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Creation Date: Fri Aug  2 08:37:25 2002
Channel Name:  bovine

(note - most recent messages are displayed at the bottom)
 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Frankenstein: ok

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: HOW DARE YOU

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I double dog dare you?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Barons: I was wondering. Is it a huge pain
in the ass to make it possible to make certain types of wood available
in rooms that it would make sense for them to appear. For example, in a
plum orchard to be able to gather fallen plum branches and limbs and so

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Barons: or even maybe just a high chance of
finding those types of wood in those rooms.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Barons: higher rather

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: not sure, that would mean the 
wood checker would have to check room short or logns and not sure if
that is possible.  Normally I think its based on terrain or area.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Barons: gocha. Thanks.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: as I said think, I might be
totally wrong, only draak could really answer that so.  just soemthing
I would think. 

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Barons: yeah usually its by terrain, or at
least as far as I can tell as well. I was just hoping it could be added
if it wasn't a pain in the ass to code or something, but I know nothing
about that sort of thing so not sure if that could even be built in.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Barons: Hell maybe it already does and its
just hard to tell.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: well its also area based too. 
Like  in the darkwood book it tells you of certain areas you are more
likely to find woods.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Barons: true

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Genocide: was there a super special event
for this year cause its the silver anniversary of this muds?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: the anniversary event is running
already, but i would say to you to not create much expectative about
more stuff

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Stormwing: its not open yet rav

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: i mean the stuff is ready and
already done, nobody will change things at this curent time

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Stormwing: how can you judge an event you
haven't even experienced

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Fighter: its so easy to judge you know...

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Genocide: maybe, hes basing his statement on
the event on the previous years so he thought that if the event this
year is almost the same or similar to those of the previous year, then
this 25 years anniversary of AA was not that so special

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Fighter: did derbi starrted

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Fighter: started

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: i am not judging. genocide was
talking about super special things... and an event of four days and a
half for an anniversary does not seem a super special thing for me...
Dentin himself said he does not have time for big stuff. 

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Blackrose: damn

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Barons: not yet fighter

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: port 3095 open

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: okay mr. gwumpy

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Fighter: hm nod in 5 minutes

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: i would love an entire year of
special events giving 25% more xp for every action, but super special
things are hard to build

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: I think you are
confusing 'hard' with 'stupid

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: both

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Fighter: this is a stupid idea

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: stupid would be 25 days of every xp
gain multiplied by 25...

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: IMG FYYT OAR EYE

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: I'm no Nostradamos, but I don't see
this conversation going anywhere smart

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Blackwidow: i would like a puppy for every
solo cap

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Fighter: whot r u seying dintyn i not no
your tipying houu du u toke

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: what about a 25 steps quest that
gives 25 gold as reward?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Blackrose: hell no

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: oooo you guys
should read the 5 5 5 5 5 series

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: it is not much different from a
bunch of quests game already have, rofl

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Fighter: then people will bitch about how
quests are unrewarding for all the work you do to finish it

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Blackwidow: i just like bitching

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine:

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Barons: oh neat I hadn't noticed the fishing
Derby additions where it tells you previous winners. I like it

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: cool

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: I'm glad that's working, it was hard
to test it

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: will future ships have special
fishing devices to catch whales with arpoons?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: yes

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: I'm imagining a wide-chin mud
barracuda is a pretty derpy looking fish

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: "Voldemort was born
as Tom Marvolo Riddle, which could be anagram'd to Mortal Dildo Mover"

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: and hitting moby dick or the
nautillus would be an achievement, rofl

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Blackrose: poor whale

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: hmmm, Voldemort is a bit more
intimidating, but only a bit

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: heh, what would the Death Eaters have
been called?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: im bad at anagrams

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Blackrose: don't feel bad

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: steer tatered

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: heh nope

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: uhhh, I would think wouldn't be
anagram but just y'know, dildo-themed

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: the time for the mark of the black
dragon watch is  real time or game time? 

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: rl time

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: but it only counts down while the
item is logged in

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ravenna: ah, ok...  thanks colonel

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Simo: trying to navigate without map command
-- i forgot what that was like.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: aren't we all trying to navigate life
without a map command?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Ciella: roflmao, too real

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: still waters run deep, man

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: and there's no stiller water than...

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Blackrose: lmao

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dex: there a way to pick up my shadow blades
and not ones i cant use?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: when doing typos please give a
hint as to what you think the typo  is and your suggested fix. Example 
in room long It says The cat  here. Missing the word is between cat and
here. Some of us are using readers and don'thear what you might see.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dex: i assume ur talkin to me?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: talking to you and everyone else
that makes a typo. 

