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Warning - limiting search to 1000 results. ---- Dec 31, 12 [1631] Fix bug preventing completion of certain warrior attack combinations. Make shadow fiends a bit more dependent on soulstone level. Prevent shadow strike and shadow bind from being used on yourself. Skeletal spider can now fall back to using dragon teeth if necessary. Minions are now properly filtered on scan. Add a hint about the 'area new' command at the bottom of the changelog. Require the -force flag to give a weightless to another character. Split the dragonslayer skill into two skills, one a level 29 defense skill and the other a level 36 attack skill. Change the grenade recipes for shadow bomb and shadow blade bombs. Note that the shadow blade bomb now requires four items instead of three. ---- Dec 27, 12 [1629] Remove bogus strings when starting to set an alias. Fix level calculation bug when creating grenades. Add more bars to userload graph axis. Shut off inventory/wearlist color on light/glow flags. The 'area new' command now takes an optional number argument. Add code to allow both the forum and the wiki to restrict accounts to valid player names and email addresses. ---- Dec 25, 12 [1628] The long awaited level 36 expansion has been enabled! Level 36 Mage Class Updates: - New elemental summoning spells added for each of the fire, lightning, and ice spell groups, at level 32, 34, and 36 respectively. These skills give mages minions of their own, similar to necromancers. - Add obscure cantrip spell 'summon snowman' at level 29. Level 36 Cleric Class Updates: - New curse 'leadfoot' added at level 29. - New curse 'forgetfulness' added at level 14 to counter cleric casters. - Old curse 'feeblemind' is now more effective against mage casters. - New curse 'censure demon' added at level 35. - New spell 'curse ward' added at level 34, for blocking curses. - New spell 'purge blood' added at level 33, for curing of poisons and even clearing of necromancer blood spells. - New spell 'rejuvenate' added at level 36. Level 36 Thief Class Updates: - 'shadow strike' can now be used in normal melee combat. - 'shadow walk' can now be used more places and is more effective. - You can now bottle brewed poisons without knowing the mage bottling skill, if you know poison handling. - New grenade skill 'shadowworks' added at level 33. This skill is used for building shadow bombs and shadow blade grenades. - New grenade skill 'gasbombs' added at level 36. Combined with the increased potency of bane poisons, this gives an effective way to disperse poisons and afflict dangerous creatures from afar. - New low level skill 'bloodletting stab' added at level 5. Level 36 Warrior Class Updates: - Improve the 'tanking' skill, so that it works with multiple targets, similar to minion tanks. - Update the 'blood rage' skill to have a very powerful short term defensive effect and a longer cooldown. It can also only be triggered at 40% of your health or lower. - New level 12 'battle tactics' skill. - New level 23 'advanced tactics' skill. - New level 33 'cross class tactics' skill. These tactics skills allow fighters to discover and use multiple move attack combinations. - New level 36 'dragonslayer' skill. This is a powerful specialty skill intended for use in combat with dragons. Level 36 Necromancer Class Updates: - New low level 'skeletal spider' spell added at level 3. - Greatly improve the deanimate skill. Deanimated minions should now be smaller and lighter, and resistances will be saved. - New minion protection skill 'infuse element' added at level 29. - New 'bone fortress' group protection spell added at level 31. - New 'demonfire' damage spell added at level 36. General Updates: Add new achievements for combat patterns. Display epic/unique/rare/artifact and other flags on player eq lists. Bane poisons are now much more powerful. Grenades now wake sleeping creatures when they explode. ---- Dec 24, 12 [1627] Clear bogus two-ingredient brews from potion lists. Give riposte a longer stance time. Lower 'protector' from level 13 warrior to level 12 warrior. Lower 'fast talking' from level 31 thief to level 30 thief. Make poison food an obscure skill. ---- Dec 19, 12 [1625] Fix typo in reveal curse spell. Improve parsing on 'points value' and 'points buy' commands. Fix typos and order of string sends in mage elemental spells. Fix '1th biggest userload' typo. Level 36 updates: Change up stat tables for mage minions. String changes for demonfire. Allow rejuvenate on fighting characters. Fix resistances not restoring properly on vampire revive. Add early fails for purge blood, restrict to group members. ---- Dec 16, 12 [1624] New pk arena, 'super small', added. Lower level of 'deathly sleep' from level 29 necromancer to level 28. Minor increase to effect of 'hold undead'. ---- Dec 14, 12 [1622] Add a 'more names' button when creating a new character with the dclient. Move obscure spell 'blindness' from mage to cleric. Various minor leaderboard updates. Improve command text for reforge, give proper explanation of what it does. Improve fail strings for practicing. Retreat yells now only go to nearby rooms instead of to the whole area. Fix bug that prevented spell resist from working on cleric curses. Make faerie fire a proper cleric curse. Raise and change the way curse duration is calculated. Prevent reforge on items you don't own. Various changes to feeble mind in preparation for year end code update. Add early check handler for overconfidence. Add control points for mages. Fix bug in gift command reporting of advent gifts. Lower level of 'locate object' from level 14 mage to level 13. Raise level of 'durhams guiding spirit' from level 10 necro to level 11. Lower level of 'harvest teeth' from level 6 necro to level 2. Raise level of 'dread portent' from level 2 necro to level 4. Lower level of 'blood sacrifice' from level 4 necro to level 3. Raise level of 'sickening touch' from level 3 necro to level 4. WARNING - major internal rework to how minions and minion control points are handled. In theory, everything should be exactly the same as before. If you notice any differences, please tell Dentin. ---- Dec 12, 12 [1620] Hook up leaderboards to web interface. Minor reorg of web interface links on main page. Eqsets now unhide you when used. Add item 'reforge' gambling game. You can always summon someone that is in your group, regardless of nosummon flags. There has been a global object update, and a number of objects that used to be player-bind will now load as account-bind in the future. There are no area change entries for this conversion. To figure out which items have been converted, you'll have to run new copies and see how they load. Mage spell reworks: Create new 'mage scrying' spellgroup using the gaze spells. Create new 'mage force fields' spellgroup using the magic missile spells. Raise 'maintaining spells' from level 15 mage to level 16 mage. Raise 'knock' from level 13 to level 15 mage. Make 'knock' dependent on 'magic missile'. Make 'shield' dependent on 'magic missile'. Make 'fly' dependent on 'magic missile'. Make 'tensors floating disc' dependent on 'fly'. Raise 'ice shield' from level 9 to level 10 mage. Lower 'ground' from