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---- Oct 24, 20 [2801] From Draak: Added keyword arguments to lapidary, leathercraft, tailoring and woodcraft lists. Added keyword 'wchain' to forged chains because *somebody* is too lazy to type out 'weaponchain'. (Shryth) Added royal blue to the crafting color tables. (Dizzy) Added calories to server-side shortid. EXPERIMENTAL - food now gives out less hp and movement, but triggers a brief regen event, which includes mana as well. Food must be eaten outside of combat to trigger the regen event, and are strongest when not standing. Taste side effects have been somewhat strengthened and have a short duration, so that eating food in combat is still useful. The hope here is to make food a viable option for speeding regen outside of combat, in contrast with potions and scrolls, which are more useful in battle. ---- Oct 18, 20 [2800] From Brak: New affinity search switch to return spellcomps which have an affinity for a single spell. ---- Oct 17, 20 [2797] From Draak: Attempt to address msp auction dings not shutting off when auction is snoozed. (Theman) Distraction is now slightly more effective. New hatmaking item: a facemask Added keyword for forged chains: 'weaponchain' (Demael) Various crafting tweaks, including slightly lowering the price of essence enchant and boosting dierolls of weapons made by players with high skill levels. Added 'keywords' argument for forge list, to display keywords that can be used to select desired items. For example, 'forge list jewelry keywords' will show a list of jewelry with the keywords for each piece instead of the required weight, wear location, etc. ---- Oct 04, 20 [2794] From Draak: Spacing cleanups to shortid, also added ranged weapon ammo type. Wickercraft is now level 21, and carve fetish is now level 26. New wickercraft item: poppet (must know wicker effigy) Smoothed over a little kerfluffle with adding fullers to forged bladed weapons. (Adara) From Brak: Allow the wearing and unwearing of selected locations from an eqset for example 'eqset wear <set> finger1 wrist2'. Add a total weight summary footer when using the weight search switch. From Shadowfax: When considering a second spell for a scribe jobs, jobgivers should no longer assign spell combinations that are impossible to scribe due to mana limitations. ---- Sep 27, 20 [2793] From Draak: New forged jewelry: chain link belt, medallion belt (Taurus) Fixed bug with rose quartz/milky quartz mining table entries. From Brak: New rune and carved search switch, the former allows for the searching of a named rune while the later returns all rune carved items. Modify timer search switch to place item condition ahead of fixed date/time timer to account for items such as pods which timeout before their expiration date is reached. ---- Sep 20, 20 [2791] From Shadowfax: Players can no longer enter unopened areas. From Draak: Pre-lag for flourish lowered slightly so it is more effective at triggering combos. Assorted minor tweaks to forged equipment. Mire terrain will now yield more minerals, since they are usually pretty shallow. Attempt to fix knockdown bug with druid air spells. You can no longer waste profession points improving the quality of crafted upgrades such as gems, arrowheads, hilts, studs, spikes, etc. (Fumo) New seasonal Thirsty Thursday task. New brewing group affinity: torment. This includes mostly unusual curses, like faerie fire, noxious cloud, censure demon, jinx, etc. Added frostflower to the ice brewing group. From Brak: New ac-apply and timer search switch. The weight switch now allows for filtering of weights above or below a specific value. ---- Sep 07, 20 [2790] From Draak: Weekday event boons are now shorter so they are more likely to wear off over the course of a week. (Dizzy) Arena zones should now be excluded from cartographer guild jobs. The soul of the sea boon should no longer prevent you from getting the Catch of Day, except during derbies. (Cheetah) Jackpots should now clear out of the news on the daily reset. Added another Thirsty Thursday challenge... Your Thirsty Thursday challenge will now show with the event command. Thirsty Thursday events will now patiently wait until you are no longer in battle before completing, in cases where you may have done something crazy like throw milk at a guard. ---- Aug 30, 20 [2788] From Brak: Adding an '@' symbol in front of a social will let you use the social, even if it conflicts with a command name. Add 'friend noquest' to toggle seeing quest notifications. Friend spam filters settings, such as nopost and noquest, now save across accounts. From Draak: Improvements and fixes for Thirsty Thursday, including stronger hints on 'show drunk'. Hiding starcatchers and mooncatchers now require the associated skill. Noput and keep flags should no longer autoupdate on login. You can add labels to containers that are not crafted, using the 'craft label' command. This does not cost a profession point. New brewonly spell 'endure elements'. This alchemical treatment will attempt to add a small amount of elemental proctection to objects in the form of firesave, coldsave or zapsave. ---- Aug 22, 20 [2786] From Shadowfax: Forbid filling up liquid containers with an incomplete unguent inside from other liquid containers. (Fumo/Sito) Reduce the number of scrolls that need to be scribed in order to reach higher ranks in the Scribes Guild. Allow 'brew potion search' to search for two spells at a time, instead of just one. From Draak: Cleanup and typo corrections for fullers and Thirsty Thursday. The command 'rescue minions' will now exclude entangling roots and earthwalls by default. Fixed bug that allowed weapons to be assembled with parts affected by weight altering spells such as crystal coat. This potentially dangerousi bug could have resulted in forged weapons being destroyed under certain circumstances. (Laeg) ---- Aug 16, 20 [2785] From Draak: Druid spells create food and poison mushroom are now obscure. Made Humpday consistent across the code i.e. Humpday as opposed to Hump Day. The Thirsty Thursday milk challenge should now be less discriminating on what it considers a "guard". New Thirsty Thursday challenge added to the mix. You can now woodcraft bundles of sticks