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Warning - limiting search to 1000 results. ---- Feb 18, 24 [3177] From Draak: Fixed a few issues with certain tasks. Thank you to everyone that turned in bug reports. Daily rewards/tasks should now give a bit more exp, but a bit less gold. Fixed issue with agates and similar minerals not giving random effects like they should. The terrains for called animals have shifted somewhat. This was the result of some code optimization in prepartion for the level 40 druid skill... Another tweak to cartridge building ingredients. Scrapped metals will now have the 'pure' metal name in the insult string. They also now have names based on size: 'sliver', 'shard' and 'lump'. (Lokar) ---- Feb 11, 24 [3175] From Valront: Highlighted unbalanced string, and other misc string fixes. From Shadowfax: The 'ashow dented' list should now take personal denting into account, so your results may be different from someone else's depending your recent killing habits. From Draak: Fixed a bug with lapidary materials and inlaying not giving stats. (Rhorae) Tweaks to cartridge spellcomp requirements to hopefully make them inclusive. (Rhorae) Cleanup to the summon demon subparser menu, see 'summon demon help'. New level 40 necromancer skill: bind demon. For the price of a purple or higher soulstone, zombies, ghouls and mummies can have a demon bound to them. This gives them increased strength, dexterity and constitution, resistance to fire (or decreased vulnerability to it) and increased attack speed. They gain the DEMON type, making them resistant to good-aligned attackers, but vulernable to certain abilities that affect demons. See the help page for more information. Daily tasks have been altered. You only have to complete 3, but they are predetermined for you each day. You will generally get 2 easier tasks and 1 more difficult one. Several new tasks have been added, many based on class abilities. The game will not assign you tasks if you do not know the skills or spells to complete. These range from stealing a soul to shoplifting to completing a warrior combo to carving a totem. Please report any issues with tasks directly to Draak. ---- Feb 04, 24 [3174] From Shadowfax: Aspects won't melee unless directly threatened. ---- Feb 03, 24 [3172] From Shadowfax: Make sure supernals are in the same room as their target and that their owner is also in combat before using their special condemnation attack. (Lokar) ---- Jan 28, 24 [3170] From Draak: The compliment command has been expanded to work with players. It riffs off of stats or certain elements of long descriptions. Level 40 is unlocked, along with some new abilities: New level 40 mage spell: greater crystal elemental New level 40 warrior skill: spinning kick New level 40 cleric spell: chaos hammer We will add level 40 skills for druid, necromancer and thief over the coming months. These are intended as capstone abilities. Future level expansions will most likely involve spacing out and reordering existing abilities rather than adding more. This is not to say there will not be any new class abilities, but future ones will likely be obscure. From Valront: Various druid lightcatchers should show up in shops with default listing, similar to potions and scrolls. From Shadowfax: Add highlight to successful ice and normal dtype ground strike strings. Make skill improvements more consistent when building grenades. (Sirand) Allow supernals to use their special condemnation attack while no_melee. (Sirand) Vampires inherit the alignment of their creator, and good-aligned vampires are sparkly. ---- Jan 21, 24 [3167] From Shadowfax: Lower cooldown for petitions. You can now select 'random' as a target for newbie gift giving. Aspects should now be flagged as nomelee. Play sound and do room sends when leveling up bonus classes. From Valront: Crystal Skulls are now excluded from minion aoe damage reduction. Having cloak of darkness active makes shadow walking and using shadow asylumn slightly easier. (Morpheus) Other assorted string fixes. Added hint strings to remaining cleric spells that didn't have them. If you see typos in them please report them via the typo command or a mudmail to valront, and NOT in the bovine channel. Expect other classes to follow soon. From Draak: New lapidary composition: thunderstone (Morpheus) Tweaks to mineral deposits for glacial geology. Look up 'glacial' in the Great Library to learn more. Potion throwing is now somewhat better. Condemnation does reduced damage, but now lingers as a curse. Cleric healing, refreshing and poison removal spells are less effective on condemned creatures. Note this only affects cleric spells, and is far more effective against mobs than players. Tweaks to warrior skills: Hand-to-hand skills (kick, stomp, jab) do somewhat less damage, but will stun enemies faster than other warrior attacks. Higher damage stomps remove a recently unbalanced target's immunity to being unbalanced. Pommel strike is somewhat less effective at stunning opponents. Strengthened warrior power attacks effectiveness against dazed or stunned opponents. Creatures that are immune to stunning take no modifiers, good or ill, to the extra hitroll from power attacks, to avoid nerfing power attacks against golems, undead, etc. The lunge skill now can drive back unbalanced opponents, similar to (but not as powerful) as knockback, lagging their attacks for a brief time. ---- Jan 07, 24 [3166] From Draak: Unguent priest jobs should no longer select spells that require favor. (Morpheus) Hematium and void metal can now be forged into armor, in advance of Morpheus's reworking of the shops on Ramanek. (Morpheus) Added a few more words to the insult generator. Initial movement cost for forging lowered a bit. Know alignment can detect ward good and ward evil when cast on a room. Previously, it could be cast on a room but simply did nothing. Lowered mana cost of clasp of corruption a little more. From Valront: Added brag/show exprate. This will send the same string as the 'exp rate' command. Added chance for an alert when gaining exp while being at the experience point maximum of two billion exp. Adjusted low favor message to show up whenever favor is spent in any way while you are under a certain threshhold. Previously this only worked while casting spells directly. The threshold it appears at can be adjusted if it's too spammy or not showing up often enough. ---- Jan 01, 23 [3164] From Shadowfax: The bribe command can now be used to advance quests without knowledge of the bribery skill. Aspects now have about half the AC and hp of incarnates. Aspects can no longer consume, however, non-undead skeletal incarnates now can consume like skeletal necromancer minions. Firearms proficiecy can now be improved through use of firearms, both with hunting and normal combat. Accuracy improved for off-hand and single handed ranged weapons. Incarnates' resistance to their god's preferred element changed from -12 to -10 (50%). Incarnates' and aspects' other saving throws are now -5 (25%). Aspects remain immune to their preferred element. From Draak and Shadowfax: The bait command can now used while fishing. For now, any kind of food is suitable as bait. ---- Dec 31, 23 [3163] From Draak: Changes to mining geologies to make mafic and felsic types more strongly mutually exclusive. You can now insult yourself. Yeah. People specifically requested it. Added a couple of sanity checks for doors and fishing. Previously, you could fish through closed, locked doors and other nonsense. New area geology type: glacial, for ice caves and post-glacial regions This geology favors certain rare ice-based materials and cold-affinity spellcomps. (Morpheus) A couple balance changes, based on player suggestions: Clasp of corruption can no longer be groupcast and costs less mana, but requires favor. Hold undead now costs a bit more mana and causes more caster lag. From Valront: 'brag object' can now target objects on the ground. It will prioritize objects in your inventory, then if it can't find one with the name you used check the ground. ---- Dec 24, 23 [3161] From Draak: Misc minor bug and typo fixes. Added more mob insult interactions. These will also trigger with negative socials, such as slapping or spitting on people. ---- Dec 16, 23 [3159] From Draak: Fixed a bug with crush ore where the ore crushed was not gaining the metal composition. This should help with brewing acid. (Brenok) Leathercrafted bundles should be larger. (Morpheus) The insult generator has been made more dynamic. Certain mobs may respond to you insulting them. Insulting priests of the god you worship to the point of annoyance is not a good idea. ---- Dec 09, 23 [3158] From Draak: New cooking recipe for the winter holidays: eggnog! Most crafts should not let you begin if you are already doing something else, to prevent a rare bug that wastes resources. (Runner) Bloodcasting minimum hp threshold raised to prevent fleeing yourself by accident. (Filip) If an item doesn't randomize, it has a chance of loading with extra composite quality. Add a new 'compliment' social command. You can now egregiously insult people (and mobs if you use the -force tag) with the insult command. Credit to Capitolina for helping come up with more insults! ---- Dec 02, 23 [3156] From Draak: The dclient quest window should no longer show held quests. (Uicli) Thief advance poisons now send a message when they wear off or are removed. (Naul) Bottling is now level 11. New compositions: lime, soda, magnesia, kalium, phosphur, aluminum, uranium. Lime, soda, magnesia, kalium and phosphur will mostly come from acidic reductions, aluminum a bit, too. No, you cannot forge with uranium. Brew acid is no longer obscure and has been moved to the decantation skillgroup as a general skill at level 22. It is dependent on bottling and cooking. Acids can be used on various materials to render them down into different raw spellcomps, such as sulfur or resin. Not all materials can be dissolved in acid. Acids can also be used to enrich small batches, of ore, decreasing their weight while increasing their purity, making for more cost effective yields. Acids cannot be too much lower level than the item they are used on, or they will not work. Refiniments to the recipes for cartridges and acids. Acids now only require four ingredients instead of five, and some of the categories are less strict. Cartridges now accept some additional compositions, and fire affinity has been eliminated from the SALT/KALIUM ingredient. See the help pages for more details. ---- Nov 18, 23 [3155] From Draak: Cleaned up and activated 'oset overall'. This command will set up stats on most objects that have a type set. Additional stats, such as composition or wear locations, may also be required for certain object types. You can specify spells for scrolls, potions, staffs, wands and grenades, dtypes for weapons, taste for food and herbs, and more. Note that this does not set strings, and objects must have an inventory string set. ---- Nov 18, 23 [3154] From Draak: Draak worked on some building tools this week, so there's not a lot to see here. Grafted spikes, studs and scales should given somewhat higher bonuses to undead creatures the higher quality they are. Squashed a weight/count bug in flower jobs. (Dizzy) Added 'show eq', its just the eq command. ---- Nov 12, 23 [3153] From Draak: Fixed infinite loop bug with certain help page lookups. Spell/skill groups should display in the help pages again. Fixed bug with lapidary check giving a goofy string. Summoned prismatic crystal elementals will now use prismatic breath attack sinstead of the prism spell. ---- Nov 11, 23 [3150] From Draak: New composition and mined item: marble. I am honestly surprised we didn't have it before. ---- Nov 08, 23 [3148] From Draak: Spell/skillgroup added to spell and skill help pages. (Eggweard) Fuses of different sizes now have different physical lenghts. (Dex) The mage 'shards' spell has a small chance to start bleeding on lightly armored targets. Fix bug with newbies not regenning. Potch opals should have stats again. (Ivey) A bunch of minion changes: The AC for all ice and crystal elementals is now slightly higher. AC for Incarnates lowered slightly. The intrisnic spells cast by mage summoned elementals have been changed up a bit: - lesser fire elementals cast scorch and shower of sparks - fire elementals cast fireball - greater fire elementals cast fireweb - lesser lightning elementals cast static blast - ice elementals cast frost flower - greater ice elementals cast icebolt and cone of cold - crystal elementals cast prism The control points for lesser and regular mage summoned elementals have been lowered slightly. This will allow for more creative and flexible pairing between elementals when mages reach high levels, such as summoning a lesser lightning elemental and an ice elemental together to trigger the reaction between the former's static blast and the latter's frost flower. ---- Nov 04, 23 [3146] From Draak: Raised ghoul bonus damage to nauseated foes raised a bit. Cleanup to lapidary setting stats and prices. The potency of sharpness has been increased, and campfires reduce the amount of time it takes to become sharp even more. The lighteater and silence enchants are now obscure. The necromancer skill 'graft undead' has been lowered to level 34. Creatures that are on fire, such as from flameweb or firebombs, are more easily blinded. They also get no bonus from wisdom against stunning. Chalcopyrite should change back into copper ore when you try to smelt with it. (Chokola) Grafting scales to undead now gives them a modest bonus to hitpoints. ---- Oct 29, 23 [3145] From Draak: Moved shuck further down the parser so it doesn't interfere with show. ---- Oct 28, 23 [3143] From Draak: Lag from forging, woodcraft and lapidary has been reduced a little. Tailoring jobs now require objects to be made from a specific fabric. The payout will scale with the fabric's cost. Knapping should be fixed. New command 'shuck', for shucking foraged bivalves without having to know the cooking skill. Mercury ores should be smeltable and crushable again. The beryls on the griffin mountain are going to be replaced with specific varieties: goshenite, maxixe and green beryl (its pale green vs. emerald which is dark green). The mining table has been refined a bit, with many minerals being confined to fewer terrain types. This should help make populations of minerals more distinct, and make individual ones easier to find. If you know 'saw lumber', you can break down wooden containers that are the right size and mass into useable lumber. This only works on containers you can pick up, made from specific types of wood. Numerous objects have been updated with slots for gemstones, inlays or rivets. Draak is open to reasonable suggestions, as there are over 29 thousand distinct objects in the game and he's bound to overlook some obvious canidates. ---- Oct 21, 23 [3140] From Draak: List switches should now look up compositions correctly. (Morpheus) Object file update for base metal treasures should fix up the composition error from earlier this week. Updated a few forged items so they can be inlaid properly. Building grenades now updates the dclient inventory screen. (Uicli) Woodcrafted spoon can now be inlaid, if you want a fancy spoon. Appraise will indicate if an object can have certain upgrades added. If you know beadmaking, you can now inlay with gathered wood. You should be able to assemble weapons of power again. (Uicli) Fixed a number of minor bugs that were hiding in woodcrafting. From Shadowfax: Add DISCORD value to Alter Aeon's MSSP status. From Brak: New 'credit buy agereset' option. ---- Oct 16, 23 [3139] From Draak: Various fixes for jobs, mining strings and alloys. You can add grips to bows again. Morpheus is adding a few florist jobs to the game, so you can pick flowers for fun and profit. Draak has been updating some objects so they can inlaid, have gems mounted or be studded, spiked or spangled. ---- Oct 15, 23 [3137] From Brak: Make eternal youth a bit less damaging to skills. From Draak: Fixed the wording with bragging thoughts. Be careful who you share them with. Fixed a bug with demon idenfity that made it think things were gemstones that were not. (Sport) Tailoring is now aliased to 'sew', similar to how metallurgy is aliased to 'forge', i.e. the terms can be used interchangeably. Massive rework allowing craft additions to work on certain objects, as well as mass integration of crafting with regular object compositions. You will start seeing object compositions such as 'TEXTILE, WOOL' 'PLANT, FUNGUS' or 'TIMBER, OAK' cropping up when identifying objects. FYI: Craft additions have to be manually set on an object-by-object basis. Expect it to be slowly set on a smattering of select objects over the next month or so. It is not intened to be widespread. Gods' preferred elements are being switched to composition groups, so a god may prefer anything labeled as BASE METAL, TIMBER, TEXTILE, FLESH, SKELETON, PLANT, etc. rather than narrow, specific types. The game will do its best to update equipment to the new object compositions. If you notice anything that appears to be incorrect, please send Draak a mudmail. Ores will now show their own composition and what they yield separately when identified. Many ores are just rocks or crystals, but some are unique types that can be used in lapidary work. Pitch black metal and blood red metal are now officially their own metal types, void metal and hematium, respectively. A new metal, arsenic, has also been added. New cooking recipe: catsup, a mushroom and egg-based sauce to highlight new object compositions. New gather option: flowers. This will exclusively gather herbs that are composition FLOWER. Because flowers are colorful and obvious, they can be gathered without knowledge of plant lore, though plant lore will increase the odds of success. You now can mount forged medallions to unadorned necklaces using 'forge enhance mount <medallion> <necklace>'. Scrap metal will now yield scraps of whatever metal or alloy is scrapped in a form that can be directly used instead having to be refined further. ---- Sep 23, 23 [3135] From Draak: You can now brag the last thing you thought about. You can also show the last thing you thought about with the new 'remember' command. Fixed MSP sounds for scribing so the play for the scribing, too! (Gent) Scribing scrolls and brewing can now get a very small level bonus from being sharp. Added 'where services', to show shopkeepers with services. Durham's guiding spirit is now obscure, due to its niche nature. Acidic and antidote bottled bloods now have unique names. (Naul) Bundles of skins now have minimum sizes based on their weight. (Morpheus) Fixed a typo in set agereset parser. If you are having difficulty getting this to work, let Draak know so he stat you and make sure everything is working. Changes to crystal prison and ice imprison. Ice imprison now only work on living creatures, while crystal prison only works on unliving creatures. Prior to this, crystal prison did not work on unliving creatures, and ice imprison didn't work elementals of any type. This puts the spells more in line others in the spellgroups, specifically crystal prison and crystal coat working on inanimate matter. ---- Sep 12, 23 [3134] From Brak: Clay man recast now stops when it fails terrain check. Increase speed of minion recasting. Convert leaderboard level filtering over from primary level to effective level. (Ivey) Fix 'leaderboard show' displaying the wrong position. ---- Sep 09, 23 [3132] From Shadowfax: New music tracks for the dimensional forest and the mirror plane. From Draak: New options for mobs to load mined materials and precut wood, coming to a shopkeeper near you. (Morpheus) Fixed targeting for group summon. Again. Fingers crossed, knock on wood. From Brak: You can now add clay men to the recast list which will allow them to be automatically reconstructed when they die. This is intended to eventually replace the buggy reclay option in Mush-Z. Currently other necro tank minions such as wood woads and metal constructs are not included however this is planned for a future release. Note: if you do use this feature and also use Mush-Z, disable the 'reclay' feature in Mush-Z or you will likely get multiple castings. improve the leaderboard command and make level filtering more user friendly: 1. You can now select a leaderboard by name with 'leaderboard show'. 2. There is now a 'leaderboard help' subcommand. 3. 'Leaderboard list' and 'show' now accept an optional level. For example if you are level 35 type 'leaderboard list 35' to compare to other players of your level, and 'leaderboard show fame 10 35' to display the top 10 players on the fame leaderboard who match your level. ---- Sep 02, 23 [3131] From Draak: Double exp events can now be seen with 'event show' and 'news experience'. Refined definitions for de-aging, so it should work in more cases. Pulled a bug out of group summon that was checking for the wrong room. (Gent) Bloodcasting now has a MSP sound, which overlaps normal casting sounds. Added MSP sound for Tensor's floating discs timing out. (Eggweard) New forged jewelry: anklet. You can no longer crystal coat fires, to avoid weird weight bugs. New Purnima job: antiquarian, a demon sends you out to survey ancient ruins in the Field of Fonts. Fixed group summon logic bug. Cleric divine transportation spellgroup grafted onto divine tranquility, with word of recall now dependent on peace. This is the final spellgroup merger - all classes now have 8 non-obscure spell/skill groups. ---- Aug 27, 23 [3129] From Brak: Allow display of some leaderboards by level, using the 'level' option. From Draak: Fished out a rare bug in consider where certain mob types canceled each other's damage resistance, resulting in (null) displays. (Allison) More crafting composite cleanup, primarily for woodcraft. Hopefully mastercrafts will again be more frequent when woodcrafting. Several crafts are now more forgiving with thier start checks if you know the skill 100%. The help page and menu for guilds is now more clear that guild advance is also used to join guilds. New where option: buyer. This will give you a list of what shopkeepers will buy items. The armored skin help page now tells what the skill actually does. Sense life is now dependent on soothe wounds. The cleric cursebreaker spellgroup has been folded into the inquisition spellgroup. Sacred touch is now level 7 and reveal curse is now level 8 and dependent on sacred touch. Clean-up with metallurgy check. It will now tell you what skill you need to learn to forge with a given metal, if you don't already know the skill. Some metals have had their skills adjusted, in particular, forging pitch black metal now requires shadow mastery and forging blood red metal requires bloodcasting. (Mink) Group summon will now restrict bringing higher level players to the islands, since people have been using this as end-around to circumvent the island portals being blocked during events. You can now bloodcast wood woad, metal construct and crystal skull. Wood woads and metal constructs gain small amount of normsave and breathsave, while crystal skulls gain increased odds of absorbing magic and a higher mana capacity. The introduciton of blood renders all three somewhat vulnerable to toxic damage. New option for returning players: age reset. If you have a character that hasn't logged in for over a year and is at least 200 years old, you will be able to reset their age to 50 using 'set agereset -force'. This is intended to help people revitalize old or forgotten characters, and to make gameplay more enticing for returning players that we have not seen for a while. ---- Aug 12, 23 [3128] From Draak: You can no longer gather, mine or fish in arenas. (Martin) Fixed a bug where forged ammo was not giving lycanthrope bane to lots of forged silver alloy ammunition. (Asclepius) You can now bloodcast straw man. Vulnerability is (slightly) more potent at very high levels. (Asclepius) Cleave and whirlwind now send extended damage types. (Shadowfax) New credit buy option: credit buy cleanse. This removes all poison, acid, curses and diseases. (Morpheus) You can now credit buy deathcards, spellups, purges and loot crates on behalf of other players. This uses the same cooldowns and restrictions as newbie gifts. This is experimental, let Draak know if there are any problems. (Morpheus) ---- Aug 05, 23 [3126] From Draak: Smith jobs pay a little better now. Added 'tattoos' to the where command, for finding tattoo artists in cities. Attempt to fix 'set nolootcrate' bug where people were still getting lootcrates. Cleanup to crafting mastercraft calculations. Help pages for boons merged into one entry. You can now bloodcast clay man. The resulting bloody clay man has several vampire-like traits: 1. It can be healed by blood sacrifice and bloodbond heal. 2. It heals small amounts of damage when attacking bleeding enemies that are not badly poisoned. From Brak: Make progression of famine less agressive when cast on players. Lower cost of lift curse when brought from shopkeepers since it will likely require multiple castings. ---- Jul 22, 23 [3124] From Draak: New option added to the where command: milk Note: this will only show dairy animals that you can milk, so if mobs are too low level to milk they will not show up. Some fixes to the unarmed combat changes so things are bit less goofy with certain mobs. All of the strikes are a now single word, to interface better with Mush-Z, i.e. hammer fist is now hammerfist and soforth. The cleric spell 'armor' is now 'armor aegis' so it doesn't conflict with consecrate armor. It will remain aliased to 'armor' when casting for the indefinite future, much like force shield with 'shield'. The warrior dragon lore skill group has been dissolved, since the dragon lore skill was already dependent on defensive fighting and was technically part of the fighting style skillgroup already. The necromancer cadaver skill tree has been merged with the undead skill tree, with undead lore now dependent on corpsecutter. The druid salve brew tree has been combined with druid tonics, with brew salve being dependent on brew infusion. Cleric is now the only class with more than 8 non-obscure spellgroups. ---- Jul 16, 23 [3122] From Draak: Aetherstone can now be worked as a lapidary gem, and mined as an uncommon mineral on angelic planes. Fixed up some issues with lapidary inlay. Special attacks like lunge or flourish will now show elemental damage types. To toggle this on, use 'set edamagestrings'. This will become the default option once we determine that it works with Mush-z, or when Mush-z is updated to accomodate it. If you know unarmed combat, your unarmed attacks will have more varied strings. If you area wearing gloves with a damage types such as slash or claw, this will not work, but extended damage types such as fire or ice will. Some types of strikes will do bonus damage. (bovine channel) A few skill/spellgroup changes: The warrior shield skillgroup has been grafted into weapon handling, with shield handling dependent on parry. The skillgroup only consisted of two skills. The cleric divine wrath spellgroup has been moved into divine tribulations, with faerie fire now dependent on afflict. Revocation was moved to waypoint spellgroup, dependent on word of recall. We will be doing a handful more skill/spell group merging in the near future, with the goal of each class having 8 skill/spell trees, not counting obscure spells. ---- Jul 08, 23 [3120] From Draak: Fished a bug out of tasks that wasn't counting fishing derby participation properly. (Sarai) You can now bloodcast deathly sleep and candle. The movement drain from the fatigue and exhaustion spells can be reduced by high constitution. The vigor spell helps enhance this effect. (Morpheus) The afflict curse now interacts with fatigue and exhaustion as it does with the other inflict spells. ---- Jul 02, 23 [3118] From Draak: Fixed a couple display and completion bugs with tasks. Fixed a bug with bloodcasting some of the wrong spells. If you bloodcast a damaging spell with foulblood, rancid flesh or dying breath up, it will alter the damage type of the spell. See the help page for more information. Coldfire now follows the same convention as spectral hand and spectral claw, ignoring immunity and doing half normal damage to ice creatures. ---- Jun 25, 23 [3115] From Shadowfax: Add 'pass to room' and 'bump to room' options to door edit context, allowing mortal builders to actually set them. From Draak: Help page keyword cleanups for a couple of spells. Mobs being moved between event zones should longer be put in the moved fame log (this is not retroactive). New level 22 necromancer skill 'bloodcasting'. Tasks are now online! Tasks are a checklist of things you can do, such as gain a profession point, milk an animal or complete a daily job. Once you complete 5 tasks, you will earn a second daily gift! For more information see 'task help'. ---- Jun 18, 23 [3113] From Draak: Newbie channel level connection raised to level 30 so more people can be available to help. From Shadowfax: Add 'pass to room' and 'bump to room' strings for doors. Mortal builders can set these by using 'set door ptr' and 'set door btr', respectively. Note that these will not display if the character passing through or bumping into the door is sneaking. (Blaid) From Brak: Continued internal cleanup of action code. If you happen to notice any weirdness with actions not working as intended mudmail Brak. ---- Jun 10, 23 [3111] From Shadowfax: Update 'news social' command. (Morpheus) From Draak: Inlaying lapidary material should no longer trigger false negatives from the appraise checker. (Eggweard) Fixes to the Primordial Chaos generator. Mostly invisible mapping fixes, but some new lines for room long description have been added. A special new Chaos material has been to added to a certain extraplanar goblin as well... ---- Jun 04, 23 [3109] From Draak: Fixed a display bug in help page skill and spell metadata. Fixed the gold rewards for smithing jobs. They should now work as advertised. Reseting your character should also reset guild requirements for jobs and mastercrafts. Woodcrafted jobs will now drop hints about how to gather long, skinny pieces of wood when long, lightweight items are requested. (Potato) You can no longer milk animals that are much lower level than you. Radiant orbs and sunbeam have been updated. These spells will do extra damage (not as much as with shadow/undead) to targets under the effect of a censure demon curse. Casting them while you have a continual light spell active causes the orbs or beam to emit from the ball of light. This gives the spells a modest boost in level and thus damage. (Shadowfax) ---- May 28, 23 [3108] From Shadowfax: Modernized the newbie survery to include current mud listings and social media. Made the password fail message (for non-dclient users) clearer on how to recover your password using in-game 'account' command. From Draak: Found a couple bugs that were preventing ship encounters from working. Prepared to be boarded, yarr! (Druidia) Fixed a bug in help files that was innacurately displaying certain spells such as thorn armor being castable on others when they are not. (Stoney) Hue now works on crystal spears and crystal shields. Permanently hue-able items now have colored inventory strings. You can now add orbs to forged scepters! (Deadinator) Vampiric vines receive a boost to healing when attacking bleeding targets. Some changes to how certain spells interact with SHADOW creatures. Druid light-based spells should do extra damage as advertised, while rorshach cheers them up. Graft undead now gives bonuses to hitroll/damroll/armor based on a wider range of stats. Grafted undead should also keep their bonuses if they relevel now. Forged weapon jobs should now give you gold to match the minimum weight needed to forge the weapon's main component rather than the finished weight. This will prevent gold losses when weapons are stripped of weight to match the forger's strength during assembly. (Eggweard) Bloom has been moved from level 17 druid to level 22 druid. Entangling roots has been changed from level 22 druid to level 17 druid. This is so you actually have a minion you can cast bloom on when you first learn the spell. A few spells have been renamed. Control animal is now dominate animal, control undead is now enslave undead and control demon is now pledge demon. This should prevent wires from getting crossed in the spell parser, and make it easier to look up each spell in the help pages. Special thanks to all who participated in the brainstorming for new names. ---- May 14, 23 [3106] From Draak: Lapidary check will now be more specific when checking minerals that can be made into gemstones/jewelry but not into lapidary objects (Absolute). When attempting to meditate, it will check to see if you are poisoned, afflicted with acid or have meditated recently before checking to see if you are resting. (Godselevator) The druid thistles spell now has a short duration on targets. It slightly lowers hit point regeneration, and makes the target less able to resist entangling roots. The mana cost has been raised from 5 to 6. Changes to the Cartographer's Guild skills: Swimming is now an independent skill that costs one practice. If you already know swimming, you will not lose it. It may take a day or two to get it back on trainers around the game. A new Grandmaster skill has been added: trailblazer This skill automatically reduces movement costs when you are grouped with with other players and moving through wilderness without trails or roads. Forester is now Apprentice rank. Climbing is now Journeyman rank Spelunking is now Adept rank. Mountaineering is now Expert rank. Extremophile is now Master rank. If you have previously gained any of these skills, you will not lose them. If you are a Grandmaster in the Cartographer's Guild already, you should be able to learn trailblazer at a high level guildmaster at no cost. ---- May 07, 23 [3103] From Draak: A few common terrain types have had their move costs reduced further. Trails and roads now have a more pronounced reduction of movement costs. Trying to add feathers to mastercrafted ammo should no longer cause warnings (Deadinator) Trying to sell bound equipment now shows a more explicit warning. (Dassein) Graft undead buffs are bit stronger now. The demoralizing effect of coldfire is a bit stronger now. ---- Apr 30, 23 [3101] From Draak: New forged bladed weapons based on the kris blade: kalis, keris panjang You have a chance to see weaknesses on creatures even if you don't know monster lore. You can no longer list KEEP flagged items in player shops. (Morpheus) New quest gate in newbie zones to help teach players about damage types, creature types and consider command. (Uicli) You can now relabel scrolls as you can potions. (Peregrin) ---- Apr 22, 23 [3099] From Draak: Oops, Draak forgot the grey and lilac stone in Thalos. Its lepidolite now. The saving spell affect of afflict was bumped up slightly, so it will show up on consider, most of the time... Metallurgy enhance check will now see if an object's stats are full. (Uicli) You can no longer use charm person while possessing a mob. Grenade damage raised slightly. The help page for grenade recipes now describes what each type of grenade does. Some have extra effects now, such as shadow blade bombs doing extra damage to shadow mobs. Grenades that have effects such as burning, bleeding or chilling have a much higher chance to inflict their debuffs on opponents that are not alert. ---- Apr 16, 23 [3096] From Draak: The check command will now give more information about guild skills that it recommends. (Uicli) Minions no longer show class letters in group. I've seen several new players ask about this since the beginning of the year. Fished a bug out of woodcraft that was setting all weapons to average speed. Also improved some functionality with appraise. (Uicli) Smith armor and weapon jobs should no longer ask for rarer metals such as orichalcum or ziff at lower levels. (Uicli) The stones founda round Old Thalos have been assimilated as mining/lapidary stones: a deep red stone - friedelite a pink and green stone - zoisite a teal stone - mtorolite a periwinkle stone - jeremjevite a dark burgundy stone - binghamite a shimmering opal - menilite a citron - crocoite (FYI citron is a fruit and we already have citrine) a fiery bloodstone - addlebrookite Raw amber already is already used in mining and houndstooth stone sounds cool so I kept the name. These will load in Old Thalos and there will be deposits in the mines beneath it. A few have also been added to the general mining table. ---- Apr 08, 23 [3094] It's Dentin's birthday. From Shadowfax: Prevent accidental repeats of valor when it won't help anymore. From Draak: Fixed error with objects and 'put all.<thing>'. *Hagrid voice* 'Sorry 'bout that.' Haberdashers Guild advancement requirements lowered. When splitting off specific amounts from objects, the amount you split off is sent in the corresponding string. (Mink) Trivia contests about spell prerequisites should no longer contain secondary prerequisites as 'incorrect' answers. (Eggweard) Cooking recipe long descriptions should be a little more grammatically correct. A new debuff effect has been added for monstrous spiders and similar creatures to inflict: webbing! This debuff is fairly minor, see the help page for details. ---- Apr 01, 23 [3091] From Valront: Steal and pickpocket string updates to give slightly more information. Containers that contain keep flagged objects will now give additional warnings when dropped with -force. From Brak: Tensors now have a standardized size and capacity which should be large enough to contain most items. (Morpheus) (Sizes chosen by Dentin) Add an autogenerated footer to the battle tactics help page to list all the skills that can be used in a combination. From Draak: Cleanup with NOPUT and 'put all.<item> <container>'. (Nell) New channel cast runes: Unnud, Stupt. The 'control' command with no arguments will now show your available control points even if you have no minions. (Mewo) Pussybows are now pussbows so they don't get caught in the swear filter. Moulinet bleeding damage is now more stable, and text has been added to the help page to make its functionality more clear. (Tribe) Clean-up to mining deposit names for rare minerals that are found only in certain locations. From Draak and Shadowfax: Campfires now have an ambient sound on the dclient. FYI you can't hear it if its windy, though. From Shadowfax: New and updated sounds for MSP/dclient, including: Proper gunshots. New combat music starter sting. Start/stop sounds for sneaking. A couple new music tracks, including one for Thalos. ---- Mar 19, 23 [3089] Fix function key alias saving bug. Also fix a similar bug in achievements. From Shadowfax: High contrast mode will now properly re-enable after reconnecting. A ground string within a team arena will now show the target's team instead of the looker's team, and minions will no longer display a team. From Draak: New lapidary/mining stone: fox-eye, courtesy of Morpheus. Changes to tailoring. There is now a delay similar, but not nearly as long, as other crafts. You can now add tailored ribbons to tailored/leathercrafted hats in place of a feather (i.e. one or the other, but not both). New tailored items: blouse, tunic, pussybow, partlet, leotard, tutu, tights. Draak was inspired by ballet and the theater this week. Builders now have the option to have clothing drop as random loot or on shopkeepers. Expect some closets, wardrobes and dressers to start filling up. ---- Mar 11, 23 [3086] From Draak: New option for area listings: coordinates. The syntax is as follows: area coordinates [level] You can no longer to cast crystal coat on containers and liquid containers. This is to prevent uncommon but weird weight bugs. Certain shopkeepers are being updated with new code to create quasi-random potions, scrolls and jewelry. ---- Mar 05, 23 [3084] From Draak: New leathercrafted armor: harness New forged weapon: thresher The crushing bite attack from called druid hyenas now has a minor debuff effect on skeletons. Fixed up a few bugs/typos in disrupt magic/elemental collapse. (Ezechar) Fixed a bug in trivia contests that allowed BOGUS to display as an option for god favored compositions. Jobs that send you after mobs should respect planar restrictions just like object jobs. (Morpheus) When failing to practice a skill/spell due to a stat being too low, the failure message will now include the skill/spell name. (Godelevator) New channel cast rune: Marr, Gark Gark has the old functionality of Arkug. Arkug now drains forage from a room to do extra damage to entangled mobs. It will not work in rooms without forage. Some runes like Xix, Nar and Luam's side effects are now more or less pronounced depending on the level of the spell you channel cast. Channel casting has been bumped up 1 more mana. This is to compensate for both the reduced cost of mage spells and the increased versatility from added runes. No further increases are planned, though more runes are in the works. ---- Feb 25, 23 [3082] From Draak: New channel cast runes: Dunn, Xix Fixed a typo in the audio handlers that was making the dclient's wetland ambient track too lound. (Nell) Instead of big rooms costing twice the movement as small rooms, small rooms now cost half the movement of big rooms. Also lowered the move cost for a few terrains, including MARSH, WATER and SANDY. Move costs for LAVA terrain has been increased, because its freaking lava. (Xedoc) ---- Feb 19, 23 [3081] Fix bug with not-saving aliases on newbie characters. From Valront: Poison Cloud, Choking Cloud, and Advanced Poisons are now professions. The 'where group' command will now show the name of the area missing players are in, if they are not in the same zone as the group. From Draak: Found and fixed a crash bug in scrapping! (Pylus) New forged ceremonial weapon: scepter. These are mostly just for looks, for now... Low level players that do not have the sneak skill but accidently turn it on will now receive occassional warnings when moving about. Sleeping by a campfire will shorten the time it takes to get sharp. Locate object should now give correct information about mined fossil-type spellcomps. (Ezechar) Meditate fuzzy edge cutoff is now even fuzzier. (Lexie) New heraldic beast: sea monkey Changes to messages for hitting composite limits when adding to equipment that has no stats. (Eggweard) Channel casting now costs exactly 1 mana more. Woodcrafted canes are no longer type WEAPON, and will not be given high dierolls. There were too many composite issues to properly balance them, and many ended up with disappointing results. Hopefully this refactoring will make them more useful as held objects. New channel cast runes: Char, Ciru, Faru, Nar, Pil, Urst, Zeki The runes Stal and Plat now have different outcomes. Rava rune now interacts with bleeding and requires knowledge of blood sacrifice, while Urst rune has the previous functionality of Rava. ---- Feb 12, 23 [3080] Massive internal rewrite of aliases and alias setting. It should now be possible to use the 'alias j=k' format to set a single line alias without entering a long description. From Brak: Remove infrashort setting and allow Infravision to display both short and long descriptions at the same time. From Draak: New leathercrafted item: cestus. These are low ac leather wraps for the hands. (Taurus) Different forged helmets now have more diverse effects. Also fixed a bug with breathsave on frogmouth helms. If you halve or quarter wood into pieces that weight 1 pound, the resulting pieces will not be longer than 24 inches. This should make it impossible to split wood into pieces that are unusable. (Morpheus) ---- Feb 11, 23 [3078] From Shadowfax: Add failure string when looking at the moon and not finding it. Fix instances command column misalignment. Reduce resistance of mortally wounded mobs to soulsteal. Allow spirit hammers to be cast as poison damage type. Add team option to pk arenas. From Draak: New sounds for the special double exp modes. Many thanks to the lovely Capitolina for gracing us with her voice once again. New channel cast rune: Enti Fixed a bug with being able to practice multiple attacks even if you have no practices. (Brucelee) Jobs should no longer send high level players to low-level extraplanar areas. When using survey in Primodrial Chaos, you will get a message indicating the direction of the entry Font. The message for plucking multiple feathers from a corpse has been condensed onto one line. Shield is now force shield to avoid issues with scribing scrolls and other naming conflicts. (Myst or Shryth, not totally clear) Detect magic can detect places that have special teleport restrictions. Fixed a bug that was allowing soulsmithed jewlery to have an additional stone added to it. If your opponent is unbalanced, warrior kicks have a chance to knock them down. A few thief skills have been tweaked to increase their odds of hitting and doing a bit more damage. You can no longer feint opponents you cannot see. (Lexie) Warrior power attacks should be somewhat more potent (extra hitroll), especially if the target is stunned, prone or low on health, and to a lesser extent if they are nauseated, dazed or unbalanced. This is an attempt to boost warrior damage in the face of nonorm dents, feedback is welcome. The survey mining message for custom mineral deposits will now give some idea of how likely you are to find the mineral. This is dependent on your mining skill proficiency - very low chances to find a mineral may not show up if your mining skill is not high enough. ---- Jan 28, 23 [3075] From Brak: Summon demon corpse retrieval now works cross sector but not cross plane which should now be consistant with the help file and how it was supposed to work. (Ciella) From Draak: Woodcraft check without any arguments will now show '(rare)' after rare types of wood. (Spike) Free spirit is no longer scribeable. (Morpheus) The uncastable 'enchant weapon' is now 'empower weapon' and has a help page. Bone marrow from harvest bone and any spellcomp made from blood can now be used by Gisco's Gib Grenade. (Ciella) Thrust can unbalance opponents on a successful hit, not just misses. Various minor fixes to crafting skills. You can now add crafted masks to southern-style forged helmets such as hanburis and kabutos with 'forge enhance mengu'. This requires knowing the 'forge kozane and nihonto' skill. Gather wood no longer shows spammy messages about what druidic items wood can carved into. Instead, a new option, 'carve check' has been added to see what items you are carrying can be carved into totems, weapons, fetishes or spellstaffs. (consensus of lots of people on bovine) NOTE: this does not check if you can add runes. This would require some fairly substantial changes to the carving code. The 'set' command with no arguments will show a LOT more settings, such as shortid, autocompare, autocraftid, combat message mode, no gift lootcrate and more! This is also shown with 'show settings'. The help menu for 'set' has also been broken down into categories and alphabetized to make it more readable. ---- Jan 22, 23 [3074] From Brak: Double exp notifications now send to only those connected to the event channel, giving players the option to toggle them off. (Draak) Double exp countdown messages have been removed to reduce spam. ---- Jan 16, 23 [3072] From Draak: Fixed 'where guildmaster' to be consistent when 'where' tells you there are guildmasters nearby. (Shryth, Lexie) Fixed a bug with woodcraft tower/kite shiled ac not being added properly. (Ivey) From Brak: Modify double exp starting strings so Mush-Z sounds trigger. (Xera) ---- Jan 14, 23 [3071] From Draak: Added 'shadow show' to display your shadow exposure, mirroring 'show shadow'. Randomly generated jewelry has a small chance to have a gemstone already mounted to it. Shopkeeper lapidary services have been expanded. A shopkeeper that can carve lapidary materials into gemstones can now mount gemstones to jewelry and other appropriate items. This has a nominal gold cost based on the level of the base item. You can put quests on hold with 'quest hold'. A quest that is on hold will not show up in your quest list. You can still advance and complete quests on your held list. You can see quests you on hold with 'quest hold show'. ---- Jan 08, 23 [3068] From Draak: You can no longer auction CURSE-flagged items. You can no longer put KEEP-flagged items into clan storage. (Mink) New base metal: cobalt New alloy: platina, forged from platinum and cobalt Added keyword 'rare' to craft labeling. GLASS composition will now show as GLASS/CERAMIC, since glassware and pottery have many similar characteristics. Sickening touch no longer does lingering damage to players, but they take higher initial damage. (Dizzy) Fished out a bug in the new player long description generator that was setting player longs too early in the creation process, before all the relevant features were set. On related note, your long long description should now also update if you use a sexchange potions. Draak is updating the woodcrafting table and code to make it easier to work with internally and to prep for randomly generated wooden tableware drops for builders. A few of the lesser-used items will have new wear locations or object types, but most everything should remain the same if he did it right. From Brak: Double experience is now a proper system event. This means that there is now a 10 minute warning before it starts giving players and groups time to moblize. Also, double experience should now trigger more often during the holidays. ---- Jan 01, 23 [3066] From Brak: Improve 'credit buy favor' so it gives more mana per credit and is hopefully more useful. Slightly lower explorer point requirements to advance in the cartographers guild. Total inventory weight can now be shown with 'inv -weight -total' (Lexie) The inventory weight switch now sorts from heaviest to lightest. To see what switches are currently available type 'inventory -help' ---- Dec 17, 22 [3063] Remove the 'communications port' from the server. This ancient feature was only used by a very small number of people and caused a lot of internal complexity in the code that made sockets more difficult to generalize. From Draak: Spell/skill list <level> will now label guild skills. Grenadier should now improve when you throw grenades. (Ragtime) New wood trait: luminous. Items made from wood with this trait will glow. Both new wood types area luminous. Random metal drops and metal metal supply crates may now contain a limited selection of alloys. New wood types: sacredheart, found on angelic planes candlewood, exclusive to the Candlewood Valley There have been some internal changes to how metallurgy objects are created that should be transparent to players. However if you notice something weird when forging, let Draak know. These changes will allow builders to have random treasure drops of forged jewelry and tableware. ---- Dec 11, 22 [3062] From Brak: New 'show gift' command. From Draak: New hairstyles: tonsure, glib, cornrows, flattop, queue New cheeks: chiseled Disrupt magic should now work correctly. New Thirsty Thursday challenge: get a tattoo! Tattoos should now be somewhat cheaper. There are now tattoo artists in many cities around the game. Thanks to Morpheus for helping set them up. There are now periodic double crafting experience events. (Eggweard) Like the other double exp events, you can purchase these with credits. Diseases can alter your complexion and eye appearance! The original features are restored when the disease is cured. The symptoms of some diseases have changed a little. If you have no access to poison curing magic, sleeping for extended periods can (eventually) cure diseases. A few active spells strings were slightly altered to avoid conflicting descriptions of skin tone, such as stone skin and sundrinker. We were originally thinking of making spells change your long descriptions skin color, but decided it was more useful to leave them as spell strings so they could be viewed on their own with 'look <character> -spells'. ---- Dec 04, 22 [3061] From Draak: Collapse elemental lowered to from level 31 mage to level 30. Several obscure mage spells changed level to spread them out more. ---- Dec 03, 22 [3060] From Draak: Added 'show description', for seeing your long description without anything else. Creatures without faces should no longer have looks of terror crossing their face when hit with fear effects on account of not having a face. New heraldric image: wings Added some new skin colors that will not show up randomly, but can be chosen with 'set desc' similar to certain hair colors. Fixed an issue with female characters getting beards on creation. Now nobody gets a beard by default. If you want a beard, you must use 'set desc facialhair'. If you want to be a bearded lady, the game will not stop you. Added three new switches for the look command: - description: see only a character's long description - tattoos: see only a character's tattoos - condition: see only a character's health condition New level 31 mage skill: elemental collapse New level 39 mage spell: disrupt magic Elemental collapse causes fire, ice, lightning and crystal elementals destroyed by dispel magic to collapse into essence, which can be used as a spellcomp. Disrupt magic attempts to isolate and destroy spells on a target one at a time, causing damage as each spell is disrupted. From Brak and Draak: New mob service: tattoo artist Mobs with this service can ink tattoos on your body using the 'buy service tattoo <bodypart> <tattoo>' command. Instead of a tattoo name, you can substitute 'random' to get a random tattoo on the chosen body part. You can list available tattoos with 'buy service tattoo list'. This feature must be added to mobs manually, so please us time to integrate tattoo artists into the world. You can remove an existing tattoo for a modest fee with 'buy service tattoo <bodypart> remove'. Tattoos are derived from heraldry code. For right now, only basic charges can be made into tattoos. We may or may not do auras and features. We will be adding more to do with tattoos, including options for holy symbol and clan tattoos. ---- Nov 20, 22 [3058] From Draak: You can no longer delete clan rooms that contain workshops such as forges and tailorshops. Debugging of new mtype damage code, including adding caps to avoid mobs with total immunities. You can no longer give gold to minions. If a minion is killed, the gold is obliterated, and nobody wants that. You can now add grips to lapidary clubs. Distraction levels should now show up on case for shopkeepers. (Dex) The navigate command can now be used by anyone in a ship. Sea navigation has changed to the extremophile skill, which reduces movement costs through difficult terrains ranging from ice to crystal to lava! Forest navigation renamed forester, to eliminate help page conflicts. The event channel will now flag itself listen-only during trivia contests. This has been tested and you can still answer questions and use other event commands, it just prevents sending. Fixed a bug with mastercraft exp that was stacking multipliers. Multipliers have been raised, but they won't be as high since they should not have been stacking to begin with. Two new southern-style weapons: jitte, tekkan. These are made with a new weapon part, the jitte blade. These are one-handed pounding weapons with guards, so they can have gemstones mounted to them. Ammunition created by the bone arrow spell only has a chance to gain the FRAGILE flag when used. Each should last 2-5 shots instead of 2. Higher quality ammunition has a reduced chance of being destroyed when used. For example, a mastercrafted arrow is less likely to be destroyed than an expertly crafted one. (Deadinator) ---- Nov 19, 22 [3057] From Draak: Due to persistant issues with certain players making long descriptions that purposely trigger other people's clients, Dentin asked that I unhook the ability to set long descriptions. This was done with great reluctance. In its place, 'set desc' now has a set of options for changing your features for autogenerated long descriptions, including eye color, hair, length, hair style, hair color, skin color, complexion, facial scars, facial hair and the shape of your nose, chin, cheeks and mouth. You can also randomize your long description. Eventualy, certain conditions, such as diseases, may temporarily alter aspects of your appearance. Special thanks to Capitolina for suggesting hairstyles and consulting for the hair features in general. If you had set a custom long description before, it will be preserved. You can change or randomize your features to generate a new long. You will be able revert it with the 'set description restore -force' command. ---- Nov 13, 22 [3055] From Draak: Added 'set nogiftlootcrate'. If you have nogiftlootcrate on, you will receive experience as a substitute for lootcrates for daily gifts. (Kliro) Fixed a bug with the hypothermic chilled condition being applied to mobs that should be immune, such as ice elementals. The exp for crafting mastercrafts has been dramatically increased, and crafting exp should be somewhat improved. You can no longer use 'event post' when a trivia game is in progress. This should help prevent people accidently giving away the answers to questions with the wrong command, while prompting them to use 'event answer'. (Recommended by literally everybody I asked.) Updates to the way resistances and vulnerabilities to basic damage types like blunt and pointed are displayed with consider. In addition some mob types have had their resistances adjusted and several mob types now have minor resistances/vulnerabilties they did not have before, such as amphibians being slightly vulnerable to slicing. See updated help pages about basic damage and creature types for more information. More creatures had vulnerabities added than resistances. ---- Nov 05, 22 [3054] From Draak: The level for staying connected to the newbie channel has been raised to 24. Bird-type mobs take extra damage from ranged attacks. This stacks with the extra damage to flying creatures. The winterkin tonic will kill campfire regeneration. Changes to crafting exp. Crafting exp is now routed through a single function so we can have double craft exp events. The ranges should be wider, and multipliers come into play when you create mastercrafts. ---- Oct 29, 22 [3053] From Draak: Job nearby should now accept categories of jobs such as 'delivery' or 'retrieval' like jobs find. (Ezechar) New woodcrafted item: greatclub. Woodcrafted quarterstaffs will have higher attack speeds, while greatclubs will be slower. You can now add handles to woodcrafted clubs and greatclubs. Entangled opponents may start bleeding when hit by storm of roses. Added 'show debuff', which will tell you if you are on fire, burned by acid, suffering from hypothermia, poisoned, nauseated, unbalanced, bleeding, dazed or stunned. If you knew forge nihonto, you now have a new level 8 thief skill: flick. This weapon-based attack doesn't do much damage, but can quickly daze and stun opponents if it hits multiple times in a row. ---- Oct 23, 22 [3051] From Brak: New 'summon demon pcorpse' option. This petitions a demon to retrieve your corpse for a purple soulstone. (Morpheus) New 'set runeinfo' option. This toggles the display of rune names and/or affects when looking, identifying or carving an object, and is intended to replace the unmaintained 'config runeinfo' option in Mush-Z which doesn't work properly. (Xera) From Draak: Mobs in melee combat are much less likely to dodge grenades. Keyword 'rare' added to craft label options. (Shryth) Minor changes to kicking strings when mortally wounded or hitting knocked over opponents. The level from channel casting the 'Tal' rune is now based on your total levels instead of a static value. Smelter jobs for the Smith Guilds now have a much lower chance of choosing metals such as manganese, tin, nickle and bismuth and a much, much greater chance of choosing lead, copper or iron. The forge kozane and forge nihonto skills have been folded into a single Smith Guild grandmaster skill: forge kozane and nihonto. Having them be separate skills didn't make much sense anymore. The practices you spent on 'forge nihonto' will shortly be applied to a new skill, so they aren't lost. The skinner skill has been folded into leathercraft. The leathercraft skill is now at apprentice rank in the Rangers Guild. The other skills have been reranked to match. The Rangers Guild rank level requirements have also been adjusted to better match the corresponding skills. If you knew the skinner skill, you now know flay animental. This is the Grandmaster skill of the Rangers Guild. When you skin an animal with the fire, ice, lightning or crystalline type, the skin has a chance to take on asborption effects correlating to the creature's type, i.e. fire asborption for a fire-type mob. This only applies to non-shelled, non-draconic creatures. Some minor changes to reduce skill/spell clumping at certain levels: Warrior skill last stand lowered from level 39 to level 37. Necromancer spell ironblood lowered from level 25 to level 24. Necromancer spell flesh beast lowered from level 13 to level 12. Necromancer spell bone prison raised from level 20 to level 21. Druid skill carve fetish raised from level 26 to level 27. Druid spell mesmerize animal raised from level 28 to level 29. Druid skill reduce decoction lowered from level 18 to level 16. Druid skill animal lore raised from level 13 to level 14. Druid skill call squirrel raised from level 12 to level 15. Cleric spell sacred touch lowered from level 11 to level 8. Cleric spell holy weapon raised from level 25 to level 26. Cleric skill waypoint lore raised from level 30 to level 31. ---- Oct 15, 22 [3049] Woocraft jobs should no longer ask for rotten wood types. (Morpheus) Hunter jobs should weigh much more heavily towards targets in solo zones. (Lokar) Tracked down an odd bug in with guild jobs returning bogus jobs if the proper skill isn't known. (Enochian) Trivia exp lowered a bit. New trivia questions about gods added, use the 'gods' command to find answers! Some changes to the trivia game format based on feedback, most notably the removal of 'locked in an answer' strings during the contest as it made replaying the channel to see questions very difficult. Trivia now records the names of everyone who scored at the end of each game and adds a list of participants to the news. The number of people that answered each question is displayed along with the answer. ---- Oct 08, 22 [3047] From Draak: New heraldic devices: cucumber, squash Shield block is now critical instead of important, and rescue is now important instead of critical. (Erg) Cry of victory helps prevent you from being stunned, though it does nothing if you are already stunned. Guild list guildmaster will show what area a guildmaster is in, if it is in a city-flagged zone. Many special features like floating rocks and gas vents in the Field of Fonts will yield dedicated deposits of rarer minerals and ores. New weekly event: trivia games! These will be held periodicaly throughout the day on Saturdays on the event channel. Use the 'event audio' command to answer multiple choice questions about Alter Aeon's spells, skills, areas and library books. A very special thanks to Draak's wife, Capitolina, for recording the new trivia game MSP sounds. ---- Oct 01, 22 [3046] From Draak: Smith jobs that ask for medallions should now complete. (Eggweard) Special adjectives have been added to craft naming for liquid containers (Ezechar) Color spray damage turned down to low. The center skill lags less and costs less movement. (Sirand) The method that meditate uses to determine if you have taken damage during your meditation has changed, and shouldn't trigger false positives with raw stat changes now. Hopefully. You can no longer meditate if you are poisoned. Some keyword cleanup for crafting: Leathcrafted caps are now skullcaps. Tailored phrygian caps now have the keyword 'cap'. Tailored mob caps are now mobcaps. Tailored jester's caps are now cockscombs. ---- Sep 25, 22 [3044] From Draak: New metallurgy item: medallions. These can have heraldry added to them, and can be attached to tailored ribbons. Forged medallion belts are now coin belts. Movement costs reduced slightly for light forest and thick forest terrains. More kinds of woods have been made rare. This should help make it easier to find rare woods. A high constitution will help you recover from hypothermia more quickly. The dclient inventory screen should now update glow, light and crystal flags when faerie fire, continual light and crystal coat spells are cast or wear off of carried objects. From Draak and Shadowfax: Changes to cleric favor display. Favor usage will now appear more linear. You will gain favor automatically in larger increments when your favor is low compared to when it is high. When your favor is very high, autofavor gain will slow. Meditate and jobs will fill in the gaps here. You will gain favor more quickly if you match the alignment and class of your god. There are no penalties for alignment or class mismatches, only bonuses for matches. ---- Sep 10, 22 [3043] Lower weightless merge limit from 200 pounds to 100. From Draak: New tailoring item: ribbon. Keep an eye on this one, I've got plans... Fished out a long-standing spacing bug with damage types in the help pages. You can use lapidary check on mined materials that cannot be crafted with lapidary to see if they are uncommon or not. Cetain hypothermia strings are now more explicit to help new players figure out what's going on. Tailoring guild jobs now require you to deliver the finished piece of clothing to a nearby mob instead of just turning it into the guildmaster. Light-based spells like colorspray and sunstorm do extra damage to SHADOW type creatures and vampires. You might notice some changes in the City of Fonts in preparation for the release of Primordial Chaos in November. Do not be alarmed. Spells that cost favor have had their strings adjusted, and if you are running low on favor, they will send a message when cast. Fixed issue with tailoring jobs not always registering a successful delivery. Be aware that an updated spell damage system is going in. You may see spell help pages with a Damage entry with various tiers (minor, low, moderate, high, massive). Spell damage will be roughly the same on a a spell-by-spell basis, we're just standardizing them so they can be displayed and spells can be compared more directly. ---- Sep 03, 22 [3042] From Draak: Dclient map will now display air rooms as pale gray so up/down exit markers are visible. Melt skill room strings are now filtered by spam extreme. You can now improve at saw lumber even when you break wood. (Lokar) Remains of campfires should now be a viable carbon source for forging, as advertised. (Miranda) ---- Aug 27, 22 [3041] From Draak: You can now appraise things you are wearing. Hurray! (Mink) Certain craft abilities will now update the dclient inventory screen properly. (Uicli, Sirand) Osage orange wood has been changed to bodark to avoid a possible issue with the two-word name. Bodark is just another name for the same tree. The better you know spell lore, the more spell auras you can discern with detect magic before being overwhelmed. ---- Aug 21, 22 [3039] From Draak: Added a few new thief-oriented gemstones to the mining and lapidary tables. Detect magic is no longer obscure, and is now level 9 mage instead of 12. Bitter and sharp tasting food will help you resist being stunned. Spicy foods will instead help you recover from being chilled. ---- Aug 13, 22 [3038] From Draak: New day and night ambient dclient tracks for forests. A few tweaks to crafting to help with mastercraft issues, specifically not sending a notification message and not triggering the achievement. More improvements to jobs displays, including location names for alchemist and assassin brew jobs and color standardization. The number of invigorate spells that can be put on a tincture is now dependent on the brewer's druid level. Shadow type mobs take less damage from shadow strike. The damage for impale has been increased, and some changes have been made to the damage type requirements, see 'help impale' for details. ---- Aug 06, 22 [3036] From Brak: Improve the odds of cartography jobs sending players to areas closer to the size of their group. (Morpheus) From Draak: The compare command should now work with lapidary gemstones. Foulblood now poisons any attackers that used edged damage types such as slash, clice, chop or claw, though it only nauseates biting attackers. Most gather and guild jobs will tell you what area the job is in. (Elsbeth) Meditate can no longer bring you to max favor. The favor from doing priest jobs has been increased. Survey should no longer give false positives for mining in city-flagged zones. Gather jobs will reject objects that have had their weight magically altered, such as from crystal coat or unburden spell. Detect magic now shows a LOT more detail about spells on mobs. The potency of using detect magic on a mob before dispel has been increased. Dispel magic cost raised to 18, since it is now more powerful. Knowing fire focusing, ice focusing, lightning focusing and crystal focusing will help you dispel fire, ice, lightning and earth-based spells. This stacks with the bonus you get for knowing the spell you're trying to dispel. ---- Jul 31, 22 [3034] From Brak: Smiths will no longer service weapons that have weight altering spells on them. (Asclepius) From Draak: Tailoring lag and movement costs have been standardized and applied to all uses of the skill. Woodcraft jobs will not give you very small projects if you do not yet know the saw lumber skill. Split wood will now have the keywood 'swood' instead of 'fwood' in its insult string. The amount of wood needed for woodcutter and rare wood gathering jobs has been lowered. From Valront: It will now be much more obvious if the reason your fear effect failed is because the target is under the influence of valor or bravery. The spell Lethargy now has an additional string sent to the caster when it fails to land. Added achievements for attaining the rank of grand master in guilds. If you've already achieved grand master use the 'guild advance' command at an appropriate guild master and you will get the achievement. ---- Jul 24, 22 [3033] From Draak: Fixed a bug with meditation and taking damage. You cannot become sharp while you have a disease like Chaos Sickness or Turkey Fever. ---- Jul 23, 22 [3031] From Brak: Limit banked experience to 5 billion. If you have over 5 billion banked please spend any excess as soon as you are able. (Dentin) From Draak: Tons of minor job fixes and updates, including broken woodcraft jobs. Command 'jobs find guild' should now accept guild names, also fixed display bug with guild names. Woodcrafting jobs will no longer ask for larger objects. Campfire regeneration is now calculated directly into player stats, so it will be part of show regen. It is also somewhat more potent. Lapidary check will now indicate if a mineral is uncommon, useful for prospector jobs. Changes to how caps are displayed in, and added 'show cap' command. Caps were never meant to be the end-all goal when killing mobs, and the new wording in both the commands and help files reflects this. Some reorganization to the wood gathering table. Most region-specific woods are now considered rare. Woodcraft check will indicate the region where woods are from. If you sleep long enough, you will feel sharp. Being sharp increases regeneration, helps you recover from shadow exposure faster and boosts exp gains for a short period. If you are feeling sharp, you have a higher chance of producing mastercrafts while crafting. New level 20 cleric kill: meditation This skill allows you to meditate while resting, communing with your god to regain favor in their sight. It has a limited duration based on your wisdom, and a cooldown between uses. See 'help meditate' for more information. ---- Jul 17, 22 [3030] From Draak: Favor costs reduced for all favor spells, mana costs also lowered. Woodcraft check will tell you more about where a particular kind of wood can be found. Misc job fixes and cleanup. Thanks to Dizzy, Runner, Ragtime, Lake and others for their patience and reports. Prospector jobs now require a specimen of at least 5 pounds. Cartographer jobs now use 'survey' instead of 'map', since survey is a cartographer skill. Sleeping players gain favor faster. ---- Jul 16, 22 [3028] From Shadowfax: In addition to 'condemnation' and petition skills, the following spells now cost favor to cast: 'resurrect', 'prayer for the dying', 'haven', 'solace', 'hallowed ground', 'ward alignment', 'holy weapon', and 'miraculous vestment'. From Valront: Added 'brag gamble'. From Draak: Lots of jobs cleanup and fixes. There's probably still some loose ends. If you find a bug, please let Draak know. New Lapidarists Guild job: prospector - prospect for and turn in a less common mineral. New job type: milkmaid. There probably won't be a lot of these. Woodcraft jobs now require an item to be made from a specific kind of wood, but they pay more. Wood gathering jobs now require less wood. Dispel magic now gains an advantage against spells the caster knows. For instance, if you know displacement, you will have an easier time dispelling it. Smith smelting jobs should now be more generous with what ingots they accept, and neither they nor ore jobs should send you after very rare metals such as cadmium or orichalcum. New Smiths Guild jobs: weaponsmith, armorsmith and jewerlysmith. These will require you to create a specific weapon, piece of jewelry or armor from a certain metal. ---- Jul 11, 22 [3027] From Draak: Various fixes to job code added yesterday, including price adjustments, fixed typos, squashed repitition bug and a better version of the Woodwrights wood gathering job. If you know woodcraft, gathering wood will send you a message when you find a rare wood type. ---- Jul 10, 22 [3024] From Draak: Fixed parsing error so the 'center' command should now work in combat. If have animal lore, demon lore, dragon lore or undead lore, consider will tell you whether or not a creature will eat meat and corpses. Costs of ophrey/enhance tailoring lowered. Fixed an issue that prevented characters with perfect tailoring skills from getting SAVING_COLD with velvet and wool clothing. A few tweaks to skirmish. Leadfoot makes it less effective, and mobs will be less likely to do massive damage. (Keiser) Hatmaking is now the first skill in the Haberdashers Guild, so that members can complete guild jobs at novice rank. If you turn in a mastercrafted item to complete a guild job, such as a mastercrafted gemstone for the Lapidarists Guild, you will receive a bigger payout. Changes to guild jobs and advancements: certain jobs have been converted into guild jobs, and a few new guild jobs have been added. Guildmasters that give jobs will assign you one randomly. Fewer mastercrafts are required to advance in guilds, but jobs will now be required. Weapons and armor created by forge ninhonto and forge kozane, respectively, have a slightly higher chance of producing mastercrafts. Forged platters and plates should now be containers as intended. Also, you should be able to add heraldry to forged containers. (Khonshu) Forging new items requires an exact word match, to prevent conflicts between certain items. Broken forging with carbon bug fixed. It was WEIRD. ---- Jun 17, 22 [3023] From Shadowfax: Fix deva of magic's departure strings. Standardize gods' colors and color names. Shadow gods will yield darker colored spells/effects. ---- Jun 12, 22 [3020] From Draak: Metallurgy inlay should now work with dragonscale rings again. New woodcrafted weapon: lance (Hawana) It should now be a bit easier to create mastercrafted woodcraft objects when using rare types. Tweaks to mob hitpoints settings, so that aggro mobs should be slightly stronger