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dex: i just logged a typo tho so i dunno if
i need to be more specific or not

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dex: million pieces, not millions pieces.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: ok, figured out the
crash bug from last night

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: its both cool and
weird that AA is as stable as it is with all the debugging shit enabled

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Lexie: 15 seconds later, mud crashes due to
Dentin's optimism

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: it keeps finding
unusual corner cases like last nights crash, but they're all legit and
relatively easy to fix, so yay

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: but at the same
time, I know there's probably a couple hundred more of these out there,
and yet we only hit one like every three weeks or something

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: its just not what
I'd expect

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: well, it sorta is? 
heh, im not explaining well

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: afkish, gym time

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: time to torture my
body for the privilege of slightly longer delay of my body's ongoing

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Asclepius: i know the ticks of instances are
fixed, but might be worth considering making it possible to reduce tick
times of instances for events in future. It makes this particular event
a little frustrating when you have to wait 30 minutes to try again each
time when the instance dead ends.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Kuranes: ouch

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: xirr_textctrl.h:   
    // FIXME how does the scroll bar even work in here?  Isnt that an
ansi controller thing?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: yay heh

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Soth: rofle

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dex: happy 25th, mud! to think i can play
this on my phone now.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: heh

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dex: i remember the first time i grouped was
in jr high computer lab. the teacher thought we were working furiously

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: has anyone ever actually disarmed a
trap? i'm in full thief sklev, max dex, traps at perfect and i can't
disarm these traps

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: yes

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dex: meet and greet 5 PST?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: system tiem by now oyu should know

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Frankenstein: This doesn't look like a good
place to shoplift for someone of your level.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Asclepius: newbie encampment?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Frankenstein: i honestly an hanging on by a

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: cause this is the 100 year
anniversary of the nfl and the first super bowl was chiefs and packers
and they want that again 100 years later

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: mc but yeah

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Quint: lol

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Frankenstein: its a level 27 area

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: i'd tell yo uto check changelog but
it wasn't included in changelog, along with the mining thing

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Frankenstein: its really sad

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Rhorae: the shoplift thing was in changelog

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Rhorae: just not mining

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: yep there it is

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: Various steal skills restricted on
newbie islands for high levels.

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Frankenstein: nod, well done admin

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Rhorae: maybe in this case mining is
considered stealing from the land? :P

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: lol

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: thank you :)

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: if i log pimp does that make it
strip mining?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: no, you'd need a character named
"Stripperella" for that

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: * waits for new character notify of
'stripperella has entered the game'*

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: i was tempted but i've got enough
chars, lol

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Asclepius: hanging around waiting for
strippers. mmmmm what would mrs draak say

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: I don't think she'd be very concerned
that I'm waiting for a strip miner to log in

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: carmine electra?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: was that her?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Asclepius: omg showing your age there morph

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Asclepius: she must be like 80 now or

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: she starred in striparella didn't

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: I wouldn't know

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: she is only 47 

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: yeah, jeeze

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: don't think she was a stripper but
i thought she posed for playboy or something

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: wasn't she briefly married to Dennis

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Morpheus: oh striparella was pam anderson.. 

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Colonel: lol rodman

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dex: there a way to change to port 3095 in

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Asclepius: wow i was way off, she is only 47

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: Playing

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: belinda... carlisle?

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: yep

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: like "circle in sand" belinda

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: Playing

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: "leave a light on
for me" belinda carlisle

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: circle in the sand blah

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: funny enough, her
music is more musically complicated than most of the shit on the radio
these days

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Elisius: when has radio music ever been

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: just well I remember playing her
music at wedding receptions, not something I expected on Dentin's

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: WHY NOT????  I HAVE

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: well color me tickled

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: woah, looks like you need to
attenuate that outrage emulation down a bit

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: hrm, I dont have
'head over heels' in my archive

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: by the gogos

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: ooo Playing

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Draak: aww, Alter's 25th anniversary is
making Dentin all sentimental :)

 (1 day ago)      [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: heh

 (18 hours ago)   [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: ugh

 (18 hours ago)   [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: so the next thing I
need to do is create a surface mapper object that contains the
reference triangle and point lists for various resolutions of planet

 (18 hours ago)   [bovine] Quint: why is that, I check the list of a
shopkeeper and he has the item but by the time I type buy  item, I get
nothing. I'm told he doesn't have that.

 (18 hours ago)   [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: then I need to make
another object that does some kind of copy operation and lets me set
height and color and shit

 (18 hours ago)   [bovine] Draak: Quint, are you having the issue right
now? I'd like to check it and see what's going on

 (18 hours ago)   [bovine] Quint: yes just did

 (18 hours ago)   [bovine] Quint: I'm still here

 (17 hours ago)   [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: I think I just need
to build this first object without worrying about the rest of this shit

 (17 hours ago)   [bovine] Jagdar: when creating a channel for AA, are
the credit cost for a year of the channel or is the channel then
permanently on the game?

 (17 hours ago)   [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: I believe it keeps
the channel open for that length of time even if nobody uses it

 (17 hours ago)   [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: channels normally
disappear if nobody uses them

 (17 hours ago)   [bovine] Dentin the Space Marine: for like two weeks

 (17 hours ago)   [bovine] Jagdar: thanks dentin

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] Dentin: laaaame

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: lol?

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] Absolute: testing received

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: did we crash earlier?