level 10 to level 9 mage. Lower 'fire shield' from level 10 to level 9 mage. Raise 'waterbreathing' from level 19 to level 20 mage. Raise 'summon' from level 20 to level 21 mage. Raise 'elemental monster lore' from level 21 to level 22 mage. Raise 'bottling' from level 21 to level 22 mage. Raise 'brew focus' from level 24 to level 25 mage. Raise 'undo' from level 22 to level 23 mage. Raise 'invisibility' from level 23 to level 24 mage. Raise 'farsee' from level 23 to level 25 mage. Raise 'melt' from level 25 to level 27 mage. Raise 'spell lore' from level 27 to level 28 mage. Raise 'reagent lore' from level 18 to level 19 mage. Fireball is now dependent on fire shield, not flameblade. Remove grandfathering from 'locate object' spell. Necromancer spell reworks: Remove grandfathering from 'animate dead' spell. Remove grandfathering from 'fear' spell. Split cleric 'curses' spellgroup into four groups: The 'reveal curse' spell now starts the Cursebreaker spellgroup. The 'faerie fire' spell now starts the Unusual Curses spellgroup. The 'clumsiness' spell now starts the Curses of the Body spellgroup. The 'feeble mind' spell now starts the Curses of the Mind spellgroup. Cleric spell reworks: Make 'weaken' dependent on 'clumsiness' instead of 'reveal curse'. Make 'lethargy' dependent on 'weaken' instead of 'clumsiness'. Make 'overconfidence' dependent on feeble mind instead of 'reveal curse'. Minor change to strings for 'prayer for the dying'. Lower 'cause critical wounds' from level 14 to level 13 cleric. Make 'squeaky floors' dependent on 'faerie fire'. Make 'clumsiness' no longer dependent on 'reveal curse'. Make 'famine' dependent on 'weaken' instead of 'reveal curse'. Make 'feeble mind' no longer dependent on 'reveal curse'. Curses are no longer affected by old style magic resistance. Add 'obscure' spells and skills. These are spells and skills that are not commonly used, are dangerous, or are typically not taught at common trainers. These spells and skills can be learned and used, but they will not show up on any of the normal spell/skill lists unless you already know about them. The current obscure spells and skills are: - crystal coat - teleport - blindness - cure blindness - create water - control weather - candle - skinning - fire starting ---- Dec 10, 12 [1619] Add a bunch more leaderboards. ---- Dec 08, 12 [1617] Prevent mobs from showing up on 'who gift'. Reduce odds of name clobber when trying to create new clans. Add a 'leaderboards' command. This will replace exp lost and perhaps some other commands. ---- Dec 06, 12 [1616] Add support for themed credit sales. Add support for partial credit buy on the money market. Improve the information you can get from the 'quest' command, including extra, more detailed information on quests. ---- Dec 05, 12 [1615] You no longer lose favor for killing priest mobs. Hopefully fix up use command so you can use worn items with dprocs. Toggling echo in dclient mode now tells you to use the preferences menu. Allow buying weightless capacity in 20 pound increments. If summon fails, show who is attempting the summon. Credit buy changes: - allow 'bonus' sales instead of only discounts - allow weightless expansion in 100 credit increments - cut price of boat repairs in half, to 1200 credits a year - add maps, boat time, and channel time to sale list - rename 'privatebank' buy command to just 'bank' - add 'credit buy unbind' to unbind items (except for dproc items) Fire starting and skinning disabled in skill table. If you have them, you can still use them, but they're no longer taught or learnable. If you received your advent gift for the day, the 'gift' command will show you what it was. Add a redirect link for web account login, for browsers that don't support JS redirect. ---- Dec 01, 12 [1614] Enable advent calendar gifts for December! You get one per day for the whole month. Show up every day to collect them all. Fix wrong credit value when logging in on the web interface. ---- Nov 30, 12 [1612] Fix old crash bug in web server. Enable web accounts. Secure login at: Fix fuses and grenade shells. Minor undent to brew potion. Improvement to random item load on shopkeepers. Add infrastructure for account binding items. Lower the damage from overusing shadow skills, and lower how far into shadow deficit you can go. ---- Nov 28, 12 [1610] Dread portent now eventually resets if a critically injured mob heals. Limit the kinds of items that can be placed in grenade shells. Minions are now restored when their master gains a level. Players can now reset their characters up to total level 85. Change help pages for shadow skills to show the shadow cost. You can no longer drop gold anywhere other than in rooms. Add bloodmist demon deaths to extreme spam filter. Increase font size in online map generator. Raise maximum number of friends to 300. Minor text/formatting improvements on level display command. Initial work on a daily incentive program. Beta/demo support for web account logins. Brew potion changes: - A minimum of three ingredients are now needed - low chance results will now be lower chance - experience and exp cap raised The 'use' command no longer works with worn equipment, except for weapons, shields, and held items. This means you can no longer 'use' your helmet unless you take it off first. ---- Nov 20, 12 [1607] More web page account work. More dclient and MSP sounds from Draak. ---- Nov 18, 12 [1605] Raise slot machine gambling limit to 10k gold. Fix possible crash bug. Add 'mmarket buy gold <amount> <gpc>' Raise money market credit limit from 1000 to 2000. Add an auction fee of 1% of final selling price. Fix poison weapon of enchanted weapons. More prep work for level 36: change primary level requirements for (class flagged total level eq). High total levels used to all map to level 31 in the flagged classes. The new algorithm can go higher than 31, and some people may be unable to use some pieces of equipment. If the number of complaints is too high, it's possible to adjust the algorithm. ---- Nov 16, 12 [1604] Luck now does something, however it doesn't affect gambling. Friend post when winning 3 of a kind when gambling. Pet flagged mobs can no longer carry inventory (golems, etc.) When liquidating a player shop to pay rent, you'll get at most 75% of the list price of an item (less if the item is worthless.) More spam filter updates: - extreme filter all spellcasting words - extreme filter various healing touch - extreme filter assist sends to tank - extreme filter various group strings for minions - extreme filter minion group follow/leave spam - extreme filter searching - extreme filter various berserk strings - extreme filter blood rage - gcast filter preservation/holy weapon/spirit hammer - misc filter tensors floating disc - only show mortally wounded string once unless player - extreme filter more wake/stand/rest strings ---- Nov 15, 12 [1603] Add an 'eq search' command. Fix bug in chain lightning. Add spell/skill learned percent to spells/skills with args. Fix 'show credits' so it displays properly when you have an account. Add the 'gamble' command and a small gambling game. Gwhere and missing now respect minion spam flags. ---- Nov 14, 12 [1601] Infrastructure toward