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Warning - limiting search to 1000 results. ---- Dec 24, 09 [929] Add 'spellset' command to alias to 'affects set'. Builders can now make chained quests, to help eliminate deed list spam. Northern continent areas will now be broken out and shown on the area list. The group lists are now sorted in reverse order, lowest levels at the top. 'autolook' has been added. ---- Dec 23, 09 [926] The 'where' command for city mobs will now show a general direction. Tell will now only show 'Someone' for wizinvis gods. Support for 'spell sets' added, so you can see missing spells. This only works on the 'affects' command. See 'help spellset' for details. From Locane: Fix display bug in 'brag luck'. ---- Dec 22, 09 [924] You will no longer autolook in corpses if you have autoloot and autosac off. Minor updates to new grouping commands. Safe room fixes to confusion spells. ---- Dec 21, 09 [921] Fix display bug in leveling code. Automatic update notices added for obsolete DClient versions. Add 'set who title' option, clean up option toggles. Group leaders and followers who are idle won't show up on the group list. On a failed autoloot or autosac, you'll do an automatic 'look in corpse' instead. Restrictions on clan names added, to prevent another 'clan kindred' debacle. More grouping utilities added: group join <leader name> - ask a leader to join their group group summon <follower name> - summon and add someone asking to join This should allow groups to form over larger distances without having to get everyone together in a common recall. Note that you can't summon into antisummon rooms, so this won't break places like the ruins. ---- Dec 20, 09 [919] Add command alias 'grwhere' for 'groupwhere'. Make ungroup sends a bit less hateful. Sanitize old and really old style group display. Fix minor group leader display bugs. Minor header display changes for 'who idle' and 'who active'. From Locane: Add 'brag luck', 'brag absorb', and 'brag <wearlocation>'. ---- Dec 18, 09 [916] Monster lore algorithm changed, results will be different now. Minor fix to ltype 2 leveling so bogus negative gains won't be displayed. 'who idle', 'who active', and 'who isort' added/updated. 'who spammers' should work better now. 'who newbie' now displays up to level 29 instead of level 25. Cleanup to 'help group' pages and obsolete 'group :aim' stuff. Removal and rework of most of the 'group aim' flags, as 'group comment' and other facilities do a better job. Massive updates to 'group set'. This command now takes over/replaces 'group aim', and it should provide a more up-to-date set of group lists. The gwhere/groupwhere/where group command has been added, to help keep track of your group members. Massive changes to default 'who' list options. Use the 'set who' command to change your who list configuration. The default display for new chars is new style, short mode, no microlevel. Existing chars may need to update their settings on login. ---- Dec 11, 09 [915] Being 'busy' (posting on boards, writing aliases, etc.) no longer blocks tells and beeps. 'who -idle' command added. From Locane: Improvements to failure strings if you can't wear/use an item. ---- Dec 08, 09 [913] Exp tables adjusted for very low level characters. Non-leading tanks now get a small exp bonus on mob death. Unarmed combat can now improve through use. The maximum starting bid for auctions is now 5 million gold coins. Various minor newbie fixes. Minor DClient map fixes. Newbie characters are now created with the 'autosac' flag enabled. Maximum replay size increased for user-created channels. The 'you stop sneaking' send is now colored and more prominent. Fix bug with timed out liquid container weight on login. Enchant armor now has the chance to generate freak weird effects. Maintain now requires minimum int and wis to maintain a spell. Spammer flagged players can now use auction takedown. Object UUIDs must now be specified with a minimum of four characters instead of the previous minimum of 3 characters. Code added for minimum strength requirements on shields. This is a pretty new feature and may change substantially in coming days. ---- Nov 30, 09 [911] Default help page changes. Added 'section 0', changed 'help' vs. 'help me'. Dclient additions in preparation for 0.983. Yell while berserk now triggers the regular channel thwacker instead of using 1/8 max movement. Automatic pfile cleaner setup to free low level names that haven't been logged in. ---- Nov 28, 09 [909] Lots of unobvious infrastructure changes and updates. Minor bug fixed in channel replay. PPK characters must leave safe rooms in order to be resurrected. Fix extra sends with noleave groups banging against doors. New commands added: auto - show state of various 'auto' settings autoassist - auto re-assist at end of combat (not true autoassist) autogold - automatically loot gold autoloot - automatically loot most items autosac - automatically sac empty corpses Corresponding help pages have also been added. ---- Nov 27, 09 [907] Changes to ignore for SPAMMER flagged characters. The 'ignore spammers' flag now works. Fixes and consistency improvements for levels above 33. Added admin ability to global enable or disable PPK. ---- Nov 24, 09 [905] Minor bot detect updates. Minor updates to web pages. Updates and fixes to 'noleave'. Minor cleanup for object autoupdate on login. Better cleanup of old clan area rooms on clan create. The absolute position of the islands has been changed to make more space in the global/world map. It may take a few days for the island area locations to settle properly. From Locane: Absorb effects can now range to +-2 instead of +-1. ---- Nov 19, 09 [903] Fix crash bug when giving gold to certain types of mobs. From Locane: Minor string updates to trade command. Minor channel parsing improvements for brag. When listing aliases, show them sorted by usage. Allow list commands to find bound objects. Improvements to the way guarding mobs guard exits. Leap now works with any weapon dtype, but is half damage for the previously prevented types. More skill code merging. This may cause temporary wierdness with some skills until we get the bugs worked out. ---- Nov 15, 09 [901] Display weight capacity on containers in more blind-friendly fashion. Minor weather changes. Various minor help page updates. You can no longer invite people to trade if there's an ignore in place. Movement thwacking has been added to dprocs on object use. If you're carrying too many items or too much weight, you can no longer walk at all instead of just having high encumberance. Movement cost on big rooms increased to reflect the much larger distances covered in big rooms. This first increase is small to allow us to gauge the overall impact without totally breaking things. 'who spammer' parsing is now more strict, minimum match is now 'who spam' instead of 'who s'. From Locane: Tweaks and string additions to absorb effects. Minor fix to show/brag level cost. When picking up objects, the notake will prevent pickup before weight or inventory capacity are checked. ---- Nov 10, 09 [899] Fix permission bug with clan doors. Ignore now works on the 'give' command. Movement thwacking added to 'give' to prevent spamming. ---- Nov 08, 09 [895] Rename 'noshout' flag to 'noyell', since noshout doesn't exist anymore. Minor bot detector improvements. Minor cleanup and clearing of multisell flags. Auctions can no longer be taken down after a new bid is submitted. More terrain types disallowed for the haven spell. It is now possible to set channels so that ignore is not honored. This can only be set by high level gods and if used at all, will only be applied to system-related channels. The 'asshole' flag has been converted to 'spammer' instead, as that more closely reflects what the asshole flag has traditionally been used for. Spam flag spreading implemented to handle newbie character spamming. Added 'who spammer'. ---- Nov 07, 09 [893] Fix wierd object loading bug. ---- Nov 05, 09 [891] From Locane: Entangling roots now fouls up the ability to dodge fireballs. Add 'ready' social. Help pages added for 'set room suggest'. ---- Oct 29, 09 [889] Waypoint radius temporarily increased (again.) You can now use 'where \priest' or 'where 1.priest' to find individual priests in an area. Bug in 'show cost' fixed, added 'show cost practice'. ---- Oct 26, 09 [888] Back out total level wierdness associated with previous object change. ---- Oct 25, 09 [886] The 'you