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---- Feb 15, 20 [2727] From Draak: Adding silver or sky iron-based spikes or studs to leathercrafted weapons should now add the special properties of those metals. (Onunku) Leathercrafted weapons now have a broader range of weights. Total global fame now shows up in some places, such as 'show fame'. New channel moderator command: moderate channelwarn, for when you need to tell an entire channel to stop acting like twinks. Credit buy famehint, for helping find those last few fame mobs you're having trouble hunting down. (A bunch of people) The undead scourge, devil ill and angel ravage unguents can now be applied to weapons or ammunition of equal or lesser level. This gives the item a short-term bane specp against undead, demons and angels, respectively. ---- Feb 10, 20 [2725] From Draak: Recast no longer functions for magical imprisoned characters. (Theo) Changes to warrior combos: Shield slam and knife throwing will not be put in the same combo. Bloodletting stab and shadow strike will no longer be put in the same combo as groundstrike. (Aaken) ---- Feb 01, 20 [2723] From Draak: Participating in special weekly events such as humpday and fishing derbies can grant limited unique boons. Obscure skill 'forge nihonto' raised from level 33 to level 35. Keep-flagged objects can no longer be thrown. (Barons) Tweaks to social reactions from mobs, including fixing false positives and setting a slight delay on their reactions. ---- Jan 26, 20 [2721] From Draak: Belt buckles should properly add capacity to worn containters. You can powder ores up to 20 pounds instead of 10. Reagent lore is now a classless skill with bottling as a prerequisite. Supply crates now cost 50 credits, down from 100, and should yield better results. Fixed bug with inlay rune that allowed inlaying runes on magic, shadow and other inappropriate compositions. Mob socials reactions going online. Animals will react to certain socials that are hostile or annoying. Intelligent humanoids will briefly remember people who annoy them but also respond to friendly gestures. Socials will NOT trigger mob aggressiveness, but they may not want to talk or socialize with you for a short time. You can see if a mob is annoyed with you by looking at them. FYI Draak is setting flags on all socials so they will trigger appropriate behavior. This will also include setting off touch dprocs, so careful caressing and licking stuff. Inlaying metal has been folded into jewelrysmithing. The non-classed level 17 skill 'inlay metal' is now the level 24 druid skill 'inlay rune', which allows runes to be added to metal objects at forges for a small fee. ---- Jan 11, 20 [2719] From Draak: Additional granularity added to appraising weapon. (Onunku) Nomelee will be toggled off when restarting from now on. (Mavrik) Some brewing colors have been changed to prevent grammar issues such as: 'Your brew turns to a orange liquid, and is complete'. (Dizzy) Improvements to fish tournament data tracking. The effects of being feinted will now last a little longer. Flourish should do somewhat more damage when an enemy is not heavily demoralized. Various steal skills restricted on newbie islands for high levels. Added a lower level limit to areas from which object fetch quests draw from, to prevent newbie starter equipment from showing up on Sloe quest givers. (Avilyn) Certain shopkeepers will be given the ability to improve weapons and ammo with the 'buy service <object> damage' command. Purchasing this will add damroll (or sometimes hitroll) for a modest fee. This cannot push weapons over composite and can only be used a limited number of times per object. ---- Jan 02, 20 [2717] We've added real-life object timers to deal with server lag due to item hoarding. Right now there's about a dozen items on the 'extreme hoarding' list, and when those are logged in they'll get a six month timer in which they must be used. When the timer expires, the item becomes nosave. It'll take a few months for this to work its way through the system and clean things up, but it's better than just deleting everything up front. We'll be hitting other objects over time as we notice problems, but this should take care of the worst of it. From Draak: Fixed weird dazing bug in color spray. (Sirand) Shored up tailoring parser. You can now catch bigger fish in rivers. Inoxium is now faster than sky iron, paralleling starmetal, which is slower. The 'forge list metal' command now shows relative speeds of metals. The keyword 'smetal' added to forged ingots. Fixed some logical inconsistencies with certain crafted weapons and guards. Use unified targeting routines for most thief and warrior skills for more consistent behavior. (Onunku) Feint no longer works on creatures that can't see you or are mortally wounded. (Lokar) Sea encounters should no longer happen in ports. The bribe skill is now obscure. Added more diversity to the compositions of corpses from different types of mobs. Corpse eaters will be more discerning and only eat fleshly objects. (Morpheus) Creatures