getting web page logins working. Fix bug preventing repair of boats. Show spell/skill learned percent on spells and skills commands. Improve how group join/summon handle immortals. Add 'group all' to group up everyone following you. Deathmarch changes: - add filters for sunstorm and lightning flash blindness - add 'rushes to aid' assist string to gcast spam filter - add a new 'extreme' spam filter, for large groups - add 'missing' and 'where missing', short for 'gwhere missing' ---- Nov 10, 12 [1599] Minor string changes on 'time' command. Change who list formatting on web pages. Fix infinite lock picking bug on objects. Add an account command to change the account password. Add an account command to change passwords for players in the account. Add 'credit buy wsplit' to split containers. Improve and make pk arena sends more spammy. When assigning lesser trophies for clan pk battles, only pick clans currently without a trophy. Winner trophy remains as usual. Disable autotick markers when you're in a context, for example password changing or writing long descriptions. ---- Nov 04, 12 [1596] Disallow auction bidding by multis. Minor parsing cleanup on 'cloak' command. Instances are now more wary of multis. Prevent 'put all' into portals or fires. If you have a verified account, the credits on all your characters will be pooled into the account, so that all of your characters will have access to your credit total. If you don't have a verified account, there is no change. A new level 32 area, the city of Koralia's Heart, has been opened on the mainland! It can be found west of Vandar and Southport. Allow the use of '.' to find your own minions instead of anything else in the room, similar to the use of ':' to find players and '?' to find objects. For example: look .skeleton - look at my first skeleton minion, ignoring other skeletons look .2.skeleton - look at my second skeleton minion, ignoring other skeletons Normal/other usage would be: look skeleton - look at the first skeleton that's found look :skeleton - look at the player skeleton, ignoring mobs look ?skeleton - look at a skeleton object, ignoring mobs and players See 'help :' for details. ---- Nov 01, 12 [1594] Miscellaneous updates and improvements to object random generation. Bug fixes and reduced timers on newbie gift giving. Keep mobs like pumpkinheads from entering recall sites in future events. Increase number of log entries in player shops. More work on the game web server to support account features. Make 'quest nearby' work better in instances. Add the ability to display only areas in a given part of the game, for example 'areas sloe' and 'areas mainland'. ---- Oct 27, 12 [1592] Fix math bug in show dps calculation. Infrastructure changes for planned year end update. ---- Oct 26, 12 [1590] Various bug fixes to the gift command and newbie helper points. Fix ansi color for dclient channels and popups. Add 'who helper' to display newbie helper points. Restore hp/mana/move when leaving an arena to the same values as when you entered. Major update to player regen: When there is combat in the room, regen is unchanged. When there is no combat in the room, regen for the resting and standing positions is vastly increased. It is possible that this changeset is a bad idea - if so, expect it to be reverted or modified in the next few days. ---- Oct 25, 12 [1586] More socket stack improvements and updates. Raise player shop rent for too few items and improve the warning messages. Reduce false positives in bot detector. Fix http header bug in web server. Add a newbie 'gift' system, where mid and high level players can give new players gifts of gold or experience. Also add 'who gift' to look for available targets. Characters logged off for more than 5 minutes are now automatically restored on login. ---- Oct 23, 12 [1583] Fix dclient prompting after clan channel sends. Smith! Minor changes to random object generation. ---- Oct 21, 12 [1581] Fix bug with missing prompt after channel sends in dclient mode. Newbies that buy practices with credits no longer lose them if they restart. All previously purchased practices are counted, and if you are eligible to restart, the number you've got will show up on your 'credits' screen. If you're above the restart level cutoff, you won't see anything. ---- Oct 20, 12 [1578] Fix dclient channel window. Make retreat scale slightly with warrior level. Make the account email set routine the default. Multiple quest completions for events will spam friends log less now. Fix minor control point issue with wood woads and metal constructs. Possibly bad change: add urls to board rooms, donation rooms, and player shop short descriptions. It may turn out to be too spammy, and the color may be too ugly. You can disable by adding your own url. ---- Oct 19, 12 [1576] You can now 'use' potions on objects (this is the same as pouring them.) Various minor typo fixes and help page updates. Change Durhams Guiding Spirit so it's hopefully more accurate. More SSL updates. Miscellaneous gold offset work. Audio updates from Draak. Major rework of output comm stack to try to fix interleaving issues in dclient and kxwt modes. Expect weirdness and client problems. ---- Oct 18, 12 [1575] Minor email address fix in account verify. (Thanks Athlon.) ---- Oct 14, 12 [1574] Lots of minor typo fixes. Poison cloud and choking cloud can no longer be used to poison weapons. Add more debug code to bot detect to make it easier to filter out and fix false detects. SSL improvements in the socket layer. should now actually work, though it will give huge warnings about untrusted certificates. ---- Oct 13, 12 [1573] Add clan rank restrictions on clan doors, allowing builders to prevent entry from lower rank members. Note that even though it's possible to build a door that restricts elders or founders, it is not yet possible to prevent an elder or founder from entering a room via other means. ---- Oct 11, 12 [1572] Limit account email verification to one every ten minutes. Add account email add and remove. ---- Oct 09, 12 [1570] More work on player accounts. Almost ready for testing. Remove 'set url' message on login. Autostand tripped players when they go out of combat. Improve map command for blind players. There are now two extra map options, 'map old', which displays the old style map from a couple of years ago, and 'map explored' which shows the general exploration map that was recently added. The exploration information has been moved off of the main map command to reduce spam. ---- Oct 06, 12 [1568] Fix weird missing string bug when using items on doors. More soulstone market liquidity fixes. More audio updates from Draak. Even more account stuff. Almost have email verification working. "Mortally wounded" is now limited for mobs with an extreme amount of hitpoints. ---- Oct 04, 12 [1567] Artificially restrict soulstone market size, as the current size algorithm doesn't appear to be working correctly. Improve clan list display on web pages. Start work on player accounts. ---- Oct 02, 12 [1566] Improve casting checks on wall of ice. Reduce lag caused by periodic five minute server updates. Improve email address sanity checker. Revert most of yesterday's broken change to