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Creation Date: Fri Aug  2 08:37:25 2002
Channel Name:  bovine

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 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Sirand: permanent area?  or delayed event

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: perm area

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Sirand: nod

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: its level 50, but it is solo

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Sirand: level 50 solo.   are you trying out
something new?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Ragtime: Instance?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: no

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: tunrabog in city of fonts will have
special chaos jobs

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: she'll send you after specific
spellcomp drops

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: When I type set desc hair shoulder
or set desc hair shoulder length, neither work and it says that it's
not a hair style. Am I doing something wrong or it's a bug?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: try shoulderlength, all one word?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rafa: that means you are bald

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: tried, doesn't work

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rafa: yeah  you are bald

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: wait, its not a hairstyle

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: set desc hairl shoulder

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Seanofdead: I've ran into the same thing

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: there's haircolor, hairlength and

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Oh I'm sorry, I meant to say hair
lenght, not hair style

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: So here's the thing. If I type set
desc hair should, it works. If I add an 'er' to it, like set desc hair
shoulder, it won't for some reason, and this could be quite ocnfusing,
tbh I just figured that out

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: that is odd

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: send me a mudmail, I'll check it out

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: sounds like a keyword is typoed

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: sure. BTW just wondering if there
has been any issues regarding the warrior damage that we talked
earlier, I wonder if I should mudmail that to u just in case

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: there is no issue with warrior
damage. There was an issue with the new damage types stacking in weird
ways that has been addressed

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: new mtype resistances I should say

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: earlier as in when? yea was going
to say.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: change your weapons one weapon
don't rule them all anymore.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Ah so there has been no change to
warrior class, and it has been the melee damage resistances that has
came into action and that's why my damage felt off right? Just trying
to make sure I understood correctly.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: never did really, but the change
makes it more obvious especially on consider

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: the damage reistances are very nearly
the same, except machines. What you experienced was a bug

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: the big thing is that will show up
much more clearly on consider now

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: I'm not talking about that scarecrow

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: neither am I

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Heh nod sorry my English sometimes
fails me

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: there was never a systemic issue with
damage. Its an idea that got planted by a particular moron claiming it
was dented months ago and trumpeting about it, turned out he was going
after level 35 mobs with 5 hitroll

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: mind you this particular moron
vanishes for months to years long stretches and has long been
associated with controversy

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Ah no I mean I've tried the damage
with over 30 hitroll on another char at tot 160, I usually got
annihilates with my leap but the damage was way off since maybe 1-2
months ago, I'm really not aware if there has been reportings of this
prior to mine

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: and I asked other people to make
sure whether or not my stats were the problem, they told me that they
too felt the damage was dented, especially leap attack

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: there's been no changes to leap for
over a year

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I looked through it

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: feelings are not an accurate metric

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Well I appreciate you looking in
that personally

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: trust me, if its broken, I want it

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: but if I just up the damage because
people feel a certain way, that's how we end up with power creep

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: definitely, i know I've been working
on other projects myself. Perhaps it's just the mtype, maybe something
has changed during the gap between my alter aeon playing days

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: and perhaps I just wasn't using the
right weapons

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Ivey: the change seemed to happen at the
same time as the creature vulnerability and resistance changes came in,
maybe if you can look at damage stats from before and after the change
you can see if something changed?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: nothing changed

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: values were all comparable

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I will say, though, you guys use
solar flare a lot

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Deadinator: I tried it with earthshaker, and
it wrecks!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: and shardstorm

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Deadinator: I do like fiddling with the
weather as a druid though. 

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Ivey: my guess is that people are just not
using the best weapons for the situation now, it does seem like you
need to switch weapons more with the changes. That's not a bad thing

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Yup that seems to be the case

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Heh personally never had a big
enough weightless to carry my weapons around to have like one for every
type or even most, but I take it it's the case, have to try

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Deadinator: Bout the same problem I get with
crafting too. Having to use a few tensor for now to pull all this

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: changing weapons is no different
than a mage needing to change spells.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Ivey: definitely want to have at least a
nonorm crush and slash weapon, a piercer is a bit less needed if you're
a warrior I think

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Ivey: before the change you really only
needed a single nonorm ewapon and it would do at least okay against

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Seanofdead: except spells don't take up
weight andd inv space

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: heh good point sean

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Deadinator: So it's a much heavier

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Deadinator: And these stone giants...

