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---- Dec 09, 17 [2423] Reduce minion hp/mana/move at low levels to improve low level class balance. Add a 'crafted' tag to the 'eq' command. Spammer ignore now resets to enabled on login. Taunt/intimidate/roar/enrage are now easier on drunk targets. Fix some bugs in enrage. Peace should now stop mob assist. From Draak: Attempts to daze and stun are now a bit more aggressive. Add ranger and illusionist to the 'check' command. Added a little bit of stun to a few spells. Necromancer vampire's lifestealing attack is now more potent when used against living creatures. New gathered wood type "beefwood" (yes this is real, look it up.) New gemstone "euclase" added to the mining and lapidary tables. Color added to the various crafting "list" commands. Changes to gemcutting and heraldry - you can only cut gemstones with skill. These can now be modified with heraldry, to make items such as 'a sparkling ruby griffin' or 'a green lace agate cabochon hexagram'. These can be added to crafted necklaces, rings and head pieces. Heraldry can no longer be added to necklaces or bracelets. Improvements to heraldry list commands. Added a "smell" command, to smell objects and rooms. Like taste, this is a long-term project and it will take a while before everything smells like it should. From Morpheus: Winterberries added as a seasonal forage item. ---- Dec 06, 17 [2422] From Draak: Thief skill 'peek' is now obscure. You can now add studs and spikes to leathercrafted whips. You can now add gem pendants to leathercrafted collars, in case you can't find what you're looking for at Hot Topic. New lapidary gemstone item - teardrop. Tweaks to lapidary check output. Changes to jewelry and inlaying - you can set gemstones into inlaid jewelry, but you cannot inlay metal onto jewelry with a gemstone set into it. Inlaid metal jewelry inventory strings are now more compact. Improvements to heraldry parsing, and several new heraldic symbols added. Clean-up and improvement to metallurgy listing commands. ---- Dec 01, 17 [2421] Make the thief skill 'contortionism' dependent on dodge. New metal 'nickel', new mineable nickel ores and new nickel alloys, white copper and nickel silver. Adjusted a few alloy recipes and metal stats. Add a 'forge divide' command for metallurgy, for splitting metal ingots. Add a 'woodcraft halve' command to saw branches in half. Unlike quartering, this reduces both the length as well as the weight of the resulting boards. Crafted grips and lapidary orbs can now be added to woodcrafted canes, to make some pimp-quality gear. Add sunstone and starstone gem types. Crafted weapons and canes now have somewhat nicer long descriptions. Expect more refinements in the future. Significant boost in crafting skills exp. They will still dent quickly. Fixed a couple of typos in forging send_to_room strings, thanks to Shryth and Mertag. Cost of forging weapons and armor lowered about 30% to account for smelting, alloying, combining and other manufacturing costs. When peace wears off, the target will now be dazed for a short time. Add new level 16 crafting skill 'forge blade'. Add new level 31 crafting skill 'forge kozane'. Add new level 33 crafting skill 'forge nihonto'. ---- Nov 25, 17 [2419] Add a 'spam filter' flag to channels to turn on/off the the banana and screen reader noise filters. Make liveoak and solar flare use more sunlight from suncatchers. Make skill/spell perfect be 100%, instead of 99%. Various mob exp tweaks based on Rhorae's detailed bug report. The damage function for dragonbreath has been dramatically changed. At low and mid levels, it should be slightly less damage and easier for unprepared players to handle. At higher levels, it now scales much more strongly, so that a level 60 mob will now do about three times as much damage, and a level 90 mob closer to 25x as much. From Draak: Cleanup to make the check command a little more user-friendly. Expect more refiniment as time goes by. Deposits of mined gemstones are now smaller than those of ore, stone and other materials. This should make it easier to find stones small enough to carve into gems. New lapidary item : grip New forged item : grip Added a "think" command, so you can think things to yourself. Add a few more heraldry symbols. More fish, and improvements to fish types and descriptions. Allow better at iron claw. You can now inlay metal on woodcrafted weapons. You can no longer cast entangling roots on yourself to prevent getting trapped by an unreleasable minion. You should now be able to make metal constructs from any type of metal, excluding mercury. I apologize for the oversight. Cleaned up a few minor incosistencies with inlaying. New level 13 crafting skill 'forge simple weapon'. Taste/smell improvements. Certain non-gemstones now have colors, even if they are bit more drab than gems. ---- Nov 23, 17 [2418] The deadline for level converting has been set at Jan 01, 2018. Players that need to level convert can no longer train practices. Leveling is now capped at quad 37, 32, 27. This is currently max level. Raise fame per level from 21 to 22. This affects very few people. Disable the microlevel timer for all levels. Add 'level listtime' to dump projected leveling times at various points up to max level. ---- Nov 19, 17 [2415] Don't display email-only quests on any of the global TODO lists. Shorten the duration on valor, but increase