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Creation Date: Sun Jul  6 11:39:57 2003
Channel Name:  chat

(note - most recent messages are displayed at the bottom)
 (9 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks xael'

 (9 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks morpheus'

 (9 days ago)     Pendrigan chats, 'yeah thx'

 (9 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks xael'

 (9 days ago)     Filip chats, 'survive the trip to the field or the
magic relms?'

 (9 days ago)     Filip chats, 'oops'

 (9 days ago)     Christini chats, 'lol'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'somebody can help me with scribe scroll
usage? I am trying but I don't know how can I scribe, for example, the
spell frostflower on a scroll. I already tiped "scribe crea
frostflower", but only read this mesage: You're not carrying any spell
components with an affinity for that spell.'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'I mean, where can know what components
I need to scribe a spell? Thanks a lot '

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'Is there a comand to know that? The
components I need to scribe my spells '

 (9 days ago)     Night chats, 'There's a skill that will tell you the
affinities of spellcomps, but I don't remember off the top of my head'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'spell lore you say?'

 (9 days ago)     Draak chats, 'reagent lore'

 (9 days ago)     Night chats, 'That's the one! :)'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'hmm, I think i Saw that skill before. A
brew master I think...'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'thanks guys'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'done! You are already well versed in
the 'reagent lore' skill.'

 (9 days ago)     Night chats, 'Then you just id spellcomps and it
should be in there if I remember right'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'let see...'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'Using the comand "id"? Or the spell id.
Look with the comand "id": You don't seem to be carrying anything named

 (9 days ago)     Night chats, 'You id the spellcomp, not the spell'

 (9 days ago)     Drake chats, 'lol, sure. sorry '

 (9 days ago)     Night chats, 'You find stuff all around that's type:
spellcomp - this tells you what it's affinity is'

 (9 days ago)     Erm chats, 'where is the best place to gather wood i
am in vemarkin'

 (9 days ago)     Ivey chats, 'greenwood should be fairly close'

 (9 days ago)     Erm chats, 'is there anyone that is ok with me
private messaging them for questions i have'

 (9 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'sure '

 (9 days ago)     Erm chats, 'i think i private messaged you Tribe'

 (9 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks coolbeans'

 (8 days ago)     Filip chats, 'how to use potions of chil tuch on

 (8 days ago)     Filip chats, 'what do i do with salk to get more info
about the alchemists guild?'

 (8 days ago)     Filip chats, 'how do I learn more about the
alchemists ugild from salk Morian?'

 (8 days ago)     Filip chats, 'guild'

 (8 days ago)     Sabina chats, 'woo noice!'

 (8 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'woman'

 (8 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'man?'

 (8 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'mc'

 (8 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Like Miss Chan? Over there in

 (8 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'nods ment to char woman not chat woman'

 (8 days ago)     Drake chats, 'somebody can help me to find where is
the area called 'Happy Cliff Sanitarium'?'

 (8 days ago)     Drake chats, 'is in redfernes palace?'

 (8 days ago)     Moneyman chats, 'no it is on the mainland '

 (8 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'make sure to sanc hehe'

 (8 days ago)     Drake chats, 'ok, thanks I found it far away to the
nw lol '

 (8 days ago)     Drake chats, 'what spellcom need to scribe a dispel

 (8 days ago)     Drake chats, 'where can I find or mine zircon

 (7 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks hart'

 (7 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks xandar'

 (7 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (7 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks morpheus'

 (6 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks glorida'

 (6 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks tarrant'

 (6 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks valront'

 (6 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks byung'

 (6 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks bobcat'

 (6 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (5 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (5 days ago)     Raanta chats, 'am i just missing something or do you
really just not regen move while in combat anymore?'

 (5 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks shift'

 (5 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (5 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks glorida'

 (5 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks denton'

 (5 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'I'm too sleepy to drum up a line
about dents and our prompts...'

 (5 days ago)     Erm chats, 'where is this from where i am located is
it north or south of me east or westLocation:    The farming community
of Hildabrad'

 (5 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'If anyone's a little better with
iPhones than usual, I could never quite figure this one out.'

 (5 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'After too long it always sounds
like something's loose in the camera bumps, but nothign seems to be

 (5 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'It just don't make that rattling
till after quite a while of getting it, but not sure what to make of

 (5 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks shift'

 (5 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks glorida'

 (5 days ago)     Drake chats, 'hi all. Is there any temple of islaine?

