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Creation Date: Sat Oct 24 14:33:36 2009
Channel Name:  event

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 (2 months ago)   [event] Kemper: lol

 (2 months ago)   [event] Buzzbegone: i didn't find most to tough
actually. i liked killing them all

 (2 months ago)   [event] Kemper: may the black wolf use like animal
beast? lol

 (2 months ago)   [event] Buzzbegone: probably just type skin cor it
will tell you. but yeah sounds like it

 (2 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: if this day is not the final for
the event, this is final fr me, i well go out of cairo tomorrow until
the next one

 (2 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: i well try to done all quests  i
have 2 left

 (2 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: dam robe bandit has minion

 (2 months ago)   [event] Rain: I wish you could only see the next
instance after you completed the current one on event list. that way
the quest line would be a complete surprise

 (2 months ago)   [event] Colonel: yeah unfortunately there's not
really a good way to do that

 (2 months ago)   [event] Kemper: guys. in the event 165 I should
gather roc, but how can I do that 

 (2 months ago)   [event] Lexie: at the roc's nest gather r.. o.. c...

 (2 months ago)   [event] Galadia: kill the birds and gather the
feathers in the nest

 (2 months ago)   [event] Kemper: I should tipe gather roc?

 (2 months ago)   [event] Lexie: yes. or gather feather

 (2 months ago)   [event] Galadia: or gather feathers

 (2 months ago)   [event] Kemper: it says like What do you want to
gather?  (See 'gather help' for a list.)

 (2 months ago)   [event] Lexie: are you in the roc's nest?

 (2 months ago)   [event] Lexie: it's not in the room with either bird

 (2 months ago)   [event] Kemper: let me researching

 (2 months ago)   [event] Kemper: I got the roc

 (2 months ago)   [event] Kemper: woo

 (2 months ago)   [event] Calhoon: Thanks for the event. It's been fun

 (2 months ago)   [event] Malathurn: I loved it too

 (2 months ago)   [event] Wind: it was a fun event thank you

 (2 months ago)   [event] Malathurn: nice story, mobs, and stuf.
Specially, the main bad mob is linked to one of the regular mobs here

 (2 months ago)   [event] Wind: awww. ok. i'm almost done

 (2 months ago)   [event] Wind: fammoning a poor level 25 thief byt he
way isn't cool. lols

 (2 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: confused your not even   doing the
quest or never accepted at least.

 (2 months ago)   [event] Wind: the meuseumk

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: wow this new event

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: valan time's event

 (1 months ago)   [event] Monster: hi all are ther event started?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Shermanator: does ot look like it. probably
ot til around morning eastern time zone u s. when the gods get up and
get going i would guess

 (1 months ago)   [event] Meccano: not yet. The schedule suggests the
event will begin in the morning. This is likely to be system time
morning which will proably mean about another 6 to 8 hours away i guess

 (1 months ago)   [event] Monster: ar thanks

 (1 months ago)   [event] Asclepius: is the noony's quest meant to
advance on picking up the journal in the chapel under the croft?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Spicolli: i'm having the same issue

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: let me look

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: i

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: give me 2 minutes

 (1 months ago)   [event] Asclepius: sure no probs, thanks for checking

 (1 months ago)   [event] Dracula: where can I find the key for the
house in event 142?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Asclepius: it says what you have to do in teh
quest stage to get the key

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: read the quest it clearly tels you 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Odi: maybe he means where to find malans

 (1 months ago)   [event] Odi: in which case I'd say explore around

 (1 months ago)   [event] Spicolli: for noony's quest should i let the
instance time out and try again to advance the quest when i get the

 (1 months ago)   [event] Colonel: wait a minute or two spicolli, morph
is trying to fix it

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: Spicolli come to board 7

 (1 months ago)   [event] Martin: i'm havving the same problem too, can
i come too?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Asclepius: if you still have journal yes

 (1 months ago)   [event] Martin: thank you

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: welcome

 (1 months ago)   [event] Wily: can I come and watch!

 (1 months ago)   [event] Spicolli: thanks!