retreat. Retreat when not in combat now takes movement and has lag associated with it. ---- Oct 01, 12 [1564] Minor typo fix in tell idle time warnings. Raise default max group size from 8 to 10 players. Retreat when not fighting now walks the group back the way you came. Clan elders and above can now read and remove anything on a clan board. Add purchase of additional autobrew sets for 500 credits each. Mobs in half exp city zones can now only give a max of a half cap. ---- Sep 27, 12 [1562] Minor typo fix to monster lore/consider. Various minor lag reduction improvements. Crank up gold offset to dump more gold into the game. Positive room regen should no longer trigger fast waking, but negative regen probably still will. Damage of 1 hp or below is ignored. Posting on boards will now sanity check to see if the target exists. Make retreat work better for groups. Minor cleanup for clan oset of weapon wear locations. Add idle notification strings to tell. Fix multiple clan member bug in clan rosters. ---- Sep 17, 12 [1560] Lower rent of level restricted player shops. Add parser alias for 'autosack' to reduce newbie confusion. Creating shadow blades now respects inventory item count limitations. Various typo fixes to player channel code. Fix cooldown and typos on dirt throwing skill. Display fame on finger and player web pages. Changes to server ping timer and ping time calculation. Various minor changes to reduce server lag. ---- Sep 10, 12 [1559] WARNING - change to the way passwords are handled. If you had a very long password (more than about 15 characters), you might not be able to log in properly. This should be rare, but if it does happen, please contact Dentin to get it fixed up. Reduce variation and increase slightly the damage of thief backstab. Add MSP/dclient sounds to grenade building. Add experience to grenade building. Raise damage of various grenades. Minor improvement to soulstone market liquidity calculations. Fix sanity checks on bone armor, bone shield, and bone blade spells. More dclient audio updates from Draak. Prepared corpses can now only be raised by the person who added the first stone. Add advanced poison 'dragonbane' for thieves. Add advanced poison 'insecticide' for thieves. Add advanced poison 'herbicide' for thieves. Add level 3 thief skill 'dirt throwing'. Add level 12 thief skill 'fast waking'. Examine lock changed from level 19 to level 18. Survey changed from level 8 to level 9. Trip changed from 4 practices to 3. Backstab changed from level 7 to level 8. Withdraw changed from level 12 to level 10. Pickpocket changed from level 3 to level 4. Palm changed from level 6 to level 7. Shoplifting changed from level 9 to level 10. Case changed from level 12 to level 13. Trip base damage increased. Peek changed from level 18 to level 19. Listen changed from level 8 to level 9. Hide changed from level 10 to level 11. Flashbombs changed from level 30 to level 31. Lock picking changed from 3 to 6. ---- Sep 06, 12 [1557] Improve roster command to allow display of individual ranks. Add 'roster active', 'roster recent', 'roster oldest'. Spirit hammers no longer need -force to be wielded by low level characters. ---- Sep 02, 12 [1555] Raise default timeout for moderator bans. Raise maximum timeout for avatar commands. Add some basic activity statistics for clan members. Fix bug with clan trophies not working on login. ---- Sep 01, 12 [1553] First pass of changes to clans: - add support for member ranks in clans - rework clanset add and clanset remove - add clanset rank command - add clanset promote command - add clanset demote command Warrior skill updates: stomp and jab damage increased, and whips now have a better chance to disarm opponents than other weapons. Add 'moderator list' command. List switches now work with autocount mode. Fixes and cleanup to socket tail filter. ---- Aug 28, 12 [1552] Try to fix some minion/minion pk bugs. Might have bad side effects. Rotting sphere damage type is now half poison, half spell. Add newbie tips to learn dodge and parry for thieves and warriors. Avatar and moderator updates: - add avatar and moderator channel post - send temporary channel ban notify to affected channel - show moderated channel flag on channel list ---- Aug 24, 12 [1550] More minor gold system tweaks. Minor sound bug fixes. Clip mob backstab damage to give players a bit more chance to survive. Add sprompt command to display your prompt even if it's turned off. Add lecho command to echo arbitrary output for scripts. Require -force for newbies to wield non-weapon items. Sort clan list by activity level, not fame. Mortally wounded mobs can no longer backstab. Avatars can no longer moderate player channels. Moderators have been added to moderate channels. See help pages. Switch noyell, silence, and nosocial over to a new system. Existing flagged characters have been given a reprieve. ---- Aug 21, 12 [1547] Make addition of high level players less of a nuke to group exp. Fix double entry for players in the 'exp lost' list. Initial code support for global channel moderators. Add command alias for 'worth' command. Minor soulstone market tweaks. You can no longer add yourself to your own friends list. Various minor typo fixes. Minor bot detect fix - reduce false positives in groups. Add room-scope sound back into berserk start. Attempt to improve player shop unsold list. Experimental. A bunch of new MSP and dclient sounds from Draak. Restarting a character now has the same (narrow) age range selection as initial character creation. ---- Aug 17, 12 [1546] A new, experimental soulstone market has been added. Use the 'smarket' or 'soulmarket' commands for help and usage. The initial settings are intended to be conservative, just in case it fails in some horrible way. Prices and volume should stabilize after a few days. Necromancers above level 30 now get alternating int and wis boosts to stat caps for each level. Fix minor weirdness when enabling kxwt mode in intro screens. ---- Aug 15, 12 [1544] Add weightless splitting to credit/donations faq. More gold system tweaks. Turn on the donation room cleaner for Gad's Landing. Allow quit command to work when in action state (so if someone gets stuck picking a lock, they can log off to reset it.) Minor bot detect improvements for group bot detect. Trip and backstab now have minimum skill level requirements to use them. Give demon familiars a bit more kick based on soulstone level. Fix minor control point issue with wood woads and metal constructs. Minor tweak and typo fix to kick skill. Improve error message when failing to rent a shop. Open more player shops in Ralnoth. Minor improvements to lock strings on doors/objects without locks. Add 'help search' command. ---- Jul 29, 12 [1543] Display clan bank dues cost properly on dues command. Various minor typo and newbie string fixes. Drop cost of private player banks to 1000 credits. Add used/maximum autobrew recipe count to autobrew list. Add 'unfollow' command. Add 'disband' command. More gold offset and steal gold changes. Don't count on murlocks and dragons anymore. ---- Jul 27, 12 [1540] Clan banks now cost 1 gpt in dues to maintain. See help pages for details. Add a newbie tip to the level command between level 