its resistance to fear spells and other things that shorten its duration. Raise exp for a bunch of warrior skills. From Draak: WELL MADE quality is now WELL CRAFTED. EXCEPTIONAL quality is now EXPERTLY CRAFTED. Dragonbane advanced poison now halves the damage of dragon breath attacks. Fixed woodcraft/bonecraft dice. Minor cleanup to woodcraft/bonecraft checks. Cleric inflict spells now do slightly more damage. Herbicide advanced poison now makes plants slightly more vulnerable to physical attacks. Consecration will no longer consume mana and favor for unusable items. Add new level 16 crafting skill 'inlay metal'. Add new level 23 crafting skill 'forge armor'. Improved infrastructure for improving the 'check' command. Thanks to Dentin for helping with tagging spells and skills. Expect some changes to how this works in the near future. ---- Nov 18, 17 [2413] Raise friend list limit from 100 to 120. Add 'lag -client' for a reduced spam lag report. Various exp tweaks, primarily at low levels. All characters in the owner's account can now control/stock player shops. Add an 'account multi' command for setting up a list of your publicly visible characters. Also add whois/alts/multi commands to show account multis. This feature was based on Dernan's Altkeeper bot. ---- Nov 14, 17 [2411] From Draak: New lapidary items: marbles and orbs Tweaked lapidary and metallurgy stat handlers to be a bit more generous. Resisting stunning will now take into account high wisdom. New woodcraft/bonecraft item: a pair of dice. ---- Nov 09, 17 [2409] From Draak: Firebrand lowered from level 8 druid to line up better with leathercrafting. If your skinning skill is high, you should now get fewer but larger pieces of hides when skinning corpses. A few more mining and lapidary minerals added. Keep an eye out of hornblende, iolite and a few others. Lapidary items and gems will now have a little blurb in their long describing the stone. It should now be a little easier to make mastercraft items. The amount of stats added to crafted items is a little more random. The foraging skill has been deactivated and folded into plant lore. Plant lore is now level 1 druid. If you didn't have plant lore, the practices have been moved there, otherwise they get refunded. You can now split larger pieces of gathered wood into four roughly identical pieces using the 'woodcraft quarter' command. Do note note that this can accidently destroy pieces of wood, particularly rotten or worm-eaten ones, and that a small portion of the total mass and length is lost each time they are split. ---- Nov 08, 17 [2408] Major changes to the internal data collection for the bot detector. This might false detect in the short term, so we'll be keeping an eye on it. Raise the banana filter size to 9 characters, and don't insert a * when compacting. Players that are level convert releveling are now exempt from fame requirements. Disallow scribing using easily created magic objects such as magic mushrooms and balls of coldfire. Disallow putting more than one copy of any given spell on a scroll. ---- Nov 04, 17 [2405] Fix some wizinvis bugs with friends lists. You will no longer show up as a friend of yourself. Builders and immortals no longer have any friends events other than post. Players that have level converted will no longer be fame locked while releveling. From Draak: Various cleanup to heraldry. Added more minerals to mining and lapidary. A few small fixes to lapidary and forging, mostly typos. New forged liquid containers: flasks New forged upgrade: buckles Character level removed from mastercraft calculations, item difficulty added. It should now be somewhat easier for a low-level characters to make mastercraft items and a bit harder for high levels than before. New leathercraft item: straps - worn on wrists, similar to collars - low ac, best for adding studs or spikes to. Buckles can be added to leathercrafted waist gear for a bit of ac. You can add heraldry to them beforehand. Added another hidden achievement... You can now abbreviate 'protection from evil' a 'pfe' when casting it. Moved a few cleric and crafting skills up or down by a level for a more even distribution. Small help page updates. Changes to how lapidary/gemcutting, leathercraft/dragonscale armor, woodcraft/bowcrafting/fletching and various forging skill calculate success. This should be fairly transparent, unless you don't have a lot of practices invested in a particular skill. ---- Nov 01, 17 [2403] Raise the new friend list maximum from 50 to 100. Add a bunch of minor friends list fixes. ---- Oct 29, 17 [2400] Fix bug with zero-value effects on objects. Wizinvis below worldbuilder level no longer hides gods on channels. Switch the friend system to be account based. Players without accounts can no longer have or be friends. This was a fairly massive internal change with a lot of reworks, so be on the lookout for breakage and information leaks. Also of note is that this version of the friends code is quite a bit more processor expensive than the previous. While this isn't expected to cause problems in the long term, we're encouraging people to clean up friends lists and remove multis by setting the max friend count to 50 for a while. From Draak: Fix combine size bugs. Fix old typo in door lock strings. Lapidary check will now look for gemstone-quality pearls in your inventory. Collars added to leathercrafting. Spikes can be added