have new email' message will now show on socket reconnect. Update the mortal 'nearby' command to better fit new area layout. Global but hopefully minor changes to the way that primary and total level is calculated on objects (for example, the estimated primary level of a total 107 item, or the estimated total level for a primary 23 item.) You may see some minor wierdness in this area for a while. From Locane: Minor 'set room suggest' command updates. Fix minor counting bug when removing equipment. Board look updates - allow 'look board 15' to see last 15 messages. Bind flags now show up when you look in corpses. Various debuff spells (weaken, clumsiness, chill touch) now have maximum upper limits that they can affect you. ---- Oct 23, 09 [883] Search functionality has been added to the changelog command. Usage is 'changes search <keywords>'. Typo fix in microlevel 34 'you must wait two days' send. Change default prompt strings to add color tags. Old 'channel who' behavior reverted - unconnected people can now see who's on a passworded channel. Help pages updated. Most 'who' commands will now penetrate invis and planes for ppk to ppk chars. This doesn't affect non-ppk players. You can no longer bottle potions from infinite springs. Second wind can now be triggered anywhere below 1/5 of your movement. Minor bot detect updates. The nearby command has been switched to use the new area mapping system. It should work but expect wierdness (especially around Ralnoth) for a while. Note that summon and durhams also use the new system, so things might be a little strange there as well. ---- Oct 18, 09 [881] Fix bug in previous size code. Random items will no longer autoupdate. Spell components and other consumables will no longer autoupdate to maximum weight if partially used. From Locane: The cleric monitor skill is now less spammy for blind players. Allow fishing while resting. Change restore so you get the restore string even if you're full. ---- Oct 17, 09 [878] Death exp tables adjusted for low/mid level characters (4-18). Size effects on equipment now affect by only 6 inches instead of 8. Movement cost added to potion throwing. Mobs with more than 35 int+wis will now resist being picked up. Unarmed combat tweaked to be more dependent on strength, and the calculations to set it up will now be more consistent. Improve movement cost calculations for skinning of very large hides. Object trade specps will now reject items bound to other players. Minor dclient map fixes when specps move players to different rooms. Fishing poles now have a reasonable default cost. You can no longer %who channels you can't connect to. Cursed items no longer unwield if your strength drops. Note: this is not a good thing if you want to hit your target. The list of exp areas will now rotate through zones more often. Waypointing between the islands has been modified to give new players incentive to be in the right areas for their level: - always allow waypointing to sloe up to level 15 - always allow waypointing to kordan between level 10 and 25 - always allow waypointing to archais between level 15 and 29 - always allow waypointing to mainland at/above level 30 From Locane: Added a 'set room suggest' command to allow player submission of room descriptions. The long description setter will now automatically remove one trailing blank line, if one is present. Minor string cleanup for cursed objects. ---- Oct 11, 09 [876] Minor login and intro screen changes. ---- Oct 07, 09 [874] Changes to the ASCII/dclient login screens. Various dclient updates and additions. ---- Oct 06, 09 [871] Minor help page updates - formatting, autounhide. Fix minor bugs in crystal shield/chimes spells. We've been doing some work on teachers for spells and skills above level 25. Some of the old teachers may no longer work. You'll automatically be restored to full health when leveling. When rerolling stats as a caster, if your int or wis are too low, you'll get a warning to that effect. From Locane: Allow object listing of cursed and random objects. Minor cleanup and fixes to drunk code. Some curse strings marked as spam so they'll be properly gagged. Intimidate and roar now take slight bonuses from berserk. Leap attack can no longer be performed with certain damage types, such as whip, flail, snatch, and splat. Remove/reveal curse levels and costs changed to something more sane. Detect evil lowered to level 7. An 'unknown' string has been added for water breathing, if you happen to get it cast on yourself but don't know the spell. Lots of fixes to curses, including practice costs. Minor improvements to the way +hide eq affects the skill. ---- Sep 29, 09 [868] Minor improvement to sorting order of spells on 'show spells'. From Locane: More auto-stand code for walking. Fix minor famine bug. Brag/show cost added. Cursed objects now work! They are not removable unless you cast remove curse on them. Remove curse and reveal curse now work. ---- Sep 28, 09 [867] Minor bugfix to idle time calculations for players. ---- Sep 27, 09 [865] The duration of the charm spell has been greatly reduced to help reduce the use of high level charmed armies. Containers now have a better default price based on size. The PK restrictions on scrolls have been eased slightly. From Locane: Fix bug allowing wear of shield, held item, and weapon simultanously. Second wind now gives a send when it can be reused. Characters that get hit while grossly afk (idle time of more than 50 ticks) will now be considered as linkdead. This means that they'll be logged off automatically prior to death. ---- Sep 24, 09 [863] 'xxp' social added. The 'wtf' social renamed to 'wwtf' to avoid a channel conflict. Add basic commands and help pages for future dclient support. See 'help dcl' for details. Dclient automap now refreshes when player are summoned. Server support for dclient group windows added. Fix glow bug in faerie fire spell. Old 2003-era room mana system recovered from backups and reinstalled. Most combat spells now require a visible target to hit their target. Implicit targetting will fail if the target is invisible or dark. PPK death exp loss lowered from 3/10/30 million to 2.5/5/10 million. PK damage has been restored to its previous level. Scrolls in PK are now limited in the same way that thrown potions are: half level, and limited to one spell. Enchant weapon explosions in pk are now half damage to targets. From Locane: Brag can now be done while hidden. Minor leap attack movement changes. Waypoints can now be selected using the room name as well as the waypoint number. Minor changes to holy weapon spell. Infrastructure updates to wear code. ---- Sep 21, 09 [860] The death and backstab experience offsets have been removed. The death offset has been unused for years, and with the new class controllers the backstab offset will be handled elsewhere. All PK damage has been cut in half. This should help reduce the prevalence of insta-kill style PK. Potion throwing in PK will now only use one spell at most. Storage locker time can now be bought using the 'credit buy' command. ---- Sep 18, 09 [858] Minor bugfix to display of freak turn undead on web page event log. Intimidate experience now drops off much more quickly with use. Massive reduction in experience for thief bribe info. Change layout of dclient STATS popup window. Fix loss of dclient stats window if mortally wounded then healed. Speed up dclient stats window and hp bar updates. Fix bug with dclient inventory window not updating properly. Newbies created with the dclient will now have the prompt off by default. Make dclient 'who' window wider by default. From Locane: Minor storage/look list improvements. ---- Sep 16, 09 [856] Update codebase revision number to 2.10. Elemental lore is now considered a level 1 mage skill. Add clan bonuses, initial support for automated clan wars. Minor DClient fixes. Initial pass of some new heavy duty room mapping code. From Locane: Updates to storage llist command - uuid and a few other fixes. ---- Sep 13, 09 [854] Minor fix to intro screens. Minor updates to 'donations' faq. Update 'where' help page to show new switches. Minor damage string improvements when annoying ethereal mobs with nonorm weapons. From Locane: Add more strings for 'convert' command. Add 'wtf' social. Old 'storage list' commands are back. The new ones are under 'storage llist'. ---- Sep 12, 09 [851] More exp limits for taunt/intimidate/roar with large numbers of mobs. Backstab exp will now display