7 and 20. Add 'credit buy privatebank' for banking anywhere at any time. Change up the 'toe stomping' strings on stop for small creatures. Add big newbie level tip when gaining first level in secondary classes. Shadow decoy now has lag, and fails more often when defensive fighting. Minor tweak to make combat points a little easier to get. Rework of blind map code. Hopefully this will be better than the previous version. Autocount will now only work by default on containers in your inventory. To enable autocount mode for other containers, you have to manually give the '-acount' option after the look command. For example, 'look in crypt -ac'. Add the 'autobrew' command. This should help make brewing potions, poisons, and antidotes a lot easier. ---- Jul 26, 12 [1539] More MSP audio updates. Fix lag bugs in pommel strike. Disallow pommel strike and feint when in defensive fighting stance. Allow shadow decoy to work while defensive fighting. Minor string fix to charge. ---- Jul 25, 12 [1537] Increase rate of monitor prompt for blind players when target is injured. Show more time info on spells as they time out. Minor social improvements. New characters now have autocount turned on by default. More sounds from Draak. The mud will now notify the starting clan of who starts clan wars. Improve group death and exp handling when a kill is made in a remote room. Minor newbie parsing improvements to group command. Notify of credits on login. ---- Jul 20, 12 [1535] More gold tweaks. Offset should continue to rise. Minor increase to exp for a bunch of low-exp skills. Show disabled spells like candle as disabled in help pages. Only players actually in clans can join clan wars. Prevent stomp for mobs without legs, or who are flying. Add 'look in container -acount' and 'look in container -ncount' for auto-item-count or non-auto-item-count modes. This does not stack with list switches. I will probably make -ac the default for noobs. Also add 'autocount' option. ---- Jul 19, 12 [1533] Crash bug fix in rally. ---- Jul 17, 12 [1532] The warrior skill 'protector' has been changed from level 14 to level 13. The warrior skill 'retreat' has been changed from level 18 to level 19. The warrior skill 'dragon lore' has been changed from level 17 to level 16. The warrior skill 'charge' has been changed from level 16 to level 17. The warrior skill 'intimidate' has been changed from level 19 to level 20. The warrior skill 'valor' has been changed from level 17 to level 18. The thief skill 'scout' has been changed from level 34 to level 26. The thief skill 'poison weapon' has been changed from level 26 to level 16. The thief skill 'fast talking' is now dependent on case instead of bribe. Updates to weaken brewed choking cloud. Updates to strengthen brewed poison cloud. Add new warrior skill 'rally'. Retreat is now dependent on rally and costs 4 practices. Improve lock picking strings when locks take a long time. Add warning message when killing half exp townsfolk. Add new warrior skill 'pommel strike' at level 14. More sounds from draak. Bash can now be used against ethereals with an elemental shield or about body cloak. Trip now uses a new algorithm for determining target leg count. It probably won't work on nearly as much stuff as it used to. On the plus side, elemental boots will now let you trip ethereal mobs. ---- Jul 15, 12 [1530] More gold offset tweaks, since the previous change didn't work right. Change socket code to do a 'more correct' CR/LF pair. Change clan fame calculation to weight high fame more heavily. Remove poison if your life was saved by prayer for the dying. Initial support for warrior combat patterns and tactics. Add a low level warrior jab/punch skill. Punch/jab can use elemental gauntlets to hit ethereal mobs. Stomp can now use elemental boots to hit ethereal mobs. Kick can now use elemental boots to hit ethereal mobs. Trip can now use elemental boots to hit ethereal mobs. ---- Jul 11, 12 [1527] Fix stray kxwt strings when brewing. Fix timing problem in room temperature graphs. Secondary shop owners can now credit buy rent for the shop. Improve jaws/eloquence filters. Fix minor bug of ending up in wrong instance when leaving shadow asylum. Hallowed ground is no longer affected by room noteleport. Add 'curser' group job. Advanced poisons now at least partially hit saving poison. Typo fix in charge skill. More sounds from Draak. Some items may now show a special damage type on identify. This is for future use with skills and currently does nothing useful. Change the algorithm for displaying monitor prompt when in blind mode. This may be an improvement, but it may also make things worse. The global gold offset is being rescaled. Expect it to be low for a while until the offsets catch up. ---- Jul 06, 12 [1525] Move the fly check for trip before all the other checks. Fix bug preventing some shopkeepers from loading random inventory. Leap attackers are now subject to low probability attacks of opportunity. Fix attack highlighting on leap attack. The charge skill has been added at level 16 warrior. Kill the old 'beavis' tick strings on the haste spell. Prevent players from bringing mobs into arenas. Add kxwt triggers around potion brewing spam. Locks and lockpicking have been changed. The pick intelligence part of locks is now directly related to the level of the lock, so for all high level locks, you'll need high int to pass the int check. This was a conversion of all existing doors and objects, so there may need to be tweaks to adjust this over the next few weeks. Arena events will now pick their arena with extreme prejudice, closing existing arenas if necessary to do the job. ---- Jul 04, 12 [1524] Performance improvements to reduce server CPU load. Make charm a little easier to stick on mobs. Minor tweaks to new character creation strings. Change some of the haste strings. Add new low level warrior skill 'riposte' to weapon handling skill tree. Even more sounds from Draak. Ltype 0 characters can no longer level. If you are type 0, convert your character to type 2 using the 'level convert' command. WARNING - SOCKET STACK CHANGES - WARNING I've been hunting down an obscure bug in the socket stack for about fifteen years now, and I think I've finally got it squashed - however this code is very complicated, and very ugly, and very dangerous. Please let me know if you run into situations where the server stops processing your commands or input, especially if you have to reconnect to clear it. Keep in mind that some types of network lag also do this and try to avoid false reports caused by lag if you can. Note that the control C and 'abort' commands have also been affected. They may not work exactly the same as they used to. ---- Jun 26, 12 [1521] Minor noob message fixes. Add an 'eqwear' command to alias to 'eqset wear'. [Experimental] Add a 'login incentive' for newly created characters. Currently, this amounts to a single practice on a character's second delayed login. The initial practice count is one less to compensate. Shopkeepers that load or buy inventory will now turn it over a bit more often. Add xml support for clans, eg: Change the way player idle time is calculated. ---- Jun 23, 12 [1519] Add 'credit buy resurrect' to allow