at very high levels. This should help some with solo exp. The composition HIDE is now called SKIN, to avoid conflicts with the HIDE effect. Silver, gold, platinum and various jewelry alloys are higher difficulty, however if you know forge jewelry, your odds of failing with them are lower. In other words, you are more likely to create mastercrafts using them without the corresponding increase in failure rates. ---- Jun 05, 22 [3019] From Draak: The dclient now only has one general combat track, but certain areas can have unique combat tracks. You cannot smell while underwater unless you have waterbreathing up. Related - changes to smell string. When failing to buy object service due to lack of funds, it will now tell you how much it will cost. (Ripclaw) The syntax for designating crafting level is now slightly more forgiving. Metallurgy list items now shows which items are cast in molds and which are hammered. Items from molds are very unlikely to produce mastercrafts. Updated the consider command and the dispel magic help page to give to accurately reflect the relationship between MAGICAL creatures, dispel magic and magical damage. Some updates and additions to consider, including some missing dragonbreath types. ---- May 28, 22 [3016] From Brak: Display total to next level percentage with show/brag cheapest. Reduce the explorer point requirement for each rank of the Cartographers Guild. Adjust the level of Cartographer Guild skills to more realistically line up with how many explorer points are available at each area level range. From Draak: Add better ats for preparing corpses to be raised. Changes to how mastercrafts are handled with metallurgy to make it easier to progress in the Smiths Guild. Buffed the hitroll, damroll and armor bonuses from graft undead. New credit buy option: credit buy clantailor (Morpheus), for adding a tailor shop to your clan area. ---- May 23, 22 [3015] From Draak: Fixed an issue with lapidary gems not transferring stats when mounted. Added a 'grind' option to lapidary grind stone skill, seperate from crushing ore. Grinding lapidary stones reduces their mass by one pound and their size by several inches. Adjustments to slist and guilds to hopefully make it work better. Guild list skills now properly displays skills from a guild when one is specified. ---- May 22, 22 [3014] From Brak: Learning guild skills up to 85% is free of practices. Anything above that will cost a practice. You can now lookup skills for a chosen guild by typing 'skill guild <name>' (Morpheus) Improve 'skill find <guild skill>' to list the names of the mobs who teach the skill. New 'show/brag guildrank <name>' command (Morpheus) You can now gain guild skills when ranking up. If this doesn't happen automatically for whatever reason don't worry you will still have the opportunity to learn the skill later on so no-one should ever miss out. ---- May 21, 22 [3012] From Brak: Fix bug in split which was causing uuids with numbers to be misidentified as spliting gold. (Asclepius) Casting the hue spell on tensors and crystal lights now permanently shifts their color and restrings them. From Draak: The frequency of archery contests and fishing derbies has been bumped up a little. Fixed a bug that let unscribeable spells to chained onto scrolls. (Ezechar) Reducing tonics that are much lower level than you should now fail less often. (Mink) Fixed a bug with lapidary that was interacting weirdly with metallurgy inlays, heraldry and adding lapidary stones to lapidary jewelry. Weapons of power must be of at least mastercraft quality for the sympathetic magic to work. Lore sources have been updated to reflect this. Adding fullers to crafted blades now increases the damroll with no speed increases. Whois now functions the same as profile. Use 'alts' to see people's alternate characters. (Saeed) ---- May 15, 22 [3011] From Shadowfax: New dclient music tracks for Caer Bre'en, Port Crimsonia, Ubar, Avalon, underwater ruins, Malitad Island, Vemarken and bone fortress. From Draak: Improvements to slist at guildmasters when you cannot learn from them. Attempted fix to the guilds dropping players for no good reason. Please let Draak know if there are further issues and under what circumstances. Special thanks to Morpheus for helping sort out and set a ton of guildmasters! Misc small crafting fixes and updates. Woodcraft should now be less prone to breaking. Let Draak know if it still seems out of line so he can check your stats. Costs for tailoring refactored. They should generally be cheaper, especially at high levels. Fixed a bug with that prevented binding items with tailoring. Tailored kilts should now be significantly cheaper to make. Tailor list fabric should now show fabric effects. Added 'guild list skills' to list guild skills. You can list all guild skills, or the skills from a specific guild. There has also been a few tweaks to the guild menu. Lapidary gems should no longer be created with stats that can't possibly transfer to objects. Related, the process for moving stats from lapidary gems to lapidary spangles and from spangles to crafted objects should now be more forgiving. A third option has been added for tanner: suede. By spending a profession point, hides and skin can be made into suede. Suede is more supple than untreated leather, but just as tough. Equipment made from suede tends to be higher quality than normal leather. ---- May 08, 22 [3010] From Brak: New 'set accountsync' command. Type 'help accountsync' for more details. ---- May 07, 22 [3008] From Draak: Weapons created with the 'carve weapon' skill now have the magic extended damage type. Mage enchant fire, enchant ice and enchant lighting skills now have a secondary prerequisite of forge simple weapon. Cleaned up a few strings and typos related to guild commands and skills. Added 'show guild' option to show. A new joinable Lapidarists Guild added, for lapidary skills. This includes mining, lapidary and gemcutter. It also includes four new skills: grind stone, polish gem, spangler and diamantaire. Grind stone encompasses the split stone and grind ore abilities from lapidary into its own skill, with a few tweaks. Polish gem allows you to spend gold to improve the stats of a finished gemstone, with a chance of breaking it. Spangler allows you to split a finished gemstone into numerous small beads a.k.a. spangles. These can be added to leathercrafted armor and tailored clothing. They generally are not as powerful as gemstones, and there is a risk of destroying the gemstone when attmepting to split it. Diamantaire lowers the chances of breaking very hard gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds when splitting, spangling, polishing or working with them as raw materials. A new joinable Haberdashery Guild added, for tailoring skills. This includes tailoring, hatmaker, kiltmaker and livery. It also includes three new skills: haute couture, shabby chic and orphrey. Haute couture adds two new tailoring options: fringe for moveregen and lace for manaregen. Shabby chic gives a chance of increased quality for clothing crafted from lower end fabrics such as burlap, help and wool. Orphrey adds a new tailoring option that enhances the stats of crafted clothing. Making tailored hats, kilts and livery must now be done in a tailor shop instead of just anywhere in a city. These must be placed by builders and may take a few days to be added to the game. ---- May 04, 22 [3007] Add a 'null' socket filter. ---- Apr 23, 22 [3006] From Draak: New metallurgy items: handles, hafts Steel has been changed to a statless metal like zinc and adamantium. Craft label remove can be used to take labels off of objects. (Thaelis) Metallurgy, leathercraft, lapidary and woodcraft now use a unified handler for calculating the amount of effects are placed on crafted objects. Updates to how strings are handled by the leathercraft skill. This should all be behind-the-scenes, but if you encounter any weirdness with leathercrafting, let Draak know. A new joinable Rangers Guild has been added, for leathercrafting skills. It includes butchering, skinning, leathercraft, furrier and shellcraft, as well as two new skills: tanner and cobbler. A new joinable Woodwrights Guild has been added, for woodcrafting skills. This includes woodcraft, bowcraft and fletching, as well as four new skills: saw lumber, beadmaking, season wood and planar woodworking. Tanner splits off the ability to preserve and scrape hides into its own skill, while cobbler introduces a slate of new footwear for crafters to produce. Most pieces of footwear will have their own stat, visible on 'leathercraft list'. Saw wood allows you to quarter and halve wood, but also makes the wood lose its timer, and adds a new ability: - Whittling lets you gradually reduce the size and mass of a piece of wood. Beadmaking allows you to make wooden bead jewelry. Seasoning wood slightly increases its composite and increases the ac or protective stats of a woodcrafted item by drying it over a fire. Planar finish gives a chance for an object crafted from extraplanar woods to gain an ANTI_GOOD or ANTI_EVIL flag, depending on whether the wood is demonic or angelic. There will be some additional changes to crafting skills as we convert them to work with guilds. Abilities granted by some skills may be split into seperate skills, and a few brand new skills will be added. To accomodate changes to guild skills and crafting, the balance weapon and hone weapon warrior skills have been folded into forge simple weapon and forge blade, respectively. In their place, two new warrior skills have been added: - moulinet - a broad shallow cut with a bladed weapon that does low damage, but may cause bleeding. - center - a warrior can attempt to regain their footing when unbalanced. If you knew hone weapon, you will automatically gain moulinet. If you knew balance weapon, you will automatically gain center. You can still hone weapons if you know forge blade. You can still balance weapons if you know forge simple weapon. ---- Apr 17, 22 [3005] Achievements now reset on character reset. From Brak: Can now learn guild skills through the regular practice parser instead of 'guild learn' (Dentin) Guild skills now appear on slist and are teachable by guildmasters who meet the rank requirement instead of just grandmasters. From Draak: Stealthy minions like vipers, vampires and panthers should now be sneakier. You can no longer hide while you are on fire. (Alki) Improvements in the music engine and handling of combat tracks. Combat tracks should drop faster when combat ends and should continue playing if groupmates in the same room are in melee. (Shadowfax) ---- Apr 10, 22 [3003] From Shadowfax: Dclient music tracks for Arcadia and Darcadia. From Draak: Fixed a bug in spacing with relabeling potions. (Ezechar) ---- Apr 02, 22 [3001] From Draak: If you are kicked out of a clan, you will go to a recall close to your level, instead defaulting to the Unholy Temple of Dentin. (Jimmit) You can now empty one liquid container into another liquid container, if it is right of you to do so. (Mink) You can prevent bleeding with high saving normal, flaming with high saving fire, hypothermia with high saving cold, and nausea with high saving poison. From Brak: New 'skills guild' command to list all skills with a guild requirement. Skills listed here can be learnt free of practices by typing 'guild learn' at an appropriate grandmaster. New 'skills class <class> [level]' command. This provides a convenient way to list all skills and spells for a class highlighting which ones you do and don't know. ---- Mar 28, 22 [3000] Remove the '-achievement' option from the 'profile' command. This is needed to help with an internal cleanup to achievements. ---- Mar 27, 22 [2998] From Brak: Exclude throw dirt from some terrains that don't make sense such as swamps. The 'level cheapest' command will no longer level when classes are tied in cost. (valront) Change the syntax of 'guild findgm' to 'guild list masters' so it's less confusing. (draak) From Draak: The cleric skill healing touch is now considered critical to bring cleric critical practice totals in line with other skills. New forged metal: wind steel, an iron-mithril alloy Wetlands terrain (mire, marsh, swamp) now has a dclient track, courtesy of the toads and other wildlife at the Mazonia-Braidwood SFWA. Knowledge of the swimming skill has a more pronounced delay on drowning, but it is still not a substitute for waterbreathing. Enchant essence necromancer slots updated to hands and onbody, and help page updated. (Ragtime) Landslide now knocks over unbalanced opponents instead of stunned ones. Called electric eels now have mild damage reflection and chance to stun opponents, and the damage reflection for porcupines has been made more aggressive. The practice costs of a few thief skills were lowered so the class has fewer critical practices. A handful of non-critical thief skill practice costs were raised to balance this. Fixed a bug that was keeping perfected crafting from producing expertly crafted items. Knapping and tailoring were switched over to the universal quality calculations from thier own boutique systems, though they still respect stone diffculty and cloth quality, respectively. (Ragtime) ---- Mar 20, 22 [2996] There has been a massive rework to how pfiles are saved. In an ideal world, none of you would ever know the difference. Let us hope for that ideal world. From Draak: The message given by campfires is now slightly different if you are not resting or sleeping. (Morpheus) You can no longer doubly mutilate the remains of creatures with fleshbeast and boneguardian. They'll just be regular mutilated. (Deadinator) New wickercraft item: cornucopia From Lokar: Druidic salves have been changed. Instead of learning the individual salves as skills to increase the chances of brewing them, there are now three new skills that increase the odds of brewing groups of salves: olfactory salves, protective salves and biological salves. From Draak: The final change for brewing infusions/tinctures is now in place. You no longer learn the individual infusions as skills. New druid skills: reduce decoction, reduce tincture These skills modify existing brewed infusions, increasing their potency or adding additional benefits by heating over a fire or the addition of alcohol. NOTE: you will be automatically refunded practices at login from any salve or tincture skill you learned prior to the changes. ---- Mar 12, 22 [2994] From Draak: You can now call animals while resting, as nature intended! Reagent lore info should now show up on shortid. Added 'event answer' command for upcoming trivia contests. It doesn't do anything... yet. ---- Mar 06, 22 [2991] From Shadowfax: More music tracks for the dclient! From Draak: If nothing else, adding an arrowhead adds +1 hitroll and adding fletching adds +1 damroll to ammo, even if nothing else transfers. (Meyaa) The ground cleaner now targets food, ores, spellcomps and herbs outside of clan areas, because litterbugs won't clean up after gathering and mining. Skirmish now allocates targets properly. (Sov) Some shopkeepers may now be able to cut gemstones from raw materials... for a price. Improvements to buy services features. You can add gemstones to crafted jewelry as long as you know lapidary. The opals in the mines beneath Ubar have been divided into several different types and added to the mining and lapidary tables where appropriate. ---- Feb 27, 22 [2990] There's been a bunch of low level infrastructure changes. Hopefully nothing will break, and if everything goes well nobody will even notice. Add player name to shadow blades. This should allow players to do things like 'get all.-dentin' to pick up all of Dentin's shadow blades. Note that there is a preceding dash in front of the name, so that this can't be abused to clobber other objects on the ground. ---- Feb 26, 22 [2988] From Draak: Tweaks and improvements to the library topic system. Enchant essence and rune enchant costs lowered a bit. Enchant essence can add more than one cast/skill level to two-handed weapons and only two-handed weapons. Randomly generated wood in lootcrates and treasure hoards should no longer end up being too small to work with. (Absolute) Poison mushroom can nauseate targets. ---- Feb 21, 22 [2986] From Draak: If you bottle blood while you have foulblood active, your blood will produce antidote potions. Bottling blood is now much cheaper. New druidic wickercraft item: garland Wickercraft list now shows more detailed information. Wickercrafted items now last much longer. You can now look up books in the Great Library by topic. To see a list of topics, use 'library list topic'. Topics work with both 'library list' and 'library random'. Topics must be manually set by builders, so may take a week or two before everything has a topic. ---- Feb 20, 22 [2983] From Brak: Lower required rank on 'reinforce armor' from Expert to Apprentice. Increase crafting discount for Master and Grandmaster ranks. New 'guild findgms' sub command to list guild masters. There is now a small adminstration fee for advancing in a guild. On the plus side, certain skills are now free to learn inside the guild and no longer require practices. The only skill this currently applies to is 'reinforce armor' although more skills may be added in the future. Improving skills with profession points can now give more than a 1% skill boost. This is a lot more generous when you don't know the skill that well and gradually returns back to the usual 1% when you are very good at the skill. ---- Feb 13, 22 [2982] From Valront: Added %valign for prompts, this displays your alignment value rather than the name. ---- Feb 12, 22 [2979] From Draak: Priests have a lower chance of giving out almoner jobs, and they will ask for less. (Lokar) Creatures biting a character with the foulblood spell have a chance to be nauseated. Necromancer ghouls do extra damage to nauseated opponents instead of just poisoned ones. Mining (but not prospecting) has a chance to wake up sleeping mobs! Minions should gradually lose excess hipoints after events that would. change their levels, such as necromancers switching out of castlevel gear. Quest info active should now display your active quest info. (Xera) ---- Feb 05, 22 [2977] From Valront: When groupcasting curses you must now specify a target. (Xileno) Shadow Decoy now respects autounhide. (Sov) Flanking attacks should no longer involve group members that are nomelee. From Draak: Improvements to the dclient audio system to address recurrent issues. Shored up unbalance event handlers. All skinned hides and shells now have stats. Slow poison and ice shield now give some protection from nausea and burning, respectively. Added 'leathercraft scrape'. This allows leathercrafters to scrape a hide or shell, removing all stats. There is a chance of destroying the hide in the process, so be careful. Unified several failure checks in leathercraft. Smaller hides are now easier to work with than very large ones. ---- Jan 30, 22 [2976] Changes to the layout of the dclient hint buttons. From Draak: Tweaks to campfire regeneration. Minty and pine-flavored food can help you recover from nausea. Sour and pine-flavored food can help you recover from disease. ---- Jan 29, 22 [2973] From Draak: Tweaks to beta dclient music handlers to address a few playback issues. Campfire regen beefed up for sleeping characters, and it will send messages to let you know it is working. (Uicli) Campfires will slowly lessen the duration of the winterkin tincture. Adjusted mechanics for making knapped tools. They should have much less hitroll but lots of damroll. Faerie fire no longer increases the damage from flamestrike. Instead, it gives it a chance to light the target on fire. Timers increased for cooked dishes, fished fishes, butchered meats and foraged foods. (Uicli) Thief poison gas grenades can nauseate targets. Noxious cloud now nauseates targets and lowers movement regen instead of hitpoint regen. Added kxwt_precipitation, see 'help kxwt precipitation' for more information. You can use move/sound based socials while sneaking again. Socials and autounhide should work together better now. (Lokar) Purge blood's mana cost raised. Changes to how calories are handled in respect to food. Calories play a more integral part in how much health and movement is restored by food, both player made and dropped. This is capped at 2000 calories. Foods with more calories than this will be adjusted. In general, food will be more restorative. If you are nauseated, you can't drink as many potions, and food does not boost your regeneration (assuming you are able to eat at all). Poison antidote and remove poison will reduce the duration of nausea. If you are dazed or stunned, you can fail to activate scrolls, wands, and staves. This does not ruin scrolls or use charges, just lags you for a moment on failure. ---- Jan 23, 22 [2972] From Valront: Minion AoE damage reduction now starts low and scales up with minion level, maxing out at about 50% damage reduction at high level. ---- Jan 22, 22 [2971] From Draak: Hypothermic chilling will now send a string every so often where the target shivers. This drains a small amount of mana and movement. Updated melt handlers to work with new chill affect. (Lokar) Restructured handlers to fix a math bug in unbalance. This *should* fix people getting stuck with it. In theory. Vocal and movement-based socials cannot be used while hiding or sneaking. You can now add plucked feathers to knapped weapons. (Dotrieus) Tailored objects now have different weights dependent on their size and what kind of fabric they are made from (for example, silk items are lighter than cotton, while wool is heavier than cotton). ---- Jan 17, 22 [2969] From Draak: Added MSP sounds for bleeding and unbalanced conditions. (Asclepius) Tweaks and fixes to the unbalanced condition. Some lapidary materials have had their effects changed. Parry and shield block are more common and have replaced hitpoints on a number of them. Fletching ammo results in less randomized dierolls. The better you are at fletching, the higher number the dies the ammo will have. Chill touch and Tarrant's spectral hand add the same unified hypothermia condition to living creatures. Hypothermic opponents take penalties to strength and dexterity. Furthermore, they are more vulnerable to cold and normal damage. Spectral claw no longer chills opponents, but if used on a target with hypothermia, it can cause them to start bleeding. Thief frostring grenades and druidic called winter wolves have a chance of chilling opponents. FIRE and ICE creatures are immune to being chilled, FIRE and WATER creatures are immune to being set on fire such as from flameweb. ---- Jan 09, 22 [2967] From Draak: Minor fixes to active quests, including fixing a minor display issue with 'quest active'. (Deadintor) Bleeding opponents get poisoned from toxic damage faster. Bleeding opponents take extra damage from crippling strike. Minor bleeding effect added to claw rake attacks from called druidic mountain lions and panthers. Crystal lights are now spellcomps. Thief frag grenades can now use any spellcomp made from crystal or glass, as long as it doesn't have an affinity for lightning or fire. Thief frag grenades have a chance to cause minor bleeding. Fixed a bug in lapidary split with levels. (Lokar) Kaleidescope now works a little differently. Against opponents that are blinded (such as from the colorspray spell), they have a chance to be dazed. The demoralizing effect was removed. Several mechanics have been condensed to create the unbalanced condition. Unbalanced opponents have less effective hitroll and armor, and are easier to knock down. A higher dexterity allows you to recover your balance more quickly. Blobs cannot be unbalanced, and you are immune to being unbalanced for a short time after recovering your balance. Missing with certain abilities, such as leap attack, may cause you to be briefly unbalanced, while avoiding certain attacks such as thrust or resisting being knocked down from charge may also cause you to be unbalanced. As a rule of thumb, if a skill is used to unbalance or knock down an opponent, it cannot be used while you are unbalanced. Unbalancing has been added to or has replaced part of the mechanics of thrust, knockback, bash, trip, charge, leap attack, earthquake, shield slam, frostbite, gust, tempest, sandstorm and flamestrike. ---- Jan 03, 22 [2965] From Lexie: Added the gladiator social. From Draak: New obscure druid spell, 'fruitage', that makes fruits and berries restore more hitpoints when eaten. Ranged weapon attacks are now more effective against creatures with natural flight, such as birds, bats, giant wasps, many angels and winged dragons. Tweaks to socials. Charmed mobs will not be annoyed by social interactions, and animals will accept more intimate interactions from druids well-versed in animal magnetism. Added spam extreme to a bunch of events such as mobs and objects falling, and spellcasting spam flagging to hallowed ground room strings. (Wu) You can no longer survey or case when performing an action, such as crafting, healing touch or lockpicking. You can now have an active quest. Your active quest displays with 'quest active'. You can change your active quest using 'quest active <number>'. When you complete your active quest (or become unable to complete it), the next available quest in your list becomes your active quest, if any. In cities, 'where quest' will give you directions to the mob with the next stage of your active quest. Please mudmail Draak directly with any issues with active quests. Quests are complex and its likely he didn't think of every single failure scenario. ---- Dec 12, 21 [2963] From Dentin: Removed 'heil' social and replaced it with 'hail' (h-a-i-l) social, which is more of a 'Hail Caesar' Roman salute with a dash of Star Trek. From Brak: Fix bug that was causing players to get stuck when porting from the Chapel of Fonts, Purnima to waypoint 99. Fix bug that was causing a double error send when using survey while knapping. From Draak: Guards should now prevent players from sacrificing, burning or animating objects under their supervision. Soothe wounds no longer gives movement, but it can help prevent the subject from getting dazed or stunned. Reinforce armor gold costs lowered again. Fixed leadfoot strings when cast on self. (Deadinator) Also fixed up a few other cast on self string handlers for other curses. Restores now stop bleeding. A direct hit with a defoliate tonic will lessen the duration or outright strip a character of thorn armor, barkskin and sundrinker, in that order. The long-term room effect only hits thorn armor. ---- Dec 04, 21 [2962] From Draak: Vampire minions now only regain hitpoints while fighting bleeding opponents, but they gain more per hit. Shored up bleeding code to be more consistent. The stone skin salve makes you resistant to bleeding attacks. The level scaling on cleric healing spells should now be a bit more noticeable. If you know reagent lore, you can use a new command: brew check. Brew check lists all the spell components, herbs, food and liquid containers in your inventory. It will attempt to display any affinities the spellcomps have, dependent on your reagent lore knowledge. (Avalin) From Shadowfax: Damage reduction of assisting minions from area-of-effect damage is now inversely proportional to the level of the minion, starting at about 50% for level 1 and ending up at 20% reduction for level 30 minions. Smooth out a couple of trap related issues. Traps are reduced to 3/4 effective level only in solo areas below level 30, and level offsets of traps in autolevel zones are only clipped in group areas. Alignment restrictions on worshipping gods removed. You can choose to worship any god irregardless of preferred alignment, although converting will require more sacrifices if alignments conflict. You will no longer suffer favor penalties if your alignment doesn't match your chosen god's alignment, but you will not automatically gain favor and will have to work toward earning it. ---- Nov 27, 21 [2959] From Draak: You can use the peek skill while hiding, but it's easier to get caught! (Meyaa) Adjustments to how headshots with ranged weapons are handled. (Asclepius) Area heal exp dinged a bit. (Wu) Bull's Eye Boons awarded by the Turkey Shoot have been cut down to about an hour. Rejuvenate will restore more movement on fighting targets, mostly. (Wu) Tweaks to bleeding, such as from bloodletting stab, specifically the cleric heal spell will stop it and the necromancer spell bloodbond can stop it. Inflict suffering now causes bleeding similar to bloodletting stab, but it can be stopped by the same effects. ---- Nov 20, 21 [2956] From Brak: You can now address board posts to aadevs and mushzdevs. You can now type 'level cheapest' to choose to level your cheapest class. Add 'cheapestlevel' to list of show/brag options. Both 'show level' and 'level' will now display in descending level sequence. From Draak: New forged objects: broadhead, blunt-tip These variant arrowheads allow you to change arrow and bolt damage from piercing to slash or pound, respectively. Added help page for brewing spellgroup affinities. (Wu) ---- Nov 14, 21 [2953] From Valront: Made the strings from reagent lore a bit more vague to avoid confusion with scribe-only affinity spellcomps. (Malificent) Small bump on non-tank/non-protect minion area damage reduction. From Brak: Names of invisible clan members will now show up on cwho. From Draak: Fixed a bug with remaining capacity for liquid containers on shortid. New bespoke livery item: bloomers Tweaks to bloom, specifically shortening of regen cycles. You can no longer 'tell' while imprisoned, to match reply. (Lexie) Fixed an issue with spalted/rotten woodcrafted items and craft renaming. Added 'brew unguent list', for displaying all spells that can be prepared as unguents. (Nogaki) Being cursed prevents you from going pkok. Changed 'brew tincture' to 'brew infusion', in preparation for future tonic brewing skills. Tonic will be used a catch-all term for all druid brews that are not salves. Campfires not made by players will help with regeration and removing chill effects, but not quite as much as player-made fires. Campfires are harder to start and maintain in adverse weather, and they are washed away by floods. Their regeneration effect is somewhat stronger now, too. ---- Oct 30, 21 [2951] From Draak: Fixed issue with brewing cauldron borns. Various minor safety adjustments to the zombie plague. From Brak: Add new bacon social in memory of Colonel. (Xera) Apply cprefixes to all channels to support Mush-Z. (Asclepius) Note: any client devs that use cprefix will need to make sure that they create triggers to match on the new combinations. This includes special channels such as tells, whisper, clantell, grouptell etc. To ensure compatibility with this change it is strongly recommended that all Mush-Z users update to the latest versions. ---- Oct 23, 21 [2949] Tweaks to how fly affects movement costs going between rooms. From Draak: Permanent sundrinker items should now function properly. You can no longer add bound crafted objects to things, though you can add objects to bound items as normal. ---- Oct 17, 21 [2947] From Draak: Extended sight can be brewed as a tincture as well as a potion. New tailoring item: epaulettes, in rembrance of our fallen Colonel. Appraise strings for weapons will now reflect max weapon speed constraints. A few more minerals can now be made into cabochon gemstones, such as gneiss, granite and albite. Thief and warrior can essence enchant items worn on the waist. Druid fetishes and totems now have cast level by default. Druids can enchant essence items that are wielded, held or worn on the finger, wrist, body and feet, but only if they are not primarily made from metal. The hawkeye tincture is now awareness, which works differently than extended sight. Awareness sharpens your senses, making you better at searching, lockpicking and casing, as well as avoiding traps and stealthy attackers. It is mentally taxing and slightly lowers mana regen from the strain. As it is an altered mental state, you cannot have winterkin and awareness active at the same time. From Valront: Added three new mage achievements. The pk rank leaderboard (previously leaderboard 20) has been removed, please be aware that this has renumbered some other leaderboards. Fixed issue sometimes granting permanent increases to cast ability and dexterity. (Asteroid) ---- Oct 10, 21 [2944] From Draak: The Field of Fonts should be much more open than before. Agility, brawn and waterbreathing can now all be added to spellstaffs. Fixed event channel announcement spam bug, sorry about that. From Valront: Fixed issue causing clumsiness, lethargy and weaken combo with flamestrike causing permanent knock down effect. (Uicli) Added brag/show obscure. Fixed missing sounds in fatigue and exhaustion. From Brak: Searching now has a chance to show whether there is something left undiscovered. Fast Waking has been greatly expanded and renamed to vigilance. (See help page for more details) Various updates to traps to make them less of a burden to non-thief primaries including: Traps less likely to trigger from a failed disarm Easier to pass intelligence and thief disarm checks Sigificantly dial down damage and cap at the high end Make traps scale less in autolevel zones Automatically reduce the impact of traps in solo areas ---- Oct 03, 21 [2941] From Draak: Standardized the format of event announcement strings. (Asclepius) Incarnates and aspects will now forsake you immediately after you renounce your god. (Sophita) New channel cast rune: Nam Vampires now heal a little bit when hitting enemies that have blood and are not poisoend. All vampires do this, including vampire minions! Raised ghouls do more damage to poisoned opponents. The ground cleaning routines will now aggressively remove crafted objects since some people are litterbugs. Experimental change to the hitpoints of aggro mobs at higher levels that may need some tweaking. Fixed lapidary so that it works with coral again. (Malificent) You can now add studs or spike to woodcrafted clogs. CLACK-CLACK! Tailored clothing will now have the maker's name in their insult string. Attempt to remedy a corner-case issue with brew label and clasp of corruption. (Wu) Nonorm weapons are being dented a bit. (Lokar) Strings for casting famine on yourself should look better. Also, you don't get a saving throw if you cast famine on yourself, but curse ward can still kick in. (Deadinator) If you sober up in the middle of a Thirsty Thursday archery challenge, you should automatically leave the range, so you may want to bring some drinks along with you. (Malificent, Morpheus) Certain minions are now naturally better at sneaking. Help files have been updated to indicate which are sneaky. Some are sneakier than others, for example vampires are sneakier than ghouls. You can add leathercrafted sporrans to tailored kilts. This turns the kilt into a container (i.e. the sporran is functioning as a container still). Kilt stats should also be higher. Forged bars of metal now have an additional name in their keywords to make them easier to manage. Examples are 'pureiron' for iron, 'verdantmithril' for verdant mithril and soforth. (Asclepius) Spell reworks: Infravision is now level 8 fire spell dependent on burning hands. Maintaining spells is now level 9. Haste is now a lightning spell dependent on shocking grasp. Frost bite is now level 23 and undo is now level 22. Waterbreathing is now a druid spell, gills is now winterkin. Winterkin increases your mana regen when you are areas with low temperatures. Strength is now brawn and dexterity is now agility, and both are now druid spells in the animal spellgroup. Changes to spell names and classes will be grandfathered for at least a year to give time to adjust. ---- Sep 25, 21 [2940] From Valront: Lots of curses updated to give feedback to the caster when the curse lands and spam filters are on. Fatigue and exhaustion received similar string updates to curses. Fatigue and exhaustion no longer work on machines or undead. It's pretty hard to make a zombie or elevator feel tired. Fatigue and exhaustion now start combat properly. You can no longer recite scrolls while fighting defensively. Wands and Staffs now have a high failure rate while fighting defensively. Staffs are a bit more likely to work. Failing to use them with defensive fighting on will still consume charges. ---- Sep 19, 21 [2938] From Valront: Tracked down buggy color spray/eyebite interaction that could cause permanent blindness on characters. (Ciella) Added 'ssoul' to future soulstones for real this time. Changing a minion out of tank or protect roles while in combat now comes with significant lag for both the controller and the minion. Most minions that are not in the tank or protect role now take significantly reduced damage from most area effect damage sources. Ignore should now partially work in groups. Consume will no longer destroy most corpses with equipment inside them, reducing on-the-ground scattered equipment litter. (Thanks Kehlani for string help.) From Draak: Added sound for lightning arrows. New leathercraft item: girdle. This is a heavy ac waist item, regular leathercrafted belts are now low ac. Minor small fixes to scrap and a few other crafts, including an out-of-the-way string error when stopping bonecraft. (Shryth) Fixed the permanent prison issue with prison spells. (Ciella) Ebon steel is now called shadow steel to prevent parser mix-ups with ebon mithril. Changes to mage cold spells: Frostbite does additional damage to prone or sleeping creatures, but less to flying creatures. Targets that are knocked down by frostbite take extra damage. If a target is affected by chill touch or a similar chilling spell, frostbite has a greater chance of knocking them down. Mage spell combos should now give bonus exp. ---- Sep 11, 21 [2935] From Valront: You will now be notified when you qualify for a Cry of Victory. Minor string updates to leadfoot. Added 'ssoul' to insult string of all soulstones - this will not impact previously generated souls, only souls going forward. (Lexie, Shryth) Wands will now display how many charges are left after you use them. (Shinobi) Finger command no longer available, use profile instead. Shadow Mastery now functions as a monster lore skill for shadow type creatures. Dread Portent now detects hidden ethereal creatures. (Thanks Shryth.) Low level warrior hint strings finished - please mudmail valront any typos in the strings. (Thanks Shryth for helping proofread the strings for me!) Sense Life now only detects hidden living creatures after all its sense life not sense everything that isn't undead. Add new level 15 obscure mage spell 'Lightning Arrow'. It turns out vampiric vines and poison ivy are violent to their very essence as such they will now die when the area around them becomes too peaceful and tranquil. From Draak: Fixed a string error with beam channel casting and evasion. (Lokar) New leathercrafted item: kneepads Skill guild requirements added to help page headers. Improved weight checks for leathercrafted items so you can't make weapons you can't wield. (Uicli) Various tweaks to metallurgy costs, generally down-trending. Fixed a bug with bonecrafting and manually designated levels. (Kristy) Thief skill salvage equipment is now level 27. New level 28 thief skill: scrap equipment, dependent on salvage equipment and metallurgy, allows you to strip down metal equipment for scraps that can be smelted and reused for metallurgy. ---- Sep 05, 21 [2932] From Draak: New channel cast runes: Shul, Arim Various level-related updates to crafting skills, including fixing a weird bug that set negative dierolls on woodcrafted ammo. Shield rims without effects should no longer add hp. (Ivey) Cleave can hit more targets with a flexible weapon, and double attack is more likely to trigger with a flexible weapon. (Uicli) The internal mechanisms of lapidary have been changed. Players should notice no differnce in performance, save for improved strings for cat's eye, star and rutilated gemstones and prices. Please mudmail Draak if you encounter an issue. ---- Aug 28, 21 [2929] From Draak: New forged item: mining helmet (Shryth) Tailoring now accepts designated levels and player targets, but you must specify the color and fabric type first. (Asclepius) Tailored kilts now have a stat based on their type. Finishing totems and fetishes should now give experience points. (Nermthegerm) You can no longer set KEEP flags on ammunition, because it would be a nightmare trying to make it behave properly with autoreload, and it is meant to be flung at your opponents. A god's favored unguents will now correspond with a brew affinity instead of the god's favored composition. This should it easier for worshippers of certain gods to make unguents. Leathercraft, tailoring and woodcraft should now make total level items instead of primary level items. Dragonscale armor and bonecrafted equipment should also make total level items. Please let Draak know if any equipment with weird level/class flags shows up. ---- Aug 22, 21 [2926] From Draak: Dragonbreath rust attacks will now affect weapons as well as armor, and scale with level. Though the affect is more pronounced, armor values and weapon dierolls cannot be reduced below 0. You should be able to brew cure spells again. Archery contests will no longer allow you to enter the range unless you are wielding a ranged weapon. Higher ranks in the alchemists guild reduce costs of bottling. Added 'set autocraftid'. When active, you will automatically identify items when you finish crafting them. Stomp damage has been tweaked, and it should do more movement damage on a critical hit. Adjustments to incarnates to better balance their abilities. New cleric spell: sunbeam! Radiant orbs does extra damage to shadow mobs. Grenades are now more powerful and do extra damage to plural mobs. As a trade-off, mobs that are alert (have been recently attacked) can avoid damage from grenades. Expect adjustment to how this works for the next month or two. From Brak: Various exclusions from the global high usage potion denter including those that are brewed by players, have low level spells, or have a timer. ---- Aug 21, 21 [2924] From Brak: Reduce maximum movement cost for skining. Secondary spells on potions are now lower level than previous ones. (Valront) High usage potions now have a less effective cast level (Valront) Reinforce armor is now learnable for those of sufficient level and rank in the Smith's Guild. This gives non-warriors the opportunity learn it. ---- Aug 14, 21 [2921] From Draak: Exp gained from crafting has been bumped up. Crafting higher quality items will generally result in more exp. Idomitable will's cooldown bonus against being shadow bound or entangled has been strengthened. New enchantment: thermography. This mage skill can enchant pieces of head gear with a permanent infravision spell. This requires gold and a spellcomp with an affinity for infravision. List switches should now work better when looking up class flags on items. For looking up cast/skill level effects with list switches, mcl, ccl, tsl, wsl, ncl and dcl will be the preffered abbreviations. Thanks to Lokar for assisting with the diagnosis. ---- Aug 07, 21 [2919] From Valront: Recast will no longer work while you're mortally wounded. Prevent deanimated bone guardians being infinitely reusable. (Leos) Fixed an issue with mobs using skirmish. The good news - mobs who are shadow bound or entangled should no longer use skirmish. The bad news - more mobs will probably skirmish now. Try not to die. From Draak: Improvements to craft quality skill checks. (Victorious) Enchantments that require spellcomps will give more detailed failure information for why a material cannot be used for enchanting. Tweaks and additions to flamestrike's interaction with cleric curses. ---- Aug 01, 21 [2917] From Draak: The list of maintainable spells on the help page is now autogenerated from metadata. The level calculator is now a bit more forgiving when determining if you can improve the quality of a crafted item. (Fumo) Objects with the FRAGILE flag are now destroyed when thrown at enemies. (Lokar) Impale and crippling strike no longer work on plural mobs, while cleave and whirlwind do extra damage. Fixed a bug that let people walk out of crystal and ice prisons under unusual circumstances. New forged weapon: chain whip Sky iron is now easier to forge with, but is still high difficulty so it will more readily yield mastercraft items. The Field of Fonts should have more plashets (local portals) now. Rejuvenate hp recovery is now twice as effective outside of combat as in. ---- Jul 31, 21 [2915] From Brak: Add throw strings to the 'miscellaneous' spam filter. (Colonel) Strawmen now protect by default instead of tanking. Minions no longer count toward the movement cost of tank rescues. (Valront) New last stand skill which should help with tanks getting one-shotted in high level groups. From Draak: The event command can be used while hidden now, with the exception of joining event areas. Clothing created by the livery skill can now have its quality improved. Moondust now has more consistent levels. Minor tinkering with warrior skills. A bit of retooling to flourish, its demoralization effect will work against more opponents, but only if they've not been recently flourished. (Don't forget to feint to clear the flourish timer on enemies!) ---- Jul 19, 21 [2914] From Brak: Last stand got accidentally enabled last weekend, but it wasn't quite finished. It's disabled again for now. Tank rescues now cost movement based on the size of the group. Player tanks now cover up to 16 people in a group before becoming less effective. See 'help tanking' for more details. For a 17+ group you will need at least two player tanks to ensure 100% coverage. ---- Jul 18, 21 [2911] From Draak: Added 'news jackpot'. (Lexie) Windbreaker should no longer be recastable. (Zuri) Group mobs should have less hitroll now, and their armor will scale less aggressively. Fixed a bug that prevented gathered woods from having a taste. FYI not all woods have a taste. New forged jewelry: armband You can now add brooches to tailored cloaks, jackets, shawls and other outerwear. Adjustments to the essence enchantable wear slots for some classes. Improvements to the dclient sound handlers, and more music and ambient tracks. Thanks to Shadowfax for his contributions. Adding sky iron/silver-based studs, spikes or scales to leathercrafted armor will make them inherit special damage types if there is sufficient composite left to do so. Tweaks to weapon dierolls for forged weapons. The number of dierolls should generally be higher, especially if you have high weapon forging skills. From Valront: Flesh beast and Bone Guardian no longer destroy corpses, or dump corpse contents on the ground. Scrolls that cast spells that are curses or start combat should now require you to specify a target if you aren't in melee, regardless of which spell is top of the scroll. ---- Jul 17, 21 [2909] From Shadowfax: Added high contrast (colorblind) mode. See help page for what it does. From Brak: Plural mobs are now notank. Add new last stand skill which is designed to help with tanks getting one shotted in high level zones. ---- Jul 11, 21 [2906] From Draak: Fixed a bug with combining metals that prevented them from counting towards Smith Guild jobs. (Dizzy) Socials cannot be used while sleeping, except for a few that make sense. Tweaks to scoring for the weekday archery contest. This should push people towards having somewhat higher scores. Thirsty Thursday tasks should now clear when remove poison or cure poison clears your drunkeness. This previously only happened with purge blood. (Druidia) ---- Jul 04, 21 [2903] Exp lost on death is now limited to the lower of your practice cost or 20 mil, with exceptions for certain critical group roles. Leaders of groups of 4+ only have half the exp loss limit on death, as do non-leader tanks providing they have been tanking for at least a few ticks. From Valront: Minor string change to sickening touch damage over time effect. Bravery is now recastable, but can no longer be cast in combat. Other people using groundstrike with fire weapons will no longer print strings that indicate you're also ground striking. From Draak: Fixed a bug with cleave improving without any valid targets. (Tarik) Tweaks to the metal supply crate to make it more generous. Extensive changes to 'craft quality'. The profession point cost has been drastically reduced, but it now has a gold cost. Encounters in the Field of Fonts will scale to accomodate groups of two. The Thirsty Thursday newbie gift task should now trigger for both exp and gold gifts. (Pug) Updates to some of the weekday event help pages. Damage weaknesses from itching skin and vulnerability lessened somewhat. Fixed a botched, redundant string with forged jewelry set with necromancer soulstones. (Necrosabor) New credit buy option - herbal supply crate. These contain only herbs, but you get more ingredients than with brewing supply and poison supply crates. If you enter an archery contest with an active bull's eye boon, its duration will be slightly increased to prevent it from wearing off in the middle of the contest. (Asclepius) ---- Jun 20, 21 [2900] From Shadowfax: Fix bug that displayed Purnima jobs irregardless of player's planar position. Lapidarist jobs no longer display irrelevant area data to newbies. Fix bug incorrectly displaying Purnima jobs as non-existant guild jobs. (Ivey) ---- Jun 12, 21 [2898] From Brak: New 'alias removeall' and 'alias removeall fkeys' commands. ---- Jun 06, 21 [2895] From Draak: New forged weapon: halfspear Improvements to stats transferring to shields from high quality rims. (Ivey) Poison mushroom can no longer be put on spellstaffs, to prevent MASS MUSHROOM MADNESS! Cleanup of weather/wind/terrain ambient playback for dclient. ---- May 31, 21 [2893] From Draak: Create water strings on characters added to spam extreme. New heraldic beast: hippopotamus. Searching will no longer show minion creatures. (Wu) A few tweaks to what spells can be groupcast. If a spell can be groupcast, it will show up on its help page. Help pages will now show if a spell can be maintained. A few minor changes to the levels of some spells and skills, to flatten a few pain points in the practice curve: 'remise' lowered from 23 to 22 thief. 'contortionism' raised from 22 to 23 thief. 'berserk' lowered from 22 to 21 warrior. 'prepare ghoul' raised from 19 to 20 necromancer. 'earthquake' lowered from 22 to 21 druid. 'release sunlight' lowered from 24 to 23 druid. Blue dart mana cost raised slightly, magic missile, thistles and coldfire mana cost lowered slightly, lag for inflict wounds lowered. Adjustments to woodcrafted shields: Kite shields are now two-handed shields. Kite shields and round shields will have about half the armor of tower shields and heater shields, respectively, to give more room for carving, enchantments, etc. (Ivey) ---- May 20, 21 [2892] From Draak: Added MSP sounds for wickercraft. Fixed string irregularity with accio and up/down direction. (Malificent) ---- May 16, 21 [2889] From Draak: You can now set composition on clan doors. (Morpheus) You tell if a Font if unstable by looking at now, instead of having to cast identify on it. Chill touch now lowers saving normal. Multiple castings are required to get the full effect. This synergizes well with icebolt and frostbite. Scorch and chill touch no longer stick to FIRE type creatures. Static blast no longer sticks to ELETRICITY type creatures. Weather/sunset mode will no longer show the moon if it is overcast. Unstable Fonts are now be somewhat easier to dispel. (Stormwing) More work on dclient map icons, specifically to accomodate wandering mobs and when shopkeepers/teachers/priests are killed. Event announcements and the accompanying sounds should no longer show if you have the event channel off. If you can't see announcements with the event channel on, try to flipping it off and on, as this involved some flagging widgetry. (Laurence) ---- May 15, 21 [2887] Pull back the effectiveness of some no-norm weapon types. Add lag to object splitting. From Shadowfax and Brak: New 'credit buy favor' and 'credit buy godconvert' options. From Brak: Fix misleading strings for character's buying fire shield from spellkeepers. (Asclepius) Adjust builder checks for mobs to encourage builders to give them at least one weakness, especially when it comes to elemental saves. (Ivey) From Shadowfax: Scribe jobgivers will no longer ask for spells with a very high mana cost. Add new job type: lapidarist. ---- May 13, 21 [2886] Bug fix in '-force' flag checker. ---- May 08, 21 [2884] From Brak: Minor string updates to double exp. Mush-Z sounds will now play for all three modes. Display who bought the current double experience event. (Asclepius) From Draak: Fixed a bug with Thirsty Thursday burning tasks. (Morpheus) Cooking check will now recognize culinary salts. ---- May 01, 21 [2882] From Brak: New 'credit buy doubleexp' option, with random monster types. From Shadowfax: Improvements to various weather strings, and 'look room' will now show if it is actively snowing or raining. From Draak: Dclient MSP sounds removed from room weather strings. Infrastructure for playing longer weather tracks using the music system added. Help pages now show if a skill can be used while resting, berserking, tanking, defending, entangled, etc. The spell 'cure blindness' is now 'vision', to remove conflicts with cure poison. Cure/cause aliases for cleric heal and harm spells have been removed to elminate parser clutter. In Memoriam: cure light wounds cure serious wounds cure critical wounds cause light wounds cause serious wounds cause critical wounds 1995 - 2021 R.I.P. ---- Apr 17, 21 [2878] From Draak: Added entries to the varset command for saving spell, fire, cold, zap, breath, poison and normal. Additional support for dclient map updates. Added 'news archery' to display leaders/winners for the Tuesday archery contests in a single line. Emptied potions that cast a spell on a room now have a level adjustment based on how much liquid there is. Shortened strings when loading a wielded a ranged weapon. (Morpheus) The 'wield' command can now be used while hidden. (Val) Purnima tempter jobs can now lower alignment, while shepherd jobs can increase alignment. Added shadow check display to survey. (Lexie) Vigor and enhanment no longer work on earth walls, and they receive no bonuses from demon familiars. (Reiga) ---- Apr 11, 21 [2876] From Brak: Cry of victory should no longer be clobbered by soulsteal in groups. Now when the soulstealer gets in the last hit in a group a random attacker is selected to receive the cry of victory, instead of always giving it to the soulstealer. (Asclepius) ---- Apr 03, 21 [2873] From Brak: Add 'exp spent' command alias. (Asclepius) Show/brag sneak now shows when you are not sneaking. The group display command now highlights members of your group that are not sneaking. The touch, push and pull parsers will now consider objects on the ground ahead of carried, also they now each have an inventory and a ground option for when you want to target that location specifically. From Draak: Updates to news headlines will trigger a global message. Keep-flagged ingredients cannot be used for scribing. (Morpheus) You can add grips to woodcrafted fishing poles. Fixed bug with flame shield and demon spellup/store power. ---- Mar 27, 21 [2872] From Draak: The 'measure' command now gives rough sizes for things on the ground. (Lexie) Tweaks to how the game handles evil-aligned mobs, in particular their damage and experience. The KEEP flag now prevents ingredients from being brewed. Update of curse help pages. Moderate clean-up of some of the crafting help menus. More cleric skill reorganizing: Sacred touch is now the foundation of the inquisition spellgroup. The other cleric undead handling spells are now in the inquisition spellgroup. Remorse is now level 31 and part of the inquisition spellgroup, dependent on ward alignment. The 'protection from evil' spell is now 'protection from demons'. It helps protect from damage dealt by demons, and to a lesser extent, undead and angels. Censure demon is now part of the inquisition tree, dependent on protection from demons. ---- Mar 22, 21 [2869] From Brak: Make it easier for newbies without the searching skill to find hidden doors and exits in low level zones. (Morpheus) From Draak: Add infrastructure to add landmarks, seaports, forges, banks and certain shops to the dclient map. The cold damage from icebolt, frostflower and chill touch is enhanced by watery terrain, though not as aggressively as cone of cold. Bumped breath of life up in the parser, so it should trigger before bravery. If you cast flame blade and mystic armament without a target, they will attempt to bind to ammo in your inventory. The higher your casting level, the more ammo they will bind to. (Iliothro) Knapping has been tied more closely with lapidary. It will now only work with lapidary materials that have a conchoidal fracture (this includes all forms of quartz and many other minerals including jade, peridot, obsidian and azurite). Higher difficulty materials will create stone tools with higher hitrolls. Knapped tools are flagged fragile (see below). Fragile-flagged weapons are more easily disarmed, and fragile-flagged weapons and shields are more easily sundered. By popular demand, archery contest winners can participate in archery contests, but they cannot upset the scoring or win again until their bull's eye boon expires. ---- Mar 15, 21 [2868] From Mutt: Allow tank minions to use the 'none' job. Standardized control point costs on mage summoned elementals: Lightning elemental control cost lowered from 26 to 25. Ice elemental control cost lowered from 29 to 28. Crystal elemental control cost lowered from 31 to 30. Greater lightning elemental control cost lowered from 36 to 35. Greater ice elemental control cost lowered from 38 to 37. (Almaric) ---- Mar 14, 21 [2866] From Draak: Added 'credit buy poisoncrate' to get lootcrates with exclusively poisonous herbs and spellcomps. New Thirsty Thursday task. Drink responsibly. The cleric 'know evil' spellgroup has been changed to the 'inquisition' spellgroup. There will be more changes here in the near future. Advancing ranks in the Scribes Guild now reduces cost of making new scrolls by a small amount. (Morpheus) Increased the larger yields of feathers from the corpses of larger birds. Cartographer jobs should no longer send players to towns (with the exception of parks or bodies of water), event areas, the Field of Fonts and few other exclusions. ---- Mar 13, 21 [2864] From Brak: Spam filter updates: Add 'begins to regain vision' to spam extreme. Add 'less confused' to spam extreme. Move all spells dropping on mobs from spam extreme to cast. Add choking and poison cloud event sends to spam extreme. Add antidote uses to spam extreme. Add poison removed from weapon to spam extreme. From Mutt: Added exp to elemental summoning skills. Fixed elemental summoning skill sounds. Tweak levels on a bunch of the mage elemental spells and skills: Firefield raised from level 24 to level 26, and is now dependent on fireball. Crystal spear raised from level 22 to level 23. Crystal focusing lowered from level 30 to level 24. Lightning focusing lowered from level 23 to level 21. Ice focusing lowered from level 25 to level 23. Frostbite lowered from level 23 to level 22. Elemental monster lowered from level 21 to level 18. From Valront: Highlighted skirmish strings so they standout more in combat. (Xileno) ---- Mar 10, 21 [2862] From Mutt: Lowered the mana costs of summoning lesser and normal elementals. From Shadowfax: Add 'spcomp' option for 'locate object'. Address bug that failed to remove spent ammunition after using it in an archery contest. (Lexie) From Brak: Add fairy fog to spam gcast. ---- Mar 07, 21 [2860] From Brak: Minor tweaks to soulsteal code: True dragons are now included in mob types that have stronger souls. There is now a 50% chance for a mob with stronger or weaker soul to adjust the final level of the soulstone. Spam filter updates: Add object custom wear strings to spam wear. Add skirmish and flourish to spam gfighting. Add players hiding to spam extreme. Add earth wall to gcast. Add taps and store power to spam gcast. Add timeouts and fades to spam misc. Add turn to spam extreme. Add 'appears to be blinded' messages to spam extreme. Move sanc dropping on mobs from spam extreme to gcast. This is so leaders can see it when mobs are dispeled. (Colonel) From Mutt: All four types of mage elementals have been moved from being ordinary cast spells, to using the 'summon' command similar to necromancer demons. We've also added explicit lower level skills for lesser elemental summoning to help mid level players. More powerful elementals are now dependent on the lesser skills, but if you've already learned how to summon a minion you'll still be able to without the lesser skills. From Valront: Require '-force' to give away a container that isn't empty. (Morpheus) Fixed triple fail string send in remorse. (Mertag) Minor typo clean up in a few places (Thanks Uicli and Shryth) ---- Mar 06, 21 [2858] From Mutt: Added string when clearing all acid off another target with create water. From Draak: Added shortinsult mode, for shortid. If shortinsult is on, shortid will show an object's insult string. Shortinsult is off by default. Crafted crossbows should now have decent hitroll. (Colonel) Cleric unusual curses split out of tribulation spellgroup, forming divine wrath spellgroup. (Dentin) Continual light is now critical, and only costs 1 practice. ---- Feb 28, 21 [2855] From Valront: Minor formatting fixup to weapon speed in shortID. Overconfidence renamed 'bravery' and is no longer a curse. Bravery is now dependent on faith shield and it part of the Divine Aid spellgroup. Despair and remorse are now dependent on feeble mind. Minor hint string fixes and tweaks. Fireball is now 'scorch', scorch does single target fire damage and applies a fire save debuff to living targets. Greater fireball is now 'fireball'. (cause that isn't confusing right?) Players will now be notified when they regain their morale. Frag grenades now use color from the credit buy crystal color options. Fire shield, flamestrike and firebombs now use color from the credit buy fire color options. Call lightning now uses color from the credit buy lightning color options. Ground strike now uses color from credit buy lightning and fire color options when wielding appropriate damage types. Demonfire also now uses fire color, it will use the dark version of selected colors to stay in theme, default color will now be yellow to line up with other fire colors. From Draak: Misc archery contest cleanup. Thank you for the feedback, everyone! Strengthened checks for showing the level of crafted components. The minimum duration of vigor and fortitude has been increased. (Uicli) Changes to cleric spellgroups: Feeble mind and faerie fire are now dependent on afflict, merging the cleric curse spellgroups. Remove poison is now dependent on soothe wounds, grafting the cure poison tree into the healing spellgroup. Sacred touch is now dependent on inflict wounds, grafting the undead handling tree into the divine might spellgroup. Groupcasting is now part of the cleric meditation spellgroup. Remove curse is now lift curse. ---- Feb 21, 21 [2853] From Valront: Fixed bug causing vulnerability to no longer be a curse. Finished cleric newbie hint strings (for now.) Huge thanks to Shryth for helping me proof read and edit them. Tripping will no longer grant non-living mobs consciousness only to cruely rip it away from them less than a second later. Increased scribing mana cost on mage combat spells to match old values. Gods may now be toxic, eg. have 'entropy' be their prefered element. This causes Toxic/Poison to be their prefered damage type and save. This comes with all the usual benefits of having a prefered element. From Draak: Clean-up of strings when attempting to 'drop all' inside of storage lockers. Ebon adamantine is now dark adamantine, to prevent parsing conflicts with ebon mithril. Impale no longer works on plural mobs. Crafting sampler lootcrates now come with a skin, hide, pelt or shell. Afflict now lowers spellsave for both etheral and corporeal targets, and does not lower normsave. This makes afflict more consistent and useful for making targets vulernable to follow-up curses. Fishing derby and archery contest system sends transferred over the event announcement system, so will only show up if you have the event channel on. New characters will have the event channel turned on automatically at level 5. String clean-up and highlights for archery contest. The archery contest will return your ammo from off the ground before returning you to your recall. Changes to strings and the help page for bloodletting stab, to reflect the fact that you can rip into enemies with your hands, if you're wearing hand equipment with the right dtype. RIP AND TEAR, UNTIL IT IS DONE. ---- Feb 14, 21 [2852] From Valront: All mage blasting spells have had their mana costs cut roughly in half. This is an extremely experimental change and may be subject to further adjustments depending on the results over the next few weeks. ---- Feb 13, 21 [2850] From Brak: Raise threshold on freak 4 soulsteal notifies. Enable automatic generation of talk strings. This should improve over time and more mobs will be covered as builders refine the various rules. Fighting characters now have their own talk strings. From Shadowfax: Use real life timers for delivery job objects instead of tick timers. (Ivey) Fix bug that prevented mobs with wield flags from using shadow strike without an actual weapon. (Rowroad) Cartographer jobs should properly setup landmarks in instances. (Juggernaut, Druidia, Absolute, and Sport) From Draak: Minor cleanup with Field of Fonts encounter handling. Check command will now tell you if you have empty equipment slots, or if you are wearing equipment more than 10 levels lower than your primary class. Being dazed/stunned now instills a penalty to dexterity, instead of more targeted defense penalties, which were not working correctly. Lowered the level ceiling for mobs in the Field of Fonts. Most mobs will be closer to 43-45, but some boss types will still be higher level. Fixed a movement bug with crushing ores into spellcomps. Fixed effects bug with forging pitch black metal. (Fumo) The value command can now directly target objects. It can still be used with shopkeepers as well. This is useful as shortid does not show an item's estimated cost. Tuesday archery contests are now operational! Contests will be held periodically throughout the day on Tuesday. Once a contest starts, you can join with 'event start contest'. ---- Feb 08, 21 [2849] Fix suicide bug in grenadier skill. ---- Feb 06, 21 [2848] Do a whole bunch of cleanup to clan stat, clan show, and various clan control parsing commands. You can now show some information about other clans using 'clan show'. From Shadowfax: Fix bug in cartographer and hunter jobs that allowed completion without doing anything. (Gresko) Added more mana and manaregen to incarnates so shadow god incarnates can use shadow strike, like they were always intended to. From Valront: Minor string fixes for newbie hints. From Draak: Fixed an inconsistency with weapon speed descriptions between identify and compare. (Uicli) ---- Jan 31, 21 [2847] From Valront: Add a few newbie helper strings to cleric spells as an initial test. These will show up when the spell/skill is first learned. Added hint about 'harvest all' in to generic harvest command. Bottled potions should no longer be able to become autobind. From Brak: Slowed rate at which necromancers get fatigued from stealing successive souls. Adjusted the achievement collected 10 black soulstones to 1, and collected 10 white soulstones to 5. For those that have already met the new requirement this will trigger when they next soulsteal. From Draak: Fixed bug with how jobs were finishing. The Field of Fonts should no longer have explorer points. ---- Jan 30, 21 [2844] Minor improvements to grenade and grenadier damage. Some changes to how move regen is calculated to clean up some nonsensical combat handling code. Please let Dentin know if it's horribly broken. Cleric now has a wisdom stat cap of 39, similar to the mage intelligence stat cap of 39. Thief now has the same max stat cap for charisma as cleric. Change the spell/skill int/wis/chr calculation to scale properly with player level. Left unchecked, this would have made most spells uncastable when learned by level 45. Note that this raises the costs now slightly, while preventing a substantial mess for the future level 40 release. This also fixes a few spells (like hallowed ground) which were already uncastable at the level they were learned at. From Shadowfax: You can no longer gather while blinded. From Mutt: Adjusted prayer for the dying strings. Added acid removal from healing spells to mend bones. Restores now remove acid, reset negative morale, and boost morale. From Draak: If you know fey woe, you can see what mobs would be vulnerable to it on consider. Indomitable will cooldown resistances against entangling roots and shadow bind have been strengthened. Grenadier damage avoidance is now more pronounced. Magic poison is now magical poison. A small amount of damage reflection added to summoned fire elementals, i.e. when struck by a physical attack, the attacker has a chance to take fire damage. The material a crystal skull is made from has some effect on its ability to absorb elements. For example, a skull made from obsidian (which grants fire resistance) will be somewhat better at absorbing fire, but not quite as good at absorbing magic, ice and lightning. The difference is not huge. ---- Jan 25, 21 [2841] Level 39 is officially on-line! Happy 26th Anniversary from the staff of Alter Aeon! From Draak: New craft label 'emptycatchers'. (Castmaster) Potion throwing now has a chance of dealing more powerful castings of spells, especialy if you manage to hit the target in the face. New level 39 mage skill, 'greater ice elemental' New level 39 warrior skill, 'impale' New level 39 thief skill, 'grenadier' New level 39 cleric skill, 'fey woe' New level 39 necromancer skill, 'crystal skull' Storm of roses is no longer a witch bonus spell. It is now a level 39 druid spell, with a few thematic tweaks. New high-level solo areas, the City of Fonts and the Field of Fonts, will be opening shortly. The Fields of Fonts is a first-of-its kind area, featuring a procedurally generated map that changes each reboot, randomly-placed treasures and enemies, new job types, mysteries to explore and randomized encounters that adjusts to the level of your your character. This project will be actively developed and tweaked as feedback is received. Please enjoy! ---- Jan 24, 21 [2837] Fix 'infinite tensor' bug and re-timer them on login. From Draak: Tweaked some warrior skills so that sleeping/prone mobs can't get out of the way. Added a few new colors, adjectives and fish types to fishing. The level of crafted components such as gems and forged studs should now show up on identify. Ore and forgeable ingots now have prices that are directly derived from how much it costs to work with the type of metal they are instead of broad extrapolations. There have been changes to jobs in prepartion for new high-level job types, mostly opaque to players. If you encounter any issues with existing jobs, please contact Draak or Shadowfax. From Mutt: Slightly reverted skeletal lich insult strings for player convenience. Greatly increase effectiveness of leadfoot against fleeing targets. Groupcast prayer for the dying will now affect the caster. From Brak: New 'credit buy clanrankstrings' option. Exclude plural mobs from soulsteal (Asclepius) New soulsteal code. This switches the focus from a mobs hp to the comparative levels of the spell and the target, as well as other factors such as a mob's constitution. This should mean that newbie mobs are fairly easy to steal from while mobs at the higher end become progressively more difficult. This can be offset by latching on presteal, lowering a mob's morale and raising your charisma. There is also some variation between different mob types with mobs that are more difficult to steal from generally giving slightly higher value souls. ---- Jan 16, 21 [2835] From Valront: Minor string changes in identify info for bound objects and god loaded objects, you likely won't notice the difference. Added helpful reminder to check help files when putting your first practice in a skill/spell. Added color to various 'You need to know 'x' to learn that.' strings. Changed Shards from damage type pierce to damage type slice. Added hint strings for all non-obscure mage spells/skills up to level 15. Added framework for hint strings when learning new skills/spells for the first time. This is only on a few select mage skills/spells for now, but will be added to more with time. From Mutt: Restores now refill the hp/mana/move of player controlled minions. Increase level scaling on default 'alu' mode of mage channel casting. Reduced blood tap bottling cost to 25 gold and increased timer duration. Removed extra soulstone string from skeletal knight and skeletal lich. Added using soulstone string to bone dragon. Added destruction room string inside bone fortress prior to player ejection. Removed color highlight from shadow bind information in monster lore. Adjusted regen on cleric petitioned minions to standard values. Remove player name 'are you sure' requirement when casting bone fortress. This should make it easier to emergency cast bone fortress, when you need it immediately and a parser fail would kill you. ---- Jan 02, 21 [2833] From Mutt: Restores now remove deathly sleep and cure basic poisoning. Added 'landmarks' command (which works the same as 'where landmarks'.) From Valront: Undo changed from Important to Helpful. ---- Dec 31, 20 [2832] From Valront: Minor help text improvement in new character creation screens. ---- Dec 29, 20 [2830] From Draak: Mining in event areas should now give objects with more appropriate levels. (Morpheus) Tweaks to mob aggro and high concentration events. You can now relabel bottled potions after a different spell that they have, if they have more than one. (Asclepius) Removed event show information from 'event quest'. (Morpheus) Appraise will now indicate if an object cannot have runes added to it due to the internal calculations of the rune carving skills, which are not entirely dependent of the item's composite and quality level. From Valront: Adjusted brag aep to make strings more sane in corner case situations. ---- Dec 27, 20 [2828] From Valront: Added NOTEACH flag to sunder, but specific sunder trainers have been set up to compensate. Blocking a player now prevents that player from giving you objects. (Volk) Add new brag 'areaexplorer' ('aep' for short) to brag local explorer points. (Shryth) From Mutt: Added to skeletal lich insult strings. Purge blood now removes deathly sleep from the target. (Meyaa) ---- Dec 23, 20 [2826] From Valront: Death and Decay no longer dependant on obscure spells. (Frak) The string for Death and Decay falling off of targets now has color to match the string for landing it on a target. Added color to strings for successful casts of bloodmist (Frak) Lifetap half hp limit removed - you could already lifetap down to almost nothing this just removes the extra steps. (Frak) Haste no longer hits spell save, this really only served to be a minor annoyance for players trying to haste themselves. (even MOAR Frak) Removed magic dtype from rotting sphere, this should help improve its performance in MOST cases as it will no longer hit two saves. (Frak) Suspended rule that disallowed mortals of a god worshiping their god. Recent code changes have automated most god actions and removed manual pantheon commands, greatly reducing conflicts of interest. As we continue this