more like it used to. Dodge and parry no longer require special teachers. Players can now level up to 25 in a class without a trainer. Players can now train stats and buy practices without a trainer. Massive updates to the 'where' command. Note that nearby shops and stores only show up if the area is set to allow it, and not all areas that should allow it currently do. From Locane: Updates to the storage list and look commands. ---- Sep 11, 09 [848] Nocondition mobs now respect the %fp prompt tag. The display cutoff for exp sends is now limited to 10k, so higher level character should see a bit more. Fix minor bug in 'remove -wearlocation' Haste aging has been decreased slightly, to approximately 50 ticks per year of character age. Note that there is a minimum age difference required before your current age shows up as different from your real age. The newbie quest area golems have been replaced with level-restricted exits to prevent newbies from walking into certain areas unless they have sufficient levels. The first field restriction is level 3, while the graveyard is level 5 and the road to Pellam is level 8. It is hoped that this will prevent wandering newbie deaths. If you have a newbie that you need to get to vemarken or Ralnoth, please use the blue portal at Sonja. From Locane: Storage list improvements and updates. ---- Sep 09, 09 [846] Lots of minor bug fixes. Storage locker help page updated with 'storage pay' command. Haste aging now happens continuously, instead of on tick boundaries. Mob health percentage (in units of 3%) can now be added to prompts. Lots of exp send and cap changes. Nearly all skills are using the new code now. Taunt/roar/intimidate no longer give exp for system generated mobs. From Locane: Eq listing switches should now work for storage locker list. Equipment get from storage locker now takes multiple keywords. Turn undead can no longer be used while berserk. Add ansi highlighting to lightning bolt spell. Minor string bugs fixed in generic spellcasting send routines. String fix to weaken spell. Add help page for 'harassment'. ---- Sep 08, 09 [845] Cut exp cap on brew potion in half. Raise exp for brew poison. More experience/class conversions. Turn undead experience has been cranked up. Thief stealing experience tweaks. Fix formatting on autogen port 8080 quest web pages. Minor improvement to gold on treasure objects and hoardes. Fix minor bug with (null) skill entry and disappearing unarmed combat. Exp for various warrior skills now shows up like it used to. Experience for room-target roar, intimidate, and taunt has been temporarily disabled. It will be re-enabled some time tomorrow. From Locane: Fix bug in saving throw code for spellsave. Fix bug with high level waypoints disappearing at random. Add god strings to 'armor' spell. Minor changes to drunkenness. Beep can now be done while hidden, and will reveal hidden beepers. ---- Sep 07, 09 [842] Noxious cloud should now have slightly less variable damage now. WARNING - the temporary eternal youth change has been reverted! Eternal youth will now drain spells and skills again. From Locane: Spirit hammers made slightly more powerful. Raise default chance of exp sends for skills to 50%. Kick and bash now pass through ethereal targets. ---- Sep 06, 09 [841] Fame to get from level 29 to level 30 has been decreased from 25 to 10. More regen changes: HP regen should be flatter up to about 50 age. Poisoning now hits mana regen harder. Cast level can now be used to trade off between mana regen and hp regen at a 3:1 rate. ---- Sep 05, 09 [840] Minor updates to the new 'look in container' code. Number of allowed aliases raised by 20. Slightly different header formatting for the 'stat' command. The insult command with no args will now target what you're fighting. Comments can be added to aliases using the '##' separator. See the help page for 'alias comments' for details. Help page for 'increased stamina' updated. Liquid containers will now have hopefully more sane default prices. New characters created using the dclient will now skip the 'blind player' question, since the dclient has zero screen reader support. Dclient function key aliases will now update in the client when they're set or changed. Fix broken link to 'annoyances' on web pages. Newbies will now start with more function key aliases set. Raise chance of getting an exp send for skill changes. WARNING - the global healing/regen code has been vastly changed to a new, experimental version that will better support additional classes. Don't panic, just observe the changes and report back issues to Dentin. If there are too many issues, it will be reverted until the next experiment is ready. Enternal Youth temporarily will not hurt spells and skills! If you need to change age to adjust regen, I'd suggest you do it now, as this change will be reverted soon! Crude waypoint hackjob - newbie characters can now waypoint back to the islands until they reach certain levels. Limits are: Sloe - up to level 20 Kordan - up to level 24 Archais - up to level 28 Hopefully this will help new players navigate around and meet up with each other. Note that they cannot waypoint back to the mainland. From Locane: Improve 'brag spells' for invisible spell effects. Updates to sends for monster lore to reduce spam. For the new 'look in container' feature: Improve keyword parsing. Added 'brewable' keyword. Made effect searching exclusive instead of inclusive. ---- Sep 04, 09 [838] Common skill code update - all skills now have the same maximum 'better at' limit. Rate of skill improvement modified slightly. Change default color scheme for 'stat' command, add more color to dclient 'stat' windows. From Locane: Improvement to god casting strings for mob priests. Miscellaneous addition of god names to various spells and sends. Convert noxious cloud spell to use common code for saving throws. You can no longer trip someone that's already down. Updates to fighting strings for blind players. Hidden and sleeping characters will no longer help with retreat. Lots of low level infrastructure updates to the skill system. Equipment sorting additions to the 'look in container' command. Syntax to follow, when he provides help pages. ---- Sep 03, 09 [836] Faq section 6, 'donations and services', has been moved to section 2. Massive reorg of faq to add new sections and split up questions. Lots of minor typo fixes to help pages. Minor dclient update - rename popup buttons. Buying storage locker time with gold is now a bit cheaper, with a rate of 30k gold for approximately 1 RL day of access. Fix bug in monster lore. Improve formatting of FAQ and Rules web pages. Add a bit more color to the stat command. Fix movement bug in ltype 0 leveling. Reduce all microlevel timers to 18 hours, now that fame has become the limiting factor. ---- Aug 26, 09 [833] Improve parsing of URLs on the :8080 web pages. Minor improvement to credit tracking on players. Fix url parsing bug for 'all information' autogen web page. You can now buy clan dues and weightless expansions directly with the 'credit buy' command. See 'credit buy' for details. Lots of minor exp changes: - leap reduced - defend increased - brew poison increased - taunt increased - roar increased - steal object increased - pickpocket increased - shoplift increased Note also that we're putting in global controllers for each of the classes so that they don't get unbalanced with respect to each other. From Locane: Case can now be used while resting. Clean up string sends for unpoison spells. Improve channel delete sends for player channels. String improvement for spellkeeper mobs. String improvements for trading. Parsing updates for brag/show. Add god names to bless spell sends. ---- Aug 20, 09 [830] Happy birthday Glorida! Update and reorganization of rules. New PK section added. Minor bug in microlevel exp calculations fixed. Improve display of quests in dclient popup window. Sanity checks in the blink teleport spell have been improved. Major changes to which mobs can be picked up by players. This code uses a handful of common flags, as well as a power/strength estimate as opposed to the strict size estimate used previously. This should allow picking up of a lot more low level mobs, hopefully without allowing carrying of 10k hp tanks. Healing touch now has a percentage chance to fail if your int or wis drop below the 21/25 int/wis requirements. This should theoretically not be a problem given that the skill is level 27 cleric. From