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Changelog Entry [2580] for Nov 03, 18 From Draak: Consider now references if the target has heavy, medium or light armor. You can now add forged studs and spikes to leathercrafted sheaths and scabbards. (Devengel) It should now be possible to shadow strike when hidden. Contortionism should now improve with use. Advanced poisons now show a string when they take effect. (Lokar) Spell damage types will now be displayed on help pages. If you see a spell that seems to be missing a damage type, let Draak know. Shoplifting and steal are no longer critical thief skills. Lightning flash and blue dart are no longer critical mage spells. They are now small branches within their respective spelltrees. Various other spells and skills have been bumped up and down by one level, so that (most) levels have only one critical ability. Earth type mobs now take reduced damage from lightning attacks as implied by the mage lightning spellgroup help page. The monster lore skill has been updated to reflect this. Some critical warrior and thief skills have had their practice cost slightly reduced, while some important and helpful thief and warrior skills have had their practice cost slightly raised. From Shadowfax: Infrastructure support for event specific 'bonus classes', spells and skills. These will be gradually worked into future events over time. 1 entries displayed.

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