corpse retrieval in otherwise impossible situations. The cost is currently 100 credits. Add explicit multi marking that doesn't restrict login. Add level 4 warrior 'lunge' skill. Move bash from level 4 to level 7. Disarm raised from level 7 to level 9 warrior. ---- Jun 22, 12 [1516] Cloak of feared mobs will now autorecall like normally feared mobs. Two handed shields can now parry blows like weapons. Fix 'email reply' so it actually works. Various reorg and additions to warrior skill trees: Add 'feint' warrior skill. Move 'stomp' after 'stat' in the parse order. Lower 'disarm' practice cost from 8 to 4 practices. Add the warrior 'bloodquench' skill. Raise 'taunt' to level 6 warrior. ---- Jun 21, 12 [1514] Add level 2 warrior skill 'stomp', and lower practice cost of kick from 4 to 3 practices. Improve monster lore - the base skill is no longer needed for the type specific skills to work. Add new thief skills 'mechanical aptitude' and 'salvage equipment' at level 24 and 28 thief respectively. ---- Jun 19, 12 [1511] Improve spam filtering for burning hands/shocking grasp/etc. Improve spam filtering for bloodmist. Minion spam on arrival from group waypoint is now stopped with spam psneak. Blinded minions regaining vision spam is now stopped with spam misc. Change auction to allow 'bid -f' to use banked gold. Raise grenade damage. Improve the effectiveness of smokebombs. Change slist to display (all spells and skills level 5 and lower) for a given class, if the trainer can teach them and the player has at least one level in that class, in addition to what was previously shown. In short, if a noob with one mage level slists at Stiboli, he'll see the mage spells and skills up to level 5, even if he can't learn all of them yet. ---- Jun 17, 12 [1508] Fix goofy display bug with identify and 'you can't use this yet' warning. Improve credit purchase logging for weightless expansions. Massive internal rework to how carried weight is handled for containers. Please be on the lookout for weight bugs in regular containers, liquid containers, and weightlesses. If everything goes well, there should be no change to players except that some containers will now carry a few pounds more than before. Raise exp caps for mid levels to smooth out the decline in exp cap relative to the number of classes you have to level. The point where the linear exp cap kicks in is now also the microlevel point. Increase lag on the manual 'save' command to discourage people from using it, since the server automatically saves everyone as needed. There are valid reasons to force a save, but they are rare - if you don't know why forcing a save would be important, you shouldn't be doing it. ---- Jun 13, 12 [1506] More minor dclient map updates. Fix crash bug when mobs attempt to instance an area. A handful of minor noob improvements. Change the number of items versus dexterity calculations. Autolook now triggers when you open containers. Add 'mmarket cancel all' to cancel all your open offers at once. Raise base mana regen rate a few percent. High level thieves will now be tripped less. Skill level eq helps. Fix goofy arrow display for multiple attacks slist/slist all. Improve parsing for the 'use' command. Add a bunch of new sounds from Draak. Prevent new money market offers from crossing bid and ask, in the hope that it will protect people who don't know what they're doing from themselves. Remove the 'window' command to make it easier to clean up the socket stack for future client improvements. ---- Jun 07, 12 [1504] A ton of area updates to the island of Archais were made this week. Improve map generation for the dclient mapper. Minion mobs should now be included in group recall. Prevent new character height and weight from being too extreme. Fix up some uncleared fields on new character creation. Add noob failure strings when trying to cast skills. Wood woads and metal constructs now cost 2 control points each. More dclient sounds from Draak. The equation for necromancer minion hp has changed. Minions cast at level 52 (level 35 +17 cast level) will have approximately 6% lower hp, while minions cast at level 35 will have the about the same hp as before. Minions cast below level 35 will have more hp. ---- Jun 03, 12 [1503] Fix an obscure notify bug triggered by quitting while in a trade. Change the 'magical effects' line on identify to 'other effects'. Fix an obscure loophole in new character creation that allowed logging in at the old mud school. ---- Jun 02, 12 [1502] Fix some wierd parsing bugs when sending single line mudmails. Improve the low level 'identify' command. Add some highlighting to object identify. Change the compare command so that it uses the 'identify' command to display the full stats of each item, unless one of the items fails the identify level checks. Change around effect of damage type on blob mob types. Slash/slice now does more damage to blobs, while pound/crush does less. Change game-minutes per tick from 10 to 15. There are now 4 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 6 prior to this boot. This is expected to be the final tick minute change, with mud days taking approximately 45 minutes of real time. This means about 25 minutes of daylight, and 20 minutes of dark night time. ---- Jun 01, 12 [1500] Change the ac-apply line on identify. Minor improvement to identify command targetting. Put a verify send in the save command. Add newbie hints when attempting to sell quest items. Improve strings on scent of death. Add kxwt triggers for minion deaths. Add a 'dangerous' flag for groups. Add a settable group size limit for groups. Add a review command for seeing mob long descs when you have the corpse. Various minor typo fixes and string improvements. Add 'kxwt_myname' on initial kxwt enable. Add 'varset clear -f' to clear all of your currently set variables. Add a 'catch up' mode for people who are grossly behind on fame. When you have spent more fame than you have, you'll be able to level after you run double the amount of fame you normally would need. If you start at 250 but have spent 600, you'll need to increase your fame to 300 in order to level a full 25 fame level. ---- May 28, 12 [1498] DClient version 1.092 has been released! If you're running version 1.090 or lower, please update to the latest version at Remove customization from the character creation screens. You will get a random description at login, which you can change with the 'set desc' command. All characters now start out between 18 and 21 years old. A bunch more sound files from Draak. Various minor improvements to newbie character creation. Add lag to withdraw. Fix channel casting bug with firefield and other area spells. Lowercase the various popup window names in the dclient. Fix dclient 'new character' button not showing up for some players. Remove the ability of clans to set dual-key doors. Bring back the old 'show sklevel', you can still get per class level with 'show slevel'. ---- May 22, 12 [1497] Allow free spirits to use the 'out' and 'climb' commands. Add show/brag sklev. Revert age and haste equipment to the original '3 minutes per tick' rate. ---- May 18, 12 [1495] Fix crash bug in channel casting. Change game-minutes per tick from 6 to 10. There