work, we may remove the rule completely. ---- Dec 20, 20 [2824] From Draak: Your character will now have a personal record of the heaviest fish you've ever caught, visible with with brag/show fish. (Everyone on event channel) Skeletal knights now have slightly different ground strings from regular skeletons. Gather mushroom, gather herb, gather bullets and forage now work like gather firewood. Mobs that attack sleeping characters may now exihibit aggression towards players that are crafting or gathering supplies. Be cautious! To offset some of the inconvenience, the minimum level of harvested herbs and mushrooms is now the level of the area in which they were harvested (if the player gathering them is at least as high level as the area). ---- Dec 18, 20 [2822] Invisibility can no longer be cast on objects. We are planning significant changes to invisibility in the near future, and this is one part. From Draak: Added 'set autocompare'. This toggles off the automatic comparison of worn equipment and equipment that is listed or identified. Crafting super bonus should now be a bit less stingy. ---- Dec 13, 20 [2820] From Draak: Changes to gathering wood behavior. Updates to encounters in prepartion for upcoming Field of Fonts addition, including solitary bosses and the ability to add templates to sets of mobs. ---- Dec 06, 20 [2817] From Dentin: The 'real time' timers on objects have been improved, so that they now destroy objects when they expire instead of setting a nosave flag. From Valront: Added color to both double cap and double exp mode strings to make them stand out more. Added strings for casting protection from evil on targets, and a fail string for when the target already has the protection from evil spell on them. This should only impact scrolls and wands as the spell still isn't castable on others through normal means. From Shadowfax: Make it possible to get instakill achievements beyond your first ranged freak 5. (Sirand) The damage of ranged weapon freaks are not only multiplied but are now cumulative. Playershop updates: Playershop owners can now choose to deny service to particular player. All players associated with the same account are also excluded. By default, playershops will no longer service players without an account. If you are a shop owner and want to sell to non-account players, an administrator can set it up for you. All multis of all names on a shop's owner list will be recognized as owners as well. ---- Nov 29, 20 [2815] From Draak: You can now split skinned hides and sheets of dragonscale. (Fumo) Added quest, job and keepsake to crafting labels. (Mertag) Added catchers and soulstones to crafting labels. From Valront: Added color to faerie fire strings cause locane isn't here to add color to everything and someone has to fill that void. Prevent gather in solaced rooms to help quell some types of botting. (Leos) ---- Nov 26, 20 [2813] From Valront: Added color to entangling roots strings to make them more visible in combat. Added chance to get purple sparks in shower of sparks. (Yes, this was a good use of my time, also Frak made me do it, also purple is awesome.) Adjusted the fame string for areas with no fame to be had so it would play nicely with 'brag/show areafame'. Adjusted 'brag/show areafame' to be slightly more informative. Added 'pracs' as an alias for brag/show practices. From Draak: Allow the 'fire' command to work in combat again for point blank skill. Fixed an obscure heraldry bug with woodcrafted dishes. (Sandman) New forged weapon: the estoc Using a mastercrafted+ guard or chain when assembling a weapon with a mastercraft blade or head will result in a slightly superior weapon. ---- Nov 14, 20 [2807] From Draak: String fix and misc cleanup to reduce reagent. (Nermthegerm) Added held items to essence enchant. (This is far more useful on shields, but if you really want to use it on held items, you now can.) Waypoint command should no longer unhide you, unless you actually use it to waypoint somewhere. (Asclepius) Tweaks to leathercrafted weapons to have better stats dependent on skill level and quality. ---- Nov 07, 20 [2805] From Draak: New leathercrafted container: keyfob (Shryth) Teachers in unopened areas should no longer show up on skill find and spell find. New lootcrate: crafting sampler crate. New necromancer skill: graft undead Add forged spikes, studs and scales to your undead constructs. New general alchemy skill: reduce reagent Create concentrated versions of spell components to increase their level at the cost of mass. New haberdashery skill: livery Create bespoke clothing. From Valront: Highlighted successful Shadow Binds to make them more visible in combat spam. Changed string for toggling wimpy off. ---- Oct 30, 20 [2803] From Draak: Improved help menus for heraldry regarding adding clan crests and holy symbols. Resting or sleeping by a player-made campfire gives a small bonus to regen. Cook some food, rest by a fire and relax for a couple rounds between adventures! Size damage to certain mage spells softened a bit. This is an attempt to balance the phenomena of large mobs either being totally owned by certain spells or builders giving them saving throws that make them nearly immune. ---- Oct 24, 20 [2801] From Draak: Added keyword arguments to lapidary, leathercraft, tailoring and woodcraft lists. Added keyword 'wchain' to forged chains because *somebody* is too lazy to type out 'weaponchain'. (Shryth) Added royal blue to the crafting color tables. (Dizzy) Added calories to server-side shortid. EXPERIMENTAL - food now gives out less hp and movement, but triggers a brief regen event, which includes mana as well. Food must be eaten outside of combat to trigger the regen event, and are strongest when not standing. Taste side effects have been somewhat strengthened and have a short duration, so that eating food in combat is still useful. The hope here is to make food a viable option for speeding regen outside of combat, in contrast with potions and scrolls, which are more useful in battle. ---- Oct 18, 20 [2800] From Brak: New affinity search switch to return spellcomps which have an affinity for a single spell. ---- Oct 17, 20 [2797] From Draak: Attempt to address msp auction dings not shutting off when auction is snoozed. (Theman) Distraction is now slightly more effective. New hatmaking item: a facemask Added keyword for forged chains: 'weaponchain' (Demael) Various crafting tweaks, including slightly lowering the price of essence enchant and boosting dierolls of weapons made by players with high skill levels. Added 'keywords' argument for forge list, to display keywords that can be used to select desired items. For example, 'forge list jewelry keywords' will show a list of jewelry with the keywords for each piece instead of the required weight, wear location, etc. ---- Oct 04, 20 [2794] From Draak: Spacing cleanups to shortid, also added ranged weapon ammo type. Wickercraft is now level 21, and carve fetish is now level 26. New wickercraft item: poppet (must know wicker effigy) Smoothed over a little kerfluffle with adding fullers to forged bladed weapons. (Adara) From Brak: Allow the wearing and unwearing of selected locations from an eqset for example 'eqset wear <set> finger1 wrist2'. Add a total weight summary footer when using the weight search switch. From Shadowfax: When considering a second spell for a scribe jobs, jobgivers should no longer assign spell combinations that are impossible to scribe due to mana limitations. ---- Sep 27, 20 [2793] From Draak: New forged jewelry: chain link belt, medallion belt (Taurus) Fixed bug with rose quartz/milky quartz mining table entries. From Brak: New rune and carved search switch, the former allows for the searching of a named rune while the later returns all rune carved items. Modify timer search switch to place item condition ahead of fixed date/time timer to account for items such as pods which timeout before their expiration date is reached. ---- Sep 20, 20 [2791] From Shadowfax: Players can no longer enter unopened areas. From Draak: Pre-lag for flourish lowered slightly so it is more effective at triggering combos. Assorted minor tweaks to forged equipment. Mire terrain will now yield more minerals, since they are usually pretty shallow. Attempt to fix knockdown bug with druid air spells. You can no longer waste profession points improving the quality of crafted upgrades such as gems, arrowheads, hilts, studs, spikes, etc. (Fumo) New seasonal Thirsty Thursday task. New brewing group affinity: torment. This includes mostly unusual curses, like faerie fire, noxious cloud, censure demon, jinx, etc. Added frostflower to the ice brewing group. From Brak: New ac-apply and timer search switch. The weight switch now allows for filtering of weights above or below a specific value. ---- Sep 07, 20 [2790] From Draak: Weekday event boons are now shorter so they are more likely to wear off over the course of a week. (Dizzy) Arena zones should now be excluded from cartographer guild jobs. The soul of the sea boon should no longer prevent you from getting the Catch of Day, except during derbies. (Cheetah) Jackpots should now clear out of the news on the daily reset. Added another Thirsty Thursday challenge... Your Thirsty Thursday challenge will now show with the event command. Thirsty Thursday events will now patiently wait until you are no longer in battle before completing, in cases where you may have done something crazy like throw milk at a guard. ---- Aug 30, 20 [2788] From Brak: Adding an '@' symbol in front of a social will let you use the social, even if it conflicts with a command name. Add 'friend noquest' to toggle seeing quest notifications. Friend spam filters settings, such as nopost and noquest, now save across accounts. From Draak: Improvements and fixes for Thirsty Thursday, including stronger hints on 'show drunk'. Hiding starcatchers and mooncatchers now require the associated skill. Noput and keep flags should no longer autoupdate on login. You can add labels to containers that are not crafted, using the 'craft label' command. This does not cost a profession point. New brewonly spell 'endure elements'. This alchemical treatment will attempt to add a small amount of elemental proctection to objects in the form of firesave, coldsave or zapsave. ---- Aug 22, 20 [2786] From Shadowfax: Forbid filling up liquid containers with an incomplete unguent inside from other liquid containers. (Fumo/Sito) Reduce the number of scrolls that need to be scribed in order to reach higher ranks in the Scribes Guild. Allow 'brew potion search' to search for two spells at a time, instead of just one. From Draak: Cleanup and typo corrections for fullers and Thirsty Thursday. The command 'rescue minions' will now exclude entangling roots and earthwalls by default. Fixed bug that allowed weapons to be assembled with parts affected by weight altering spells such as crystal coat. This potentially dangerousi bug could have resulted in forged weapons being destroyed under certain circumstances. (Laeg) ---- Aug 16, 20 [2785] From Draak: Druid spells create food and poison mushroom are now obscure. Made Humpday consistent across the code i.e. Humpday as opposed to Hump Day. The Thirsty Thursday milk challenge should now be less discriminating on what it considers a 'guard'. New Thirsty Thursday challenge added to the mix. You can now woodcraft bundles of sticks into batches of darts, arrows and bolts. GOOD and EVIL flags from extraplanar woods should now be preserved when halving or quartering wood. New reduce antidote parsing: reduce antidote [brewed antidote] Purge blood added to brewing blood affinity. Purge blood can no longer be brewed, but can now be scribed instead. (Morpheus) If you know forge blade, you can add fullers to completed forged bladed weapons with 'forge enhance fuller <weapon>'. This mildly enhances the speed and damage. Like loading simple weapons, this is useful in cases where further enchantments and enhancements are not available or desired. ---- Aug 01, 20 [2782] From Brak: Exclude books from unopened areas from the public library. (Morpheus) From Xera: Add Mush-Z help pages about plugins and obsolete features. From Draak: Added 'set noput', for setting a NOPUT flags to objects. The NOPUT flag prevents objects from included in 'put all <container>'. The Thirsty Thursday milk challenge should now be more generous on when it triggers. Bottoms up! New woodcrafted item: canoe (Morpheus) The 'knock' spell is now scribeable. The daily reset of the Catch of the Day should no longer trigger in the middle of a fishing derby, to prevent rare circumstances where a person can loose their lead in a derby that happens at just the wrong time. New forged weapons, with the following base blades: voulge blade: doloire (handle), bardiche (haft) rondel blade: plancon (handle), goedendag (haft), ahlspiess (pole) shortsword: atgeir (handle), hoggspjot (haft) longsword: polesword (pole) - FYI staffswords now use hafts ---- Jul 25, 20 [2779] Add 'name -gen' to generate a few random names. Fix clan dues breakdown help page. From Shadowfax: Fix typo in angel petition. (Druidia) Alchemist and assassin jobs will pay more when asking for two spells instead of just one. Added Scribes Guild! Scribe scrolls in order to advance in rank. Joining the guild will give access to well-paying scribe jobs. Please allow time for world builders to set up guildmasters. (Unfortunately, previously scribed scrolls will not count toward advancement, sorry.) ---- Jul 19, 20 [2778] From Draak: Added a bit more randomness to fish types and weights. Changed the stats for some lapidary materials to reduce redundancy. New wood type: madrone Beefed up checks for adding/assembling crafted objects to try to catch more extreme cases and hard failures, such as high hit/dam/attacks and mana regen. This should scale with object level. From Xera: A stack of help page additions for Mush-Z, to help explain some of the features and controls. ---- Jul 12, 20 [2777] From Brak: Stop shortid from sending a line break when identifying objects on the ground. Add casting of ground spell to cast spam filter. From Draak: Added channel cast function for rune 'Fell', 'poison'. Some gathered woods are now somewhat rarer than others. Dragonbreath defense strings added to spam extreme. (Granola) Thristy Thursday challenges that require recalls will no longer work on hallowed ground recalls. Added listings for ocomp and otype to mortal oset command. Added msp sounds for landslide spell. The metal used for crossbow hardware now has an effect on the finished weapon's speed. ---- Jul 04, 20 [2775] From Brak: Add 'news headline' command. Automatically display the latest headline news on login. Add more skirmish strings to gfighting spam filter. ---- Jun 27, 20 [2773] From Draak: Fixed bug with flesh beast. It should now work with the corpses of fish-type mobs now, too! You can no longer use berm in cities, or use berm or icewall across the entrances to instances. Added a few called animals to mire terrain. Fixed bug with inlay runes and new -force tag code. New weekly event for Thirsty Thursday should be coming on-line after the Summer Solstice event. You cannot craft if you are too drunk. New druid level 34 druid spell 'landslide'. Blow up earth walls and shambling mounds to damage groups of enemies! Fear effects now cut into your morale. High morale will help you resist fear, but at the cost of your morale. Valor and other fear-resisting effects come into play first. ---- Jun 20, 20 [2770] From Draak: Tweaks to shortid format, to make it a bit prettier. Refinements to objects that show up for seeker jobs, including spellcomps that have affinities corresponding to god attributes. (Morpheus) Tweaks to adding stats to crafted items, including fixing zero weight bugs on some forged items. Forged torcs and cuff bracelets now weight 2 pounds, but can now be inlaid. FYI this will not work with old ones, as the increased weight is the determining factor. Added -force flag checks for adding to crafted items with moderate or little/no room left for improvement, added objects that are much higher quality than the base item, to adding lapidary materials to ladidary items and few other cases. This will probably take a little feedback and calibration to get just right. (Vikk) ---- Jun 14, 20 [2768] From Draak: Improvements to showing spells and bound status on shortid. Improved unguent help page and slightly boosted level for favored spellcomps. (Vikk) Fixed bug with multiple forged copies working on a couple of things it shouldn't have. You can no longer blood sacrifice, butcher or skin corpses that have been recently killed by others, similar to restrictions on harvesting from corpses. (Dizzy) ---- Jun 07, 20 [2764] From Brak: Give 'set shortid' the ability to accept on, off and -silent options. This is to make it easier for Mush-Z to sync it's settings with the server. From Draak: More tweaks to crafting to increase the odds of getting stats, even if its just a few hp, mana or movement. Spiced up a few warrior skills with fatality strings. From Shadowfax: Guild jobs are now available!!! Please be patient while world builders set up jobgivers. Seeker jobs should now only return level appropriate items. Also, seeker jobs from pantheist priests will now reference the player's god instead of Dentin. ---- Jun 01, 20 [2763] From Draak: Fixed a bug in compare with objects that have identical effects, also shored up some shoddy logic with item affects. Compare should now be far less prone to errorneous stat comparisons. ---- May 31, 20 [2760] From Shadowfax: 'Throw dirt' should now be valid syntax for dirt throw. Mortally wounded characters can no longer block dirt throw. From Draak: Attempted to address 'shocked and horrified' strings when on certain corner cases of transforming mobs. Require '-force' when memorizing something on the ground. More tweaks to crafting enhancements. Forged arrowheads, darts and bullets now make multiple copies from a single pound of metal. Fixed a bit of silliness with reporting mob vulnerabilities and mobs with matching elemental types. (Juggernaut) ---- May 24, 20 [2756] From Shadowfax: Fixed string comparison error in retrieval jobs. (Meyaa) From Draak: Fishing pole capacity will now show on shortid. (my crafter channel peeps) Seeker jobs candiates now include to objects made from a god's preferred composition. Bound status will now show up at the end of shortid. (Jormungandr) Random patchwork leathercraft items will now trigger unique item achievements properly. (Ciella) Tweaks to inlay runes. Various crafting tweaks, including subtracting weapon speed to ensure that spikes/studs add hit/dam to weapons. Moondust can be higher level but is now NOSAVE. (Potato) Tweaks to crafted container and fishing pole capacities. Appraise should now be more accurate with weapons that have high non-damage related stats. You can now list skills and spells that you can improve with points: point value all point value profession point value combat (Kyleman) ---- May 16, 20 [2754] From Shadowfax: Make 'crack and pop' room send for mend bones spam filtered. Fixed formula for number of carried antidotes. Raise damage of skirmish skill to better account for its slow speed. (Martin) Legendary weapons and armor no longer run the risk of exploding when dispelled. (Gresko) From Draak: Lowered the price of ore a bit to make more sense with the cost of finished ingots. The weight command will now show exact weight and size for carried things, but only give estimates for the weight of objects on the ground. Dread portent will no longer send indicators for NO_CONDITION mobs, or mobs that change into other mobs when near death. (Asclepius) The 'pick lock' skill has been renamed to 'lock picking'. Tweaks to shortid. Flags show earlier, object type and size are omitted. (Shryth) Measure command added, aliased to weight command. Jobs that require skills now show you what skill they require when you don't know the skill. Estimates for 'buy service' should now work correctly, usage is 'buy service <object> <service type> estimate'. Cleared odd bug with builder-defined fishing failures. (Fighter) Ore yields have been raised: Least pure yields %25. Less pure yields %33. Moderately pure yields %50. More pure yields %66. Most pure yields 100-ish%. ---- May 09, 20 [2753] From Shadowfax: Various event code fixes. From Xera: A 'news mushz' command for mushz users. ---- May 03, 20 [2752] From Draak: Burning objects in a fire now more aggressively strips away their usefulness. Ingredient requirements for brew acid have been adjusted, see the help page. Shortid should now report spells on potions, scrolls and liquid ---- Apr 26, 20 [2748] Raise sunlight cost of liveoaks to help spread out minion usage for druid. From Draak: Adding a rim to a woodcrafted shield will now always increase the ac by least 1. Compare strings should no longer show up when casting identify. The oeffect, otype and ocomp commands have been taken out of the main parser and put under oset (oset otype, oset ocomp, oset oeffect). New level 17 thief skill: distract. While hidden, a thief can divert the attention of a target, making them easier to steal from. ---- Apr 19, 20 [2746] From Draak: Added 'keep' as a list switch option, for showing keep-flagged items. (Ciella) You can waypoint to your clan recall using 'waypoint clan'. You must be part of a clan and able to recall to your clan recall for this to work. (Shryth) Shadow exposure is now cleared on a player's death. The necromancer spells preservation and foulblood are now both level 10, because there was a weird gap there for no good reason, and 3 necro spells at both 9 and 11. Mountain brass now has zapsave as its stat instead of strength. Sterling silver can now be made into weapons and (not very good) armor. It is average in speed, between silvered steel and doubled silver. The various steels are now slightly slower in speed to emphasize their distinctness from base metals and mithril alloys. ---- Apr 11, 20 [2743] From Draak: Tweaks and fixes to compare, including comparisons for spell comps and grenades. Fixed sandstrider boon and multi-humping on Hump Day. New wickercraft item: besom, a one-off wand of remove curse. If you know mining, survey will can now give some information about local geology and local mineral veins. Added 'set shortid', to toggle between longform identification and single-line shortform id. (Dentin) Compare should no longer be on by default on auction. Added a 'bid compare' option if you want to see it. Draak finally figured out how to make sneak improve with use in a sane way. It will be fairly infrequent, and works best when avoiding hostile mobs near or higher than your level. ---- Apr 05, 20 [2742] From Draak: Weekday event participation will show up on the event channel. Gambling jackpot winners now make the news. (Lexie) Event show will display if a weekday event is underway. Note that weekday events do not trigger during seasonal events. Added 'event on' and 'event off'. Added nomelee message to stat and score. Various harvesting skills for blood, bones, teeth, etc. can now target mob corpses by the name of the dead mob. The compare command has gotten an update. Hopefully it will be more useful. I will continue tweaking and improving it over the next few weeks. More tweaks to warrior/thief skill targetting and nomelee. Squashed an odd bug with harvest venom. (Mertag) Bloodletting stab should now be somewhat more effective against ethereal mobs, provided you're wielding a weapon with a damage type that can actually hurt them. Skins, shells and dragonscales now time out to avoid clutter, but can be preserved with the preservation spell or made permanent for a nominal gold expediture using leathercraft preserve. (Mertag) ---- Mar 29, 20 [2741] From Draak: The Arkug (plant/tree), Plat (earth), Stal (stone) and Rava (blood) runes can now be channel cast. Changes in how Stis (intelligence) channel casting works. Added an 'all -force' option to bank deposit and bank withdrawl. Shellcrafter armor can be twice as heavy as leathercrafter armor. Dragonscale armor can be three times as heavy (up from 2.5x). New wickercraft item: dreamcatcher (wand of featherfall) Leathercrafted items will no longer have adjectives by default. The special adjectives can still show up in restrings. Tweaks to how exp from boons is handled. Fix meele targeting bug. Critical abilities can be practiced without a teacher. (Lokar) Terrain, combined with knowledge of orienteering skills, now has a minor effect on hiding effectiveness. For example, if you know forest navigation, you are now slightly better at hiding in places with trees. ---- Mar 22, 20 [2739] Minor fixes to combat patterns / tactics. Fixed arena mob bug with area attacks. Fixed bug with bloom and minions. Survey is no longer dependent on searching. ---- Mar 21, 20 [2738] From Draak: Create water is now useless underwater, as it should be. (Rafa) Fished out an odd bug with inlay runes making forged weapon pieces unusable for finished weapons. (Shadowpates) The survey skill is now classless and the foundation of the newly formed Orienteering skillgroup. New level 38 mage spell - blaze, a fast-casting, low cost fire spell that works in concert with fireweb. The level 17 druid skill 'know territory' is now the level 17 druid spell 'bloom'. This spell uses gathered seeds and nuts to speed the regeneration of plant-based creatures. The functionality of know territory is largely folded into animal lore, in conjunction with survey. From Shadowfax: News is now available on the live game info webpage. Allow certain general and system-generated sends to be replayed on user channels such as auction, arena and event. (Lexie) Remove double send of event announcements. ---- Mar 16, 20 [2737] From Draak: Fixed conflict with cleave/whirlwind targeting and shadow decoy. Fixed PK bug with cleave. Fixed leathercraft weapon weight issue. (Taurus) Woodcrafted objects will no longer have an adjective. Crafting adjectives will still appear on restring sometimes. ---- Mar 15, 20 [2734] From Draak: You can now designate a target with cleave. (Clogger) Whirlwind does not make sense to have a target and will not be changed. Fix bug with crafting overweight leather weapons. (Barons) Credit buy famehint should no longer show mobs from OFFLINE status areas. You can no longer direct your minions to consume corpses of mobs recently killed by someone else. (Ciella) Leathercraft, woodcraft and lapidary now have a 'custom' option. This is used on specific items that builders have defined. You may see custom craftable items using the check option for the various crafts and with identify. (Morpheus) From Shadowfax: Broadcast later stages of fishing derby to the event channel instead of using system sends. Also send updates about the current derby frontrunner. ---- Mar 08, 20 [2732] From Draak: Channel casting mana increase lowered very slightly. New leathercrafted weapon: quirt (a short, fast whip) Bug with metallurgy weapons not setting special metal qualities fixed. Fix PK bug in static blast. Survey now notes the presence of trails, roads and the elevation of exits. The landmark option has been taken out of survey and made its own command. Use 'set landmark' to set up landmarks. They last a bit longer, but the number you can have at once is still linked to your intelligence. Know territory has been deprecated and will soon be replaced with something more useful. The functionality of know territory has been subsumed into animal lore. Metallurgy, leathercraft and woodcraft now use a unified routine for determining the weight of finished weapons. It should be quite difficult to make weapons too heavy for you to wield, and the range of weapon weights should be wider. From Shadowfax: Make jobgivers recognize forged and crafted items with names that match exactly what they're looking for. (Runner) You should be able to switch skirmish targets with impunity so long as you remain hidden. (Ciella) Your maximum carried reduced antidotes is now based on your thief level and skill knowledge. (Ivey) Revised and added rules to sections 4 and 5. The efficacy of reduced antidotes now scales with thief level. Mobs that are under attack and cannot see a player tank because that player is hidden or otherwise can't be seen by the mob will use special attacks against that target the tank less often, with the expection of any mob specifically designed to circumvent the inability to see the target. (Onunku) ---- Feb 23, 20 [2730] From Draak: Hopefully fixed an issue with pk arena mobs. (Morpheus) The quest command should now recognize Gianasi as a valid target, as well as accept more arguments for continent names. (Kliro) ---- Feb 22, 20 [2728] From Draak: Fiddling with skirmish again. It should be less reluctant to relinquish targeting when you or the target are not in the same room. (Ciella) Changes to fame calculations, to exclude fame from unopened areas. We have gone through many old zones and grandfathered them to open status, but players may still lose a few fame. We are trying to keep this to the absolute minimum, so if you lose more than a few dozen fame, please let us know. ---- Feb 15, 20 [2727] From Draak: Adding silver or sky iron-based spikes or studs to leathercrafted weapons should now add the special properties of those metals. (Onunku) Leathercrafted weapons now have a broader range of weights. Total global fame now shows up in some places, such as 'show fame'. New channel moderator command: moderate channelwarn, for when you need to tell an entire channel to stop acting like twinks. Credit buy famehint, for helping find those last few fame mobs you're having trouble hunting down. (A bunch of people) The undead scourge, devil ill and angel ravage unguents can now be applied to weapons or ammunition of equal or lesser level. This gives the item a short-term bane specp against undead, demons and angels, respectively. ---- Feb 10, 20 [2725] From Draak: Recast no longer functions for magical imprisoned characters. (Theo) Changes to warrior combos: Shield slam and knife throwing will not be put in the same combo. Bloodletting stab and shadow strike will no longer be put in the same combo as groundstrike. (Aaken) ---- Feb 01, 20 [2723] From Draak: Participating in special weekly events such as humpday and fishing derbies can grant limited unique boons. Obscure skill 'forge nihonto' raised from level 33 to level 35. Keep-flagged objects can no longer be thrown. (Barons) Tweaks to social reactions from mobs, including fixing false positives and setting a slight delay on their reactions. ---- Jan 26, 20 [2721] From Draak: Belt buckles should properly add capacity to worn containters. You can powder ores up to 20 pounds instead of 10. Reagent lore is now a classless skill with bottling as a prerequisite. Supply crates now cost 50 credits, down from 100, and should yield better results. Fixed bug with inlay rune that allowed inlaying runes on magic, shadow and other inappropriate compositions. Mob socials reactions going online. Animals will react to certain socials that are hostile or annoying. Intelligent humanoids will briefly remember people who annoy them but also respond to friendly gestures. Socials will NOT trigger mob aggressiveness, but they may not want to talk or socialize with you for a short time. You can see if a mob is annoyed with you by looking at them. FYI Draak is setting flags on all socials so they will trigger appropriate behavior. This will also include setting off touch dprocs, so careful caressing and licking stuff. Inlaying metal has been folded into jewelrysmithing. The non-classed level 17 skill 'inlay metal' is now the level 24 druid skill 'inlay rune', which allows runes to be added to metal objects at forges for a small fee. ---- Jan 11, 20 [2719] From Draak: Additional granularity added to appraising weapon. (Onunku) Nomelee will be toggled off when restarting from now on. (Mavrik) Some brewing colors have been changed to prevent grammar issues such as: 'Your brew turns to a orange liquid, and is complete'. (Dizzy) Improvements to fish tournament data tracking. The effects of being feinted will now last a little longer. Flourish should do somewhat more damage when an enemy is not heavily demoralized. Various steal skills restricted on newbie islands for high levels. Added a lower level limit to areas from which object fetch quests draw from, to prevent newbie starter equipment from showing up on Sloe quest givers. (Avilyn) Certain shopkeepers will be given the ability to improve weapons and ammo with the 'buy service <object> damage' command. Purchasing this will add damroll (or sometimes hitroll) for a modest fee. This cannot push weapons over composite and can only be used a limited number of times per object. ---- Jan 02, 20 [2717] We've added real-life object timers to deal with server lag due to item hoarding. Right now there's about a dozen items on the 'extreme hoarding' list, and when those are logged in they'll get a six month timer in which they must be used. When the timer expires, the item becomes nosave. It'll take a few months for this to work its way through the system and clean things up, but it's better than just deleting everything up front. We'll be hitting other objects over time as we notice problems, but this should take care of the worst of it. From Draak: Fixed weird dazing bug in color spray. (Sirand) Shored up tailoring parser. You can now catch bigger fish in rivers. Inoxium is now faster than sky iron, paralleling starmetal, which is slower. The 'forge list metal' command now shows relative speeds of metals. The keyword 'smetal' added to forged ingots. Fixed some logical inconsistencies with certain crafted weapons and guards. Use unified targeting routines for most thief and warrior skills for more consistent behavior. (Onunku) Feint no longer works on creatures that can't see you or are mortally wounded. (Lokar) Sea encounters should no longer happen in ports. The bribe skill is now obscure. Added more diversity to the compositions of corpses from different types of mobs. Corpse eaters will be more discerning and only eat fleshly objects. (Morpheus) Creatures of the ICE type are no longer immune to the necromancer spells Tarrant's spectral hand and spectral claw. They take half damage instead. This should help low and mid-level necromancers be more effective against ice mobs. (Morpheus) ---- Dec 14, 19 [2714] From Draak: Sifted through the brew code to isolate a probable bug that was causing lightning flash to be brewable. (Onunku) Amounts needed for gather food jobs lowered, and a cap placed on ammo jobs. If you know demon lore and corpsecutter, the bodies of demons and angels can yield unique spell components. Bane specps should now be effective on equipment worn on hands, feet and as shields with appropriate attacks. Demon lore has been moved to level 13 and made critical. Demonic tutor is now dependent on demon lore. These two changes resolve our final exigency conflict, where an important or critical spell was dependent upon a skill of lesser exigency. It also makes demonic tutor far more accessible for necromancers that don't wish to focus heavily on demonology. ---- Dec 07, 19 [2712] From Draak: Tweaks to fishing derbies, including a cooldown for winners to give others a chance to win. Fixed issue with giving food to called druidic animals. Brag/Show object will now show spell/skills on consumables such potions, scrolls, spell books, staffs and wands. ---- Dec 01, 19 [2710] From Draak: Fixed bug with metallurgy armor and woodcrafted tower shields not beingi given ac properly. (Onunku) Tweaked stat distribution when adding spikes and studs to armor. You can now designate an amount you want to split metal ingots into via 'forge divide <metal> [weight]'. (Shryth) The forged mastercraft achievement has been changed so that all crafting skills that can produce mastecrafts are eligible. It also is on a slight delay now to reduce spam. Added 'credit buy metalcrate' and 'credit buy brewcrate', for buying metal supply crates and brewing supply crates, respectively. A metal supply crate contains a modest amount of metal bars and ingots for forging, while a brewing supply crate contains a batch of spellcomps and/or herbs appropriate for your level. Each crate costs 100 credits, but there is also a low chance for them to be daily gifts. ---- Nov 24, 19 [2708] From Shadowfax: Using the 'jobs find' category parameter will reveal the exactly job type the jobgiver offers, namely, 'jobs find retrieval', 'jobs find hunter', 'jobs find delivery' and 'jobs find gatherer'. (Runner) Some job titles have been updated to be more specific. From Draak: A fishing derby will attempt to crown a runner-up if the winner leaves the game (thus forfeiting the derby). Resolved conflict with shellcraft that was preventing dragonscale armor from working. If you know shellcraft, you can craft certain antlers, horns, ivory and tusks into weapon grips. You can now label consumable items such as ammo, potions and scrolls without using a profession point. Added more keywords to craft label. Fished a bug out of fishing that inverted the relationship between reeling in fish and nibbler interest. To compensate, fishing is now slightly faster. ---- Nov 17, 19 [2707] From Shadowfax: Prevent 'lethal when undressed' achievements in pk arenas. Fix job info when trying to display a job that you don't currently have. More job efficiency updates to speed up job construction and reduce lag. From Draak: Fishing while untrained made more effective, but not that much. New heraldry types: patridge, hen, calling bird, milkmaid, lady, lord, piper, drummer New leathercrafted item: armbands Checking an ore will give an approximate yield, and also let you know if there is not enough to smelt. New brew only spells: harden leather and seal leather. Shellcraft split off from leathercraft skill. Harvested shells will have heavier AC than the current version, and different saving throws than dragonscale armor. Fishing derby testing code is in place for some dry runs. Draak will announce when they are ahead of time. Expect automatic fishing derbies on Fridays in the near future. ---- Nov 12, 19 [2706] Try to fix up lag issues caused by jobs. From Shadowfax: Cut back the chance of receiving an almoner job. Note that almoner is the default priest job. If you're randomly selected for another kind of job that you don't qualify for, you'll likely be assigned an almoner job. ---- Nov 03, 19 [2703] Account-to-account ignore should now work, if you have an account. All characters in an account use the same per-account ignore lists. You can still ignore people who aren't in accounts, and if you don't have an account yet, you can still ignore entire accounts. Also, the default is account ignore whenever possible. From Shadowfax: Make bonus classes future-compatible with skills. Fix rare bug that was allowing atheist players to accept priest jobs. Quartermaster jobs will no longer accept ammunition with short timers. Fix bug that forced quartermaster jobgivers to only accept arrows, even if designed for a different kind of ammunition. From Draak: Changes to clan dues displays to increase accuracy. Bonus levels exp cost should show up where it belongs. Foraging jobs should now accept more types of foraged food, including seasonal pumpkins and squash. Fixed bug with adding grips to woodcrafted items. ---- Oct 27, 19 [2702] Autorecast will now work in recall again, unless the player goes idle. The idle time is fairly short, and can be tweaked later if needed. Ignore changes: Timered ignore and ignore allow has been removed. All ignores are now account ignores, if the target account exists. ---- Oct 26, 19 [2699] From Draak: Add flags, quality and other information to brag/show object. It should no longer be possible to group rejoin a group leader if that leader is in their storage locker. Add 'kxwt_mastercraft' tag for crafted items. Luam is now a channel cast rune, making elemental spells poisonous for demons and vampires, but doing reduced damage to angels. You can now add grips to leathercrafted whips. You can now use metallurgy to load forged simple weapons such as crafted axes, spears and maces. You can now forge armor scales, which can be added to leathercrafted armor to increase its ac and add effects. The cost of casting excess metal from metallurgy projects should now be the same as splitting the initial ingot. Also shored the up accuracy of the cost calculator. Added 'craft desc' option, to spend a profession point to write a custom long description for a crafted object. Like craft restring, you can only use this on objects that you know how to craft yourself. From Shadowfax: Remove maxload/reboot only header info from mortal identify display. (Shermanator) Job changes: No longer save missionary jobs, since the tracts generated by such jobs do not save either. You can be assigned minister jobs if you actually know the bless spell, not just if you're high enough level cleric to know it. Fishmongers will now accept foraged seafood as part of a job, and thus the fishing skill is no longer required to complete such jobs. The 'where jobs' command will only show jobgivers offering custom jobs that you have not yet completed. (Mertag) Add three new retrieval jobs: apothecary, wandmaker and clothier. Add two new gather jobs: forager and quartermaster. Add one new priest job: anointer. ---- Oct 20, 19 [2697] Spell recasting is now suspended when you're at a waypoint. When you leave the waypoint, recasting will automatically restart. From Shadowfax: 'Where priests' will show all non-pantheist priests if you do not worship a god, or it will show only your priests and pantheist priests if you do worship a god. No longer display a priest's patron god using consider. It wasn't correctly identifying pantheist priests, you don't lose favor from killing priests anymore, and consider is spammy enough anyway. From Draak: Fixed bitrot bug with lapidary club speed and high total levels, also smoothed out some other hit/dam issues with lapidary clubs and marbles. ---- Oct 19, 19 [2695] The 'ignore' command now allows you to set different ignore/allow flags for do-not-disturb mode. This means your default DnD settings can be to allow your friends or clan members, without needing to manually toggle it every time. ---- Oct 12, 19 [2692] From Draak: You can now show and brag objects, for when you bag some sweet loot or craft a mastercraft object and want to show it off. (Aegis) Metallurgy check will now identify useable sources of carbon for steel-making. You can now designate a level for bonecrafting, lapidary, metallurgy and woodcrafting. If you have a crafting skill at perfect, you cannot craft objects of less than expertly crafted quality. Lapidary now makes equipment based on total levels instead of character primary levels. Using forge check on an ore now gives its purity. Using forge check on your inventory will list the metal, and purity / difficulty for ores or metals, respectively. (Castmaster) ---- Sep 29, 19 [2690] From Draak: Jobs should no longer choose encounter mobs as targets. If any job givers step out of line, let Draak know so he can... discipline them. (Morpheus) Hone weapon is now dependent on metallurgy instead of forge simple weapon. Customize weapon requires forge simple weapon in addition to hone weapon. You can add grips to woodcrafted bows and longbows. (Leoric) Adding rims to woodcrafted shields should now properly add ac when possible. (Ragtime) Help pages will now give relative speeds for skills and spells. This is somewhat experimental, and there may be a few inaccuracies. You can now designate a level when leathercrafting. This is a test - bonecraft, lapidary, metallurgy and woodcraft will follow after we work out the kinks, if any. ---- Sep 21, 19 [2688] From Draak: There are now over 50 different random sea encounters! Encounter rates have been boosted slightly and cooldowns lowered a bit. Two new wood types for the mainland of Atmir: bilinga, ovangkol Fixed issue with leathercraft check and sheets of dragonscale. (Colonel) Misc crafting tweaks. You can not give way containers with KEEP flagged objects in them. ---- Sep 15, 19 [2685] From Draak: New alloy for jewlerymaking: liver copper (copper, gold, silver) New leathercraft weapon: knout (two-handed whip) Fixed bug with 'drop all -force', sorry about that. The KEEP flag will prevent items from being added to campfires and emptied out of a carried container onto the ground. New forged weapons: spontoon, long flail, partisan, swordstaff, tekpi, falx, fauchard, and sovnya. These should allow more granularity when assembling weapons to attain the desire emphasis on speed, damage, etc. Some forged weapon recipes have changed a bit, such as tridents requiring a haft instead of a pole, ranseurs now having a trident head and no guard, and scythe blades being replaced with sickle blades to make scythes. When using coffin to free comrades from magical prisons, the the spell will now grind away at the prison's level on failure instead of being strictly binary. From Shadowfax: The favor command will now indicate when you have maximum favor with your god. (Sirand) Display remaining time for hallowed ground spells on waypoint lists. Job updates: Lumberjack jobs require more wood at higher levels to complete. Ironmonger jobs require less ore, especially at higher levels. They also pay a bit more, too. Add 'reject' option for jobs command. Print time remaining for a job on 'job info' instead of 'job display'. Priest jobs now use display favor instead of real favor to determine whether a player's favor is maxed out and qualifies for extra experience. (Sirand) ---- Sep 08, 19 [2682] Level 103 and 104 builders now have the same BUILDER tag on the who list. We might give them different tags if we can think of good ones. ---- Sep 07, 19 [2679] From Draak: Credit buy nosac removed. Use 'set keep' instead. Misc tweaks to forged mastercrafts and the Smiths Guild. New heraldric beasts: baboon, beaver, crow, mole, opossum, raccoon, skunk, turkey, vole, and woodpecker. Moondust can be higher level now. Elemental enchants will now work with a few other object types. (Mertag) Cost for splitting/ combining metals and smelting ore lowered. New forged weapons: cleaver, trisul (one-handed trident) Unguents should now respect your god's favored composition. Fixed up the logic for scribeable spells a little. Frostflower should now be scribeable. (Malificent) Added KEEP flag and 'set keep <object>' and 'set unkeep <object>'. Adding a KEEP flag to an object will prevent it from being dropped, given away, sold, auctioned or donated. (Ankor) The thief 'poison' brew is now 'basic poison', so it can be looked up with 'brew poison search' properly. It had previously conflicted with poison ivy and poison mushroom. (Camus) From Shadowfax: Add five new 'gather' type jobs: lumberjack, slaughterhouse, fishmonger, ironmonger and skinner. Retrieval jobs will now take player level in account and favor solo areas over group areas when choosing target items. Delivery objects self-destruct a short time after they are dropped. Any job that has been accepted but not yet completed will now save and load across reboots, except for delivery jobs. Any such job has its timer reset to six hours. ---- Aug 24, 19 [2677] From Draak: Encounters should now ignore the presence of dancing lights, continual lights and other system mobs. You should be able to skin and butcher animals smaller animals now. Producing mastercrafted items is bit more dependent on skill, and a bit less dependent on luck. You can sometimes gain a profession point when finishing a mastercraft item. Fixed display issue with weapon traits on weapons with damage type 'none'. (Artisan) Confusion is now dependent on feeble mind instead of forgetfulness. (Huntsong) Remove curse is now level 10. Sense life is now level 9. Smelting ore takes half the time. Job changes from Shadowfax: Jewelry retrieval jobs have been given broader specifications so that more objects qualify as jewelry. Retool 'goals' command to show both currently accepted quests and jobs. Add remaining time on job descriptions when displaying in-progress and completed jobs. Mobs that only give hunter jobs are no longer disqualified as targets for delivery, missionary and minister jobs. Delivery jobs now expire upon logging out, and all job-related letters/parcels/tracts are flagged as NOSAVE. This should help prevent the confusion of having deliveries for jobs that have already expired. Job and quest commands now mirror one another much better and are more intuitive. Also, 'nearby' and 'completed' options were added for the job command. Non-newbie retrieval and delivery jobs are now weighted toward choosing targets from the same sector. Jobgivers will still occasionally select targets from other sectors and planes, and such jobs will pay more when completed. Hunter jobs are now weighted toward choosing targets from solo and group 4 areas. Additionally, these jobs now take a target's area group size into account in addition to the its level when judging its worthiness as a hunter target. Hunter jobs and pilgrimages won't choose very high level targets or very high level areas, respectively, until players reach level 38 (raised from level 33). ---- Aug 17, 19 [2675] Fix bug in 'credit buy boat'. We'll refund the affected players. From Draak: Messages when comparing weapons now specify that they measure the weapon's melee combat damage only. Weapon messages for what mobs are vulnerable or resistant to a weapon's dtype have been condensed. Metallurgy costs lowered a little bit. Fixed bug in mystic armanent that added the magic dtype before checking if existing effects would interfere with the spell. (Lexie) Lower level characters should now have a better chance of making mastercraft items, if their skill level is high enough. More reorganization for weapon info on id/list. Profession point costs for hone weapon, customize weapon, balance weapon and reinforce armor reduced. (Uicli) Fixed bug where shadow cost would get stuck after channel casting with the 'blok' rune. Added %php, %pmn and %pmv tags to the prompt for percentage of hit points, mana and movement, respectively. (Artisan) Smiths' Guild should coming online. You advance in rank by forging mastercraft items. As you go up in rank, you receive a small but growing discount to most forging costs. The identify command can now target objects in specific wear locations. For instance, if you want to identify whatever you're wearing on your feet, 'id feet' will give you the stats for whatever you're wearing on your feet, if anything. (Aven) Level 18 and 22 cleric had very few spells, while the levels below and above them had too many. The following spells have been re-leveled to smooth out these irregularities: Spell 'word of recall' is now cleric level 18, up from 17. Spell 'slow poison' is now cleric level 18, down from 19. Spell 'hold undead' is now cleric level 20, up from 19. Spell 'area refresh' is now cleric level 22, down from 23. ---- Aug 11, 19 [2672] From Draak: The check command should be a bit less harsh judging the melee capabilities of warriors and thieves. Terrible weapons will now show a JUNK label when identified or listed. Suboria's sector has been shrunk back to its proper size. Mystic armanent now works on flexible weapons like whips in addition to blunt weapon damage types. The speed differences between forged weapons with grips vs. ones with handles and ones with hafts vs. ones with poles should be more pronounced. Crafted weapons should have better dierolls. Brewonly spell help pages should now indicate that they can be created by brewing potions. Some vendors now buy cooked recipes. Leathercrafted armor will tend to gain much less AC, but can have much stronger bonuses to hitpoints and/or movement. Some will still be blank - these are good for adding spikes, studs or runes to. Forged spikes and studs more heavily favor adding damroll, hitroll and attacks to leathercrafted equipment over other stats. The type of metal used is also more important. From Shadowfax: You must worship a god to do priest tasks, even from pantheist priests. Make amount of gold requested for almoner jobs more reasonable for low level players. Players who are underleveled for the sector they are in will no longer receive pilgrim jobs in that sector. Changes to dread portent and soulsteal: Dread portent will always notify when a creature in the same room is near death. Knowledge of the 'soulsteal' spell is no longer necessary. The threshold where dread portent notifies that a creature is near death is now the same as when the creature is vulnerable to 'soulsteal'. Soulsteal can now be cast as a duration spell, provided one is affected by 'dread portent' at the time of casting. The target's soul will be stolen (or at least try to be) as soon as it becomes weak enough for the spell to work and if the caster is still affected by 'dread portent'. Multiple soulsteals in quick succession now count less sharply against the caster. You will fail less often, but you will still sometimes fail. ---- Aug 03, 19 [2671] From Draak: New scribing affinities: force, shadow You should now be able to scribe scrolls using spellcomps that have an affinity for the spell, not just spellgroups. Keep in mind that many spells cannot be scribed, just like some cannot be brewed. Spell help pages will now display if they can be brewed, scribed, put on spellstaffs, etc. at the bottom of the page. This required the creation of a new flagging register for spells that was added by hand to each spell entry - please let Draak know if you find any errors or omissions. From Shadowfax: Make minister job construction much more efficient. Fix bug preventing priest tasks from being accepted by priests of certain gods. ---- Jul 29, 19 [2669] From Draak: Added 'sector' command, for looking up the various sectors of the game. ---- Jul 28, 19 [2666] From Draak: Changed colors for daze and stun sends. Encounter help page added. Sea boarder encounters are now active. Creatures from the depths of the sea will board vessels from time to time. Most are hostile, but some may have other purposes for seeking out sailing vessels. This is experimental, and has a built-in manual override so Draak can adjust the rate or turn it off altogether if there are issues. ---- Jul 20, 19 [2665] From Draak: Shored up blindness routines to prevent rare cases where unintended permanent blindness could happen. (Valkyrie) Rune list now shows what runes do when channel cast. Added a couple more channel cast runes. Modernized guild help pages. Crafts all hooked into a universal function for calculating movement costs. This should, in most cases, reduce movement costs, expect when working with high difficulty materials like certain metals and gems. Metal constructs made with metals with magic absorption or spell resistance will gain spellsave. Metal constructs made with metals with elemental absportion effect will gain corresponding elemental saving throws. (Onunku) ---- Jul 13, 19 [2662] From Draak: Add 'cryomancer' to the 'advice' command. Craft quality should now work properly with items that are lower than WELL CRAFTED. Cloak of fear should no longer toggle on if you type 'cloak fear off', as this is clearly not the intent. (Colonel) Added several more runes to channel casting. The rune command will indicate if a rune can be used for channel casting. The Cartographer's Guild should be coming on-line soon. It's directly linked into explorer points. Some guildmasters and rewards are already set up, more will be forthcoming. Lightly armored enemies are more vulnernable to ranged attacks. This shows on the 'consider' command. Also, a few other little tweaks to ranged attacks that should be fun. ---- Jun 30, 19 [2660] From Draak: Fatigue and exhaustion can no longer take you deeply into negative movement. Channel cast strings will now be gagged by spam gcast. (Mathayas) Softened damage from high level traps. You can use metallurgy to load any wooden weapon, increasing its weight and changing its dieroll. Carve mooncatcher can no longer be taught by demonic tutor, and has a proper place to learn it. Mobs that can recharge select wands and staffs will now show what objects and for how much gold on 'list' and 'sell list'. Spruced up strings for wand/staff recharge trades. Mooncatchers can be converted into moondust, a brew component that boosts the level of a brew without altering the outcome of the recipe. This might see some level tweaking as we assess how powerful it is. Added 'craft quality' command. This uses profession points to increase the quality of a crafted object. You must know how to craft the object in order to upgrade it. The point cost goes up sharply for each tier of quality an item is improved, and also increases with level. ---- Jun 21, 19 [2658] From Draak: Lag reduced on crafting skills a little bit. Fixed bug in leathercraft that did not allow a 'blank' composite bonus on non-dragonscale equipment. Warrior skill rebalancing: Tanking is now level 22, down from level 24. Lag and movement cost for crippling strike has somewhat increased. FYI it is still quite a bit faster and less costly than leap attack. New geology type: salty, for highly saline, non-marine environments. New angelic wood: thyine Happy Solstice! Keep an eye out for summer squash when foraging. Mage practice rebalancing: Ground is now level 12, up from 10, since it was the same level as shocking grasp. Obscure spell chimes is now level 10, since there were multiple obscure spells at level 11. New mining minerals: selenite, alabaster (both forms of gypsum) and very rare polyhalite and bloedite. These favor salty geology, along with various halide minerals like sylvite. ---- Jun 08, 19 [2655] From Draak: A successful feint will reduce the cooldown timers that lessen the chance of a successful flourish and lower the damage of crippling strike. Added a couple of tips to the bottom of slist. (Duckworthy) You can no longer scribe high level spells onto low level scrolls. Areas can now have different geologies set that affect what minerals are most abundant there. You will see a message about the local geology when you start prospecting. Most druid called animals are gaining the ability to eat food they are given. They will be picky eaters, so don't try feeding apples to a mountain lion or fish to an ape. Mage practice balance changes: Prism is now level 18 instead of level 12. Level 12 spell shield is now critical and dependent on mana shield instead of fly. Dependencies within the force field spelltree have rearranged. Thief practice balance changes: Contortionism is no longer critical. Shadow decoy is now critical. Stealthy movement is now level 22, up from level 21. Shadow bind is now level 15, up from level 14. Brew poison is now level 14, down from level 15. Case is now level 12, down from level 13. Cloak of darkness is now level 13, up from level 12. Backstab is now level 9, up from level 8. Survrey is now level 8, down from level 9. Feint is now level 6, down from level 7. Pickpocket is now level 7, up from level 6. Crippling strike is now level 20 and critical. Shadow strike is now level 28. Necromancer practice balance changes: Consume is now level 17, up from 16. Skeletal warrior is now level 16, down from 17. Cleric practice balance changes: Breath of life is now level 31, up from level 28. (Lokar) ---- May 28, 19 [2653] From Shadowfax: Display brew level of object when identifying it. (Shermanator) Allow 'knockback' to be used while defensive fighting without penalty. (Ivey) 'Jab' can no longer be used while defensive fighting without penalty to balance the change to knockback. Lower cooldown of 'infernal visage' from about 45 minutes to roughly half an hour. (Rowroad) Using higher level soulstones can result in a more powerful infernal visage. (Rowroad) Raise damage of skirmish a bit more. (Martin) Fix various bugs with accio spell, including having it trigger contact traps, and disallowing the spell if a player is inside the target. Also allow it to find a target within nested containers. (Rowroad) From Draak: Add remaining bank time to the bank command. You can now specify a level when scribing scrolls. This is mostly for making scrolls for characters lower level than yourself, such as allies or customers. (Morpheus) The level 13 'blindness' spell is now the level 38 'eyebite' curse. This curse blurs vision, lowering hitroll, increasing vulnerability to blinding effects, interfering with shadow disciplines, and SEVERELY hampering ranged attacks such as thrown weapons, bows and firearms. Eyebite (blindness) and cure blindness now have MSP/dclient sounds. The cure blindness spell will incrementally remove eyebite with successive castings. It has been retooled to also remove temporary blindness from dust, chemical attacks and bright lights. If it successfully removes temporary blindness, the target of the spell is briefly immune to blindness (but not the eyebite curse, which removes the immunity). There will no longer be critical spells and skills above level 30. By then, you should know everything your primary class needs to survive. What you learn next is highly likely to influenced by your secondary and tertiary class choices. Cleanup to spell exigencies in relation to spell dependencies (critical spells are dependent at critical, important spells are dependent on important or critical spells, and so forth) Thief balance changes: Shadow walk is now level 31 instead of 30. Shadow mastery is now level 30 instead of 31. Crippling strike and evasion are no longer critical. Warrior balance chagnes: Cleave is now level 10 instead of 26, critical and dependent on lunge. Leap attack is now level 20 instead of 10 and dependent on cleave. Ground strike is now level 26 instead of 20. Defensive fighting is now level 15 instead of 13 and is critical. Battle tactics is now level 17 instead of 15. Cleric balance changes: Condemnation is now level 32, from level 28. Breath of life is now level 28, from level 32. Faith shield is now level 5, critical and dependent on armor instead of bless. Refresh is now level 4 instead of 5. Bless is now level 6 instead of 4 and is important instead of critical. Mage balance changes: Fireweb is dependent on greater fireball instead of fireweb. Necromancer balance changes: Infuse element is now level 28 instead of 29. Demonic tutor is now level 29 instead of 28. ---- May 27, 19 [2650] From Draak: You can now show your last thought. How useful! The check command will point people with extreme alignments towards obscure alignment spells that will benefit them. (Lokar) Picking up a spell book containing an obscure spell or skill will trigger a message. Fixed bug in sunder that allowed it to repeat on illegal targets. Straightened out an issue with caught fish being worthless. (Ironleaf) Groundstrings for caught fish should now make more sense in relation to cooking. (Mertag) Spell show <level> has more information now. Special update from Draak: Lots of class skills and spells will be moving up or down by a level or two, be tweaked in practice cost, or changed to a different level of exigency. The end goal is to make sure each class has roughly the same number of critical, important and helpful practices, at roughly equivalent intervals. Some spells and skills will be receiving improvements. The few large jumps in level will be handled with grandfathering. Critical practices for mage, cleric, druid and necromancer are more or less in their final state. Warrior is partially there, and thief is in the planning stages. I've done my best to document the changes here, but there may be some unintentional omissions and the possible broken spell dependency or two - this is a big project! This will be ongoing for the next couple of weeks. Unclassed practice rebalancing: Monster lore is now level 8. Mage practice rebalancing: Dancing lights is now level 5. Burning hands is now level 6. Shocking grasp is now level 10. Shield is now level 12. Fireball is now level 14. Lightning bolt is now level 19. Greater fireball is now level 21. Frostbite is now level 23. Ball lightning is now level 25. Cleric practice rebalancing: Bolster is now level 9. Sanctuary is now level 11. Consecrate armor is now level 11. Flamestrike is now level 13. Inflict suffering is now level 15. Heal is now level 17. Protection from evil is now level 19. Harm is now level 21. Major heal is now level 23. Petition incarnate is now level 25. Petition crusader is now level 28. Famine is now level 26. Lethargy is now level 25. Despair and breath of life are now level 32. The jinx curse is now level 15. Forgetfulness is now level 25. Feeble mind, forgetfulness and confusion are no longer obscure. Protection from evil is now the foundation of the know evil spellgroup. Detect evil is now level 19 and dependent on protection from evil. Know alignment is now level 24. Both spells, along with conceal alignment, are now obscure. Druid practice rebalancing: Animal lore is now level 11. Ice fog is now level 12. Mudwalker is now level 10. Spellstaff is now level 18. Call squirrel is now level 11. Grow mushroom is now level 13. Deadoak is now level 20. Call animal is now level 9. Water is weird is now level 8. Control weather is now level 11. Animal lore is now level 13. Walk on water is now level 19. Squeaky floors is now level 20. Call waterborn is now level 20. Entangling roots is level 22. Petroglyph is now level 21. Carve fetish is now level 22. Sunscreen is now level 32. Leech life is now level 38. Warrior practice rebalancing: Disarm is now level 6. Stomp is now level 5. Unarmed combat is now level 14. Increased stamina is now level 13. Advanced tactics is now level 24. Double attack is now level 21. Groundstrike is now level 20. Sunder is no longer obscure. (Lokar) Necromancer practice rebalancing: Undead lore is now level 8. Bone blade is now level 7. Spectral hand is now level 7. Corpsecutter is now level 6. Demon lore is now level 10. Bone arrow is now level 9. Soulsteal is now level 11. Foulblood is now level 11. Skeletal mage is now level 19. Life tap is now level 21. Skeletal knight is now level 25. Spectral claw is now level 27. ---- May 12, 19 [2647] From Shadowfax: Add help option for the 'variable' command. From Draak: Fixed a bug with consecrate armor stat changes and wear locations. Some spells and skills that were labeled as both obscure and helpful are now just obscure. Liquid containers can no longer be rune-carved. (Shermanator) Using 'reveal curse' on a character makes the next casting of 'remove curse' on that character by the same caster more effective. (Demon) Detect poison will hint at the presence of foulblood, rancid flesh and dying breath when cast on a target. Optimization to cleric practice trees, including: Overconfidence is now level 12 cleric and the foundation of the cleric curses of the mind spells. Feeblemind is now level 19 cleric. Feeblemind, forgetfulness and confusion are now obscure. Detect undead and detect poison are now obscure. Slow poison is now dependent on remove poison. Holy weapon is now level 25, since the other level 25 cleric spells were obscure and the divine conjuration tree was kind of clustered around low levels. ---- May 05, 19 [2646] You can now remove a friend using the name of any of their multis. This should help in cases where a friend is being annoying but you don't know which of their multis you have friended. From Draak: Dclient users: the duration and intensity of spell cast/remove colorflash events has been reduced. If you are wearing consecrated armor and the consecration weakens, your stats should update properly to reflect it. ---- May 04, 19 [2643] From Draak: Minor check/advice command updates. Minor holiday updates and additions. You should be able to add gemstones to forged jewelry again, sorry about that. Turtles and tortoises should yield shells when skinned. (Dizzy) Warrior combos can now add hit point regeneration and constitution. They will add moveregen if str, dex or con are maxxed out. (Lokar) Fished out an odd bug that would strip ARTIFACT and RARE flags from consecrated eq in some circumstances. (Sirand) Successfully calling animals can improve animal magnetism if you know the skill. (Ragtime) Worshipping certain gods will now attract the attention of specific types of angels or vespers when using most petitions. Gods will show up as having preferred compositions for brewing unguents. This will not be turned on until all gods have been properly set. The 'where' command works a little bit differently now to prevent conflicts with mob names and searching for specific service providers in cities - for example, 'where priest' in a city will list all priests in the city (if any), while 'where priest' in a dungeon will find mobs or players by the name of 'priest'. The level 25 cleric spell 'mystic projectile' is now the level 14 cleric spell 'mystic armament'. Mystic armament can be cast on ammunition and weapons that have a blunt damage type such as pound, crush or punch. It adds magic damage to weapons or ammo so enspelled. Dclient users: spells that can be cast on characters now have color flashes when they are cast or wear off. This has been set on sanctuary and many detection and protective spells. (Dex) ---- Apr 29, 19 [2642] Update server SSL keys. ---- Apr 20, 19 [2640] DClient users - we've been doing a lot of infrastructure work. If any of the dclient features you use stop working, please notify Dentin so we can get it fixed. From Shadowfax: Clan dues bought with credits will now be added to the buyer's 'Total dues paid' roster entry and update the 'paid last' timestamp. (Wyrm) From Draak: Crippling strike should be less crippling against other players in pk. Feinting an opponent makes crippling strike more effective. Necromancer spell 'mend bones' has been lowered to level 34 and made critical. Necromancer spell 'bone dragon' has been raised to level 37. Mage spell 'ice wall' is now dependent on frost bite. Mage spells 'ice wall', 'lightning bolt' and 'ice elemental' are now critical. Cleric abilities 'Clasp of corruption', 'death and decay', 'petition aspect' and 'celestial audience' are now critical. New wood types: almond, driftwood (common on beaches.) Minor crafting cleanup for a few weird cases. (Wily, Juggernaut) Added 'heraldry check' option to see if objects can have heraldry added to them. Leathercraft check, lapidary check and woodcraft check tightened and improved. Let Draak know if there are any problems with the checks or with adding upgrades to leathercrafted, lapidary and woodcrafted equipment. Ice imprison is more effective against enemies that have been 'chilled' i.e. affected by chill touch, Tarrant's spectral hand or spectral claw. It is less effective against unchilled opponents. Also, each casting of ice imprison against a chilled opponent weakens the chill spells on it. (Lokar, sort of) ---- Apr 07, 19 [2638] Add more information to kxwt_rvnum. (Demon) Player maps should now save instances. From Draak: New alloy: red gold - copper and gold. Added more details that can be added to heraldic images. See 'heraldry features' for more info. Added 'metallurgy enhance check' to use on items to see if they can be enhanced with metallurgy. Lapidary check can now be used on items to show what can be added to them. Fixed damage type bug with 'luk' channel casted spells. (Runner) New MSP/dclient sounds for combat points, profession points, explorer points and newbie helper points. Tailoring analyze/check/estimate will now check to see if a feather can be added a crafted hat. From Shadowfax: Add help text for 'dice' command. Randomize durations of cleric petition and necromancer summon cooldown timers a little. Cleanup weapon trap damage strings. (Brak) Fix bug that made you keep trying to unlock a trap after it already had been unlocked. (Brak) Up damage of snares, snaptraps, caltrops and mana blast traps. (Brak) Make it clearer when the 'shield' spell has protected you against a ranged attack or fusillade trap. If you do not have the proper key, then failing to unlock a contact trigger trap risks springing the trap. (Brak) Prevent 'none' priest tasks from becoming available. (Lilmike) If you are struck by a projectile from a ranged attack that is larger than you are, it will no longer end up in your inventory and always land on the ground. (Brak) Group members must now be in the same room as any escorted mob when it reaches its destination in order to receive credit for its escort quest. The extreme spam filter will now block shadow decoy deaths. Mobs must now be awake in order to notice you killing another mob in the same room. (Lokar) ---- Mar 24, 19 [2634] From Shadowfax: Adjust trap damage so it scales more smoothly with level. Fix bug in leech life that allowed a mob to leech a player after the player had died. From Draak: Tweaks to luck, mostly invisible. Help text improvements when changing various channel settings. Added 'Tal' rune option to channel casting, gives a small clevel boost. Added 'Ganta' rune option to channel casting, gives an increased chance of casting success. You can now add forged spikes and studs to bonecrafted weapons. You can now use 'leathercraft check' on leathercrafted and dragonscale armor to see how they can upgraded with the leathercraft skills. You can now use 'woodcraft check' on woodcrafted items to see how they can upgrade with the woodcrafting skills. ---- Mar 16, 19 [2631] Fix account bug preventing previously existing GuideDog accounts from being linked via the 'account email set' command. From Draak: Fix 'luk' channel casting damage bug. It can now also be partially mitigated by shields. Rune channeled spells should now have a chance of improving the requisite elemental focus skill. Cleaned up logic in leathercraft for determining what items can be made from shell/dragonscale and which cannot. The way finished areas are determined has been streamlined. Expect the some area weirdness until all areas are updated. ---- Mar 10, 19 [2629] From Shadowfax: Shadow decoys will now self-destruct when released. (Rashid) The survey skill now allows you to set temporary landmarks. ---- Mar 09, 19 [2627] From Draak: You should no longer be able to give things to dancing lights. Added unique MSP/dclient sounds for crippling strike. Splitting lapidary items should no longer accidently hide things in your inventory. Soulsmithing should be a bit more forgiving with high level soulstones if you're wearing castlevel. Help pages for spells now show if they can be channel cast. The climb COMMAND has been deprecated. Players will automatically attempt to climb when going through climb-flagged exits, in the same way players will automatically swim when entering water rooms. The climb skill will still determine how much movement you take and lag you incur when climbing. This should help put players on all clients on equal footing when it comes to autoclimb. This is complicated and there may be bugs. Please report any bugs directly to Draak and Dentin. Channel casting now allows you to modify certain mage spells by preceding the spell name with a rune word: 'Alu' for slow, low-mana casting. 'Alu' casting is the default for channel casting, so you don't need to specify it. 'Ort' to add blunt-force blasting damage to spells. 