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: welcome

 (1 months ago)   [event] Martin: TODO  Reconciled Linlin and Noony's
love with their respective villages

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: type  quest 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Martin: nods, my bad

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: anyone else have a broken quest?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: broken quest?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Sandry: I did on another char, but I signed
out, so will have to get a new journal anyway.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: nod  so that will fix it. 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Odi: I'm about to grab the journal.  what was
broken, so I'll know if I need to get builderflexed

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: if its broken it will do nothing
when you pick it up. 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Odi: nod

 (1 months ago)   [event] Odi: right, journal just said it's bound to
me, didn't update

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: give  book bob

 (1 months ago)   [event] Darsun: where is the hut to kill malan?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: post explore

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: try looking for  a murlock who is
guarding  his hut.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Dizzy: Moiraine? I *knew* it when I saw that
witch in blue, I knew it!

 (1 months ago)   [event] Dizzy: with that shortdesc, who else could it

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mangekyo: these event quests are based on
wheel of time series. woooo

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: I just saw that in the 143 area, I was
so happy

 (1 months ago)   [event] Ax: how are they based on that

 (1 months ago)   [event] Jasondo: the premis is

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: There's a tam, matts house, winespring
inn, moirraine and lan,

 (1 months ago)   [event] Jasondo: and elements

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: look at the desc of the wagon outside
the inn

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mangekyo: the mobs, area and tam and other 
people and so many more.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: was there any in 142? I didn't catch
it if so

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mangekyo: haven't explored that yet.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: ah nod

 (1 months ago)   [event] Darklord: fyi the event will end tomorrow
night at about 10 pm cst, don't procrastinate

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: please don't end the event now i
didn't done the quests

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: hmmm

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: please don't close event now gods

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: hold on for much time

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: hi

 (1 months ago)   [event] Asclepius: hi

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: The event will end tonight Febuary
15 at about 8pm system time. Don't procrastinate, because when its shut
down there will be no reopening.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: thanks 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: i have done the event quests

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: now admins can close it

 (1 months ago)   [event] Rowroad: contragulations

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: you think we just holding it open
for you? hee its not closing for another 15 hours or so

 (1 months ago)   [event] Morpheus: The event will end tonight Febuary
15 at about 8pm system time. Don't procrastinate, because when its shut
down there will be no reopening.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mohammed: ok ok, i done my quests

 (1 months ago)   [event] Darklord: event is shutting down in about an
hour fyi

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: but but

 (1 months ago)   [event] Buzzbegone: awww

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: I haven't selebrated  it 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: can you make the event a little
longer I just started it

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: clashy you can finish it in less
than an hour

 (1 months ago)   [event] Darklord: it just took me about an hour and i
died once heh

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: I died twice

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: I didn't die

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: Thankfully

 (1 months ago)   [event] Buzzbegone: this char didn't my cleric did
though. just to squishy for this kinda stuff. lol

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: clashzork follow me at 99

 (1 months ago)   [event] Buzzbegone: well k the 1 time i forgot to
heal ok ok! that doens't work. i get it. :P

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: clashzork if you wanna do the event
follow me at 999 I'll help you out before it shuts down

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: er, 99

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: its single player though

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: I did the first quest trying to do
the scond one

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: o is it?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Buzzbegone: yeah i thought it's single

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: well darn

 (1 months ago)   [event] Darklord: you'll be fine

 (1 months ago)   [event] Buzzbegone: just get as many minions as you
can possiblly get for that stupid bodak

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: but you know, you're not supposed to
do things alone on valentines day, yeh?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: how do I tget the warehouse key

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: alternatively fire spells alsso work

 (1 months ago)   [event] Darklord: i plan on turning off the event
start, any instances in progress will be left alone until tomorrow
morning when i disable the quests

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: its in tams house

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: how do I get the warehouse key

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: find despat malen or whatever this
dude called

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: o wait

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: I talked to him but do I have to
kill old tams

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: no fighter that is an other one

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: no

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: go to tam's house

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: then how do i get it

 (1 months ago)   [event] Elana: btw darklord, I love the wheel of time
references :)

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: it's at the begininning of the

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: when you enter the village, it
shouldbe north 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: should be north, o my god my
spelling is horrrible

 (1 months ago)   [event] Shadowfax: ok, like i said earlier event
starts have been shut down, any current instances will be unmolested
until tomorrow morning when i disable the quests, and then any open
instances will be destroyed

 (1 months ago)   [event] Shadowfax: good luck to those currently
working on event quests and don't die because you can't get back in

 (1 months ago)   [event] Buzzbegone: awww poor troloks. thanks for the
cool event. :D

 (1 months ago)   [event] Libby: omg

 (1 months ago)   [event] Pointball: hmm, show event stold up

 (5 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: fyi Our spring festival will begin
on Saturday, March 17 at 10am system time and end on March 20.

