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Creation Date: Sat Oct 24 14:33:36 2009
Channel Name:  event

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 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: I wunder what will hapin if an other
char dispel the ring for me

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: Still really great though, I know one
player who got a really badass ring but he wasn't a necro so he
dispelled it

 (1 months ago)   [event] Leos: the ring will explode

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: Andi. Dentin will step out of a gate
and eat you. :P

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: I got a badd ass ring on my warrior its
thief skil 1 dr 4 con 3 I think 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: Andi. Dentin will step out of a gate
and eat you. :P

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: rofl oops

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: lol

 (1 months ago)   [event] Orion: doomsayings has to be repeated at
least twice, so once more! :P

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: Andi. Dentin will step out of a gate
and eat you. :P

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: I now allmost have 2 rings on the 3
chars I care of

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: There :P

 (1 months ago)   [event] Orion: rofl

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: i wonder if i even have a chance of
getting puzzlewood done before the event is over

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tamyil: maybe, depends on how often and for
how long you kill stuff

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: you stil have about 10 days

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: you can, if you sstock up on scrolls

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: scrolls?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: yes. scrolls

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: which ones

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: high level offenssive spells

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: that's a good idea

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: for a few mean mobs such as the dam
twitterbugs, thee zorn, the airblob, the trilich or w/e it spelled

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: how much can i buy 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: o annd that meany rabbet

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: yeah but you will need 1500 scrols

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: 1500. they won't kill one a mob?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Dizzy: the wendigo, and the dang frost lich

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tamyil: ugh those twitterbugs. That and that
mihtsu or whatever it is are just plain evil

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: where can i find them in bulk though

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: lol guys they are easy, just use the
right spel or weapon on them

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: I tell you what people

 (1 months ago)   [event] Leos: what

 (1 months ago)   [event] Deng: what

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: what

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: I know lots of people didn't finish
the group puzzlewood. I'll start running groups tomorrow or after

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: woooooo and I will help 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: this char can't

 (1 months ago)   [event] Deng: i won't

 (1 months ago)   [event] Dizzy: I might get in on that

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tamyil: I'd love to finish it, I just don't
know if I can survive to do so after wave 30 or so. I can try though,
especially now that I've finished the solo one

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: everyone is welcome, and everyone
who finished the quest annd wanna help is seriously appreciated

 (1 months ago)   [event] Andi: after wave 30 I can fury for you 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: i just coulnd't survive

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: if you wanna join in, you probably
should run saves and join on your highest char, tella

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: i know

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: I want to join but I died like 5
times aftor wave 20 and I want to finish it

 (1 months ago)   [event] Clashzork: I don't have that much breath save

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tella: where can i get scrolls?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Shaelann: I'm assuming the answer is yes at
this point, but I just wanted to check so i know for sure. Was that
weird lock picking bug ever fixed, or no?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Sasami: think itis now

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: yes

 (1 months ago)   [event] Shaelann: ah sweet! Thanks.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Shaelann: I kinda feel stupid for asking, but
I honestly don't know. What is a reliquary anyways? Is that like a

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: from what I imagine, it's a place
where relic items be held. 

 (1 months ago)   [event] Mertag: Yep, generally sacred ones

 (1 months ago)   [event] Shaelann: Ah, right. That would stand to
reason. :D like a place for sacred artefacts.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: for examble, lets say if it's a
church reliquary, there is a place where they hold sacred items, for
example like a sword  of a saint or something...

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: something like that

 (1 months ago)   [event] Shaelann: *nod* I gotcha.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Fighter: nod

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: why won't the hundred monster
quests show up on legacy

 (1 months ago)   [event] Jasondo: wooooo!  look like someone jsut made
it! Emmanuelle completed quest 'Killed 1500 monsters in the Puzzlewood
Forest - Endless Waltz event of 2018'

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tamyil: yay!

 (1 months ago)   [event] Jasondo: you should post the message you got

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: what minions do people use for

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: alot of acid spitting mobs

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tamyil: I used a clay and vampire

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: is that enough to maintain

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tamyil: well, I also was throwing a lot of
spells myself

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: I blow out mana

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: I use skels but they die alot

 (1 months ago)   [event] Tamyil: I used the clay because it's easy to
get back, the vamp because it auto respawns. other minions just died
too fast to be worth it

 (1 months ago)   [event] Sandman: we man up and  don't use minion. who
needs sticking mions anyway?

 (1 months ago)   [event] Spicolli: amen sandman

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: in solo they might be required

 (1 months ago)   [event] Sandman: I am on 700  and never used a single
minion.  I just pissed on their corpses for extra  power.