are now 6 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 10 prior to this boot. Note that this value will probably be raised further as the bugs in areas are worked out. One mud day now takes approximately 70 minutes RL. ---- May 10, 12 [1492] Minor fixes to mob color in talk command. Minor changes to new character creation. Add delay state to character quit. ---- May 09, 12 [1490] Allow teleport in clan areas again. More dclient audio hooks and files. Give will now automatically convert money objects to gold. Exp tweaks for steal gold, big reduction for less than 10 gold. Newbie updates to warrior kick skill. Disarm now falls back to secondary targets if no target specified. Charmed minion explosions can now hurt the minion owner. Group show <leader> no longer works on noshow group leaders. Change game-minutes per tick from 5 to 6. There are now 10 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 12 prior to this boot. Note that this value will probably be raised further as the bugs in areas are worked out. ---- May 04, 12 [1489] Fix possible crash bug in system random number generator. ---- May 03, 12 [1486] Fix string send bug when releasing ghouls. Allow mobs to have up to a million hitpoints. Clan rooms can no longer be random or antimagic. ---- May 02, 12 [1483] Raise minimum auction bid increase from 5% to 10%. Various minor improvements to shoplifting. ---- May 01, 12 [1480] The founder of a clan now gets the clan waypoint on clan create. Clan members added to a clan now get the clan waypoint when added. Change roar, taunt, intimidate, and valor so they have hard fails if you don't know the skills. Changes to thief steal/pickpocket/shoplift experience. Should be lower at lower gold amounts. Change the order that newbie tips are displayed. More dclient audio updates. ---- Apr 29, 12 [1478] Add 'autoturn' command. Add more dclient sound hooks. Make astral bridge a quest-unlocked spell. Show quest locked spells and skills in help pages. Fix wierdness in mob talk strings. Fix goofy parsing bugs when adding channel owners/admins. Shorten minimum duration of deathly sleep. Don't have turn undead trigger on unkillable undead minions. Minor cleanup to intro and new char create screens. Fix crash bug in clan building code. Raise automatic trainer limit for spells and skills from 25 to 29. This will allow level 26-29 skills to be learned on default trainers instead of requiring special ones. Change game-minutes per tick from 4 to 5. There are now 12 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 15 prior to this boot. Note that this value will probably be raised further as the bugs in areas are worked out. ---- Apr 25, 12 [1477] More dclient audio improvements and new sounds. The 'turn on' effect of turn undead no longer turns on automatically when you turn a creature. It now has to be manually enabled. The 'turn on' effect is now stronger in groups. ---- Apr 23, 12 [1475] Display class level limits on total level equipment. Fix level display bug when showing item requirements while trading. Improve the 'hp' command to show multiple targets and allow 2. parsing. ---- Apr 21, 12 [1474] Tweaks to necro exp, in particular soulsteal. Remove 'white' keyword from new clear soulstones. Remove 'GAP' lines from mortal rshow (primarily for clan elders.) Improve 'rset find' commands for clan members. Base storage locker price has been reduced to 2000 credits per year. Don't refresh terrain forage/firewood limits when changing terrain types. Add 'friend remove all' to clear your entire friends list. Update player shop decorators string when changing owners. Character age on any restart is now random between 17 and 67 years old. A lot of dclient audio updates. Notank mobs no longer give rescue experience (there is no point) and rescuing from notank mobs will occasionally yield a warning send. Allow clans to create one way links from the clan recall to unholy in Ralnoth using the 'rset exit <direction> 0' command. Change game-minutes per tick from 3 to 4. There are now 15 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 20 prior to this boot. Note that this value will probably be raised further as the bugs in areas are worked out. ---- Apr 06, 12 [1473] Break up 'quest all' list into sections for planes, suboria, etc. Lots and lots of dclient audio updates. Fix various crash bugs. Fix bogus bot detect when channel spamming. Add parser alias for 'mail' command. Add item names to sacrifice strings. Improve ignore command parsing. Fix crash bug in auction queue. ---- Mar 30, 12 [1472] Add more audio hooks to server (audio files not yet in place.) ---- Mar 30, 12 [1470] Attempt to fix extremely old bugs in the auction system. Improve clan commands for attaching doors to rooms using 'rset door'. Fix a bug preventing spammers from mudmailing admins. Allow explicit ignore (ignore by name) in groups. Fix area name bug in clan areas. Add newbie checks to 'turn on' and 'turn off' commands. The 'pray' command with no arguments will attempt to add a waypoint to your list automatically, if it can. If the waypoint is already in your list, it falls back to old behaviour. ---- Mar 27, 12 [1469] Raise hit points of flesh beast. Remove 'system time is wrong' send from 'time' command. Raise maximum auction bid increment from 5x to 8x current price. Infrastructure rework to internals of dclient audio system. ---- Mar 14, 12 [1468] Exp and exp cap changes for low levels (below total 90). Vulnerability is now flagged as a curse. Rework quest difficulties on 'quest all' to be spread out a bit better. Display whether or not you've completed a quest on 'quest all'. ---- Mar 10, 12 [1466] More bot detect updates. ---- Mar 08, 12 [1464] Committing suicide multiple times in a pk arena will now autoboot you from the game. Modify dancing lights to have a slight debuff effect on mobs. ---- Mar 07, 12 [1462] Improvements to bot detect to reduce false positives. Change spell levels of a few mage spells at levels 1-3. Make elemental lore learned by default for mages instead of detect magic. Fix minor finger issue when looking up Void. ---- Mar 05, 12 [1461] Fix wierd restring bug in soulforge. ---- Mar 02, 12 [1459] The natural dieroll of players is now 2d4 instead of 1d8. This also means that unarmed combat dierolls will be 2d instead of 1d, which should allow for a higher end damage range without wrapping at high warrior skill levels. Add automatic pricing adjustments to more multisold items. ---- Mar 01, 12 [1457] Bot detect updates to help reduce false positives. Add <h2> html headers to the web page quest list. More disk I/O lag improvements. Add 'soulforge' spell to merge soulstones. Players using the official dclient should now be able to see their previously played characters before logging in. Remove extra failure rate on soulstones that was introduced in Feb 26 change. Failure rates will now be the same as before, however the level of the soulstone for mobs higher than the casting level will be random between the casting level and the initial soulstone level. Break up the brew potion web page into newbie potions, and high level potions. Newbie potions can be brewed with spell components from the islands or from harvesting. High level