'Luk' to focus damage spells into beams that slice into enemies. This is a total transformation, as the spell retains none of its original properties save its elemental damage type. The damage is formulated from the amount of mana the spell uses, the level of the spell and the caster's level. The beams can be evaded. The latter two runewords increase the mana cost and lag of the spells by a modest amount. An example casting string might be: ccast ort fireball target All this is experimental, and subject to change or removal in the future. ---- Mar 02, 19 [2625] From Draak: Excavated minerals from high level areas will now be a bit lower in level. New taste 'pine' added, for evergreen plants. Pine flavored food helps with cases of poisoning similar to mint. Spalted woodcrafted objects now have a chance to randomize similar to patchwork leathercrafted objects. Chill touch, Tarrant's spectral hand and spectral claws no longer leave a lingering chill effect on ICE type mobs. (Leos) Fixed whacky lapidary bug with lapidary inlaid forged armor and other items. (Necrosabor) Fixed soulshatter's identity crisis. Small tweaks to disarm. New level 33 necromancer skill: soulsmith, for adding soulstones to crafted jewelry and weapons! The vast majority of gathered herbs and mushrooms should now have a taste set on them. There are also a few more poisonous herbs and mushrooms than there were before. Big thanks to Morpheus for helping with this tedious project. ---- Feb 24, 19 [2624] From Draak: You can now use salty-tasting spellcomps as seasoning when cooking, and a few flavor tweaks. Loading and other ranged weapon strings added to spam extreme. If you know lapidary and reagent lore, you can crush ores into powders that can be used as spellcomps. Clan names now show on where and the dclient map. You can customize your clan area's name with 'credit buy clanname'. ---- Feb 17, 19 [2622] Freak soulsteal display and achievements have been changed from a factor of 4 (1, 4, 16, 64, 256) to a factor of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8, 16). We've also added freak 32 and freak 64 achievements, so you can now soulsteal one freak level higher than previously. Note that this changes only the display, and not the soulsteal levels or exp. From Draak: Shopkeepers that buy gems or ingots should be less stingy. Fixed a bug with quest-restricted doors. Crafted weapons can now have better dierolls based on their quality level. ---- Feb 16, 19 [2620] From Draak: New MSP/DClient sounds for coffin, infernal visage and firefield. Added special 'humpday' code... Command 'event quest' split off from 'event show'. (Morpheus) Fixed metal inlay strings with certain pieces of dragonscale armor. Successful warrior combos can now daze and stun opponents. Fixed bug that could strip quality bonuses from equipment with consecrate. (Sirand) You can now add gemstones to crafted masks. Cleanup and sounds added to various summon demon abilities. From Shadowfax: Nudge skirmish damage up a bit. (Martin) Tie experience yielded by the skirmish skill more closely to performance. This should result in a small overall increase. ---- Feb 09, 19 [2618] From Shadowfax: Ammunition with the two_wield wear slot are no longer considered legal. Fix bug in infernal visage that made the DEMON mtype persist if one died while under its effect. (Rowroad) Prevent infernal visage from working in the unlikely event that you are affected by 'censure demon'. Prevent crystal coat from affecting mining deposits. (Victorious) ---- Feb 03, 19 [2615] From Shadowfax: Allow an unnatural spring to be used as a water source for the flood spell if no other source is available. (Druidia) Never time out waypoints that require a quest to obtain. (Soth) Fix bugs in 'conceal alignment' that made good aligned characters appear to be neutral when adjudicating mob behavior with respect to assist alignment and spare alignment flags. Necromancer class update: Add 'temptations' option for consult demon. Demonic lorekeepers will now mention if an object or door is trapped when analyzing a lock. Add level 38 'coffin' spell. Add level 38 'infernal visage' skill. From Draak: Lots of minor quality of life improvements. Objects can be split by weight now, 'split <object> <value>'. It should now be possible to scribe rejuvenate. It should now be clear when crippling strike misses or is dodged by an enemy. (Lokar) Fixed minor size calculation bug in woodcraft. Certain kinds of forged jewelery will have reduced stats, so there is more play in the composite when adding gems, enchants and soforth. (Victorious) Field of the grasping dead is now more effective against ethereal cratures. Tweaks to consult demon, in particular it should indicate what sector gathered herbs and mined materials are native to. Added 'job' option to consult demon. The consulted demon can tell you what it knows about objects you need for retrieval jobs. Hiding players will no longer be exposed by searching players. A searching player may, however, notice the presence of a hiding player. Do note that pkok players can still unhide other pkok players, so hide doesn't become a super pk unspoofable cloaking device. (Lokar) ---- Jan 28, 19 [2614] Fix player shop theft bug with new characters. (Demon) Prevent enchant artificer from going beyond the reforge level limit. ---- Jan 27, 19 [2613] Fix crash bug in arena spectator mode. (Kehlani) Remote mud channel communication to Stellar Aeon is now working. From Xera: Lots of updates to the Alter Aeon Wiki, including a page on this year's anniversary event. ---- Jan 21, 19 [2612] From Draak: Try to make flourish play a bit better in combos. New level 38 druid skill 'wicker effigy'. New level 26 druid skill 'wickercraft'. New level 38 warrior skill 'indomitable will'. ---- Jan 20, 19 [2610] From Draak: The preservation spell now works on skins and harvested bones. Crafting bonus composite strings will now take 'blank' composite bonuses into consideration. (Victorious) Added 'rune' command, to look up runewords. (Dentin) ---- Jan 20, 19 [2609] Mana shield should now have a slightly better damage to mana tradeoff. There have been a bunch of reworks to the friend replay and friend log commands. This is still a work in progress and probably won't work right, largely because the display code was awful and basically needed a bunch of rewrites. There has similarly been a bunch of reworks to the replay commands, and things like the default line count may have changed. Please report bugs. From Shadowfax: Correct capitalization of The High Pantheon in priest jobs. (Lilmike) ---- Jan 12, 19 [2605] From Draak: Auction now has MSP sounds. You can now empty a container in your inventory into another container in your inventory. You can now empty a container in your inventory onto a table on the ground. (Morpheus) Crafting 'better than you expected' strings are now handled in a way that hopefully won't make Lokar sad. New leathercraft items: wallets, purses Druid weather strings are now filtered by spam extreme. Taunt strings are now filtered by spam extreme. You should now gain profession points from the brewing skills and several other resource/crafting class skills. Hone weapon lowered to level 16 warrior. Customize weapon made dependent on hone weapon. Balance weapon raised to level 34 warrior and made dependent on hone weapon. You can specify a direction when scanning. ---- Jan 02, 19 [2603] Allow up to 500 items over capacity when entering storage lockers, unless the locker is already full. ---- Dec 31, 18 [2602] Raise daily gift limit to three per account. Get mob use of channels working again, mostly. Add kxwt_rshort. Management of clans and god followers for channels has changed. You'll now have to use the 'channel addspecial' and 'channel delspecial' commands. On the plus side, you can now add multiple clans. Storage locker overcapacity limits have been made more strict. You may never enter or bring other players into your locker if it would put the locker over its limit. However, you can enter over-capacity lockers if you bring in no additional items. This should allow players to sort large over-capacity lockers more easily, and shrink their sizes. Shrinking over-capacity locker sizes is also highly recommended. If you have more than five thousand items above your locker capacity (or more than five thousand items if your locker is expired), your locker will be subject to automatic cleaning in the next few months. ---- Dec 26, 18 [2601] Limit gifts to two per account. Thanks guys. ---- Dec 24, 18 [2599] From Shadowfax: You can no longer start a fire within player storage. (Trevon) Prevent scrying on objects within containers in clan areas unless it's your clan. Fix logic error that was truncating the cast level of the unburden spell. (Lilmike) From Draak: Record-breaking daily userloads will show up in the news! Tweaked control weather power level up a small amount. New leathercraft item: rings (shell and dragonscale only) New leathercraft item: claw gauntlets (dragonscale only) You can now clear your recast list with the 'recast reset' command. (Lokar) Mobs with memory afflicted with the forgetfulness curse will not remember attackers and robbers for as long. This only applies if they were attacked or robbed while under the influence of the curse. ---- Dec 08, 18 [2596] Rework of cleric cure poison experience. This will probably require a bunch more tweaks. From Draak: Cleanup to appraise checks. Fixed herb gathering backwards logic bug. Reinforce armor has been made into a forge skill dependent on forge armor. It uses profession points. The point cost is purposely high. It will, in general, cost less gold. Customize, hone and balance weapon, as well as reinforce armor, will only take a portion of gold on failure, up to half, with a small chance to lose a profession point. Added 'craft label' command, which allows you to add keywords to the insults of crafted equipment for the cost of one profession point. This is primarily geared towards labeling containers. Suggestions are welcome. ---- Dec 02, 18 [2594] From Draak: More daze/stun refinements. Mobs should become more prone to daze and stun if hit quickly and consistently. You can use the 'craft unname' command to permanently remove your name from the insult strings of equipment you craft. Appraise strings should now show up on identify, store listings and auction for characters above level 8 or so. Balance, customize and hone are slightly cheaper, but take profession points. They also will not use gold if they fail. From Shadowfax: Add 'describe/description' list switch. (Brak) Fix logic error preventing the use of 'petition crusader' if 'celestial audience' isn't known. (Rashid) ---- Nov 25, 18 [2592] Add 'account email primary' to change your primary email address. From Draak: Removed restriction for cooking low weight food on very high weight fires, because it was really just kind of annoying. Cooked foods can no longer be split or merged due to... complications. Just eat it. (Lilmike) Add a few new heraldry and lapidary types. Angelic crusaders should now slaughter mob minions without any issues. Added a 'shadow check' command, for checking if local shadows can be used for various shadow skills. (Lusy) Druid carved weapons will now (usually) gain stats depending on the type of wood they are made from. Changes to ac calculations with crafted armors. Shields in particular should have more ac. Dragonscale armor may lose secondary saves in favor of more armor, and leathercrafted armor will sometimes have movement or hp. Found and corrected a bogus check that was (hopefully) preventing daze from fading from players under certain conditions. If you find your character acting as if it is still dazed after a lengthy amount of time, please let Draak know. ---- Nov 18, 18 [2590] Clan dues calculations have been changed. The base/default clan cost has been changed from 10 to 1, and the web page discount now only applies to member counts. This should help make it easier for new clans to get established. We'll probably be tweaking this further over the next few months so don't get married to the lower costs. From Shadowfax: Add 'mining' keyword for groups. Deposits prospected by groups are owned by the group leader, so a group member can't go rogue and hoard a deposit for himself. This should fix current ownership issues with mining in groups. If you leave your group, you lose ownership of the group's deposits, even if you were the original prospector. If you don't trust your group leader, don't mine with him. (Rhorae) Deposits of non-achievement materials will lose their anti-loot timer in about 10 minutes, so scavengers can excavate any deposits left behind that the original owner skipped over. (Lexie) Add 'describe' command that displays an object or mob's insult, inv/fight, ground and long desc strings all at once. 'Bid show' also now displays in the same format. (Brak) From Draak: List switches should now work with tables. Improvements to heraldry mask names. Campfires give a bonus to movement regeneration under ideal conditions (not too hot out, not fighting). Firestarting now checks the size/weight of an object used to start a fire, to avoid some odd bugs that could crop up. You can no longer put NO_SAC objects into campfires. Fires not made by players can no longer have objects put into them, since they don't burn which is weird. ---- Nov 14, 18 [2589] From Draak: Fixed exp bug with profession-based skills. New wood type, 'tupelo' for swamps on Ramanek. Shadow bind can now be used when hiding, but it will unhide you. (Peroroncino) Bone arrow will produce more ammo per tooth to compensate. Bone arrow ammo should have more robust dierolls. Minor clean-ups with stun/daze. One side effect is that you can no longer be dazed for a short while after recovering from a stun. Shovels, picks and main-gauches will have more accurate descriptions when listed with 'metallurgy list <weapon name>'. (Adara) Shryth should exercise more caution when licking objects composed from certain materials... Fixed light bug with extinguishable objects. (Rhorae) Tables can now be added to clan rooms. See 'credit buy clantable' for more information. The ammo produced by bone arrow and blue dart is now fragile. Blue dart is now obscure, and when cast on yourself, will produce a fiery blue dart that can be loaded into and fired from a blowgun. ---- Nov 12, 18 [2588] We've been working a lot on the account system and account commands. Recent changes have introduced some bugs, and this boot fixes those. ---- Nov 11, 18 [2586] From Shadowfax: When a flying creature leaves a watery room, it is indicated that the creature flies away instead of swimming away. Creatures that are underwater always swim, however. (Kagome) The money market buy commands now use what is hopefully an easier syntax, and will now offer a yes or no prompt to confirm your purchase. ---- Nov 10, 18 [2584] Always use identify mode for the 'compare' command, instead of turning it off for high level items. From Draak: Added option to add wings to heraldic creatures that lack them, for winged hounds, boars and does. The jab, pommel strike and shield slam skills are now somewhat more effective at dazing and stunning opponents. Mob poisoning has been switched over to new algorithm that reduces regeneration based on a percentage instead of a linear rate. This will make poisons a more viable option against high level group mobs. Changes to combo bonuses: If you are not wearing a shield, you will not get a shield block bonus. If you are not wielding a weapon, you will not get a parry bonus. (Lokar) Some warrior power attacks such as thrust, lunge, leap and cleave are now more effective at penetrating the armor of dazed, stunned, prone, nauseated, demoralized, confused and badly injured opponents, and less effective against completely healthy, alert ones. From Shadowfax: Trap damage now increases sharply with higher level traps. Give almoner jobs a somewhat gentler trajectory. ---- Nov 04, 18 [2582] From Draak: Fix the sickening touch recursive stacking bug. Shadowstrike can be used while hidden, and will unhide you properly when used. (Lokar) ---- Nov 03, 18 [2580] From Draak: Consider now references if the target has heavy, medium or light armor. You can now add forged studs and spikes to leathercrafted sheaths and scabbards. (Devengel) It should now be possible to shadow strike when hidden. Contortionism should now improve with use. Advanced poisons now show a string when they take effect. (Lokar) Spell damage types will now be displayed on help pages. If you see a spell that seems to be missing a damage type, let Draak know. Shoplifting and steal are no longer critical thief skills. Lightning flash and blue dart are no longer critical mage spells. They are now small branches within their respective spelltrees. Various other spells and skills have been bumped up and down by one level, so that (most) levels have only one critical ability. Earth type mobs now take reduced damage from lightning attacks as implied by the mage lightning spellgroup help page. The monster lore skill has been updated to reflect this. Some critical warrior and thief skills have had their practice cost slightly reduced, while some important and helpful thief and warrior skills have had their practice cost slightly raised. From Shadowfax: Infrastructure support for event specific 'bonus classes', spells and skills. These will be gradually worked into future events over time. ---- Oct 27, 18 [2578] From Shadowfax: Lower amount of stuff needed for oblate jobs. From Draak: Minor fixes to heraldry and masks. You must be wielding an actual weapon to pommel strike. Both ends of an improvised weapon are the 'wrong end'. Allow targeting of corpses based on the name of the mob when it was alive, as long as nothing else in the vicinity has that name. For now this works with look, review, butchering and skinning. (Dentin) If a group leader attempts to enter a portal or other object, the rest of the group should no longer be flung ahead if the leader cannot enter. (Canis) ---- Oct 21, 18 [2576] Shopkeepers now have less gold when killed. From Shadowfax: Prevent claim-jumping and sabotaging of mining deposits by other players. Expand keyword for the poison flagged object list switch to 'poisoned' so as not be confused with 'poisonsave' effect. Add 'duplicates' list switch. From Draak: Using the review command without a target will target a corpse on the ground, if there is only one. (Dentin) Appraise should work on crafted components and not just finished pieces now. Spalted wood pieces have a chance to get extra composite, since rotten wood has a higher break chance. Benefits from certain flavors of food are now applied for all food, however, player-prepared recipes are more effective. (Onunku) Persephone can now make her world famous pineapple kissel. Untrained fishing should be somewhat less of a horrible ordeal now. Reviewing a mob's corpse to check for weaknesses should no longer send information about lighting conditions (for thieves with shadow skills). Lapidary, leathercraft, metallurgy, woodcraft and bonecraft each have a unique mask in addition to a blank, modifiable one. Changes to crafted masks. Lapidary, leathercraft, metallurgy and woodcraft each have a blank mask you can make. If you know heraldry, you can update the mask with the face or skull of any heraldic beast or demihuman. (Shryth) ---- Oct 13, 18 [2575] From Shadowfax: Add 'ports help' command. (Lexie) Fixed a couple of bugs that prevented responses by guards to whispered passcodes from being displayed correctly. If you pay a toll or whisper a passcode to a guard, they'll now let you open any door needed in order to pass. Prevent locate object from displaying objects found inside clan areas, unless it's your clan. (Xera) Make nocast static blast strings for when the target is someone other than the caster. (Fighter/Red) Add 'partial' and 'completed' switches for the tactics low/advanced/cross commands. (Lexie) Allow shadow walk, shadow asylum, cloak of darkness, and cloak of fear to be used while remaining hidden. (Colonel) Ammunition with carved runes are less likely to be destroyed after a successful hit. (Sprite) From Draak: Gods can no longer end up in the news for things, unless they get off their buns and open new areas. You can carve runes into fruit, for the rare cases you might want to wear a piece of fruit on your head. Fishing can now be used untrained. Expect it to work roughly as well as RL fishing. (Morpheus) Various small tweaks to fishing in general, to make untrained fishing feasible. Let know Draak if anything seems really out of whack. ---- Oct 07, 18 [2573] From Shadowfax: Raise bane damage to 120% versus target creatures. Have identify properly state versus undead and golem bane qualities. Check wear list for autoreload containers. (Onunku) Add 'ports' command for boats. From Draak: Added a kangaroo to heraldry, because why not? (Shryth) Several cleric and mage spells have been recategorized from 'critical' to 'important'. If you are in combat, taunt and intimidate will automatically target the mob you are fighting unless you specify 'all'. More minor adjustments to object prices. If you know undead lore and corpsecutter, you can harvest a few spellcomps from the corpses of undead creatures. Adjustments to getting 'full' when consuming potions and using certain kinds of salves. ---- Sep 29, 18 [2571] From Shadowfax: Make full moon only visible on the prime material plane. When leaving a context due to it having ended, such as completing a board message or trade, you will enter the next context on your list if there are any. Explicitly parsing the 'context leave' command will still exit your list entirely. From Draak: Deathwalk off should now properly stop deathwalking. (Morpheus) Added a few new minerals for lapidary. Added a profession point leaderboard. Standardized leathercrafted container capacities. (Lexie) You can still make pouches from shells, if its hinged like a clam. Shored up the dieroll calculations for crafted weapons. Applying salves should no longer fill your stomach up like drinking potions. The area command now accepts 'good' and 'evil' arguments, for example 'area good 38' will show all level 38 areas with predominately good aligned mobs. New demonic wood type: graoch Woodcrafted items now smell and taste like the wood they are made from. (Onunku) Soft wood types should now be easier to carve without breaking even if you are not highly proficient at woodcraft. ---- Sep 23, 18 [2570] Top4 / equipment levels is dead, long live equipment levels! ---- Sep 22, 18 [2567] From Draak: Partial cleanup and improvements to mycomancy. ---- Sep 16, 18 [2565] From Draak: Added a handful of small random events to prospecting. Mycomancy set to nobrew until Draak figures out a sane way to make it work. Fixed static blast. ---- Sep 15, 18 [2562] From Draak: Static blast should now be scribeable. (Jonathon) Poisonous arsenic sulfide minerals orpiment and realgar added to mining. Shryth, don't lick them. MOAR FISH - keep an eye out for flying fish when fishing! Tweaks to expand dragon gem types when skinning dragons. You can now restring crafted dragonscale armor. Added the ability for clan elders to add a forge to their clan. See 'credit buy clanforge'. The news command will now report the most recent player freak event. News command expanded to break out Catch of the Day, Freaks, Meteor Sightings and Social Media. Type 'news help' for usage. ---- Sep 09, 18 [2561] Localecho now bypasses the kxwt filter, so it can be used for testing. ---- Sep 08, 18 [2560] From Shadowfax: You cannot start a fire using an object in your inventory as fuel so as to prevent accidental burning. (Jonathon) Brewing acid now requires a cooking fire. Make 'brew acid analyze' more intelligent. ---- Sep 02, 18 [2557] From Draak: Fixes and updates to craft restring and related functions. (Wily, Dizzy) Craft restring now works for leathercrafted items. Expanded name selections when skinning dragons! Now with more colors, gems and metals. Added a 'city' option to the area command, so you can get a better idea of what zones are cities. The sundrinker tincture now makes you susceptible to herbicide poisoning. Changes to city zones - only certain select cities are subject to exp halving, soulstone level restrictions and the like. From Shadowfax: Add 'credit buy charheight' and 'credit buy charweight'. Fix strangely worded room sends for parcel and missionary jobs. (Lilmike) Add new obscure thief skill 'brew acid'. Add new obscure grenade type 'acid splash'. ---- Aug 26, 18 [2555] From Draak: Add yeti and wheel heraldry. Crafted ammunition should no longer have player names in the insult strings. (Pimp) Tagged various druid spell strings to be picked up by spam filters. Old god entries are being updated. Expect to see more variations in holy weapons, the appearance of incarnates, added holy symbols and minor tweaks throughout the game. Holy weapons are no longer set to the same default speed. The holy weapons of some gods may be slower and more damaging, others may be faster with somewhat lower damage. Socials are being updated to be easier to maintain. Please report any weirdness to Dentin or Draak. If you are the author of a social, please contact Draak so you can be given proper credit. ---- Aug 19, 18 [2552] From Draak: 'Changes' and 'news' added to the 'show' command. Add 'check unarmed'. The news command now shows the two most recently added areas. You can now butcher caught fish. New wood type: sumac Coldfire, bloodmist and several other necromancer spell room strings added to spam gcast. Prettied up forging cost strings when spending only 1 gold coin. (Lilmike) Bonecrafted clubs, canes and quarterstaffs can be loaded by metallurgy, because why not? Added an alignment check for assembling crafted equipment, to prevent components with opposing alignments from being combined. Various small improvements to crafting and minor bugs cleaned up. Most notably certain pearls can now be added to jewelry as intened, and some older crafted objects with gemstones may not have the name of their gemstones show up due to an error transferring the gem original vnum to the finished object. The crafting restring function is now operational. For one profession point, you can rename a piece of crafted equipment based on its composition, additions and stats. It is partially random, and can be reverted (for free) if desired. Enchant essence now uses profession points instead of combat points. Gold and mana costs for the mage elemental enchants and enchant deflection lowered slightly, but now have a cost of one combat point. From Shadowfax: Add 'annulet', 'pall', 'pile' and 'roundel' as clan crest divisions. Add 'opinicus' heraldry device. Spent ammunition should now time out after about an hour. Trap commands will now check to see if the player is affected by the 'blindness' spell instead of checking against the blind player flag. Player-created and repaired traps are now set as detected. (Xera) Make 'leech' command parsing more intuitive. (Kagome) ---- Aug 18, 18 [2550] Reboot email should no longer be sent multiple times for quick crashes. Changes to soulstone scaling with level. This doesn't affect soulstone power in relation to skills, but it should make it easier to forge high level soulstones and flatten the prices on the soulstone market. ---- Aug 07, 18 [2549] Infrastructure changes in the filesystem loaders. ---- Aug 05, 18 [2548] From Shadowfax: Allow the pouring of liquid into a partially filled liquid container if that container has no spells attached. (Gog) ---- Aug 04, 18 [2545] From Draak: Tweaks to pelts and various other crafting strings. Fixed strings for casting healing spells on self. Remove poison and cure poison strings should be more realistic when received from potions. Allow ingot splitting down to one pound. Fixed backwards logic typo when making dragonscale grips. (Colonel) Flourish now works unarmed, if you know unarmed combat. (Lokar) Gods now have holy symbols, which worshippers can add to items using the heraldry skill. Please be patient while we add holy symbols to all the god entries. From Shadowfax: Allow the filling of a liquid container that is on the ground if the source is in one's inventory. Water from mires is now impure like that from swamps or marshes. ---- Jul 29, 18 [2544] From Draak: Crafting insult strings should now strongly avoid articles and duplicate words. Send Draak a mudmail if you find a problem. Fixed oddball bug with patchwork leather and hatmaking. (Lexie) Metallurgy split/combine bug with carbon-comp objects patched (Wily). More heraldry options. Bolster, heal and major heal should now no longer be castable on yourself if you are near full health, though bolster can still be cast at full health if your morale is low. ---- Jul 28, 18 [2542] From Shadowfax: Preserve auction channel color when an item with color tags is auctioned. From Draak: Fixed a few typos with essence enchant and clan heraldry. Added strings for dirt throwing and enrage to the spam filters. Soothe wounds can no longer be cast on yourself if you do not need healing. The other healing spells will be reconfigured to match it in the future. Bloodbond should no longer use mana on failures. Mining should no longer produce minerals that autobind. You can look at the sun now, if you really, really want to. Added a 'news' command, which will give information about things happening in the game. For now this includes the last reboot, daily fishing records, events and recent meteor sightings. ---- Jul 22, 18 [2538] The first 20 members in a clan no longer cost dues. Cost to create a new clan is now only 100k gold. New clans are now created with the clan tithing flag set. Clan tithing should now only be effective on proper gold sources, instead of on all gold changes. Show autotithe status on clan list. Fix kxwt disable bug in new spell status code. Credit buy chartransfer now deletes the previous owner's email. ---- Jul 21, 18 [2535] Cut the money market buy/sell spread in half. Show more/lower level quests on the friends channel. From Draak: Fix bug allowing group rejoin into private storage lockers. Add 'battlemage'and 'deathknight' playstyles to advice/eqcheck. Clan elders can now set a heraldic crest for their clan. See 'clanset crest help' for options. If your clan has a slogan or motto set, you can invoke it with the 'slogan' and 'motto' commands. You can look at the either of the moons, if they are visible. You cannot, however, look at the sun. (Lexie) The name of the creator is now added to the insult string of many crafted objects. Split meat retains its former level. (Peroroncino) Cleanup display of metallurgy alloy list. Fixed bug in metallurgy that skipped cost estimates with metallurgy split. (Lilmike) Added keyword 'smelted' to forged ingots. If you know gemcutting, lapidary check will tell you if a stone has a chance to be a cat's eye or star gemstone. Stone knapping will now accept stones down to 1 inch in size. If you know heraldry, you can add your clan's crest to shields and jewlery. If you are afflicted with the nausea poison, you cannot eat. On the bright side, mobs afflicted with the nausea poison cannot eat corpses. Polar bears and black bears now have lesser bear rage. New heraldic images added. Slow down rate of profession point acquisition. Add profession point achievements. Cooked recipes can invoke minor bonuses when well-seasoned with certain flavors. For example, sweet-flavored food can raise lowered morale, while spicy foods can help ward off the dazed and stunned conditions. ---- Jul 14, 18 [2534] From Shadowfax: Fix bug that had angel and supernal minions check against their owner instead of their attacker when deciding to assist. ---- Jul 11, 18 [2533] Add exp limiters to consume corpse. ---- Jul 08, 18 [2530] Profession points have been reset, and we've changed the algorithm for receiving them. Rates of profession point acquisition are now heavily influenced by skill exp. If you are getting low exp for a skill, the odds of getting profession points are reduced. Raise the autodent limit for exceptionally powerful soulbound necromancer bone shields and armor on login. Spellcast targeting failure is now a lot more verbose, and prints out the spell name and target string. This should help players figure out more easily why they're getting a confusing message when trying to do something like 'cast create food'. From Draak: Add profession points to brag/show. Alias 'grow mushroom' to 'create food'. Try to fix parser bug with practice and some spell names. ---- Jul 07, 18 [2528] Don't send low level quest completions to friends lists, since they're super spammy. From Shadowfax: Trying to install a trap that requires an item no longer produces weird strings or crashes the game. (Victarion) When installing traps, you can target either the exit name or the door name. (Lilmike) From Draak: Infrastructure support for skills to be considered 'professions'. You can acquire profession points by gathering resources and crafting. Add per-plane sky strings. You can use enchant essence on unfinished totems and fetishes. Slist at trainers will accept 'combat' and 'profession' arguments. The 'spell' and 'skill' commands now have a type 'type' argument, for sorting skills and spells you know by categories. See 'spell type' or 'skill type' for a list of types. It should be noted that type, for example fireball is a damage spell, a fire spell and a combat spell. ---- Jul 04, 18 [2526] From Draak: Vampires cannot be shadow bound, due to the peculiar effects of the shadow magic that sustains them. If you know shadow bind, you will see if an opponent can be shadow bound with the consider command. New area listings will label extraplanar areas as such instead of giving coordinates (which, while accurate, are for that plane). The vulnerability effects of spectral claw and static blast are now slightly stronger. Mesmerize and control animal now have a charisma component, to match calm animal and spook animal. Call animal still does not depend on charisma, but knowing animal magnetism will give it a slightly higher chance of success. From Shadowfax: Traps now re-enabled. Make 'remove trap' actually remove traps from doors and objects. Removing traps should yield salvage now, even when your trap skill if less than 100%. If you spring a trap while trying to disarm it, it will remain sprung. Reduce chances of failing to disarm a trap due to low intelligence. You should still wear int gear to improve your chances when you can. Reduce chances of triggering a trap when trying to disarm it. ---- Jul 03, 18 [2525] Traps have been temporarily disabled while we fix some bugs. ---- Jul 01, 18 [2524] Add 'kxwt_spst' so we can get rid of the stupid aff trigger. Add a couple more kxwt group tags. Make resurrect not take mana in most cases where it would fail. ---- Jun 24, 18 [2523] From Shadowfax: Allow trap commands to target door names in addition to exit names. Reset action to none if you start picking a lock and spring a trap. ---- Jun 23, 18 [2521] Fix up the split/merge size issues. From Shadowfax: If a player tries to install a trap on top of another trap that was installed by a player, it will trigger but not harm anyone. From Draak: Even more 'spam extreme' additions. Adjusted logic of flourish morale damage to make it more effective. Adjusted crafting checks so that skinned shells can be made into proper grips for weapons. The elemental vulnerabilities bestowed by some advanced poisons are now a bit stronger. Metallurgy split and combine respect a rough system of density, so an ingot of copper will be larger than an equivalent weight of platinum due to copper's lesser density. You can now list individual metals and their properties with 'metallurgy list metal <metal name>'. ---- Jun 18, 18 [2519] Fix bug in valor - it should now work properly. Rearrange the commands for exp marking to make them easier to use. From Draak: Fixed glitch in dragonscale armor that created items with 0 or 1 ac apply. Added more strings to the spam extreme filter, including other characters giving and dropping objects. ---- Jun 16, 18 [2517] The 'show con' command now displays constitution. Try to fix a few more negative exp bugs in the combat code. Add 'exp mark' and 'exp rate' commands. Raise damage of skirmish. Make crippling attack less repeatable. Try to make nomelee mode more resistant to incidental attacks. From Draak: Added a heap of room send strings for everything from valor to corpse/object timeout to drinking potions to spam extreme. Consider no longer shows very low resistances. No more 7 lines of extra spam for figuring out a beastly fido is not resistant or vulnerable to anything. New leathercraft items: sheath, scabbard New dragonscale item: grip (for making weapons) Fixed bug with harvest bone that yielded bones with 0 size. (Mertag) ---- Jun 15, 18 [2516] Adjust damage on new thief skills, now that we know a bit more about their general usage patterns. ---- Jun 12, 18 [2514] From Shadowfax: Raise ranged weapons' ability to overcome a target's AC. Make sure exit has a guarded flag when checking to see if a guard should prevent player access to doors. Raise damage of skirmish and fix logic error that now allows it to be used against sleeping targets while unhidden and out of combat as the help page implies. Also added a little play in the skirmish event rescheduler. ---- Jun 10, 18 [2512] From Shadowfax: Add new level 35 thief skill, 'crippling strike'. Add new level 38 thief skill, 'skirmish'. ---- Jun 09, 18 [2509] From Draak: Improvements and fixes to foraging. Squashed a rather obscure crash bug involving lapidary inlay and harvested bones. (Mertag, Shryth) Enchant camouflage move/mana/shadow cost lowered. Stone knapping aliased to knapping to make it easier to locate trainers with 'skill find'. Object taste will now save on logout. (Persephone) The absolute upper weight limit for crafted weapons should now be the highest possible weight a player can wield. You can forge weapon heads and blades up to 60% the minimum weight instead of 50%. Increased max weight of hafts and poles as well. You can now add gemstones to dragonscale collars. This was an oversight. My apologies for missing it. (Smyth) Some minor changes to splitting and merging. If you can carve runes into wood, you can now carve runes into objects with a composition of ROOT, WAX and RESIN. These are fairly uncommon compositions for worn objects. Help pages will now show if a spell or skill is helpful, important or critical. This is in relation to the spell's class and does not take playstyles into account. From Shadowfax: Reduce odds of mobs from dying to negative hpregen incurred by acid and players losing credit for the kill. Guards at doors should now prevent lock picking, opening, closing and other actions on guarded doors. Add new level 1 skill, 'trapping'. Add new level 33 thief skill, 'trapmaking'. Add new level 38 thief skill, 'occult trapcraft'. ---- Jun 04, 18 [2507] Try to improve the 'replay' command for ordinary replay. Display equipment update warnings a few seconds after login, so it doesn't get spam filtered. Raise friend count from 120 to 150. ---- Jun 02, 18 [2504] A handful of high level exp tweaks. Some of these will take a few weeks to take full effect. From Draak: Fixed weird old bug in dancing lights that let you cast it right through closed doors! Fix bogus failure send string with fishing. Meteorites are now slightly more common and should send very obvious sends over a large area on impact. Draak changed the daily gift sound for dclient/msp users. BRACE YOURSELF, LADS! Added keywords for various locations/sectors (Archais, Ramanek, extraplanar) to the 'group comment' allowed keywords. (Ravenna) You can now split large pieces of butchered meat. (Mai) Shored up limits for splitting/combining of materials. (Phytell) Leadfoot has a chance to reduce the damage of stomp and kick attacks. (Runner) Hatmakers now have more color options - 'tailor list color' for a list. New gathered wood type: elderberry You can no longer gather food, wood and herbs in clan areas. You can now use the arguments 'critical', 'important' and 'helpful' with the slist command, for example 'slist critical' will show a list of the critical skills and spells a teacher can train you in. Rename various 'boat' strings to 'ship'. This should help clean up the nomenclature to distiguish between buoyant BOAT type objects and proper sailing ships. Poison resistance and armored skin can now improve as you get the stuffing beat out of you by toxic or normal damage, respectively. You might want to invest combat points instead. This only works if your attacker is close to your level and is not a player. Damage from self harm, room regen, traps and the like will not increase these skills. When you assemble a new weapon, its weight will be lowered to attempt to match your wield strength, down to half its weight. If you are very weak and are assembling a hefty weapon, you may still end up with a weapon you cannot wield. Remember to boost your strength first! (Renne) ---- May 19, 18 [2501] Various minor cleanup and fixes to fishing, gathering, lapidary, metallurgy, salvaging, and woodcrafting. Added a couple of rare events where you gain gold from unexpected sources. New forged simple weapon: halberd. Some mithril alloys renamed to sound fancier. Weapons that require certain kinds of guards will now display that information on 'metallurgy list <weapon name>'. (Theia) Certain high-quality crafted objects have a chance for having extra unfilled quality composite. This is expected to be the last major change for crafted objects so we can have a period of data gathering. ---- May 13, 18 [2499] From Draak: More object price adjustments, including a price adjustment for weapons with elemental and other unusual damage types. Add 'check reaper' for necrodruids. Characters afflicted with noxious cloud can now be detected by smelling, while being afflicted with noxious cloud interfers with your ability to detect other scents. You can now get and put objects into worn containers and look inside of worn containers. Please report any weirdness to Dentin or Draak. Add a 'restart' command that tells people how to restart. Gems with asterism may now give out mana regen as a secondary effect instead of their normal one. It should now be a bit easier to get better at increased stamina. Tweaks to lapidary, minor tweaks to make quality bonuses easier to achieve for all crafting skills. Armor now takes a bit less time to forge. Control weather is now a little bit stronger. ---- May 06, 18 [2497] From Draak: Reduced the impact that item effects have on object price. Tweaks to weather, to shore up a few corner cases like outdoor lava. Cooking will give more exp for recipes with more ingredients, and seasoning with higher level herbs. String adjustements to heraldry, to make most of the strings shorter: 'a snowflake ironwood shield' vs. 'a heraldic snowflake ironwood shield' Patchwork leather equipment has a higher chance to random. Cleanup long descs for paired leathercrafted eq, gloves, boots, etc. Fix multiplication/addition bug in food and refined food hp/move calculations. Taste will give you a stronger indication when food is done when cooking. ---- Apr 28, 18 [2494] Fix 'list search -level'. From Draak: Increased the amount of hp and movement from eating cooked food. The following skills and spells have been made obscure: listen, camouflage (thief) despair, remorse (cleric) Tweaks to the spook, mesmerize and control animal druid spells. Improved feedback from 'fish check' when fishing (and not fishing). More randomized types of fish fishy fishies FISH. New metallurgy jewelry: brooch (Mertag) For now brooches are just neckwear. Forging estimates for new items should now work properly again. (Adara) Lapidary check will now show you the primary stat a stone can bestow, if your skill level is high enough compared to its difficulty. Lapidary stone secondary stats now have a bit of randomness, but not much. If you know gemcutting and forge armor, you can now inlay stone onto forged armor. This is purposefully less powerful than adding gems to jewelry and more powerful than inlaying metal, but it can sometimes shave down the ac of the armor. ---- Apr 21, 18 [2491] Fix better-at bug in ancient oak. (Gate) From Shadowfax: The swear filter will now catch capitalized curse words. Angelic crusaders should now be more willing to fight the forces of evil. From Draak: New wood: holly New wood type: bitter Tweaks to fishing to make actions more consistent and meaningful. This also adds new fish types. Spell failure strings will now almost always include the name of the spell that fails. (Adara) Corpse-eating mobs under the effects of mesmerize animal, hold undead, confusion, or a bad poisoning of vexed visions will no longer eat corpses. (Gate) These conditions will also keep mobs from scavenging equipment off the ground and autowearing eq (under most circumstances). ---- Apr 15, 18 [2489] From Draak: You can see kinds of items shopkeepers (might) buy by typing 'buy list'. Shopkeepers are still all kinds of stingy/poor. Small changes to metallurgy exp handling and a few corner cases with strings. Enchant analyze will now stop shaming I mean spamming you if you don't know all of the enchantments. Fished a pair of minor bugs out of enchant essence, that combined were causing some major issues. Dispelling spells from objects should now have more consistent strings. (Gate) Harvest venom should now give exp normally. (Gate) Arrowheads now contribute to the speed of ammo. Adding a mithril arrowhead to an arrow or bolt may make it faster, while an adamantine one will make it slower. 'Spell/skills all' now accepts the args 'known' and 'unknown' to see lists of all spells or skills you know or all those you do not know, respectively. (Runner) You can pluck feathers from bird corpses, and use the tailoring command to add them to hats (if you know hatmaking of course). Plucked feathers can also be used to fletch arrows, which can improve their damage and accuracy. They are also brewable spell components. ---- Apr 07, 18 [2487] From Shadowfax: You can now evade spells even after the caster has died. From Draak: Cosmetic change to ancient oak. (Gate) Obscure spell 'find object' changed to 'pinpoint object', so it doesn't conflict with 'spell find'. When using the review command on a corpse, it will also give the information you would have gleaned from consider. If you use poisonous ingredients while cooking, your dish will be poisoned! Be cautious when foraging, especially untrained. Withdraw should no longer lag you if it fails to execute due to you not being in battle. (Runner) New hats for hatmaking: toque (chef's hat), mitre The level of a bonecrafted item is now dependent on your necromancer level, and most will have a necromancer flag. Changes to the consider command to make the distinction between saving spell and magic resistance more clear. Magic resistance is rare and thus will only be displayed if the creature has it. Some druid earth spells have chance to add to or remove mineral resources from a room. If is room is mined out, an earthquake or unnatural spring spell *might* help. Enchant essence will now work on two additional wear slots for each class, except druids. Druids can essence enchant totems and fetishes. Crafting skill synergy: if you know hatmaking and leathercraft, you can use leathercraft to fashion hats from skins. The hats are functionally identical to leathercrafted caps, and can made with fur or dragon scale if you know furrier or dragonscale armor, respectively. ---- Apr 01, 18 [2486] From Shadowfax: Fix for chain lightning crash bug when the target died before the lightning quit bouncing. ---- Mar 31, 18 [2484] From Shadowfax: 'Cone of cold' no longer sends a message to the room when it strikes an ally, like how firefield works. 'Chain lightning' now avoids attempting to damage allies (thus avoiding a bunch of 'You can't harm so-and-so' spam) and is subject to evasion. The 'ground' spell helps players engaged in melee avoid chain lightning. From Draak: Bladed weapons are now slightly better for parrying. Slightly. Dragonfang quartz added to the lapidary table. (Morpheus) Patched bug with blood sacrifice. (Runner) Strings for cooking recipes can now be more awesome. Butchering now recognizes more types of distinct meat. A few minor changes to low-level trainers and skills. Preparing corpse to become undead will now check if a corpse is usable before checking for a preservation spell. (Lokar) Fixed minor bug with resisting being stunned and look. Tweaks to enchant essence to make analysis more accurate. Added 'set alarm' to set an alarm for in-game hours. (Rukia) Type 'set alarm help' for more information. ---- Mar 24, 18 [2483] From Draak: Fixed weird little bug with new dragonscale armor ac calcs and two-handed shields. Carve fetish should now improve upon use. (Smyth) Increase to chill touch's initial damage to make it more effective at low levels. Improvements to skin insult strings. New obscure skill 'kiltmaking'! Happy St. Patrick's Day! ...since noone cares about St. Andrew's Day :( Saving throws on dragonscale eq now have a slightly random range. Shields and tower shields are more stable. Scales from acidic or toxin-resistant dragons may yield poisonsave. Scales from crystal or gem dragons will give spellsave instead of breathsave. Lapidary split added. Lapidary stones can now be split into smaller pieces, but be careful: the harder the stone, the more difficult it is to split. Improvements to newbie hint code. This includes reminders for low-level characters to wear equipment they pick up, if they can use it and have the appropriate empty wear slot. ---- Mar 20, 18 [2482] From Shadowfax: A couple minor consecrate fixes. From Draak: Misc typo corrections and adjustments with crafting. Fishing 'cycles' made a bit slower. ---- Mar 19, 18 [2481] Make shadow blades show dieroll on identify. Fix bug caused by C++ initialization catastrophe. The c++ standards committee really dropped the ball on this one - even a shitty hack would have been worth adding to handle cases like this one. ---- Mar 18, 18 [2479] From Draak: Auto inventory searching for leathercraft, woodcraft and bonecraft disabled. Forging costs lowered slightly. You can now craft with metal, wood, bone, stone and leather for other players - when you specify another player, you will craft an object of their level, assuming you are higher or equal in level. (Knapping is intentionally not included in this). Dragonscale armor is now warrior flagged. Dragonscale armor you create will be at your warrior level or the warrior level of the player you make it for, whichever is lower. Dragonscale armor will also generally have higher ac than before. This is heavily dependent on how well-crafted it is and any effects it has beyond saving breath. ---- Mar 10, 18 [2476] From Draak: New leathercrafted item: headband Knock can longer be cast in combat. (Indigo) Misc typo clean-up. Please don't log food with missing taste in the typo log. Instead, report it directly to Draak. He added it, he'll fix it. Improved output for the class-specific 'check' command when you are level 0 in the class. You cannot drink from potions/liquid containers on the ground if they are being guarded. (Theman) Knapped weapons now have more formidable dierolls. Ores now have prices based on their composition, weight and purity. Object pricing has been adjusted - the base cost should generally be lower, but objects made from rarer materials will be more expensive. For example, silver and gold will cost more than iron or copper, while seafood and meat cost more than roots and seeds. Improvements to metallurgy weapon head and blade insult strings. Forge weapon finish has been changed - in addition to the weapon name, you must designate the weapon parts you wish to assemble. Use 'forge list <weapon name>' to see what parts each weapon requires. From Shadowfax: Prevent the consecrating of armor that would end up with all three anti-alignment flags and therefore be unusable. ---- Mar 01, 18 [2474] From Draak: Tweaks and fixes to hunger and food. Flexible weapons get more strikes than other weapons when wielded for whirlwind attacks. Misc code typo corrections from the typo logs. You can no longer bundle together hides that have been partially crafted into the leather items. (Mai) Changes to breath damage strings. You can now look at the ceiling, floor, ground, water, sky and a few other keywords instead of just up or down, depending on your environment. You can no longer carve while performing other tasks. ---- Feb 25, 18 [2473] From Draak: Minor cleanup and fixes to fishing. And a couple more fish. Custom foraged items are automatically unhidden when foraged. You can now call swarms of rats in sewers, and swarms of bats in catacombs. Spellbooks will now warn players that memorizing them will cost a practice when identified. (Fullgore) The 'heavy' weapon damage types are now officialy called 'impact', since impact was being used in all the help pages anyway. Second half of cooking skill, allowing the cooking of recipes. ---- Feb 20, 18 [2472] Initial changes to begin the switch away from top4 to total levels. ---- Feb 19, 18 [2470] From Draak: Improvements to smelling cooked meat. Fixed bug in knapping that prevented objects from finishing. New leathercrafted item: sandals. Misc typo fixes and additions to the help pages. Experimental enchant updates: New level 24 skill 'enchant essence', which allows you to attempt to add cast or skill level to certain items. It is currently restricted to rings and weapons, but will be expanded to a few other slots on a class-by-class basis. New level 24 obscure mage skill 'enchant fire'. New level 27 obscure mage skill 'enchant lightning'. New level 30 obscure mage skill 'enchant ice'. ---- Feb 18, 18 [2467] From Draak: Minor crafting tweaks and fixes. ---- Feb 17, 18 [2465] From Shadowfax: Fixes to crusaders. From Draak: Cleanup of cooking strings. Tweaks to crafting prices for more consistent selling of crafted objects. Butchered birds will yield tenders and fillets instead of steaks. A small number of new fish have been added. Rebalanced speed for some forged weapons so there are more fast options of different damage types. Fishing for players has been gamified, with a small number of fishing-only commands for attracting and catching fish. ---- Feb 13, 18 [2464] Allow list search on unlearnable spells. ---- Feb 11, 18 [2463] Fix bug that was making broken fishing poles. (Lexie) From Draak: Fixed minor omission that was interfering with cooking. New leathercrafted armor: skirts, bustiers (Lexie) ---- Feb 10, 18 [2461] The maximum cost per practice has been raised from 60 exp caps to 80. This is necessary to offset the large increase in exp over the last few months. From Draak: When looking at a character, you will now see certain actions they are doing, such as fishing or turning undead. Show which skill improves when improving combat tactics. (Lokar) Cleaned up sunder strings and tactics better-ats. (Lokar) Added the 'appraise' command, to get a general idea of how much composite margin a given item might have. (Jonathon) Butchered meat, caught fish and a few forageable edibles can now be cooked over fires. This will be the untrained portion of cooking. Infrastructure for cooking skill, including hooks for smell and taste. Mastercraft forged and leathercrafted armor can end up with a higher AC now. 'Forge list metal' will show what metals can be used to make, based on your knowledge of metallurgy skills. (Lexie) 'Forge list weapons' will show a weapon's base speed, because Runner doesn't like looking them up one by one. ---- Feb 09, 18 [2458] Make it easier to retrain fountained grandfathered spells and skills. Exclude unlearnable spells and skills from most mortal lookup commands. From Draak: Gathered wood no longer has the keyword 'firewood', as it makes it very difficult to look at and tend to a fire. Fwood remains the universal keyword for gathered wood. Fixed elusive leathercraft finish bug. (Sirand) Shored up crafting events so Lexie doesn't drop things, leave the room and end up with finished items, among other loopholes. Made sure every single stinking fishable fish now has a long description, and added a few more for good measure. The game should handle pricing for crafted objects better now. Please report any weirdness to Draak. From Shadowfax: Ban immortals from using clan advertise. Fix cosmetic error that displayed 'nonexistent god' as the god of a pantheist priest. Make the auto command accept spaces between 'auto' and the option, such as 'auto sac' working as well as 'autosac'. You can use the list and help options for 'gather' and 'gather lightcatcher' while resting. (Boa) You cannot attempt to legendary enchant if you are below max level. (Sirand) Allow consecration of equipment with a float flag since there is no real way of removing it. (Jonathon/Rhorae) Make account ignore cover channel replay when target is logged off. Changes to 'cloak of fear': 'Cloak of fear' now only affects living creatures. 'Cloak of fear' should be vastly more effective against lower level enemies. (Lokar) Morale is now taken into account in the defense against 'cloak of fear'. Changes to 'ward evil' and 'ward good': 'Ward good' has been replaced with 'ward alignment' and allows you to cast either good or evil wards. 'Ward evil' has been replaced with the obscure 'petition crusader' skill. 'Ward alignment' can used to create unguents of 'ward good' or 'ward evil'. 'Bind alignment' is no longer obscure and is now dependent on 'ward alignment'. ---- Jan 30, 18 [2456] Tweaks to make high end armor more effective, and reduce the odds of mobs getting freak high damage hits on players. From Shadowfax: Artificer is now max level, instead of level 30. Tithes are no longer recorded in a clan's backlog. Clan elders can use the 'clan stat' command on members to see recent dues and tithes activity. A timestamp is now recorded when you join a clan. If you turn on 'clan advertise', it will remain toggled on upon logout. You must use the command again or join a clan to turn it off. ---- Jan 28, 18 [2454] Try to fix some weird search bugs in the help system. Things like 'help fikh' should now work again. Attempt to fix noleave bug with stunned/bashed players. Display god alignment on the 'pantheon' command. ---- Jan 27, 18 [2452] Favor from sacced eq is now the same whether it's sacced in a corpse or not. Two handed parry and shield block have been changed, and two handed shield is no longer the most powerful combination - shield plus weapon is. This is to offset the additional armor that two handed shields can bring to the table, and make it more feasible for tanks to use combo attacks. Combo bonuses that you get when defensive fighting no longer include attack powerups. From Shadowfax: Add 'storage get all' command. Fixed bug so you actually pay the extra mana and favor for a permanent enchant instead of just checking for it. The various celestial petitions will ensure that you have a valid target before costing you mana. (Runner) ---- Jan 24, 18 [2450] Change the new autofavor code so it's got less of an impact. Give more favor for jobs and slightly less for sacrifice. From Shadowfax: Change the new insult command so it doesn't leak builder information. From Draak: Necromancer spell mend bones uses 1 dragon tooth again, but it can also use 2 regular teeth if the caster is out of dragon teeth. If you fish in lightless underground/indoor bodies of water, you should now catch various species of cave fish. Improve strings for leadfoot curse to take legless creatures into account. (Kehlani) Make accio obscure, since it doesn't have a lot of purpose. Tweaks to lapidary stats, and several additional minerals: datolite, prehnite and epidote. Tweaks to level of various crafting skills. You can now list a single alloy and its base metals with 'forge list alloys <alloy name>'. ---- Jan 23, 18 [2447] From Shadowfax: Add chance of adding a saving effect according to your god's preferred element to consecrations. Fix bug that displayed ticks incorrectly of instances belonging to your account and weren't your current character. You cannot use certain attacks at all while entangled or shadow bound like leap and charge. ---- Jan 22, 18 [2446] From Shadowfax: Add 'insult -ground' option for seeing the insults of everything in the room with you. Add ability to build cartridges for firearms. Fix bug in camouflage enchant shadow cost. (Rhorae) Permanent consecrations cost 20 times more mana and favor than temporary ones. (Wyrm) The 'show room' command now shows if a room is big or small. Allow consecration of armor with glow or light flag attached to better synergize with 'illumination'. However, you can no longer consecrate armor with a float or hum flag. (Serkanal) 'Dispel magic' will now reduce the level of any spell that it fails to dispel outright by a few levels, making it easier to dispel later. You can now dispel objects with spells like 'fly' and 'darken' cast on them. You can also use 'remove curse' on objects affected by temporary curses like 'faerie fire'. 'Mana shield' will now protect against 'dispel magic', reducing its power or completely negating it if you have enough mana available. ---- Jan 21, 18 [2445] From Draak and Dentin: Weapon speed/attack speed now factors into the amount of movement used by many warrior and thief skills - faster speed equals less movement used. From Draak: You can longer skin plural mobs. Add 'eqcheck tank' option. Add larimar ore type. Speed up milking refresh time. Various wood gathering cleanup. Mend bones now uses 3 regular teeth instead of 1 dragon tooth. Updates to mycomancy so it makes more sense when cast via potion or staff. Minor changes to poses. New bonecrafted item: ring. New woodcrafted/bonecrafted item: bead bracelet. New heraldry names. Fixed a bug in metal inlaying. (Warsaw) Minor improvements to the leg/feet checks for mobs. Customize weapon is no longer an enchant. It is dependent on double attack and forge simple weapon. Enchant weapon speed is now balance weapon, a warrior skill. Enchant weapon accuracy is now hone weapon, a warrior skill. Enchant camouflage now has other resource requirements than gold. Changes to how inlaid metals are determined. You can now inlay with mithril and its alloys, nickel silver and a few others. Set lower limit to forged weapon speed and a few other tweaks. ---- Jan 20, 18 [2443] Max player level has been raised from level 37 to level 38! We'll be adding skills and adjusting skill levels over time as we get a better feel for how this affects the classes. ---- Jan 19, 18 [2441] Fix probable crash bug in disarm skill. ---- Jan 17, 18 [2440] Cleanups to the mob exp system: we're gradually switching out the last of the 'top4' code which was used for most mob experience calculations. From Shadowfax: You can no longer split mineable items that are affected by spells. Pantheon gods now have alignment preferences. The rate that favor is gained automatically is increased if you remain within your god's preferred alignment(s). If you do not, you will have to work harder to gain favor and can be excommunicated if your favor gets too low. ---- Jan 15, 18 [2438] Adjust various enchanting costs based on last years gold/usage data. Give high level players a low percent chance of being rescued from death. Convert a bunch of minor stuff from top4/equipment level to all levels. This is prep work to make getting rid of equipment level easier. This affects a lot of different places, some of which were difficult to untangle from other parts of the codebase. If you notice significant weirdness or breakage, please let us know. ---- Jan 14, 18 [2437] The autodenter for relic equipment now has a tighter limit, and starts taking effect at approximately double the 'epic' level instead of 3x. It can also autodent AC on things instead of just effects or charges. Fix some really old telnet bugs. From Draak: More minor newbie look string improvements. ---- Jan 13, 18 [2435] From Shadowfax: 'Defoliate' prevents players from casting 'thistles' without seeds. Defoliate prevents all casting of 'entangling roots', 'poison ivy', and 'vampiric vines'. 'Fecundity' can be cast on plant creatures to heal them. From Draak: Improve some bottling strings. Remove resource indications off the 'gather' command. You can get the same information with 'gather check' now. Super low level newbie help text fixes. Add new lapidary stones. Shield slam can longer show up in the same combo as ground strike. (Lokar) Fixed bug in woodcrafted ammo damroll. (Nermthegerm) Obscure cleric enchant 'bind alignment' lowered from level 36 to level 28, to make it more accessible to non-primary clerics. You can no longer improve movement skills in clan areas. Thanks for the tip, Runner. The 'camouflage object' enchant is now a shadow skill. ---- Jan 10, 18 [2433] Reduce failure odds for taunt, intimidate, and roar. Greatly increase success rate of enrage. ---- Jan 06, 18 [2430] Internal reworks to second wind: switch from tick based cooldown to continuous, and adjust timers. Both cooldown time and amount of movement recovered are dependent on constitution. Unlevel timer is now six hours instead of 20. From Draak: Playstyles for 'shadowmancer', 'elementalist', 'mystic' and 'warlock' added to the check command, 'enchanter' changed to 'artificer'. Help page updates and typo fixes. Fixed sneaking bug in character reset. (Uicli) Command 'forge list metal' will now show the difficulty. Command 'forge list <weapon name>' will give a rough indication of speed. This is not definitive - finished weapons take the metal and handle speeds into account. Tweaks to dierolls for forged weapons. Tweaks to metal speed bonuses. Fixed bug in sunder/autowield that attempted to wield a shield. Gathered boughs of wood will now generally be longer than before. New woods: kauri, satinwood, sourwood, sweetgum, wenge and silverleaf Scent of death now has lag, but will improve upon use. Lifetap should improve somewhat faster now. (Lokar) Fixed the modestly hilarious 'improved a movement skill by sniffing out dead bodies' bug in scent of death. ---- Jan 04, 18 [2429] Tweaks to lower level mobs to make their damage output more consistent and in general do a bit less damage. ---- Dec 31, 17 [2428] Fixups and improvement to avatar channel and moderator commands. Strengthen admin-set forced ignore. Remove the fractional hp/mana gain when microleveling so that players no longer gain negative hp/mana on the final microlevel. Give second wind stronger con scaling, and make the cooldown strictly constitution based. Give cry of victory stronger con scaling, and lower the requirements for invoking it. From Draak: Spell casting failures caused by being dazed or stunned now send a different message than equipment failures. (Breloom) Legendary and artificer enchant should now work with crafted items (Rhorae). Reworks for skinning and leathercrafting: Weight requirements removed from leathercrafting. Only the size of the hide or sheet of scales matters now. Certain furry creatures will yield pelts instead of skin or hide when skinned. If you are highly skilled at skinning, you are more likely to completely skin a creature instead of ending up with many small pieces of hide. If you are highly skilled at leathercrafted and are using skins much larger than the object you are crafting, you may end up with scraps big enough to craft with... You can now combine together skins from the same type of creature using the 'leathercraft bundle' command. New level 11 crafting skill 'furrier'. This skill allows you line crafted armor and clothing with fur from pelts. New pelt-only leathercraft items: stoles, muffs and coats Leathercrafted slings are now one-handed ranged weapons. ---- Dec 30, 17 [2427] Add a account-based channel moderator flags. Old per-player moderator flags transfer automatically to the account. All characters in a mod account can moderate, and if any character in a mod account uses a channel, the whole account can't moderate the channel for a while. Moderation actions still only hit single targets. Moderators can no longer see each other on the who list or via the moderator commands, and moderator actions should now be mostly anonymous to other moderators and avatars. Tweak down minion hitpoints at lower levels. This should be close to no change for high level minions. From Shadowfax: Make pets follow players like minions do. Have all instances belonging to your account displayed on 'instances show' command. (Druidia) Weather command now checks for nearby precipitation when you're inside. Snow and rain accumulation is now tracked. It can take up to one game hour to start accumulating. Accumulation is shown automatically if you have brief off, and it will be displayed when the weather command is used. For now, this is purely for cosmetic purposes. (Samon) Add chance of falling meteorites whenever a meteor shower occurs. These are deposits of sky iron. From Draak: Glance command, for seeing the ground string of a targeted object or mob in the room. Almost as useful as smell and taste! Some skill lag is now more strongly affected by attack speed. Minor fixes and changes to forged weapons. Increased stamina can now gradually improve without combat points by using warrior attack skills. Mortally wounded opponents should be easier to disarm. Being disamred or tripped is now slightly demoralizing. Having your weapon or shield sundered is now highly demoralizing: that was your father's sword and now it's gone :'( Morale should now linger a bit longer, but not too much. New woodcrafted weapon: staff sling - made by adding a leathercrafted sling to a woodcrafted pole. ---- Dec 18, 17 [2425] From Draak: Dirt throwing causes a little bit of morale damage (the "annoy" aspect mentioned in the help page). New forged weapon 'main-gauche' (parrying dagger). New forged weapon part 'cup guard'. Scales from some rare types of dragon may have special effects, <3 Lokar. Cleanup and bugfixes to crafting code changes. Let Draak know if anything else is not working the way it should. Forge list armor and forge list parts will display "min. weight" instead of just "weight" because weapons and armor can weigh up to 50% more if larger ingots are used. Weapon hilts will add parry dependent on the AC bonus of their metal. No other stats from hilts will be added to finished weapons. If you want more parry on your blade, use a higher AC metal such as adamantium. If you do not want to add parry to your weapon, use a softer metal such as copper or brass. ---- Dec 14, 17 [2424] Remove the 'legend' command. Mob exp/mob hitpoint tweaks. From Draak: Vampire minions now receive extra healing from blood sacrifice and bloodbond. You can no longer add gems to lapidary rings made from the same material. Typo that prevented lapidary tumblers from being made fixed, sorry about that, Tyrinia. Doors now have a composition. This doesn't change much except for those using msp/dclient sounds (for now). Crafting skills should improve more often as you use them. New woodcrafted item - 'fishing pole'. Tweaks to the 'check' command's output to make it more uniform. Playstyle for 'barbarian' added to check command. Forged weapons should now be rune-enchantable. "Blank" druidic fetishes should now manifest the traits of whatever kind of wood they are carved from. Spelunking, moutaineering, forest navigation, swimming and mudwalker should now (slowly) improve without investing combat points. Changes to crafting crossbows - with woodcraft and bowcrafting you can construct a crossbow stock. You must manually 'woodcraft add' forged crossbow hardware in order to finish a crossbow, instead of having it in your inventory when the cross bow is crafted. You can now make jewelry such as beads and rings from common stones like granite, diorite, talc, basalt, limestone and sandstone if you have the gemcutting skill. They still cannot be crafted into gemstones. ---- Dec 09, 17 [2423] Reduce minion hp/mana/move at low levels to improve low level class balance. Add a 'crafted' tag to the 'eq' command. Spammer ignore now resets to enabled on login. Taunt/intimidate/roar/enrage are now easier on drunk targets. Fix some bugs in enrage. Peace should now stop mob assist. From Draak: Attempts to daze and stun are now a bit more aggressive. Add ranger and illusionist to the 'check' command. Added a little bit of stun to a few spells. Necromancer vampire's lifestealing attack is now more potent when used against living creatures. New gathered wood type "beefwood" (yes this is real, look it up.) New gemstone "euclase" added to the mining and lapidary tables. Color added to the various crafting "list" commands. Lapidary gemstones can now be modified with heraldry, to make items such as 'a sparkling ruby griffin' or 'a green lace agate hexagram'. These can be added to crafted necklaces, rings and head pieces. Heraldry can no longer be added directly to necklaces or bracelets. Improvements to heraldry list commands. Added a "smell" command, to smell objects and rooms. Like taste, this is a long-term project and it will take a while before everything smells like it should. From Morpheus: Winterberries added as a seasonal forage item. ---- Dec 06, 17 [2422] From Draak: Thief skill 'peek' is now obscure. You can now add studs and spikes to leathercrafted whips. You can now add gem pendants to leathercrafted collars, in case you can't find what you're looking for at Hot Topic. New lapidary gemstone item - teardrop. Tweaks to lapidary check output. Changes to jewelry and inlaying - you can set gemstones into inlaid jewelry, but you cannot inlay metal onto jewelry with a gemstone set into it. Inlaid metal jewelry inventory strings are now more compact. Improvements to heraldry parsing, and several new heraldic symbols added. Clean-up and improvement to metallurgy listing commands. ---- Dec 01, 17 [2421] Make the thief skill 'contortionism' dependent on dodge. New metal 'nickel', new mineable nickel ores and new nickel alloys, white copper and nickel silver. Adjusted a few alloy recipes and metal stats. Add a 'forge divide' command for metallurgy, for splitting metal ingots. Add a 'woodcraft halve' command to saw branches in half. Unlike quartering, this reduces both the length as well as the weight of the resulting boards. Crafted grips and lapidary orbs can now be added to woodcrafted canes, to make some pimp-quality gear. Add sunstone and starstone gem types. Crafted weapons and canes now have somewhat nicer long descriptions. Expect more refinements in the future. Significant boost in crafting skills exp. They will still dent quickly. Fixed a couple of typos in forging send_to_room strings, thanks to Shryth and Mertag. Cost of forging weapons and armor lowered about 30% to account for smelting, alloying, combining and other manufacturing costs. When peace wears off, the target will now be dazed for a short time. Add new level 16 crafting skill 'forge blade'. Add new level 31 crafting skill 'forge kozane'. Add new level 33 crafting skill 'forge nihonto'. ---- Nov 25, 17 [2419] Add a 'spam filter' flag to channels to turn on/off the the banana and screen reader noise filters. Make liveoak and solar flare use more sunlight from suncatchers. Make skill/spell perfect be 100%, instead of 99%. Various mob exp tweaks based on Rhorae's detailed bug report. The damage function for dragonbreath has been dramatically changed. At low and mid levels, it should be slightly less damage and easier for unprepared players to handle. At higher levels, it now scales much more strongly, so that a level 60 mob will now do about three times as much damage, and a level 90 mob closer to 25x as much. From Draak: Cleanup to make the check command a little more user-friendly. Expect more refiniment as time goes by. Deposits of mined gemstones are now smaller than those of ore, stone and other materials. This should make it easier to find stones small enough to carve into gems. New lapidary item : grip New forged item : grip Added a 'think' command, so you can think things to yourself. Add a few more heraldry symbols. More fish, and improvements to fish types and descriptions. Allow better at iron claw. You can now inlay metal on woodcrafted weapons. You can no longer cast entangling roots on yourself to prevent getting trapped by an unreleasable minion. You should now be able to make metal constructs from any type of metal, excluding mercury. I apologize for the oversight. Cleaned up a few minor incosistencies with inlaying. New level 13 crafting skill 'forge simple weapon'. Taste/smell improvements. Certain non-gemstones now have colors, even if they are bit more drab than gems. ---- Nov 23, 17 [2418] The deadline for level converting has been set at Jan 01, 2018. Players that need to level convert can no longer train practices. Leveling is now capped at quad 37, 32, 27. This is currently max level. Raise fame per level from 21 to 22. This affects very few people. Disable the microlevel timer for all levels. Add 'level listtime' to dump