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: I assume two mummies might be best

 (1 months ago)   [event] Theghost: with zap, fire and ice res comps

 (22 days ago)    [event] Healcaster: i have bug in the event

 (22 days ago)    [event] Aziz: ignore the 3 up coming messages, this
is a test

 (22 days ago)    [event] Humble Hadi: We have so many poor people
around the world. 

 (22 days ago)    [event] Humble Hadi: We'd appreciate any help to give
them food.

 (22 days ago)    [event] Humble Hadi: Eid mubarak everyone!

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: so were puzzlewood mobs buffed

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: will there be additional rewards
for completing the puzzlewood this year?

 (21 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: you get a ring for completing  1500
solo or 40 group. or 2 rings if complete  both.  To the best of my
knowledge that all there is and all thee should be IMO.

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: what are the qualities of the ring

 (21 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: have you ever received one of the
rings of endless possibilities?

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: unfortunatly I learned of the 2016
event too late

 (21 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: each time you dispel it it
rerandoms.  so you can keep dispelling it till you get something you

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: holy

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: and it adjusts for my level?

 (21 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: yes

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: so someday, if I get max level, I
can dispell to get max stats

 (21 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: so if you were tot 80, as you level
you can  dispel it again  and get  next  tot. 

 (21 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: max tot right now is 131 

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: is that the max tot achievable?

 (21 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: for eq yes

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: I wunder how the event quests will
change alter aeon

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: the desc says so

 (21 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: guess will have to wait and see

 (21 days ago)    [event] Theghost: how many more stages remain?

 (20 days ago)    [event] Serkanal: why noone runnning waves 

 (20 days ago)    [event] Septimus: havent seen a run in over a week

 (20 days ago)    [event] Serkanal: bad

 (20 days ago)    [event] Sandman: you both have the ability to start
one.. feel free.

 (20 days ago)    [event] Septimus: lol, you have never run under me
have you sandy?

 (20 days ago)    [event] Sandman: I have no idea who you are under
this name. 

 (20 days ago)    [event] Septimus: thought not, i am Taurus, and the
upshot is, if i ran waves, nobody would last more than five minutes 

 (20 days ago)    [event] Sandman: I have run many groups, many large
groups,  groups of 50, 60  people their spammy, their  aggrevating
because everyone wants to just do their thing and not always whats best
for the group.  Far better for my sanity to assist a group and  the
leader than to lead.

 (20 days ago)    [event] Leos: word of the wise

 (20 days ago)    [event] Septimus: oh i agree, i prefer to take orders
and smash away until mobs are dead

 (20 days ago)    [event] Septimus: how Rain did it so well i'll never

 (20 days ago)    [event] Leos: i would but i dont trust other with the
cleric stuff. and i dont have a high enough cleric

 (20 days ago)    [event] Sandman: the last time  I ran a big group I
think it was against an ethereal titan, told people to put on save
breath, half the group  vanished in 3 seconds, the rest of us 5 minutes
later.  That mob needed a little adjusting, but  yea people jsut too
busy talking or playing around to lsiten.

 (20 days ago)    [event] Septimus: nod, nightmare, but very funny

 (20 days ago)    [event] Sandman: err to listen

 (20 days ago)    [event] Septimus: the key is to have a hard core who
know what they are doing and make them sub leaders

 (20 days ago)    [event] Sandman: like I said that mob  leveled funky 
so funky in fact dentin came and grabbed him up, when the mobs damage
set off a bunch of notifications.  But sometimes,  getting that  core
takes time.  example try to do it now. 

 (19 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: final act has been released

 (19 days ago)    [event] Rhorae: woo

 (19 days ago)    [event] Tamyil: ooo!

 (19 days ago)    [event] Fighter: haut

 (19 days ago)    [event] Fighter: I'm way behind

 (19 days ago)    [event] Tamyil: nice gold on this last part of the
event main quest

 (19 days ago)    [event] Tamyil: huh. interesting final act for the
quest. Still not quite sure what this means for the game itself but,
guess we'll eventually find out. hehhee

 (19 days ago)    [event] Shryth: Information for quest 1: (Return to
the Tower of Hagar to receive your reward.) (For more information, try
'quest extra 1'.)

 (19 days ago)    [event] Shryth: hmmmm

 (19 days ago)    [event] Shryth: ah

 (19 days ago)    [event] Theghost: where is the surpant staff for the

 (19 days ago)    [event] Shaelann: Okay, I must admit, I'm a wee bit
confused. Do I actually have to wield the serpent staff and fight with
it, or do I give it to one of the other priests after I kill Amulon?