of the ICE type are no longer immune to the necromancer spells Tarrant's spectral hand and spectral claw. They take half damage instead. This should help low and mid-level necromancers be more effective against ice mobs. (Morpheus) ---- Dec 14, 19 [2714] From Draak: Sifted through the brew code to isolate a probable bug that was causing lightning flash to be brewable. (Onunku) Amounts needed for gather food jobs lowered, and a cap placed on ammo jobs. If you know demon lore and corpsecutter, the bodies of demons and angels can yield unique spell components. Bane specps should now be effective on equipment worn on hands, feet and as shields with appropriate attacks. Demon lore has been moved to level 13 and made critical. Demonic tutor is now dependent on demon lore. These two changes resolve our final exigency conflict, where an important or critical spell was dependent upon a skill of lesser exigency. It also makes demonic tutor far more accessible for necromancers that don't wish to focus heavily on demonology. ---- Dec 07, 19 [2712] From Draak: Tweaks to fishing derbies, including a cooldown for winners to give others a chance to win. Fixed issue with giving food to called druidic animals. Brag/Show object will now show spell/skills on consumables such potions, scrolls, spell books, staffs and wands. ---- Dec 01, 19 [2710] From Draak: Fixed bug with metallurgy armor and woodcrafted tower shields not beingi given ac properly. (Onunku) Tweaked stat distribution when adding spikes and studs to armor. You can now designate an amount you want to split metal ingots into via 'forge divide <metal> [weight]'. (Shryth) The forged mastercraft achievement has been changed so that all crafting skills that can produce mastecrafts are eligible. It also is on a slight delay now to reduce spam. Added 'credit buy metalcrate' and 'credit buy brewcrate', for buying metal supply crates and brewing supply crates, respectively. A metal supply crate contains a modest amount of metal bars and ingots for forging, while a brewing supply crate contains a batch of spellcomps and/or herbs appropriate for your level. Each crate costs 100 credits, but there is also a low chance for them to be daily gifts. ---- Nov 24, 19 [2708] From Shadowfax: Using the 'jobs find' category parameter will reveal the exactly job type the jobgiver offers, namely, 'jobs find retrieval', 'jobs find hunter', 'jobs find delivery' and 'jobs find gatherer'. (Runner) Some job titles have been updated to be more specific. From Draak: A fishing derby will attempt to crown a runner-up if the winner leaves the game (thus forfeiting the derby). Resolved conflict with shellcraft that was preventing dragonscale armor from working. If you know shellcraft, you can craft certain antlers, horns, ivory and tusks into weapon grips. You can now label consumable items such as ammo, potions and scrolls without using a profession point. Added more keywords to craft label. Fished a bug out of fishing that inverted the relationship between reeling in fish and nibbler interest. To compensate, fishing is now slightly faster. ---- Nov 17, 19 [2707] From Shadowfax: Prevent 'lethal when undressed' achievements in pk arenas. Fix job info when trying to display a job that you don't currently have. More job efficiency updates to speed up job construction and reduce lag. From Draak: Fishing while untrained made more effective, but not that much. New heraldry types: patridge, hen, calling bird, milkmaid, lady, lord, piper, drummer New leathercrafted item: armbands Checking an ore will give an approximate yield, and also let you know if there is not enough to smelt. New brew only spells: harden leather and seal leather. Shellcraft split off from leathercraft skill. Harvested shells will have heavier AC than the current version, and different saving throws than dragonscale armor. Fishing derby testing code is in place for some dry runs. Draak will announce when they are ahead of time. Expect automatic fishing derbies on Fridays in the near future. ---- Nov 12, 19 [2706] Try to fix up lag issues caused by jobs. From Shadowfax: Cut back the chance of receiving an almoner job. Note that almoner is the default priest job. If you're randomly selected for another kind of job that you don't qualify for, you'll likely be assigned an almoner job. ---- Nov 03, 19 [2703] Account-to-account ignore should now work, if you have an account. All characters in an account use the same per-account ignore lists. You can still ignore people who aren't in accounts, and if you don't have an account yet, you can still ignore entire accounts. Also, the default is account ignore whenever possible. From Shadowfax: Make bonus classes future-compatible with skills. Fix rare bug that was allowing atheist players to accept priest jobs. Quartermaster jobs will no longer accept ammunition with short timers. Fix bug that forced quartermaster jobgivers to only accept arrows, even if designed for a different kind of ammunition. From Draak: Changes to clan dues displays to increase accuracy. Bonus levels exp