projected leveling times at various points up to max level. ---- Nov 19, 17 [2415] Don't display email-only quests on any of the global TODO lists. Shorten the duration on valor, but increase its resistance to fear spells and other things that shorten its duration. Raise exp for a bunch of warrior skills. From Draak: WELL MADE quality is now WELL CRAFTED. EXCEPTIONAL quality is now EXPERTLY CRAFTED. Dragonbane advanced poison now halves the damage of dragon breath attacks. Fixed woodcraft/bonecraft dice. Minor cleanup to woodcraft/bonecraft checks. Cleric inflict spells now do slightly more damage. Herbicide advanced poison now makes plants slightly more vulnerable to physical attacks. Consecration will no longer consume mana and favor for unusable items. Add new level 16 crafting skill 'inlay metal'. Add new level 23 crafting skill 'forge armor'. Improved infrastructure for improving the 'check' command. Thanks to Dentin for helping with tagging spells and skills. Expect some changes to how this works in the near future. ---- Nov 18, 17 [2413] Raise friend list limit from 100 to 120. Add 'lag -client' for a reduced spam lag report. Various exp tweaks, primarily at low levels. All characters in the owner's account can now control/stock player shops. Add an 'account multi' command for setting up a list of your publicly visible characters. Also add whois/alts/multi commands to show account multis. This feature was based on Dernan's Altkeeper bot. ---- Nov 14, 17 [2411] From Draak: New lapidary items: marbles and orbs Tweaked lapidary and metallurgy stat handlers to be a bit more generous. Resisting stunning will now take into account high wisdom. New woodcraft/bonecraft item: a pair of dice. ---- Nov 09, 17 [2409] From Draak: Firebrand lowered from level 8 druid to line up better with leathercrafting. If your skinning skill is high, you should now get fewer but larger pieces of hides when skinning corpses. A few more mining and lapidary minerals added. Keep an eye out of hornblende, iolite and a few others. Lapidary items and gems will now have a little blurb in their long describing the stone. It should now be a little easier to make mastercraft items. The amount of stats added to crafted items is a little more random. The foraging skill has been deactivated and folded into plant lore. Plant lore is now level 1 druid. If you didn't have plant lore, the practices have been moved there, otherwise they get refunded. You can now split larger pieces of gathered wood into four roughly identical pieces using the 'woodcraft quarter' command. Do note note that this can accidently destroy pieces of wood, particularly rotten or worm-eaten ones, and that a small portion of the total mass and length is lost each time they are split. ---- Nov 08, 17 [2408] Major changes to the internal data collection for the bot detector. This might false detect in the short term, so we'll be keeping an eye on it. Raise the banana filter size to 9 characters, and don't insert a * when compacting. Players that are level convert releveling are now exempt from fame requirements. Disallow scribing using easily created magic objects such as magic mushrooms and balls of coldfire. Disallow putting more than one copy of any given spell on a scroll. ---- Nov 04, 17 [2405] Fix some wizinvis bugs with friends lists. You will no longer show up as a friend of yourself. Builders and immortals no longer have any friends events other than post. Players that have level converted will no longer be fame locked while releveling. From Draak: Various cleanup to heraldry. Added more minerals to mining and lapidary. A few small fixes to lapidary and forging, mostly typos. New forged liquid containers: flasks New forged upgrade: buckles Character level removed from mastercraft calculations, item difficulty added. It should now be somewhat easier for a low-level characters to make mastercraft items and a bit harder for high levels than before. New leathercraft item: straps - worn on wrists, similar to collars - low ac, best for adding studs or spikes to. Buckles can be added to leathercrafted waist gear for a bit of ac. You can add heraldry to them beforehand. Added another hidden achievement... You can now abbreviate 'protection from evil' a 'pfe' when casting it. Moved a few cleric and crafting skills up or down by a level for a more even distribution. Small help page updates. Changes to how lapidary/gemcutting, leathercraft/dragonscale armor, woodcraft/bowcrafting/fletching and various forging skill calculate success. This should be fairly transparent, unless you don't have a lot of practices invested in a particular skill. ---- Nov 01, 17 [2403] Raise the new friend list maximum from 50 to 100. Add a bunch of minor friends list fixes. ---- Oct 29, 17 [2400] Fix bug with zero-value effects on objects. Wizinvis below worldbuilder level no longer hides gods on channels. Switch the friend system to be account based. Players without accounts can no longer have or be friends. This was a fairly massive internal change with a lot of reworks, so be on the lookout for breakage and information leaks. Also of note is that this version of the friends code is quite a bit more processor expensive than the previous. While this isn't expected to cause problems in the long term, we're encouraging people to clean up friends lists and remove multis by setting the max friend count to 50 for a while. From Draak: Fix combine size bugs. Fix old typo in door lock strings. Lapidary check will now look for gemstone-quality pearls in your inventory. Collars added to leathercrafting. Spikes can be added leathercrafted armor and woodcrafted weapons just like studs. Studs give damroll, while spikes give hitroll. Widened weight range for carveable gemstones and a few other lapidary items. A handful of new planar mining and lapidary objects added. Fixed a string error with shield rims and spalted wood. Mined materials from the same deposit should be the same level, except for ores. Your metallurgy skill percentage is now directly tied to how often you can salvage slag from destroyed items, and how often you can derive secondary metals from select ores. Changes to lapidary and metallurgy exp. Metals and stones with a higher difficulty will give you more experience than ones of lower difficulty. Armor spikes, metal collars and cowbells added to metallurgy basic item list. Changes to some heraldry options to eliminate some of the sillier combinations of wood type or item type and heraldic devices, such as 'a heraldic tower ebony tower shield' and 'a heraldic apple apple round shield'. ---- Oct 24, 17 [2398] One in two microlevels now give a practice, as opposed to one in three. Turn off the level table and fix up level list. From Draak: Fix string bug when adding studs to certain leathercrafted items. Precious metals gold and platinum now require jewelrysmithing to work with. Shield rims must be forged from metals that can be made into armor. Other small changes to metals and alloys related to skills. Some metal effects switched around and adjusted. New alloy 'noble mithril' added, made from mithril and platinum. Objects with the same vnum but different composition can no longer be combined. Combining objects will now add together their sizes. Shield rims should now be adding armor to shields properly. Tool steel is now black steel, as it uses manganese like black bronze. Fix typos in metallurgy. Added a couple of crafting achievements. Fix typos in lapidary skills. Forged beaded neckalces and beaded bracelets should now be proper jewelry. You can now add gemstones to lapidary rings. Lapidary check is now more robust. ---- Oct 21, 17 [2397] From Draak: Splitting items will now decrease their size properly. This is most useful for gemcutting. Add keywords 'foraged edible' to all foraged items. Fix October changelog entries falsely reporting to be from 2018. Minor string fixes in lapidary, heraldry, woodcraft and metallurgy. Add chance for secondary effects for lapidary items and gemstones. Crafting skills will now generally create items that are WELL MADE in quality if you have invested the maximum amount of practices. Fix weight bug in alloying metals. Attempt to fix 'Effect by 0' bug cropping in crafting skills. Please mudmail Draak if you craft any equipment that has an effect with an amount of 0. Taste added to a bunch of food. Raise jewelrysmithing from level 12 to level 15. It should now be possible to add forged studs to woodcrafted quarterstaffs and walking cane as advertised. Special thanks to Shryth, Lilmike, Wily, Talina and others for forging, sawing and grinding away. Keep on crafting. Misc help page updates. The thief searching skill improves your chances of finding larger pieces of wood when gathering. It also gives a small bonus to gathering herbs and mushrooms. Heraldry string entry changes, should make it more accurate. Metallurgy check will tell you what sort of items a given piece of metal can be made into. Metallurgy fail messages made clearer. Fixed string errors for alloying metals. ---- Oct 17, 17 [2396] From Draak: Fixes to tasting/eating poisoned food. Minor cleanup to lapidary skills. Fixes to metallurgy, mining, and forging. ---- Oct 15, 17 [2394] From Draak: Add a 'burnt' flavor. Various minor fixes to lapidary, and hopefully clubs will work correctly. Add a new level 20 crafting skill, 'gemcutting'. Add a new level 10 crafting skill, 'metallurgy'. Add a new level 12 crafting skill, 'jewelrysmithing' ---- Oct 14, 17 [2392] From Draak: Improve success rate of 'point blank' ranged combat skill. Add infrastructure for food taste. Add default tastes for various foods, foraged things, and some unusual stuff like wood. Don't get splinters in your tongue. Add a new level 12 crafting skill, 'lapidary'. Various leatherworking updates. Various fixes to woodcrafting. Increase demoralization on feint. Add improves and a small amount of exp to necromancer infuse. ---- Oct 10, 17 [2390] Rework the 'mend bones' algorithm to spread healing out more. Take one more incremental step towards sanitizing the mob exp system. This fix improves accuracy in a couple of places, resulting in slightly higher minion experience. From Shadowfax: Base oblate goals on players' total levels instead of primary level. ---- Oct 08, 17 [2387] Make it a bit easier to dispel crystal coat on high level items. Fix the nearby command so it only shows nearby areas in the same planar realm. Infrastructure: add debug code for testing possible future tweaks to the mob exp system. From Shadowfax: Fix send_to_room typo when ammunitions falls out of a weapon. (Lilmike) From Draak: Add 'knocked prone' ground strings. Improvements to knapping, lapidary, metallurgy, mining, woodcrafting, leathercrafting, and mend bones. Increase duration of silhouette spell. Lower level of necromancer bonecraft obscure skill from level 20 to level 17. Better spam filtering on ranged weapons. Minor fix to noleave code and sitting players. ---- Oct 02, 17 [2386] Fix crystal coat bugs in brewing and scroll scribing. ---- Oct 01, 17 [2383] There has been a lot of internal rework to the object binding code. There should be no visible impact at this time, but bugs may have slipped through. If you find a weird change to how binding works (or doesn't), please notify Dentin. From Draak: Make ammo cheaper. Lots of string typo fixes. Don't display weapon traits when identifying ammo. Leathercrafting effects updates. Miscellaneous small woodcrafting fixes and improvements. Improve mend bones. Lower thief lockpicking from level 6 to level 4. Raise thief pickpocket from level 4 to level 6. ---- Sep 29, 17 [2381] Fix broken reboot automailer. Fix account ban/allow for channels. From Shadowfax: Fix bug that didn't allow crafted ammunition to be used with ranged weapons. Fragile flagged ammunition will always be destroyed when fired. ---- Sep 28, 17 [2379] Filter out paired letter spam from most channel sends. From Draak: Add a few sounds for the new ranged weapon skills. Add a 'blood' object composition type. Add a 'peach' wood type. Various heraldry improvements. Improve fishing! Feint skill improvements. Improve 'mend bones'. Make prospecting, tailoring, monster lore, and sea navigation cost fewer practices. Allow soulbind to target worn shields and wielded bone blades. Leathercrafting improvements. Add new level 10 necromancer skill 'bone arrow'. Add new level 20 necromancer skill 'bonecrafting'. Add new level 25 necromancer spell 'spectral claw'. Add new level 2 skill 'fletching', for making arrows. Add new level 9 skill 'bowyer', for making bows. From Shadowfax: Show level on ammunition when identified. (Kuranes) Fix wieldstr comparison bug when loading ranged weapons in your inventory. (Jezrien) Fix typo in string sent when you try to shoot yourself. (Westie) ---- Sep 27, 17 [2377] There has been a massive internal rework to how account handling and lookup is done. There should be no player visible changes unless it's broken. From Shadowfax: Grant ranged weapons full functionality. They can be loaded, unloaded and fired. See board 8 for the ranged weapon FAQ. Add ranged weapon freaks and achievements. Add 'marksmanship', 'point blank combat', 'quickloading' and obscure 'firearms proficiency' ranged weapon skills. Improve autoreload command to be able to set container for ammunition. Add initial 'areas dented' command. This is still a work in progress, so don't expect it to be super accurate. Fix string send bug in 'ground' spell. Add temperature adjustments for lava and ice rooms not otherwise exposed to weather. ---- Sep 17, 17 [2373] Reduce shadow strike damage in pk, and add a small amount of lag when the target isn't present to limit the usefulness of shadow strike command spamming. Sunlight no longer strips darkening from group members. Make entangling roots and bloodmist demons minions, so they're more compatible with groups. From Draak: Lots of minor fixes, cleanup, and improvements to various commands. Make silhouette more powerful and based on level. Increase the power of 'mend bones', but require a dragon tooth. Use a generic lag function that takes into account attack speed for various thief and warrior combat skills. A bunch of woodcrafting updates, and new items including seasonal things. Minor mining fixes. Add new obscure level 3 crafting skill 'heraldry'. Add new level 2 crafting skill 'hatmaking'. From Shadowfax: Add color tags to some 'consider' sends. Add more hidden achievements. Mobs won't remember memory against another mob of the same affiliation. Players' affiliation will be saved as 'none', and new players now start with affiliation 'none'. Wands and staves with the fragile flag self-destruct after their last charge is expended. Display string when failing to accio an object due to its weight. (Rhorae) Reduce mana cost of 'mystic projectile'. Add healing, illusions and domination spheres for god powers. Allow 'flame blade' to be cast on ammunition such as arrows. Allow poisoning of ammunition with the 'poison weapon' skill. Add damage string for thrown weapons and make thrown weapon attack rolls based on thief skill level and hitroll instead of dex. Thrown weapon defense roll now takes dodge into account. ---- Sep 02, 17 [2370] Add initial support for a 'toxic' player flag, and do some spamflag cleanup to make spamflag integrate with toxic. From Draak: Minor audio and MSP sound updates. Fix a bunch of typos. Updates to leathercrafting. Mining updates. Add a bunch of new gatherable wood types. Add 'set combatmode' to show percentage damage on attacks, instead of raw. Expect this to be buggy for now. From Shadowfax: Fixed bug allowing corpses without meat of any weight to be instantly eaten by corpse eaters. Apply oblate maximum cost cutoff to each individual piece of equipment in a corpse when sacrficing it instead of lumping the cost of all of them together. (Lilmike) Add 'spheres' line to god entries. Different spheres affect the abilities of a god's supernals differently. ---- Aug 13, 17 [2366] Dnd ignore mode no longer prevents groups from displaying on the global groups list. Try to fix parsing clobber with shopkeepers named the same thing as items they sell. The tensor time restriction on auction has been lowered from an hour to 20 minutes, since few players can cast hour long tensors. ---- Aug 12, 17 [2364] From Draak: Change strings and fix a few action start/stop bugs. Change some poison damage strings from poison to 'toxic'. (Lokar) Limit merging of different grades of metal ores. Prevent mycomancy in waypoints. Lower the necromancer skill 'corpsecutter' from level 12 to level 7. Raise the obscure necromancer skill 'scent of death' from level 7 to level 12. Make 'corpsecutter' the root of a new necromancer skill group. Start splitting out skill groups for stoneworking and haberdashery. Fix a bunch of minor woodcrafting bugs, and add infrastructure for fletching and future wood/bone skills. Slightly reduce the hp cost of bloodbond. Disallow milking of animals that are in combat. Improvements and updates to leathercrafting, and add support for future leather studding skills. From Shadowfax: Tensors discs with less than a hour left on their timer can no longer be auctioned. (Jonathon) 'Defoliate' prevents 'fecundity' from working now. ---- Jul 31, 17 [2363] Added a bunch of minor fixes that have been laying around for a while. ---- Jul 23, 17 [2361] Fix some file descriptor leaks and infrastructure bugs. Bot detector updates. Consecrate now only creates permanent enchants if you give the 'permanent' keyword. ---- Jul 16, 17 [2360] Prevent multi-summoning of demonic tutor in a way that could lose soulstones. From Draak: Undead dragon mob type fixes. Add MSP/DClient sounds for recast failures. Miscellaneous audio updates. Mining and other skill fixes. ---- Jul 14, 17 [2358] Send kxwt_expcap when leveling. ---- Jul 08, 17 [2357] More mob exp reworks. This primarily lowers the level 5 to 20 range and greatly smooths out things. If it breaks low level players too badly, we may need to revert it. ---- Jul 04, 17 [2356] Add on/off to recast commands. Other minor improvements to spell recasting. Add strength, dexterity, presence, curse ward, detect undead, and sanctuary to automatic spell recasting. Mob death exp code update: We've got a bunch of new statistics on exp calculations, and it's become a lot more apparent where we've got problems in the current algorithms. This boot contains a bunch of cleanup and code separation changes, most of which shouldn't affect anything. On the plus side, one high level exp reducer was removed, which should hopefully flatten things out a bit. That said, there's at least one change to the grouping code which could go either way - instead of adjusting pkdam prior to saving it for a given vnum, we're now just saving the raw pkdam value and applying a multiplier afterward. This pretty much trades one no-so-great setup for another not-so-great setup, but it's still worth doing because the new version makes it a lot easier to reason about the system. ---- Jul 01, 17 [2353] From Draak: Lots of minor typo, spell, and skill fixes. More dclient audio hooks. Add foraging of bugs. Updates to shield slam skill. Add automatic spell recasting to the server. See 'help recast' for details. Fix broken exp thwacker in turn undead. Remove a nonlinear factor from warrior hitpoint calculations. You'll either see an increase or nothing, depending on your level. This mostly hits mid level players. One practice now removes 24 hours of microlevel time instead of 12. If you're leveling back-to-back, the time can spill over into your next level. The 'hphurt' and 'hptank' commands by default now only show characters in the same room as you. 'hpall' will still show people in other rooms. Charmed mob beep now shows controllers. ---- Jun 10, 17 [2350] Fix some bugs in leathercrafting stat calculations. The necromancer spell 'soulshatter' is now obscure. Tweak backstab to raise chance of freaks. From Draak: Tweaks to stun code. Add a 'check' option to stone knapping. Fix bugs in shovels. Add leathercrafting of sporrans. Mining updates to add a lot of new stone types. Improvements to flourish. Bone tool can now make shovels. ---- Jun 07, 17 [2348] From Shadowfax: Add special moonlit lighting level for full moon nights, which grants infravision-level lighting. ---- May 31, 17 [2344] Fix a couple of crash bugs. ---- May 27, 17 [2342] Fix crash bug in knapping. ---- May 27, 17 [2340] Add some daily temperature graphs for debugging weather. Attempt to fix recursive destruct bugs in grenades. Add some soft matching to help page searches. Only require a white soulstone for disenchant. Lower cost of all enchants slightly. The random object generator now pays slightly more attention to class flags. Allow reforging of weapons. Note that this doesn't change dierolls and will probably eat all the hit/dam on it. Allow reforge and random weapons with +2 cast level or skill level. Various fixes from Draak: Minor plane updates. Add a hidden carving achievement. Gathering fixes and updates. Knapping fixes and updates. Make inflict spells easier to use. Mining fixes and updates. Add new crafting adjectives and strings. Add super bonuses for various crafting skills. Woodcrafting fixes and updates. ---- May 25, 17 [2338] Attempt to fix bugs in mining actions. ---- May 23, 17 [2336] From Draak: Fix up sector names. Lots of minor typo and string fixes. Updates to leathercrafting, woodcrafting, the new cleric update, and more. Add ability to gather honey. From Shadowfax: Add more hidden achievements. Allow gathering of stone bullets for slings. Add an 'autoreload' command for future ranged weapons. Only display ground strike qualifying message on heavy dtype weapons upon being identified if they are two wield. (Lexie) Make ordinary fish not have legs. Add 'mining' skill. ---- May 15, 17 [2335] From Draak: There's been a major update to cleric heal and harm spells and skills. This includes cleanup to the skill trees, reorganization and moving useless things to make newbie clerics more effective, and a bunch of new effects and mechanisms. Note that the heal and harm trees have had several renames! You'll still be able to cast the new spells with the old keywords, so it shouldn't break too many aliases. The level 6 cleric spell 'detect poison' has been raised to level 12. The level 12 cleric spell 'remove poison' has been lowered to level 6. The level 11 cleric spell 'detect undead' has been raised to level 20. The level 28 cleric spell 'sacred touch' has been lowered to level 11. Flamestrike now has extra damage and effects when used on cursed targets. Add new level 1 cleric curse, 'afflict'. This curse in general weakens the target, but its main use is to amplify the damage of inflict. The spell 'cause light wounds' has been renamed 'inflict wounds'. The spell 'cause serious wounds' has been renamed 'chasten'. The spell 'cause critical wounds' has been renamed 'inflict suffering'. The inflict spells cause as much damage as before, but are they're now close range and cannot be cast if you are nomelee. There are also other effects: The 'inflict wounds' spell causes extra damage to small or mortally wounded targets. The 'chasten' spell lowers the morale of targets. This effect is increased if the cleric is wielding a blunt weapon. The 'inflict suffering' spell causes ongoing damage. If the target is wielding a flexible weapon such as a whip or flail, the spell has chance to instantly daze or stun the target. If the caster is wielding a weapon, the 'harm' spell will use the basic damage type of that weapon in addition to its own damage type. The spell 'cure light wounds' has been renamed 'soothe wounds'. The spell 'cure serious wounds' has been renamed 'bolster'. The spell 'cure critical wounds' has been renamed 'heal'. The spell 'heal' has been renamed 'major heal'. The healing spells still heal the same amount, but also now have other minor side effects, and will show different messages based on creature type. See the help page for details. Newbie cleric intro zone is now open! ---- May 14, 17 [2333] Require 'noprompt' to be typed out to work. Add kxwt_audio tags if MSP mode is disabled. From Draak: Split areas up into more sectors - include the demon and angel realms. Improve corpse creation for dragons. Various minor updates to gathering and woodcrafting. A whole bunch of minor spell and skill updates. Split out warrior 'dragonlore' skills into their own tree. Add new level 23 warrior skill, 'shield slam'. We now have a mage illusions skill tree! Add new obscure mage spell, 'hue'. Add new obscure mage spell, 'magic hand'. Add new obscure mage spell, 'rorshach'. Add new obscure mage spell, 'silouhette'. Add new level 36 mage spell, 'kaleidoscope'. Add new level 26 mage skill, 'enchant deflection'. ---- May 06, 17 [2330] Level unconverted players can no longer bank exp, but they can now buy practices with exp. Now that practice cost is based on exp cap, this should allow them to do something without it being an unfair advantage. Fix some wierd web page link problems. Changes to pfile cleaner, which deletes old/unused players: - players up to 105 in all levels are now eligible to be deleted - the base time out is in months, where months = 6 + all_levels/2 - players in accounts get an extra six months This implies that a cheapest-leveled level 30 character with 104 total levels will be deleted after 6+6+104/2 = 64 months, or a little over five years. From Draak: Improvements to skin/meat/teeth resources on mob corpse creation. Improvements to wood gathering, with new wood types. Improvements to remise attacks. Add wooden tower shields to woodcrafting, and other woodcrafting updates. Improve dodge/parry/shield block audio. From Shadowfax: Remove requirement for a slicing weapon when splitting butchered meat. Begin giving credit for player-submitted suggestions in the changelog. (Boa) Make thistles able to be cast by uncontrolled mobs. (Myrel) ---- Apr 30, 17 [2328] Remove the completely useless hourly money market graph. Remove 'exp lost', since it was basically a custom version of leaderboard 9, only without time culling. Add minor 'exp bank' and 'exp unbank' commands. Add 'pang' command for clients to help the server track connection lag. Make double exp modes automatic. Fury of the heavens now gives fame like it's supposed to. Improve the one handed backstabber converter a bit - most over-weight stabbers will be adjusted down to usable levels. Prevent characters from dying due to old age negative regen as long as old age is their only source of negative regen. ---- Apr 26, 17 [2326] Move whisper below whirlwind in the parse order. Revert part of the previous exp changes that's been causing problems for builders. The exp caps are unchanged. ---- Apr 23, 17 [2324] From Draak: More DClient/MSSP sound updates. Various minor typo and string fixes. Improve easter eggs. Add 'leathercraft check' to help figure out how to use skins. Add 'woodcraft check' to help figure out how to use wood. Improve woodcraft parsing. Improvements to the warrior skill 'bash'. System infrastructure for mining and ore processing. ---- Apr 22, 17 [2321] Misc typo and string cleanup. Raise exp caps by about a third for high levels. The actual change to the curves is in the total level 0 to 50 range, but since the curves stack higher levels see the gain as well. Raise mob death exp to help compensate for the raised exp caps, including mid-level boosts to compensate for weirdness there. ---- Apr 13, 17 [2320] Minor code fixup for the Easter event. ---- Apr 09, 17 [2318] Lots of help page, faq, and rules updates and fixes. Fix crash bug in wood carving. From Shadowfax: Typo fixes in druid water spells. ---- Apr 08, 17 [2316] Dentin's birthday. Rearrange the various builder titles. From Draak: Minor improvements to knapping. New woodcraftable objects and woodcrafting upgrades. Fixes to spellstaffs. Add new level 22 druid skill, 'carve fetish'. More stun combat effect infrastructure. ---- Apr 02, 17 [2314] From Draak: More woodcrafting fixes. Fix bug in ground strike. ---- Apr 01, 17 [2312] Fix what appears to be a 20 year old bug in staff spellcasting. Get the 'hlast' (helplast) command working with 'help search'. Make help search accept indexes, eg 'help search 2.wand'. From Draak: More damage type updates. Massive updates to wood gathering. A bunch of updates to leathercrafting, fishing, skinning, and knapping. Add basic woodcrafting. Add debuffs to the thrust skill. ---- Mar 28, 17 [2309] From Draak: Beginning infrastructure for woodcrafting. Beginning infrastructure for stun and daze effects. Miscellaneous fixes to thrust skill. Improve weapon damage type effectiveness messages. Miscellaneous DClient/MSP sound updates. Change lightcatchers so they don't drain when they're not filling. You can just leave them out until they're full now. ---- Mar 27, 17 [2307] Fix missing practice for cleric class on restart. Improve parsing, error messages, and help for waypoint command. Raise generic exp reporting to 50% to see what happens. This affects all the previously changed skills, as well as a ton of other stuff. Add an 'email search' command. ---- Mar 25, 17 [2303] Fix 'zero lag' bug in shadow strike. Add 'who -help'. Fix bug preventing low level clerics from groupcasting things they should be able to groupcast. Update backstab to handle modern one-handed weapons more correctly. Change most of the 'always report exp' skills to the default less spammy occasional reporting. Exp delivery is unchanged. From Shadowfax: Fix bug with Drakdrol appearing during the day. Spam filtering improvements for druid water spells. Raise aspects' ac and hp and lower their control slightly. Add 'handkiss', 'wings', 'meep' and 'derp' socials and an addition to 'purr'. Add optional vnum for the 'set door create' command. Standardize lock difficulty into five categories: very easy, easy, average, hard and very hard. This affects examine locks, demon lockinfo, and door stat. ---- Mar 21, 17 [2302] Auto-filter titles. Disable socialites/annoyances lists on web site. Remove the backstab weapons composite. As a result, a lot of weapons that were two handed backstabbers are now one-handed, since they're no longer over the building limits. The down side is that backstab and bloodletting stab are both now limited to one handed weapons. ---- Mar 12, 17 [2301] Fix infinite loop bug in maelstrom. Add 'credit buy groundstring' to let people check strings for validity. This does not directly purchase it, rather it just acts as a filter. Raise exp of infrequently killed mobs. Fix bug in 'look up' when the moons aren't visible. Limit max cost of a practice to 60 times your exp cap. Keep in mind that this may change in the future, and is currently experimental. From Draak: Fix to 'put all' command when using light flag restrictions. Add quest list display for continents. Improvements to gather. Improvements to monster lore. ---- Mar 11, 17 [2298] From Shadowfax: Tweak 'drunkenness' penalties. Ensure that tithe string sends occur after collecting the gold for them, instead of before. Increase damage of 'condemnation' spell. Implement visibility tracking for Alter Aeon's satellites. See 'help moons'. Raise success rate of evasion. Fix lightcatcher list search. 'Extended sight' increases the distance that one can scan. Lower druid skill 'mudwalker' to level 12. Add new level 20 druid spell 'walk on water'. Add new level 24 druid spell 'riptide'. Add new level 28 druid spell 'flood'. Add new level 33 druid spell 'maelstrom'. ---- Mar 04, 17 [2295] The 'poison resistance' skill is no longer quest locked. Starcatcher fury detonations no longer give mob death exp (but they will still trigger quests and other events.) Improve how double exp areas are selected. Minor improvements and changes to email command parsing. Add 'email unread' to unread messages. From Draak: Improvements to internal damage type code. Limit drop/put light source restrictions to below level 15. Allow more dtypes for bloodletting stab. Minor updates to gathering and skinning. Various ranger skill updates. Remove cooldown from flourish. Lots of typo fixes. Make advanced poisons hit some saving throws, make feeblemind and forgetfulness impact druid cast level in addition to mage and necro. Improve soulbind when using purple or higher soulstones. Make skeletal warrior types selectable on cast. Make control demon and control undead obscure. Make deathwalker dependent on raise mummy. Add level 33 obscure druid spell 'fecundity'. Make thrust the root of the power attacks skill group. Dragonslayer is now dependent on charge. Dragonbreath defense is now dependent on shield block. Melt is now obscure. ---- Feb 20, 17 [2292] From Shadowfax: Add eldertell replay history. You can no longer get things out of ice prisons. Reduce amount of favor gained by sacrificing objects. Add 'who unclanned/clanless/noclan' command. Ban the names of certain social sites from being used as channel names. Add 'eqset rehome' and 'eqset replace' commands. You get credit for oblate tasks and gain favor for everything inside of a corpse when it is sacrificed. You no longer have to empty everything out of it first and sac each item individually. Add -lightcatcher list switch, for showing lightcatchers with less than the specified percent, such as 'l in pocket -lightcatcher 50'. Send ascend/descend strings to self when passing through big rooms with different elevations. The misc spam filter gags this send. Players will be assigned the newbie encampment waypoint as the default instead of the one in Vemarken if they are level 9 or lower and end up with no other waypoints. Major changes to drunkenness, such as eliminating speech slurring, involuntary parsing and general spamminess. Numerous strings were cleaned up. 'Drunkenness' acts more like a debuff now, see 'help drunk' for details. Protectors can drag their protectee out of combat when retreating when the protectee is low on movement, mortally wounded, fails their skill check, or is affected by leadfoot. (Being entangled or shadow bound still fails.) Two protectors can work together. Fix 'quest list' so it won't show duplicate quests. Fix indexing bug in 'quest extra' that caused it to display the wrong quest's data. Fix display bug in 'quest info' and 'quest extra' when you had one unfinished custom job and no unfinished quests. ---- Feb 13, 17 [2290] Minor cleanups to avatar whereis command. ---- Feb 12, 17 [2286] Scent of death should now work on player corpses. ---- Feb 05, 17 [2283] Fix bug in weapon throwing. Allow combo attacks to have both ground strike and jab in them. Prevent combo attacks with ground strike from having various thief skills in them. ---- Feb 04, 17 [2281] Fix crash bug in 'accio' spell. Fix ref count bug in boards. Fix waypoint bug for new/reset characters. Reorganize the way attack/speed effects are handled internally. Most of this should be because of improved reporting accuracy, but there are also some side effect changes to actual attack rates. The required warrior level to get maximum 'multiple attacks' skill has been raised from 30 to 36. From Draak: Dclient and MSP sound updates. Various string and parsing keyword updates. Add a milking achievement. Give whips and flails a slight hitroll bonus against dodge. Knapping is now only two practices. Add a 'beak' damage type. Improvements to nourish, invigorate, and thistles. Leathercrafted items no longer bind to the crafter. Prevent 'drop all' and 'put all' from storing dedicated light sources unless '-force' is used. This should help reduce issues from new players accidentally putting their light sources in containers while in the dark. ---- Jan 29, 17 [2280] Change parse order of valor and value commands. Updates to the email read and delete commands. ---- Jan 28, 17 [2278] Fix 'profile -ach' so it displays the right achievement data. 'Show cost' no longer displays class name if there's a tie. Various minor string cleanups. Rework the 'email list' command. Adjust boat gold and credit prices to line them up a bit more. The price of boats and boat repairs has been raised (by a lot), and the cost of credit buy boat repairs has been cut in half. This gets the repair costs closer to the credit maintenance costs, but it's still cheaper to use gold than credits. From Shadowfax: Add unguent brews to brewmaster eqcheck advice. When restarting a character, the best unguent composition of that character is set to null and any god conversion process is halted. Add 'lightcatcher' list switch. For example, 'l in pocket +lightcatcher 50' will show all lightcatchers filled 50% or more. Increase damage of unguent-only spells. Disallow the casting of 'continual light' on uncontrolled mobs. Allow 'shadow strike' to be used while tanking. ---- Jan 22, 17 [2276] Add a moderation warning and rules to channel disclaimers. Various updates to try to reduce the chance of server lag. Add version tag support to the 'version' command, for client use. Invisibility and mass invisibility are now obscure, since pretty much all mobs can see through it anyway. ---- Jan 21, 17 [2274] Prevent area autoleveling of charmed/controlled mobs. ---- Jan 16, 17 [2272] Update/improve double exp modes. Miscellaneous internal code cleanup. Enable custom new player area for warrior characters. ---- Jan 15, 17 [2269] Clan channels are no longer moderated by default. Add a couple more graphs to make tracking annoying lag easier. ---- Jan 08, 17 [2265] Improve flag display on channel list. Blood bottles made with your own blood now time out. Get rid of unflag_eligible on some items where it doesn't make sense. Add some experimental exp code for next weekend's event. All publicly available channels are now avatar moderated. If you want to be able to turn off moderation on a channel you own, you'll have to set a password first. From Draak: More dclient sound updates. Add a 'locker' command as an alias for 'storage'. Knapping and milking improvements. Make necromancer bone tool properly obscure. From Shadowfax: Increase power and durability of aspects. Make aspects follow you and fight when they're supposed to. Increase rate that favor will rise when sacrificing objects. Improved 'achievements' command. ---- Jan 05, 17 [2263] Fix crash bug in 'favor' command. Newbies now start with zero gold. From Shadowfax: Allow casting of 'angel ravage', 'devil ill', and 'undead scourge'. Show level of incomplete unguent on identify. ---- Jan 03, 17 [2261] Fix bugs in fortitude and vigor. From Shadowfax: Make 'consecrate armor' show up on 'skills' command. Eliminate the need for recasting 'vigor' and 'fortitude' to get full strength. They can still be recast at will, and higher level castings can yield better results. ---- Jan 02, 17 [2258] Push devil ill, angel ravage, and undead scourge to the bottom of the spellcasting parse list. Fix clan storage limit bugs. Changes to liquid timers when filling liquid containers. This is a scary chunk of code, so keep an eye out for bugs. Unguents are now limited to three pounds per brew. Fix money market price graphs. Cleanup and fixes to the 'graph' commands. Winners of mob pk arenas should now see quest completions. From Shadowfax: Allow 'second wind' and 'blood rage' to be used without interference from a 'remorse' curse. Send strings of unguent-only spells to proper target. When finishing a mixed unguent with a spell, the unguent's level must meet the spell's minimum casting level. Increase effects of 'vigor', 'fortitude' and 'enhancement' spells. Increase power of 'consecrate armor'. Make maximum favor dependent on current charisma. Gag spam when counting down favor while you're with a cleric companion. Petition cooldown only accrues when a petition is successful. Fix 'petition angel healing' typos. ---- Dec 31, 16 [2256] Function key aliases will now be reset when you restart your character. The last cleric charisma grandfathering has been removed. Add 'clanset storagelimit' command for clan founders and above. From Shadowfax: Change color of eldertell to reduce confusion with regular clantell. Improve spirit hammers to allow for magic and breath damage. Spirit hammers now inherit the preferred element of the caster's god unless otherwise specified. Chances for a nonorm damage spirit hammer now increase with greater knowledge of the spell. Add 'vigor', 'fortitude' and 'expiation' spells to 'Divine Aid' spellgroup. Add 'Divine Conjuration' spellgroup, which starts with 'continual light'. Add 'radiant orbs', 'miraculous vestment' and 'mystic projectile' spells to this new group. Change 'enchant armor' spell into the 'consecrate armor' skill. This new skill has a much lower mana cost but enchants time out faster. Add 'condemnation', 'fatigue', 'exhaustion', 'clasp of corruption', and 'death and decay' spells to the 'Divine Might' spellgroup. Add 'Divine Agent' skill group, which includes the new petition skills 'petition incarnate', 'celestial audience', and 'petition aspect'. Give 'hold undead' an area effect option. Add 'remorse' alignment-based cleric curse. Change 'blindness' into a proper curse that can be affected by 'remove curse'. Add 'Brew Unguent' spellgroup, starting with the 'brew unguent' skill. Add unguent-only spells: 'devil ill', 'angel ravage', and 'undead scourge'. New druid skill 'leech life'! Steal the life force from others and use it for yourself! New necromancer spell 'bloodbond'! Use your blood or bottled blood to heal others! ---- Dec 26, 16 [2254] Change profile command to use all levels instead of total levels. Banned players no longer show profile information. Recalculate the grandfathered equipment level, allowing grandfathering up to total level 129. This should allow the few pieces of level 129 equipment to be used by those on the edge. From Draak: String fixes and cleanup to milking and knapping. Add obscure level 6 necromancer spell 'bone tool'. ---- Dec 24, 16 [2253] Fix up some 'equipment total level' strings. Try to improve the 'your char is unbalanced' detector. Your character's 'equipment total level' is now based on all six classes, instead of just the top 4. The value is adjusted down to meet the old equipment level range. Existing characters are currently grandfathered to their old values, up to +10. From Draak: Add a 'hands' command. Minor improvements to butchering and knapping. Add milking, to get milk as an ingredient in cooking. ---- Dec 23, 16 [2250] Fix high level exp and area display problems caused by the exp cap changes. From Draak: Various minor dclient sound updates. Clean up help text for leatherworking. ---- Dec 22, 16 [2249] Print 'all levels' total on show level. Change the exp cap code. It's now dependent on the levels in all six classes, instead of just top4, and no longer has a maximum limit of 250k. The caps are lower in the mid-level range, but higher at upper levels. The upper level caps are conservatively low for now until we see the overall impact of the change. ---- Dec 21, 16 [2248] Fix kxwt context bug in mob arenas. Remove 'top 4' levels leaderboard. Reset all leaderboards. Players that aren't in an account or haven't level converted won't be included in leaderboard calculations. Build a 'stale pfile loader' for synccing all those players that haven't logged in for years and aren't registered in the global player stats tables. This will gradually log on and off these old players over the course of the next few hours. ---- Dec 18, 16 [2246] Allow players up to 115 total levels to restart. Items below level 5 will no longer load random or unique. Add another warning screen into level convert. All saved items between total level 130 and 148 have been changed to total level 129. The leveling system has changed. Levels are no longer capped at 1.8 billion experience - they will now increase smoothly to ridiculously large values as your level increases. Players who had these upper levels will need to 'level convert' before they can level again. This will refund their experience and allow them to relevel under the new system. There are about 60 total players affected, and about 20 of those will be seriously affected. Note that we've tried really hard to make this as fair as possible. Players don't have to relevel immediately, they can pick the class order they would like, they get to keep practices, spells and skills, and can potentially unflag class flagged equipment if it's unusable after releveling. While the commands and conversion are meant to be self explanatory, there are sure to be a lot of questions. Expect posts on board 8 over the next couple of days to cover the most common questions. ---- Dec 17, 16 [2244] Add achievements for number of classes at max level. From Draak: Fix flourish ONCE AND FOR ALL. Improvements to fishing, foraging, gathering, knapping, and thistles. Add class-specific newbie areas for druids, thieves, and mages. ---- Dec 11, 16 [2243] Fix bug in famine spell. From Draak: Lower damage of dragonbreath at low levels. More improvements to flourish skill. Add level 3 'stone knapping' skill for making stone tools. From Shadowfax: Add 'absorbs' command. Gisco's giblet grenade will skip wearable equipment when looking for ammunition. ---- Dec 10, 16 [2242] Add 'kxwt_edeath' for the mush-z developers. Increase cleric charisma requirements one minor notch. Four spells affected, two spells (rejuvenate, hallowed) remain. Attempt to fix dieroll wrapping with really high level minions. From Draak: Add more forage options for watery terrains. Improve error messages for firebranding. Various fixes to the 'flourish' skill. Allow rune carving on ice. ---- Nov 27, 16 [2239] Fix bug in dispel magic, and replace it with a slightly less bad bug that will need to be fixed later. From Draak: The 'famine' spell now affects constitution. Allow more items to be rune carved. Improvements to new 'flourish' skill. Luck now affects gathering of seasonal items like easter eggs. Various leathercrafting bugfixes. ---- Nov 25, 16 [2238] From Draak: Improvements to leathercrafting. Add 'craft' command as a help/advice page. Make the 'jinx' curse obscure, like it's supposed to be. Add a new level 1 warrior skill 'thrust'. Players that learned the warrior skill 'feint' will now have 'thrust' learned instead. Move the warrior 'feint' skill to the thief class. Add a new level 12 thief skill, 'flourish'. ---- Nov 24, 16 [2236] From Draak: A handful of MSP audio updates. Improve pumpkin carving. Add 'bobross' social. Various help page updates. Add shamrocks and roses as special foragable holiday items. Mob type improvements to butchering. Mage skill 'maintaining spells' lowered from level 18 to level 8 and made dependent on spell lore. Mage spell 'detect magic' is now dependent on spell lore and obscure. Mage spell 'identify' is now obscure. Mage spell 'store power' is now dependent on 'maintaining spells'. Mage spell 'dispel magic' is now dependent on 'maintaining spells'. Mage skill 'undo' is now dependent on 'dispel magic'. Add new level 2 druid spell, 'thistles'. Lower druid 'foraging' skill to level 1. Druid spell 'thunder seeds' is now dependent on 'thistle'. Add level 10 cleric curse, 'jinx'. Add level 8 skill, 'leathercraft'. Add level 19 warrior skill, 'dragonscale armor'. Raise thief 'trip' skill from level 1 to level 2. Lower thief 'bloodletting stab' skill from level 5 to level 1. Reorganize the thief 'tinkering' skill group. Start splitting thief fighting skills into more focused groups. New druid characters now start with 'gust', 'foraging', and 'thistles' as starter spells and skills. New thief characters now start with 'dodge', 'trip', and 'bloodletting stab' as starter skills. The 'identify' skill now works on all items that are carried or worn, regardless of item level. The identify spell must still be used to obtain information about things on the ground or creatures. ---- Nov 19, 16 [2232] Raise maximum silence/moderate timers for avatars. From Shadowfax: Add 'boons' command and 'show boons', for things like demonic power. Add ability to fill liquid containers with water from the local terrain. Mobs will retain naturally occuring abilities such as flying, water breathing, darkness and blindness after having corresponding spells cast on them and wear off. ---- Nov 05, 16 [2231] Add experimental support for password changes via the web pages. Minor grammar fixup for bottled salves. Spell resistance no longer affects spells you cast on yourself. ---- Oct 28, 16 [2230] Fix various crash and name string bugs. Fix default waypoint for new characters. ---- Oct 27, 16 [2229] From Shadowfax: Add more commands for arena spectators. ---- Oct 24, 16 [2227] From Shadowfax: If a player is nosocialled or noyelled, minions are also affected. Attempting to duplicate instances using multis will send a message to both characters. Run order command room strings through misc spam filter. Make object specps save to pfiles, allowing bane weapons properties to save. Limit damage of ground strike against flying targets. Gisco's giblet grenade will now ignore quest items when seeking ammunition. Add option to join an active arena as a spectator. There will likely be some future adjustments to fine-tune spectator behavior. ---- Oct 23, 16 [2225] Fix exp breakage to store power. Adjust other exp changes to be more sane. Fix a couple obscure crash bugs. Fix bugs in egg gathering. From Draak: A bunch of butcher and skinning updates. Add seasonal Halloween pumpkin gathering and carving! The listen skill now helps with lock picking. ---- Oct 22, 16 [2222] Work on mob exp estimates. Add exp thwackers to a couple of things that didn't have them before. Use modern exp thwacker for backstab, shadow skills, brewing, and store power instead of ancient crufty custom code. Necromancer summon demon teeth won't work if you're above your max already. Increase cleric charisma requirements one minor notch. Five spells affected. ---- Oct 09, 16 [2220] Infrastructure changes to board posting, note writing, and email. Drop all will no longer drop empty weightless containers. Credit buy chartransfer now clears friends lists. Remove the almost completely unused 'watch' commands. The 'email list recent' internals have changed, and all the messages currently in your inbox are now considered 'old'. New messages will be displayed as recent for up to 30 days. Fix minor bug in clan tithes. From Draak: Add top-level sector entries for the continent of Gianasi. MSP and DClient sound updates. Show whether a mob is avoid-melee on consider. Lots of minor typo fixes. Help page updates. ---- Oct 06, 16 [2216] From Shadowfax: Fix crash bug in acid code. Run acid room send strings through gfighting spam filter. If you manage to delete all your waypoints, a default will be added based on your level. Gag certain strings when solar spells are used against fire type mobs, since they don't take sunlight damage anyway. Move bane weapon display on identify to bottom with other special weapon properties. Bane weapons are fully functional. Add 'thorn armor' to credit buy spellup. Add 'unburden' obscure mage spell. Mobs within instances will attempt to recall to the same instance copy. Autotithe should ignore gold picked up from a player's corpse or player-dropped gold, as well as all auction and playershop-related transactions. It will tithe other gold picked up from the ground and gold taken from mob corpses, however. ---- Sep 24, 16 [2215] Make channel http flag admin only. ---- Sep 19, 16 [2214] From Shadowfax: Fix guard flag bug with accio spell. ---- Sep 17, 16 [2211] Add awe, gawk, and sprawl socials from Gandor. From Shadowfax: Allow 'read' command to work with items that can logically be read, such as notes, scrolls, books, etc. Add sonic rainboom spell combo and achievement. Make object nosac flag show up on mortal identify. Acid attacks now have a lingering effect that lowers hpregen. Add 'alkaline balm' druid salve to counter acids. Allow 'field of the grasping dead' to be cast without a target. Add 'picard' social, curtesy of Kagome! Add 'accio' obscure mage spell. Add 'clan advertise', 'clan recruit' and 'clan who' commands. Add 'eldertell' (or 'etell' for short) channel and 'clan broadcast' (or 'cbroadcast' for short) for clan elders. Clan autotithe introduced, both as a clan flag and a player flag. Don't be scared, it will need some tweaking. Add 'show acid' command. Add 'manaregen' and 'moveregen' options to brag/show. Add 'antidotes' as a show option. ---- Sep 16, 16 [2208] Limit backstab spamming for exp on single targets. Change exp thwacking on thief steal skills. From Shadowfax: Make 'favor' a mortal command that displays current favor. The 'cwho' (clan who) command now displays players by clan rank. Reserve 'fire' command for future ranged weapons use. Lower cost of 'illuminate' and 'lighteater' enchants. When artificer enchant is used on total level equipment, the level is raised at least 2 instead of 1. Fix bug allowing alignment bind combinations that made equipment unusable. Runes can be added to fabric equipment via the 'tailor' command instead of 'carve'. Add initial support for bane weapon ability. Weapons with this ability do extra damage to their quarry race. New harvested bones will have 'hbone' and 'harvestedbone' appended to their insult strings. This will not affect existing harvested bones. Add ability to 'clanset add' from anywhere. This is help out newbie clans based in the portal islands so elders don't have to physically hunt down new recruits. ---- Aug 07, 16 [2207] Fix minor bug in email erase. ---- Aug 06, 16 [2206] Fix bug in skeletal lich causing normal skeletal mages to do no damage. Limit upper end damage of ground strike when using very slow, heavy weapons. Split/increase personal exp thwacking on thief stealing skills, remove personal gold thwacking to increase the amount of gold available via steal. Massive internal rework of the mudmail system. There's almost certainly stuff that's now broken, or that won't work right - we'll probably have to do multiple boots to get everything back into a properly working state. ---- Aug 03, 16 [2205] Minor one notch increase in cleric spellcasting charisma requirements. Three spells affected by one point each. Players can now only have one instance of any given area open at a time, and it has to time out before you can open a new copy of that area. In general very few people will be affected other than those who are used to resetting instances repeatedly to rerun them. It may also cause problems for groups trying to merge, or players joining a group running an area they've recently been in. Eventually we'll be adding an 'instance abandon' command to allow controlled destruct of instances, but in the short term you'll have to deal with it as best you can. ---- Jul 31, 16 [2202] Add initial support for accounts on channel allow and channel admin. ---- Jul 30, 16 [2200] Absorb is now limited by max mana. Various work on the mudmail infrastructure. Improve show/brag email. Fix bug in clan elder 'boot' command. Fix mapper bug showing streams across half the mainland. From Draak: Whips and flails are now parryable, but not shield blockable. Blast, splat, and spit are not parryable. Add foragable eggs. Add static blast and chill touch to newbie mage starting spells. Miscellaneous cleanup to warrior 'stomp' skill strings. Static blast now has a short term duration affect that makes the target more vulnerable to electricity. This can be canceled by the ground spell. ---- Jul 25, 16 [2198] Make Durham's guiding spirit plane aware. Prevent scribe while fighting. Back off some of the idle detectors a bit. Raise damage output and price of constructed grenades. Make enchant more likely to work on most normal equipment. Bug fixes to crystal coat weight changes. Make it possible to pick up gold at max carried item count. Minor improvements to cast level warnings on the 'advice' command. Hopefully improve autolevel area exp. Change the way exp is handled for a bunch of skills, including more consistent thwacking for command spamming and using one function in a bunch of different places instead of having custom exp code everywhere. We're basically going to have to rebalance anything touched by this, so let us know which things are grossly out of whack so we can take a look. From Draak: Add 'stormy', 'blizzard', 'windstorm', and other keywords for control weather. A few minor sound updates. Make it easier to catch big fish. Add an easter easter egg. Add 'temp', 'weather', and 'wind' to prompts. Add help page for skinning, updates to other help pages. ---- Jul 15, 16 [2195] Dramatically slow down the long term response of the alignment offsets. Lower group join timeouts. Lower resurrect cooldown. Add more label tags to forms on the web site. Make align equipment more resistant to idling. ---- Jul 10, 16 [2192] Add a 'lag' command for displaying recent server lag. Attempt to add html labels to the main credit card form on the website. Make 'mend bones' more mana efficient. Now that the money market floor and ceiling are stable, disallow player offers. Sorry, all you arbitrageurs. Updates to change mob load probability thwacking into a more ordinary exp thwack instead. Note that there will be a startup transient for some mobs, where they will have lower than usual experience until the control system figures out what's going on. This should only happen for things that had low load probability to begin with, which isn't very common. ---- Jul 09, 16 [2189] Raise cleric charisma spell requirements one more notch. Almost done. You can now do things like 'quest sloe todo' and 'quest sloe done'. From Shadowfax: Add 'gisco's giblet grenade' necromancer spell. Modify the corpse strings of plural mobs to better represent their plurality. Make priest tasks award a bit more favor. Add some monster lore sends for air mob types. Add slight chance of faster recovery for a floating weapon after being disarmed. Prevent 'protector' from working with characters whom you are currently fighting. 'Mass confusion' will now respect mob allies. Prohibit metal constructs from being created from metal terrain in clan areas. Fix weirdness with dual-key doors not properly breaking keys. ---- Jul 02, 16 [2185] Fix minor weirdness with infravision and night descriptions. Fix minor display issue with money market ceiling/floor. ---- Jun 20, 16 [2182] Even more stats collection for looking at exp in autolevel areas. From Shadowfax: There a small chance of gaining favor when sacrificing non-system objects. Mobs are no longer shocked and horrified by their own death. Air creatures can be healed by breath-only damage. Add descriptors for breath/air weapon attacks. ---- Jun 15, 16 [2180] Allow 'touch <object> ground'. Make 'advice' come before 'advance' in the main parser. Drastically change leap attack experience. We may need to revert this. You can no longer recall boats across planes or from other worlds. From Draak: Fix minor bug in mushroom gathering. ---- Jun 11, 16 [2178] Add idle warnings when sending tells to idle people. You must now use the 'ungroup' command to remove people from groups. Slow down the rate of change on the long term alignment offset. Make strings on mana shield a bit more obvious. Cast-only spells can no longer be tapped onto other players. Make setting alignment goal require -f at low levels. Make storage locker timeout a bit more deterministic. Fix bugs in autolevel and group area experience calculations. From Shadowfax: A door's name is now shown when unlocked, instead of just *click*. Knowledge of butchering adds a small bonus of success to the harvest bone and corpsecutter skills. Tweak revocation strings to make them a bit more visual. Add poison damage to imps conjured via bloodmist by a foulblooded necromancer. Add show/brag option for title. From Draak: Various MSP and dclient audio updates. Various gather mushroom updates and improvements. Fix bug allowing animal lore to be used on non-animals. ---- May 31, 16 [2176] Prevent reforge on items with spells on them. From Shadowfax: Make legendary enchant dependent on artificer. From Draak: Various MSP sound updates. Add a new kind of fish for fishing. String fix for noxious cloud. Add movement loss when tripping mobs. Various monster lore/consider improvements. Add 'gather mushrooms'. Add movement damage to stomp. ---- May 30, 16 [2175] Make minion hitpoints more random. Minor fixes to look command. Compactify the mage lightning spellgroup a bit. Get boats mostly working on planes other than prime material. Reduce mana on soulbind to keep items from autodenting on relog. From Shadowfax: 'Continual light' now adds a light flag to an object instead of glow. 'Faerie fire' can add a glow flag to an object. 'Fly' can be cast on an object to make it float. When cast on an object, 'invisibility' is no longer permanent. Some bystander mobs will now attack or flee when they see a death. Add cleric 'illumination' enchant. Add mage 'levitation' obscure enchant. Add mage 'concealment' obscure enchant. ---- May 29, 16 [2171] Increase default alias limit from 120 to 150. Allow the '.' character to match any other character in the grep filter. Fix quest gold bug that was added yesterday. Add new 'varset' socket filter. Add new 'compact' socket filter. Add new 'cut' socket filter. Add hard floor and ceiling GPC rates to money market. From Shadowfax: Give shield location priority over shield block in brag/show. Fix strings when charging spirit totems and casting thorn armor. Add help page for brag/show keywords. All of them! ---- May 28, 16 [2170] Prevent system mobs from being fame. Don't allow player corpses to be sold in shops. Thunder seeds now works through magic resistance. Add kxwt_emote support for mush-z. Users of old mush-z versions will not be able to see emotes until they update. Make dodge, parry, and shield block a little easier to improve. Reduce the per-hit mana cost of mana shield. Packet mode dclient paste buffer is now bigger and should overflow less. Add skill exp to soulshatter. Change the freak system for soulsteal to make high freaks more likely and low freaks less likely. Add three minute cooldown on the target of a resurrect to prevent multi-resurrect death griefing. Change the way that resurrect hp are calculated. Attempt to improve the follow lag in groups problem. Make the warrior taunt/intimidate/roar skillsets no longer dependent on user charisma. This is to help handle tanks and players who may intentionally have low charisma. Improve warrior skills feint, bash, knockback, ground strike, cleave, jab, and whirlwind. Dodge practice cost lowered from 8 to 4 practices, and players will be able to dodge a bit better without knowing the skill. The dodge high end/maximum is unchanged. This should help improve survivability at low and mid levels for non-minion classes. The pfile cleaner will now be more aggressive about deleting old pfiles. Specifically, level 1 characters not hooked to an account are deleted after six months of inactivity, level 1 with an account in 12 months, level 12 with an account in 18 months, and level 24 with an account after 24 months. Level 25 and above characters are exempt from the cleaner. As before, characters with more than three total levels per primary level are also exempt, so a level 20 character with 60 total levels will never be deleted. ---- May 18, 16 [2168] Even more kxwt updates. Closing an object now sends something more than just 'Ok.' Harvest bone is dependent on the size of the creature/corpse. It should be possible to harvest spellstaff sized bone from smaller creatures now. Fix crash bug in fishing. ---- May 15, 16 [2166] Make the 'areas' command do basic keyword search, and limit area level range to exactly the specified level. Also hook up 'help area name'. Make an 'advice' command that maps directly to 'check'. Fix missing lag/move cost on certain types of gather/forage. Fix negative practice bug in enchanting. Allow improvement in greater mage elementals. Put obscure spells later in the spell parser order. Skeletal mages can now be cast with a specific element type. Make lower level suncatchers less likely to shatter on carve. ---- May 14, 16 [2164] Raise creation costs of lightcatchers. Green demon familiar now gives movement, not movement regen. Red imp demon familiar now gives movement regen, not movement. Demon familiar level is now more dependent on soulstone than casting level. Raise cleric charisma spell requirements one minor notch. Force mush-z into hard returns mode on startup. Minor kxwt cleanups. Add 'credit buy nosac'. Turn off default single item identify when looking in containers. The level 37 necromancer is officially out! Included spells and skills: Add level 8 obscure spell 'strawman'. Add level 16 obscure necromancer skill 'harvest bone'. Add level 21 obscure necromancer spell 'spectral ward'. Add level 24 necromancer spell 'skeletal knight'. Add level 26 necromancer skill 'summon demon teeth'. Add level 28 necromancer spell 'skeletal lich'. Add level 30 necromancer skill 'blood bottling'. Add level 37 necromancer spell 'field of the grasping dead'. Add level 37 necromancer spell 'mend bones'. ---- May 10, 16 [2163] There has been a new Mush-Z release! Exit Mush-Z and run the updater to grab the latest version. Increase the allowed damage reduction of 'mana shield'. Double damage of warrior 'ground strike' skill. Lower cooldown on knockback. Increase damage on successful riposte. Other minor warrior skill improvements. Remove 'mmarket buy offer'. Fix dependency order of 'fly' and 'shield' spells. Make skeletal warriors dependent on skeletal spider, instead of bone shield. Allow the burning/freezing damage aspect of fire shield and ice shield to work simultaneously, and increase the damage they deal. Deathwalker should now protect minions. ---- May 08, 16 [2162] Slightly raise damage of necromancer skeletal mages. Reduce mana costs for raising undead. Allow channel enable/disable via 'off', 'on', and 'mute' keywords. Display a help page reference to low level players who receive combat points. Changes to the strings for magic missile and fly spells, along with help page updates to hopefully have the spells make more sense. Improve the diffraction spell slightly. Add level 4 'mana shield' spell for mages. This spell is intended to improve the survivability of mages. Raise 'magic missile' to level 11 mage. Minor reorganization of the mage 'force fields' spell group. ---- May 07, 16 [2160] Allow bone spellstaffs to use a small number of necromancer spells. Sort animals on 'call list' by control point cost. Add help page for 'worm'. Lower mana costs and drain for sandstorm. Necromancer 'fear' spell lowered from 19 to 18, and made dependent on dread portent instead of Tarrant's spectral hand. Raise necromancer 'free spirit' spell from level 18 to level 26, and make it dependent on fear. Make 'level remove' possible out of fame lock. It still has a high level restriction. Make sure you read the help page for unleveling. ---- May 06, 16 [2158] Fix 'control list all'. Add stats collection to help debug solo class balance. Make heavy carved spellstaffs a bit lighter. Allow spellstaffs and carved weapons to be made from heavier pieces of wood or bone. From Shadowfax: Fix bug in harvested magic venom. Balls of light created by 'continual light' now have random colors. Prevent harvested venom from being higher level than the harvester. ---- May 03, 16 [2156] From Shadowfax: Re-allow multisell list switch. Harvesting venom from creatures with magic poison attacks can result in magic venom. Called vipers will now disappear when released. Fix up total level bug in legendary enchant. ---- Apr 30, 16 [2154] Disallow revenge if dying player is below level 15. Raise default eqset count and brewset count to 5 each. Move 'palm' before 'party' in the main parser. Fix multideath bug in skeletal mages. From Draak: Various typo fixes. Reduce send-to-room spam of lifetap. Add a new fishing achievement. Remove knife requirements from butcher and skinning skills. Add a bunch of new fish types. Help page updates and cleanup. From Shadowfax: Add 'instances' command. Add 'harvest venom' obscure druid skill. Add 'artificer enchant' and 'legendary enchant' skills. Channel cast spells are now much harder to evade. Non-flying minions will wait until their owner exits airfall rooms, instead of spamming fall strings. Note that this also lets them fall to the bottom, if there is any. Add a viper/snake druid animal. Animals called on different planes have elemental saves and other features appropriate to their plane. ---- Apr 24, 16 [2152] A whole bunch of cleanup to mob type stuff involving which types have blood, teeth, are alive, etc. This may require mob updates and code fixes, so if you see weirdness feel free to report it. More list search fixes. Don't allow hiding lightcatchers in instances, since that can break horribly. Storage list now uses list search by default. More list/list search standardization. From Draak: Fix one of the sounds for shardstorm. Add an ending sound for sanctuary. Minor 'gather' command updates. Remove the aggro/suspicion checks on the thief 'case' skill. Bloodletting stab should now work on mobs without blood, they just won't suffer from the long term bleeding effect. ---- Apr 23, 16 [2150] Add 'credit buy restore'. You now only see if a friend advances on a leaderboard if they're in the top ten for that board. Add kxwt_idle and kxwt_longterm_idle. 'control list' now only shows one class at a time. Reduce maintain mana cost for mage greater elementals. List search -all now complains about unidentified objects. List search now fails if you use bad search keywords. List search now has a pile of error checks for bad searches. Make the behavior of 'helplast' more obvious. Minion tweaks to shadow fiends, mummies, zombies, bone guardians, flesh beasts, liveoak, ancient oak, lesser ice elementals, greater fire elementals, lesser fire elementals, greater lightning elementals, crocodiles, winter wolves, panthers, yetis, and polar bears. From Shadowfax: Minor bugfixes in list switches. Bugfix for backstabbing weapons on eqcheck. ---- Apr 17, 16 [2147] Minor string fix to entangling roots sends. Fix bug in autolevel group areas that was making mobs too powerful. From Shadowfax: Add 'composite' list switch, as a clarifier for relic, antique, epic, remarkable and exceptional composite markers. The old way of just using the marker still works. Add 'spellname' list switch, such as '+spellname ball lightning'. For grenades, potions, scrolls, spellbooks, staves and wands, this will display if the item contains the spell. For spell components, this will display if the item has an affinity for the spell. Add 'charges' list switch. Add 'permspell' list switch. From Draak: Update strings for enrage. Move the consider steal strings to the 'case' skill. Add dragonlance checks to monster lore. Various sound updates, including enrage. ---- Apr 10, 16 [2145] A bunch of DClient/MSP sound updates from Draak. Re-enable the 'ventriloquate' spell as obscure. Make dark objects in storage lockers always visible. From Shadowfax: Add list switch for consumable. Add list switch 'type', which is followed by an object type either as a single or compound term, such as 'typeweapon' or 'type weapon' (either with a space or without). Add list switch for 'quality', which is then followed by the quality type such as 'wellmade' or 'mastercraft2'. (The option of just using the quality word still exists, but this allows searching for the 'exceptional' quality.) Greatly expand the vocabulary of existing list switches. Minor string addition to objects command. Allow drinking while in watery terrain. Minor fixup to strings for various jobs. Ascend/descend leave strings for rising and falling terrain. Add level 37 thief 'evasion' skill. Make escort specp work in instances. ---- Apr 02, 16 [2143] The high-end slot machine jackpot now notifies. Set scribing improvements to the default, standard level. Make carving lightcatchers take less movement. Improve the way that lag is calculated and handled on players. This has the side effect of reducing bigroom movement lag on roads and trails from 4 to 3 slices per room. ---- Mar 27, 16 [2141] Remove some of the wear location and type restrictions from clan eq. ---- Mar 23, 16 [2138] Lots of DClient/MSP sound updates from Draak. Event handler bug fixes to drunkenness. From Shadowfax: Add optional reason string for moderator actions. Display string when you are given something while asleep. Disallow dice sends on nobrag flagged channels. Add brag/show options for score, rank, and friends. Add 'objects' command. ---- Mar 13, 16 [2137] Fix exp bug in channel casting. From Shadowfax: Add 'mobs' command. Add brag/show options for nokillsteal, room, area, allies, foes, gridle, lowhp, lowmana, lowmove, gwhere, missing, sky, sun, raining/snowing, players, mobs and objects. Disallow brag for all leaderboards at once. Adjust brag/show parsing to offer more popular options first. ---- Mar 10, 16 [2136] Increase better at odds for scroll scribing skills. Raise cleric charisma requirements one minor notch. Add anti-loot code to animate corpse spell. From Shadowfax: Add brag/show options for achievements, combat points, newbie points, explorer points, race, birthday, poisoned, thirst, hunger, sneak, recall, temperature, spent experience, lost experience and clan. Add brag/show options for noleave, defensive fighting, tanking, nosummon, nomelee, wimp, and nogroupcast settings. Add brag/show options for time, day, month, and year. Improve info displayed by brag/show hide and leaderboards. Adjust area autolevel code so that mobs scale better with group size. Add noleave flag to group display. ---- Mar 02, 16 [2135] Make the item randomizer less likely to completely clear objects. Make high quality randoms more likely. ---- Mar 01, 16 [2134] From Shadowfax: Remove custom jobs from http quest lists. Allow tailoring of treasure type objects. Add brag/show options for feats, deeds, legacies, quests, terrain, targets, areafame, weather, protector, THAC0, leader, and leaderboards. Disqualify mobs with magic resistance or that live in antimagic flagged rooms from being targets of minister tasks. Restrict jobs on the newbie islands to level appropriate players. Add jeweler random jobs. ---- Feb 28, 16 [2131] Add 'credit buy chartransfer' for securely selling characters. Various fixes to character transfer code. Add 'ofind' command for mortals. ---- Feb 25, 16 [2129] Be more clear about how donated equipment doesn't help with conversions. From Shadowfax: 'Tailoring' skill added. Tailoring option added to 'carve runes'. Mobs can cross into instances if they are charmed or following a player. Charmed and controlled mobs should now be properly released on player logout. ---- Feb 15, 16 [2127] Fix ward good and evil so they can be properly recast. Lifetap now won't start if your mana is already almost full. Try to fix group rejoin to disallow rejoin into clan areas. This may have introduced new bugs in both rejoin and group summon. ---- Feb 14, 16 [2126] Group members will now automatically stand when the group retreats. Spirit totems now have a small chance to crack when they're charged. Slightly raise level on spellstaffs. Show direction to laggards when leader tries to walk but can't. Attempted fixes to noleave: if noleave is set, it will try to wake or stand sleeping and resting group members. Noleave should also work more consistently with subleaders. Keep in mind that this code is super ugly, and this might actually break other things. Cleric spell charisma requirements raised by one minor notch. Demonic potions now do more damage, and no longer have a chance to utterly annihilate the target. Reduce most of the demon summon timers. Repeated castings of ward good and evil now significantly strengthen the warding. Mobs can no longer use the 'enchant' command. Detect magic, when cast on a room, will now show strings for various room-based spell effects. ---- Feb 06, 16 [2124] From Shadowfax: 'Wear all' will ignore autoremove with respect to held, wielded, and shield items. Add 'area autolevel' command. Mobs now ignore lightning flash if they are shadow bound or entangled. Gag jobs spam at shopkeepers. Adjustments made to autolevel code. Relevelling calculations will not only take group size into account, but the average group level, as well. ---- Jan 23, 16 [2121] Disable voting reminders. Add parser alias for 'llook'. Add new 'helplast' command. Don't allow riposte to be in the same combo twice. Minor improvements to bot detector to reduce certain types of false detects. From Shadowfax: Disallow bound objects from being placed in clan storage. Add 'group rejoin' command. Add 'library random' command. Minor changes to look direction strings. Donated items no longer qualify as oblations. Soulstones and money can be sacrificed for oblate jobs. Remove jobs from 'quest all' list. Add 'still air' to credit buy spellup. Fix bug allowing players who worship no god to accept tasks from any priest. ---- Jan 12, 16 [2120] Improvements to ground strike, making it easier to succeed. Make ward good, ward evil, and bind alignment obscure, since they have only rare/niche use. Setting up mob quest arenas that are too restrictive to give the quest will now send a warning to people joining or respawning in the arena. Raise cleric charisma requirements one notch. Spells below level 21 cleric are at their final values, and high level spells are now only two notches below the final goal. ---- Jan 04, 16 [2117] Fix allow list bug with mob arena quests. Prevent both jab and ground strike from being in a single combat tactic. From Shadowfax: Landmarks now display on where commands. Disqualify clan rooms from pilgrimages. Priests will no longer give out seeker tasks on the newbie islands. There just isn't enough equipment there to properly construct them. When multiple jobgivers are in one room at once, all of their offered jobs will be displayed. Fix crash bug in undead hunter jobs. ---- Jan 01, 16 [2115] More ignore command cleanup. ---- Dec 31, 15 [2112] You now need to have a verified account to create new channels. New channels are created by default in 'require account' mode. Ignore is now account based by default. Also update help page. Ignore now works against players below world builder level (107). Remove the 'ignore gods' option. Generally improve ignore commands. Channel bans are now account bans by default. Channel owners can now be account based, but this only works with a very small number of owner commands, and old owners are single character only. From Shadowfax: Silence job failure strings on 'jobs find' command. Add acceptance and completion strings for seeker task. Display correct area locations for missionary and minister tasks. Display probable area location for the targets of hunter jobs. Disqualify cities from being the destinations of pilgrimages. Priest tasks no longer display on job commands if you no longer worship the taskmaster's god. Lower cost of almoner tasks. Raise maximum favor for non-clerics. Raise amount of favor gained by completing priest tasks. ---- Dec 29, 15 [2111] Fix bug with god favor wrapping negative. Don't allow knockback twice in the same tactics combo. Add 'chat' group keyword. Make ground strike a little easier to use in combos. Make breathsave reduce target lag on druid wind spells. Totem carving is no longer required to use the generic carve command. Some changes to the way boat maps are built, so you might be able to sail closer to land in some areas. Shouldn't affect anything beyond that. ---- Dec 26, 15 [2109] Minor improvements to general 'check' command. Minor improvements to cleric 'check' command. Display combat tactics sorted by length. Add new level 28 warrior skill 'improvise tactic'. Add level 31 obscure warrior skill 'sunder'. Add new level 37 warrior skill 'create tactic'. From Shadowfax: Fix logic bug in rainbow code. Have autoremove switch out two-handed weapons and shields with their one-handed counterparts and vice versa. Prevent jobs from interfering with a mob's item trading and creating procedures. Validate pilgrimages to instanced areas. Add oblate, missionary, minister and seeker priest tasks. Fix priest job randomizer. Minor updates to job and task displays. Maximum god favor per player and the way favor is displayed has been changed. Even though your favor increases, the amount of favor that is displayed might not. It also takes increasingly longer to increase your favor as it gets higher. This is the first set of updates needed for the level 37 cleric skill and spell update. ---- Dec 24, 15 [2108] Add new level 21 warrior skill 'ground strike'. Add new level 16 warrior skill 'attract'. Raise warrior skill 'dragon lore' from level 16 to level 18. The warrior skill 'roar' is now dependent on 'attract'. Protectors will no longer be effective if berserking. Add 'credit buy comboreset'. Fix bug in new character name checker that was locking out certain names for no good reason. Enraged mobs will no longer telepathically inform their targets when they stop being enraged. Combo attack patterns are now created with taunt, knockback, and ground strike included in them. The way the advanced tactics are created has also changed - there are more of each category, but they're in general shorter. We'll be adding a way to reset your combo attack scheme in the near future, so don't panic. ---- Dec 23, 15 [2106] Add new level 24 warrior skill 'enrage'. Taunt can now be used in combat. Updates to morale, including morale display on look and sends when enemy morale is recovering. The Mush-Z developers have released a new update! Make sure to thank the volunteers who work on it for their effort. The warrior skill 'protect' now works on a bunch of different types of incidental hits and some specp targetting. ---- Dec 21, 15 [2105] Increase exp on mage scroll scribing. More internal reworks to mob memory. Prevent splitting of crystal coated items. Cleanup and changes to the way incidental hits are handled, in prep for various warrior skill updates. The internal combat code has needed cleanup for a while, so expect weirdness until we get things under control. Druid spellstaffs now create without the druid class flag by default. You can create them with the flag by adding the 'druidonly' flag on staff create. See help page. From Shadowfax: Can't pickpocket random objects if they are too large. Bloodmist demons send a different string when withdrawing due to target's low hp than when they otherwise die. ---- Dec 14, 15 [2103] Make the necromancer 'possession' spell obscure. Make crystalline mob types resistant to slashing weapons. Fix up the exp conversion bug for the thief skill change on the 13th. Infrastructure changes to mob memory. If you see obvious brokenness, please report it. From Shadowfax: Confused plural mobs have a chance of fighting amongst themselves. 