Locane: Various bug fixes and exp changes to warrior leap attack. Lots of sanity check updates to various skills. Please report wierdness, this is part of the 'skill consolidation' effort aimed at making skills easier to implement in the future. Exp for second wind reduced when not in combat. Minor string updates to god restores. ---- Aug 18, 09 [829] Minor cleanup to level display for certain 'who' commands. Fix bad use tracking of recent exp skill changes. Fix 'order mob give' bug. First round of updates getting ready for additional classes. This is almost all infrastructure work, so other than a few cosmetic things there should be no obvious differences. ---- Aug 16, 09 [827] Make second wind more dependent on constitution than strength. Channels will now autosave more often. You can now use 'me' or ':me' to target yourself for most commands. Bug fixes and minor reworks in revenge/berserk. Autoupdate of objects will now be a bit nicer to enchanted equipment. You now end up with 10 hp after dying instead of 0. This should help out people with negative regen or other quick timed effects. It's no longer possible for players to remain indefinitely mortally wounded due to zero net hp regen. If your net regen is zero, you'll heal slowly up to zero hp. Saving throw changes to charm and possession. This should help straighten out some of the problems with charm wearing off too quickly. Note that this was a fairly deep bug fix, so expect a lot of differences. From Locane: Decrease recovery time of second wind, increase restored movement, give exp. Some string cleanups for various god sends. Add experience to warrior skill 'leap attack'. Improvements to exp percentage shown on level screen. More general skill updates regarding skill usage when hidden and entangled. This is part of the ongoing global skill consolidation project, which should help make the addition of new skills easier. ---- Aug 14, 09 [825] Carried weight and total capacity now shows up on identified containers. Used fame now shows up on 'who fame'. From Locane: Raised maximum cumulative resurrect exp. If you die multiple times without resurrecting, you'll be able to get back more than 2 million. Not a lot more though. ---- Aug 13, 09 [823] Brewed potions can now be poured onto objects bound to other players. This is to allow things like enchant brews to be used on bound equipment. Food now has more sane default pricing. Mob corpses containing objects can no longer be donated. Ltype 0 leveling calculations for movement are now no longer unrestricted. Expect lower movement when leveling type 0 in the future. Improvement to difficulty calculations in consider. The friend factor in the asshole detector is now limited to remove the incentive to spam newbies with friend requests. Fix line wrap bug in format routines for email and boards. ---- Aug 11, 09 [820] The level 25 warning on skill list has been removed. If you identify objects on the ground, you'll get a small note telling you that it's on the ground instead of in your inventory. Improve targetting of a handful of spells to target things in inventory before things on the ground. Examples: identify, enchant spells, etc. From Locane: Fix crash bug in wear code. ---- Aug 03, 09 [818] Major updates to FAQ section 6 (donations). Updates to 'give' command help and help page. Now using new layout for autogen web pages. Channel thwacker code added to prevent mass spamming of consider. From Locane: Percentage to next level now shows up on the level command. Trade command now supports trading in-game credits, which can be purchased via donations. See 'faq 2' for details. You can now give up to 100 credits to other players via the 'give' command. ---- Jul 31, 09 [816] Personal boards on players are buggy - players really should not have personal boards, as they can be used to clobber other boards occasionally. We will be replacing or repossessing personal boards in the future to clean this up, and we will be improving the note code to compensate. Pens are no longer required to write on notes. Minor improvements to siteban code. From Locane: Cure poison now uses god names in the sends. Various fixes to skill usage when resting. More fixes to healing touch and other skills. Initial support for microtransactions in-game, using the 'credit' command. Update 'wear' help page. ---- Jul 29, 09 [814] Freak turn undead events should now show up on the web page event log. From Locane: Add 'facepalm' social. Recalling from an arena now sends to the arena channel. ---- Jul 28, 09 [812] Help page update for 'set room show'. The 'if' command in aliases can now call other aliases. Siteban improvements for dealing with problem players. Minor PK rank calculation improvements. Freak exp for turn undead should now be higher. Fix bug in turn undead that prevented decay of turn exp with use. ---- Jul 18, 09 [809] Minor changes to weather system to try to increase variability. A couple of new long dreams from the player Plink have been added. Minor changes to clean up dclient sends. Newbies are now connected to global channels at level 5, not level 3. Automatic page breaking enabled on 'friends' command. Minor changes to open/unlock commands for newbies. Alias 'credits' to 'gold' command for newbies. Group recall to clan areas is no longer allowed for non-clan groupies. You can no longer bottle potions from plane-timeout objects. Leap attack is now harder to dodge and parry. Crystal spear damage has been made a bit less dependent on target ac. Crystal shield improved a bit. Bonuses on 'revenge' improved. Various minor social typo fixes and updates. Freak bonuses added to turn undead. Turn undead exp greatly reduced after initial surge. From Locane: Ordered commands now show up as room sends. Fix bleeding color codes in email command. Fix minor bug in holy weapon spell. String send improvements for 'not vulnerable' on monster lore. Improve recovered stats on resurrect for high constitution. 'look -spells' now supported when looking at other players. Fix wierd damage bug involving fireweb cast on fire type mobs. If you die multiple times prior to resurrect, the returned resurrect exp will be higher (but still not as much as if you had resurrected multiple times.) Spells on brag spells/affects/score may not be visible if a character knows the spell below 28%. For obvious spells like sanctuary, a description of the spell effect will be sent. Between 28 and 56%, only the name is visible. Between 56 and 84%, the duration is also visible, and above 84% so is the level. Spells you can't see the duration on should show up near the bottom of the spell list. ---- Jul 12, 09 [808] More updates for future dclient releases. Disallow line inversion in dclient mode. ---- Jul 08, 09 [807] The brewable 'restoration' spell has been dented. Updates for future dclient releases. ---- Jul 04, 09 [805] Updates to newbie tips. Updates to help pages for increased stamina, skill protect, spam, and tidie. Mid-level group exp bonuses extended into the lower levels, and another minor multiplier added for groups between levels 2 and 15. Improve fail string for 'list' command when there's no list. The waypoint/recall timeout for unused waypoints has been raised a bit. Command alias 'battle' to 'attack'. The command 'group list' will now show available groups. Fix bogus send in monster lore for demons. A new mid-level donation room has been added in the city of Naphtali, on the eastern edge of the island of Kordan. The string that you 'cant put a container inside itself' will no longer show up when using the 'put all' commands. Various cleanup and newbie/low level send improvements for walk commands. Update the dclient map when teleported, summoned, or moved via dproc. Linkdead friends now show up as (linkdead) on the friends list. ---- Jun 26, 09 [804] The shopkeeper 'buy' command now handles multiword parsing a bit better. There is now lag on entering/leaving the defensive fighting stance. Cwho now only works if you're in a clan. You can no longer multisteal from mortally wounded shopkeepers. When defensive fighting, there is now more lag when throwing, and a chance you won't be able to complete the throw. String change on resurrect to get rid of unfixable typo. ---- Jun 25, 09 [802] Newbies are now connected to xp (in addition to gossip and other channels) when they reach level 3. Command aliases added for 'lockpick' and 'picklock'. Magic damage against magical creatures is now handled differently, and should behave similarly to elemental damage against elemental creatures. Changes to straighten out the way that general skills are displayed. Display cleanup and color additions to the consider command. Help page cleanup, including additions for uuid/vnum. From Locane: A handful of 'monster lore' skills have been added. 