 (19 days ago)    [event] Hippolyta: no, just carry it

 (19 days ago)    [event] Shaelann: Right, thanks!

 (19 days ago)    [event] Emmanuelle: testing

 (19 days ago)    [event] Emmanuelle: sorry, just making sure I'm
connected still.

 (19 days ago)    [event] Theghost: how do I receive the reward

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: any ideas as to how many cultists i
have to kill in the borderlands?

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kuranes: all of them

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: but like how many?

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: 50? 10? 100?

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kuranes: the quest will tell you when you're

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kuranes: only like 10 at most

 (19 days ago)    [event] Leos: lets all run puzzle wood!

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: ah ok thx

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kuranes: I didn't count personally

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: do i need to search somewhere

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: Quest  1 - Return to the Tower of
Hagar to receive your reward

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: talk lord does nothing

 (19 days ago)    [event] Leos: he is gone

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: what?

 (19 days ago)    [event] Leos: go down and talk to the man

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kuranes: not if your instance didn't time out

 (19 days ago)    [event] Hippolyta: apparently talk to his man

 (19 days ago)    [event] Leos: he did something bad thing

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: ah

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: oh its done

 (19 days ago)    [event] Kurek: cool a wand

 (19 days ago)    [event] Laeg: [friend] Alexandir: 2 south of unholy
for waves. spread the word and lets get going

 (19 days ago)    [event] Runner: will join as soon as I finish quest

 (19 days ago)    [event] Endefx: is the quest where you have to kill
snake cultists broken? I've murdered them all but Vox keeps telling me
about his bdsm play when I talk to him to get the reward

 (19 days ago)    [event] Tamyil: you have to actually talk to the
servant below him instead. It's kind of broken in that it never tells
you that and the vox guy is supposed to be gone but he's not

 (19 days ago)    [event] Endefx: thanks

 (19 days ago)    [event] Rowroad: join Alexandir south of unholy for
the puzzlewood wave event! might be your last chance to get a ring if
you already haven't! If you have and you would help it is more than

 (19 days ago)    [event] Xorg: How goes the waves run

 (19 days ago)    [event] Vanzan: group join alexandir, last chance
group puzzle lets roll!

 (19 days ago)    [event] Rowroad: group join Alexandir south of unholy
for the puzzlewood wave event! might be your last chance to get a ring
if you already haven't! If you have and you would help it is more than

 (19 days ago)    [event] Vanzan: group join alexandir, might be the
last group puzzle run this year! come get ya ring

 (19 days ago)    [event] Taurus: gr join alexandir for shooting the
curl, all players level 30 or 700 hp welcome,  come for waves or exp

 (19 days ago)    [event] Vanzan: group join alexandir last chance
group puzzle waves!

 (19 days ago)    [event] Vanzan: group join alexandir, major xp and
last shot at group puzzle epic ring!!

 (19 days ago)    [event] Odi: return to the tower to receive reward
but nothing shows up yet.  just making sure the builders know

 (19 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: talk to the  servant

 (19 days ago)    [event] Mertag: Talk to the apprentice apparently

 (19 days ago)    [event] Odi: woo

 (19 days ago)    [event] Mertag: Talk to the apprentice apparently

 (19 days ago)    [event] Mertag: erm, oops rofl

 (19 days ago)    [event] Clashzork: does anyone where the curropter is
in the salt min I am in the bottom of the mind but I can't find it 

 (18 days ago)    [event] Dizzy: aha, dead wendigo and not dead me :D

 (18 days ago)    [event] Rabbit: woooo

 (18 days ago)    [event] Dizzy: a massospondylus is dead! take that,
you jerk

 (18 days ago)    [event] Kuranes: !

 (18 days ago)    [event] Mexi: a what's it called?

 (18 days ago)    [event] Dizzy: massospondylus, otherwise known as a
nasty shadow-capable lizard thing

 (18 days ago)    [event] Kuranes: that's a long name!

 (18 days ago)    [event] Mexi: hahaha

 (18 days ago)    [event] Dingo: I've killed all the mobs in area 150,
however when I talk to the lord I don't get anything

 (18 days ago)    [event] Mexi: talk to his man.

