' to display leaders/winners for the Tuesday archery contests in a single line. Emptied potions that cast a spell on a room now have a level adjustment based on how much liquid there is. Shortened strings when loading a wielded a ranged weapon. (Morpheus) The 'wield' command can now be used while hidden. (Val) Purnima tempter jobs can now lower alignment, while shepherd jobs can increase alignment. Added shadow check display to survey. (Lexie) Vigor and enhanment no longer work on earth walls, and they receive no bonuses from demon familiars. (Reiga) ---- Apr 11, 21 [2876] From Brak: Cry of victory should no longer be clobbered by soulsteal in groups. Now when the soulstealer gets in the last hit in a group a random attacker is selected to receive the cry of victory, instead of always giving it to the soulstealer. (Asclepius) ---- Apr 03, 21 [2873] From Brak: Add 'exp spent' command alias. (Asclepius) Show/brag sneak now shows when you are not sneaking. The group display command now highlights members of your group that are not sneaking. The touch, push and pull parsers will now consider objects on the ground ahead of carried, also they now each have an inventory and a ground option for when you want to target that location specifically. From Draak: Updates to news headlines will trigger a global message. Keep-flagged ingredients cannot be used for scribing. (Morpheus) You can add grips to woodcrafted fishing poles. Fixed bug with flame shield and demon spellup/store power. ---- Mar 27, 21 [2872] From Draak: The 'measure' command now gives rough sizes for things on the ground. (Lexie) Tweaks to how the game handles evil-aligned mobs, in particular their damage and experience. The KEEP flag now prevents ingredients from being brewed. Update of curse help pages. Moderate clean-up of some of the crafting help menus. More cleric skill reorganizing: Sacred touch is now the foundation of the inquisition spellgroup. The other cleric undead handling spells are now in the inquisition spellgroup. Remorse is now level 31 and part of the inquisition spellgroup, dependent on ward alignment. The 'protection from evil' spell is now 'protection from demons'. It helps protect from damage dealt by demons, and to a lesser extent, undead and angels. Censure demon is now part of the inquisition tree, dependent on protection from demons. ---- Mar 22, 21 [2869] From Brak: Make it easier for newbies without the searching skill to find hidden doors and exits in low level zones. (Morpheus) From Draak: Add infrastructure to add landmarks, seaports, forges, banks and certain shops to the dclient map. The cold damage from icebolt, frostflower and chill touch is enhanced by watery terrain, though not as aggressively as cone of cold. Bumped breath of life up in the parser, so it should trigger before bravery. If you cast flame blade and mystic armament without a target, they will attempt to bind to ammo in your inventory. The higher your casting level, the more ammo they will bind to. (Iliothro) Knapping has been tied more closely with lapidary. It will now only work with lapidary materials that have a conchoidal fracture (this includes all forms of quartz and many other minerals including jade, peridot, obsidian and azurite). Higher difficulty materials will create stone tools with higher hitrolls. Knapped tools are flagged fragile (see below). Fragile-flagged weapons are more easily disarmed, and fragile-flagged weapons and shields are more easily sundered. By popular demand, archery contest winners can participate in archery contests, but they cannot upset the scoring or win again until their bull's eye boon expires. ---- Mar 15, 21 [2868] From Mutt: Allow tank minions to use the "none" job. Standardized control point costs on mage summoned elementals: Lightning elemental control cost lowered from 26 to 25. Ice elemental control cost lowered from 29 to 28. Crystal elemental control cost lowered from 31 to 30. Greater lightning elemental control cost lowered from 36 to 35. Greater ice elemental control cost lowered from 38 to 37. (Almaric) ---- Mar 14, 21 [2866] From Draak: Added 'credit buy poisoncrate' to get lootcrates with exclusively poisonous herbs and spellcomps. New Thirsty Thursday task. Drink responsibly. The cleric 'know evil' spellgroup has been changed to the 'inquisition' spellgroup. There will be more changes here in the near future. Advancing ranks in the Scribes Guild now reduces cost of making new scrolls by a small amount. (Morpheus) Increased the larger yields of feathers from the corpses of larger birds. Cartographer jobs should no longer send players to towns (with the exception of parks or bodies of water), event areas, the Field of Fonts and few other exclusions. ---- Mar 13, 21 [2864] From Brak: Spam filter updates: Add "begins to regain vision" to spam extreme. Add "less confused" to spam extreme. Move all spells dropping on mobs from spam extreme to cast. Add choking and poison cloud event sends to spam extreme. Add antidote uses to spam extreme. Add poison removed from weapon to spam extreme. From Mutt: Added exp to elemental summoning skills. Fixed elemental summoning skill sounds. Tweak levels on a bunch of the mage elemental spells and skills: Firefield raised from level 24 to level 26, and is now dependent on fireball. Crystal spear raised from level 22 to level 23. Crystal focusing lowered from level 30 to level 24. Lightning focusing lowered from level 23 to level 21. Ice focusing lowered from level 25 to level 23. Frostbite lowered from level 23 to level 22. Elemental monster lowered from level 21 to level 18. From Valront: Highlighted skirmish strings so they standout more in combat. (Xileno) ---- Mar 10, 21 [2862] From Mutt: Lowered the mana costs of summoning lesser and normal elementals. From Shadowfax: Add 'spcomp' option for 'locate object'. Address bug that failed to remove spent ammunition after using it in an archery contest. (Lexie) From Brak: Add fairy fog to spam gcast. ---- Mar 07, 21 [2860] From Brak: Minor tweaks to soulsteal code: True dragons are now included in mob types that have stronger souls. There is now a 50% chance for a mob with stronger or weaker soul to adjust the final level of the soulstone. Spam filter updates: Add object custom wear strings to spam wear. Add skirmish and flourish to spam gfighting. Add players hiding to spam extreme. Add earth wall to gcast. Add taps and store power to spam gcast. Add timeouts and fades to spam misc. Add turn to spam extreme. Add "appears to be blinded" messages to spam extreme. Move sanc dropping on mobs from spam extreme to gcast. This is so leaders can see it when mobs are dispeled. (Colonel) From Mutt: All four types of mage elementals have been moved from being ordinary cast spells, to using the 'summon' command similar to necromancer demons. We've also added explicit lower level skills for lesser elemental summoning to help mid level players. More powerful elementals are now dependent on the lesser skills, but if you've already learned how to summon a minion you'll still be able to without the lesser skills. From Valront: Require '-force' to give away a container that isn't empty. (Morpheus) Fixed triple fail string send in remorse. (Mertag) Minor typo clean up in a few places (Thanks Uicli and Shryth) ---- Mar 06, 21 [2858] From Mutt: Added string when clearing all acid off another target with create water. From Draak: Added shortinsult mode, for shortid. If shortinsult is on, shortid will show an object's insult string. Shortinsult is off by default. Crafted crossbows should now have decent hitroll. (Colonel) Cleric unusual curses split out of tribulation spellgroup, forming divine wrath spellgroup. (Dentin) Continual light is now critical, and only costs 1 practice. 20 entries displayed.

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