'Tasks' command aliased to 'jobs'. Add sector options for 'feats' and 'deeds' commands. See updated help pages for 'feats', 'deeds' and 'legacies'. Option to find jobs by type added. The first priest tasks have been added: the almoner task and the pilgrim task. Ability to convert via priest removed. ---- Dec 13, 15 [2102] Switch thief shadow bind, shadow strike, reduce antidote, and cloak of fear to use modern exp handling functions, instead of crap custom code. Expect differences to exp and a few rounds of rebalancing after we collect data on the new exp distribution. After discussions on the bovine channel, a new level/exp policy has been decided regarding the maximum exp to level, practice costs, and caps. The details of the change are roughly: - The normal exp cap is now limited to 250k exp. Since the maximum level cost is limited, the exp cap should also be limited. - The maximum practice cost has been reduced to 16 million. This should help slightly encourage people to buy practices with experience instead of levels. - The maximum level cost has been reduced to 1.8 billion, and will be split into 30 microlevels of 60 million experience each. This new design should help clean up some long term balance issues and allow us to add higher levels without having to rework the setup every time. We hope. ---- Dec 11, 15 [2101] Shadow asylum is now less tolerant of players hiding in containers. Fix spellcast ordering of infravision. Cleanup to cast fail strings for tinctures and salves. More strongly restrict source and destination for summon spell. The mage 'summon' spell is now obscure. Level 37 is now available! As a side effect of this, the maximum exp cost per level is now 36 microlevels at 56 million, instead of 31 at 49 million. Add level 37 mage skill 'crystal elemental'. Add level 37 mage skill 'greater lightning elemental'. Add level 37 druid spell 'ancient oak'. Add level 37 druid skill 'spirit totem'. ---- Dec 09, 15 [2099] Cut charge cooldown in half. Successful cry of victory now clears charge cooldown. Sanctuary now comes before sandstorm in spell parse order. From Shadowfax: There is now a slight delay after completing any quest before associated achievements are checked. The autocalculated level of quests are being replaced with the level of the area to which they are native in various displays. The earthquake spell does extra damage to earth type creatures. ---- Dec 08, 15 [2097] Lower credit cost of weightless merge and split. Add 30 second cooldown for warrior charge. Split a soulbind spellgroup out of the necromancer spiritlore group. Add level 17 druid salve 'insect repellent'. Add level 30 druid spell 'thorn armor'. Add obscure level 32 druid skill 'call yeti'. Add level 33 druid salve 'sunscreen'. Add level 34 druid spell 'sandstorm'. ---- Dec 04, 15 [2094] Various fixes to scroll scribing. Move lance command before land in main parser. ---- Dec 03, 15 [2093] Split druid carving and runes into two separate skill groups. Various exp tweaks to thief steal skills. Fix some display bugs in clan storage. Mage skill 'spell lore' has been lowered from level 28 to level 26. Mage skill 'crystal focusing' has been lowered from level 35 to level 31. Add level 28 mage skill 'scribe scroll'. Add level 33 mage skill 'scroll chaining'. Add level 35 mage skill 'greater fire elemental'. ---- Nov 28, 15 [2090] Clean up to acorn gathering, so it's no longer dependent on foraging. Skyfall now requires more starlight. Lightcatchers now have a chance to break when used. Cracked lightcatchers can't be recharged, and will self destruct when empty. Druid spellstaffs have a chance to shatter when recharged. From Shadowfax: Priests can no longer be the recipients of delivery jobs. Prevent players from carrying other players through portals leading to single player instances. Ignore account should now work on players that are logged off. ---- Nov 27, 15 [2089] Increase the number of explorer points per area. Lower some of the mana costs on mage elementals. Sundrinker and regeneration now help against temporary light blindness. Minor changes to dirt/dust blindness. Add exp to druid call animal and call squirrel. Clearskin now gets rid of noxious cloud. Sundrinker now helps moderate damage from sunlight based spells. Lower 'cover scent' salve from level 32 to level 31 druid. Try to fix up some of the string sends for drink/quaff. The 'use' command now lets you apply salves and tinctures to called animals. ---- Nov 26, 15 [2088] Make mage lesser elementals a little cheaper in terms of both mana and control points. Lower level of 'ice focusing' from 26 mage to 25 mage. Various skill/spell PK balancing fixes. Disable PFE in PK. Changes to the way 'you are blinded by the light' temporary blindness. Dexterity can now help you against this kind of blindness, and having infravision up makes it worse. ---- Nov 17, 15 [2086] The '#' character no longer sends to the currently connected channel. Defaulting on an auction bid now reveals your identity. Fix mob recall bug in group teleport. Moderator bans from auction now stop you from starting auctions. Add 'av checkauction' and 'av endauction' avatar commands. ---- Nov 07, 15 [2084] Improve the channel apostrophe spam filter. Minor changes to swear filters. Minor changes to time parsing and handling. Improve handling of non-standard exit names. Allow a few more warrior skills while defensive fighting. When a money market offer is filled, the gold you receive will now go into your bank account instead of onto your character. ---- Nov 05, 15 [2081] Add administrative lock/unlock of entire accounts. Raise restart level limit to 105 total. Fix experience from various ranger skills. ---- Nov 03, 15 [2078] Raise chr requirements one more notch for cleric. Fix a 'fast recall' bug for certain types of mob recall. Reduce false positives on remote control bot detector. Allow two handed shields to have +2 cast/skill level. Containers that were carved over composite will be reverted to more normal stats in the next few weeks. From Shadowfax: Delivery jobs now have a broader range of possible targets. Tweak custom job menu display. Custom job completions no longer display on event log (just friend logs for now). Raise number of lines displayed by event log. ---- Oct 24, 15 [2075] Tweaks to cure spells to make the low level versions more mana efficient. Exp tweaks for butcher, skinning, and fishing. From Shadowfax: Add rainbows to weather. Various minor job fixes. Try to improve whirlwind use in combo attacks. Give skyfall a small chance to summon meteors. Show some nearby jobs on 'where' command. Add a handful of god related jobs/specps. ---- Oct 07, 15 [2074] Clans no longer have private rosters by default. Show name of auction bidders who log off. Raise cleric charisma requirements one more notch. From Shadowfax: Goblin hunter job fixes. ---- Sep 26, 15 [2073] From Shadowfax: Various job fixes. Clay man now requires nearby dirt/dust to create. Metal constructs can now be made from metal terrain types without additional resources. ---- Sep 19, 15 [2072] From Shadowfax: Even more minor job fixes. ---- Sep 16, 15 [2071] From Shadowfax: Fix various bugs in jobs. ---- Sep 13, 15 [2070] Add area level warnings when teleporting. ---- Sep 12, 15 [2067] Minor update to email reply help text. Changes to mob feared/charmed recall. May be broken. Reminder - what happens on the avatar channel stays on the avatar channel. Don't leak information. From Shadowfax: Various job cleanup and improvements. Add list search support for object composition and mastercraft level. Add 'job display' command. Make meteor showers more likely. Improvements to make it easier to use whirlwind in combo attacks. ---- Aug 23, 15 [2066] Exp tweaks to cleric and druid skills. Druid spellstaff now carves with +1 druid cast level. Fix shardstorm/poison cloud targetting issue. Add loot/sac prevention on blood sacrifice, harvest, and salvage. Work on the gold offset controller. ---- Aug 09, 15 [2063] Add area level warning when leaving boats. Minor cleanup to total level requirements on identify. Infrastructure cleanup to delayed-effect spells choking cloud, poison cloud, and shardstorm. Tweaks and improvements to crystal coat dispel. The default crystal shield now has cast level instead of absorb magic. Raise chr requirements one more notch for cleric. ---- Aug 06, 15 [2062] Make clan storage stay timed in longer. From Shadowfax: Various job updates. ---- Jul 29, 15 [2061] From Shadowfax: Remove entries that were duplicates or from unopened areas from mortal version of 'job find'. 'Show jobs' command now displays random and custom job totals. 'Quest list' and 'job list' now invoke one another where appropriate. Custom jobs now fall off of 'job find' and 'job list' after having been accepted. Other minor updates to various jobs' displays. ---- Jul 26, 15 [2058] From Shadowfax: Code added to support custom jobs. 'Job list' and 'job find' will display such jobs. Custom jobs count toward the jobs leaderboard and achievements. More job kinds added, including Hunter and Delivery types. Improved 'quest replay' format. ---- Jul 22, 15 [2056] Fix crash bug in haven. ---- Jul 07, 15 [2054] Minor intro screen fixes. The 'config' command now aliases to 'set'. Lock out multiple clicks on final credit card submit web page. ---- Jun 29, 15 [2053] Boat edge of the world is a little farther out now. ---- Jun 25, 15 [2051] From Shadowfax: Force random objects can no longer trigger unique item achievements. Disallow weak account passwords when using 'account password reset'. Faqs and rules should now be available through the help command. Minor improvements to intro screens. Add stronger url checks to 'set url'. Cleric spell charisma requirements raised from 15 to 16 for mid level spells. Druid runes should now have a higher chance of more than +1 for hp and movement, and a lower chance of getting luck. Fame cost per level raised from 20 to 21. We'll probably be raising it one step at a time over the next few years to compensate for the huge amounts of new fame that have been added to the game. Fix obscure bug that allowed clan bonus to be applied repeatedly to some characters. ---- Jun 16, 15 [2049] Minor event code fixes. Dragon teeth should be available on drakes now. ---- Jun 15, 15 [2047] Fix broken quest code allowing forest quests to be done out of order. ---- Jun 13, 15 [2044] From Shadowfax: Create water now puts out fireweb and helps heal water weirds. ---- Jun 09, 15 [2041] Make 'hold undead' a bit more powerful. Coyotes can no longer trip things. Group areas now always send a warning when entering them. ---- Jun 01, 15 [2039] The number of demons produced by bloodmist should be more consistent now. Players in the temple in Ralnoth should show up on where again. Spell 'squeaky floors' raised from level 16 to level 19 druid. Spell 'squeaky floors' is now obscure. Skill 'mudwalker' lowered from level 19 to level 16 druid. ---- May 31, 15 [2037] Reduce timer on arena corpses to make them time out faster. Raise mid-level cleric charisma casting requirements one notch. Send newbie hints to use the 'check' command after leveling. Raise up the amount of gold on mob corpses. ---- May 27, 15 [2036] Practices now show up every third microlevel again, instead of at random. Internal changes to support future clients. ---- May 25, 15 [2035] Fix wind bugs in weather code. Minor but necessary server email fixes. Filesystem load/save improvements. ---- May 21, 15 [2033] Add kxwt strings for item identify start and end. ---- May 20, 15 [2030] Change name of 'northern continent' to 'Ramanek'. Update help text for 'credit buy clan'. Searching without skill now has a chance to succeed on hidden exits. Allow 'set url' to accept https urls by default. ---- May 15, 15 [2028] From Shadowfax: Improve damage strings for mobs that don't have blood. Add a 'friend nopost' option to disable seeing friend posts. When an address gets temporarily blocked for password spamming, display a warning message instead of silently locking people out. Change alignment offsets so they allow more slop, are less variable, and don't react quite as violently as before. ---- May 10, 15 [2025] Various minor typo fixes and cleanup. Tap now has a longer usage lag. Raise gold on thief steal. Add help page for months. Reduce exp when spamming carve runes. Fix receipt bug when players not in accounts purchase credits. Starcatchers now have an extra hour in the morning before they need to be retrieved. The charge time hasn't been lengthened, just the when they start to lose light. ---- May 07, 15 [2023] From Shadowfax: Add rare rainbows and meteor showers. Add 'credit buy spellup'. Fix infinite liveoak bug with empty lightcatchers. Allow druid carving on a handful of druid and necro created items. Carved runes now show up on auction and identify. Raise cleric charisma floor from 13 to 14, and raise general required charisma by one point. ---- May 02, 15 [2021] Lower ac on shambling bone men. Prevent carving runes on things like crystal shields and spellstaffs. More area map improvements. Cleaner display of area names, colors for certain terrains, different ocean edge handling, better river alignment, and other minor stuff. ---- May 01, 15 [2019] Various improvements to world map generator. ---- Apr 27, 15 [2018] Add some data collection code for large group mob exp. Exp tweaks for large mob group exp. ---- Apr 26, 15 [2016] Get the 'legacy event quest' achievements working properly. Also fix bug counting invisible/nodisplay quests toward leaderboard totals. As a result, everyone's leaderboard numbers will be lower. Fix bugs in legacy and other quest achievement setup. If you're quest locked, training a practice will allow your quest achievements to complete. ---- Apr 25, 15 [2014] From Shadowfax: Add achievements for deeds, feats, and legacy quests. Constitution now has an impact on cry of victory. Blood rage is now improved by high constitution. Add a 'set dbd' option to disable dragonbreath defense. On the area list, sort group areas by group size before sorting by level. Group areas now allow larger groups before hitting the group size cutoff. ---- Apr 22, 15 [2011] More event quest infrastructure. Thwack control minion exp if used in quick succession. ---- Apr 21, 15 [2009] Infuse element should now be mana cheaper, have more effect per level of the spell components used, and can boost resistances higher. You can no longer steal gold directly from shopkeepers. Display recommended group sizes for areas on area listings. ---- Apr 19, 15 [2007] From Shadowfax: Call animal now considers various terrains in city flagged zones to be a 'park' terrain type. Parks have different animal types available. Fix multi-drown bug in drowning code. Increase bonuses for holding the clan defender trophy. Free spirits can now use the sneak command to move, for compatibility with client autosneak. Turn undead damage now takes into account cleric cast level. Add a few more things to varset. Even more simplification and cleanup of the mob death exp code. Group areas now have a recommended player count. We'll be gradually updating areas to have more sane numbers in the future. Obsolete/deprecate elemental lore. We'll reuse the vnum in the future for a new low level spell or skill. ---- Apr 14, 15 [2005] Add some gust strings to extreme spam filter. Variables surrounded by () will now expand empty. See updated help pages. Add hp/mana/move to varset. Fix pk bug in charm. Add a bunch of things to varset. Fix bug in mob exp code that was giving aggro/wander flags more weight than it should. Mob exp for aggros will likely change a lot this boot, and we'll be recalibrating the exp code over the next couple of weeks to fix issues, so don't panic. This is part of recent scaling work to straighten out mob/area exp at mid and high levels, and allow a more sane expansion past level 36. ---- Apr 09, 15 [2003] Show possible area name for newbie island jobs. ---- Apr 08, 15 [2002] Terrain command no longer has priority over tell command. ---- Apr 07, 15 [2000] From Shadowfax: Initial support for bribe-based quest advance. Thief shadow walk can no longer create empty instances. Add a 'terrain' command. Shut off half stats and limit stats in mob arenas. A lot of the less-used druid minions should now be a bit more effective in battle. ---- Mar 31, 15 [1998] Raise cleric charisma stat floor from 12 to 13. Reduce minimum money market gold purchase from 10k to 100 gold. Tweaks to mage crystal spear and shards spells. Add exp to a few skills which didn't have it before. Tweak up skill exp for a handful of thief skills. Dramatically change the exp cap in the mid level range. Exp caps below 40 total levels and in the 80-100 total level range are a bit lower now, while exp caps in the total 50-80 range are quite a bit higher. This should help reduce the leveling stalls in leveling commonly encountered in the primary level 20-25 range. ---- Mar 26, 15 [1995] From Shadowfax: Reduce pick lock spam. Allow preservation of food, herbs, and spell components. Add 'quest completed' command. Add initial 'quest chain' command. Display open event quests via the 'event' command. Reduce abnormally long casting lag on diffraction. Increase channel replay from 150 to 250 lines. Add 'show carried' and 'show inventory'. Changes to the distribution of corpse sacrifice gold. Sort the variable list alphabetically. All characters start at age 18 now, to reduce repeated restarts for age. Add quest and account/restart information to avatar 'whereis' command. ---- Mar 18, 15 [1991] Raise up practice costs on some obscure spells, since they're optional. Lots of http interface infrastructure changes. This affects the way that login session and donation transactions are handled, as well a number of other things involving the web interface. Unless you know what to look for, or unless the new code breaks, you shouldn't notice changes. ---- Mar 14, 15 [1989] From Shadowfax: Add leaderboards for feats and legacy quests. As with all leaderboard changes, these may take up to a month to stabilize. Add a 'quest replay' feature for quests you've already done. Add feats/deeds/legacy commands. Add finger options for feats/deeds/legacy quests. Lower movement cost of whirlwind. Make minimum movement needed to berserk dependent on warrior level, so high level players can't go negative if they're low to start with. Make strength and dex bonuses on combos less likely (other bonuses will now be more likely.) ---- Mar 13, 15 [1986] Rework default help pages and help sections. You can now report bots that are not in the same room as you. Properly limit the information that shows up on clan help pages. Shut off the message of the day screen at login. Shut off help browser on login menu. Shut off long desc editor on login menu. Demon identify in instanced areas should now work a little better. Fame display should now work in instanced areas. Change wording of default 'alignment' command message, and add extra warnings for new players. ---- Mar 12, 15 [1983] From Shadowfax: The help command now attempts to look for matching clans if it can't find any other results. More incremental updates toward the quest/deed/legacy/feat split. ---- Mar 09, 15 [1981] Updates and improvements to main web site at Damage of 'fury of the heavens' cut by 40%. Minor name selection cleanup in new character create. Explorer points can no longer be obtained in any area level 8 or lower. Display of explorer points at low levels should also be less confusing. Cleric charisma changes: mid level spells and skills in the level 6 to level 17 range now have a minimum chr requirement of 12 instead of 11. Practice gains for microlevels are now random, instead of exactly every three levels. There is also a chance to get two practices instead of one. ---- Mar 04, 15 [1979] From Shadowfax: Add new level 16 mage obscure spell 'diffraction'. Fix bug allowing earth walls to have movement. Don't allow lightcatchers to be placed in clan areas. Don't allow lightcatchers to be hidden or retrieved if multiplaying. ---- Mar 03, 15 [1977] Minor string changes for skyfall spell. New players now have autoenter enabled by default. Cleric spellcasting charisma requirements have been increased by one point. Various minor typo cleanups. Make reporting of necromancer freak soulsteals a little more lenient. Allow druid totems to be a bit more powerful. Reduce AC on shambling bone man to put it on par with ice elementals. Require verified email addresses at level 15 instead of level 20. Try to turn off TODO on quest list if a quest is exclusive with another. Change item uuids so that most of them will avoid the eloquence filters. This only affects newly created items. ---- Feb 12, 15 [1975] Web login sessions now save across boots, and last for 180 days by default. Add additional help text for common spell/skill command typos. Add 'reinforce armor' enchanting skill at level 31 warrior. From Shadowfax: Disallow quit while deathly sleeping. ---- Feb 08, 15 [1972] Fix minor bugs in druid 'check' command. Various minor help page updates. Liveoaks now tank by default instead of assist. Sunblind and release sunlight should be more forgiving to nearby players. Make shadow blades a bit more powerful when thrown. Fix unarmed combat not adjusting when using warrior skill level. Increase area covered by control weather. It is now possible to empty potions. Doing so destroys them and does not leave behind an empty container. Tincture changes: Sundrinker and trollsblut are now more powerful. Venomstop, gills, hawkeye, and clearskin are now one practice each. Defoliate now makes short work of vampiric vines, poison ivy, and entangling roots. ---- Feb 02, 15 [1969] Add color to spell display for spells about to expire. Lower the practice requirements for spellstaff to allow it to be usable with only two practices spent. ---- Jan 26, 15 [1966] From Shadowfax: Allow lock picking even if you don't know the skill. Lower cost of eqsets to 250 credits each. Tweaks to group join/summon timers. Fix bad string in resurrect spell. Mud-sent clantell messages no longer show up if you have clantell off. Disallow fury of the heavens in pk arenas. Fury of the heavens damage at low starlight levels is now proportionally less than it would be at higher levels. Two starcatchers with 500 starlight each will do less damage than one with a fill level of 1000. ---- Jan 20, 15 [1963] Fix minor replay bug in avatar channel. Add more filtering to extreme spamflags. Disable 'cant kill minions' warnings when using area turn undead. Add convenience command 'event post' for sending to event channel. When carving lightcatchers, take the worse of petroglyph or the specific skill level for determining shatter/failure of the catcher. It was never intended to be easy to carve very high level lightcatchers. ---- Jan 13, 15 [1960] From Shadowfax: Allow minions to consume butchered meat and fish. Add a short delay when being underwater before starting to drown. String changes for curse ward. Display 'left behind' messages for retreat in the most common cases. String cleanup when using wands and scrolls on yourself. Add channel prefix to avatar channel. Reduce better at rates for store power. Various minor tweaks to bot detector. Clean up some bugs allowing combat with unkillable mobs. Add spam thwack to friend post. Tweak various druid minion stats based on how they're used. Notake spellbooks can now be memorized while on the ground, and will not be destroyed. This lets builders scribe spells on walls or anchor spellbooks to a location. Druid rune carving will now try a lot harder to put down an effect before giving up. If it doesn't succeed after a half dozen tries, it probably never will. Change channel casting exp: initial amount is lower, but it dents to a higher final value. ---- Jan 06, 15 [1956] Fix crash bug in 'farsee' spell. Poisons applied to weapons now last longer and are stronger. Held/used/worn commands are now hide safe. Costs to run player shops reduced. Slightly raise damage for weapon throw skill. Raise number of outstanding suncatchers from 6 to 9. Add level 24 necromancer spell, 'soulshatter'. ---- Jan 02, 15 [1955] Fix experience bug in druid 'carve totem'. ---- Dec 31, 14 [1953] More weather/overcast updates. Raise warrior 'taunt' skill from level 6 to level 9. Upgrade warrior 'flank attack' skill. Add exp to warrior 'rally' skill. Raise druid salve 'cover scent' from level 31 to level 32. Add level 27 cleric curse 'revocation'. Add level 24 cleric skill 'cursebreaker' for removing curses on items. Change stupid exp calculations for withdraw, berserk, and blood rage. The exp on these skills will probably have to be rebalanced in coming months as a result. ---- Dec 29, 14 [1951] Changes from Shadowfax: Updates and additions to check command - check cleric, thief, and druid. Fix parsing bug in 'drop all.item'. Raise cleric charisma limit requirement by one point. The next increment is scheduled for around Feb 01, 2015. ---- Dec 27, 14 [1950] Tweaks to hitpoints on a few necromancer minions. Dragonbreath defense now works with worn shields. Help page updated. Display if you're the current bid winner on the auction 'bid' command. Tweaks to weather to hopefully make it a little less overcast in general. Raise level of warrior skill 'unarmed combat' from level 12 to 13. Add new level 12 warrior skill, 'knockback'. Tinctures can now be brewed with only one herb, and no other ingredients. Salves can now be brewed with only two herbs, and no other ingredients. The 'withdraw' command now has a different action when tanking: if your groups contains multiple tanks, one tank may withdraw to hand off the attacker to other tanks in the group. It is not possible to perform a thief withdraw while using the warrior tanking skill. More fixes and tweaks to druid poison mushroom. The ripe mushrooms should be lower level now, but will pack more of a kick. ---- Dec 26, 14 [1948] Add appropriate lag to 'call squirrel'. Raise soulforge exp, and make it somewhat dependent on stone level. Various updates to poison mushroom. Don't display auction bidder names. This makes auctions anonymous again. Reduce mana drain for water weirds and shambling mounds. Raise hitpoints of a few druid minions - bears, moose, water weird. Call thunder can now knock down fighting characters when it hits. Riposte can trigger on shield block, and should be easier to land now. The druid 'spook' skill is no longer required for other skills in the animal skilltree, and has been marked obscure. This was an unexpectedly difficult skill to make useful, and this change reflects that. ---- Dec 25, 14 [1946] Allow 'thunder seeds' to use an acorn instead, if no seeds are available. Add level 10 druid skill, 'call squirrel'. Add level 13 druid spell, 'deadoak'. Add help page on item enchanting. The druid 'liveoak' spell is now dependent on deadoak, and is part of the druid 'plant lore' skill tree. ---- Dec 24, 14 [1944] Fix weight bug in new grenade component autosplit code. Don't idle time out players in mob arenas. Add client information to avatar 'whereis' command. Improve syntax and do other cleanup on the new 'carve weapon' skill. Raise hitpoints on druid called porcupines. Reduce delay when calling animals. Add swarms of bats and swarms of rats to the druid 'call animal' skill. ---- Dec 23, 14 [1943] Increase the number of allowed lines in long descriptions. Add new 'shield block' effect for items. Summon demon power now takes a lot less hp to use. Autosplit to one pound spell components when putting them in grenades. Make it a little easier to tell when druid totems are finished. Make it a little easier to tell when druid carving is at its limit. Add cast level to cleric holy weapons. Parry now only requires 4 practices to learn. Parry is now bypassed by spit and blast damage types. Add new warrior 'shield block' skill, and modify the way parry works. Parry's defensiveness was effectively split in half, with different weapon/shield combinations having different block and parry behaviour. See the help page for details. ---- Dec 22, 14 [1940] Display help page wis/chr requirements for skills, if applicable. Add cast level to cleric spirit hammers. Revert yesterday's permspell change due to unanticipated issues. Add a token amount of exp for soulforging. Add new level 6 druid skill, 'carve weapon'. ---- Dec 21, 14 [1937] Display login warning for accounts with broken email addresses. Add 'gather staff' to allow gathering of wood to make druid spellstaffs. Raise the number of charges that can be stored in spellstaffs. Improve the gold conversion rate for 'credit buy reforge'. Shut off farsee in closed areas. Limit noxious cloud charisma effect to -5 points. Add level 25 druid tincture, 'trollsblut'. Turn undead now has wisdom and charisma requirements. Raise duration on a few tinctures. Change the composite limits for rune carving to make them simpler to calculate. Probably an overall increase. Add new level 10 skill, 'firebrand', for carving (burning runes onto) leather and hides. Lower 'call waterborn' from level 32 to level 21 druid and make it dependent on animal lore instead of animal magnetism. Add a 'whereis' command for moderators and avatars to pull up information on new players. This is intended to make it easier to help new players. It is limited to players below level 20 that are on the newbie islands. Permspell items can now only override cast spells up to 2/3 the permspell level, instead of up to the same level. Add a few more warning strings when your charisma is near the aggression limit of a mob. Also taper down the rate as your charisma increases. ---- Dec 19, 14 [1934] Shut off 'intermud tells' warning on login. Change and lower gold costs for most of the 'enchant' skills. Lower necromancer 'soulbind' skill from level 35 to level 32. Add the 'lighteater' skill for necromancers. This is an 'enchant' ritual which can be used to remove light and glow flags from items. Add the 'silence' skill for necromancers. This is an 'enchant' ritual which can be used to remove hum flags from items. Add the 'disenchant' skill for necromancers. This is an 'enchant' ritual which can be used to remove magical effects from items. Instead of gold being left behind in corpses, the game now takes 20% of your gold when you die. There is a hard limit of 100k gold if you happen to be carrying a lot of it. Soulbind now only gives castlevel to bone armor if a purple or better soulstone is used. ---- Dec 18, 14 [1931] Lower the mandatory 'account verify' limit from level 25 to level 20. Don't allow donating of plane-bound items. Improve 'summon demon lockinfo'. Add new level 31 necromancer skill, 'demonic wardbreaker'. ---- Dec 10, 14 [1929] Add MSP sound for advent gifts. Tweak cleric stat caps for wis and chr to allow easier casting of hallowed. ---- Dec 03, 14 [1928] Tweaks and bugfixes to new cleric charisma casting code. Strengthen mage fire and lightning elementals a bit. Fix bug where freak soulsteal wouldn't increment stone counters. There is no longer an int requirement for cleric spells. Add 'credit buy statswap'. The stat max for cleric has been changed from 36 wis to 34 wis and 32 charisma. Lower cleric spellcasting charisma requirement from 10 points below wisdom to 13 points below wisdom. This lowers the highest charisma cleric spell, 'hallowed ground', to 21 charisma, and lowers most other cleric spells to 18 charisma or less. ---- Dec 02, 14 [1926] Display intelligence and wisdom on mob arena caster classes. Display mob groups which can grant deeds on pk arena list. Allow picking of pk arena mobs by name, as well as number. String formatting changes for bone dragon. Prevent selling of soulstones to shopkeepers. Fix bug in dispel/undo of possession. Important change - casting cleric spells now requires charisma, in addition to intelligence and wisdom. The intelligence requirement has been lowered by 1 point, and the charisma requirement is currently very low - approximately ten points below the wisdom requirement. The charisma requirement is expected to raise by one point every few months until it is four points below the wisdom requirement. The intelligence requirement will similarly be lowered until it can be completely eliminated. ---- Nov 26, 14 [1925] Allow display of some basic mob stats when picking arena mobs. Add option to use random mobs even in non-random mob arenas. Don't allow clanwar mob arenas. Bone prison in pk arenas should now last 3-4 seconds. Mobs in mob arenas should now be able to use teeth. Winning a mob arena can now complete a quest for system events. ---- Nov 25, 14 [1922] Lower credit buy prices of brewsets and resurrect. Quest objects can no longer be eaten by corpse eater mobs. Nearby should work more reliably in unmapped rooms now. Various player shop resign/owner fixes and improvement. Cleanup to 'show event' commands and display. Add code to let players automatically teleport to event areas. Various minor mob arena cleanup and fixes. Raise low stat training costs slightly, and lower high stat training costs slightly. The end result is about the same number of practices, but it won't hit quite so hard at the high end now. ---- Nov 22, 14 [1920] Lower property values on player shops. Properly save player shops immediately after renting. Fix crash bug with arena mobs and ice imprison. ---- Nov 18, 14 [1919] Fix minor bugs in damage type, dieroll, and wield flag when switching weapons, gloves, and two handed shields. If you're on the newbie islands and use 'job find', you'll only see the jobs for that particular island. Elsewhere, you'll see all available jobs. ---- Nov 17, 14 [1918] Add debug code to try to track down screwy 'you are already affected by that spell' bug. ---- Nov 11, 14 [1917] Turn on mob arena code for mortals. Disable some automatic combat actions when mobs are possessed. The extreme spam filter will now apply minion filters to minion deaths. Explorer points now kick in a little earlier for new players. Cprefix and kprefix should now work on possessed mobs. Add the ',' operator to target creatures without targetting your self. Add a bunch of missing help pages. Most commands which require the -force flag will now also accept 'force' if it's spelled out completely and is at the end of the line. ---- Nov 09, 14 [1915] Reduce gold costs on some of the 'enchant' skills. Permspell items have been globally updated to reflect new object composite changes. A handful of things, the sanc helms in particular, are being retroactively updated. ---- Nov 07, 14 [1913] Infrastructure changes to calculation of spell duration. Some spells may have different durations as a result, and durations for a given level may vary by a few minutes between casts. ---- Nov 05, 14 [1912] Fix crash bug in 'gather' skills. Fix blizzard spell lockout bug in pk arenas. Various minor monster war pk arena fixes. ---- Oct 31, 14 [1909] Don't strip spells and minions when joining mob combat arenas. ---- Oct 30, 14 [1908] Allow mob corpse sac in arenas. Forward all channel sends from possessor to possessed character. This may have some weird side effects, but should be a lot more reliable in mob arenas. It should also help preserve replay history. ---- Oct 29, 14 [1907] Possessed mobs should now inherit infrashort mode from possessor. Allow possessed mobs in arenas to use yell. Allow possessed mobs to see channels that the possessor has turned on. Note that possessed mobs can only listen, not talk on channels. Get aliases mostly working with possessed mobs. You can use the aliases from your character while possessing, but cannot change or set new ones until you return to your body. ---- Oct 26, 14 [1906] Clear newbie point totals on character reset. Set a minimum practice cost of ten million exp. At low and mid levels, players should be leveling instead of training practices. Add the '+' operator for finding non-player-minion mobs. Possessed mobs now inherit autoexit and noprompt settings from possessor. ---- Oct 24, 14 [1904] Various minor typo fixes. Minor pk balancing. Infrastructure work on pk arena system. Allow exit of help system in intro screens via 'q'. Display remaining charges when using staffs. ---- Oct 15, 14 [1901] All lurkset areas should now display that fact on 'where'. Fix account password reset email bug. Change strings for various cleric cure spells. Reduce chance of druid carving spell resistance runes. Various minor cleanup to MSP boat stop sounds. Improvements to knock/pick keyopen handling. Prevent shadow walk from non-instance into instance. New code for level-restricted jobs on the newbie islands. Improve steal/pickpocket MSP sounds. Improve roar MSP sounds. The default account mail preferences are to allow system mail, event mail, and update summaries. Reboot mail is disabled by default, as it's likely to be pretty spammy. An initial system mail will be sent to test the system and announce this, as well as give people a link to be able to shut it off without having to log in. ---- Oct 08, 14 [1900] Porting work to move long description editor to core libraries. Adjust practice costs on various high level spells and skills. Having two classes at the same level can no longer be used to give a break on practice training costs. This means that practice cost is no longer strictly a percentage of your max microlevel cost, and can be higher in cases where classes are tied or at max level. ---- Oct 05, 14 [1897] Show a 'linkdead' tag in front of linkdead player ground strings. Fix circular goto bug with controlled minions. Add 'related quests' to quest display on web pages. More work on email preferences and mailing lists. Tweak blizzard in pk, so only one blizzard can be active in a room at a time. Also increase lag on blizzard, reduce it for control weather and open the heavens. Cross plane summon and farsee has been disabled, based on feedback from the earlier cross plane changes. ---- Oct 02, 14 [1896] Show how poisoned you are on 'show poison'. Norecall can no longer be set in personal or clan areas. Charge now takes into account poisoned weapons. Allow various druid roots spells in swamps and marshes. Display percentage full on 'gather suncatcher list'. Add a bunch of new group comment keywords. Lower the cost of bribing past most guards. Change the way the 'overall' leaderboard is calculated. Tweaks to steal gold to try to make occasional steals more worthwhile. Lower default price of eqsets to 300 credits each. Raise character restart limit to 99 total levels. Add basic email preference support to send mail to verified email addresses. When this is fully implemented, it should allow players to get mail after reboots, for server moves and outages, during system events, and for other reasons. For now, the defaults are all off, but when this goes live the low-traffic options will all be enabled by default. You'll have to turn on reboot notifications by hand, or turn off the other settings if you don't want them. Steal and pickpocket should no longer trigger memory when used on animals and creatures that have no gold. You can now see players on other planes on the who list. You should also be able to use the 'tell' command to talk to them. It may also be possible to use group summon or other commands across planes now. Note that this is an infrastructure change and as a result is quite experimental - we may need to reverse some or all of these changes based on feedback or exposed problems. ---- Sep 26, 14 [1894] Fix glitch in 'worldbuilders' message board keyword. Various minor typo fixes. Minor updates to demonfire spell strings. Add spam filtering to clan storage get/put. Reduce the 'saturation' timeout for solar lance. Reduce control weather spam. Make mobs less likely to pick up players and minions. Change the way dodge and parry effects work. Each +1 dodge and +1 parry now increases your base dodge and parry roll by about 3%, instead of adding directly to the roll. This means that a +90 dodge set will let you dodge around 4 times better than you normally would, instead of giving you ridiculous master level dodge. A handful of pk damage tweaks to reduce the power of the most commonly used spells and skills. ---- Sep 19, 14 [1893] Fix 'unable to connect' bug caused by infrastructure updates. ---- Sep 18, 14 [1890] Maybe fix bogus 'please rate this group' messages when solo. Add reminder to report group bots and leeches when joining a group. Add a 'donate oops' command. Add the keyword 'worldbuilders' for the board 'To:' message field. Lower control points of a kraken to 30. Add some sanity checks to clan eq string setting. Add first pass support for account password resets. Use fight strings in custom prompts, instead of name strings. Fix exp bug in druid control animal spell. Clean up strings and descriptions on 'credit buy bank'. Add two new called animals and two new waterborn minions: porcupines, boars, stingrays, and mantis shrimp. Verifying accounts and adding email now logs you in to the web interface. Also, if you have an account, you have to use the account password to log in on the web interface. ---- Sep 12, 14 [1888] Reverse the power and control points of druid call alligator and crocodile. Allow overconfidence to bypass curse ward on group members. Various curse code cleanup. Try to improve the 'where' command, especially in cities. Allow 'nearby' to take a search argument. Microlevel timers are now 24 hours as originally intended, but overlap by 24 hours so you won't lose time by waiting to level. This also allows you to level twice in quick succession after a break of a couple of days. In tandem with the timer change, you can now buy off 12 hours of microlevel per practice with the 'train microlevel' command. ---- Sep 08, 14 [1887] Add 'credit buy playershop' to allow opening of shops with credits. Add apes and baboons to druid 'call animal'. Various balance adjustments to druid called animals. Add 'credit buy reforge' to help set a minimum floor for money market prices. The GPC conversion rate is 500. ---- Sep 07, 14 [1885] Improve the 'your character's levels are unbalanced' warning. Allow 'combine' to work when only one item name is given. Make tinctures and salves more likely to brew something useful. Fix minor clan bonus issue when adding or removing members from a clan. Allow web page area list to display areas by sector. Add backlinks to area lists from area web pages. Add search to changelog web page. Add a new spell component, 'Tornius' Reagent', which can be used as a potion buffer without damaging the brew. Changes to hand spells, and what mobs in general are considered to have hands. Most animals now won't have hands, and some unusual creatures may end up without hands when they should have them. Please report weirdness to builders if you find any. ---- Sep 05, 14 [1884] Fix weird string bug in chimes spell. ---- Sep 04, 14 [1883] Minor dclient sound updates, including a new sound for noxious cloud. Make it a bit easier and cheaper to recharge druid spellstaffs. Druid spellstaff spell list now sorted by level. Increase exp when finding new warrior combo moves. Try to send a verify email for new characters if email address is set. Autoenter now also handles 'autoout', for leaving containers. Add an 'account required' flag for user created channels. Display some basic channel flags to ordinary users. Dramatic druid skill change: call animal is now low level, instead of level 30. This should give a lot more options to players as they level, and callable creatures should be limited based on control points. ---- Sep 03, 14 [1882] Lower the minimum exp cost for practices change from yesterday. The 'troll' druid totem no longer includes constitution. Add thief shadow usage to configurable prompts. The automap in instances will no longer save across logins. Allow split and merge of druid 'thunder seeds' components. Fix weird string bug in squeaky floors spell. Firewood and other gatherable things should now be available after reboots. Nuts and berries used for thunder seeds now automerge when collected. ---- Sep 02, 14 [1881] Fix 'spurious line feed' issue when creating new characters with ZMud. Add 'channel clear' to clean up spam in channel replay. Don't send pk kills to arena channel if they happen in a clan area. Various low level druid spell/skill cleanup and exp changes. Minimum exp costs for practices are now tied to microlevel costs. This raises practice costs substantially for high level characters, but helps future proof against future level and class expansions. Lots of skill/spell exp tweaking to try to bring up low exp classes and spread out more exp to low exp skills. ---- Aug 22, 14 [1880] Fix some minor display issues with recent microlevel time change. Overconfidence no longer fails when cast on group members. Fix release and recast bugs in continual light. Minor cleanups to notell and ignore. Add death sound when continual light balls fade. Make crystal shields just a little lighter if they're too heavy to use. Fix more bugs in mob autorecall. ---- Aug 21, 14 [1877] Give earth walls a default job on creation. Make cleric lightballs more like a minion. Add support for 'drop all.whatever'. Fix minor recall issue with minions. Mobs that scavenge will no longer pick up players by default. Put 'nearby area' links on the area web pages. Add 'related quests' links on area web pages. Display microlevel timers even if you don't have enough exp to level. ---- Aug 19, 14 [1876] More changes to reforge costs, including shutting off debug that was previously enabled. ---- Aug 18, 14 [1874] Lots of minor warrior skill exp tweaks. Pretty big rework to 'taunt room' exp. Overconfidence can now be used to mitigate fear effects, similar to valor. Earth wall now takes parsing precedence over earthquake. Display send when dust devil is used on ethereal mobs. Make long warrior combo attacks usable after fountaining. Various friends commands should now handle uppercase names properly. Change the way that mob charmed/feared and forced recall works. This is complicated code and probably has bugs in it - please report issues with mobs recalling to places that they shouldn't be. Change reforge so that the quality of repeatedly reforged items will increase slowly more often instead of having large jumps rarely. Note that the costs for reforging are also now dependent on quality and are dramatically different than before. ---- Aug 16, 14 [1873] Prevent players from setting up all pk arenas simultaneously. Fix crash bug in druid call lightning. Allow climb without knowing the skill, but with higher move cost and lag. Change precision handling for base alignment offsets. This should let them respond more quickly in the future. ---- Aug 10, 14 [1872] Port 3011 comm sockets no longer allow command parsing to bypass lag. Fix new character create/restart soundpack issue. ---- Aug 07, 14 [1871] Fix crash bug discovered by the player Lightning. ---- Aug 05, 14 [1869] Prevent spammers from being autoconnected to channels when leveling. Updates to help pages for alignment. Fix get/put all parsing bug on objects named 'book'. Show negative cast ability on 'show castability'. Druid 'call animal' and 'call waterborn' can now improve with use. Raise fame per level cost from 19.5 to 20.0 as per plan. Minor damage scaling changes to pommel strike. Bash is no longer dependent on character weight to lessen the chance of big mobs one-shotting players. Alignment change in groups should now be reduced by the size of the group. Only players that are present count toward the group size. ---- Jul 31, 14 [1868] Make the 'clan rank' show a list of rank strings. Fix get/put all parsing bug on objects named 'fire'. Shut off the 'has given a newbie gift' friend log. Reverse roundoff error change in mana calculations. Improve random object generation. Remove bogus warnings about potions not saving. Prevent adding completely bogus names to notell and ignore. ---- Jul 22, 14 [1867] Fix crash bug in druid waterborn minions. ---- Jul 04, 14 [1866] Various minor typo fixes. Email verify links are now good for seven days, instead of 24 hours. Improve 'ignore' command help text. Add 'event' keyword to group goal settings. Out-of-combat fixes to shadow decoy. String cleanup for 'censure demon'. Reduce alignment cost for 'enchant alignment'. Make it harder for weather to rain indoors. Updates to the 'report' command to allow reporting of bots and leeches. Lower lag on 'assist' command. Prevent controlled mobs from using grenades. Don't allow druid totem carving in battle. ---- Jun 13, 14 [1864] Show available clan ranks using the 'clan rank' command. Minor eloquence filter fixes. ---- Jun 12, 14 [1863] Even more socket code updates. Tweak exp dropoff when casting bone prison on self. ---- Jun 09, 14 [1862] Low level socket code updates, including some minor bug fixes. ---- Jun 05, 14 [1861] Don't notify when people register for temporary pk. Add a ton of new dclient audio from Draak. ---- May 30, 14 [1860] Only charge gold for enchants when they succeed. Updates and improvements to the eloquence filters. ---- May 28, 14 [1859] Minor newbie character creation screen cleanup. ---- May 26, 14 [1858] Alter Aeon has upgraded to a new server and changed server location. The new server is much faster and people are reporting a lot less lag than with the old one. ---- May 22, 14 [1857] Default group size is now 7 instead of 10. ---- May 20, 14 [1855] Prevent mob kills from sometimes setting noloot flags on equipment. Update help page for fame. Only change clan pk rank for clanwars that give trophies. More cleanup to bone dragon position/location strings. Damage adjustment to a bunch of skills to flatten out effects of heavy weapons. ---- Apr 30, 14 [1854] Various minor typo fixes and cleanup. Add shoreline terrain display when boating blind. Damage type hack is now considered a 'slash' damage type. Bone dragon navigate now prints nearby areas. Nearby command aliases to navigate for bone dragons and boats. Try to show nearby landing spots for bone dragons. Try to show what area bone dragons are flying over. ---- Apr 29, 14 [1852] Lower 'enchant' command gold costs. Make 'enchant' command gold costs different for different enchants. Druid lightcatchers should now be identified by default when carved. Add death count to pk arena who list and win messages. Convert cloak of darkness so it doesn't use action code. Add support for 'get all.<objecttype>' and 'put all.<objecttype>', for example 'get all.spcomp bag'. Add account based ignore. There are some holes in this, but it should cover the most common cases. Players with total levels 100 and higher will no longer show up in the 'new players' section of the who list. The 'block' command (also known as 'notell') now blocks more than just tells. It blocks follow, group join, whisper, socials, and more. See the help page for details. You can also block entire accounts, and there is an unblock command. ---- Apr 28, 14 [1850] Druid spellstaffs should now be identified by default when carved. Add 'set infrashort' to toggle infravision short mode. Infrashort mode turns on/off when changing blind mode. Leaders who tank are now eligible for the tank exp bonus. Attempt to disable nokillsteal in arenas. Turn off defend and tank mode when entering a pk arena. ---- Apr 26, 14 [1849] Raise gold reward for museum jobs. Add a 'passgen' command for generating random passwords. Add linkdead tags to account character display. WARNING - There has been a massive internal rework of the account system, splitting accounts into the beginnings of a client/server architecture that will allow Alter Aeon accounts to be used for Stellar Aeon, Interceptor, and other games. If everything has gone as planned, there should be no significant change to the account commands or how accounts work for AA players. Even though players shouldn't notice a difference, this update is huge huge from a code standpoint. Over 60 files were changed, with around five thousand lines of code added or changed. There will be bugs, and it's possible that the entire playerbase may have to be reloaded from backup. For the time being, the backup schedule will be set for about every twelve hours just in case. One of the only visible differences is that it may take a few seconds for some account changes to take effect. For example, if you add or remove an email address, it may take a few seconds before the add or remove is visible in your account. Please wait a full ten seconds for changes to propagate before reporting that your account isn't updating. With any luck, none of this will be a problem. This code was very well tested and has been considered 'stable' for a couple of days now, and we're hoping there won't be any major issues. Thanks for your patience and support! -dentin ---- Apr 16, 14 [1847] Lower dues cost for more than 20 clan rooms. Add sound for necromancer skeletal mage attacks. Change learning parse order for brew potion. Switch infravision back to showing room longs, not shorts. Add a 'groupidle' command. ---- Apr 14, 14 [1845] More audio updates from Draak, including new stuff for druids. Add druid cast level to aggressor clan trophy. Raise fame per level from 19.0 to 19.5. Druid weather spells are no longer stopped by room darken. Various additions to druid spell and skill experience. Make it a bit easier to store spells in spellstaffs. Change the 'reboot only' reset time from four days to about 1.5. Better warning messages when trying to butcher with enchanted weapons. Fix weirdness with dclient and blind mode. Change combo fail odds on feint when target is distracted. ---- Mar 31, 14 [1843] Add antimagic rooms to kxwt_nocast. Brag/show spells will now try harder to understand spell names. Fix infinite regen problem on druid water weirds. Fix mapper bug preventing boats from reaching some ports and landing spots. Minor fix for blizzard strings ending up in wrong room. Changes to the way the tank bonus is given for notank mobs. Change 'drop' command to accept multiple keywords for an item. Change 'get' command so that it's possible to get things from the ground using two keywords - for example, 'get large stone'. Note that this takes precedence over getting an item from a container - if you want to get something named 'black' from a container named 'bag' and there's an item named 'black bag' on the ground, you'll always try to pick up the item on the ground instead of getting 'black' from your container. This should be rare, but if it happens to you, remember that you can always use the 'from' keyword to force a container. For example, 'get black from bag'. Casting spells on the 'group' target will now always hit players before minions, if a player target is available. ---- Mar 22, 14 [1841] Change blind login screen to have a more generic message. Add basic support for Stellar Aeon user accounts. Add soulforge warning when trying to 'merge' soulstones. Allow 3 letter abbreviations for most door names. Allow locate and find object to always find your own items. Don't restore hp/mana/move when leveling in arenas. Add 'social' keyword to group comment keywords. Various improvements to the double exp area calculations. Add 'kxwt_action' for tracking action state. Add 'kxwt_spellup' and 'kxwt_spelldown' for tracking spells. Water weird should now survive longer out of water. Make certain newbie tips spam less often. Improve druid rune carving and enchanting, especially for low level items. Add a 'group boot' command to force booted group members to recall. Tweaks to the alignment offsets - they should now only go up to 40 instead of 50, and the long term portion will decay much more slowly. This should help keep the 'minimum' difficulty more constant, while limiting the maximum difficulty when the offset is at its upper limit. ---- Mar 13, 14 [1839] Changes to high level (total 100+) experience. Reduce experience for large groups (8+ players). Display area levels 36 and above in terms of total levels. Raise channel moderate ban times a bit. Fix bugs in new intro screen changes. Unbound items now become temporarily bound when clan restrung. Add well made/finely made/mastercraft indicators to random and reforged objects. This should help to know which items will get the most out of being reforged. Add 'effective primary level' to 'show glevel' and the 'level' command, to help high level players know what their total levels roughly translate into. ---- Mar 11, 14 [1837] Various minor typo fixes in the code. Dice command can now be used while sleeping. Add a 'kxwt_nocast' flag for nomagic rooms. Builders and gods can no longer be farseen. Minor noob parsing fixes in waypoint command. Raise healing exp for clerics. More fixes to credit transaction logging. Various minor new character create changes. Change reforge so that the 'freak' reforge bonuses are mostly kept if you reforge again. Note that this is the same bonus that shows up on freak randoms, so reforging an epic random will probably have a good chance of remaining epic for a few reforges. This should allow players to reforge more useful items. ---- Mar 09, 14 [1836] Fix bug that was mangling credit logs on accounts. A handful of accounts may now have a few missing entries in their log - this is not critical, as the information is also recorded in the global journal and archives, but if you want it recovered it can be done if necessary. ---- Mar 07, 14 [1835] Fix crash bug in boards. Raise skill experience for druids. Various tweaks to random object creation. ---- Mar 04, 14 [1834] Fix crash bug in gifting code. Limit channel names to disallow certain strings. ---- Feb 27, 14 [1832] Raise regen for necromancer flesh beasts. Microlevel timers now kick in at level 31, not level 30. Fix minor parsing bug in storage commands. Water breathing now takes casting priority over water weird. Fix more of the 'bogus' job entries for controlled minions. ---- Feb 22, 14 [1831] Fix a bunch of permission and load order problems in storage lockers. Fix default job for demon familiars. ---- Feb 21, 14 [1830] Druid called animals now default to 'assist', instead of 'tank. Druid called animals now have higher regen. Other various minor called animal tweaks. Add 'storage list containers'. Add 'storage look in <container>'. The various animals for 'call animal' and 'call waterborn' can now do different jobs, instead of being limited to strictly tanking. ---- Feb 20, 14 [1828] Minor string updates to the target of the gift command. Add a handful more achievements for brew level and perfects. Add level 30 druid skill 'call animal'. Add level 32 druid skill 'call waterborn'. Note that the two new call skills have a large number of callable creatures, and that it is extremely difficult to tune minions without play testing. Expect adjustments to all of these minions over the next few weeks as we see how they're used. ---- Feb 18, 14 [1826] Lower mana cost of area heal. Raise practice cost of various high level heal spells from 2 to 3. Minor string cleanups to 'gods' commands. Raise cleric spell 'noxious cloud' from level 15 to level 16. Cleric 'hold undead' spell no longer takes mana if cast on a bad target. Make a few cleric spells that didn't make sense to brew unbrewable. Lower mana cost of hold undead. Add level 35 druid spell 'control animal'. Add level 28 druid spell 'mesmerize animal'. Lower druid 'animal magnetism' skill from level 28 to level 23. Minor improvement to low level slist and practice messages. Fix crash bug in clan building commands. ---- Feb 16, 14 [1825] Fix minor bug in gift command. Fix crash bug in certain types of dproc. Change to death rescue percentages - the chance now continues to drop as total levels increase past 100. At total level 110, there is no chance of death rescue. ---- Feb 14, 14 [1824] Allow warrior skills to be used occasionally when defending. Fix bug in recently added defensive fighting cast ability change. Fix area name in find object. Exclude more things from locate and find if carried by a player. Add a 'groupinfo' command to get summary information quickly. Add a periodic voting reminder for top mud sites. Lower mana cost of solar lance and sunstorm. Groups now get an extra bonus: a chance of death rescue by the gods if you die in the presence of another group member. The percentage chance is based on the highest total levels in the group, with total 60 and below always being rescued, and total 100 and up having a 20% chance. This check triggers before PFD and death cards. ---- Feb 13, 14 [1822] Seller lag after auction finishes is now a timeout instead of lag. Most corpses are no longer considered fuel for fires. Autoenter now only triggers if you're standing (not resting or sleeping). Add 'afXX' alias support for Mush-Z alt fkeys. Cast ability now improves odds of spellcasting while defending. Allow poison mushrooms to be used in pk. The 'rescue' command can now be used without any training at any level with about 40% success rate. Warriors knowing the 'rescue' skill will succeed far more often. Spellstaffs of control weather should now be rechargeable. Note that the spellstaff must be in your inventory for recharging to work. Massive changes to locate and find object. Locate can now display the name of the wearer, and find prints location information. Both spells now completely ignore player worn or carried items, though both can find items in containers. This set of changes is due to Lexie. ---- Jan 30, 14 [1821] Minor kxwt improvements for Mush-Z. Fix lack of saving bug in money market. Fix mage cast level bug in 'check mage'. Fix bug preventing druids from brewing regeneration salve. Give newbie clerics cure light and cause light, move continual light to level 2. ---- Jan 30, 14 [1819] Typo cleanup. Make kick skill movement cost dependent on warrior level. Exclude various formatting characters from clan eq inventory strings. Add a check command for 'mage'. Change channel create numbering to limit name clobber attacks. Add an 'autoenter' setting to follow leaders through portals. Add experience to spook and calm animal skills. Various druid class experience updates. Make spook animal more likely to succeed. Add a small amount of experience to potion bottling. Fix remote usage bugs in spook and calm animal. ---- Jan 25, 14 [1818] Various minor typos and cleanup. Change required fame per level from 18.5 to 19.0. Change exp required to buy practices so that it only depends on total levels, not total and primary. ---- Jan 15, 14 [1816] Minor improvement to 'know territory'. Slightly reduce mana drain of mage elementals. Reduce sunlight cost of solar flare spell. Make control weather spellstaffable. Minor fixes to zombie event code. ---- Jan 14, 14 [1815] Various minor typo fixes and web page cleanup. Show cost now ignores max leveled classes. Fix strange mob duplication bug. ---- Jan 10, 14 [1813] Fix bug allowing sneak to wrap. Raise gold on jobs. Some spells, such as control weather and locate object, can now be used on staffs by giving an argument when using the staff. ---- Jan 08, 14 [1810] Improved restrictions so objects with specps can no longer be split. Add a 'time years' command for looking up AA dates versus RL years. Fix bug in 'lance check' so swords no longer show as dragonlances. Make weather spells affect weather a bit farther away. Lower dragonbreath defense lag a little bit. Allow lance check to work if you only know dragonbreath defense. Give warriors the first combo attack when they learn battle tactics. ---- Jan 04, 14 [1809] Remove annoyance cast check from bloodsac. Return 'fist of the earth' damage outside of pk to its previous level. Yell now wakes up group members again. Allow casting of overconfidence on group members. Allow remove curse of cursed equipment without restriction. Raise damage on a number of weather, air, and sunlight spells. Make it easier to change/control weather. ---- Jan 03, 14 [1807] Reduce alignment change away from neutral, if neutral is your goal. When soulbinding, who the item is bound no longer changes. Dramatically reduce target lag on 'fist of the earth'. Fix 'hiding place' bug in pk command. Fist of the earth now lags targets less and does a lot less damage. Farsee is now considered a straight up annoyance spell. Add a bunch of new achievements. Annoyance spells by default are no longer castable on group members. Invisibility, haste, and farsee are still castable on group members. Add 'brew tincture analyze' for druids. PK updates: - make backstab hit more often - lower damage on shadow strike - lower damage on leap attack - lower damage on shard storm - lower damage on chain lightning - lower damage on firefield - raise 'limit stats' for hp from 500 to 600 - improve combat tactic bonuses in arenas ---- Dec 26, 13 [1806] Allow cry of victory on weaker opponents. Make gold offset more resistant to advent gifts. Change the 'profile' command to do pfile lookups. Make noxious cloud and famine a bit easier to remove. Grandfather the blizzard spell. Only 'brew potion' requires potion lore to submit recipes. Prevent creation of random stat objects of type money. Add 'brew salve analyze' to help find salve brews. Add 'still air' and 'featherfall' to demonic favor spellup. Notell now blocks minions and charmies. Checking on the status of pk arenas should no longer unhide you. Add some tracking code to make pk easier to balance. Reorganize cleric spells to create a 'divine might' spell group. Raise 'flamestrike' to level 9. Raise 'sanctuary' to level 10. Lower 'clumsiness' to level 8. Water weirds and shambling mounds should now reliably follow when waypointing, instead of occasionally vanishing. Boats can no longer sail 'upriver'. This change may accidentally break some docks or may cause other problems with boat navigation - please report issues, so we can get them straightened out. ---- Dec 18, 13 [1805] Network stack updates to allow encryption for next version dclients. ---- Dec 16, 13 [1804] Daily jobs should no longer ask for items with short timers. Various minor typo fixes. Raise average duration of lethargy curse. Add a fail string when locate object doesn't find anything. Improve checks for filtering out annoyance character names. ---- Dec 08, 13 [1803] Various minor bug and typo fixes. Fix obscure container eating bug in eqsets. ---- Dec 06, 13 [1800] Fix crash bug in water weird. Fix up in-progress god convert and drunkeness when restarting a character. Improve autobooter to reboot properly after quick double crash. Reduce duration of bone prison when cast by player on another player. Make elemental saves on crystal coat scale properly with level. ---- Dec 05, 13 [1799] Grandfather 'ice fog' spell. Raise base damage on 'magic missile' spell. ---- Dec 02, 13 [1798] Various minor typo and bug fixes in the new Druid class. A bunch more mycomancy mushrooms added by Draak, who apparently has gone insane. ---- Nov 30, 13 [1797] The sixth class, Druid, has been enabled! Thanks to everyone who helped find bugs and gave feedback on the test port. Happy 2013! Special thanks to the testers: aaronr almaric athlon draak eldrin ganderb kroza kurek laeg lexie morpheus rhorae rowroad slej sneak spiritsinger westie victorious vokun wily xanros Reduce lag on target when bloodsaccing for someone else. If it's snowing, you're now guaranteed to be able to gather snowballs. Add 'gills' tincture. Allow 'clear thinking' to be brewed as an accidental tincture. Allow 'enhancement' to be brewed as an accidental tincture. Add 'regeneration' salve. ---- Nov 29, 13 [1795] Move 'noxious cloud' to cleric and put it under 'unusual curses'. Move 'darken' into the mage illusion spell group. Make both noxious cloud and famine harder to curse remove per level. Raise mage spell 'ice shield' from level 12 to level 13. Lower mage spell 'lightning bolt' from level 19 to level 18. Raise mage spell 'detect magic' from level 10 to level 12. Raise mage skill 'enchant weapon speed' from level 23 to level 25. Lower mage spell 'infravision' from level 11 to level 9. Raise mage skill 'fire focusing' from level 18 to level 19. Raise cleric curse 'despair' from level 30 to level 31. Raise cleric spell 'detect evil' from level 8 to level 11. Lower cleric spell 'flamestrike' from level 10 to level 8. Prevent bone dragon landing in the uninstanced part of instanced areas. The 'enchant' command can no longer be used while sleeping. Minor string cleanups on 'talk' command. Add new hands checks to hand charge spells. Please report problems. Change strings for crystal spear when attacking ethereal mobs. Fear now works in arena pk, but not out-of-arena temp pk. Reduce thief dirt throwing cooldown a bit. Potion bottling is now a general level 14 skill with no dependencies. Warning - changes to the way that death responsibility is handled. With this set of changes, minions that kill a mob will always forward responsibility to the player controlling the minion. This should in theory be ok, but may cause other problems. Please watch for weirdness. Future druid class updates: Give newbie druids 'gust of wind' by default. Move 'ice fog' to druid class. Move 'blizzard' to druid class. Add 'hawkeye' tincture. ---- Nov 21, 13 [1794] Reduce lag on crystal coat spell. Fix bug preventing crystal coat from being removed from some items. Show weather when looking upward. More minor weather and storm tweaks. Grandfather and obscure all remaining spells and skills in the cleric 'druid disciplines' group. The sole exception, sense life, is now a general/standalone cleric spell. Future druid class updates: Add 'brew salve' skill. Add 'barkskin' salve. Add 'stoneskin' salve. Add 'reeking odor' salve. Add 'cover scent' salve. Add 'draw poison' salve. Add 'dust devil' spell. Add 'call thunder' spell. Add 'call lightning' spell. Add 'hailstone' spell. Add 'hailstorm' spell. ---- Nov 19, 13 [1793] Squeaky floors now only triggers once when stepped on. Squeaky floors is now obscure and