potions are everything else. You can now submit brew poison and brew antidote recipes, similar to submitting brew potion recipes. The lists will show up on the web pages. We may hook this into other guilds in the future, similar to the alchemist's guild. ---- Feb 26, 12 [1454] WARNING - soulstone grades have been changed! Two new grades of soulstone have been added at the upper end, with white and black soulstones being higher level than clear. To make space for the two new colors, the level of the other colors have been lowered, and some of the skills now require higher level soulstones than before. It will also be harder to get high level soulstones now. Note that the level and color of existing soulstones is unchanged. Group summon does not automatically add multis to the group to reduce the number of storage character admin warnings. Shopkeepers eat more gold when they buy items to reduce gold stealback. More filesystem improvements to reduce disk I/O lag. Add delayed saving for mudmail read/delete. Add some really basic support for dclient player accounts. Change fail string when attempting to 'take' things from mobs. Allow 'set msp' and 'set kxwt' to work from the main login menu. Restores no longer lower hp/mana/move if you're over your maximum. Finger of god characters no longer uses abbreviations. Prevent sacrifice of mob corpses if another player's loot is in them. Various minor newbie hints and string updates. Make shadow fiends stronger, but more dependent on soulstone level. ---- Feb 23, 12 [1452] Various help page updates. Reorganize major sections of rules pages. Various typo fixes. Various filesystem improvements to reduce lag. Players now only see the pantheon entry when using the finger command on gods. Limit money market graphs to 2000 entries. Use default pagebreaks for intro screens. Help pages for spells and skills now show dependencies. Prevent staff casting stupidity with restoration and clear thinking. Spam filter teeth harvesting with getput filter. Add kxwt event notifications for quest complete and leveling. ---- Feb 13, 12 [1449] Various changes to reduce filesystem lag and server data file sizes. Allow resurrect in antisummon rooms if character is already there. Minor bot detect updates. Prevent skill/spell improve in arenas. Prevent casting tensors inside weightless containers. Locate and find object no longer work on anything in an instance. ---- Feb 12, 12 [1447] Add some new hidden achievements. Add chop damage type to flameblade. Lower cost of cure blindness spell. Void golems and a few other pets now have different pet restrictions. More lag reduction work. ---- Feb 07, 12 [1446] Reduce bot detector slightly for repeat command situations. Unkillable mobs can no longer be fame. Raise very low level mob exp. Prevent mob corpse sacrifice at level 1 if binding eq in corpse. Prevent flesh beast/bone guardian create from prepared corpses. ---- Feb 06, 12 [1444] Raise the global hitpoint multiplier a bit based on feedback from Kroza regarding the previous HP calculations. Add more debug for bot detector to help get rid of bogus cases. Prevent case from starting combat with unkillable mobs. Reorganize strings and sends for quest complete. Please report bugs. Add 'you cant use this' string on object identify. Don't display rarity string on identify unless item has rarity set. Allow player shops to list items for 1 gold. Add debug code to prepare for unlinking steal exp from gold amount. ---- Feb 05, 12 [1441] Money market offers now expire one month sooner than they used to. Check for perfect skill achievement when using points buy. Transparent cleanup of a couple of old style spell handlers. NOTE - HP CALCULATIONS HAVE CHANGED. These changes raise the hp gained for caster classes and give all classes 10 more hitpoints at low levels. High level characters may see more or less total hp. Warrior and thief class characters will see the biggest drops at high levels, while mage and necro classes will see the biggest gains (if any). Expect further tweaking in the future. ---- Feb 03, 12 [1439] Attempt to stop auctions before reboots. Fix lag bug with massive group quest complete. ---- Jan 31, 12 [1437] Massive reorg of bot code and detector. This is probably going to crash at least once, and will likely do the wrong thing in a number of important places. Please report problems so we can get them taken care of. ---- Jan 28, 12 [1434] Farsee is no longer allowed into clan areas. Reorg/sanitize wear all/rem all lag (yes, it's higher now.) Uncontrolled mob say is now cyan to make interactives more obvious. Change the way remove blindness works. ---- Jan 24, 12 [1429] Add help page on password sharing. Add explicit on/off settings for telnet ga. Lots of minor exp tweaks. Affected classes are necro, and thief. Necro is currently a good 20-30% over target. Improve error message when casting an object-only spell with no target. Necro minions are now susceptible to earthquake damage. Improve the newbie 'level -force' warnings for unbalanced characters. ---- Jan 13, 12 [1425] Bidding on an auction item with a multi will now send a warning to the channel and expose the name of the seller. Add some inactivity exceptions to bot detect for afk players. Add repetition thwacking to necro summon exp. Add code for anniversary event. ---- Jan 12, 12 [1423] Add another internal system graph. Allow clan member cwho to work through invis and across planes. Fix bug where microlevels prior to first fame level don't cost fame. Add 'group set nowarn' and 'group set nogcast' options. ---- Jan 07, 12 [1422] Fix up buggy behaviour in ignore for spamflagged characters. Fix bug with clan storage log entries being lost. ---- Jan 06, 12 [1420] Add god warnings for dangerous mobs in recall sites. Add 'example names' when picking the name of a new character. Add a name verify question on new char creation. Kick and bash changed to 21% per practice instead of 10%. Major reorg and rework of dclient buttons and default aliases for new characters. ---- Jan 04, 12 [1417] Change back to the old search fail message for high level players. Improve fail messages on the 'give' command. Fix notify bug in intro screen 'who' listings. When waypoints stop working for players, the recall command will now search for the nearest working waypoint and change over to it. The high end penalty for bots that persistently ignore bot warnings has been increased. Improve 'look up' in certain terrains. ---- Jan 03, 12 [1414] Fix total level bug in 'your levels are too far apart' warning. Improve reliability of kxwt experience triggers. Lower fly spell to level 13 mage. Lower exp for necromancer summon and soulsteal. Rework of various 'who' commands to improve how invisible and ignored characters handled. Prevent stupid offers from being displayed on the default money market list. Make warrior leap more likely to hit through dodge and parry. Raise cost of clan wars to 50 credits. Lower cost of eqsets to 400 credits. Fix parsing bugs for 'look at the item on the ground'. Make int/wis failures for spellcasting a little less harsh. Allow talk command with a message to trigger specps. Found 113 matching entries.

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