into batches of darts, arrows and bolts. GOOD and EVIL flags from extraplanar woods should now be preserved when halving or quartering wood. New reduce antidote parsing: reduce antidote [brewed antidote] Purge blood added to brewing blood affinity. Purge blood can no longer be brewed, but can now be scribed instead. (Morpheus) If you know forge blade, you can add fullers to completed forged bladed weapons with 'forge enhance fuller <weapon>'. This mildly enhances the speed and damage. Like loading simple weapons, this is useful in cases where further enchantments and enhancements are not available or desired. ---- Aug 01, 20 [2782] From Brak: Exclude books from unopened areas from the public library. (Morpheus) From Xera: Add Mush-Z help pages about plugins and obsolete features. From Draak: Added 'set noput', for setting a NOPUT flags to objects. The NOPUT flag prevents objects from included in 'put all <container>'. The Thirsty Thursday milk challenge should now be more generous on when it triggers. Bottoms up! New woodcrafted item: canoe (Morpheus) The 'knock' spell is now scribeable. The daily reset of the Catch of the Day should no longer trigger in the middle of a fishing derby, to prevent rare circumstances where a person can loose their lead in a derby that happens at just the wrong time. New forged weapons, with the following base blades: voulge blade: doloire (handle), bardiche (haft) rondel blade: plancon (handle), goedendag (haft), ahlspiess (pole) shortsword: atgeir (handle), hoggspjot (haft) longsword: polesword (pole) - FYI staffswords now use hafts ---- Jul 25, 20 [2779] Add 'name -gen' to generate a few random names. Fix clan dues breakdown help page. From Shadowfax: Fix typo in angel petition. (Druidia) Alchemist and assassin jobs will pay more when asking for two spells instead of just one. Added Scribes Guild! Scribe scrolls in order to advance in rank. Joining the guild will give access to well-paying scribe jobs. Please allow time for world builders to set up guildmasters. (Unfortunately, previously scribed scrolls will not count toward advancement, sorry.) ---- Jul 19, 20 [2778] From Draak: Added a bit more randomness to fish types and weights. Changed the stats for some lapidary materials to reduce redundancy. New wood type: madrone Beefed up checks for adding/assembling crafted objects to try to catch more extreme cases and hard failures, such as high hit/dam/attacks and mana regen. This should scale with object level. From Xera: A stack of help page additions for Mush-Z, to help explain some of the features and controls. ---- Jul 12, 20 [2777] From Brak: Stop shortid from sending a line break when identifying objects on the ground. Add casting of ground spell to cast spam filter. From Draak: Added channel cast function for rune 'Fell', 'poison'. Some gathered woods are now somewhat rarer than others. Dragonbreath defense strings added to spam extreme. (Granola) Thristy Thursday challenges that require recalls will no longer work on hallowed ground recalls. Added listings for ocomp and otype to mortal oset command. Added msp sounds for landslide spell. The metal used for crossbow hardware now has an effect on the finished weapon's speed. ---- Jul 04, 20 [2775] From Brak: Add 'news headline' command. Automatically display the latest headline news on login. Add more skirmish strings to gfighting spam filter. ---- Jun 27, 20 [2773] From Draak: Fixed bug with flesh beast. It should now work with the corpses of fish-type mobs now, too! You can no longer use berm in cities, or use berm or icewall across the entrances to instances. Added a few called animals to mire terrain. Fixed bug with inlay runes and new -force tag code. New weekly event for Thirsty Thursday should be coming on-line after the Summer Solstice event. You cannot craft if you are too drunk. New druid level 34 druid spell 'landslide'. Blow up earth walls and shambling mounds to damage groups of enemies! Fear effects now cut into your morale. High morale will help you resist fear, but at the cost of your morale. Valor and other fear-resisting effects come into play first. ---- Jun 20, 20 [2770] From Draak: Tweaks to shortid format, to make it a bit prettier. Refinements to objects that show up for seeker jobs, including spellcomps that have affinities corresponding to god attributes. (Morpheus) Tweaks to adding stats to crafted items, including fixing zero weight bugs on some forged items. Forged torcs and cuff bracelets now weight 2 pounds, but can now be inlaid. FYI this will not work with old ones, as the increased weight is the determining factor. Added -force flag checks for adding to crafted items with moderate or little/no room left for improvement, added objects that are much higher quality than the base item, to adding lapidary materials to ladidary items and few other cases. This will probably take a little feedback and calibration to get just right. (Vikk) ---- Jun 14, 20 [2768] From Draak: Improvements to showing spells and bound status on shortid. Improved unguent help page and slightly boosted level for favored spellcomps. (Vikk) Fixed bug with multiple forged copies working on a couple of things it shouldn't have. You can no longer blood sacrifice, butcher or skin corpses that have been recently killed by others, similar to restrictions on harvesting from corpses. (Dizzy) ---- Jun 07, 20 [2764] From Brak: Give 'set shortid' the ability to accept on, off and -silent options. This is to make it easier for Mush-Z to sync it's settings with the server. From Draak: More tweaks to crafting to increase the odds of getting stats, even if its just a few hp, mana or movement. Spiced up a few warrior skills with fatality strings. From Shadowfax: Guild jobs are now available!!! Please be patient while world builders set up jobgivers. Seeker jobs should now only return level appropriate items. Also, seeker jobs from pantheist priests will now reference the player's god instead of Dentin. ---- Jun 01, 20 [2763] From Draak: Fixed a bug in compare with objects that have identical effects, also shored up some shoddy logic with item affects. Compare should now be far less prone to errorneous stat comparisons. 20 entries displayed.

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