'monster lore' is required to learn 'dragon lore', 'undead lore', 'elemental lore', 'demon lore', and 'animal lore'. Note that these skills are moderately high level and require a lot of practices to learn. ---- Jun 17, 09 [801] Improvement to the 'friends' command, to show logged in and recent login times for your friends. Fix ancient dproc bug when casting on objects (thanks Draak!) ---- Jun 16, 09 [798] Minor naming fixes for storage and shopkeeper list by name. Object traders and object-give quests should now ignore the carrying capacity of the trader. Disable color on the http channel interface, and add admin disclaimers. Abbreviated names should now work with the hp/mana/mov commands. The 'map' command should now work for blind players. In blind mode, it will attempt to show what's unexplored nearby, and nearby room terrain similar to the ascii-art and client graphical maps. We'll try to improve it further based on feedback from the blind player base. Objects can now be specified explicitly using a ?, similar to the : for players. For example, 'get ?sword' would look explicilty for an object named 'sword', instead of mobs named 'sword'. From Locane: First pass of experimental trading system, using the 'trade' command. Update 'shake' social. A bunch of help page updates. Add an 'affects' command to show spells similar to the 'score' command. Updates to brag/show spells to show more information. ---- Jun 14, 09 [796] New spam feature - spam probability. You can set a percentage to allow you to see from 0 to 100% of the spam from cast, group cast, and misc spam settings. Also, potion throwing has been added to misc spam, and a few spell sends have been moved around into other categories. The percentages on 'stat' have always been inaccurate for spellsave. This has been fixed, and spellsave will now report the -real- percentage, instead of some bogus number. Note that the displayed percentages are quite a bit lower than before. This is how it's always worked, it just displayed incorrectly. Minor improvement to waypoint list which will hopefully clear up some confusion. Elemental damage type weapons will now have a much better chance of healing similar elemental type creatures. This only applies when using for example a fire crush mace against a FIRE type creature. In all other cases, there has been no change. From Locane: More email updates - added email reply, and single line emails now include a partial body in the subject line. ---- Jun 08, 09 [794] Changes to improve the accuracy of brew potion level. From Locane: Email updates - improve box parsing, multiple message delete. Resurrect no longer leaves gold in inventory, and has better fail strings. Initial support for secure trading between players. Details on usage will come later. Mortals will no longer see 'Affects NONE by 0' on certain objects. ---- Jun 07, 09 [793] Object bind strings disabled for level 1 characters. Updates to the bot detector. Disallow animate of player corpses. Some major changes to new character creation: - There is a new customize screen, which will lets newbies pick how their character looks. Default long descriptions are created based on the selected features. - If you pick a class, you start out at level 1, and your character saves. - The starting stats for the various classes are now flatter. All starting stats are 12 or higher, unless you choose to reroll manually. - Advanced height rolling is deprecated and now part of normal creation process. Existing characters will also get random features assigned to them, and if there's no long desc set, they'll get a default long desc based on those randomly selected features. There's not currently a way to change features of existing characters. We'll have to figure out something for that. ---- May 31, 09 [791] Reboots have been added to the http event log. Http event log is now broken up by day. Minor bug in forced god convert fixed. Newbies are now automatically connected to gossip, auction, shout, and chat when they reach level 3. A first cheezy pass at putting channels on web pages is in. You can configure a channel for export using 'channel flags http'. Players can now sac their own corpses again. You can't sac other player corpses, as they may wish to resurrect. Level 0 characters will no longer see object binding strings. Various typo fixes. Equipment style effects on potions (such as the potion of might) no longer work when thrown. Minor dclient updates. Freeze and boot have been dropped to low admin levels to help prevent problems like the recent Cow pkilling spree. Possessed monsters now recall in a fashion similar to charm. ---- May 28, 09 [790] Due to volume, weightless container renames are no longer free, and cost the same as a normal object rename ($10). The Ifrit 'infinite soul gems' bug has been fixed, and most of the gems have been deleted from pfiles. The donations rooms in the old mud school and mud U have been disabled. A new donation room has been added to the encampment on Sloe. Update to bot detect to compensate for the new infinite idle code. The sorting code for shops and storage lockers has changed. Minor weather tweaks. Warnings added if you try to 'use' a worn object instead of a carried object. Donation rooms have been added to the web page 'shops and stores' list. ---- May 27, 09 [787] Mob gender added to custom prompts (%fg). Various help page updates and additions. Minor bug in group set comments fixed. The 'got friends' send no longer appears at level 30. The 'who newbie' command is now available to mortals. A modified version of 'increased stamina' is now available to ltype 0 and 1 characters. You MUST log off after learning it for it to take effect. The effect is only half that for ltype 2 chars. Minor cleanup to some of the commands using the -force flag. Bank flags are now available for clans for ten dollars. The insult command now shows object uuids. Objects can now be found using their uuid. Abbreviations as short as 3 uuid chars are allowed. Players can now be explicitly targetted by putting a : in front of the name. Refresh lowered to level 2 to make the dependencies look more sane. Annoyance spellcasting checks have been reworked, and the spell 'prism' has been added to the list of annoyance spells. Dying to eternal youth won't dent all of your spells and skills anymore. Refresh is now more powerful at higher cleric levels than lower cleric levels. The list of http player shops should now have fewer broken links, and all new player shops should automatically be added to the list. Shops are also broken out into mob and player run shops. Various :8080 web page fixes and updates. From Locane: Some spellkeeper strings modified. ---- May 13, 09 [784] Dclients below 0.980 will now have an 'upgrade' button. Tips/hints can now be turned on/off at any level. Fix weight bugs when poisoning weapons. Disable dclient enemy hp bar for NO_CONDITION mobs. Fix socket connection graphs (hopefully the last time.) Wrapping number of items in inventory should now be substantially harder. Boats now show a 'boat' flag when you look at your inventory. Names of things in your inventory and in the same room as you can now be abbreviated. The minimum abbreviation is three characters, two won't work. This won't work for things like summon or tell, and it may take a while to get all the bugs worked out. Adjust the cutoff point where low level mobs become worth much less exp. This should primarily affect mid and low level players. ---- May 10, 09 [782] New player average height reduced by 3 inches, from 6'0" to 5'9". Advanced character creation now allows rerolling of height and weight. Improvements to random object generation. A few more confusion nouns and suffixes added. Minor parsing improvements to the 'count' command. Hp wrapping from positive to negative should be less likely now. Weight wrapping of objects should be less likely now. Maps are now using the new dynamic scaling system. The in-game map displays will be in either large scale or small scale depending on where you are, with small scale parts of the map not visible from large scale maps, and large scale parts of the map not visible from small scale maps. String changes to reduce reboot time. Note that some user-specific dprocs (for example the flute that some players cannot play) may be different now. ---- May 08, 09 [780] Change 'whoever brewed it obviously screwed up' brew string. Fix more weight bugs in brewing. Bug in the hourly and daily stats graphs fixed. Shopkeeper and storage sorting should hopefully be less arbitrary for similar items. The F1, F2, and F3 function keys in the client are now mapped by default to 'look in corpse', 'get all corpse', and 'get gold corpse/ sac corpse'. Characters that already have function key aliases set will be unaffected (existing aliases will not be overwritten.) From Locane: 'channel on' and 'channel off' commands added to toggle all channels that you're currently connected to. 