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Ivey: and as I said, it's not bad, it just
means hitters aren't as mindless as they used to be, that's probably a
good thing.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I want to see someone use afflict and
nausea poison on a big fish monster, then use a magic-poisoned
backstabber on it

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: I thought afflict only affected
cleric's harm spell group

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: it lowers spellsave

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: oh that's the reason then

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: makes the target more vulernable to
other curses

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: good to know

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: and magic damage

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Deadinator: Forgot about that bit...

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: heh, don't

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I've been working for like half a
decade now to make a bunch of more integrated and reactive stuff,
especially inside of classes

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Heh yeah I lvoe them especially the

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: its why you can chill a mob with
tarrant's spectral hand and then hit with spectral claws to make them
bleed and that will make your vampire heal when it attacks them

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: Maybe add a skill for warriors so
that it confuses the aponent when strike, then if hit by another skill
it deals extra damage

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Deadinator: Now we're really stretching...

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: sho' nuff: "shouldlength"

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: exact5ly

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Charly: oh god rofl

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: nice

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Mink: hi, this quest breaks my speech. it
makes it stop at the last word in that quest.. somewhat anoying

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Mink: Quest  1 - Investigate the lunatic
outside of Dje.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: I would bring it up on zt, because
if it's breaking your reader chances are its a mush thing.. 

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Mink: ok

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rocky: dje is spelt d  j e, I have that
quest, look at the spelling i think its no bug

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Mink: hmm just changed to aonother speech,
it worked with that one, so it seems it is a break word in that
speech.. sigh.. oh well just have to complete that quest then :)

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rocky: oops sorry if i misunderstood 

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Mink: yeah i was not that clear either, but
it made the speech stop reading from that word or 3 letter thingy.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: nod most tiems that is a mush
thing where their trying to filter out certain words.. At least  95% of
the time, once in a while its the jaws crash filter. Like with the word

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Mink: ok. i do not understand much about the
jaws filter, i am using NVDA and the speech Amy from harposoft.. and it
is amy that breaks.. another speech from harposoft can read it fine..
so i guess it must be the Amy that is broken

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: suggestion: new command to see
the prereqs of a skill or spell

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Ivey: help page

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: suggestion:  quantum

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: sure!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: ok

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Azura: whatabout the classical mechanics?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: in order to wield your
sword, please type in the full form differential equations describing
it's potential action and relative entanglement with your hand

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: so I played this mud where you
had to step around to throw punches

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: "it's like making an
omelet from scratch"  "that's easy, I've done that before"  "really
from scratch?"  "what do you mean?"

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: you laid the egg too

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: "really from scratch, I
mean 'here are bottles of hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, a block of
graphite, a box of trace elements sorted by atomic weight, and a basic
chemistry kit.  Make an omelet"

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: give me 50 years and a 3d printer

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: why don't we build the atoms 
from the electrons as well

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: now thats just crazy

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: everyone knows you
build atoms out of quarks and leptons!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Khurkoled: let's manipulate chaos particles

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: THE OMEGA PARTICLE

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Shinobi: So, If I make each function take as
little parameters as possible, and isolate them... Ill reduce the
likely hood that adding new code will break my old code, correct?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Rafa: shadow bind does not work   very well 

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Judas: can we rename the tincture of
beastiality please?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Judas: it just, doesn't sound right

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: no wtf bro

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Judas: lol

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: it's perfect

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: we can not

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: pls ignore judas

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Judas: jesus did, probably the right move

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: we already nuked the shit demon,
let's not do this

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dog: since I wasn't here when this was
changed, can I ask about the issue with long descriptions?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dog: couldn't the description have been
limited to a character limit and allow only letters instead of symbols?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Stormwing: TLDR  people were using text
strings from the game to trigger waves of audio spam when you looked at

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dog: why is the whole mud being punished for
a select few people instead of punishing just those select few people
or revoking their description priviliges?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: you can choose to view
it that way if you wish

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: personally, if I went
back in time, doing something like this is what I'd have done right
from the start

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dog: fair enough, you're the dev, your

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: then again, I'd also
kill underwater anything and probably make a bunch of other unpopular
changes too, heh

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: I am bookie magneto!