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Rhorae: yes

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Absolute: type uptime. and yes

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Draak: Dentin broke something

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: eeks

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Morpheus: I went to system and it made his
client go boom. 

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Yoshy: strange

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Rhorae: shrug uptime says when the game
booted, but doesn't say if it was an intentional reboot or a crash

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Absolute: was a crash

 (12 hours ago)   [bovine] Rhorae: nod

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: i have an item name black skull
corpse in my inventory.  how do i look inside the mob corpse on the
ground.  command keeps trying to look in inside skull

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Yoshy: maybe try 2.skull

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Draak: l in corpse ground?

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Druidia: try l in skull ground or 2.skull

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: think i tried all of those.  i'll
try again 1 by 1

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Druidia: drop what you have and try then

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: nod.  i know i can work around it. 
but would like the know how to specify something on ground for a
command.  it comes up quite a bit.  like trying to id something on
ground when it shares a unique name to something in inventory

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Mertag: I typically use things like look
mirror ground

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Druidia: i try to use a key word that is not
common and some times addng ground at end works

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Draak: l in carcass might do the trick, too

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: oh, carcass and body are more names
for mobs corpse.  that did work.  but adding ground did not work

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Mertag: Yeah  ground doesn't always work I
think, it's odd

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: The corpse of a Vandarian guard is
lying here.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: look in corpse: A small quantity of
transparent orange slime isn't a container.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: maybe i'll just change my alias to
carcass.  that seems more unique

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: oh, actually.  ground may work. 
think it just wasn't functioning in my alias.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: when i typed it out it worked

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: anyway to make that ground command
work when casting identify.  

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Druidia: usually with id i type 2.bag and it
finds the one on ground. not one i am holding and such

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: using id eq ground or cast identify
eq ground.  it still ids the eq in my inventory

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: ok, i'll try that

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: You don't seem to be carrying
anything named '2.ring'.

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: just type id 2.ring and then typed
cast identify 2.ring

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: both failed

 (11 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: Sorry, '2.ring' isn't a valid target
for the spell 'identify'.

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Druidia: hmm. you have to type cast id when
targeting item on ground. and 2.bag works  for me. try variations of

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Druidia: you wearing 2 rings and a 3rd in
inventory? then maybe 4.ring. not sure

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: i have one ring in my inventory and
one ring on the ground

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: not wearing anything else with
unique ring

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: cast id 2.ring gives me this: Sorry,
'2.ring' isn't a valid target for the spell 'identify'.

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: look ring ground works though.  that
sends a description of it

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: however, when i wear the ring in my
inventory, id ring returns the info on it.  but cast id ring returns
the info for the one on the ground

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Druidia: yep. know you need to cast id to
target items on ground

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: oh crud. I just gave Clarine the
alchemist the potion ingredients, but she won't give me the potion
back. Did I screw up, or trip over a bug?

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: I clearly just suck tonight

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: wouldn't be the first time you had
to buy back of kill back something from the mob that builds it

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Yoshy: too true

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: gotcha :D

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: she has always been a pain to
shoplift against. well, certain things

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: at least the barman gave the potion
back rofl

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: got it! :D

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: fiiiinalllyyy

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: it was only 80 gold coins by the
way.  cheapie.  he he

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: rofl I didn't even see that

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Sirand: oh, thought it was the principle of
it.  lol

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Dizzy: heh

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Jagdar: if I use crafted marbles as thrown
weapons with the thief knife throwing skill, do they do less damage
than they show when I iD them?

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Firmak: think that this skill's damage
depnds mainly no hr, dm and dexterity

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Jagdar: hmmm. okay, thanks

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Firmak: thiefs uses shadow blades

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Firmak: mainly

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Jagdar: makes sense.  the shadow blades just
have a damage rating but no bonuses to them.  guess that answers my
question.  thanks much

 (6 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: is port 95 down?

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Leos: i cant connect to it.

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: sadness

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Leos: i could on the first day though

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: nod

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Firmak: whoet does it mean? While afk, you
will take roughly five times longer to time out than normal.

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lexie: it means that you won't time out for
five times as long as if you don't go afk

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Sirand: timing out is auto logging you off

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Firmak: but here you will never go time out
if you're connected

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lexie: it does if you're not using auto
triggers on clients to keep you active

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Jaksa: do you create sets only with luck?sle

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Sirand: for crafting.  yes

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Jaksa: ah ok, thx for answer.

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Lexie: btw, that first 20 members free on
the clan dues commands should probably be removed. members no longer
cost gold per tick, just elders. 

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Ivey: I thought they did if you didn't have
a website of rank 9

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Lexie: possibly so. if so, then i withdraw
the comment.

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Ivey: has anyone found one of the people who
can upgrade your weapons for a fee

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Sirand: players who know the skill?  : )

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Ivey: oh I found one, ralnoth weapons shop

 (1 hour ago)     [bovine] Theghost: so with 39 and 40, will necro get
any new minions? I think one is overdue, especially as the last one is
gotten at 30.


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