'word of recall' is now dependent on bless instead of peace. Going to sleep now automatically shuts down turn undead. ---- May 06, 09 [778] Improvements to the weather system. Mortal map expanded a bit more. Multisold brew timers should be slightly less wierd now. Cleric turn exp adjusted for very high level turnable mobs. Daily dues calculation on clan stat should now be more accurate. Warning that rerolling stats will not give a leveling bonus added in the character creation menus. Bottling potions now takes only 2 or 3 pounds per potion, just like drinking. The last few bottles will try to use all of the brew, avoiding lost spells if possible. ---- May 02, 09 [776] Blank the password change in dclient. Reset logoff timer when players go linkdead. Don't display strangely named exit buttons in the dclient. An 'update' button added for old dclients. The 'character' command now aliases to 'score'. Turn exp has been adjusted to have less of a dropoff. Minor port 8080 web page updates. ---- May 01, 09 [774] More work has been done on the gold offset to bring it up and give out more gold to low level mobs. A number of spells have been made uncastable via the 'potion throwing' skill. This mostly includes spells which wouldn't make sense, for example 'haven'. Potion bottling now works on liquid containers on the ground. The timeout for connected characters has been changed. In theory, connected people should never time out, and only linkdead players will be booted when they time out. AFK gods are exempt. ---- Apr 30, 09 [773] Another exp increase for mid level groups. Bug in the 'misc' spam filter fixed. It should gag less now. Bug preventing spells from being cast when drinking from infinite capacity containers (streams and the like) fixed. Trip rate on low level mobs increased. Potions no longer pour clear on last pour, and you get a 'container empty' send instead. 'fill' command added, for liquid containers. Liquid condition and container capacity are now visible on liquid containers. It is now possible to throw potions at mobs and other characters. The potion will hit like any other thrown object, but on success it also stands a chance of casting spells on the target. Cast spell level is on the order of half the level of the potion should it be quaffed. Note that in the future, some spells may need to be marked as uncastable in this way. Also note that liquid containers do not spellcast. The item must be type POTION. There is now a 'potion throwing' skill that raises the chance that spells will be cast when a potion is thrown at a mob or player. This is dependent on knife throwing and is level 27 thief. Knife throwing has also been changed from 16% per practice to 20%, which is the same as potion throwing. A 'potion bottling' skill has been added, with a dependency on potion lore. This skill takes liquid from a liquid container and makes 3 pound potions without a timer, for the price of 100 gold. The potions of course don't save, but they don't time out either and you can throw them. An 'iron claw' skill added at level 25 warrior, dependent on disarm, to reduce the odds of being disarmed in combat. The 'revenge' skill has been added at level 30 warrior, dependent on berserk. Revenge is triggered for a short period of time after the death of a (non-mob) group member, and greatly increases the power of berserker rage. A 'protector' skill has been added at level 17 warrior, dependent on rescue, and tanking is now dependent on protector. Protect allows a warrior to protect a single target in a fashion similar to tanking. ---- Apr 28, 09 [771] Revert change that caused certain hidden doors to be unusable. Newbies will no longer see tips until they hit level 1. Massive, massive changes to dclient buttons. On older clients, it will temporarily look goofy. ---- Apr 26, 09 [769] Minor string changes on open/close command for restrung containers. Poured liquids now keep their original timer, except for permanent brews (which time out in about two hours.) Drinking now takes 2-3 pounds of liquid instead of 8. If your liquid container is nearly empty, drinking the last 1-2 pounds might not be enough to cast all of the spells. Liquid timeout strings should now be visible again. Drinking from overfull/broken liquid containers will now limit container weight to 1 pound, instead of 0. Sacrifice can be done while resting again. ---- Apr 23, 09 [767] Newbie tips now happen a little more often. Ralnoth has been remapped and is still under construction. More fixes to liquid containers, pouring and the like. Waypoint list, when at a waypoint, is now split between waypoints you can bridge to and those you can't. ---- Apr 21, 09 [765] Help page updates, including pages for brew-only spells. Resurrect exp for casters raised substantially. Some general infrastructure changes to liquid container timers. Charmed mobs will now recall to where they were charmed when charm wears off. The slow poison and remove poison have been switched in the poison tree, so that remove poison is now level 12 and slow is now level 18. This should help newbies actually get rid of poison themselves, instead of just trying to mitigate the effect with slow. Remove poison also now removes a fixed amount of poison per shot, instead of being level dependent. From Locane: Email updates, including page breaking. Spirit hammer can now be cast on/for other players. It should no longer be possible to die from poison. Lowest minimum poisoned hitpoints is 4. This should prevent most of the 'death by poison' problems regarding mobs. ---- Apr 18, 09 [764] Tensors changed from 21 mage to 18 mage. Frost bite changed from 20 mage to 21 mage. Crystal shield changed from 18 mage to 19 mage. Exp gained from resurrect is now dependent on how much was lost. Shoplift difficulty now changes daily instead of per reboot, with a maximum change of 1/10 of a level per day. This should slow it down a bit more and make it reboot agnostic. Increasing shoplift difficulty also lowers the price of items. ---- Apr 17, 09 [762] Fix fame calculations for level 33 players. Fireball's edge effects when missing are now stronger. Bug allowing infinite duration mass invisibility fixed. Fix a couple of strength bugs (too weak to attack/parry) when fighting. Multiple bugs in brew potion and pour fixed. Magic resistance now weakens fireweb instead of simply killing it (the old way) or ignoring it (the recent new way.) Hopefully this will strike a better balance for the spell. From Locane: Gods can no longer participate in a groupcast performed by a mortal. Gods can still lead mortal groupcasts though. Resurrect spell now gives some exp to the caster. Various cure poison string bugfixes and improvements. You must now at least be resting to use the 'use' command. ---- Apr 14, 09 [761] Fixed display bug in http changelog. Firefield spell temporarily changed back to spellsave to work around some special mob issues. Bug in chain lightning spell fixed. Change coloring on some of the email flags for displayed messages. Colored death strings modified, and will only be sent if the killer is below level 10. Mid level (level 5-29) grouping experience increased substantially. ---- Apr 12, 09 [759] Fixed statting problems with god/follower flags on channels. Bug in hour timekeeping on players fixed. Minor newbie send fixes. Fireweb is now considered flaming goo and ignores magic res. Ball lightning is now size dependent. Lightning bolt improved a small amount. Prism spell improved a small amount. Chain lightning spell improved. Firefield spell now throws against saving breath, not saving spell. Bribe exp has been hooked up to the bot thwacker. The http event log now has colored tags and simpler level strings. Improve http color font handling. 