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: yay?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: why is inflict wounds listed in
my spells list for things to learn at level 1 cleric, but whenever I
try to learn it it says its beyond my abilities right now?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: hmm, not sure

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: what's the exact text?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: 'inflict wounds' is a little
beyond your abilities right now. You need to gain a level or two before
you can learn it.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: looks like its technically level 2

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: what are you typing into check? just
'check cleric'?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: I type slist at a trainer

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: cleric trainer

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: ooh, okay, I thought it was showing
up on check

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: just slist yes

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: okay, let me see here

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Rubi: don't lower level spells show up on
slist even if you can't learn them? i want to say i've seen it show me
like up to level 5 or something on a new char, but that was like
forever ago and I could be misremembering

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: same with armor. It shows up
but is also too beyond my abilities?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Suzu: i feel like slist always shows like
the first 5 levels or something of spells just so you can see the spell
trees i guess

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: looks like 'slist' with no arguments
puts it in 'dumpall' mode, which shows everything the teacher can teach

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: Oh, I see. Makes sense now

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: lol

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: my bad

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Suzu: slist shows me the first 3 levels of
mage even at level 1. My guess is just yeah it's so you have some idea
what is available rather then just a list of like 1 or 2 items

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: wait, no 'slist all' does that

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: okay, looks like the default display
mode is if the level of the spell is 3 or lower and you have more than
1 level in that class, it will always display it

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Grindelwald: Oh ok

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: I think that's meant to keep new
players from wondering why they can't learn anything because they
generally know all the low level abilities coming in

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Shermanator: anyone know what max con is one
can have? is it 36 or can it go to 39

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: 39

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: I have 39 of 29 constitution.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: I think war controls con?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Shermanator: thought so

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Shermanator: yes it does as far as i know

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: c orrect. Ain't no way my teeny tiny
mage getting 39

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: leave some con for me pls

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: does anyone know how unbind works?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: if I unbind it does it auto drop on

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: what do you mean

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: no rofl

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Shermanator: as far as i rememeber you still
can hold it. just not wear it once its unbound

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: help autobind I think

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: the word auto in that command is
super confusing. 

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: I see

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: so if you unbind it you can't wear /
wield / hold / make love to it until you use the autobind command to
bind it.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Shermanator: also help unbind

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: I'll make sure to do it carefully

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ezechar: don't wanna waste 2k credits

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: oh right it's the first of december.
I've been naughty, I got coal

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Khuyag: what are we unbinding

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Shermanator: i have a couple items in
storage that are that way. i can hold and look at them but when you id
it it just says you cannot use yet

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Kamakura: can only three characters get
daily gifts?

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Kamakura: I can't find anything on dailies
in any obvious helpfile

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Kamakura: hi

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Morpheus: yes only 3

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Kamakura: mc

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Kamakura: oh would've been good to know lol.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Mufasa: only 3 characters get gifts?

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Kamakura: I thought I was just semi afk so
that's why *I haven'[t gotten gifts, but well I've been around for
lilke 8 hours now :)

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Morpheus: Advent gifts are limited to 3. You
need to remain active and have no other multis logged in. If not active
or have other chars logged in you take a chance of losing your gift.
Finally if it isn't working, log out and try again a little later and
remember what I said above.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Leopard: You could loose your gift if you
nto active aside from going past 12 am?

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Runner: advent gifts are the same as dialy
gifts but better, and limited to three characters per account.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Leopard: idle*

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Runner: daily gifts*

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Runner: you get them the same way you do
daily gifts

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Leopard: nod..