 (5 days ago)     [event] Emmanuelle: nice!

 (5 days ago)     [event] Shran: omgomgomgomgomg march 17, that's
tomorrow, wow wow just wow! :)

 (5 days ago)     [event] Shryth: it's today

 (5 days ago)     [event] Shran: omgomgomg and if you are on the East
coast or further east, it's today!

 (5 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: Sorry I gave the wrong time
earleir.. Our spring festival will begin on Saturday, March 17 at 7am
system time not 10am system time.

 (5 days ago)     [event] Gate: should have left it alone so al the
people who complain about events not starting when they want could get
excited about it starting early

 (5 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: ok  so ignore my previous  
message..  it will start at 10am system time.

 (5 days ago)     [event] Gate: haha

 (5 days ago)     [event] Fighter: heh

 (5 days ago)     [event] Ploy: rofl

 (4 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: The spring event has begun. Type
show event for more information.

 (4 days ago)     [event] Andi: wooooo

 (4 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: Please be sure to thank Jahmeir he
helped me a lot with the event and thanks to Shadowfax's help the event
area should auto align. In other words if you are angelic 999 the mobs
will be prime evil 999.

 (4 days ago)     [event] Winterheart: Hi all.

 (4 days ago)     [event] Fighter: whats a shalalala

 (4 days ago)     [event] Theghost: I think a club of some kind

 (4 days ago)     [event] Colonel: look at it, thats what the desc is

 (4 days ago)     [event] Fighter: I'm being sarkastic 

 (4 days ago)     [event] Colonel: oh, lol

 (4 days ago)     [event] Toireasa: Any hints on where to find the
rogue with the shillelagh? I found everyone else, but now the area is
empty and I don't know where else to look.

 (4 days ago)     [event] Colonel: check around the house

 (4 days ago)     [event] Toireasa: Ok, will do that. Thanks.

 (4 days ago)     [event] Toireasa: Ok, found him. That's what happens
if you completely forget to search one single room. Lol.

 (4 days ago)     [event] Colonel: lol yeah, they're sneaky

 (4 days ago)     [event] Toireasa: Indeed they are. Thanks for helping

 (4 days ago)     [event] Mangekyo: this event area is way too 
familiar. which event was it used for before?

 (4 days ago)     [event] Odi: the one where we gathered carnations

 (4 days ago)     [event] Mangekyo: mmk

 (4 days ago)     [event] Wasseem: I think it was for the same event
last year 

 (3 days ago)     [event] Mohammed: hi

 (3 days ago)     [event] Theghost: will there be more parts to the

 (3 days ago)     [event] Theghost: I saw gatherable stuff in search

 (3 days ago)     [event] Colonel: no

 (3 days ago)     [event] Theghost: I see

 (3 days ago)     [event] Mohammed: hi

 (3 days ago)     [event] Dizzy: I can find every leprechaun but the
shamrock one. Is he in the colorful forest someplace?

 (3 days ago)     [event] Toireasa: He's in the forest, yes.

 (3 days ago)     [event] Dizzy: the colorful bit, or the darker bit? I
keep hitting dead ends

 (3 days ago)     [event] Toireasa: If I just remember the right one,
the darker bit.

 (3 days ago)     [event] Dizzy: thanks folks :D

 (3 days ago)     [event] Dracula: guys, does anyone knowshot teg in
Shamrock hill?

 (3 days ago)     [event] Dracula: how to get on there ment

 (3 days ago)     [event] Dizzy: aha, got it!

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: is there more than one baby blue egg in
the event quest?

 (3 days ago)     [event] Shazam: not to my knowledge

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: I recovered the egg, but Willie won't
accept it.

 (3 days ago)     [event] Rhorae: what does your quest say?