'party' and 'parties' aliased to the 'group' and 'groupshow' commands. Death sends are now highlighted yellow. Microlevel timers should no longer be triggered when leveling normally. 'carried' and 'carrying' commands aliased to the 'inventory' command. Shopkeepers will now (very, very) slowly autoadjust to reduce the number of stolen versus sold goods. From Locane: Inbox and outbox support in email, and 'list from' now works properly. Obvious spell sends on look are now before the equipment list. Minor send cleanups to brag. Charmed or controlled creatures can no longer resurrect. ---- Mar 24, 09 [757] Dclient bug fixes and additions for new dclient versions. ---- Mar 20, 09 [754] Tweaking to unarmed combat to smooth out the level curve. More bot detector and multi detector tweaks. Going afk now clears pagebreak. Practice costs now rounded down to nearest 100k exp. From Locane: Minor name bug that allowed Demon to resurrect himself fixed. ---- Mar 17, 09 [750] Typo fixes to HTTP graphs. Lower level 33 microlevel delay from 3 days to 2. Load player shops after reboot repop. From Locane: Minor blind mode cleanup in variable setting. Brag prompt added. Variable practice cost for ltype 2. Practice costs now range from a low of 2 million to a high of 10 million, based on level. Function key aliases f01-f12 and sf01-sf12 added. These can be set above and beyond the normal alias limit, and are intended to work via function keys in future versions of the AA dClient. ---- Mar 14, 09 [748] Raise socket limits to allow more parallel connects. Massive update to faq section 2. Still needs to be reorganized. Minor updates to god rules. From Locane: Fix exp bug in resurrect spell. ---- Mar 13, 09 [746] Minor improvements to the new bot detect code. The graph code has been improved and should no longer report bogus (reboot) lines when it can't figure out what to do. Various bug fixes and updates to RSS code. RSS feeds added for all publicly visible boards. A new '%dtime' prompt tag has been added. Skill/spell improves should now show up on replay. XML support for boards and messages added. See the developers page at: ---- Mar 12, 09 [743] Fixed bug where restrung object longs are not seen by blind people. Minor holes in unignore fixed. The Email bot will now respect target ignores. Microlevel timer in hours should now display on the level command. Donation faq on fight strings updated. Existing players are grandfathered. HTTP boards now use hash-based message ID fields for message links. The HTTP boards pages now allow for a short description of the room that the board is in. The HTTP changelog how has an RSS feed! Sign up for it at: Http changelog improved to show entry numbers and allow specification of ranges of entries. For example: From Locane: Fix weaken spell that Dentin broke. ---- Mar 09, 09 [740] Emotes will now be filtered out by the 'social' spam filter. The saved map should now be a little bigger. Cast level on group cast has been adjusted slightly. The level gain should now be more even as you add group members, instead of starting out large and tapering to small. From Locane: Change cast string for detect evil spell to make it a bit more obvious. Highlight rescue strings. Looking at a player or monster will now show obvious spell effects. ---- Mar 05, 09 [738] Back out change to prompting that breaks GMUD screen readers. Only freak 16 and higher backstabs now show on the http event log. Channels can no longer be created that are abbreviations of or will make abbreviations of other channels. ---- Mar 04, 09 [736] Fix bug allowing forced conversion to bogus gods. Graph command parsing improved to lessen confusion. Send when picking up random objects for the first time now more obvious. Various minor newbie and dclient updates. Change to prompting to prevent infinite scrolling in dclient. Saving throws for charm have been modified, and the 'inverse charisma' bug has been fixed. Note that charm now wears off more quickly if you aren't with the mob, or if you sleep in their presence. A new shop list option, 'list new' (or 'list recent'), shows items that have recently been added. Note that this is not on a per-vnum basis due to code constraints. Also, random items now have an 'R' in front of them on shop list. Note that this will only apply to NEW random items, eg those created after this change was added. From Locane: Group notifies for PPK truce when PPK members are added to a group. Flags (ppk) and (truce) added to group command. ---- Mar 01, 09 [735] Changes and improvements to the bot detector. Highly regarded bots now lose experience when they flee. ---- Feb 27, 09 [731] Minor fix for wierd weight bug with brew potion. From Locane: Improvements to resurrect spell. ---- Feb 26, 09 [729] Some channel notify permission bugs were fixed. Reconnect message to be more clear. Minor fixes to entangling roots, including weakening the roots mob. ---- Feb 25, 09 [727] Pagebreak for newbies created with the dClient set to a larger value. Attacks in melee combat are now slightly more random. Changed the send so it hits the killer, not the victim. Doh! A bug in charm/possession/entangling roots that's over ten years old was found and hopefully fixed. This required a pretty major rewrite of the internals of these three spells, so please test them and look for wierdness. Entangling roots should be slightly more sane now. Modified saving throws for the 'charm' spell. First pass of god/builder permission code updates added. Please let us know if commands are unexpectedly broken. ---- Feb 22, 09 [725] New characters can now be created if you answer 'new' instead of 'yes'. Cleanup and improvement of http 404 pages on port 8080. The impact of channels on asshole factor has been greatly reduced to prevent malicious players from screwing others. In an attempt to get more ppk death logs posted, I've added a reminder after you ppk someone. ---- Feb 19, 09 [724] Bug where an avatar could accidentally remove permanent silence fixed. Link back to main Alter Aeon web pages from the :8080 main page. Article links added to various of the :8080 autogen pages. ---- Feb 18, 09 [722] Minor additions to the Muds and Mudding Glossary on the web pages. Chill touch duration reduced somewhat. Sporadic 'null enchant' armor wierdness fixed. Player event logs on web pages truncated at 160 lines. Minor performance improvements to reduce lag spikes. A bunch more social updates from Cygnii. Intro screens now point harder at the intro quest area. New character names have been restricted a little more, and now require both vowels and consonants in a reasonable ratio. 'abort' and 'uabort' commands added to do inline break similar to control-C. No guarantees - it does what it can but probably can't do everything you want it to. From Locane: Maximum of half-stats restore of hp/mana/move for all participants when a pk arena match is won. Minor channel replay changes. Tweaks to resurrect spell, including minor recovery of experience. Multiple keywords are now allowed when setting or deleting extra descriptions on rooms and shops. Temp pk corpses now last a fairly short time to help reduce spam. Dodge and parry bonuses now show up on brag. 'brag alignment' now supported. A giant pile of email command changes. ---- Feb 13, 09 [721] Crash bug in leveling procs fixed. Minor reduction of reset time for second wind. Poison resistance is now a locked skill, and must be unlocked by doing a quest before it can be learned. Minor dclient updates. Highlight for tanking in groups modified to be less irritating. Gold duping bug fixed. ---- Feb 05, 09 [719] Fix minor bug in fame calcs when leveling. Lots of social updates to allow use on objects. Minor newbie fixes and updates. 