 (18 days ago)    [event] Dingo: thanks

 (18 days ago)    [event] Clashzork: ok so it says return tot he tower
for my reward but lord vox is not heare what do I do

 (18 days ago)    [event] Tamyil: talk to the servant

 (18 days ago)    [event] Viperos: talk to his servand

 (18 days ago)    [event] Viperos: talk to his servant

 (18 days ago)    [event] Clashzork: ok

 (18 days ago)    [event] Ax: so I killed everything in the borderlands
and was going back to lord bogs to tell him when I discovered that he
is gone. He's nowhere to be found. Is this a bug or intended"

 (18 days ago)    [event] Leos: intended

 (18 days ago)    [event] Fighter: talk to that man b 1 down from the

 (18 days ago)    [event] Tamyil: interesting, seems they fixed the bug
that had him still there. Yeah, talk to the servant

 (18 days ago)    [event] Ax: ah thanks fighter

 (18 days ago)    [event] Ax: found him. It wasn't really clear on what
I was supposed to do so wasn't sure

 (18 days ago)    [event] Dizzy: suddenly wishing I could defy this
Lord Vox fellow...

 (18 days ago)    [event] Healcaster: hmm

 (18 days ago)    [event] Sandman: well he just put out a contract for
you too so, guess he don't much like you either.

 (18 days ago)    [event] Clashzork: I wonder if we will ever find out
what happened to lord vox

 (18 days ago)    [event] Dizzy: heh, nice, Sandy

 (18 days ago)    [event] Mexi: he went for anight of drinking now that
his enemies have been put to rest.

 (18 days ago)    [event] Sandman: he will be back, mcdonalds  just has
a 2 for 1 nugget special.

 (18 days ago)    [event] Kuranes: ahaha

 (18 days ago)    [event] Mexi: must be 1963 all over again

 (16 days ago)    [event] Margaret: any tips for navigating those silly

 (16 days ago)    [event] Margaret: i get lost endlessly

 (16 days ago)    [event] Sandman: wait till daytime and scan a lot

 (16 days ago)    [event] Mortor: Does anyone know if the potions are
different from group to solo puzzlewood?

 (16 days ago)    [event] Kaelyn: They do not appear to be different.

 (16 days ago)    [event] Mortor: thanks

 (16 days ago)    [event] Margaret: i get lost endlessly aco

 (16 days ago)    [event] Fighter: aw

 (15 days ago)    [event] Rain: when do the puzzlewoods close? I seem
to remember today but

 (15 days ago)    [event] Algaliarept: schedule

 (15 days ago)    [event] Algaliarept: event schedule that is

 (15 days ago)    [event] Rain: thanks

 (14 days ago)    [event] Taurus: alkob running waves,  very probably
last chance for easy exp, and easier death,  fun garranteed 

 (14 days ago)    [event] Samurai: guys, at what time the event will be

 (14 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: type show event

 (14 days ago)    [event] Samurai: thanks

 (14 days ago)    [event] Samurai: guys, the swarm of parasprites is
very hard, how can i kill it?

 (14 days ago)    [event] Red: when is event over

 (14 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: looks like two players left doing
solo puzzlewood

 (14 days ago)    [event] Leos: what happen to lord vox

 (14 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: no comment

 (14 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: for everybody who has a puzzlewood
instance, i'm keeping the 137 event enabled for about 30 minutes

 (14 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: after that you can keep your open
instance, but if you leave you will not be able to return

 (14 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: same deal with the story event
areas, except i'll leave the tower of hagar available so you can finish
any quest you're currently working toward

 (14 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: ok event areas are disabled, don't
leave your instance if you want to keep it

 (14 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: event quests will be disabled this
evening and any remaining event related instanced destroyed

 (14 days ago)    [event] Elabrejo: do you have an approxymate time? 

 (14 days ago)    [event] Elabrejo: approximate 

 (14 days ago)    [event] Smudge: darn

 (14 days ago)    [event] Smudge: will the quest disappear from my list

 (14 days ago)    [event] Theia: huh, anyone know why 140 is still open
but everything else isn't? Oversight?

 (14 days ago)    [event] Ax: yeah I also have the event quests still
on my quest list

 (14 days ago)    [event] Mongo: replay this channel for the anserrs to
those questions

 (14 days ago)    [event] Theia: ah thanks. forgot that would work even
if I wasn't tuned in until now

 (14 days ago)    [event] Morpheus: fax said  everything will shut down
tonight and by tomorrow all quests not completed will vanish too once
their disabled.

 (13 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: ok the summer event is all shut
down, thanks for playing

 (13 days ago)    [event] Shazam: thanks, it was a lot of fun.

 (13 days ago)    [event] Lordsauron: good job

 (13 days ago)    [event] Sorton: cheers! Thank you guys. Yeah what
Shazam said

 (13 days ago)    [event] Tamyil: thanks for the event, it was a lot f

 (13 days ago)    [event] Eava: indeed

 (13 days ago)    [event] Shadowfax: i'm glad


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