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Seanofdead: yep be active for about 5

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Runner: so yes, if you miss one, then you
don't get it. Same as dalies.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Draak: I'm not adding a help page because
people honestly expect infinite gifts

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Morpheus: it will try to give you the gift a
few times, but if idle  or have a multi logged in then yes you could
lsoe it  for that day.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Runner: I expect a billion xp per day,
draak. Anything less will be met with hatemail.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Morpheus: Exp is given, but you just can'tse
see it due to spam filters.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Runner: Oh, and I also expect the load
<object> and slay <mob> commands, deliverable before the clock next

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Draak: and while we're at it, clocks

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Rafa: you know its bad when  a  prime thief 
 gets leadfoot   to use rather than  shdaow bind 

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Lexie: request the ability to woodcraft,
wickerwork, or create images of players and or gods so one can burn
them in effigy.  Burning gods of course earns at least disfavor if not
worse consequences

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Rafa: all bow down to god rafa?

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Buzzbegone: hahaha god burning

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Lexie: example provided instantly. Thanks.

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Morpheus: will never happen

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Morpheus: mt

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Lexie: I know, but still, one can dream

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Mercedene: lol  you'd see a lot of people
burning gods when changes got made they didn't like

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Lexie: yep, and a lot of people bitching the
next day cause they can't cast solace no more

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Buzzbegone: a huge god burning pire

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Morpheus: should reset favor to 0

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Seanofdead: could be a good way to get favor
though. Like if you follow Dentin and you burn one of Kenai or another
evil god you get favor.

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Mercedene: lol I think most of those same
people would then double down and blame  the gods for being petty 

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Buzzbegone: yeah what about another god

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Lexie: petty gods? on a mud? never.

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Rafa: :)

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Buzzbegone: just LOL a petty god

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Lexie: the staff here are usually much
better than that though, I must add.

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Seanofdead: agreed

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Rafa: unless they   threaten to punch you in
the face 

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Rafa: thats fun 

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Buzzbegone: HAHA nah, for my part i just
think it's funny as hell

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Lexie: well you just have that effect on
everyone Rafa, that's just normal

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Rafa: its my gift

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Slit: in fareness,  lokar showing up and
ranting at you when you were drunk that one time in nm was kinda funny 

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Rafa: i diserved  that one for sure  :) 

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Gwendolyn: I can see I can (well cant) level
plague doctor

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Gwendolyn: Am I supposed to see this?

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: it will be on until the class gets
turned off next boot. It was from the vent

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: event

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Gwendolyn: ah alright

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Gwendolyn: thanks

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: sorry you missed the event

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: we'll probably bring it back next

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Charly: so these trees, do the logs that
fall off them provide higher level wood wodes? I heard things.

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Grindelwald: yeah what are those

 (6 hours ago)    [bovine] Dizzy: meat from giant electric eels is or
is not supposed to be seafood flagged?

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak@alter draak: Laruso the scribe
guildmaster utters a short spell, and the tattoo on your back fades and

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: have it catch fire and
burn with an ethereal purple flame to consume the tattoo occasionally,
and have laruso quip afterward 'well, that's new'

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak@alter draak: sometimes I'm not sure if
I'm talking to Dentin or some kid of Dentinbot that can sometimes pass
a turing test

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: I'm not Dentinbot, I'm

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Mathayas: maybe dentin created a bot to do
all his work here for him so he could move on from us without our
knowing it

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Dentin@stellar aeon: dentin works too much
and doesn't have incentive at the end of the day

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Mathayas: we should group dentin and find
out if it gets group bot flagged. heheheh

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Mathayas: you could mount harmonica on some
kind of stand I do imagine. I actually can't see why that wouldn't be
possible. but I'm sure it would be a hell of a lot of work to learn to
do all that at the same time

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Firedraco: oh wow, my hp regen is so low
from age it gets worse when i rest/sleep lol

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Morpheus: nod older you get  it all goes to
hell, even mana regen and mana starts going down.

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Khuyag: can we please be able to save the
god spellups for when we need them. I feel betrayed


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