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: my quest list reads 1 - Find and
recover a baby blue egg for Wee Willie Winkie.

 (3 days ago)     [event] Rhorae: hmm, you didn't get credit for
picking it up

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: I killed the leprechaun , and I picked
up the egg, and still have it.

 (3 days ago)     [event] Rhorae: weird

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: I've seen others complete the egg
quest, and haven't heard of any other problems

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: so I am! heh

 (3 days ago)     [event] Rhorae: yaeh it worked fine for me, not sure
why yours didn't

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: just tried dropping the egg and picking
it up, but no go.

 (3 days ago)     [event] Rhorae: yeah you'll need to run it again, I
have no idea why it didn't work

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: mmk won't be too hard to re run

 (3 days ago)     [event] Shazam: try logging out and back in before
rerunning, if you still have issues, you'll have to mudmail a god about

 (3 days ago)     [event] Owyn: I'll try that too, but egg is nosave
quest item

 (2 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: fyi The event will probably get
shut down around 10am system time.

 (2 days ago)     [event] Mertag: Thates tomorrow isn't it?

 (2 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: yes tomorrow

 (2 days ago)     [event] Mertag: Awesome

 (2 days ago)     [event] Mertag: This was fun

 (2 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: cool 

 (2 days ago)     [event] Trisana: thanks for the event and all the
hard work that went into making it.

 (2 days ago)     [event] Mertag: Thank you from me too, I enjoyed
squishing those little green buggers :P

 (2 days ago)     [event] Shazam: ditto, it was a lot of fun with  lots
of chances for xp

 (2 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: coll  well you still ahve   time so

 (2 days ago)     [event] Shazam: indeed, and i intend on taking full
advantage of it. :o

 (2 days ago)     [event] Shazam: :p

 (2 days ago)     [event] Creedic: can anyonw give me the hint on the
pot of rainbows. i have to do through that marsh that you have to
search every Room.?

 (2 days ago)     [event] Creedic: i found all the other things

 (2 days ago)     [event] Jasondo: earlier he said about ten

 (2 days ago)     [event] Jasondo: pasific time

 (2 days ago)     [event] Elana: when he talks though he usually talks
in eastern, are you sure?

 (2 days ago)     [event] Jasondo: yes

 (2 days ago)     [event] Jasondo: he said system time, that's pasific

 (1 days ago)     [event] Jasondo: curious, are two of the quest items
in that marsh area or just one

 (1 days ago)     [event] Druidia: 2. if i am thinking correctly

 (1 days ago)     [event] Jasondo: o lovely

 (1 days ago)     [event] Jasondo: I dont think your right

 (1 days ago)     [event] Jasondo: few, quests complete. wow I'm tired.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: show event has been updated.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Wily: oh, wow. auto align, I've never even
noticed that before.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Wily: it's probably been there but I was a
dope and missed it

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: yea it was soemthing new  I asked 
fax about that he was able to do so.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Wily: yeah, awesome.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Hagrid: yeah that is an extremely welcome

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: my idea was if a person was  evil
-999 the mobs would be angelic 999 and fax was able to code it. 

 (1 days ago)     [event] Rowroad: nod, that's awesome

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: nod it really jsut didn't amke
sense for me to make  good aligned even areas that were evil mobs. So
this way I can just do this and not even say their align.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Rowroad: nod, I really like it. that's so

 (1 days ago)     [event] Mertag: I don't use alignment but I agree,
that idea is definitely neat!

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: nod as long  as it sticks  with
events only or  in very rare special cases.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: Check event show for  new update. 

 (1 days ago)     [event] Mertag: Shweet

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: nod I forgot my kid has parent
teacher conferences again today, so she will be home soon. This will
prevent me from really starting anything so might as well let ir ride
since  people seem to be enjoying it.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Mohammed: hi

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: 15 minutes till event areas close.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Tylan: Are the spring events still open? I've
been super busy laely and didn't know if I was going to be too late

 (1 days ago)     [event] Beardevil: not sure

 (1 days ago)     [event] Beardevil: nope. it's closed

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: there still leprechauns running
about, but the event areas have been clsoed.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Morpheus: closed.

 (1 days ago)     [event] Tylan: All right

 (1 days ago)     [event] Fighter: bie bie you shooe stealers!


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