 (5 days ago)     Hila chats, 'if you already follow her as your god,
you can find her priests with the 'job f p' command'

 (5 days ago)     Hila chats, 'i know there are several of her priests
on the mainland, or at least there were when i used to follow her'

 (5 days ago)     Drake chats, 'thanks '

 (4 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks squeak'

 (4 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (4 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks gandor'

 (4 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks grolantor'

 (4 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks gandor'

 (4 days ago)     Sabina chats, 'woo restore! Good timing! lol.'

 (4 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (4 days ago)     Anixias chats, 'hi'

 (4 days ago)     Anixias chats, 'hey evryone, get in here'

 (4 days ago)     Anixias chats, 'join me'

 (3 days ago)     Transcenda chats, 'hi'

 (3 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks squeak'

 (3 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (3 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks byung'

 (3 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks xandar'

 (3 days ago)     Gamister chats, 'thanks'

 (3 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks slamin'

 (3 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks reorx'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'To war!'

 (3 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I wonder if there is a way of
uninstalling eloquence from mac OS'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'it came with your computer?'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'yep, it comes with mac OS ventura'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'there must be a way. There isn't a
thing on a system besides it's self that doesn't have a way to be

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I hope apple realises that
eloquence is on life support and changes to using ivona instead'

 (3 days ago)     Nightblood chats, 'eloquence purchased cf'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'well, Apple should reconsider many

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'many things i mean'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'now you wonder why microsoft
doesn't let you use eloquence in narrator'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'i think i have to stop typing for a
bit guys, my attention is going mad. I need to reorganize myself a bit,
brain not helping much at the mean time'

 (3 days ago)     Gamister chats, 'it should if you use eloquence as
sapi 5, no?'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I've had this computer for 2 years
now but I'm staying on windows 10 for the time being'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'you really should, windows 11 is no

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'true'

 (3 days ago)     Gamister chats, 'i never update to windows 11 until
microsoft do a better work on it. i did it before and i lost my pc
after it cause it was kinda incompatible with it'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'he was at my home when it happened.
Thank god my pc was working and i could help him recover windows for an
external hd'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I am staying on windows 10 for
another reason, its highly likely that when I do buy manamon2 again, it
won't activate like it did on my 2 other windows 10 devices'

 (3 days ago)     Gamister chats, 'i also sstay at windows 10 cause i
can play swamp on it and on w11 is throwing issues'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'wait, buy manamon 2 again? Can't you
ask VG storm for a recover key?'

 (3 days ago)     Gamister chats, 'as far as i know it doesnt accept
the old key'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'other game discussions really should
be taken to audiogames guys.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I don't think you can get one, the
computer I previously activated it on died'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'sorry.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'also, I think you can only have one
licence per computer, in other words, you can't go and use it on
another computer'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'also, on that computer that died, I
was working on finisheing my manapedia'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'take ti to audiogames I asked.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'in other news, jenux is broken

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'curious to know what the max amount
of gold you can have is'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'iirc there isn't a hard limit but you
start being taxed above 1m'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'yeah, 'help tax''

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'you have to work hard to even get
to 1 million lol'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'so now I am warrier, druid, and
cleric, would necro be a better forth class?'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'yes. i think'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'I would suggest not'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'that's a shame'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'well, i'm mage cleric necro druid if
i'm not mistaken'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'I would normally suggest druid and
necro as either first, second (mostly for druid rather than necro), or
last (or second last if you don't have one in your top 4)'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'necro is kind of usless below 1 and
2 if you wnated to sue minions. '

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'wanted to use the minions.. '

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I opted to go for the mountain man
build, guess I am a long way from learning call animal, I'm level 6

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'not long'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'level 7 or 8 you get it'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'they won't help much either'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'well sorry thought you said druid
was third my bag.. but  beyond 1 or 2 like night said might as well be
5 or 6.'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'Most druid and necro buffs are
relatively low level and low importance compared to buffs from cleric,
mage, or hp from warrior'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'thorn armor and still air are good
higher level ones from druid, but you can use spellstaves if you need