leathercrafted armor and woodcrafted weapons just like studs. Studs give damroll, while spikes give hitroll. Widened weight range for carveable gemstones and a few other lapidary items. A handful of new planar mining and lapidary objects added. Fixed a string error with shield rims and spalted wood. Mined materials from the same deposit should be the same level, except for ores. Your metallurgy skill percentage is now directly tied to how often you can salvage slag from destroyed items, and how often you can derive secondary metals from select ores. Changes to lapidary and metallurgy exp. Metals and stones with a higher difficulty will give you more experience than ones of lower difficulty. Armor spikes, metal collars and cowbells added to metallurgy basic item list. Changes to some heraldry options to eliminate some of the sillier combinations of wood type or item type and heraldic devices, such as 'a heraldic tower ebony tower shield' and 'a heraldic apple apple round shield'. ---- Oct 24, 17 [2398] One in two microlevels now give a practice, as opposed to one in three. Turn off the level table and fix up level list. From Draak: Fix string bug when adding studs to certain leathercrafted items. Precious metals gold and platinum now require jewelrysmithing to work with. Shield rims must be forged from metals that can be made into armor. Other small changes to metals and alloys related to skills. Some metal effects switched around and adjusted. New alloy "noble mithril" added, made from mithril and platinum. Objects with the same vnum but different composition can no longer be combined. Combining objects will now add together their sizes. Shield rims should now be adding armor to shields properly. Tool steel is now black steel, as it uses manganese like black bronze. Fix typos in metallurgy. Added a couple of crafting achievements. Fix typos in lapidary skills. Forged beaded neckalces and beaded bracelets should now be proper jewelry. You can now add gemstones to lapidary rings. Lapidary check is now more robust. ---- Oct 21, 17 [2397] From Draak: Splitting items will now decrease their size properly. This is most useful for gemcutting. Add keywords 'foraged edible' to all foraged items. Fix October changelog entries falsely reporting to be from 2018. Minor string fixes in lapidary, heraldry, woodcraft and metallurgy. Add chance for secondary effects for lapidary items and gemstones. Crafting skills will now generally create items that are WELL MADE in quality if you have invested the maximum amount of practices. Fix weight bug in alloying metals. Attempt to fix "Effect by 0" bug cropping in crafting skills. Please mudmail Draak if you craft any equipment that has an effect with an amount of 0. Taste added to a bunch of food. Raise jewelrysmithing from level 12 to level 15. It should now be possible to add forged studs to woodcrafted quarterstaffs and walking cane as advertised. Special thanks to Shryth, Lilmike, Wily, Talina and others for forging, sawing and grinding away. Keep on crafting. Misc help page updates. The thief searching skill improves your chances of finding larger pieces of wood when gathering. It also gives a small bonus to gathering herbs and mushrooms. Heraldry string entry changes, should make it more accurate. Metallurgy check will tell you what sort of items a given piece of metal can be made into. Metallurgy fail messages made clearer. Fixed string errors for alloying metals. ---- Oct 17, 17 [2396] From Draak: Fixes to tasting/eating poisoned food. Minor cleanup to lapidary skills. Fixes to metallurgy, mining, and forging. ---- Oct 15, 17 [2394] From Draak: Add a 'burnt' flavor. Various minor fixes to lapidary, and hopefully clubs will work correctly. Add a new level 20 crafting skill, 'gemcutting'. Add a new level 10 crafting skill, 'metallurgy'. Add a new level 12 crafting skill, 'jewelrysmithing' ---- Oct 14, 17 [2392] From Draak: Improve success rate of 'point blank' ranged combat skill. Add infrastructure for food taste. Add default tastes for various foods, foraged things, and some unusual stuff like wood. Don't get splinters in your tongue. Add a new level 12 crafting skill, 'lapidary'. Various leatherworking updates. Various fixes to woodcrafting. Increase demoralization on feint. Add improves and a small amount of exp to necromancer infuse. ---- Oct 10, 17 [2390] Rework the 'mend bones' algorithm to spread healing out more. Take one more incremental step towards sanitizing the mob exp system. This fix improves accuracy in a couple of places, resulting in slightly higher minion experience. From Shadowfax: Base oblate goals on players' total levels instead of primary level. ---- Oct 08, 17 [2387] Make it a bit easier to dispel crystal coat on high level items. Fix the nearby command so it only shows nearby areas in the same planar realm. Infrastructure: add debug code for testing possible future tweaks to the mob exp system. From Shadowfax: Fix send_to_room typo when ammunitions falls out of a weapon. (Lilmike) From Draak: Add 'knocked prone' ground strings. Improvements to knapping, lapidary, metallurgy, mining, woodcrafting, leathercrafting, and mend bones. Increase duration of silhouette spell. Lower level of necromancer bonecraft obscure skill from level 20 to level 17. Better spam filtering on ranged weapons. Minor fix to noleave code and sitting players.

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