grandfathered in prep for move to druid. Add 'kxwt_group_end' tag, to make parsing group status easier. Add room type 'river' to valid deep water for boats. Small reduction in groupcast lag. More minor weather changes. BTW, weather actually has a yearly cycle. The saving norm effect of the mage 'stone skin' spell has been moved into the 'crystal coat' spell. Crystal coat still works on objects, but it now also creates a protective coat of crystal scales when cast on characters. Players who learned stone skin before, now have crystal coat learned at the same percentage. Players who had crystal coat have been refunded a maximum of two practices based on how well the spell was learned. Note that when druid is enabled, the effects of crystal coat will be changed to lower the amount of saving norm and increase other saves. The missing saving norm will be made up using the new druid 'stoneskin' and 'barkskin' salves. Future druid class updates: Add 'open the heavens' spell. Add 'brew tincture' skill. Add 'venomstop' tincture. Add 'sundrinker' tincture. Add 'clear skin' tincture. Add 'defoliate' tincture. Add high level 'rune enchant' skill. ---- Nov 14, 13 [1791] Change con 99 mobs to 'unknown'. Cast ability of group members now counts toward groupcast level. Add room terrain restrictions to grow mushroom to prevent growing in air. Crystal coat now prevents ingredients from being used in brews. Crystal coat can now be used on any object type. Add show/brag morale. Add morale to consider. Rebuild cleric 'control weather' spell and turn it into 'despair' curse. Add morale to combo attack bonuses. Add 'weather' command. Changes to the way maps are built. This also affects the available places where boats can land, giving a handful of additional spots that weren't there before. Future druid class updates: Add 'control weather' spell. ---- Nov 10, 13 [1788] More minor weather updates. Make constructed grenades a little bit lighter. Fix obscure player steal bug. Restrict teleporting into recall sites and a handful of other special room types (banks, shops, etc.) Add 'control list' command. Most non-object spells won't take mana anymore. Fix failure to unhide bug in backstab. Windwalkers and orbs of escape now set recall when they move you. Mobs that were crystal prisoned will now recall if moved. Short term blindness can now be refreshed before it expires. Change algorithm for calculating group cast level. Only members who know groupcasting contribute to the power level, and the maximum level for a given group size is lower. Future druid class updates: Add 'water weird' spell. Add 'sunblind' spell. Might need to make this one obscure. ---- Oct 28, 13 [1785] Exclude mobs when calculating levels on 'groups -who'. More updates to the weather system. Add display of percent per practice on spell/skill help pages. Most potions will now save. Note that we may be assigning timers to potions over time to limit large scale potion hoarding. Fix a pile of bugs in plane finding code. Most of these cases involved being in containers or other non-room/non-entity lists, such as shadow asylums, storage lockers, arenas, etc. Future druid class updates: Add 'fist of the earth' spell. Add 'unnatural spring' spell. Disable the room aspect of the cleric 'create water' spell. ---- Oct 21, 13 [1783] Alias 'cry' to 'victory'. To use the cry social, use '\cry'. Bind alignment is now dependent on both ward good and ward evil. Wood gathering now gives sizes to gathered wood objects. The 'wield' command now respects auto-remove. Improvements to auto-remove to not remove when wear might fail. Credit buy map has been improved and made cheaper. The base number of rooms in the map has been raised from 1500 to 2000, and the expanded map is now 6000 rooms. Only the large map expansion size is available, at a cost of two credits per day. Players who had previously purchased the medium map have been upgraded to the large map. All handgear can now change unarmed damage type, if it makes sense to do so. (Previously only WEAPON flagged handwear did this.) Future druid class updates: Add 'solar flare' spell. Add collecting of acorns similar to teeth/dragon teeth. Add 'liveoak' spell. Add 'carve spellstaff' skill. ---- Oct 18, 13 [1781] Various improvements and cleanup to new enchant commands. Add thief enchant skill, 'camouflage'. Future druid class updates: Convert cleric 'sunlight' spell to druid 'release sunlight'. ---- Oct 16, 13 [1780] Move warrior 'iron claw' skill to the 'iron body' skill group. If you're not wielding a weapon but you're wearing a weapon on your hands, your unarmed combat damage type will be from your worn weapon. When spellcasting on 'group', you will no longer cast on any minions that are spam filtered. The whole system of enchanting objects is undergoing a massive rework. Enchanting of weapons is currently the farthest along, and general object enchant is expected to eventually follow. Enchanting is done via a dedicated command using enchanting skills. - add new command 'enchant', for enchanting objects. - add new mage skill 'enchant weapon accuracy' at level 30. - add new cleric skill 'bind alignment' at level 36. - add new warrior skill 'customize weapon' at level 34. - convert mage spell 'enchant weapon' to skill 'enchant weapon speed'. - note that enchanting costs gold, quite a bit for some items. ---- Oct 14, 13 [1778] Add kxwt_waypoint. Reduce spam lag when giving objects to mobs. Minor keyword cleanup on gathered firewood. Fix lack of level when identifying certain spell comps. Mage 'store power' is now dependent on spell lore, not enchant weapon. Future druid class updates: First pass of suncatcher skill and support structure. ---- Oct 11, 13 [1777] Mark cleric 'sunstorm' as obscure/grandfather prior to removal. All ltype 0/ltype 1 characters have been converted to type 2. Natural stats can now be trained to (MAX_PLAYER_LEVEL - 10), which means that 26 is currently the limit (since level 36 is the current level limit.) This should help us with scaling players to higher levels in the future. Note that with this change, we've also had to change the way that stat boosts from equipment and spells are handled. All the stats now use the same capping algorithm, and should allow for slightly higher stat caps due to eq. Future druid class updates: Add druid version of 'sunstorm' spell. Add druid 'solar lance' spell. Get started on 'suncatcher' skill. ---- Oct 08, 13 [1776] Reduce number of bogus unusable randoms. More minor tweaking to weather. Fix bogus unhide message in backstab. The 'rset suggest' command has been removed due to lack of use and lack of usability. Future druid class updates: Add 'tempest' area effect wind spell. ---- Oct 06, 13 [1774] Check for weapon unwield due to loss of strength on player death. Fix dreams not changing. Weapons can now load with somewhat random stats. Allow occasional combat skill use while entangled. Backstab from hidden now does a bit more damage. Entangling roots is now grandfathered and obscure (moved to druid.) Add sanity checks to prevent last owner of a clan from accidentally resigning and orphaning the clan without an owner. Future druid class updates: First draft of 'carve totem' skill is now complete. First draft of 'carve runes' skill is now complete. Add 'petroglyph' and 'scrimshaw' skills. Mark 'earthquake' spell as obscure in prep for move to druid. Move 'entangling roots' to druid class. Add 'poison ivy' spell. Add 'vampiric vine' spell. Various minor updates to entangling roots. Add 'gust of wind' spell. Add 'still air' spell. Add 'windbreaker' spell. ---- Oct 01, 13 [1772] Minor highlighting changes on 'harvest teeth'. Cleanup to disarm target handling. Improvements to the general weather system. Fix 'stats higher than 25' problem in 'check' command. Add a 'fame' command for helping track mob vnum changes. Add 'rescue minions' to help warriors take care of minion armies. Jobs from unopened areas will no longer show on the global jobs list. More reliably display level on strange items that can be wielded. Filter out most storage locker items from locate and find object. Improve locate object search algorithm. Fix bug preventing autodestruct of dropped bound equipment. This means that if you drop bound equipment, it will automatically vanish after about an hour, so be aware that dropping things in clan areas is not safe. Future druid class updates: Move 'earthquake' spell to druid. Start work on 'carve totem' skill. ---- Sep 26, 13 [1771] Only show the top three or four people on 'who gift'. Don't allow gifting to players with too many total levels. Future druid class updates: Add druid 'know territory' skill. Add druid 'mudwalker' skill. Add druid 'earth wall' spell. Add druid 'shambling mound' spell. Add various kinds of fungus to mycomancy spell. ---- Sep 21, 13 [1770] Highlight to-char strings in channel casting. Future druid class updates: Add druid 'spook animal' skill. ---- Sep 20, 13 [1769] Allow clan stat by all clan members again. List search -weapon should now exclude most non-weapons. Future druid class updates: Add druid 'poison mushroom' spell. Add obscure druid spell 'mycomancy'. Add druid skill 'calm animal'. Move 'animal lore' to druid class. ---- Sep 17, 13 [1768] New clans now require member rank to access clan storage by default. Minor cleanup in show spells of permspell items. Released mobs that have no recall point now self destruct. Controlled minions should now check annoyance spellcast. Abort and control-c now stop eqsets. Keep in mind that the underlying events still need to run to completion, so starting another eqset too soon will definitely produce weirdness. Brew potion changes: Add 'brew potion search' Add 'brew potion show' Change probability calculations from stepwise function to smooth. Make 'brew focus' stronger. Improve help text. ---- Sep 16, 13 [1766] Raise spell invocation level on thrown potions a bit. Remove command lag from 'force all' admin commands. Limit exp when spamming pommel strike. Fix old brew potion recipes. Improve the 'clan stat' command. Rank restrict a couple of clan commands. Add settable rank restrictions for clan storage get and put. See 'clan help' and 'clan set' for details. Curse ward is now a normal, dispellable spell, and won't be removed by remove curse. ---- Sep 13, 13 [1764] Raise turn undead exp slightly. Raise cleric resurrect and refresh/rejuvenate exp slightly. Fix parsing bug that prevented anyone from learning sea navigation. Various changes to gather/forage parsing and operation. Show firewood availability on gather. The cleric spell 'create food' is now marked obscure (it will be moved to druid as 'grow mushroom'.) There have been changes to the system random number generator. In theory, this shouldn't affect anything and potion recipes should all be the same. If they've changed, please let Dentin know. MSP updates to get ready for version 2.0 support. Clients should, in theory, handle this correctly, but some older ones may break instead. Future druid class updates: Split various foraged items into different vnums. Add plant lore skill. Add herb gathering, dependent on plant lore. Move around and update druid related help pages. Add druid 'thunder seeds' spell. ---- Sep 11, 13 [1762] Various minor typo fixes. Minor bot detect fixes to prevent false positives. Reduce target rescue lag. Plants are now considered living mob types. Reduce spam when identifying other-account bound items. Restrict snowball gathering to when there's snowstorms. Parsing improvements to the 'gather' command. Future druid class updates: Add druid cast level and class flags to objects. Add poses for the druid class. Add new character create for druids. Get basic plant lore working. ---- Sep 05, 13 [1760] Minor tweaking of mana consumption rates for mage elementals. Fix minor bug with minion kills not triggering quest complete. Shadow decoys now destruct when the summoner logs off. You can now only create a small number of shadow decoys. Minor bot detect tweaks to hit recast bots harder. Limit exp from repeated control/release of undead. ---- Sep 03, 13 [1758] Fix potion brew bug allowing normal items to be ingredients. Allow moderator warn/ban to work on people who disconnect from channels. Improve rejection of annoyance character names. Require full command to use 'worldstat'. Various items created by spells and skills now have very low cost. Fix bug allowing remote casting of demonfire. Add a group flag for areas. Once we start flagging areas as group zones you should be able to see them on 'area group'. Mobs in these areas will be harder, and area entry warnings should trigger at lower levels to help keep people safe. ---- Aug 20, 13 [1756] Double chance of getting bank time as a daily gift. Double chance of getting storage locker time as daily gift. Raise cleric spell 'refresh' from level 2 to level 3. Raise cleric spell 'detect evil' from level 7 to level 8. Lower cleric spell 'cause serious wounds' from level 8 to level 7. Minor string cleanup in dragonbreath defense. Dragonslaying weapons are now limited to pierce/stab dtypes as intended. Bloodletting stab now uses bloodsac checks for blood. Dragon mob type checks for dragon teeth and dragonslaying are now more similar (but are intentionally not identical.) Minor reductions in tank/rescue lag. This will hopefully make repeated autorescue lag less of an issue in large groups. Minor increase in cleric turn undead experience, now that the new algorithm seems to be working correctly. Cut grandfathered spell casting penalty in half, to make spells moved to the druid class easier to use. ---- Aug 14, 13 [1755] Various minor typo fixes. Fix broken control-C and abort, so they properly interrupt aliases. Make sure align goal is taken into account when getting quest alignment. Raise mage skill 'maintaining spells' from level 16 to level 18. Raise mage skill 'potion lore' from level 15 to level 16. Ignore now handles charmies better. Berserkers can no longer assist in flanking manuevers. Improve resistance spellcasting rewards for gambling slot machine. Raise minimum for gambling to 10 gold. Add skill/spell/practice list by level. The travelling merchant slot machine now has a chance for ambush to lose cargo, but has a higher payout schedule to compensate. ---- Aug 09, 13 [1752] Add ground and inventory strings to auction 'bid desc'. Redo the socialite/annoyance algorithm. It's still very inaccurate. Splitting naturally hidden spell components will no longer hide the results. Stagger the levels at which fire shield, ice shield, and ground increase in power. Fire reaches peak first, then ground, then ice shield. This is similar to the order in which you get controllable elementals. ---- Aug 07, 13 [1750] Raise clan war sends to level 10. Fix ancient crash bug in mob interactive programs. Add basic channel filtering for certain types of screen reader spam. Fix some problems with clans having more than 8 pieces of clan eq. Make PFD sends brighter and more obvious to group members. Add area name to farsee, since it was already showing up via kxwt anyway. Add new level 29 warrior skill, 'flanking attack'. Improve defender and healer trophies a bit more. Make it less likely that the attacker trophy won't be given. The algorithm for the elemental shield spells and slow poison has changed. It now clamps at a maximum saving throw of -8, at cast level 52. Turn undead experience has been changed. It still gives experience when used, but in a much lower, more consistent manner. We've tried to come up with good algorithms for turn experience over the years, but the skill is simply too bursty to work the way it was intended. The shortfall in cleric class experience will be made up by pushing more experience into other cleric spells and skills instead. ---- Jul 31, 13 [1749] Add a short help message when trying to 'practice search'. Allow liquid containers to be clan equipment. ---- Jul 28, 13 [1745] Minor improvement to bot detector. Allow a second argument to leaderboards as a line count. Allow up to 16 pieces of clan equipment, instead of just 8. Fix pk bugs crystal prison and ice imprison via wands and store/tap. Lower daily rent on player shops. Add an 'autounwear' setting which should try to automatically remove an already worn item before wearing something else on top of it. There may be conflicts of problems with this, so please report issues as you find them. This is currently on by default for new characters, but for existing character it will have to be manually enabled. Add warrior skill level dependencies to second wind, riposte, feint, lunge, bash, charge, kick, pommel strike, stomp, jab, cleave, whirlwind, and leap. Some of these are increased damage with skill level, but most are reduced chance of failure. ---- Jul 26, 13 [1744] Fix bug with linkdead players never timing out. ---- Jul 25, 13 [1743] You can no longer 'split' quest items. Add 'italy' to country codes on web based credit card page. Various improvements to the 'check' command, including some stat checks. Infrastructure changes to socket and command idle timeout. Armored skin now also provides some breathsave. Increase clan bonuses for 'healer' trophy. Add a 'limit stats' option to arena setup and make it the default instead of half stats. Only trainers that can teach the skill 'kick' can now teach multiple attacks, and any multiple attacks trainer can now teach it to maximum. ---- Jul 22, 13 [1742] Fix bug that changed brew potion recipes. Lower bloodmist hitpoint cost a bit. Minions can no longer jump to attack indirect targets they can't see. Lower shadow and mana cost of shadow decoys, raise their duration. ---- Jul 17, 13 [1740] Hp cost of bloodmist is now based on cast level, not necro level. Add gold sounds to soulstone market buy and sell. Increase gold and exp awards for jobs. Item jobs should now accept anything with the correct inventory string. Once jobs are accepted, they should vanish from the 'job find' list. Add a simple 'check' command to check for various important spell and skill sets on players. Not entirely complete yet. Raise minimum cost of clans to 3 gold per tick, since all the clans are above that anyway. ---- Jul 09, 13 [1738] Fix some bugs in intermud socket code. Show whether or not you're in an instance on the 'where' command. Job timers now expire after 8 hours instead of 18. ---- Jul 07, 13 [1737] Fix possible file corruption bug in clan storage lockers. ---- Jul 05, 13 [1736] Change the layout of god finger a bit. Add achievements for jobs. Add a 'jobs completed' leaderboard. Add 'show jobs'. Change 'wielded' to 'weapon' on eq list. Change the 'wielded' command to do a 'show wielded' instead of eq list. You can no longer donate quest items. Items up to around level 25 are now auto-identified by default. Changes to the various socket filters, like 'grep' and 'wc'. Minimum clan cost is now 2 gold per tick. Free clan room count raised from 10 to 20. It's now possible to (mostly) reverse the effects of crystal coat using dispel magic. Miscellaneous changes to add 'weapon' as a string to search commands. This might cause parse order problems, please let Dentin know if so. ---- Jul 03, 13 [1735] Make aligned equipment consume less alignment when worn. More internal socket stack reworks. Remove obsolete IRC socket support. Valor now gives full exp on first use, and much less on stacked uses. ---- Jun 27, 13 [1733] Prevent gods and unkillables from being considered. Add show/brag perfect. Force line inversion in kxwt mode. Exclude planed objects from object find jobs. Ignore some color codes in 'help search'. Fast waking should now require an attacker be present. Aligned equipment now consumes alignment when worn. This effect is fairly weak and might not even be noticable at its current level. Prevent leveling (of any class) if you're level 25 or higher without a verified email address, and send warnings before you hit level 25. The string 'kxwt_supported' is now sent at login and reconnect to allow clients that support kxwt to automatically enable it. ---- Jun 23, 13 [1732] Add 'combos' command alias for 'tactics'. Increase duration of combination bonuses. Reduce odds of multideath on prayer for the dying. Re-enable kxwt data for groups. If you get kxwt spam, please update your client. ---- Jun 21, 13 [1729] Make jobs a little less likely to pick impossible items. Add a 'books' command. Minor web page reorg to add library page. Shut off access to the Vemarken Mud School. Characters can no longer enter the game there. All characters should now start at the encampment. Back out the local echo changes. We're probably going to have to keep the code, even though it's a maintenance nightmare. ---- Jun 20, 13 [1727] More changes to fame requirement per level. The 'invert' command now supports 'invert on' and 'invert off'. Players will now go farther into negative hp before deathcards trigger. Add a few more new job types. This build contains a bunch of socket stack changes which hopefully won't break anything. I've temporarily disabled automatic char mode detection, and if nobody reports any issues with it, I'll be removing that feature. It's ancient and honestly nobody should be using it. If you suddenly don't have local echo when you normally do, please let Dentin know. ---- Jun 19, 13 [1725] Give some exp on warrior combo partial completion. Raise channel casting exp for mages. Add a 'jobs find' command. Fix inventory capacity problem with job completion. ---- Jun 18, 13 [1724] Initial support for daily autoquests/jobs. This version doesn't save assigned jobs across boots and currently only allows retrieval of spell components. We'll be phasing in more options over time as we work out the bugs. The fame needed to level has been changed. Fame now kicks in one level later than before (starting at 30/26/22/18/14), and the fame per level is now higher. This much more closely matches at what levels people start getting fame. ---- Jun 17, 13 [1723] Find object now allows the use of grep. Add achievements for newbie points. Add achievements for max stats. (To catch up, train pracs.) Blind 'hpall' now sorts the proportionally most injured first. Moderators can now use the avatar channel. Rename the 'jobs' command to 'groupjobs' (or 'gjobs'). This is to free up the 'jobs' command for daily autoquests. ---- Jun 14, 13 [1721] More socket stack updates. Fix broken autorebooter. Cut pre-lag on backstab in pk. The tactics command is now hide-safe. More DClient sounds from Draak. ---- Jun 09, 13 [1718] Change calculations for overall leaderboard. Limit blindness due to sunstorm to only damaged targets. A crapload of low level socket stack changes went in this boot. The code might be unstable. If necessary, we'll boot back on old code for a while. The 'stranded due to off plane hallowed waypoint' bug should be fixed. The fix is to not remember hallowed waypoints that are off plane, so you should always be able to get back from the board rooms to some non-hallowed on-plane waypoint. ---- Jun 05, 13 [1715] Disallow cross-plane waypointing (even to boards and clan areas.) Filter dispel magic when cast on player/mob targets as spellcasting spam. When you lose your recall site due to level restrictions, the code will automatically try to change your recall to some nearby waypoint instead. Add 'clanset ctlisten' and 'clanset cttalk' to restrict access to clan channel based on member rank. A new login point has been added for new necromancer characters. This point is currently for necromancer class characters only, and is tailored to get necromancers casting useful spells earlier. Please be aware that new necros may not have started in the regular Sloe quest when you help them. ---- May 30, 13 [1714] Various minor web page updates. Cleanup to bank commands - display balance and current. Cleanup to the new area level display when moving between areas. Add the area level display to portal enter. Add a 'nearby cities' option to nearby. Raise the 'minimum recommended level' for areas by one level to better match the recent area linkage reworks. ---- May 28, 13 [1712] Add a 'name -ground' option to show a short list of things on the ground. Linkdead group members will no longer assist with retreating. Linkdead tanks will no longer auto-rescue. Chain lightning secondary hits now ignore magic resistance. Possibly fix some of the occasional file system corruption bugs. Add warning messages when walking into or between high level areas. This warning is intended to help players know when they've stumbled into dangerous areas, and also to let players know when they move into an area which is more than two levels higher than the one they're leaving. There are a handful of limits on it to reduce the amount of spam, but it's probably too spammy and will have to be adjusted over time. The goofy 'waypointing to the mainland' situation involving central boards and clan areas has been reworked. The game now remembers the last non-system waypoint you were at, and uses the position of that previous waypoint to decide where you can bridge or waypoint to when you try to leave the system waypoint. (If you're lower level, it may also allow you to return to the appropriate island for your level, regardless of distance.) It's still possible that this waypoint change may be able to leave people stranded, for example with hallowed ground in unusual situations. Please report any stranding situations so we can get them fixed. ---- May 26, 13 [1709] Various minor typo fixes. Add spain to credit card country list. Clan wars now really start at ten minutes instead of 15. The thief backstab skill now has a minimum 50% chance to hit wounded targets when in pk (the old minimum was around 6%.) The intent is to make backstabbing usable in pk, but not so useful that it becomes a dominant strategy, so this may requiring further tweaking. Infrastructure updates - common library merges (xml, some socket libs, memory allocators, etc.) In general nothing that should affect players in a noticable way. As part of the decentralization of Ralnoth, clans can no longer link down to Unholy. Existing links are still there (for now), but we encourage you to use and get used to waypointing in and out of clan areas. ---- May 21, 13 [1706] Add more clear failure strings when failing to give a quest item to a mob. Temporarily lower required fame per level to 13. Minor web page cleanup. Add an automatic, always reachable waypoint for the central bulletin board area. The board waypoint and clan waypoints now behave the same, and the way that clan waypoints work has changed. Low levels will always be able to waypoint out of a clan/board area to their appropriate island, and higher level players will always be able to waypoint to the mainland. This isn't an ideal solution, but will have to work for now. ---- May 19, 13 [1703] Changes to the way that leader experience is given. ---- May 18, 13 [1701] The online credit card charge system is now in limited live mode. (This means that it should work unless something goes wrong and we have to turn it off. Give it a shot!) ---- May 15, 13 [1700] PK clan wars are now on a ten minute timer instead of 15. Version 2 of credit card charge system. Nearly done. ---- May 11, 13 [1699] Fix possible pk death card bug. Prevent throwing items into recall sites from other rooms. Minions can no longer steal or shoplift items to get them into inventory. ---- May 10, 13 [1698] Fix minor ref count bug in recent turn undead changes. Add a first attempt, minimal print.css to web pages. ---- May 07, 13 [1696] Kxwt mdeath now shows mob name. The way morale works has been updated to make it easier to get big swings. Turn undead should now be safe to use in groups, and it now affects morale. Add 'show coordinates'. Clan rank restricted doors now block mobs and unclanned players. ---- May 04, 13 [1694] Lots and lots of internal socket stack changes. Change the way clan rset save does notifies. ---- Apr 29, 13 [1693] Fix crash bug found by Rhorae. Fix bogus money market order problem. Add 'show shadow' and 'show control'. Properly save out account when changing account passwords. Minor account password handling improvements. Add support for account merging. ---- Apr 25, 13 [1691] Fix minor bug in haste aging. Add more debug logging to try to track most recent crash. ---- Apr 23, 13 [1689] Add another short term lockout to prevent cascading gift bots. Reduce spam of 'too low level to get full exp' strings. Overconfidence now helps fend off most fear effects. A handful of minor spell damage type changes to remove saving spell. Elemental absorbs only give mana in very limited situations now. Make absorbs much more effective per point. Fire shield and ice shield now have a minor 'damage the attacker' effect, when used in isolation. See help pages for details. Another fame change - we're reworking a handful of old areas that are grossly mislevelled, and have added limiters based on area level. This drops the global fame totals from around 1600 to 1500, so to compensate the fame per level requirement has also been changed from 15 to 14. The fame requirements will gradually be raised upward over the next couple of years once we see how extensively this hits people. ---- Apr 21, 13 [1688] Disable 'you need %d stats to level' warnings that were missed before. ---- Apr 20, 13 [1686] Raise duration of warrior combo attack bonuses. Prevent newbie gifts from showing up on clan log. Incidental room dispel now follows annoyance spell rules. Teleport grandfathered and raised from level 17 to level 24. Remove grandfathering from possession and solace. Credit buy unbind lowered to 2000 credits. Minor string fix when you give credits to another char in your account. Prism is no longer channelable (it's an illusion spell.) Various minor string fixes. Fix bug allowing mobs to post to avatar log. Clan members can no longer ignore elders, founders, or owners. Minor reorg and updates to new char creation screens. Limit new character names to 12 characters or shorter. Fix a data collection bug in mob death exp. Reduce 'mob too high level' exp cap, minimum is now 73% instead of 82%. Remove the difficulty/rarity field from quests, since it was basically always wrong and unhelpful. Remove stat requirements for levels past 30. If someone wants to be a level 36 mage with 15 int, so be it. ---- Apr 14, 13 [1684] Fix crash bug in foraging. Swap out old HTTP stack for new stack. Expect lots of bugs. Fix obscure bug when poisoning food with bottled poisons. Display personal mob death count on 'whoami'. Make wizlock message on login more obvious. Add code to throttle auto-gifting scripts. Rewrite 'show align' so it's boring but doesn't have send errors. Fix timer bug in 'level remove'. Change saving throws on solace. Probability of being attacked through solace will now drop much more dramatically with spell level. On main leaderboard screen, show your position (up to 999) for each leaderboard even if you're not on the board. ---- Apr 11, 13 [1682] Lower cost of 'ward breaker' to 2500 mana. Cold resist now helps resist ice imprison. Reverse sort order on fame mobs to help reduce fame churn in the future. Various minor typo fixes and string changes. Change autobind warnings to make them less confusing to newbies. The 'use' command now invokes 'touch' for items on the ground. The 'mob deaths' field has been removed to reduce player drama. Display the numerical value for alignment. This may be subject to removal if it causes players to overpower the control systems. Initial phasing in of exp cap limits based on mob level. For mobs that are very low level, your exp cap will be 82% of full. ---- Apr 03, 13 [1680] Add 'show expcap'. Raise damage scaling on grenades. Temporarily grandfather icebolt. Minor tweaks to increase soulstone market queue size. Frostflower and static blast are now channel castable. Shadow decoys and summoned elementals no longer take hand spells. Rename and rework achievements for new fame system. Lower fame per level cost from 16 to 15. Another fame algorithm change has been made, to limit areas to a maximum of six fame regardless of level or creature organization. This should help limit fame churn and eliminates an loophole where a builder could have 80+ fame in a single area through careful planning. This change brings the global total down from around 1660 to 1590. Raise move cost of kick from 5 to 6 to encourage people to throw other skills into rotation more often. ---- Mar 30, 13 [1678] Static blast is now automatically added to dclient fkeys when learned. God priests can no longer be fame. More algorithmic changes to global exp denter. Note that these typically have a 1-2 month lead time before the effects really become apparent. One of the limiters in the death exp code has been temporarily disabled until global fame changes can be made and properly integrated. In some cases, if a fame mob is removed and later re-added, the fame will be automatically restored without needing to rekill the mob. Fame is being massively reworked, and most of you will see your fame fall by around 40%. Players with around 1200 fame had near 2000 prior to this change. In order to compensate for the difference, the fame per level has also been lowered, from 27 to 16. The reason for this change is tied to mob experience, and to the release of levels above 30. Fame originally was found on any mob above level 30, but with high level players, every single mob in a zone would need to be fame in order to give reasonable experience. As an example, every mob in the city of kings originally was fame for this reason, even though there are no boss mobs in the city. The new algorithm still requires mobs to be level 31 to be fame, but it also only picks a few of the top creatures in a zone to mark as fame. As we add more and more high level areas to the game, this should help keep the fame count increasing at a slower, more constant pace than over the last two years. Note that these fame changes are fully reversible if necessary. Your old fame will still be remembered should the algorithms be modified further, and you won't need to rerun it if we have to back this change out. ---- Mar 29, 13 [1677] Players below level 6 now have a reduced chance of failing spellcasts. In pk arenas, the first demonfire burst will always hit, but successive bursts require the caster and target to be in the same room. Exp changes: Turn on one of the missing limiters based on mob level. Rework algorithm and remove limiter from global per-mob exp denter. Add debugging functions to better see dent patterns. Consider now shows if mobs are subject to global per-mob exp denter. Massive spell and skill reworks for mage at low levels: - The default level 1 skills are now shower of sparks and elemental lore. - 'dancing lights' practice cost raised from 1 to 2 practices. - 'color spray' raised from level 9 to level 10. - 'prism' is now part of the illusion tree, instead of the crystal tree. - 'shower of sparks' lowered from level 2 to level 1. - 'shower of sparks' practice cost raised from 1 to 2 practices. - 'blue dart' raised from level 8 to level 9. - 'blue dart' strings and damage improved. - 'burning hands' practice cost raised from 2 to 3 practices. - 'flame blade' raised from level 12 to level 13. - 'fire shield' raised from level 9 to level 11. - 'fireball' is now dependent on blue dart. - 'chill touch' lowered from level 6 to level 3. - Add new spell, 'frostflower', at level 8 mage. - 'ice shield' raised from level 10 to level 12. - 'ice shield' is now dependent on frostflower. - 'icebolt' raised from level 14 to level 17. - Add new spell, 'static blast', at level 2 mage. - 'shocking grasp' raised from level 4 to level 6. - 'shocking grasp' is now dependent on static blast. - 'ground' raised from level 9 to level 10. - 'crystal light' practice cost raised from 1 to 2 practices. - 'crystal coat' raised from level 14 to level 15. - 'detect magic' raised from level 2 to level 10. - 'identify' raised from level 3 to level 13. - 'dispel magic' raised from level 5 to level 14. - 'magic missile' raised from level 1 to level 4. - 'shield' lowered from level 11 to level 9. - 'fly' lowered from level 13 to level 7. - The entire 'scrying' tree is now obscure, and may possibly be moved to druid: gaze, farsee, locate object, and find object. - 'gaze' raised from level 7 to level 9. - 'locate object' raised from level 13 to level 14. - 'enchant weapon' raised from level 17 to level 23. - 'noxious cloud' raised from level 10 to level 13. - the ball/lightning bolt combo is now slightly easier to trigger. - add new spell combo using static blast and frostflower. - rename grenade frostring effect to frost bomb. - identify, detect magic, enchant weapon, and dispel magic grandfathered since they had rather large level requirement changes. ---- Mar 28, 13 [1676] Fix minor gold roundoff bug in money market. Gods can no longer be cased. Disarm no longer gives experience in arenas. Massive rebuild to how group experience is handled. It is hoped that this set of algorithms will provide a more solid base to build on, and that it will scale better as player and area level continues to increase in the coming decades. Note that this will need extensive tuning and may possibly not even work, so don't get too attached or annoyed at it. ---- Mar 26, 13 [1675] Fix weirdness with combat points being given more often than usual. 'Evil mode' is now fully enabled in the group bot thwacker. Fix minor damage accounting bugs in dispel explode and roar. Reduce the group level increase when adding very high total level players to lower level groups. Lots of reworks and splitting of modules in the server socket stack. This may cause problems, or it may be transparent. Please report socket/web login wierdness as appropriate. ---- Mar 24, 13 [1673] The 'where -builder' command will now show instanced areas. Speed up eqsets a bit. Add a thwack timer to prevent repeated pk arena join/recall. Allow giving up to 1000 credits at a time, instead of only 100. Add max mana to 'show gmana' command. Add 'faq search' and 'rules search' commands. Add 'show glevel' to show approximate group total level. Prevent 'dirt throwing' from showing up twice in a combat pattern. Summoning into mob inventory now respects weight constraints. Demonfire should no longer cause multikills. Force new money market offers to round to integer GPC. Major change to experience when mobs are lower level than the player or group attacking them. There should be a new send to indicate when a mob is too low level, and instead of simply dropping the total experience hard, the exp cap is dropped instead. This may or may not work out well, and will probably have to be tweaked and updated a lot in the next few weeks. Don't Panic. ---- Mar 09, 13 [1671] Try to reduce spammed lag from dragon breath defense skill. Even more internal web server cleanup. Slow down rate of newbie gift giving a bit. Fix parsing bugs in 'level remove'. ---- Mar 06, 13 [1670] Raise necromancer 'demonic tutor' skill from level 27 to 28. Lower necromancer 'deathly sleep' spell from level 28 to 27. Raise cleric 'lethargy' curse from level 25 to level 26. Lower cleric 'famine' curse from level 26 to level 25. Even more HTTP socket stack changes and updates. Please report web login bugs if you find them. ---- Mar 05, 13 [1668] Fame requirements have been raised from 26 to 27 per level. Trainers are no longer required for leveling at all. Players can no longer level classes past 25 unless they have a verified email address set. Experience adjustments to start balancing out issues with the previous death exp calculation changes. Groups shouldn't drop off as quickly with size, and players/groups above level 30 should have an easier time finding areas to run experience in. There have also been tweaks upward for solo characters. Updates to the socket stack that hopefully nobody will notice. If you have problems accessing the web pages or web page login, please let us know. ---- Mar 01, 13 [1667] Fix goofy bug in list search parsing. There has been a massive internal update and reorganization of how experience on mob death is handled. Pretty much all aspects of the death exp calculations are different, from solo to large groups and level distribution. There are enough changes to the system that pretty much everything will need to be retuned, so if something seems broken, don't panic: just report it as a possible bug and wait for it to be fixed. ---- Feb 28, 13 [1665] Fix minor bug in new help page auto-search feature. Fix formatting bug when displaying single changelog on web pages. Show new and unread email on account character list. Changes to experience in groups, lowered for large groups. Add a long description to shadow asylums. Shopkeepers should now be able to buy more stuff, although they will only be able to pay paltry sums when they run out of gold. Only post leaderboard position changes to friends list if they are in the top 50. ---- Feb 27, 13 [1664] Add '.' on its own line as stop marker for note write insert mode. Improve the pkok command. Prevent haste aging in pk arenas. Various hopefully minor cleanup on help page systems. Add some 'help search' strings after help pages and failed requests. Show leaderboard advance and retreat for top 100 if you're logged in when it happens. Also show leaderboard advance on friends log. Add truly evil bot thwacking for bots detected in groups. Bot in groups at your own risk. ---- Feb 26, 13 [1661] Fix typos in traveling merchant gambling machine. Necro consume now dumps eq similarly to normal mob corpse eat. Hopefully fix some weird bugs in obscure spell slist. Prevent mobs from showing up on http who list. Stop bloodletting stab residual damage after player death. Add room vnum to kxwt look data. Add walk direction to kxwt data. Add 'credit buy wmerge' to merge two weightlesses together. Add 'show cards' and death card count on score. Add 'credit buy deathcard' to buy deathcards. Update credit buy faqs and help pages. Various minor newbie fixes and spam reduction. Various minor cleanup to account creation and verify. Death cards now last for about 15 seconds when they trigger, to prevent death spamming from eating up cards. Major rework to peace and solace spells, as well as some bug fixes. Peace no longer attaches to rooms - that's done only by solace. Allow practice buy at any level, now that purchased practices save across restarts. Items now only need to be identified once. After an item has been identified, the 'id' command will always work on it, and casting identify will take no mana and cause no lag. Raise required fame per level from 25 to 26. We'll be slowly raising fame requirements over time as the amount of fame on the game increases due to new areas being added. ---- Feb 14, 13 [1658] Prevent animate of corpses with binding equipment in them. Attempt to update item shoplift difficulty much more quickly. Various string updates in account management code. Fix load prob issue with instances. Valentine's day updates: - Add new level 31 mage spell, 'group teleport'. - Add the 'travelling merchant' slot machine game. - Add new level 14 area on kordan - haunted hills - Add new level 24 area on archais - gnomes - Add new planar research guild in Gad's Landing - Open the 17th anniversary zone in Redferne's Palace - level 38 - Open the 18th anniversary zone in Ash Mountains - level 45 ---- Feb 11, 13 [1655] Reduce charge damage in pk. Soulstones can no longer be auctioned. Use the soulstone market instead. Minor changes to pricing on shopkeepers. Add partial limiters on very high value gold steal (>1k gold.) Reduce odds of teleporting into possibly unfinished rooms. Have 'area builder' report the actual builder names in instances. Minor bot detect updates. Fix kxwt bug when returning from free spirit. Show city on 'spell find' if trainer is in a city. ---- Feb 06, 13 [1652] More MSP and dclient audio from draak. Make suicide via valor harder. Don't autolook in portals when opening them. Change overall leaderboard calculation to give more weight to lower positions on other boards. There has been some reorganization of very low level warrior skills: - level 2 warrior skill 'parry' is now level 4 - level 4 warrior skill 'lunge' is now level 3 - level 3 warrior skill 'victory cry' is now level 4 First pass creation of new 'spectral rot' spell group for necromancers. This moves a handful of things out of other spell groups, and pulls sickening touch out of the general class and puts it somewhere. Other necro skill changes: - scent of death is now obscure - blood sacrifice moved from level 3 to level 2 ---- Feb 03, 13 [1649] Add an 'overall ranking' leaderboard, which uses data from some of the other leaderboards to determine a leader of the leaderboards. Big internal rework to potion throwing code, allowing for bad throws that dont break the bottles, improve damage for expert throws, and reduced damage for mediocre throws. Rework internals of how item restrings are handled. Fix trade of containers for corpses with clan traders. Clan traders can now accept account bound items. Clan traders can no longer accept objects with custom strings, for example weightlesses or restrung weapons. The slot machine has been changed. A ninth position has been added to the wheels, 'void', which wins no prizes if you get double void or triple void, and all other doubles now give a 2x prize instead of a 1x prize. Fix broken if check for null email account on login. Add spam filters to soulforge. Account password change mode now ignores command history and other command line pre-processing. Add two line web pages for builder entries. Various updates to web pages. Gamble reforge is now much less likely to produce enchantable equipment. Hook up a bunch of new Draak sounds to various things. Properly ignore unfinished messages on http board web pages. Newbie improvements to inventory command. Allow type grenade to be clan trade/restringable. Display logged in characters on account stat. Quest kill mobs in half exp zones should now be worth full exp again. Add a couple more bonuses for completing warrior attack combinations. Add parser alias of 'study' for 'examine'. Improve low level 'invalid command' responses. Internal reworks to teleport spells, please report obvious bugs. ---- Jan 29, 13 [1647] Rescue spamming now incurs lag if overused. Turn down one of the long term mob exp thwackers. Ward breaker now requires completion of a minor quest to unlock. Prevent PFD and get out of death cards from working in pk. Solace and peace are no longer perfectly reliable - it is now possible for mobs to make the saving throw occasionally. Higher level castings are more reliable and will fend off higher level attackers. ---- Jan 24, 13 [1645] WARNING - microlevel split calculations have changed. The total cost for each level is approximately the same, but the split count and exp cost per level will be different. The goal of this change is to prevent the level cost from decreasing when a level splits into more microlevels. For example, in the old version, leveling a 9 million exp class with no microlevels would have split into two microlevels at 6 million each. In the new version, the level would split into two microlevels, with the first costing around 9.6 million exp, and the second costing around 2.4 million exp. For a high level class, you may have for example 7 microlevels, with the first 6 costing 15 million each, and the final microlevel costing only 3 million. This should make the leveling advice 'level your cheapest class always' more accurate when microlevels are involved. Fix minor level calculation bug in shadow blade bomb. Add some rotting sphere strings to extreme spam filter. Add tensor pop strings to getput spam filters. Spam filter ice fog on shadow fiends. Fix bug allowing possessed mobs to show up on 'who gift'. Code added to automatically freeze death spammers. Improve clan war systems prior to clan war start. Add 'group summon all' for group leaders. Fix strings when using objects that grant armor/bless/faith shield spells. Improve handling of 'quit' in long descriptions. Add more sends to target when handling target in inventory. Prevent tank minions from pointlessly trying to rescue from notank mobs. Don't suck mana for ward breaker when cast on most non-ward objects. Add 'show gmana' for groupcast available mana. More room light flag fixes. Improve 'account show' character display. Show daily gifts on the 'gift' command. Handle weather based temperature changes indoors a bit better. ---- Jan 20, 13 [1644] Fix level bug in credit buy clanwar. Reduce timer on dirt throwing when used in arenas. More server lag improvements. Fix mob type bug in dragonslayer. ---- Jan 17, 13 [1641] Make leaderboard command usable while hidden. More spam filter updates and improvements for large groups. Fix sunlight bug when creating instances. Minor change - for the purposes of weather, the sunlight spell now clears overcast and precipitation. ---- Jan 14, 13 [1639] Fix bug in room light flag updates. ---- Jan 13, 13 [1637] Darkness spell now overrides normal sunlight, but not the sunlight spell. Change shadow requirements for shadow bind, shadow strike, and asylum. Various minor performance improvements to reduce tick lag. Raise recreate level limit from 85 to 90 total levels. Add some accidental color toggle protection to the color command. Raise experience for achievements at high levels. ---- Jan 12, 13 [1636] Increase default duration of detect poison spell. Infravision now allows you to see the room short desc, but not the long. Bot detect update to lower false detects. Change exp calculations for grenade construction. Fix stupidity in clan war result reporting. Massive change to the way light flags, sunlight, and dark are handled in rooms. You'll probably notice minor differences in the way it works, but hopefully nothing too big will be broken. Please report light bugs as you find them. ---- Jan 08, 13 [1635] Fix failure to give bug in quests and clan traders. Fix bug allowing players to enter clan storage lockers. Improve recast checks on necro tank minions. Add kxwt triggers for exp cap and object zap uuid. Change the slot machine prize schedule so that any three of a kind wins gold now, in addition to getting a spellcast. Allow giving weightless containers to characters in your account without having to use -force. Rework the format of the 'equipment' command, so that the wear location strings are shorter and the object type flags are now in a nice pretty column between the item name and the wear location. Note that blind mode now has the type flags after the item name, and that the wear location strings are basically unchanged in blind mode. Rework the default money market listing commands so they display grouped offers instead of single offers by number. The old functionality of using raw offers numbers is still there, but it should no longer be necessary or worth using. ---- Jan 07, 13 [1633] A lot of little typo fixes. Better email spam limiting for low level annoyance characters. Censure can now target angels as well as demons. Purge blood now clears hangovers. Remove the 'cursed' tag from equipment flags display. Turn on daily gifts. These are similar to the advent calendar, but a bit less powerful. Raise night/day time from 45 to 67 real-life minutes. This means that game-minutes per tick have decreased from 15 to 10. This change was made to give areas a longer period of uninterrupted night, which is important for some undead zones. ---- Dec 31, 12 [1631] Fix bug preventing completion of certain warrior attack combinations. Make shadow fiends a bit more dependent on soulstone level. Prevent shadow strike and shadow bind from being used on yourself. Skeletal spider can now fall back to using dragon teeth if necessary. Minions are now properly filtered on scan. Add a hint about the 'area new' command at the bottom of the changelog. Require the -force flag to give a weightless to another character. Split the dragonslayer skill into two skills, one a level 29 defense skill and the other a level 36 attack skill. Change the grenade recipes for shadow bomb and shadow blade bombs. Note that the shadow blade bomb now requires four items instead of three. ---- Dec 27, 12 [1629] Remove bogus strings when starting to set an alias. Fix level calculation bug when creating grenades. Add more bars to userload graph axis. Shut off inventory/wearlist color on light/glow flags. The 'area new' command now takes an optional number argument. Add code to allow both the forum and the wiki to restrict accounts to valid player names and email addresses. ---- Dec 25, 12 [1628] The long awaited level 36 expansion has been enabled! Level 36 Mage Class Updates: - New elemental summoning spells added for each of the fire, lightning, and ice spell groups, at level 32, 34, and 36 respectively. These skills give mages minions of their own, similar to necromancers. - Add obscure cantrip spell 'summon snowman' at level 29. Level 36 Cleric Class Updates: - New curse 'leadfoot' added at level 29. - New curse 'forgetfulness' added at level 14 to counter cleric casters. - Old curse 'feeblemind' is now more effective against mage casters. - New curse 'censure demon' added at level 35. - New spell 'curse ward' added at level 34, for blocking curses. - New spell 'purge blood' added at level 33, for curing of poisons and even clearing of necromancer blood spells. - New spell 'rejuvenate' added at level 36. Level 36 Thief Class Updates: - 'shadow strike' can now be used in normal melee combat. - 'shadow walk' can now be used more places and is more effective. - You can now bottle brewed poisons without knowing the mage bottling skill, if you know poison handling. - New grenade skill 'shadowworks' added at level 33. This skill is used for building shadow bombs and shadow blade grenades. - New grenade skill 'gasbombs' added at level 36. Combined with the increased potency of bane poisons, this gives an effective way to disperse poisons and afflict dangerous creatures from afar. - New low level skill 'bloodletting stab' added at level 5. Level 36 Warrior Class Updates: - Improve the 'tanking' skill, so that it works with multiple targets, similar to minion tanks. - Update the 'blood rage' skill to have a very powerful short term defensive effect and a longer cooldown. It can also only be triggered at 40% of your health or lower. - New level 12 'battle tactics' skill. - New level 23 'advanced tactics' skill. - New level 33 'cross class tactics' skill. These tactics skills allow fighters to discover and use multiple move attack combinations. - New level 36 'dragonslayer' skill. This is a powerful specialty skill intended for use in combat with dragons. Level 36 Necromancer Class Updates: - New low level 'skeletal spider' spell added at level 3. - Greatly improve the deanimate skill. Deanimated minions should now be smaller and lighter, and resistances will be saved. - New minion protection skill 'infuse element' added at level 29. - New 'bone fortress' group protection spell added at level 31. - New 'demonfire' damage spell added at level 36. General Updates: Add new achievements for combat patterns. Display epic/unique/rare/artifact and other flags on player eq lists. Bane poisons are now much more powerful. Grenades now wake sleeping creatures when they explode. ---- Dec 24, 12 [1627] Clear bogus two-ingredient brews from potion lists. Give riposte a longer stance time. Lower 'protector' from level 13 warrior to level 12 warrior. Lower 'fast talking' from level 31 thief to level 30 thief. Make poison food an obscure skill. ---- Dec 19, 12 [1625] Fix typo in reveal curse spell. Improve parsing on 'points value' and 'points buy' commands. Fix typos and order of string sends in mage elemental spells. Fix '1th biggest userload' typo. Level 36 updates: Change up stat tables for mage minions. String changes for demonfire. Allow rejuvenate on fighting characters. Fix resistances not restoring properly on vampire revive. Add early fails for purge blood, restrict to group members. ---- Dec 16, 12 [1624] New pk arena, 'super small', added. Lower level of 'deathly sleep' from level 29 necromancer to level 28. Minor increase to effect of 'hold undead'. ---- Dec 14, 12 [1622] Add a 'more names' button when creating a new character with the dclient. Move obscure spell 'blindness' from mage to cleric. Various minor leaderboard updates. Improve command text for reforge, give proper explanation of what it does. Improve fail strings for practicing. Retreat yells now only go to nearby rooms instead of to the whole area. Fix bug that prevented spell resist from working on cleric curses. Make faerie fire a proper cleric curse. Raise and change the way curse duration is calculated. Prevent reforge on items you don't own. Various changes to feeble mind in preparation for year end code update. Add early check handler for overconfidence. Add control points for mages. Fix bug in gift command reporting of advent gifts. Lower level of 'locate object' from level 14 mage to level 13. Raise level of 'durhams guiding spirit' from level 10 necro to level 11. Lower level of 'harvest teeth' from level 6 necro to level 2. Raise level of 'dread portent' from level 2 necro to level 4. Lower level of 'blood sacrifice' from level 4 necro to level 3. Raise level of 'sickening touch' from level 3 necro to level 4. WARNING - major internal rework to how minions and minion control points are handled. In theory, everything should be exactly the same as before. If you notice any differences, please tell Dentin. ---- Dec 12, 12 [1620] Hook up leaderboards to web interface. Minor reorg of web interface links on main page. Eqsets now unhide you when used. Add item 'reforge' gambling game. You can always summon someone that is in your group, regardless of nosummon flags. There has been a global object update, and a number of objects that used to be player-bind will now load as account-bind in the future. There are no area change entries for this conversion. To figure out which items have been converted, you'll have to run new copies and see how they load. Mage spell reworks: Create new 'mage scrying' spellgroup using the gaze spells. Create new 'mage force fields' spellgroup using the magic missile spells. Raise 'maintaining spells' from level 15 mage to level 16 mage. Raise 'knock' from level 13 to level 15 mage. Make 'knock' dependent on 'magic missile'. Make 'shield' dependent on 'magic missile'. Make 'fly' dependent on 'magic missile'. Make 'tensors floating disc' dependent on 'fly'. Raise 'ice shield' from level 9 to level 10 mage. Lower 'ground' from level 10 to level 9 mage. Lower 'fire shield' from level 10 to level 9 mage. Raise 'waterbreathing' from level 19 to level 20 mage. Raise 'summon' from level 20 to level 21 mage. Raise 'elemental monster lore' from level 21 to level 22 mage. Raise 'bottling' from level 21 to level 22 mage. Raise 'brew focus' from level 24 to level 25 mage. Raise 'undo' from level 22 to level 23 mage. Raise 'invisibility' from level 23 to level 24 mage. Raise 'farsee' from level 23 to level 25 mage. Raise 'melt' from level 25 to level 27 mage. Raise 'spell lore' from level 27 to level 28 mage. Raise 'reagent lore' from level 18 to level 19 mage. Fireball is now dependent on fire shield, not flameblade. Remove grandfathering from 'locate object' spell. Necromancer spell reworks: Remove grandfathering from 'animate dead' spell. Remove grandfathering from 'fear' spell. Split cleric 'curses' spellgroup into four groups: The 'reveal curse' spell now starts the Cursebreaker spellgroup. The 'faerie fire' spell now starts the Unusual Curses spellgroup. The 'clumsiness' spell now starts the Curses of the Body spellgroup. The 'feeble mind' spell now starts the Curses of the Mind spellgroup. Cleric spell reworks: Make 'weaken' dependent on 'clumsiness' instead of 'reveal curse'. Make 'lethargy' dependent on 'weaken' instead of 'clumsiness'. Make 'overconfidence' dependent on feeble mind instead of 'reveal curse'. Minor change to strings for 'prayer for the dying'. Lower 'cause critical wounds' from level 14 to level 13 cleric. Make 'squeaky floors' dependent on 'faerie fire'. Make 'clumsiness' no longer dependent on 'reveal curse'. Make 'famine' dependent on 'weaken' instead of 'reveal curse'. Make 'feeble mind' no longer dependent on 'reveal curse'. Curses are no longer affected by old style magic resistance. Add 'obscure' spells and skills. These are spells and skills that are not commonly used, are dangerous, or are typically not taught at common trainers. These spells and skills can be learned and used, but they will not show up on any of the normal spell/skill lists unless you already know about them. The current obscure spells and skills are: - crystal coat - teleport - blindness - cure blindness - create water - control weather - candle - skinning - fire starting ---- Dec 10, 12 [1619] Add a bunch more leaderboards. ---- Dec 08, 12 [1617] Prevent mobs from showing up on 'who gift'. Reduce odds of name clobber when trying to create new clans. Add a 'leaderboards' command. This will replace exp lost and perhaps some other commands. ---- Dec 06, 12 [1616] Add support for themed credit sales. Add support for partial credit buy on the money market. Improve the information you can get from the 'quest' command, including extra, more detailed information on quests. ---- Dec 05, 12 [1615] You no longer lose favor for killing priest mobs. Hopefully fix up use command so you can use worn items with dprocs. Toggling echo in dclient mode now tells you to use the preferences menu. Allow buying weightless capacity in 20 pound increments. If summon fails, show who is attempting the summon. Credit buy changes: - allow 'bonus' sales instead of only discounts - allow weightless expansion in 100 credit increments - cut price of boat repairs in half, to 1200 credits a year - add maps, boat time, and channel time to sale list - rename 'privatebank' buy command to just 'bank' - add 'credit buy unbind' to unbind items (except for dproc items) Fire starting and skinning disabled in skill table. If you have them, you can still use them, but they're no longer taught or learnable. If you received your advent gift for the day, the 'gift' command will show you what it was. Add a redirect link for web account login, for browsers that don't support JS redirect. ---- Dec 01, 12 [1614] Enable advent calendar gifts for December! You get one per day for the whole month. Show up every day to collect them all. Fix wrong credit value when logging in on the web interface. ---- Nov 30, 12 [1612] Fix old crash bug in web server. Enable web accounts. Secure login at: Fix fuses and grenade shells. Minor undent to brew potion. Improvement to random item load on shopkeepers. Add infrastructure for account binding items. Lower the damage from overusing shadow skills, and lower how far into shadow deficit you can go. ---- Nov 28, 12 [1610] Dread portent now eventually resets if a critically injured mob heals. Limit the kinds of items that can be placed in grenade shells. Minions are now restored when their master gains a level. Players can now reset their characters up to total level 85. Change help pages for shadow skills to show the shadow cost. You can no longer drop gold anywhere other than in rooms. Add bloodmist demon deaths to extreme spam filter. Increase font size in online map generator. Raise maximum number of friends to 300. Minor text/formatting improvements on level display command. Initial work on a daily incentive program. Beta/demo support for web account logins. Brew potion changes: - A minimum of three ingredients are now needed - low chance results will now be lower chance - experience and exp cap raised The 'use' command no longer works with worn equipment, except for weapons, shields, and held items. This means you can no longer 'use' your helmet unless you take it off first. ---- Nov 20, 12 [1607] More web page account work. More dclient and MSP sounds from Draak. ---- Nov 18, 12 [1605] Raise slot machine gambling limit to 10k gold. Fix possible crash bug. Add 'mmarket buy gold <amount> <gpc>' Raise money market credit limit from 1000 to 2000. Add an auction fee of 1% of final selling price. Fix poison weapon of enchanted weapons. More prep work for level 36: change primary level requirements for (class flagged total level eq). High total levels used to all map to level 31 in the flagged classes. The new algorithm can go higher than 31, and some people may be unable to use some pieces of equipment. If the number of complaints is too high, it's possible to adjust the algorithm. ---- Nov 16, 12 [1604] Luck now does something, however it doesn't affect gambling. Friend post when winning 3 of a kind when gambling. Pet flagged mobs can no longer carry inventory (golems, etc.) When liquidating a player shop to pay rent, you'll get at most 75% of the list price of an item (less if the item is worthless.) More spam filter updates: - extreme filter all spellcasting words - extreme filter various healing touch - extreme filter assist sends to tank - extreme filter various group strings for minions - extreme filter minion group follow/leave spam - extreme filter searching - extreme filter various berserk strings - extreme filter blood rage - gcast filter preservation/holy weapon/spirit hammer - misc filter tensors floating disc - only show mortally wounded string once unless player - extreme filter more wake/stand/rest strings ---- Nov 15, 12 [1603] Add an 'eq search' command. Fix bug in chain lightning. Add spell/skill learned percent to spells/skills with args. Fix 'show credits' so it displays properly when you have an account. Add the 'gamble' command and a small gambling game. Gwhere and missing now respect minion spam flags. ---- Nov 14, 12 [1601] Infrastructure toward getting web page logins working. Fix bug preventing repair of boats. Show spell/skill learned percent on spells and skills commands. Improve how group join/summon handle immortals. Add 'group all' to group up everyone following you. Deathmarch changes: - add filters for sunstorm and lightning flash blindness - add 'rushes to aid' assist string to gcast spam filter - add a new 'extreme' spam filter, for large groups - add 'missing' and 'where missing', short for 'gwhere missing' ---- Nov 10, 12 [1599] Minor string changes on 'time' command. Change who list formatting on web pages. Fix infinite lock picking bug on objects. Add an account command to change the account password. Add an account command to change passwords for players in the account. Add 'credit buy wsplit' to split containers. Improve and make pk arena sends more spammy. When assigning lesser trophies for clan pk battles, only pick clans currently without a trophy. Winner trophy remains as usual. Disable autotick markers when you're in a context, for example password changing or writing long descriptions. ---- Nov 04, 12 [1596] Disallow auction bidding by multis. Minor parsing cleanup on 'cloak' command. Instances are now more wary of multis. Prevent 'put all' into portals or fires. If you have a verified account, the credits on all your characters will be pooled into the account, so that all of your characters will have access to your credit total. If you don't have a verified account, there is no change. A new level 32 area, the city of Koralia's Heart, has been opened on the mainland! It can be found west of Vandar and Southport. Allow the use of '.' to find your own minions instead of anything else in the room, similar to the use of ':' to find players and '?' to find objects. For example: look .skeleton - look at my first skeleton minion, ignoring other skeletons look .2.skeleton - look at my second skeleton minion, ignoring other skeletons Normal/other usage would be: look skeleton - look at the first skeleton that's found look :skeleton - look at the player skeleton, ignoring mobs look ?skeleton - look at a skeleton object, ignoring mobs and players See 'help :' for details. ---- Nov 01, 12 [1594] Miscellaneous updates and improvements to object random generation. Bug fixes and reduced timers on newbie gift giving. Keep mobs like pumpkinheads from entering recall sites in future events. Increase number of log entries in player shops. More work on the game web server to support account features. Make 'quest nearby' work better in instances. Add the ability to display only areas in a given part of the game, for example 'areas sloe' and 'areas mainland'. ---- Oct 27, 12 [1592] Fix math bug in show dps calculation. Infrastructure changes for planned year end update. ---- Oct 26, 12 [1590] Various bug fixes to the gift command and newbie helper points. Fix ansi color for dclient channels and popups. Add 'who helper' to display newbie helper points. Restore hp/mana/move when leaving an arena to the same values as when you entered. Major update to player regen: When there is combat in the room, regen is unchanged. When there is no combat in the room, regen for the resting and standing positions is vastly increased. It is possible that this changeset is a bad idea - if so, expect it to be reverted or modified in the next few days. ---- Oct 25, 12 [1586] More socket stack improvements and updates. Raise player shop rent for too few items and improve the warning messages. Reduce false positives in bot detector. Fix http header bug in web server. Add a newbie 'gift' system, where mid and high level players can give new players gifts of gold or experience. Also add 'who gift' to look for available targets. Characters logged off for more than 5 minutes are now automatically restored on login. ---- Oct 23, 12 [1583] Fix dclient prompting after clan channel sends. Smith! Minor changes to random object generation. ---- Oct 21, 12 [1581] Fix bug with missing prompt after channel sends in dclient mode. Newbies that buy practices with credits no longer lose them if they restart. All previously purchased practices are counted, and if you are eligible to restart, the number you've got will show up on your 'credits' screen. If you're above the restart level cutoff, you won't see anything. ---- Oct 20, 12 [1578] Fix dclient channel window. Make retreat scale slightly with warrior level. Make the account email set routine the default. Multiple quest completions for events will spam friends log less now. Fix minor control point issue with wood woads and metal constructs. Possibly bad change: add urls to board rooms, donation rooms, and player shop short descriptions. It may turn out to be too spammy, and the color may be too ugly. You can disable by adding your own url. ---- Oct 19, 12 [1576] You can now 'use' potions on objects (this is the same as pouring them.) Various minor typo fixes and help page updates. Change Durhams Guiding Spirit so it's hopefully more accurate. More SSL updates. Miscellaneous gold offset work. Audio updates from Draak. Major rework of output comm stack to try to fix interleaving issues in dclient and kxwt modes. Expect weirdness and client problems. ---- Oct 18, 12 [1575] Minor email address fix in account verify. (Thanks Athlon.) ---- Oct 14, 12 [1574] Lots of minor typo fixes. Poison cloud and choking cloud can no longer be used to poison weapons. Add more debug code to bot detect to make it easier to filter out and fix false detects. SSL improvements in the socket layer. should now actually work, though it will give huge warnings about untrusted certificates. ---- Oct 13, 12 [1573] Add clan rank restrictions on clan doors, allowing builders to prevent entry from lower rank members. Note that even though it's possible to build a door that restricts elders or founders, it is not yet possible to prevent an elder or founder from entering a room via other means. ---- Oct 11, 12 [1572] Limit account email verification to one every ten minutes. Add account email add and remove. ---- Oct 09, 12 [1570] More work on player accounts. Almost ready for testing. Remove 'set url' message on login. Autostand tripped players when they go out of combat. Improve map command for blind players. There are now two extra map options, 'map old', which displays the old style map from a couple of years ago, and 'map explored' which shows the general exploration map that was recently added. The exploration information has been moved off of the main map command to reduce spam. ---- Oct 06, 12 [1568] Fix weird missing string bug when using items on doors. More soulstone market liquidity fixes. More audio updates from Draak. Even more account stuff. Almost have email verification working. 