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I could probably find one in a
donation room or something like that'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'find one what?'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'a spellstaff of thorn armer, not
gonna need one now though'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'doubt you find one full.. maybe ask
on auction.'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'Well, with druid second you can get
your summons to be decently effective so it earns it's keep and you'll
be able to carve your own equipment as you find it which can be an
immesurable benefit'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'although I much preer  a main clas
druid for carving.'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'So you can get the most out of it. '

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'Yeah, main class will be better
until/unless you eventually hit 39 on your second, but much easier to
just grab stuff and carve it rather than try to swap it between
characters to get 'max' rune potential from something you'll upgrade
before long'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I am against the idea of

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'I don't have anything against people
doing it, but I just don't really want to do it myself. I'd rather fork
over some gold to have someone else do the bits I can't'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'not just because its against the
rules, but its hard wark to maintain more than one char'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'that is good because its against the
rules. However you can log in a char give it eq log out char 1 carve
the eq.. log in char 1 give  them the eq and log out char 2.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'now I am glad I only have one
windows computer'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'I always forget the definition is
different here. I still think of having more than one character you
play as multi rather than having multiple online at the same time'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'wlel both are the samething. you 
are still loggin in a multi at the sametime.'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'I mean, I have Night and I have Dora -
the rules I have engrained in my head is that that's multi, even if
only one is ever logged in at a time'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'you can have 50 multis   as long as
only 1 is running at a time. '

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'i learned a long time ago that I
should probably refrain from multis whether logged on or not'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'think of it its multiplaying that
infers both are  playing I would say.'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'i wonder, how a person could reach
more than 50 characters on a game and remember all their names? And use
them. To me that sounds like, sort of impossible'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'its called word doc'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, 'There's an account system too :)'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'i know. It's just me thinking. I
usually take strang conclusions of things.'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'strange*'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'maintaining 50 chars sounds hard,
its hard enough maintaining 2 different linux distributions, which i

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'nod  that too and  if you don't use
them you lsoe them.. So as you get to your 150 char creation the first
5 are probably being deleted.. We ahve people that ahve had 350 chars.'

 (3 days ago)     Molotov chats, 'whaaaat!? lol'

 (3 days ago)     Night chats, '20+ years is a long time :)'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'this are the times when i stop
doughting everything'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'yea we have a player that constantly
creates new chars. Well that isn't me I think I might have maybe 30 or
40, but a lot of mine are for testing. but you know of who I refer to
night..  They jsut  create new chars all the time.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'as for the distro maintanence, I
only update when a new version of ubuntu drops'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'ok  great..'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'you use linux for vps or for your

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'i only know people who use linux for
hosting vps because they think windows vps are no good and they say it
is for lazies, though i'd rather use a windows vps system then having
the possibility of crashing an entire server by typing a wrong

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I have an old lenovo running ubuntu
and I used to use this one for developing the distribution I am working
on, salsa linux, its an effort to remove all the bad things about
ubuntu, such as snaps, ubuntu pro nags, and making ubuntu feel like its
old self from before gnome 3'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'sounds good'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'its accessible too and it will tell
you how to turn on orca using espeak, plus if you already know how to
turn it on during the installation, then its turned on automaticly for
you when you log in'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'i heard that orca sounds like the
e-speak engen.'

 (3 days ago)     Maribell chats, 'engine'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'That's cause last I knew it was
using eSpeak.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'it uses espeak ng as a backend as a
module, which is optional in some distributions, arch doesn't
preinstall it so when you install arch with accessibility, you have to
manually configure it'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Wonder how all this would work on
M1 natively? Yeah I know there's VMWare and Parallels, but by time you
get around the keyboard issues and the like it's not really worth it.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'arch already has packages for arm'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'I'm still quite new to Linux on
the whole. '

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'as for salsa linux, I keep apps
like vlc at their latest versions and preinstalled chrome as the
default browser, considering changing it to srware iron though as there
is a bug with chrome and orca at the moment'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'although ubuntu has been
perposfully holding some packages back meaning the only way you can
upgrade them is not with apt, but with aptitude, its even taking place
on mint too, just a way for canonical to force you to get ubuntu pro'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'and if cubic was available on
debian, I would happily stay on debian'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'The joys of download images of
that for X86, and then realizing they can't be run on arm, not even

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'trouble is in order to make salsa
available for download, it has to be on as source forges
file size limit is 2gb, wonder how the accessible coconut devs get
around this'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Perhaps have it download during