'storage take' is now the same as 'storage get'. LPMud players can now 'junk' items instead of 'sacrificing' them. Worn items can be removed using multiple keywords now. Microlevels now show up on finger and xml player export. The strength and dexterity spell limits have been lowered from 6 to 5, as discussed on board 8 back in November. The final bump down to 4 is scheduled for May. From Locane: More drunk code cleanup and fixes. A new damage string, 'destroys', added between demolish and annihilate. ---- Feb 04, 09 [716] Minor email command formatting changes. Chill touch reduced in power at low levels, increased at high levels. Minor cleanup of http area description pages. Consider difficulty range increased for harder mobs. Rough fame estimates now show up on 'where' command for high level players. Be warned! These estimates are derived on a per-rack basis, as it is difficult to determine exactly which zone a mob loads in. Be aware that some mobs, more commonly in older areas, may load outside the zone their fame is listed in. We'll try to improve this over time, but time it will take. ---- Feb 03, 09 [715] Fix crash bug in new fame code. ---- Feb 02, 09 [713] Fame from mob kills should distribute more sanely and evenly in groups now. -------------- The first pass of the level 33 code is in! Specific changes: - the total 109 requirement for level 32 has been removed - level 32 microlevel timers continue to be 1 day instead of 2... - level 32 mage now requires 25 int - level 32 cleric now requires 25 wis - level 32 thief now requires 25 dex - level 32 warrior now requires 25 str - level 33 requires 150 fame per class - level 33 mage now requires either 25 wis or 25 chr - level 33 cleric now requires either 25 int or 25 chr - level 33 thief now requires either 25 con or 25 chr - level 33 warrior now requires either 25 dex or 25 con - level 33 microlevels are limited to one every 3 days Note that there is as yet no final level 33 trainers, but since we won't need them for at least three months there will be plenty of time to add them. ---- Feb 01, 09 [711] Experience increased for 4-9 person groups. Bug in saving throw calculation procedures fixed. Really high level mobs will now be MUCH harder to summon, in some cases impossible. Board posting now has the same time limitations as sending email messages, instead of lag on posting. From Locane: You can no longer resurrect yourself from your own corpse. A whole bunch of drunkenness changes. ---- Jan 29, 09 [709] From Locane: Updates to the 'email' command. 'brag pk' should now show valid ratios. Variables now save with your character. Mana cost of 'resurrect' lowered to make it easier for groups to use. Minor update to editor FAQ section. Drunkenness is in! You can get completely wasted now. We'll be adding a brew skill for it in the near future as well. ---- Jan 26, 09 [706] Number of areas on the 'area exp' list raised to 20. From Locane: Minor fixes to firestarting. ---- Jan 23, 09 [704] Quest web page at now shows quests grouped by geographical area. Even newer version of modified who list, post which one you like better. High freak backstab events now go into the http event log. Leveling less than total 90 no longer appears in event log. The 'read' command now works on numbered items such as ''. Bug allowing leveling to 30 without sufficient fame fixed. ---- Jan 22, 09 [701] Microlevel display bug on wholist fixed. Follow command can now be done while resting. Clan equipment has been added to the 'donations' faq section (faq 2). An experimental setting to modify the who listings is in place. Try 'set wholist' to toggle between the standard mode and the new short mode with total levels, primary, microlevel, and class flags. ---- Jan 21, 09 [699] Low level equipment can be random again, except for low level bound items. The player automap is now a bit bigger. Minor tweak to enchant object to create more powerful perms. Color bleeding in web page shop eq listings fixed. Microleveling is now required for all classes level 30 and higher. Some details on this process can be found on board 8, but keep in mind that this is new code and is currently in testing. We'll be cleaning up the help pages and other information in the future as appropriate. From Locane: Minor tweaks to resurrect spell. Various typo fixes. New 'editor' faq section added. ---- Jan 18, 09 [698] Fixed pk bug in chain lightning when caster logs out. Sanctuary has been special-cased and now only has a wis requirement of 20. Low-mana-cost 'cantrip' spells now have lower int/wis requirements. 'spell list' command now shows all the spells, just like the web pages. From Locane: Bug in channel replay when ignoring people fixed. Added 'devil' social. Fixed bug with time/date display in email messages. Added cleric 'resurrect' spell. It's less powerful than you think. ---- Jan 16, 09 [695] Fixed bug in html/xml output substitution filter. Int/wis requirements for high level spells capped at 30 instead of 32. Updates to faq sections 1-3. See for details. Various updates to web pages. Minor typo and other bug fixes. Messages displayed on online boards are now in reverse order. An 'if' conditional command has been added to help with aliases. From Locane: You can now brag/show cast level. ---- Jan 15, 09 [694] The event log now only shows leveling events above total 50 to reduce spam. All of the int/wis costs for all spells have been recalculated. In most cases, the max stat has increased by 1 while the min stat has stayed the same. For some spells, there will be an increase of 2-3 stat points, while for other spells there may be a reduction. For all single-class spells, the difference between int and wis will be 4, for example 17/13 or 22/26. For dual class spells, both int and wis stat requirements will be the same. The mud now tracks the maximum that you ever manage to learn spells and skills. This value is not reset on death. High level characters (level 100 and higher) will be able to relearn skills lost by death or fountaining, up to this maximum level, using practices. The tracking code just went in this boot, so don't expect to be able to practice stuff you lost last week. ---- Jan 14, 09 [692] Fix reversed killer/target send in player event logging. Fix minor bug in character creation process. Improvements to the web page event log, including event ids and type. Player automap now saves. When leveling, type 2 chars also get the hp/mana/move added to their current stats. The fight code has changed. Attacks should be much more regular now, with exactly the same long term average number of attacks as before. This is intended to be a cosmetic change, give it a try for a while and we'll see if it's liked more than the previous version. ---- Jan 12, 09 [689] Updates and cleanup to the web pages. Objects level 3 or below should no longer random when they load. Quests that can't be completed will no longer show up on the 'unfinished quests in this area' list. Quests that were in progress but can no longer be completed are now automatically removed from your list of pending quests. Even more eloquence filter fixes. Hopefully the last batch. Minor newbie help additions for the train and practice commands. Minor newbie help additions for spell cast fails against magic resist. Enchanted objects that can time out and vanish now show the vanish timer on look. Support for an xml 'player event log' can be found at: This log contains pk deaths, leveling, some quest completions, and other information. If you think something should be added, please let us know. ---- Jan 11, 09 [687] Initial XML support for the who listings have been added to the http interface for Os. For an example, try: From Locane - minor email bugfixes. ---- Jan 09, 09 [685] Send for failure to pray at a recall site made more obvious. XML support for raw player data has been added to the http interface. For an example, try: Note that there may be wierdness with color tags and it probably isn't strict XML, but it should be useful for those wanting to build external data processing applications. From Locane: Email improvements, and limitations on number of messages that can be sent in quick successtion. ---- Jan 06, 09 [684] DClient support additions. ---- Jan 05, 09 [683] All player shops, recall sites, and banks now PK safe rooms. ---- Jan 04, 09 [681] Minor email command changes from Locane. 'remove -finger' and other wear locations now works. The eloquence JAWS crashing filter has been improved. Miscellaneous PK-related ignore bugs fixed. The gold offset has been modified to smooth things out a bit, but honestly the amount of gold on the game is currently so high that it's going to be quite some time before gold regen returns to historical levels. ---- Jan 02, 09 [680] Happy new year! Pagebreak/automap bug when using the DClient fixed. From Locane: Minor help page updates. Snowball social added. Updates to the 'email' command, which is now available to mortals. Brag updates, including brag of email messages. Group display improved to high light tanks. The hp, mana, and move commands now accept 'tank' as an argument in groups. Found 122 matching entries.

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