'Mortally wounded' is now limited for mobs with an extreme amount of hitpoints. ---- Oct 04, 12 [1567] Artificially restrict soulstone market size, as the current size algorithm doesn't appear to be working correctly. Improve clan list display on web pages. Start work on player accounts. ---- Oct 02, 12 [1566] Improve casting checks on wall of ice. Reduce lag caused by periodic five minute server updates. Improve email address sanity checker. Revert most of yesterday's broken change to retreat. Retreat when not in combat now takes movement and has lag associated with it. ---- Oct 01, 12 [1564] Minor typo fix in tell idle time warnings. Raise default max group size from 8 to 10 players. Retreat when not fighting now walks the group back the way you came. Clan elders and above can now read and remove anything on a clan board. Add purchase of additional autobrew sets for 500 credits each. Mobs in half exp city zones can now only give a max of a half cap. ---- Sep 27, 12 [1562] Minor typo fix to monster lore/consider. Various minor lag reduction improvements. Crank up gold offset to dump more gold into the game. Positive room regen should no longer trigger fast waking, but negative regen probably still will. Damage of 1 hp or below is ignored. Posting on boards will now sanity check to see if the target exists. Make retreat work better for groups. Minor cleanup for clan oset of weapon wear locations. Add idle notification strings to tell. Fix multiple clan member bug in clan rosters. ---- Sep 17, 12 [1560] Lower rent of level restricted player shops. Add parser alias for 'autosack' to reduce newbie confusion. Creating shadow blades now respects inventory item count limitations. Various typo fixes to player channel code. Fix cooldown and typos on dirt throwing skill. Display fame on finger and player web pages. Changes to server ping timer and ping time calculation. Various minor changes to reduce server lag. ---- Sep 10, 12 [1559] WARNING - change to the way passwords are handled. If you had a very long password (more than about 15 characters), you might not be able to log in properly. This should be rare, but if it does happen, please contact Dentin to get it fixed up. Reduce variation and increase slightly the damage of thief backstab. Add MSP/dclient sounds to grenade building. Add experience to grenade building. Raise damage of various grenades. Minor improvement to soulstone market liquidity calculations. Fix sanity checks on bone armor, bone shield, and bone blade spells. More dclient audio updates from Draak. Prepared corpses can now only be raised by the person who added the first stone. Add advanced poison 'dragonbane' for thieves. Add advanced poison 'insecticide' for thieves. Add advanced poison 'herbicide' for thieves. Add level 3 thief skill 'dirt throwing'. Add level 12 thief skill 'fast waking'. Examine lock changed from level 19 to level 18. Survey changed from level 8 to level 9. Trip changed from 4 practices to 3. Backstab changed from level 7 to level 8. Withdraw changed from level 12 to level 10. Pickpocket changed from level 3 to level 4. Palm changed from level 6 to level 7. Shoplifting changed from level 9 to level 10. Case changed from level 12 to level 13. Trip base damage increased. Peek changed from level 18 to level 19. Listen changed from level 8 to level 9. Hide changed from level 10 to level 11. Flashbombs changed from level 30 to level 31. Lock picking changed from 3 to 6. ---- Sep 06, 12 [1557] Improve roster command to allow display of individual ranks. Add 'roster active', 'roster recent', 'roster oldest'. Spirit hammers no longer need -force to be wielded by low level characters. ---- Sep 02, 12 [1555] Raise default timeout for moderator bans. Raise maximum timeout for avatar commands. Add some basic activity statistics for clan members. Fix bug with clan trophies not working on login. ---- Sep 01, 12 [1553] First pass of changes to clans: - add support for member ranks in clans - rework clanset add and clanset remove - add clanset rank command - add clanset promote command - add clanset demote command Warrior skill updates: stomp and jab damage increased, and whips now have a better chance to disarm opponents than other weapons. Add 'moderator list' command. List switches now work with autocount mode. Fixes and cleanup to socket tail filter. ---- Aug 28, 12 [1552] Try to fix some minion/minion pk bugs. Might have bad side effects. Rotting sphere damage type is now half poison, half spell. Add newbie tips to learn dodge and parry for thieves and warriors. Avatar and moderator updates: - add avatar and moderator channel post - send temporary channel ban notify to affected channel - show moderated channel flag on channel list ---- Aug 24, 12 [1550] More minor gold system tweaks. Minor sound bug fixes. Clip mob backstab damage to give players a bit more chance to survive. Add sprompt command to display your prompt even if it's turned off. Add lecho command to echo arbitrary output for scripts. Require -force for newbies to wield non-weapon items. Sort clan list by activity level, not fame. Mortally wounded mobs can no longer backstab. Avatars can no longer moderate player channels. Moderators have been added to moderate channels. See help pages. Switch noyell, silence, and nosocial over to a new system. Existing flagged characters have been given a reprieve. ---- Aug 21, 12 [1547] Make addition of high level players less of a nuke to group exp. Fix double entry for players in the 'exp lost' list. Initial code support for global channel moderators. Add command alias for 'worth' command. Minor soulstone market tweaks. You can no longer add yourself to your own friends list. Various minor typo fixes. Minor bot detect fix - reduce false positives in groups. Add room-scope sound back into berserk start. Attempt to improve player shop unsold list. Experimental. A bunch of new MSP and dclient sounds from Draak. Restarting a character now has the same (narrow) age range selection as initial character creation. ---- Aug 17, 12 [1546] A new, experimental soulstone market has been added. Use the 'smarket' or 'soulmarket' commands for help and usage. The initial settings are intended to be conservative, just in case it fails in some horrible way. Prices and volume should stabilize after a few days. Necromancers above level 30 now get alternating int and wis boosts to stat caps for each level. Fix minor weirdness when enabling kxwt mode in intro screens. ---- Aug 15, 12 [1544] Add weightless splitting to credit/donations faq. More gold system tweaks. Turn on the donation room cleaner for Gad's Landing. Allow quit command to work when in action state (so if someone gets stuck picking a lock, they can log off to reset it.) Minor bot detect improvements for group bot detect. Trip and backstab now have minimum skill level requirements to use them. Give demon familiars a bit more kick based on soulstone level. Fix minor control point issue with wood woads and metal constructs. Minor tweak and typo fix to kick skill. Improve error message when failing to rent a shop. Open more player shops in Ralnoth. Minor improvements to lock strings on doors/objects without locks. Add 'help search' command. ---- Jul 29, 12 [1543] Display clan bank dues cost properly on dues command. Various minor typo and newbie string fixes. Drop cost of private player banks to 1000 credits. Add used/maximum autobrew recipe count to autobrew list. Add 'unfollow' command. Add 'disband' command. More gold offset and steal gold changes. Don't count on murlocks and dragons anymore. ---- Jul 27, 12 [1540] Clan banks now cost 1 gpt in dues to maintain. See help pages for details. Add a newbie tip to the level command between level 7 and 20. Add 'credit buy privatebank' for banking anywhere at any time. Change up the 'toe stomping' strings on stop for small creatures. Add big newbie level tip when gaining first level in secondary classes. Shadow decoy now has lag, and fails more often when defensive fighting. Minor tweak to make combat points a little easier to get. Rework of blind map code. Hopefully this will be better than the previous version. Autocount will now only work by default on containers in your inventory. To enable autocount mode for other containers, you have to manually give the '-acount' option after the look command. For example, 'look in crypt -ac'. Add the 'autobrew' command. This should help make brewing potions, poisons, and antidotes a lot easier. ---- Jul 26, 12 [1539] More MSP audio updates. Fix lag bugs in pommel strike. Disallow pommel strike and feint when in defensive fighting stance. Allow shadow decoy to work while defensive fighting. Minor string fix to charge. ---- Jul 25, 12 [1537] Increase rate of monitor prompt for blind players when target is injured. Show more time info on spells as they time out. Minor social improvements. New characters now have autocount turned on by default. More sounds from Draak. The mud will now notify the starting clan of who starts clan wars. Improve group death and exp handling when a kill is made in a remote room. Minor newbie parsing improvements to group command. Notify of credits on login. ---- Jul 20, 12 [1535] More gold tweaks. Offset should continue to rise. Minor increase to exp for a bunch of low-exp skills. Show disabled spells like candle as disabled in help pages. Only players actually in clans can join clan wars. Prevent stomp for mobs without legs, or who are flying. Add 'look in container -acount' and 'look in container -ncount' for auto-item-count or non-auto-item-count modes. This does not stack with list switches. I will probably make -ac the default for noobs. Also add 'autocount' option. ---- Jul 19, 12 [1533] Crash bug fix in rally. ---- Jul 17, 12 [1532] The warrior skill 'protector' has been changed from level 14 to level 13. The warrior skill 'retreat' has been changed from level 18 to level 19. The warrior skill 'dragon lore' has been changed from level 17 to level 16. The warrior skill 'charge' has been changed from level 16 to level 17. The warrior skill 'intimidate' has been changed from level 19 to level 20. The warrior skill 'valor' has been changed from level 17 to level 18. The thief skill 'scout' has been changed from level 34 to level 26. The thief skill 'poison weapon' has been changed from level 26 to level 16. The thief skill 'fast talking' is now dependent on case instead of bribe. Updates to weaken brewed choking cloud. Updates to strengthen brewed poison cloud. Add new warrior skill 'rally'. Retreat is now dependent on rally and costs 4 practices. Improve lock picking strings when locks take a long time. Add warning message when killing half exp townsfolk. Add new warrior skill 'pommel strike' at level 14. More sounds from draak. Bash can now be used against ethereals with an elemental shield or about body cloak. Trip now uses a new algorithm for determining target leg count. It probably won't work on nearly as much stuff as it used to. On the plus side, elemental boots will now let you trip ethereal mobs. ---- Jul 15, 12 [1530] More gold offset tweaks, since the previous change didn't work right. Change socket code to do a 'more correct' CR/LF pair. Change clan fame calculation to weight high fame more heavily. Remove poison if your life was saved by prayer for the dying. Initial support for warrior combat patterns and tactics. Add a low level warrior jab/punch skill. Punch/jab can use elemental gauntlets to hit ethereal mobs. Stomp can now use elemental boots to hit ethereal mobs. Kick can now use elemental boots to hit ethereal mobs. Trip can now use elemental boots to hit ethereal mobs. ---- Jul 11, 12 [1527] Fix stray kxwt strings when brewing. Fix timing problem in room temperature graphs. Secondary shop owners can now credit buy rent for the shop. Improve jaws/eloquence filters. Fix minor bug of ending up in wrong instance when leaving shadow asylum. Hallowed ground is no longer affected by room noteleport. Add 'curser' group job. Advanced poisons now at least partially hit saving poison. Typo fix in charge skill. More sounds from Draak. Some items may now show a special damage type on identify. This is for future use with skills and currently does nothing useful. Change the algorithm for displaying monitor prompt when in blind mode. This may be an improvement, but it may also make things worse. The global gold offset is being rescaled. Expect it to be low for a while until the offsets catch up. ---- Jul 06, 12 [1525] Move the fly check for trip before all the other checks. Fix bug preventing some shopkeepers from loading random inventory. Leap attackers are now subject to low probability attacks of opportunity. Fix attack highlighting on leap attack. The charge skill has been added at level 16 warrior. Kill the old 'beavis' tick strings on the haste spell. Prevent players from bringing mobs into arenas. Add kxwt triggers around potion brewing spam. Locks and lockpicking have been changed. The pick intelligence part of locks is now directly related to the level of the lock, so for all high level locks, you'll need high int to pass the int check. This was a conversion of all existing doors and objects, so there may need to be tweaks to adjust this over the next few weeks. Arena events will now pick their arena with extreme prejudice, closing existing arenas if necessary to do the job. ---- Jul 04, 12 [1524] Performance improvements to reduce server CPU load. Make charm a little easier to stick on mobs. Minor tweaks to new character creation strings. Change some of the haste strings. Add new low level warrior skill 'riposte' to weapon handling skill tree. Even more sounds from Draak. Ltype 0 characters can no longer level. If you are type 0, convert your character to type 2 using the 'level convert' command. WARNING - SOCKET STACK CHANGES - WARNING I've been hunting down an obscure bug in the socket stack for about fifteen years now, and I think I've finally got it squashed - however this code is very complicated, and very ugly, and very dangerous. Please let me know if you run into situations where the server stops processing your commands or input, especially if you have to reconnect to clear it. Keep in mind that some types of network lag also do this and try to avoid false reports caused by lag if you can. Note that the control C and 'abort' commands have also been affected. They may not work exactly the same as they used to. ---- Jun 26, 12 [1521] Minor noob message fixes. Add an 'eqwear' command to alias to 'eqset wear'. [Experimental] Add a 'login incentive' for newly created characters. Currently, this amounts to a single practice on a character's second delayed login. The initial practice count is one less to compensate. Shopkeepers that load or buy inventory will now turn it over a bit more often. Add xml support for clans, eg: Change the way player idle time is calculated. ---- Jun 23, 12 [1519] Add 'credit buy resurrect' to allow corpse retrieval in otherwise impossible situations. The cost is currently 100 credits. Add explicit multi marking that doesn't restrict login. Add level 4 warrior 'lunge' skill. Move bash from level 4 to level 7. Disarm raised from level 7 to level 9 warrior. ---- Jun 22, 12 [1516] Cloak of feared mobs will now autorecall like normally feared mobs. Two handed shields can now parry blows like weapons. Fix 'email reply' so it actually works. Various reorg and additions to warrior skill trees: Add 'feint' warrior skill. Move 'stomp' after 'stat' in the parse order. Lower 'disarm' practice cost from 8 to 4 practices. Add the warrior 'bloodquench' skill. Raise 'taunt' to level 6 warrior. ---- Jun 21, 12 [1514] Add level 2 warrior skill 'stomp', and lower practice cost of kick from 4 to 3 practices. Improve monster lore - the base skill is no longer needed for the type specific skills to work. Add new thief skills 'mechanical aptitude' and 'salvage equipment' at level 24 and 28 thief respectively. ---- Jun 19, 12 [1511] Improve spam filtering for burning hands/shocking grasp/etc. Improve spam filtering for bloodmist. Minion spam on arrival from group waypoint is now stopped with spam psneak. Blinded minions regaining vision spam is now stopped with spam misc. Change auction to allow 'bid -f' to use banked gold. Raise grenade damage. Improve the effectiveness of smokebombs. Change slist to display (all spells and skills level 5 and lower) for a given class, if the trainer can teach them and the player has at least one level in that class, in addition to what was previously shown. In short, if a noob with one mage level slists at Stiboli, he'll see the mage spells and skills up to level 5, even if he can't learn all of them yet. ---- Jun 17, 12 [1508] Fix goofy display bug with identify and 'you can't use this yet' warning. Improve credit purchase logging for weightless expansions. Massive internal rework to how carried weight is handled for containers. Please be on the lookout for weight bugs in regular containers, liquid containers, and weightlesses. If everything goes well, there should be no change to players except that some containers will now carry a few pounds more than before. Raise exp caps for mid levels to smooth out the decline in exp cap relative to the number of classes you have to level. The point where the linear exp cap kicks in is now also the microlevel point. Increase lag on the manual 'save' command to discourage people from using it, since the server automatically saves everyone as needed. There are valid reasons to force a save, but they are rare - if you don't know why forcing a save would be important, you shouldn't be doing it. ---- Jun 13, 12 [1506] More minor dclient map updates. Fix crash bug when mobs attempt to instance an area. A handful of minor noob improvements. Change the number of items versus dexterity calculations. Autolook now triggers when you open containers. Add 'mmarket cancel all' to cancel all your open offers at once. Raise base mana regen rate a few percent. High level thieves will now be tripped less. Skill level eq helps. Fix goofy arrow display for multiple attacks slist/slist all. Improve parsing for the 'use' command. Add a bunch of new sounds from Draak. Prevent new money market offers from crossing bid and ask, in the hope that it will protect people who don't know what they're doing from themselves. Remove the 'window' command to make it easier to clean up the socket stack for future client improvements. ---- Jun 07, 12 [1504] A ton of area updates to the island of Archais were made this week. Improve map generation for the dclient mapper. Minion mobs should now be included in group recall. Prevent new character height and weight from being too extreme. Fix up some uncleared fields on new character creation. Add noob failure strings when trying to cast skills. Wood woads and metal constructs now cost 2 control points each. More dclient sounds from Draak. The equation for necromancer minion hp has changed. Minions cast at level 52 (level 35 +17 cast level) will have approximately 6% lower hp, while minions cast at level 35 will have the about the same hp as before. Minions cast below level 35 will have more hp. ---- Jun 03, 12 [1503] Fix an obscure notify bug triggered by quitting while in a trade. Change the 'magical effects' line on identify to 'other effects'. Fix an obscure loophole in new character creation that allowed logging in at the old mud school. ---- Jun 02, 12 [1502] Fix some wierd parsing bugs when sending single line mudmails. Improve the low level 'identify' command. Add some highlighting to object identify. Change the compare command so that it uses the 'identify' command to display the full stats of each item, unless one of the items fails the identify level checks. Change around effect of damage type on blob mob types. Slash/slice now does more damage to blobs, while pound/crush does less. Change game-minutes per tick from 10 to 15. There are now 4 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 6 prior to this boot. This is expected to be the final tick minute change, with mud days taking approximately 45 minutes of real time. This means about 25 minutes of daylight, and 20 minutes of dark night time. ---- Jun 01, 12 [1500] Change the ac-apply line on identify. Minor improvement to identify command targetting. Put a verify send in the save command. Add newbie hints when attempting to sell quest items. Improve strings on scent of death. Add kxwt triggers for minion deaths. Add a 'dangerous' flag for groups. Add a settable group size limit for groups. Add a review command for seeing mob long descs when you have the corpse. Various minor typo fixes and string improvements. Add 'kxwt_myname' on initial kxwt enable. Add 'varset clear -f' to clear all of your currently set variables. Add a 'catch up' mode for people who are grossly behind on fame. When you have spent more fame than you have, you'll be able to level after you run double the amount of fame you normally would need. If you start at 250 but have spent 600, you'll need to increase your fame to 300 in order to level a full 25 fame level. ---- May 28, 12 [1498] DClient version 1.092 has been released! If you're running version 1.090 or lower, please update to the latest version at Remove customization from the character creation screens. You will get a random description at login, which you can change with the 'set desc' command. All characters now start out between 18 and 21 years old. A bunch more sound files from Draak. Various minor improvements to newbie character creation. Add lag to withdraw. Fix channel casting bug with firefield and other area spells. Lowercase the various popup window names in the dclient. Fix dclient 'new character' button not showing up for some players. Remove the ability of clans to set dual-key doors. Bring back the old 'show sklevel', you can still get per class level with 'show slevel'. ---- May 22, 12 [1497] Allow free spirits to use the 'out' and 'climb' commands. Add show/brag sklev. Revert age and haste equipment to the original '3 minutes per tick' rate. ---- May 18, 12 [1495] Fix crash bug in channel casting. Change game-minutes per tick from 6 to 10. There are now 6 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 10 prior to this boot. Note that this value will probably be raised further as the bugs in areas are worked out. One mud day now takes approximately 70 minutes RL. ---- May 10, 12 [1492] Minor fixes to mob color in talk command. Minor changes to new character creation. Add delay state to character quit. ---- May 09, 12 [1490] Allow teleport in clan areas again. More dclient audio hooks and files. Give will now automatically convert money objects to gold. Exp tweaks for steal gold, big reduction for less than 10 gold. Newbie updates to warrior kick skill. Disarm now falls back to secondary targets if no target specified. Charmed minion explosions can now hurt the minion owner. Group show <leader> no longer works on noshow group leaders. Change game-minutes per tick from 5 to 6. There are now 10 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 12 prior to this boot. Note that this value will probably be raised further as the bugs in areas are worked out. ---- May 04, 12 [1489] Fix possible crash bug in system random number generator. ---- May 03, 12 [1486] Fix string send bug when releasing ghouls. Allow mobs to have up to a million hitpoints. Clan rooms can no longer be random or antimagic. ---- May 02, 12 [1483] Raise minimum auction bid increase from 5% to 10%. Various minor improvements to shoplifting. ---- May 01, 12 [1480] The founder of a clan now gets the clan waypoint on clan create. Clan members added to a clan now get the clan waypoint when added. Change roar, taunt, intimidate, and valor so they have hard fails if you don't know the skills. Changes to thief steal/pickpocket/shoplift experience. Should be lower at lower gold amounts. Change the order that newbie tips are displayed. More dclient audio updates. ---- Apr 29, 12 [1478] Add 'autoturn' command. Add more dclient sound hooks. Make astral bridge a quest-unlocked spell. Show quest locked spells and skills in help pages. Fix wierdness in mob talk strings. Fix goofy parsing bugs when adding channel owners/admins. Shorten minimum duration of deathly sleep. Don't have turn undead trigger on unkillable undead minions. Minor cleanup to intro and new char create screens. Fix crash bug in clan building code. Raise automatic trainer limit for spells and skills from 25 to 29. This will allow level 26-29 skills to be learned on default trainers instead of requiring special ones. Change game-minutes per tick from 4 to 5. There are now 12 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 15 prior to this boot. Note that this value will probably be raised further as the bugs in areas are worked out. ---- Apr 25, 12 [1477] More dclient audio improvements and new sounds. The 'turn on' effect of turn undead no longer turns on automatically when you turn a creature. It now has to be manually enabled. The 'turn on' effect is now stronger in groups. ---- Apr 23, 12 [1475] Display class level limits on total level equipment. Fix level display bug when showing item requirements while trading. Improve the 'hp' command to show multiple targets and allow 2. parsing. ---- Apr 21, 12 [1474] Tweaks to necro exp, in particular soulsteal. Remove 'white' keyword from new clear soulstones. Remove 'GAP' lines from mortal rshow (primarily for clan elders.) Improve 'rset find' commands for clan members. Base storage locker price has been reduced to 2000 credits per year. Don't refresh terrain forage/firewood limits when changing terrain types. Add 'friend remove all' to clear your entire friends list. Update player shop decorators string when changing owners. Character age on any restart is now random between 17 and 67 years old. A lot of dclient audio updates. Notank mobs no longer give rescue experience (there is no point) and rescuing from notank mobs will occasionally yield a warning send. Allow clans to create one way links from the clan recall to unholy in Ralnoth using the 'rset exit <direction> 0' command. Change game-minutes per tick from 3 to 4. There are now 15 ticks per mud hour, as opposed to 20 prior to this boot. Note that this value will probably be raised further as the bugs in areas are worked out. ---- Apr 06, 12 [1473] Break up 'quest all' list into sections for planes, suboria, etc. Lots and lots of dclient audio updates. Fix various crash bugs. Fix bogus bot detect when channel spamming. Add parser alias for 'mail' command. Add item names to sacrifice strings. Improve ignore command parsing. Fix crash bug in auction queue. ---- Mar 30, 12 [1472] Add more audio hooks to server (audio files not yet in place.) ---- Mar 30, 12 [1470] Attempt to fix extremely old bugs in the auction system. Improve clan commands for attaching doors to rooms using 'rset door'. Fix a bug preventing spammers from mudmailing admins. Allow explicit ignore (ignore by name) in groups. Fix area name bug in clan areas. Add newbie checks to 'turn on' and 'turn off' commands. The 'pray' command with no arguments will attempt to add a waypoint to your list automatically, if it can. If the waypoint is already in your list, it falls back to old behaviour. ---- Mar 27, 12 [1469] Raise hit points of flesh beast. Remove 'system time is wrong' send from 'time' command. Raise maximum auction bid increment from 5x to 8x current price. Infrastructure rework to internals of dclient audio system. ---- Mar 14, 12 [1468] Exp and exp cap changes for low levels (below total 90). Vulnerability is now flagged as a curse. Rework quest difficulties on 'quest all' to be spread out a bit better. Display whether or not you've completed a quest on 'quest all'. ---- Mar 10, 12 [1466] More bot detect updates. ---- Mar 08, 12 [1464] Committing suicide multiple times in a pk arena will now autoboot you from the game. Modify dancing lights to have a slight debuff effect on mobs. ---- Mar 07, 12 [1462] Improvements to bot detect to reduce false positives. Change spell levels of a few mage spells at levels 1-3. Make elemental lore learned by default for mages instead of detect magic. Fix minor finger issue when looking up Void. ---- Mar 05, 12 [1461] Fix wierd restring bug in soulforge. ---- Mar 02, 12 [1459] The natural dieroll of players is now 2d4 instead of 1d8. This also means that unarmed combat dierolls will be 2d instead of 1d, which should allow for a higher end damage range without wrapping at high warrior skill levels. Add automatic pricing adjustments to more multisold items. ---- Mar 01, 12 [1457] Bot detect updates to help reduce false positives. Add <h2> html headers to the web page quest list. More disk I/O lag improvements. Add 'soulforge' spell to merge soulstones. Players using the official dclient should now be able to see their previously played characters before logging in. Remove extra failure rate on soulstones that was introduced in Feb 26 change. Failure rates will now be the same as before, however the level of the soulstone for mobs higher than the casting level will be random between the casting level and the initial soulstone level. Break up the brew potion web page into newbie potions, and high level potions. Newbie potions can be brewed with spell components from the islands or from harvesting. High level potions are everything else. You can now submit brew poison and brew antidote recipes, similar to submitting brew potion recipes. The lists will show up on the web pages. We may hook this into other guilds in the future, similar to the alchemist's guild. ---- Feb 26, 12 [1454] WARNING - soulstone grades have been changed! Two new grades of soulstone have been added at the upper end, with white and black soulstones being higher level than clear. To make space for the two new colors, the level of the other colors have been lowered, and some of the skills now require higher level soulstones than before. It will also be harder to get high level soulstones now. Note that the level and color of existing soulstones is unchanged. Group summon does not automatically add multis to the group to reduce the number of storage character admin warnings. Shopkeepers eat more gold when they buy items to reduce gold stealback. More filesystem improvements to reduce disk I/O lag. Add delayed saving for mudmail read/delete. Add some really basic support for dclient player accounts. Change fail string when attempting to 'take' things from mobs. Allow 'set msp' and 'set kxwt' to work from the main login menu. Restores no longer lower hp/mana/move if you're over your maximum. Finger of god characters no longer uses abbreviations. Prevent sacrifice of mob corpses if another player's loot is in them. Various minor newbie hints and string updates. Make shadow fiends stronger, but more dependent on soulstone level. ---- Feb 23, 12 [1452] Various help page updates. Reorganize major sections of rules pages. Various typo fixes. Various filesystem improvements to reduce lag. Players now only see the pantheon entry when using the finger command on gods. Limit money market graphs to 2000 entries. Use default pagebreaks for intro screens. Help pages for spells and skills now show dependencies. Prevent staff casting stupidity with restoration and clear thinking. Spam filter teeth harvesting with getput filter. Add kxwt event notifications for quest complete and leveling. ---- Feb 13, 12 [1449] Various changes to reduce filesystem lag and server data file sizes. Allow resurrect in antisummon rooms if character is already there. Minor bot detect updates. Prevent skill/spell improve in arenas. Prevent casting tensors inside weightless containers. Locate and find object no longer work on anything in an instance. ---- Feb 12, 12 [1447] Add some new hidden achievements. Add chop damage type to flameblade. Lower cost of cure blindness spell. Void golems and a few other pets now have different pet restrictions. More lag reduction work. ---- Feb 07, 12 [1446] Reduce bot detector slightly for repeat command situations. Unkillable mobs can no longer be fame. Raise very low level mob exp. Prevent mob corpse sacrifice at level 1 if binding eq in corpse. Prevent flesh beast/bone guardian create from prepared corpses. ---- Feb 06, 12 [1444] Raise the global hitpoint multiplier a bit based on feedback from Kroza regarding the previous HP calculations. Add more debug for bot detector to help get rid of bogus cases. Prevent case from starting combat with unkillable mobs. Reorganize strings and sends for quest complete. Please report bugs. Add 'you cant use this' string on object identify. Don't display rarity string on identify unless item has rarity set. Allow player shops to list items for 1 gold. Add debug code to prepare for unlinking steal exp from gold amount. ---- Feb 05, 12 [1441] Money market offers now expire one month sooner than they used to. Check for perfect skill achievement when using points buy. Transparent cleanup of a couple of old style spell handlers. NOTE - HP CALCULATIONS HAVE CHANGED. These changes raise the hp gained for caster classes and give all classes 10 more hitpoints at low levels. High level characters may see more or less total hp. Warrior and thief class characters will see the biggest drops at high levels, while mage and necro classes will see the biggest gains (if any). Expect further tweaking in the future. ---- Feb 03, 12 [1439] Attempt to stop auctions before reboots. Fix lag bug with massive group quest complete. ---- Jan 31, 12 [1437] Massive reorg of bot code and detector. This is probably going to crash at least once, and will likely do the wrong thing in a number of important places. Please report problems so we can get them taken care of. ---- Jan 28, 12 [1434] Farsee is no longer allowed into clan areas. Reorg/sanitize wear all/rem all lag (yes, it's higher now.) Uncontrolled mob say is now cyan to make interactives more obvious. Change the way remove blindness works. ---- Jan 24, 12 [1429] Add help page on password sharing. Add explicit on/off settings for telnet ga. Lots of minor exp tweaks. Affected classes are necro, and thief. Necro is currently a good 20-30% over target. Improve error message when casting an object-only spell with no target. Necro minions are now susceptible to earthquake damage. Improve the newbie 'level -force' warnings for unbalanced characters. ---- Jan 13, 12 [1425] Bidding on an auction item with a multi will now send a warning to the channel and expose the name of the seller. Add some inactivity exceptions to bot detect for afk players. Add repetition thwacking to necro summon exp. Add code for anniversary event. ---- Jan 12, 12 [1423] Add another internal system graph. Allow clan member cwho to work through invis and across planes. Fix bug where microlevels prior to first fame level don't cost fame. Add 'group set nowarn' and 'group set nogcast' options. ---- Jan 07, 12 [1422] Fix up buggy behaviour in ignore for spamflagged characters. Fix bug with clan storage log entries being lost. ---- Jan 06, 12 [1420] Add god warnings for dangerous mobs in recall sites. Add 'example names' when picking the name of a new character. Add a name verify question on new char creation. Kick and bash changed to 21% per practice instead of 10%. Major reorg and rework of dclient buttons and default aliases for new characters. ---- Jan 04, 12 [1417] Change back to the old search fail message for high level players. Improve fail messages on the 'give' command. Fix notify bug in intro screen 'who' listings. When waypoints stop working for players, the recall command will now search for the nearest working waypoint and change over to it. The high end penalty for bots that persistently ignore bot warnings has been increased. Improve 'look up' in certain terrains. ---- Jan 03, 12 [1414] Fix total level bug in 'your levels are too far apart' warning. Improve reliability of kxwt experience triggers. Lower fly spell to level 13 mage. Lower exp for necromancer summon and soulsteal. Rework of various 'who' commands to improve how invisible and ignored characters handled. Prevent stupid offers from being displayed on the default money market list. Make warrior leap more likely to hit through dodge and parry. Raise cost of clan wars to 50 credits. Lower cost of eqsets to 400 credits. Fix parsing bugs for 'look at the item on the ground'. Make int/wis failures for spellcasting a little less harsh. Allow talk command with a message to trigger specps. ---- Dec 27, 11 [1413] Fix infinite loop bug in autodenter. ---- Dec 26, 11 [1411] Add 'on your feet' to foot wear string. Add warnings when leveling a class too far away from the recommended 'cheapest class' for players below level 25. Future updates: Raise effectiveness of stomp skill on downed opponents. ---- Dec 24, 11 [1408] Spam filter berserk strings on player minions. Add failed disarm to gcast spam filter. The warrior 'kick' skill has been updated with new strings, and now is partially dependent on the footwear you use. See help page. Fix crash bug in player death reporting. Future updates (not yet enabled on main server): Add level 26 warrior bloodquench skill. Add level 2 warrior stomp skill. ---- Dec 22, 11 [1406] Minor string and typo cleanups in various places. Minor changes to turn undead exp, remove turn exp offset. Fix default help page in blind mode so it's not blank. Show clan member and elder counts separately on clan stat. Extend autodenter to hit old style staffs and wands. Clan storage lockers are now shared for all members, not just elders. ---- Dec 20, 11 [1405] Prevent ltype 0/1 from unleveling. Major improvements to filesystem corruption handler. This version will notify players and wizlock/nosave the server to prevent damage from spreading. ---- Dec 19, 11 [1403] Add 'level remove' for very high level characters near their fame limit. More updates to how the who list handles new players versus active. Clan wars no longer send their strings to players below level 3. Clan wars now show the sponsoring clan if appropriate. Minimum purchase for storage locker time has been raised to 100 credits. ---- Dec 18, 11 [1400] Add new player sends regarding int/wis stat training. Improve sorting of players in the 'new players' wholist block. Improve cleric peace spells in regard to minions. Fix flee bugs in turn undead and roar. Enable the 'christmas present' code for the year end event. This should begin triggering on the 21st and hit each character once daily until year end. ---- Dec 17, 11 [1397] Add some help sends for newbie wood woad casting. Experimental - show newbies on who list sorted by date, not level. This means anyone younger than six months shows up in the 'new players' section, even if level 35. ---- Dec 14, 11 [1396] Improve error handling when filesystem corruption is found. Add MSP triggers for recalling and waypointing. Fix minor parsing bug in port 8080 web page handling. Fix obscure event handling bug in auction system. ---- Dec 12, 11 [1394] Minor bugfix in credit buy lightning color. Temporarily grandfather locate object. More minor changes to dclient audio. Minor updates to new character creation. Fix weird disconnect bug in possession. ---- Dec 11, 11 [1391] Changes to hp/mana/move to get ready for adding a sixth class. Swap cry of victory and taunt in the warrior 'warcries' group. Improve the 'largest daily userload' display when it triggers. Allow mortal oset of wear locations to 'none'. Fix bug in lastline socket filter when no text present. Prevent bloodrage on charmed mobs and minions. Mob thieves can no longer steal gold while hidden. Players will always see the mob name when they notice missing gold. Only a few percent of the total can be stolen from players at once. Necromancer updates: Raise cost of skeletal mage to 5 control points each. Lower lifetap mana conversion ratio. Allow bone guardians to be created from skeletal corpses. Wood woads now require 20 pounds of wood, but can be made from many different pieces of wood on the ground (similar to metal construct.) Improve deanimate of wood woad and metal construct. Mage spell updates: Raise ground spell from level 8 to level 10. Disable and grandfather crystal coat spell. Raise locate object from level 10 to level 14. Lower dexterity from level 9 to level 8. Change gaze spell to 85% per practice. PET flagged mobs can be protected from other players by ordering them to follow you and grouping them. A grouped PET can only be attacked by players in the group. This applies to Void Golems and other constructs. Future paladin/fanatic class updates: The paladin version of retreat works on all group members. ---- Dec 09, 11 [1390] Disable the 'planet' intro screen and other minor intro screen updates. Raise 'solace' spell from level 29 to level 30 (with grandfathering). Prevent god goto from breaking shadow asylum. Major rework to dclient combat audio. This should be a lot more understandable, less repetitive, and hopefully less annoying. ---- Dec 06, 11 [1389] Remove gopher and business card options from new char survey. ---- Dec 05, 11 [1386] Minor increase to thief grenade damage. Add 'group join' string sent to leader to replay. Only allow buying new clan rooms if all existing rooms are used. Names that aren't in the global player manifest are now automatically removed from friend lists on login. This means that deleted players will be automatically removed, but also some players who still show up on finger but have not logged in for several years. Tell, group summon, and a few other things should now ignore dark rooms and invisibility. This was a low level primitive change, and may break unexpected commands or features. Keep an eye out for bugs. ---- Dec 04, 11 [1384] Fix minor bug in mob death kxwt trigger. ---- Dec 03, 11 [1382] Minor cleanup to parsing of the 'wear' and 'use' commands. Add parser alias for 'awaken' to 'wake'. Minor newbie fixes/improvements. Add kxwt triggers for mob and player deaths. Add redirect for help page requests of player names. Improve shop list usage limitations. Make cone of cold edge hits filtered by spam gcast instead of spam cast. ---- Nov 29, 11 [1380] Fix top ten userload display bug involving dclients. Fix crash bug in 'who newbie'. Update credit buy help pages and help screens. Change icebolt spell damage type to pound and improve armor penetration. Reduce the size dependency of ball lightning and ball lightning detonations by about a third. Reduce the size dependency of firefield on small creatures. Improve the armor penetration of crystal spear. Fix bogus send to leader in anti-corpse-looting code. Various minor typo fixes and newbie improvements. Make fail strings on channel casting different from normal casting. Only show gender on finger when appropriate. Raise absorb probabilities. Fix missing kxwt update when losing exp due to death. The foes command now displays other players first, and you last. ---- Nov 24, 11 [1377] Alias 'brag god' to 'brag favor'. Add code support for limiting Void Golems to one per player. Various minor newbie fixes and cleanup. Change level ranges for donation rooms. By default, do not list unusable items in shops/donation rooms. Show gender on finger. ---- Nov 21, 11 [1375] Minor server web page cleanup. Disable sunset mode for new players created using the dclient. Add a special surprise when a top ten userload record is set. ---- Nov 14, 11 [1372] More minor low level string cleanup. ---- Nov 12, 11 [1371] Consistent highlighting added to various help tips. Miscellaneous newbie tips, info messages, and cleanup. Don't autorestore characters below level 3 to reduce newbie spam. ---- Nov 11, 11 [1369] Durham's guiding spirit is no longer grandfathered. Trading can no longer be started in a target's inventory is full. Prevent mob assist bypassing hold undead. ---- Nov 09, 11 [1367] Reduce dclient voting links to just TMS. Please vote for AA! Fix inability to walk bug in underground rooms with perfect spelunking. Minor composite tweak to wands. Move lost/spent exp to the 'exp lost' command. Change string when buying a practice. You can no longer add deleted or non-existent players to your friend list. Half experience cities are now limited to the newbie islands. Big changes to global room mapper. Certain aspects of rooms and area placement may not work quite right for a while. ---- Nov 07, 11 [1364] Newbie updates to the 'nearby' command. Skeletal mobs no longer show up on sense life. Try to fix various weirdness throwing grenades to the ground. Lighting the fuse on a grenade now requires the 'explosives' skill. Prevent whirlwind from unhiding if not in combat. Add a 'players' command to display names of players in the room with you. The way that quest difficulty is calculated has been changed, and should now be more resistant to the age of the quest. Mobs in city flagged areas are now worth half their previous exp. Some new character creation cleanup and streamlining: The 'none' class option has been removed, and the 'new player' question has been removed, with everyone seeing the survey. ---- Nov 05, 11 [1361] Clanwar trophy bonuses have been modified. Level 0 characters can no longer use the 'storage' command. ---- Nov 03, 11 [1360] A global old-style equipment autodenter has been added. When a piece of equipment with over 400 composite points is found, stats and effects are subtracted until the item falls below 400 composite. To put this in perspective, all new style equipment is composite 5 or lower, and truly epic random equipment is between 130 and 150 points. 400 is high enough that old style equipment will still be powerful, useful, and unique, but not so powerful as to be unfair to newer players. This change does not currently cover over composite weapons. Change the scale on fame titles. More various minor newbie improvements. Add holy weapons to god information. Limit how much spell components can be combined. ---- Nov 02, 11 [1358] Fix crash bug in 'equipment marking on death' code. Shadow asylum is now on the plane of shadow. Fix microlevel bug in ltype 2 mana calculations. Climb now respects doors and other room/exit restrictions. Minor newbie hint for 'compare' command. Display 'ATTACKS' on equipment as 'ATTACK_SPEED'. The 'compare' command now compares effects instead of armor. ---- Oct 31, 11 [1356] Fix crash bug in new specp code for Halloween event. Fix bug in math command divide code. Cut bone prison duration in half in pk arenas. ---- Oct 27, 11 [1354] Put exp limit timer on necromancer teeth harvesting, lower dragon tooth exp. Lower damage of ANGEL mob types against evil characters from 2 times normal to 1.5 times normal. More newbie string cleanup. Fix update urls for non-win32 dclients. ---- Oct 25, 11 [1352] Raise the level where recall starts to fail without a god from 10 to 15. Minor intro screen cleanup. Change stat requirements for levels above 30. To go beyond level 30, you must have one of two class-specific stats at 25. To go beyond level 32, you must have a minimum of two stats at 25. To go beyond level 34, you must have a minimum of three stats at 25. Other than the class specific requirements, the maxxed stats can be any combination. This change is to set some minimum stat standard at high levels, but still allow people to create unusual class and stat combinations. ---- Oct 22, 11 [1350] Reorganization of the 'rules' pages, adding a new section on newbie areas. Minor newbie string additions and cleanup. Fix over-limit mana tickdown in mana regen rooms. Improve failure sends for slist when nothing is available. Slist now only displays the things you can learn, and won't show other spell/skill tree dependencies unless you use 'slist all'. Make it easier to get quest completions on mob death for group members. ---- Oct 18, 11 [1348] Require -force for clan room creation. Add an alias 'dismiss' for the release command. Exp tweaks on a bunch of the lesser used skills in all classes. Instancing updates for newbie starting zones. Move rescue from level 6 warrior to level 8 warrior. Move disarm from level 8 warrior to level 7 warrior. String changes to bloodrage. Add a dcreate command alias for 'set door create'. Add a 'user monthly' command. Fix parser bug in 'get' command. Add a mob flag to make mobs unkillable by mortals. Prevent giving of most items to unkillable mobs. ---- Oct 17, 11 [1346] Fix bug in storage stat that was corrupting the storage timer. Various minor newbie string fixes. Make level-restricted board failure messages more obvious. Change the display scale of graph 14 (hourly server lag.) Explorer point gold has been cut and is now controlled by the gold offset. Add code to instance part of the newbie login zone. ---- Oct 07, 11 [1345] Player renames and name swapping are no longer available. The code has grown complicated enough that doing manual swaps is no longer feasible. Various updates have been made to the new character login area. Explorer points now tick in faster. Raise friends limit to 200. Experiment to make charmed mobs a bit less aggro. ---- Oct 06, 11 [1344] Retreat with no args will now attempt to go back the way you came. Retreat sends are now handled differently to limit yell spam. Retreat improvements brought to you by Jinpachi. Items on the ground in donation rooms will automatically be added to the donation list over time to help keep donations cleaner. Add newbie parser aliases for 'put on' and 'put down'. Reduce the impact of Rain-style asshole behavior by making it harder to sanc/heal mobs that are in combat with others. Disable 'take all' in donation rooms. Add Locane's custom 'list search' routines to donation rooms and update help for player storage to make it easier to use on storage lockers. ---- Oct 05, 11 [1342] Various minor newbie string fixes. Sacrifice is no longer a 'noaction' command. Alias 'take off' to 'remove'. Warn on score/stat/armor command if wearing fewer than 14 pieces of equipment. Remove farsee failure send to target. God power from players without a god is now split evenly with the pantheon. Maximum number of friends in your friends list is now 150. Possession now respects mob nocharm flags. From Void: Add 'brag sklevel'. ---- Oct 02, 11 [1340] More old/stale fame that can't be obtained anymore has been removed. Make rescue fail less often. Raise damage on the flamestrike cleric spell. Increase effectiveness of cure blindness spell. Squeaky floors and chimes can no longer be cast in cities. Make fame tick in more frequently, without skipping. Display alias limits above level 20 when using the 'aliases' command. Change gold distribution for thief steal versus level. The net effect of this will be to reduce gold for high level steal, increase for low level steal. This will eventually require rebalancing of the experience gained from stealing, after the new constants have stabilized. ---- Sep 28, 11 [1336] Fix quest triggering bug that causes quests to sometimes not be activated on mob death. Minor exp tweaks between level 10 and 20. Repeated sanctuary casts now strengthen the spell more. Make the level up sends big and purple like a birthday. Switch over money market help to use moneymarket instead of mmarket. Allow storage lockers to be bought in 50 credit increments. Storage lockers can no longer be bought directly with gold. If you need to pay for your locker with gold, you'll have to buy credits on the money market first. From Void: Various fixes and cleanup to the charge spells, like burning hands. ---- Sep 25, 11 [1334] The default title for newbies is now blank, instead of 'the newbie'. Add 'you can also buy practices' messages to slist/train. Add room send on clan elder boot. Lots of interface changes for the 'quest' command, to make it less spammy and confusing for new players. Limit spam on player channels - duplicate sends sent less than ten seconds apart will now be discarded. From Void: Minor string updates to antidote reduce skill. Fix parsing bug for reading/listing 'sent' email. ---- Sep 17, 11 [1332] Melt is now dependent on fire focus instead of flame blade. Reduce the lifetime of bone dragons. Add exp to channelcasting. ---- Sep 15, 11 [1331] Change some armor sends to simply indicate light/medium/heavy armor. Raise total level limit on restarting characters to 75. Minor modifications to the presence spell. Remove grandfathering from preservation and weaken. Prevent thief explosives spellgroup from showing up in the middle of the mage spells web page. Fix crash bug in bone dragon. ---- Sep 14, 11 [1329] Don't show maxload on system objects like soulstones. Display storage item count even for expired lockers. Add 'credit buy clan' to allow clan creation with credits. Fix player shop ownership issue. The 'clear thinking' spell has been slightly improved at mid levels. Most of the official 'cleric release' code has been turned on for final testing. Barring major problems, we'll do announcements and official release tomorrow. From Void: Add clan storage search/llist command. Add clan storage log command to show recent storage activity. Add clan storage stat command. ---- Sep 12, 11 [1327] The 'storage stat' command now shows the number of items in storage. Waypointing into a clan now ignores distance restrictions. Clan elders can now 'dset delete' unneeded clan doors. From Void: Basic infrastructure for clan storage lockers. There's not yet a clan storage stat or clan storage enter function. Allow credit buy of player shop rent. ---- Sep 09, 11 [1325] Allow staff and wand types for clan equipment. Dclient version 0.988 is now officially obsolete. The first pass of changes to level the playing field on old/screwed up fame mobs has gone in. This is mostly to test that everything works and get some of the worst cases out of the way. Players over a thousand fame can expect to lose some of their fame - for the highest fame players, the total loss will probably be around 20 points. The average fame loss should be between 3 and ten fame, as a number of the bogus fame mobs are in groups. Expect another similar set of changes in the future once all the special cases are better understood. The credit cost for clan dues has been raised, to make the gold/credits conversion more consistent globally and to help push along the money market. The 'official' conversion rate has been deemed to be 1000 gold per credit, and at this rate 1000 credits buys a million gold for clan dues. The credit costs for lockers have been dramatically changed. Storage lockers now have adjustable limits, in increments of 1000 items per increment. You can increase your limit at any time, but you can only decrease it if your locker is sufficiently empty. Note that lockers by default now have a limit of 1000 items, at a cost of 2500 credits per year. For details on how locker costs change if you raise your limit, see 'help storage increase'. Keep in mind that lockers containing tens of thousands of items have been a source of system lag for quite some time. While we have made changes to the game code and upgraded the server to reduce this lag, we still feel that the small number of players with huge hoardes should carry more of the burden for their actions. Of currently active players, this change will affect approximately 30 storage lockers. From Void: Add help page for 'lastline' filter. When fame ticks in, you now get a big colorful notify similar to getting a combat or explorer point. You can now use credits to buy a self-repairing boat, so that you won't have to pay gold to repair it all the time. ---- Sep 07, 11 [1322] Allow clan elder account access from any official recall site, instead of just clan recall sites. From Void: Add dclient sounds to various credit buy actions. Add priority to channel bans - admins cannot remove avatar or owner bans, and avatars cannot remove owner bans. ---- Sep 05, 11 [1321] Change default colors for lightning and crystal spells to white. Minor updates to bot detector. Fix weirdness with loot prevention and containers inside containers. Add 'group add' and 'group remove' subcommands for newbies. ---- Sep 04, 11 [1320] Mobs can no longer get freak soulsteals. Fix missing % signs in show command. Add a custom string note to 'credit buy weightless show'. Avatars can now use the 'avatars' command to see a list of other avatars. Mana calculations have been changed. You may notice that your mana is a little higher or lower than it used to be. This change is to help flatten out the gain curve at high levels and get rid of the rare situations where leveling gained you negative mana. From Void: Avatars and admin are now notified when various avatar actions happen, for example avatar channels bans, noyell, nosocial, silence, etc. The idea is that avatars will be better able to police each other if they are aware what other avatars do. God favor is now automatic, and not controlled by the gods. Also, if you had more than 10 favor prior to this change, your favor has been reset to 10. ---- Sep 03, 11 [1317] Fix minor bugs in new character creation screens. Add staged delays to new character creation process. Clan members will no longer need to unignore spammers to see spam flagged clan members. Infrastructure work in prep for adjusting player mana. Reduce 'better at' exp by 20%. Credit buy changes: Credit buy price for map expansions cut in half. Add customizable lightning spell colors via 'credit buy'. Add customizable crystal spell colors via 'credit buy'. Add 'credit buy weightless'. Note that all weightless purchases will will now be handled via 'credit buy', so Dentin no longer has to build them manually. Discounts for huge weightlesses will no longer be available, as players already get discounts for buying large amounts of credits. If none of the default weightless names and strings look appropriate, you can suggest new ones to Dentin - but if your suggestion is added, it will be available to all players from that point forward. To get a custom named weightless, you will have to buy a default one and have it renamed. From Void: A big rewrite of the email system to help reduce lag and make the commands less ambiguous and less dangerous. Increase map visibility in boats at night. Make the generic 'stop' command more powerful. Level 0 minions now require at least one control point. Send a warning message when trying to charm nocharm mobs. Fix ancient low level kick bug found by Vivi. Add 'waypoint reorder' to let people change the order of waypoints. Prevent storage lockers from occasionally destroying minions. Reduce lag on storage locker accesses. Prevent splitting of special spell components. Minor updates to cloak and shadow commands. Mob targetting memory now expires after a period of time. Add a 'lastline' socket filter. Add a helper newbie command 'yes'. Avatar flags expire if an avatar doesn't log in for a long time. First pass of code to stop eq stealing by players not in the group that killed a mob. Animate corpse now has slightly stronger restrictions, to prevent animating of nonsensical items. Dying breath sends should now be a bit more obvious. Various minor bug fixes and improvements for dclient users. Add 'recent' options to email handling. Some changes to how minions handle targetting and jumping to assist. This is experimental and will probably require future tweaks. From Void, future changes: Lots of updates for bone dragon. Minor string updates for 'peace' spell. ---- Aug 17, 11 [1315] Change scale on money market graphs to make them more readable on web pages. Fix sorting order for the builders list. Make board commands usable while doing other things. From Void: Add casting check to ice imprison. Improve strings for mob memory. Money market offers that are too old will automatically cancelled on login. Number of market offers allowed is now 50 per player. From Void, future changes: More updates to 'peace' and 'solace' spells. Improve 'hold undead'. ---- Aug 16, 11 [1314] From Void: Add various missing spell and skill help pages. Various minor newbie code updates. Add a 'name' command, and 'inventory -insult'. Add a 'loot' command. From Void, future changes: Add future 'bone dragon' spell. Various minor updates to ice imprison. More channeling updates. ---- Aug 10, 11 [1312] Fix bad formatting in 'finger' command. Fix broken help pages for gods and builders. Change remove string for vulnerability so it doesn't look like stone skin. Fix 'half mana, no exp' spellcasting bug. Fix bad data collection in global exp stats. Fix broken formatting of last saved time on finger. Fix send after death bug in fireweb/absorb. From Void: Fix bug that displayed explosives under mage skill list. Future updates to presence spell. ---- Aug 09, 11 [1309] Remove the broken and pointless 'last access time' from finger. Email sent boxes now only hold a maximum of 500 messages. Early messages are discarded first. From Void: Return the examine command to it's previous behavior if no lock present. Major infrastructure updates to god code to split the builder list from the pantheon gods. God recall karma nuked. God renounce/reconvert timers nuked. Initial autofavor code added but disabled. Note that when this is enabled, there will be a global favor reset for existing characters. The cleric 'monitor' skill has been removed and practices refunded to those who had the skill learned. The monitor command and functions are now available to all players without needing a skill for it. Future changes from Void: Add new cleric 'overconfidence' curse. Add new cleric 'hold undead' spell. Improve ward good and ward evil spells. Initial code for mage spell channeling. Updates to imprison spells. ---- Aug 01, 11 [1308] From Void: Charm spell improvements for future release. Fix wierdness with tank command. Allow shadow bind while tanking. Fix multiplaying penalty in groups. Improvements to turn undead ward mode. Improvements to future solace spell. Feared mobs will eventually recall back to their starting location. ---- Jul 31, 11 [1307] Shut off new experimental spells that were accidentally left enabled. Make it possible to practice steal again. Minor fixes to dclient audio playout. Prevent throwing of containers unless you use -force. ---- Jul 30, 11 [1306] Raise levels on some of the lower level cleric druid spells. From Void: Reveal curse improvements. Improvements to control point system used for necro minions and charmies. Various minor warning sends for new thief skills. Add future 'sacred touch' spell. Fix minor timeout bug in burning hands/shocking grasp/sickening touch. ---- Jul 29, 11 [1304] Add cost to grenade object types. Fix permission bug that allowed clan elders to remove board messages. Fix typo in enchant weapon. From Void: Allow tanking/defend for a handful of shadow skills. The 'wander' command no longer breaks actions. Infrastructure work on the action system (things like fishing, turn undead, butcher, etc.) Add mana/move/channel cost to skill help pages. Improve fail strings for some skills. Some of the shadow skills now auto-target. Add a new hidden achievement involving grenades. From Void - Future Updates: Add new cleric 'solace' spell. ---- Jul 27, 11 [1303] Lots of minor exp tweaks to warrior and thief skill experience, and some large exp tweaks to roar/taunt/intimidate. Allow lock picking to be started while resting. The 'rarity' field has been removed from quest lists. Improve level calculation on quests. Antidote brews have been changed! On the plus side, they should be about three times easier to find now. From Void: Massive infrastructure work on spell and skill restrictions. Expect weirdness and other minor issues with skill usage in odd environments. Minor bug fixes to lock examining. Add help text when using the 'shadow' command without arguments. ---- Jul 22, 11 [1301] ----- BETA TEST ----- This boot contains beta test code for the new thief update. This includes a bunch of new skills for thief and some reworks of existing ones. A full change log will be posted on board 8, and we hope to have everything debugged and stable for general release by sunday. Keep in mind that there may not be trainers for all the new skills immediately. Please contact Void and Dentin with possible issues. ----- BETA TEST ----- Current thief bug fixes: - fix getting stuck if no movement when lock picking - make more poison skills default teachable - don't give exp for reinforcing shadow bind - tweak to dieroll of shadow blades - various fixes for smokebombs - wear off shadow bind on transfer/summon Minor fixes to explorer points. Clear map on character restart. Clear teeth and alignment on character restart. Fix 'max level' bug with necromancer minions. Give weapon throwing lag based on weapon speed. Allow mobs to empty noempty containers unless they are notake as well. Fix bypass of mob guards bug in shadow walk. From Void: Add auto-revive for necromancer vampires that are killed. Change backstab notifies so they're no longer heroic. Fix minor bug in listen in a valid direction without an exit. Dset can now be used instead of 'set door'. Infrastructure work for cleric 'peace' spell. ---- Jul 20, 11 [1299] Make it a little harder to cheese the killing spree arena achievements. Clan war cost raised to 25 credits. From Void: More grenade code for this week's thief update. ---- Jul 18, 11 [1297] Add more daily userload graphs. Fix bug in skill level calculations that was breaking blood rage. Allow a few more area types to have explorer points. Alias show now shows partial matches. From Void: More grenade code for this week's thief update. ---- Jul 16, 11 [1295] Various updates to new character creation screens. More 'where fame' display fixes. Fix bugs in character recreate. Disallow exp gain for roar skills in clan areas. Attempt to improve group retreat and more reliably bring along healers. Fix generic bug in how skill level was calculated. Various minor reorg of warrior skills: Leap attack is now dependent on parry. Lower disarm level to 8. Cleave is now dependent on leap attack. Whirlwind is now dependent on double attack. Taunt/intimidate/roar have been moved to a new 'Warcries' skill group. Valor is now the basis for a new 'Barbarian Blood' skill group. Add level 5 warrior skill 'cry of victory'. From Void: More grenade code for next week's thief update. ---- Jul 15, 11 [1292] Minor changes to exp thwacking. Improve fame display on 'where' command. Allow character recreate up to total level 70. Various minor experience tweaks to mage and necromancer. Prevent group summon while bound. Minor fixes to character recreate. Raise experience for better ats and achievements. From Void: Initial support for grenade fuses, shells, and recipes. Add 'where fame' overloaded command. Add 'merge' and 'split' for spell components. Drinking choking cloud and poison cloud now poisons the drinker. Mobs eating poisoned meat and corpses will now be poisoned. Various poison improvements for future thief update. ---- Jul 12, 11 [1290] Rework brew poison for future thief class update. Brew poison recipes will change. Very minor improvements to stealth walking. Fix 'protect while mortally wounded' bug. The 'use' command on spellbooks now tells new players to use 'memorize'. Fix bug where some dclient audio doesn't get played out. You can no longer store, tap, or enchant in arenas. Attempt to improve display of missing fame from areas. NOTE - fame has not changed, fame mobs have not changed, you have not lost fame. Only the display of fame on 'where' has changed. From Void on future thief expansion: Poison system updates and reworks. Poison antidote updates. Fixes to shadow skills. Fixes to lock picking. ---- Jul 05, 11 [1289] Make 'leap' come before 'learn' in the main parser. Move thief skill 'contortionism' from level 19 to level 22. Change to slow down mob hp regen in some situations. Losing a clan war no longer deletes a trophy you might have gotten from a previous clan war. Minor bugfixes to suiciding in arenas. Mobs will now offer substantially lower amounts of gold when buying things as they run short on cash. Prevent dispel of armor and weapons in arenas. The 'set msp' command now takes on/off arguments. Minor improvement to frost bite spell. Rework sound infrastructure for MSP mode. Expect some bugs here. Fix bug in MSP mode. From Void: Updates to lock picking for the future thief release. Add future thief 'survey' skill. Improve 'sea navigation' skill to show nearby areas. Fix '(null)' display bug for some spellgroup help pages. Don't show dual dependency skill groups twice. ---- Jul 01, 11 [1288] Int/wis spell requirements have been reduced at low levels, but should be nearly the same at high levels. This is to help new players with second and third classes and allow them to learn spells without an excessive amount of stat training. Allow skill improve for group waypoint. Skeletons are now destroyed on entry to an arena, but you can create skeletons in arenas without using dragon teeth. A bunch of help page updates. Add code to allow custom player rest and sleep strings. Minor fix to thief/warrior skills web pages. From Void: Add missing dclient map update in scout skill. Initial code for character recreate/restart (not yet enabled.) Various improvements to mage store/tap, including support for spells like summon. Add thief 'withdraw' skill for future thief update. Characters below total level 50 can now restart their character using login screen option #8. ---- Jun 29, 11 [1286] Lower credit cost of map increases to 1000 credits per year. Lower credit cost of aliases to 50 credits per 10 aliases. Grab a random demon familiar if you summon using an invalid name. Fix bug that left red winged imps littered across the countryside. Fix obscure targetting bug in rotting sphere. Don't allow typo reporting in clan areas. Please talk to your clan elders if there's a clan typo that needs to be fixed. Various minor typo fixes. Allow getting better at astral bridge and waypoint lore. Prevent mobs from creating instances. Note that it may not be possible to bring certain types of mob minions into instances without carrying them. DClient version 988 is now the official current version. 987 and earlier are now considered deprecated. Minor string updates to demon consult identify. From Void: Update player map when using scout skill. Updates to future shadow bind skill. Updates to future shadow decoy skill. Allow getting better at shadow mastery skill. Updates to future shadow strike skill. Updates to future shadow asylum skill. Prevent use of scout through one way exits. Relax some restrictions on the 'out' command. Add help pages for proposed new thief skills. ---- Jun 25, 11 [1284] The damage scaling of bloodmist and rotting sphere is now lower above level 30. Change string on hidden knock achievement. Raise damage on fireweb. Move some damage from the main greater fireball to incidental targets. Lower mana cost of bone prison to 45 mana. Fix minor bug with harvesting in combat. Add newbie warning message when putting soulstones into corpses. You can no longer donate cursed items or poisoned food. An 'autorewield' option has been added to eliminate the need for autowield triggers. From Void: Initial implementation of a handful of thief shadow skills. ---- Jun 22, 11 [1283] Add options to the 'quest' command to see quests grouped by location. Minor reorg and improvement of help pages on web server. From Void: Level 35 is now open and available for players to train. The new skills included with this expansion are: Mage - the 'store' and 'tap' skills, allowing spells to be stored into equipment for later use. Cleric - 'hallowed ground', used to create temporary recall sites. Thief - 'scout', used by thieves to safely look ahead, even into dark or otherwise obscured exits. Warrior - 'blood rage', an extension of the berserker skills used to temporarily raise hitpoints in battle. Necromancer - 'soulbind', allowing soulstones to be bound to teeth forged bone armor, shields, and blades. In addition, two new item effects have been added - THIEF_SKILL_LEVEL, and WARRIOR_SKILL_LEVEL, which complement the cast level effects of the spellcasting classes. See the help pages for these for further information. ---- Jun 19, 11 [1281] Turn off experimental level 35 skill (ETA June 22, 2011.) More file load/save anti-lag improvements. Prevent farsee from seeing into area header rooms. Remove spam filtering for removing cursed equipment. Fix minor weight bugs in necromancer consume. Minor improvements to nomelee. ---- Jun 17, 11 [1279] Adjustments to spellcasting exp for cleric and necromancer. Improve bloodmist spell in pk and reduce chance of killing target. Lower cost of 'credit buy clanwar' to 10 credits. Reduce exp and gold loss on death for low level players. Fix minor bugs in practice command. From Void: Force 'pick locks' to take precedence over 'pickpocket'. Force 'word of recall' to take precedence over 'wood woad'. Don't display raw html syntax in various area/god entries. Add 'quest info', to get quest information without going to the web pages. ---- Jun 14, 11 [1277] Lower trip to 4 practices required, and add trip exp. Don't give lockpicking experience for clan doors. Make retreat easier to improve during use. Raise warrior skill exp for a handful of lesser used skills. ---- Jun 13, 11 [1275] Lots of general infrastructure work. Changes to try to reduce server lag. From Void: Various minor boat fixes. ---- Jun 08, 11 [1274] Add higher movement cost to lock picking. Cleanup and improvement to area/areas/where commands. Prevent double casting of necromancer bone armor. Infrastructure updates for dead/destructed chars. Lower explorer point cutoff so they kick in at lower levels. From Void: Add 'credit buy map' for increasing the dclient map memory. Add yell to dclient channel windows. Infrastructure work for clans. Crash bug fix for boat scuttle. Add experience to thief lock picking. ---- Jun 06, 11 [1273] From Void: Various boat fixes. Get new boat achievements to show up on finger. Prevent sea navigation from being taught on all trainers. ---- Jun 05, 11 [1271] Slightly increase strength of dclient color flash on damage hit. Slightly raise lag on staff use. Change casting level dependency of cause/harm spells. Raise exp on necromancer bone armor and lifetap. From Void: More boat updates! Boats now save across boots. Only boat owners can christen boats. Allow clan boats - clan elders are captains, clan members helmsmen. Add a couple of easter egg hidden boat achievements. Add a navigation skill to locate your boat relative to its home port. ---- Jun 01, 11 [1269] Fix crash bug in whirlwind. From Void: Various improvements to boats, including boat list and boat recall. ---- May 30, 11 [1267] Fix cast level issue in grandfathered healing touch. A number of elemental spells no longer pay attention to spellsave. Fix level issue with shadow fiends and demon familiars. Give demon familiars a reasonable amount of hp regen. Minor string improvements to practice commands for newbies. Fix damroll issue for necromancer skeletal warriors. ---- May 29, 11 [1266] Add 'credit buy clanwar' to start a clan war for 100 credits. Add 'credit buy channel' to prevent channel timeout for one month. Fix crash bug in nearby waypoint display. Massive cast level rebuild A number of cast level related changes have gone in this boot. Some are immediately positive for casting classes, but some will require adjustment: - 1:1 cast level, instead of 1:2 - cant learn spells using cast level - force event regen for all players instead of tick regen - allow cleric cast level to enhance turn undead warding (not turn damage) - necro cast level dynamically affects minion state (see below) Minion stats for certain minions are now based on current necromancer cast level, and the level of those minions will automatically adjust as the amount of worn cast level changes. If a necromancer creates minions at a high cast level, then removes his equipment, the minions should be set to lower stats within a few seconds. The reverse should happen if cast level is reworn, however in the case of hitpoints and movement only the max will be increased, not the current hp/movement. Not that it is not possible to create a low level undead and use cast level to boost it beyond its created level. One should always prepare and raise undead using full cast level. The affected minions are the five animated ('clay man' and similar) creatures, skeletal warriors, skeletal mages, and explicitly raised undead. Summoned and controlled undead are not affected. Also note that there will probably be a lot of rebalancing in the next few weeks. Individual spells from all of the casting classes will need to have their damage levels adjusted and retuned, so don't get too attached to any new behavior you might find. ---- May 28, 11 [1264] Changes to necromancer minion stats. Some minions will no longer have random hp/mana/movement when summoned. Fixes to emptying of guarded objects. Minor changes to newbie character creation. From Void: Support for spellgroup display on help pages. See 'help spellgroup' for examples. ---- May 27, 11 [1262] Fix minor fame bug with minions. Add exp timers to necromancer bone prison. Allow 'waypoint add' as alias for 'pray here'. Various help page updates. Faith shield now mitigates some types of mana and movement damage. Trainers can now teach maximum multiple attacks at level 25 instead of level 40. This is to help newbie warriors on the islands, who had to go to ralnoth to learn multiple attacks better than fair. Note that this does not lower the requirements for multiple attacks. From Void: Add say, ct, and friends post to dclient channel windows. Fix boat flag bug when unwearing an object. ---- May 26, 11 [1260] Movement regen is now dependent on both str and con. Necromancer consume now only works on your own minions. Properly display fame in instanced areas. Allow tanking toggle while entangled. From Void: Mortal 'where waypoints' now shows nearby waypoints, similar to 'pray'. Fix message formatting bug with initial long line. Improve where strings for new clan areas. Add a kxwt_ client trigger for entering/leaving board posts. Prevent guarded containers from being emptied. ---- May 23, 11 [1258] Various minor fixes to fractional mana regen. Remove hitpoint limiter on con higher than 30. Raise hitpoints of all necro animated tank minions except clay man. Make movement mostly dependent on con instead of str. Various dclient audio updates. ---- May 20, 11 [1256] Add 'credit buy clanequnlock', to let players change clan eq restrings. Fix password wierdness in new character creation. Change playershop unsold so that it only increments once per vnum instead of once for every copy of the item for sale. Invisibility room sends are now filtered by the misc spam flag. Leth now has a look string when you look at a lethed creature. Rancid flesh now has an expiration string. Raise absorb effect on demon familiars. Allow remote release of minions by necromancers. Mana regen now can have half point effects, for example 2.5 mana regen. There have been a lot of composite changes related to this, and some equipment may now be autobinding. From Void: Various improvements to freak notify handling. Blind player change - ignore apostrophes in keyword strings. Fix double socket bug in possession spell. Improve the 'use' command on doors, the wand of knock now works. Various cleanup and bug fixes to new microleveling system. Fix dclient group window bug. Add dclient audio preloading support for future dclients. ---- May 18, 11 [1252] Add more keywords for group comments. MSP mode is now enabled by default if supported by clients. Add stronger spam filtering for chain lightning. Minor changes to object lock/unlock strings. Show in red players over their fame limit on 'who fame'. Remove obsolete character creation options from login process. From Void: The 'use' command can now be used to unlock/lock doors. Healing another player's minions now gives some experience. Fix up random item detection on steal/shoplift. Allow summoning demonic familiars by name. Fix event log and friends list notify for backstab and soulsteal freaks. Speed up dclient group window status updates on ungroup/minion death. 1000 entries displayed.

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