cost should show up where it belongs. Foraging jobs should now accept more types of foraged food, including seasonal pumpkins and squash. Fixed bug with adding grips to woodcrafted items. ---- Oct 27, 19 [2702] Autorecast will now work in recall again, unless the player goes idle. The idle time is fairly short, and can be tweaked later if needed. Ignore changes: Timered ignore and ignore allow has been removed. All ignores are now account ignores, if the target account exists. ---- Oct 26, 19 [2699] From Draak: Add flags, quality and other information to brag/show object. It should no longer be possible to group rejoin a group leader if that leader is in their storage locker. Add 'kxwt_mastercraft' tag for crafted items. Luam is now a channel cast rune, making elemental spells poisonous for demons and vampires, but doing reduced damage to angels. You can now add grips to leathercrafted whips. You can now use metallurgy to load forged simple weapons such as crafted axes, spears and maces. You can now forge armor scales, which can be added to leathercrafted armor to increase its ac and add effects. The cost of casting excess metal from metallurgy projects should now be the same as splitting the initial ingot. Also shored the up accuracy of the cost calculator. Added 'craft desc' option, to spend a profession point to write a custom long description for a crafted object. Like craft restring, you can only use this on objects that you know how to craft yourself. From Shadowfax: Remove maxload/reboot only header info from mortal identify display. (Shermanator) Job changes: No longer save missionary jobs, since the tracts generated by such jobs do not save either. You can be assigned minister jobs if you actually know the bless spell, not just if you're high enough level cleric to know it. Fishmongers will now accept foraged seafood as part of a job, and thus the fishing skill is no longer required to complete such jobs. The 'where jobs' command will only show jobgivers offering custom jobs that you have not yet completed. (Mertag) Add three new retrieval jobs: apothecary, wandmaker and clothier. Add two new gather jobs: forager and quartermaster. Add one new priest job: anointer. ---- Oct 20, 19 [2697] Spell recasting is now suspended when you're at a waypoint. When you leave the waypoint, recasting will automatically restart. From Shadowfax: 'Where priests' will show all non-pantheist priests if you do not worship a god, or it will show only your priests and pantheist priests if you do worship a god. No longer display a priest's patron god using consider. It wasn't correctly identifying pantheist priests, you don't lose favor from killing priests anymore, and consider is spammy enough anyway. From Draak: Fixed bitrot bug with lapidary club speed and high total levels, also smoothed out some other hit/dam issues with lapidary clubs and marbles. ---- Oct 19, 19 [2695] The 'ignore' command now allows you to set different ignore/allow flags for do-not-disturb mode. This means your default DnD settings can be to allow your friends or clan members, without needing to manually toggle it every time. ---- Oct 12, 19 [2692] From Draak: You can now show and brag objects, for when you bag some sweet loot or craft a mastercraft object and want to show it off. (Aegis) Metallurgy check will now identify useable sources of carbon for steel-making. You can now designate a level for bonecrafting, lapidary, metallurgy and woodcrafting. If you have a crafting skill at perfect, you cannot craft objects of less than expertly crafted quality. Lapidary now makes equipment based on total levels instead of character primary levels. Using forge check on an ore now gives its purity. Using forge check on your inventory will list the metal, and purity / difficulty for ores or metals, respectively. (Castmaster) ---- Sep 29, 19 [2690] From Draak: Jobs should no longer choose encounter mobs as targets. If any job givers step out of line, let Draak know so he can... discipline them. (Morpheus) Hone weapon is now dependent on metallurgy instead of forge simple weapon. Customize weapon requires forge simple weapon in addition to hone weapon. You can add grips to woodcrafted bows and longbows. (Leoric) Adding rims to woodcrafted shields should now properly add ac when possible. (Ragtime) Help pages will now give relative speeds for skills and spells. This is somewhat experimental, and there may be a few inaccuracies. You can now designate a level when leathercrafting. This is a test - bonecraft, lapidary, metallurgy and woodcraft will follow after we work out the kinks, if any. ---- Sep 21, 19 [2688] From Draak: There are now over 50 different random sea encounters! Encounter rates have been boosted slightly and cooldowns lowered a bit. Two new wood types for the mainland of Atmir: bilinga, ovangkol Fixed issue with leathercraft check and sheets of dragonscale. (Colonel) Misc crafting tweaks. You can not give way containers with KEEP flagged objects in them. 20 entries displayed.

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