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Changelog Entry [2592] for Nov 25, 18 Add 'account email primary' to change your primary email address. From Draak: Removed restriction for cooking low weight food on very high weight fires, because it was really just kind of annoying. Cooked foods can no longer be split or merged due to... complications. Just eat it. (Lilmike) Add a few new heraldry and lapidary types. Angelic crusaders should now slaughter mob minions without any issues. Added a 'shadow check' command, for checking if local shadows can be used for various shadow skills. (Lusy) Druid carved weapons will now (usually) gain stats depending on the type of wood they are made from. Changes to ac calculations with crafted armors. Shields in particular should have more ac. Dragonscale armor may lose secondary saves in favor of more armor, and leathercrafted armor will sometimes have movement or hp. Found and corrected a bogus check that was (hopefully) preventing daze from fading from players under certain conditions. If you find your character acting as if it is still dazed after a lengthy amount of time, please let Draak know. 1 entries displayed.

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