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I ment the iso images, if you want
to download updates while installing you can'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Just perhaps get a vary basic
thing that can at least read the beginning prompts so they can at least
connect to a network, and retrieve the rest from somewhere elst?'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I could put them up on dropbox, I'm
also planning on developing a pro version which comes with music
production tools preinstalled'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'the pro version would cost you
though just like what we get with zorin OS, about l5.50 in UK money'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Especially now that Apple has the
M1 boot menu tlaking now, yes even safe mode, I'd be more curious about
seeing how some of this runs now that I can actually see startup disk
things and all that.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'and keybase is unreliable, I
uploaded an iso for my other distro, monster linux, on there and the
iso file was ruined'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Though it's interesting I'm still
having to use an 8 year old iMac at times for things like Mush. Windows
11 did this little onedrive thing within VMWare, and busted it all.
Even domain name got wrong.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I am struggling to even get ubuntu
working on my imac, as I get no sound what so ever'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'This one might seem strange,

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'go on'

 (3 days ago)     Coyote chats, 'please '

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'I had something similar with
Windows 10 on an intel mac, and the way I got sound was to plug in
headphones. Yes wired...'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I couldn't get sound working on
wired earphones, even on windows 10, I guess my mac is just too new,
its a 2017 2.3ghz intel core i5'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'This at the Windows in stallation
thing, and narrator came through the headset just fine.'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Perhaps a USB soundcard?'

 (3 days ago)     Buzzbegone chats, 'USB? or anolog '

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'that's if I could afford one'

 (3 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Oh, right. I had analog ones going
right to the headphone jack on the back of the thing.'

 (3 days ago)     Humbabang chats, 'I'm planning on getting a new pc
anyway just to run linux on'

 (3 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks vember'

 (2 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (2 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks talos'

 (2 days ago)     Deadinator chats, 'Better late than never...'

 (2 days ago)     Transcenda chats, 'what is the best way to fight if I
have sickening touch? should I still use my weapon or get rid of it?'

 (2 days ago)     Nessie chats, 'thats a hand spell'

 (2 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'cast it on your tanking minions '

 (2 days ago)     Transcenda chats, 'yes I know which is why I asked if
I should get rid of the weapon'

 (2 days ago)     Absolute chats, 'no. keep a weapon'

 (2 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'keep your weapon you wont be hitting
very well'

 (2 days ago)     Tribe chats, 'cast it on the clay or wood woad'

 (2 days ago)     Transcenda chats, 'okay thanks for the tip'

 (2 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks bobcat'

 (2 days ago)     Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (1 day ago)      Huntersoul chats, 'thanks shift'

 (1 day ago)      Taby chats, 'but that was fikh'

 (1 day ago)      Iana chats, 'thanks for the gift!'

 (1 day ago)      Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (1 day ago)      Huntersoul chats, 'hi'

 (1 day ago)      Zerhathos chats, 'hello'

 (1 day ago)      Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (1 day ago)      Huntersoul chats, 'thanks mutt'

 (1 day ago)      Huntersoul chats, 'thanks valront'

 (1 day ago)      Huntersoul chats, 'thanks morpheus.'

 (15 hours ago)   Huntersoul chats, 'thanks slamin'

 (13 hours ago)   Huntersoul chats, 'thanks fikh'

 (12 hours ago)   Huntersoul chats, 'thanks draak.'

 (7 hours ago)    Drake chats, 'how hare the comands to carve runes
using tailoring skill? '

 (7 hours ago)    Drake chats, 'what '

 (7 hours ago)    Tribe chats, 'tail cloak runes'

 (7 hours ago)    Tribe chats, 'or runes cloak'

 (7 hours ago)    Tribe chats, 'one of those'

 (7 hours ago)    Drake chats, 'thanks a lot '

 (7 hours ago)    Tribe chats, 'no worries'

 (7 hours ago)    Sandman chats, 'try typing help tailor'

 (7 hours ago)    Drake chats, 'I did it... but.'

 (7 hours ago)    Sandman chats, 'or tailor and nothing else.'

 (7 hours ago)    Drake chats, 'Is perfect already '

 (5 hours ago)    Deadinator chats, 'Not so wild anymore is  it...'

 (5 hours ago)    Tribe chats, 'he doing what he says on the tin tho'

 (5 hours ago)    Tribe chats, 'hunting a soul'

 (5 hours ago)    Tribe chats, 'hehe'


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